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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 21, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> back to you, greg. have fun on wherever it is you are going. >> i will have plenty of pictures and things. i will bring you back a gift. >> really? >> yeah, some driftwood. >> nice. >> people like driftwood. >> excellent. >> shut up. go away. >> always a pleasure having you on the show. you are a tragic human being. always delightful. that does it for me. i'm greg >> geraldo: live and at large. how far does her influence reach? >> i'm looking at the lay of the land now and trying to figure fought it is a good thing for country for the discourse, for my family. >> upcoming interview with barbara walters sarah palin says she believes she can beat moo in 2012. -- beat moo in 2012. the are going now bristol palin can beat obama
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>> geraldo: she has he leveraged as the most intriguing public figure in the country. not momma grizzly but her 20-year-old daughter bristol. america's most famous single mom. the down-to-earth girl next door rocking reality television with her jaw-dropping totally unexpected, hugely controversial success on "dancing with the stars." >> there was a guy last night who was so upset bristol palin was on "dancing with the stars" he shot his television. >> geraldo: jokes aside, the grumbling grows louder. >> check out this new conspiracy theory about bristol palin. >> again, again. >> why the hell was she on "dancing with the stars" when she can dance? >> she could change world history. sarah palin could win dancing
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with the stars. >> judges are saying she is not a good dancer. but she keeps station on this is the sarah palin factor. >> geraldo: i'm here with -- >> i'm here with sarah palin who joins us from alaska. good to of you. what do you think about those three? >> it is like before a hockey game you are not going to chew out the re . you guys are doing great, okay. >> your favorite dancer so far? >> oh my goodness, they are this is great. bristol is not up yet. bristol is a pistol. >> week nine semifinals ever think i would make think far? >> i hear a lot saying the only reason you are getting this far is because ofd[h who your mom is and the tea party. thinking that's how i would be. >> i think i'm relatable to the audience.
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untouched and raw and vulnerable. no offense to anyone else, but i'm not fake. they feel i'm real and i'm not typical hollywood. >> you got a perfect score last night on the tango. three 10s. >> i can now reveal the couple with the lowest combined told of judges scores and viewer votes brandy and max. lacey, jennifer and derrick will face off against bristol and mark for the trough >> you believe there's an organized tea party voting bloc? >> whether there is an organized voting bloc no doubt on conservative websites voting for bristol is a hot topic. vote like unemployed democrats online. i've got 25 votes through online.
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more later as soon as i can think up more e-mails. remember don't forget to put on your acorn hats tonight vote and vote often, vote again and again. get your friends to vote. your friends, friends, aunts, uncles, the neighborhood hobo, hobo's friends, whatever it taxes. another web blog urges voting as soon as the lines up for bristol. you also need to vote for her online afterwards at, on the dancing with the stars page. you can start calling the moment the show starts. you can call as many times as the phones will let you:
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>> geraldo: as abc officials defend the voting process perhaps one loser famously expected to win will put today's controversy in perspective. >> i can say one thing about "dancing with the stars" you have no idea what is going to happen. if you want a couple to be in 'til the end you need to note for -- to vote for them. you can't assume anything. >> geraldo: while all might be fair in love, war and reality show voting. some jerk is taking this flap too serious this is a fox news alert. welcome to the show everybody. i'm geraldo rivera. before we continue our probe of allegations of bloc voting on dancing with the stars. the fbi, l.a.p.d. and the fire department continue to investigate a threatening letter filled with white powder delivered to the hit
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show's production officials late friday. its discovery as you may have heard set off a frantic scene with reponders racing to the cbs studios where the show is taped and sections of the studio being evacuated after initial field screening haz-mat officials determined the substance was harmless talcum powder, malicious prank. spokesman saying measures were taken to said by several sources to be addressed to bristol. the letter was taken to a will be for further testing. now from l.a. to discuss this crazy series of events the lovely host of good day and contestant in the new reality show skating with the stars,
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jillian reynolds joins me. thanks for coming on. some taking the show too seriously. >> we have to remember, first of all, am i a new contestant on that skating show, if i am, thank you. >> geraldo: aren't you skating? >> no, i did it for fox once. abc is now doing it. they will make it a huge hit. you bring up such a great point about this. you forgot one of the free republic quotes was wanna blow a democrat's mind vote for palin. want to blow their head off or something along those lines. she not exactly -- this isn't a contest for presidency. it is for a cheesey, mirrored trophy. it is a ball of mirrors. it is sort of a bigger -- extension of what we are all feeling. but it is not the first time a dancer who is not great has managed to stay on the show. this has happened before.
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but, because of who she is, it has become such a lightning rod for people. it is kind of crazy at this point. i feel bad for brandy, i do. this isn't the first time as i mentioned. i felt bad for dancers that have again home, worked hard, put out incredible routines. for some reason the public just doesn't vote. or they feel like they are so good already. let's face it, rick fox, the situation, adrina, all better dancers than her. >> geraldo: do you feel lucky you are not dancing against bristol this season? >> definitely. i think -- i wish i had three hours geraldo to sit on the internet and vote. whose got that kind of time? i think it is a passionate movement has inspired. so be it, it is america. you can get online and vote. if you are that upset then vote for somebody else.
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she's not a horrible dancer. she's just not the best dancer in the bottom three. i think kyle and jennifer are better. she certainly getting a lot of votes. somebody out there is voting for her, many, many times over. you can't fault them it is america, a free country. >> geraldo: sure. jillian, thanks. >> geraldo, thank you. >> geraldo: be on that skating show next time. even though that threatening letter contained just talcum powder if the feds catch up with the sender he or she will be in a heap of trouble. joining us police detective steve rogers. even though it is talcum powder still a federal felony is it not? >> it is. this investigation is far from over. law enforcement has launched a major effort to find out who committed this act. three things, forensic teams are going to be looking for fingerprints and dna on analysis of the handwriting if
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it was type written there will be analysis of the ink and style of writing. law enforcement is going to find out, they are good at this, find out where this letter was mailed from. this is a serious criminal act. i'm sure they are doing everything they could to find out who committed this act. >> geraldo: in terms of the buzz what are hearing. is this a kid, a grown-up, is this a political act to send this hate mail and try to scare the be jesus out of the people at dancing with the stars? is -- is eight amateur who doesn't realize the seriousness of the deed? >> it is more likely that. a disgruntled fan who doesn't believe his miss palin should be winner. serious criminal act facing heavy charges. >> geraldo: steve rogers, thank you. >> coming up, we continue our probe of alleged voter manipulation on dancing with the stars. who better to talk about
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frustration with airport security than mr. airline frustration himself. former jetblue flight attendant stephen slater joins us with his take on pat-downs and full body scanners. and tv's biggest coverage of the pending royal wedding. the pending royal wedding. back in a flash.xoxc
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tonight we are going to give you what the experience is if you go to an airport now and subnight full body scanners. -- submit to the full body scanners. >> place groin to screen now.
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>> geraldo: welcome back live. here's my next guest's take on the unfriendly skies. >> my name is stephen slater and i'm no longer blue, don't be a hater, because you never through, 500,000 miles in a little continue can, maintaining forced smiles for the unpleasant man ♪ room for that crap, i'd make it my apartment. >> geraldo: here he is steven slater. what is the vibe you get people hate you? >> all kinds of opinions with we are just having fun with this and i see the humor it in. >> geraldo: you certainly are making fun of yourself with the rap. >> absolutely. her gout a mile high text club going on. i don't want to get into the mile high business. what do you think of the full
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body scan? what do you think of the full pat-down. airline crews have been put slack but for everybody else. >> there's an icky factor. i can tell you, i still fly almost every week as a passenger between new york and l.a. to take care of my mom. i know what it is like when i come out of the shower and i see myself in a big mirror. i can't imagine what these poor tsa people think when they see me in all 3-d. it is a bit much. >> geraldo: here's what the president of the united states said about these very, i believe intrusive security measures on the need for them. here's president obama today. >> the president: in the aftermath of the christmas day bombing, our tsa personnel are properly under enormous pressure to make sure that you don't have somebody slipping on a plane with some sort of
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explosive device on their persons. since the explosive device that was on mr. abdulmutallab was not detected by ordinary metal detectors it has meant that tsa had try adapt to make sure passengers on planes are safe. >> geraldo: my problem is that it is dumb. it is not results oriented. it is political correctness. if your mom was still traveling she would get the same shake-down as abdullah from yemen. i don't that i is practical. i understand we don't want too single out any group of people. at some point you have to be smart in the way you fight a war. how do you feel? >> i think it is a great invention. it is good the technology is there if used intelligently. maybe as a secondary sort of a back-up system, then maybe it
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is a1le terrific -- terrific resource. >> >> geraldo: the 8-year-old boy scout. >> yeah. >> geraldo:u0 i'm kind of out f time. i want more practical approach. i wish you luck with your mile high-tech
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from america's news headquarters i'm craig boswell. president obama back from his two day portugal trip at a summit nato members agreed on a european based missile shield to protect against attack from iran. afghanistan was also on the agenda. president obama says he is confident the u.s. can begin the troop pullout by july of
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2011. rescuers in new zealand plan to drill a hole deep into a coal mine where 29 workers remain trapped. they have been stuck since a powerful explosion friday. gas samples will be taken once the hole is completed to see if it is safe to go in. fresh air is also being pumped into the mine. people in new orleans have to keep boiling water until sunday. the most widespread water advisory since hurricane. katrina is affecting more thana 300,000 people.eraldo: thi officials are testing for bacteria after friday's power t failure at a water treatmentro plant.ident i'm craig boswell. now, back to "geraldo at large." which he did. it is about his book to come out next week. in which he leaves some
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opening for the use of condoms in the fight against aids. it is a limited opening. the case specifically the pope talking about a long interview with a german journalist. talks about it being morally -- that is not what church progressives were hoping for. they were waiting for a blanket okay that is not going to happen this question has been hotly debated inside the catholic church and among the cardinals. they set up a commission to deal with it and never able to come to a conclusion. it may not be a sea change in church teaching it is significant because it was the pope himself talking about it. just a couple of years ago on his way to africa where the pope said condoms were not the solution to aids. in fact they made the problem worse. not say that today. he did say in the end while he does give this opening, he does not think con -- condoms
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are the solution to the evils of hiv. >> geraldo: it is an opening that condom use to prevent infection at least considered by the church the lesser of two evils. it is a start. thank you. >> another huge story, the royal engagement, here's craig. >> reporter: here in los angeles, likely the rest of world, people are grateful to have some good news during dark times. now months of speculation over the possibility of a royal wedding can be replaced by months of excited gossip over wedding preparations for prince william and kate middle ton. >> i took her somewhere nice in kenya and proposed. >> very romantic. >> reporter: after nervously carrying his late mother's engagement ring for weeks the globe-trotting prince was on safari with kate when he popped the question. >> i think that was a wonderful move to carry it in his backpack you don't usually have a big sapphire in your
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backpack. >> yes it is my mother's engagement, obviously she not around to share in the fun and excitement, this is my way of keeping her sort of close it to all. >> they will have more hope. >> reporter: according to a friend to charles and camilla parker-bowles, comparison to princess diana are inevitable. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of comparisons, kate is very beautiful. i think she will become her own woman with her own style. and she's got lovely long hair and everybody will admire her. >> it is about carving your own future. no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes. is about making your own future and destiny and kate will do a good job of that. >> i would love to have met her. >>reporter: rumors of engagement started when she was assigned royal security in 2006. >> when i first met kate i knew there was something very special about her and possibly
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something that i wanted to explore. >> reporter: concerns for privacy led the palace to lodge a formal complaint against the media when a photo surfaced of kate carrying a cup of coffee and her car keys. media so intense at her 25th birthday in 2007 comparisons were made to diana's untimely death while being pursued by to paparazzi. what about paparazzi? and being chased, pursued by the media? >> security is better and more vigilant. they will be somehow taken care of. i don't expect the paparazzi has changed. >> reporter: with the tragic past behind them the engagement of william and kate has the making of a storybook wedding. >> we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. and seeing what the future holds. >> reporter: this is a
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thoroughly modern marriage. the prince made the wedding announcement on the royal facebook page linking to a twit pick of the happy couple. a tweet from prince charles say the prince of wales is delighted to announce the and gaugement. prince william's younger brother saying i'm delighted my brother popped the question it means i get a sister which i have always wanted. >> geraldo: craig, thanks. >> with his majestic-size personality who better to talk about the pending royal nuptials than the former host of lifestyles of the rich and famous, columnist the one and only robin leech joins me from las vegas. hey buddy. >> how are you sir? >> geraldo: are you all for this match? >> i know, i have to tell you that the fairy tale now continues. since princess diana's death the royal family has sort of been low on the radar screens.
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there's been no pizzazz because the man of the head of the household, prince charles is not exactly mr. electric and mr. fabulous. so now, the oldest son william comes along, 28 years of age and finally, what is it with these english boys who take their time? they've been dating since 2001, that's like nine years! finally pops the question. last month up in kenya. gives the beautiful katherine elizabeth, the same engagement ring that his father gave to diana, princess of wales. we've come full circle. the british public is gonna will have this the people around the world are gonna love it because it is magic, romance, all over again. another fairy tale remains. another fairy tale wedding. this is the key thing, it will bring in one billion pounds in
1:38 am
tourism and ancillary sales of merchandise to do with the royal wedding next spring. >> geraldo: that is incredible. are you saying that charles and camilla weren't cutting it in the charisma area? [ laughing ] >> i think they were indeed need of sizzle from the public relations department. >> geraldo: they have it now from the oldest son the heir to the throne and this lovely young lady. does the fact she is a commoner add to the panache or detract from it? >> i think so the same as when prince rain in monaco married grace kelly the film actress a story made for tabloid news. there is no difference in this. this laid "who comes from -- this lady who comes from moaned family her parents are millionaires from a party planning and party execution service. but katherine was a very
1:39 am
ordinary commoner, pretty girl, did the same university that he went to. started out in life as an success 's buyer for a clothing chain. and has been taking lessons now to become a professional photographer. that's what princess margaret used to do when she was married to lord snodden. all still all in the family as it were. >> geraldo: robin leech approves ladies and gentlemen it must be a match made in heaven. with all the excitement, what about charles and camilla? let's ask dan wooten with us tonight viascape from new zealand. dan, welcome. prince charles has been waiting a long time to be king. will his mom queen elizabeth ask him to step aside in favor of her number engaged grandson william? >> as of today, it does look like prince charles is on a collision course with his son
1:40 am
prince william. shocking new poll tomorrow which shows that 64% of the british public want charles to stan down in favor of prince william to take over when the queen either abdicates or dies, sadly. and just 20% of the british public actually want prince charles and camilla to be queen. kate middleton is four times more popular than camilla in the u.k.. obviously, there is 400 years of royal history to get over here. and the fact that prince charles has been waiting his whole life for this job. while the royal engagement has bought a -- has brought a lot of excitement to the can i it is posing a lot of problems to the heir of the throne. >> geraldo: you are a practical man what are the odds that prince charles after waiting as you suggest a half life time for this job would really step aside for his son q >> they are extremely low
1:41 am
because of the fact that prince william has made it absolutely clear that he doesn't want to come to the throne any earlier than has to. he's a young guy he's just 27-years-old. however, it is the camilla problem. right when prince charles and camilla tied the knot charles made it clear to get the public onboard she would simply stay a con sort. she wouldn't actually be queen. however, his movements over the last couple of weeks ill timed, ill junged, i would say, suggest that he does want -- ill judged, i would say, suggests that he does want camilla to become queen. the public still blames camilla for the break down of the marriage between prince charles and princess diana. >> geraldo: dan wooten the intrigue continues. that you from new zealand. more on the royal wedding. kimberly bringing and sider's look at the royal couple,
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her her welcome back live. here is kimberly with more on the royals. >> kimberly: as observers compare kate middle ton and her fiance's late mom i've got an interview with paul burrell princess die yoon that's butler and close confidant. a lot of people talking about the engagement -- between
1:46 am
william and kate. >> it has been eight years since the couple met. they are clearly in love. you have seen it through the interviews. i think you know is one to survive. it is a great romantic story. diana's legacy, her two boys. wouldn't she had been a proud mother. she is in here in certain ways william has made that he norm muss gesture in giving the woman -- enormous gesture in giving the woman he loves the symbol. >> kimberly: tell us what it means to william and what relationship it has with his mother? >> that ring given by prince charles when they were engaged. a token of his love to her at the time. now it is william's turn to give that symbol of love to the woman he loves. it is a great gesture. i remember william once saying, paul, i remember when i was a
1:47 am
little boy, holding mommy's hand and that huge ring being there. that's one of my first memories. so he has given this ring to kate that means a lot. >> kimberly: princess diane 19 at the time a lot for her to handle and feeling like outsider. what do you foresee for kate? >> kate is much more mature. and their romance has already lasted eight years in private. that's very important. because they've managed to have a private life before coming out in the public. now on the world stage kate will never have a life again. everything she does will be scrutinized. everything they do as a couple will be watched. they've had their private life, lived together for a short time. got to know each other well. kate simulated -- assimilated in the royal family gradually, protocols, manners, etiquette and the pomp and padgettry is
1:48 am
a lot to handle. with the help tan -- pageantry. a lot to handle. with the help and support of clearly the man who loves her deeply she will survive. >> kimberly: do you think she will be beloved to the extent that princess diana was? >> big shoes to fill. but kate is going to be become a very popular role model for lots of younger women. she is the new principle does diana of this generation. people are watching what she is wearing. following her fashion trends. i bet she doesn't go to big designers. she will go to small people and shop on the street and show you what street sense is. that's the way forward for kate. >> kimberly: the bride-to-be is already adjusting to her new royal status something princess diana had a tough time doing. this week scotland yard erected a ring of steel around kate's family home and assigned four s to follow the future queen of england at all
1:49 am
times. >> geraldo: when era -- erika my beautiful wife heard the news she said she so lucky. here she is married to a great day saying about kate. is this a fairy tale for all women to marry the future king of england? >> the word is she had a crush of him and had pictures of him up and fortunate to go to school with him and fall in love. i think it is that he chose her. it isn't something the royal family said. he chose his queen. of course it is very charming. he gave her the ring he saw on his mother's hand, he was so close to his mother. i hope this time around, there is true love, romance and a happy ending. >> geraldo: up next you remember the case of the honeymoon killer the alabama man who confessed to playing a role in the drowning death of his new wife tina. he just got out of jail after
1:50 am
serving 18 months. the bride's father understandably outraged. we'l
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>> geraldo: here's the rub. gabe watson this creep admitted killer of his bride tina thomas during a scuba dive in australia during their honeymoon has been released after a year and a half behind bars. the australians are about to release gabe to the alabama authorities because they have gotten legal confirmation that the defendant will not be subjected to the death penalty, once he gets hope. as you can imagine there is outrage on tina's side of the family. her dad tommy joins us from alabama, because he's waiting for justice for gabe watson.
1:54 am
here's a guy just did 18 months for the death of tommy's daughter. on the right hand side of your screen that's gabe watson's defense attorney with us from brisbane, australia. adrienne brat wait. -- brathwaite. dad, let me ask you first, we are hearing stories that gabe watson who got married to a girl he knew from high school in 2008, your daughter was drowned in 2003, a lady named kim lewis. is there any allegation that gabe when he was killing or drowning your daughter, that this was a conspiracy, a plot with kim lewis, tom? >> to my knowledge and through the police investigation, no. i know that there's been a report recently in one of the newspapers in australia that makes a connection. but if there's a connection there were' unan -- we're
1:55 am
unaware of it to this point. >> geraldo: do you believe gabe watson went to australia to plead guilty to a manslaughter rap that he would only get 18 months for in order to get that deal from the united states justice department to australia, affirming they would not give him the death penalty when he got back to the states? in other words did he go to australia to take australian justice to save his own life back here in the states? >> that's not really something that i've thought about before, but it is a possibility. we do know that his return to australia was really to take the manslaughter plea instead of facing the evidence before a jury. and face the charge of murder. >> geraldo: now he got the 18 months. adrian will your client come back to the united states to
1:56 am
face at least life sentence here in our judicial system? >> intentions certainly from the immigration department is to deport him shortly. they've given me an undertaking -- as to whether that is contested or not is a decision that we'll make over the coming days. >> geraldo: what about my theory, maybe i am prone to conspiracy thoughts here. that your client only went to australia to get this deal from the united states that he would not be subjected to the death penalty, which co-in his native state of alabama? -- >> conspiracy theory is probably the right phraseology. there was never anticipation nat alabama authorities would seek to launch a prosecution clearly in conroe of dub jeopardy. he returned to australia on a warrant for murder.
1:57 am
he came knowing that charge was alive. the director of public prosecution, after a five year investigation where detectives thoroughly investigated all the evidence, went to america, looked at all issues like insurance, motive, the director of public prosecution considered there wasn't a prima fay that -- prima facie case to put out to the jury and offered manslaughter which he accepted. >> geraldo: i know he accept. let me ask kimberly guilfoyle former prosecutor. i don't think it is double jeopardy if you can be tried in the fed and state court why can't australia and then alabama? >> i agree. and they should. and he pled guilt any australia because he's guilty and he's trying to use double jeopardy to get away with murder. >> geraldo: tommy, thomas, yellowbook has always been crucial to your business, but now, to get it really cooking,
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