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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 19, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> glenn: out of time yet again. tomorrow's program, you do not want to miss. one that will blow your mind in a great way. do not miss tomorrow night's show from new york, good night, america. welcome to "red eye." it is like glen beck, but we welcome the coming apocalypse. i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is on a gay cruise or something. dana, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> god shows us his love in different ways. tonight former gitmo detainee is found guilty on one of 280 charges related to the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings. elsewhere american fears of
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terror meet with american fears of sex and the latex hands of air agents. and they agree that 30 parentless, malnourished, frequently beaten 12-year-olds selling newspapers on a pick caw dilly street corner is the musical "oliver." >> thank you, dana. >> they call me hell, they call me stacy, they call me her, they call me jane, but that's not my name. that's not my name. andy. >> you are an odd, and likable sprite. i am here with political commentator andrea tantaros. and the self-proclaimed of swiss comedy, bill shultz. sorry, america. and sitting next to me is will cane, off the page host. and you love to hate him, i hate him. hi, pinch. >> you are that guy who yamers on halfway through the program, are you not? you are like a times guest op
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ed. good luck to you. >> i never realized that was scripted. >> how dare you? >> how dare you, sir. can a guantanamo bay detainee bomb an embassy and get away with it scott free? at least according to ahmed guillani who was found guilty of destroy -- not guilty of destroying the buildings. th is not good are to obama. he was innocent of 298 charges of the bombing of bombings in tanzania and kenya resulting in the death of 224 people. the mortar faces 20 years in prison with possibility in life. i know what you are thinking. mayor guiliani was in gitmo? when did he con vrt? a senior administration official was unable to answer these questions, but he defended the ruling by saying, quote, we were still able to convict him and incaps in--
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inca -- inca pass saw tate him. would it have been better if he was convicted on more counts? sure. would it have made a practical difference? no. are you out of your mind? is this mess spanish for commercial goes horribly wrong. >> you are from tkz text and you are not used to anything that ends with a death. but there is no way this is good news, right? >> how about this for a symbol of what kind of news it is. when the verdict was red he rubbed his face and smiled and hugged his lawyer. >> so there is a way it is good news, it is good news for him. >> exactly. >> andrea, despite them trying to spin this verdict they are not happy with it, right?
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>> no. after his lawyer was hugged he hugged eric holder and then they had this nice courtroom moment. and then obama started crying. >> in your mind that did happen. >> in your mind i can imagine it happening. >> no, in your mind. >> exactly. this is really bad news. this is very bad news, particularly because they have not really made a decision on khalid shake mohamed. they kicked the can down the road further and they said they would do this after 2012. this looks bad are to them. most americans are saying this is why you don't give terrorists the same rights you give american citizens. >> and to that point, eric holder has held off on making a disution. do you think he was waiting for this verdict? >> no, i think -- i'm sorry. i think holder doesn't know what to do. much like the tax cut situation. i think this administration feels lots of pressure from the far left and i think they are incapable of making
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decisions and leading. obama has really out sourced a lot of these big boy decisions that belong in the oval office to holder. i think holder doesn't want to make the call. >> out sourcing is the american way. >> go -- ghallani will go to jail for life. >> do you want to get by by the skin of your teeth with someone like that. >> no. >> jesse, as a national security owe fish gnaw dough, what do you think of all of this? >> first of all, don't touch me. >> he is gorgeous. >> i have to say, i don't know what everyone is worried about. he will get stabbed in prison anyway. generally people don't say enough nice things about convicted serial rapists, but they are a patriotic bunch. and somebody will put a spoon sharp earned in this guy's neck in the name of old glory.
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the. >> the trial clearly has flaws because where will you find a jury of his peers? he is a massage nistic loon gnaw particular, and there are not 12 mel gibsons. >> bill, explain why this is not a big deal and how your messiah, obama, is still okay to hold these trials. >> when you refuse a military pry by national, when you read it not once, but four times, it is not only unsafe, but it is unamerican. enough about bush and the shoe bomber. let's talk about this case, andy. i will say that i am not a legal expert. but i have watched "a few good men" a few good times. and a military tribunal is awesome. lots of amazing dialogue. lots of references to walls and people that are on top of them watching. they are doing jobs you can't do. i would rather watch that.
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>> it is a great point, but i will pretend i'm an only buds man. -- ambudsman. >> andrea has on fish nets. >> good . >> i will be like tourettes the whole show long. >> well said. from courts to airports, is opting out optimal? as the scrap over tsa pat downs continues, one airport thinks that a company that is private is better for everybody's privates. in orlando, the birthplace of the question mark, airport officials are disoog opt out of tsa screenings and want to choose from one of five approved private screening firms to take over. says the airport authority's director, you are going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service. he said better a couple times. meanwhile, despite the complaints over the security measures, perhaps best taped in by this photo, the government is holding firm on those policies. very firm.
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yes, the nation's transportation security chief says he won't stop the pat downs and the search is necessary because of intel on the latest attack methods that might be used by terrorists. for more we go to the correspondent, sun safy susan. >> sun protection is important, but that's not what we were looking for there. >> creepy. >> we need a better hiring system. >> does orlando have the right idea? should we let the private security firms do this stuff? >> absolutely. unless you want the same people that run the post office and the dmv -- i mean they do a good job, so i don't see what could go wrong with the tsa. if it is privatized, them you can have competition. you can actually fire them when they grab your junk in the wrong spot or maybe too aggressively. so i think it is important. most important, andy --
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>> are you speaking into a mirror? >> i can see myself in the camera. >> you were practicing before the show. >> yes, i was looking in the bathroom mere around the corner. it is profiling. that would take out all of this. 90% of the fliers in this country are frequent fliers. they fly all the time this. is what israel does. it is very successful instead of making everyone else suffer. >> the tsa says even with private firms they would have to follow the tsa guidelines. does it make a difference? >> i don't know, andy. from this perspective, the tsa has blossomed into this 67,000-person beurocracy. because it is about amateur pour should not be a surprise to any of us. you can't have these big beurocracies and expect them to be the same. >> you are saying that's a bad thing? >> it is a bad thing. >> do you think airports in bigger cities can get away with doing this? >> thank you, jesse.
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i think you could totally get away with this in orlando. they just sit there and say, mouse ears, mouse ears, mouse ears, false teeth, artificial hip, mouse ear, football helmet with dildo glued to it? what? carrottop is back home. >> how did you stumble upon that? >> i googled people from orlando. >> can we put up the photo from denver again? >> bill, is this the turning point in the debate? is this where you just say, there is no way this is a good idea. >> i think that's a turning tip or a turning just the tip. >> can i say the problem i have with this is they are trying to separate the jews, i'm fairly certain. >> there is a little less of them to manhandle. >> you can tell by the
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screeners if someone is circumsized or not. >> by the back scatter of the scanners? >> and in my defense i was up since 4:00 a.m. this is my fourth hit of the day. i know you were coming home at 4:00 a.m. this morning. >> well, if i may, you are doing an amazing job. >> thanks, andy. >> you feel bad for the tsa workers, don't you? >> that's what everybody is forgetting. do you think they want to look at your balls all day long? they don't want to be doing that. have you ever seen who is hanging arched in the airport security line? it is not a victoria secret model. >> have you ever seen my balls? they would relish the opportunity. >> that whole shift you have to sit and look at shriveled penises and by the end you think you are on brett favre's contact list. >> the tsa has come out with an excellent children's book. can we put that up?
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>> the cavity search and it teaches children about what it is like on your first flight. >> it is the perfect expression. >> he is a little confused, but he will learn. from scanning your body to scanning your computer. it brings to light ef uh adult site. i speak of the porn stick -- no, we were not going to do a story about the porn stick. what it is, it is a simple thumb drive that will scan your computer and find current or deleted pornographic mim edges. -- images. they are using it to nab child predators. fyi, that's why greg is not here tonight. the stick's biggest customer is spouses, in particular women. the company's ceo -- i wish 100% of the people were secure in their relationships, but the reality is they are not. anyway, we put one on bill's computer and, warning, some viewers may want to leave the
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room. >> what is wrong with you? >> you didn't even get to the payoff. >> we can't show the payoff. >> isn't this porn thing a waste of moip? shouldn't we assume men are looking at porn. >> yeah, that's why there is porn. that's why there is an internet, really. >> i feel like the couple that they were talking about, the porters, it said that they rely on surprise inspections to keep track of their chirp's lap 207s-- laptops and cell phones. the kids have their cells in expected more than the aryan brotherhood. i have seen a lot of msnbc prison shows. it really adds to the compliance with authority. it is like random invasions of privacy. >> so you don't think parents
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should check what their kids are text ?g. >> i didn't like how the porters were talking about it. they tough themselves. >> if this is going to be personal you need to take it off the show. >> fair enough. >> andrea, have you ever peeked at a significant other's browsing history? this is the same thing. >> not purposefully, no. >> not purposefully? >> no, i was on his computer and looking and i didn't find anything good. i didn't have the stick. i guess i have to get the stick. >> most women do that because guys are too stupid to clear their history. >> speak for yourself. >> i had an ex, an ex-girlfriend, mind you -- i know this will shock you, erk in. but we were at party and they talked about how they saw their boyfriend's porn stuff on their history. she said she got on my history and only found dinasaur sites. and then i'm leak, why the [platiive] are you looking at
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my history? >> and still your keyboard was sticky. >> i just used them aggressively. >> this company can track message history, chat histories and cell phone histories. is this the stuff you would use for your kids? >> i feel a little unprepared. i got it and it said porn stick and i read it can be used to go through images. i didn't read much. i god busy. -- i got busy. yes, it is great to look at what your kids are going through. it is awful to look at your significant other. uh assume. porn is a graphic representation of what is going on in men's head all day long anyway. >> i thought porn stick was a nickname you gave it. >> absolutely. >> i know we showed something we pretended was from searching your computer. in fairness, you do a lot of research for the show and a lot involves google searching people's name and the word nude. due fear the porn stick?
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>> i don't fear the porn stick because i am currently available and have been for quite some time. if i were dating i would not fear the porn stick just for the fact that i would be dating. so hopefully i wouldn't be looking, but i would be doing. but right now m why looking. >> tmi. >> sorry. >> way too much confession. >> before we go to the break, could he be anymore barack? i speak of an indonesian man who looks strikingly like president obama. "time" interviewed him and it is more than similar appearance. anas smokes like barack. he is now a celebrity in his home country, like barack. >> my telephone ring and ring and ask me to become a star.
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>> and there is one more similarity. >> yeah, impersonator my ass. >> he looks like obama halfway through hormone treatment. >> that was obama, wasn't it? >> the jaw was a little weak. >> the smoking, the celebrity, the muslim. >> that guy was very up front. it should have been more secretive. >> very good point. >> thank you. >> was that barack obama? >> i would have to take a closer look at the footage. >> it is inconclusive. >> yeah. coming up, what major changes are afoot at playboy tv? speaking of feet, these heels are killing me.
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does a baby carriage no longer require first comes marriage? a new research poll has run over this once bless said union with 40% of those polled saying they believe the institution of marriage is becoming obsolete. the survey of 3,000 americans also took a look at attitude toward family, and it turns out 88% say a child less married couple is a family and 86% they are a family. and 63% say a gay or lesbian couple is a family. most stunning of all they think they should get back together for the sake of their beat up baby.
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but perhaps more shockingly, a whooping 160% cited this guy as a reason not to pro create ever. >> i am no longer blue. now don't be a hater because you never flew. 500,000 miles in a little tin can. maintaining for smile. i squeeze to the under head compartment. >> remember that one day when we loved steven slater? >> way gone. >> bill, let's get the question out of the way. were you gratified that 63% were gratified? >> doing a countdown. >> i was impressed that people were so open minded. and i never really got the
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institution to begin with. i can't understand being with someone for over a year. that uh stowndz me. >> would it surprise you that 40% of people think marriage is obsolete? >> only if the future prosperity and the survival is no big deal. if we want to be modern and cool and say marriage is so passe, let's just prepare to deal with the problems. just be ready. >> so are you saying you don't care about the future of our society? what did you make of this? >> first of many. >> this is weird this study comes out being weeks after i got married. i feel like after they joined
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the country club and then desegregated. >> it is awful. >> they still don't let andy in. >> yeah, yeah. desegregated by race and time. >> are they evolving or the opposite of evolving which is unvolving. >> i think they are evolving, but i don't know if it is for the better. i really think -- well, you had a point. i think the economy plays a big role. now they are calling this the man session. more women are going back to work saying i i don't need a guy. money is a big issue. you can't live off the love. they are splitting up over those things. and a lot of them who were married for the security and the cars and the vacation homes are saying wait a minute. no way, you are taking away my corvette?
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i'm out of here. >> would you only want to focus your super hotness on one man for the rest of your life? be a giver, am i right? that's not a no. and what's with the trend of putting man in front of everything, like man -- mancation. >> it has to rhyme. >> this is a man bag. i never understood that. do you have a comment on the show, a good one? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox news .com. and to leave a voicemail on agreeing's line, call 212-460-5050. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by stunt. it is often done to attract attention, publicity or fame. thanks, stunt.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. bring it, playboy. >> i can smell you in here. >> i appreciate it. >> let's start out talking about mr. ghailani. it is with my dear friend from the national review, will. >> that's me. >> i have a question, how is a life sentence good news for anybody? >> you are right. particularly the result was just fine for the united
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states. the problem is the fact that this guy got off on 284 of 295 counts, i don't know why he smiled. maybe it was for that reason. >> bill, you were in the marines, weren't you? >> no, i wasn't in the marines. i like the boats, but sure. >> talk about ksm. don't you think in some sense to try these guys in military tribunals confers more legitimacy in them in the ancient rules of combat than actually bringing them into a civilian courtroom which is to say that they haven't formed anything at all? >> a, don't try to school me on the ancient rules of combat, please. and b, i kind of see what you are saying. it is like a slap in the face to not give them the title of an actual warrior and saying there is a common thug? i feel like that's what you are trying to say. >> by ancient rules of combat, i don't think he meant what
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you do on the weekend. >> speaking of bill's weekend activities, i love the scrabbing ket and i'm wondering -- i love the jacket and i'm wondering how the weekend at goonies went for you? did you find the treasure? >> this jacket is from my old magazine days. what designers do, they give us clothing in hopes we would write about it. it was highly unethical. call me, tommy hillfiger. >> what was it like to grow up on the organic farm down the hill from the valley? >> thanks for asking guy who looks like the product if wheezer had sex with a pile of old money. >> it is great to hear that from you, guy who stole wheelchairs to use the money to pay for hair products. >> i wouldn't expect it from someone who hunts down homeless people would have
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thought of something like that. >> it is interesting to hear that from a guy who looks like one of the guys in the green nonde script outfit that cobra-kai's johnny wore to fight in the tournament. us l -- >> listen to me, dude of the captain of the anti-sametic polo team, just because you look like sailboat captain eric tlotz. >> no guys in the karate tournament struck that low. >> speaking of genital impact, can we move on? >> no, we still have a thing at the end. >> we will get back to this later. >> i will point out later that you look like you have been to as many chilean wineries as you have strip clubs. >> andrea? >> yes. it is andrea, but go ahead donna. >> they are talking about
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these five private security firms to come in and replace the inept tsa. >> the five parts? >> yes, the government approved screeners. >> yes jie. are you at all familiar with the security scern of shultz, shultz and oo? >> i am sitting next to them so i am very familiar with it. >> shultz, shultz and oo? >> you know what he is familiar with? this. >> oh boy. >> it is my own weapon. >> it is my weapon on saturdays. >> i am getting the minute warning. there are major things to talk about here. will? >> yes. >> you had interesting thoughts on marriage, but you talked about how the gop created the tsa whose bloated uselessness is likenable only to that of a comedian. i am wondering, isn't this a problem where governments' fear of the inevitable leads it to try to do the impossible? >> how dare you with one minute to go throw out some
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steep philosophy like that. i have no response. >> nothing at all? >> give me a joke. >> say something about the fact that he looks like he probably signs his checks with a peacock feather. >> and what is with the side bangs? >> define side bangs. >> exhibit a. sorry, that way. >> i think you are having all sorts of perception issues, andrea which leads me to the question, what makes you -- you called andy, andrea. >> our name is one letter different. >> your name is one letter different. >> andrea and andrew. >> isn't that his name? >> it is a w versus a. >> i don't want to interrupt -- >> i called him andrew. >> side bangs is what ricky martin does after he sings "she bangs." >> i think will is right and
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robert is right when they talk about 80% of cultures or 70 to 80 percent were polygamous. and they failed because it is problematic. and it does cause a break down. the problem is america is all about individual liberties, and nowhere has it been written that marriage makes people in the moment happier. and americans tend to live in the moment. isn't this a real problem for a culture of mass individualism as it tries to combat or provide an adequate answer to the long-range planning capacities? >> can i handle this one? >> please. >> no. >> and don't knock polygamy. >> what about maing masoggamy? hatred of marriage? you have never heard that word? no, you haven't mr. big vocabulary. >> it is made up. >> clearly you don't subscribe to the word of the day e-mails. >> you teach me things all the
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time. that's why i love you. >> appreciate it. it is being reborn by switching from ren porn. playboy tv is taking a page from most of the women it features and having work done. the channel that has used soft porn to men is shifting to the ladies. according to the "new york times," beginning in january, playboy tv will make a move to a, quote, higher quality female friendly slate of reality shows with a programming block called tv for two. it will feature shows like brooklyn kind of love that follows the intricacy of the 4 real couple relationships along with other shows about boring things like ma nothing muss couples receiving advice on how to achieve greater intimacy. "ploy boy" says while the content is sexual, it will look less like pornography and focus on intau mu see like these guys. -- on intimacy like these guys.
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>> the whole thing sounded awful until i saw the video. $10 a month? no problem. >> as an officianado of hard core and disgusting pornography, what do you make of it? >> is there any other kind of porn? that's what porn is about. look, porn -- that ship has sailed. it is a free commodity. you cannot sell porn. and it is fun to think about how can playboy spin this as a business to make people buy porn? and you will have to work the story into it. i think the best version is hbo's "real sex." >> but i don't see -- andrea, are you excited to finally have a naked tv channel aimed at women? do women want this? >> playboy's revenues have been dropping and so they figure we have to open it up. there is another market. 51% of the country is women. we are losing out on that market share and we have to do
3:38 am
something. i am not sure it will work. they are in stip competition with the porn industry. 260 websites go up and they can get it for free. why pay for this weird playboy channel called tv for 2? >> the stiff competition, was that public intended? >> sort of. >> you know your porn. >> i understand you are a newly married man. >> that's what everybody keeps telling me. >> will you be enjoying tv for two? >> yoap. maybe. -- i don't know, maybe. not for $50 a month. we will just peep in bill's window. >> it is like, come on, playboy, this is just occurring to you? too little, too late. i don't know if you have been on the internet lately, but people are doing things to the horses that charlie sheen would not do in a shed with a hand full of nickels. >> i think charlie sheen would
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do those things in a shed with a whore with a fist full of nickels. >> were you amazed to find out playboy tv still existed? >> i had no idea. i remember looking through pixels in the 80s. that was the only time nipple and only nipple mattered. i was akin with what was going with the magazine having actresses appear in bikinis rather than the full monty to get them on and have them on the cover. either way, nobody cared said the worldwide web. playboy is a nonentity. >> isn't it cute how we used to watch the scrambled version? >> it would always happen. >> coming up, is this feminism? oh yeah, it is feminism.
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they take off their shirts to pay uh attention to their, issue? i speak of the ukrainian woman's right group that goes topless. recently they protested the case of an iranian woman committing adultery, but their focus is on the demeaning world of women. as one member puts it, it is places seen in the kitchen or in bed. says another of the increased police presence at the rally it, quote, shows we are being taken seriously. let's discuss this and other stuff in our lightning round. aka, stories we sort of like, but not enough to include earlier in the show, but still wanted to talk about, so let's really quickly do them now. >> that is a snap pea title. they really showed them, really? >> what right are they being deprived of? >> they live in horrible conditions. >> if it brings attention to their cause, why not?
3:44 am
>> can i quickly say, if you are doing a lightning round you want it to be fast. it shouldn't have the longest title you can come up with. >> we do it eye roone nickly. >> you know what would make it faster is if you didn't comment on the title. >> who died and made you -- >> there is more pressure on this round. >> vladimir pow tin came and said -- he seld signs and said we will sleep with cream lynn midgets. >> but they will paint their faces and grab fake flowers and run into a park. >> so do you applaud them for their efforts? >> that is how i get taken seriously. >> that's how bill is taken seriously. >> i think we need seriousness right now. >> we have come to the most important question. >> why are topless protesters hot? whenever it happens here in america it is not -- >> yeah, it is always -- for whatever reason they are on the subway in america and triping over their own goods.
3:45 am
it is never pleasant. i will say, if you are protesting topless because you don't want women to be demeaned, isn't that like shooting somebody because you are an anti-murderer? >> a new jersey pastor is ready oning 50 married church officials to delete their facebook accounts. this after 20 couples from the christian fellowship church hit marital woes after one spouse reconnected with an exon facebook. >> is this fair? shouldn't he stay out of it? >> obviously what he is preaching is not breaking through if it can't keep him from the temptations of a website. >> jesse, are you a recently married guy. >> maybe not by the end of this show. >> do you care what your wife does on facebook? does she care what you do? >> in our marriage it seems like facebook is a self-promotion thing. i'm in show business thing. it is always like -- every
3:46 am
time i check my in box it is like an invite to a 25-year-old open mic party in michigan or a belle russian dj doing a disco tech in serbia at 4:00 in the morning or a pre 10 venges -- pretentious michael j fox looking guy wanting mooy to -- >> lightning round. >> you have to let him get those out. >> i know. >> andrea, do women even understand what facebook is for? it was formed for a place for guys to check out pictures of girls. that's what it is, right? >> i guess so. i don't have a facebook account. >> me either. >> isn't god the judge? if they will be tempted they will be tempted. he should focus on a higher message, don't you think? maybe he is trying to be god. >> you have given me a lot to
3:47 am
think about. >> dana would like you to join his club. >> are we moving to the next story? we are going to the tease which is not in the prompter. we are taking a break. and when we return, it is mail time.
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it is mail time. the address is red eye at fox news .com. send us something to read and we will read it, or we won't. louis from pennsylvania leads things off. i saw andy on "closing bell" yesterday. i realized he was intelligent because of his sense of humor. but i am certain now. what does he think the fed will do? i am scared. thanks for saying you were impressed foreseeing me on closing bell. if only i had been on closing bell. my guess is you are confusing me. it happens all the time, especially around a the holidays. as for what i think the fed will do, it is fairly obvious it will do your mom. david from alexandria, virginia writes in, please tell me how i can find out andy's upcoming fox news and fox news appearances. i have seen him one day on the willis report and he was terrific as usual. thanks so much.
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that's indiana could of you. -- that's kind of you. she weeps quietly wondering where she went wrong. i am getting tired of it. if she didn't do that thing with her pin key toe. she puts it up -- well, i don't have to tell you. the best way to find my fox news appearance is to get two tv's and keep them tuned, or you can just watch "red eye" every night and the" willis report." greg in riverside, california checks in with a letter to greg. he says, the show just began and the part where you and andy speak jibberish is lame. i can't watch this anymore if you think that's what your audience digs. i can't go out like that. first of all, greg, what a stupid name. it is shakespear and when you insult avon, you insult all of us, the avon lady. you may not dig. it but your mom can't get enough. it is annoying to say love looks not with the eyes and
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with the mind and thereof it is cupid painted blind. or hear my soul speak. really all i want to do is bang her. [explative] you. and aaron from the land of wa says i started watching a couple months ago because i liked greg on "the o'reilly factor" and greg on" freedom watch." now i am starting to thing bill is funny. what is wrong? >> listen carefully. i have seen this before where someone starts to think bill is funny. it is not often, but it does happen. there is a cure. now, since you are not here, the first thing you need to do is set up a video camera and press record. once you have done that, lie down on your couch or bed, but just make sure you are comfortable. unbutton your blouse. make sure you do it slowly. when it is completely unbuttoned, take it off. great. undo your skirt and roll over on your stomach. slide that off too. if you still think bill is funny and i suspect you do,
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take off your underwear. once you are done, wait 10 minutes before turning off the camera. three minutes is fine. and then mail me the video so i can make a complete diagnosis. or give it with your mom to bring with her tomorrow night we will get it cleaned up. >> you are normally so sexual -- >> when people have a disease i try to help. i am a giver. >> we will diagnose together. we will close things up with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows go to
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this is the part of the show where i have to say, you can see bill on america's nightly scoreboard on the fox business network. >> thanks. >> yeah, i really wanted to do that. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." , i might get to host again. return appearances from former
3:58 am
cia guy mike baker. fox news .com's diane macedo and john devore. time to go back one last time to jesse joyce's mortal enemy for the post game wrap up. >> thank you so much, andy. will cane, where are you headed, man? >> as the famous davie crockett said, y'all can go to hell. i'm going to texas. >> where in texas? that's exciting. >> i'm going to madigore and sherman and where i am from, austin, texas. >> and andrea when can we watch you next? >> america live tomorrow at 2:30 and then special report with brett behr. i will be on the allstar panel. >> and jesse, i hear you will be breaking from duties from the current all-man indian snorkeling team to visit north carolina. >> you are right, i am extra
3:59 am
from the movie school ties. >> what was it like to be routinely con us food as a pedophile at age 9? >> probably the same way you felt when you got teased in high school for wearing an ascot and a falconer cape. >> you got picked up for trying to pick me up. >> i am going to be at nut street comedy club on friday and saturday. come out to that in wilmington, north carolina. it is a good time. it is a nice club. it hillary mind you at the boat house in nantucket where you lost your virginity. >> yeah, actually, i have had most of my unfortunate sexual experiences in north carolina. i went to school there. >> that's right, you did. >> and to have you on there, it is like a nuremberg rally for me. >> well, send the rest of your fraternity that murder homeless people in the woods to see me. >> andy, there is nothing more that can be said.