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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 21, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EST

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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor about your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move ward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, november 21st. north korea has secretly built a still to step up arms construction. what does did mean for national security? a live report moments away. >> some airports across the country now standing with passengers who say those new tsa procedures are too invasive. why they say the screenings won't be happening at their airports if they get their way. >> and a student body
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president admitting he's an illegal immigrant, all to show his support for the dream act. but is it fair to students who are legal residents? we're going to talk with that student live this hour. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> good morning everybody, thanks for joining us on this stunned morning. great to have you here with us. meanwhile, we do have breaking news we want to get to because there's a new sign of north korea's nuclear ambitions this morning, a massive new facility to enrich uranium has been unveiled seemingly out of nowhere. >> julie kirtz joining us from washington. is the white house taking any action here? >> not so far, but there is more anxiety about the reported vast new secret facility in north korea and expansion of the nuclear arsenal. also, we have some quick
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reaction from the obama administration on this. the senior administration official tells fox, the revelation, if true, is a provocative act of defiance by north korea. we have long suspected north korea of having this kind of ability, the official tells fox and we have regularly raised it with them directly and with our partners in this. according to an american scientist who returned from north korea earlier this month, the communist nation has 2000 recurrently completed centrifuges and the firsthand report comes from the former director of the los alamos nuclear facility. an expert on this. he did not initially mention this surprising discovery of uranium enrichment, but informed the white house a few days ago and the new york times that his first glimpse of north korea's secret plant was stunning and he believed that it can be used to produce highly enriched uranium bomb fuel and the revolution has
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set up alarms. a special envoy to north korea, south korea, japan and china to talk about this. also a senior intelligence, it's wrong to assert that the intelligence has missed the boat on this. the u.s. has been aware of enrichment for years, but did not know about the new plant back in april of 2009, that's when the last american and international inspectors were thrown out of north korea. we'll have more on this later, back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. now, to the rest of your headlines. president obama waking up at the white house after arriving home to visit portugal. he with as in portugal for the n.a.t.o. summit, the main topic, crafting an exit strategy with allies and he wants to end the major u.s. combat operations by 2014. >> between now and 2014, hour constant effort is going to be
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to train up afghan security forces so they can take more and more responsibility, that's what transition is all about. >> meanwhile, the taliban has just released a statement, saying they'll keep fighting for the troops to get them to leave afghanistan before 2014. >> a full scale search for a gunman gets underway this morning in utah, this as they close in on the suspect who shot a park ranger three times, they were able to pick up his footprints and found his rifle along the colorado river. the victim. 34-year-old brody young is currently in stable, but critical condition. the man in charge of handing out plans to gulf oil spills says he's open to advice from the justice official. urging to so more transparency on the process. fineberg who says he's paid out around 2 billion dollars of the 20 billion available, agrees there is room for improvement. those are your headlines.
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>> let's check in with rick reichmuth for a look at the forecast. >> hi, guys, a big winter storm across the west. all kinds of winter storms and in parts of southern california. we have some blizzard warnings in southern colorado, and take a look at some of the video from snow that's already fallen from this, up to two feet of snow across the sierra nevadas has already fallen and seen another three feet fallen by the time this is done and the ski area is loving this and if you're getting to this. chains and snow tires, and big problems with highways cutting across from nevada having to put on the chains and snow tires and also problems this morning in across the minneapolis area, because there's been freezing rain and if you're headed out be careful. this is the snow that we're seeing over the next 48 hours, a lot of states across parts of the west and into the northern plains dealing with this storm and it's going to continue to pull up towards the east. this is the center of it right here across the areas of northern california and bringing very cold air,
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coldest of the season is going to be moving in across parts of california and that's going to slowly move across the east this week. right now, out across parts of the east looking very, very fine, very nice day today. cooler than yesterday, but still a lot of clear skies, but this storm, as it moves across parts of the east is going to have big impact on your travel this week. so, minneapolis, if you're flying in or out of that airport on wednesday, i think there's going to be pretty significant delays. chicago, probably some delays later in the day and d.c. looking good. denver, extremely windy, dave, not sure if you're going home on wednesday. >> no, buddy, i'll be right here on the couch all weekend long. >> gretchen carlson might be. >> national opt out day on wednesday. >> and good thing you bring that up. how is what we're about to report going to tactful-- effect national opt out day. >> the changing policies of the tsa. another one to throw at you. this morning, tsa is saying that you will be fined $11,000
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if you do not do the certain things. if you walk to one of those check points and you say, you know what, i don't want to be groped and i don't want to go through that x-ray scanner, they're going to call the police and if you leave the airport, you're going to get $11,000 fine. >> if you refuse everything, you refuse the scan and the p patdown and you leave the premise, suddenly a police matter. and comes to light in florida. maximum fine $11,000 and you are, my friends, arrested and the tsa is not backing down from the patdown procedures, they're doubling down on that. >> this is the most outrageous part of it. let's say you don't know about the new machine and the new more invasive patdown and you get to the airport, and you feel uncomfortable, if you say, i don't think i want to go through that machine right there, where the tss. can't see me naked, i'm not going to take my flight, i'm going to leave. you're not allowed to leave
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the airport. >> you have to have that, you have to have that policy in place, let's be honest, because if there is in fact some sort of terror plot and they are on the verge of cracking it, they have to detain you and leave the premise. >> i see your point of view. what you're a grandmother and haven't been watching and oh, i'd like to leave right now. suddenly don't have to-- >> sorry, sorry, grand ma, we're calling the police aen you're going into the back examination room until you get questioned and a $11,000 fine, grandma. >> you can't leave, you can't flee. >> that's standards at 70 airports and chances are you fly this week, you won't see or hear any of the incidents and now it's all the way to the top. the president is talking about the new tsa policies at the n.a.t.o. summit in portugal. let's hear what he has to say. >> the tsa in consultation with our counterterrorism experts have indicated to me
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that the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw with the christmas day bombing. >> the president had to admit at the very same that of course, i will never have to experience this. right, but i mean, he was-- >> the patdowns. >> the patdowns and going through the machines. he's in the position, i understand why you're-- >> and sure, it underlies the hovering terrorism threat. you saw last week in germany, big scares in germany airports and lockdown and the cargo packages sent a few weeks ago in october using the printer materials that could have blown up over the air, and now, we're learning exactly what these people are behind that, al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula are planning to do. they were the ones hyped the
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cargo plane bombing attacks and the small scale attacks using small petn, 40 grams, and that's with the explosives, that's with all of these printer cartridges, cell phones and shipping, $4200 for the entire operation. this is the new philosophy going forward. they want small scale multiple attacks and they didn't actually say this was intended for mass casualties, this is intended to disrupt the u.s. economy. not sure if that ultimately would have succeeded in doing so. >> look what's happening. the point is they spent all of $4200 and we've put in all of these new massively expensive, what did you say. 600 machines now of this-- hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new security and we have not solved the cargo problem.
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the original problem. >> we're not close there. >> the original problem. >> let us what you think as you move into the holidays. meanwhile, another issue on capitol hill, the extension of bush tax cuts and now a group of about 40 millionaires have signed the letter online petition coming together, millionaires, they're not liberals, not republican, they're just all different, saying they want to cut the-- or extend the middle class tax cuts and let them expire for us, the millionaires. >> their reasoning, let's they will you from the website. for the fiscal health of our nation and well buying, allow us to incomes over 1 million dollars to expire the end of this year as scheduled. we've done very well the last several years, now, during our nation's moment of need we are eager to do our fair share and they say that they are patriotically willing to do this. >> they call themselves the patriotic millionaires for fiscal strength. again, there are about 40 of them. they're putting their money where their mouth is, but do they speak for the entire
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upper class in this country, the job creators, the small business owners? this is infentismal. >> i don't know how many are in the country, but half of the members of the house and senate are now millionaires. >> half? half of our elected representatives are millionaires. >> less than 1% of the general population of course are millionaires, not half of the-- >> let us know what you think about the patriotic millionaires also. coming up on the show, tres ga lane getting convicted of only one of the 285 charges against him and the white house says it's a success, but the families of 9/11 victims not satisfied. we'll hear from them coming up. >> a college student body president admits to everyone that he is an illegal immigrant. is that fair to students who are here legally and is he worried now he'll be deported?
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, a student body president taking a risk, admitting to the world he's an illegal immigrant to show his support for that dream act, a measure that would give green cards to students brought to the u.s. illegally by their parents. >> jose is the student government president on the inner american campus at miami-dade college and joins us live via skype this morning, good morning to you, jose. >> good morning, sir. >> this is a big risk, you face potential deportation, why risk telling the world you're an illegal immigrants. >> i came out of the shadows
7:17 am
to show the kids who are in the shadows many' not afraid to come out of it. and take the stirs step in order for this cause to happen, the stories of those kids need to come out and step out of the shadows. you say they're embarrassed, they feel humiliated in some way. why do you think they are embarrassed and stay quiet? >> oh, they're embarrassed and they stay quiet because they fear that they don't belong. and no high school is very judgmental and the kids are against this and-- so, if people were to come out openly and say, i am-- they're afraid of what the judgment of their peers might actually feel on them. >> you say the dream act wouldn't just help people like yourself. the dream act would benefit the entire country.
7:18 am
how so? >> because we will get the country so many people would be willing to contribute to the country. that would actually be somehow that they want to study or, new education, people could perform so many things out there that giving them a chance. >> you know that there's much opposition to this, obviously, and one of the big concerns of course is crime, illegal immigrants being here and being able to have access to the dream act as a result. that they may have criminal backgrounds, criminal records on there. what do you say to those people? >> well, to those people, i would suggest-- i would-- the wording it's online and one of the key things for
7:19 am
those who qualify they must have good moral conduct and can't have any type of criminal background. >> jose-- >> or those people won't be benefitting from the dream act, will be those without a criminal background. >> jose if this all ends badly for you and the dream act does not pass, and you're deported. would you still be happy about the decision you made. >> oh, sure, i mean, i already took-- i already took the risk, i'm already putting myself in the scope of many people. i can't have any regrets on what i did. so, whatever i did, i did it with the great intentions for a good cause, so i'm sure, i'll still be happy. >> that's courage and conviction, my friend. thanks for joining us this morning from miami. appreciate it. >> please stay in touch. >> okay, thanks. >> coming up on the show while president obama called a hybrid car and the n.a.t.o. summit the future, he was riding around what's called the beast, a massive nongreen
7:20 am
polluter. a case of green hypocrisy or safety? we report, you decide. >> and some airports so steamed at the body patdowns they're telling the tsa to take a tyke, can they do that? we'll discuss. ♪ run thing leads to an another, too late to run for cover ♪ ♪ i have asthma. and when my symptoms came back
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>> what does that jovial music mean. first up. 25, the amount that facebook gets in the united states and leads youtube and google in the dust. combined for page views.
7:24 am
every page view in the world, one in four goes to facebook. 13. the number of world leaders in russia working to save the tiger from extinction. the 13 state summit aims to double the animal population by the next year, which is the year of the tiger. that's in 2020. who knew russia had that. 61.2 million dollars, how much harry potter and the deathly hallows part one made on friday. to shoot past the previous high. 102.7 million dollar weekend for the opening of goblet of fire. back in 2005. i saw it last night. it's dark, it's brooding, but thumbs up. >> a thumbs up from clayton, a review you need. thanks, clayton. with all the uproar or the invasive tsa patdowns we have been telling you about. a florida airport decided they'll take matters in their own hand and ditch the tsa together and bring in private screeners.
7:25 am
>> the president of the sanford international airport joins us now, good morning, larry. >> good morning. >> larry, you don't like how the tsa, i guess, is handling this and you want to privatize security. how would that change the experience for the passengers? >> the screening would be similar, private screening allowed by the transportation security act, there's a screening partnership program that all of us can choose to participate in, opt out program. and we believe privatization to bring more accountability and efficiency. and that's the name of business in this country and we think if proven to be successful with a pilot program and seven airports already doing it and airports will do it themselves and jackson hole does it and we're looking at that option. >> what it allows you to do if you go with federal screeners for two years, i believe, you
7:26 am
can opt out. but as far as the experience from the passenger's point of view, you still be subject to tsa standards, rules and regulations, so if anything changed from the thousands of people that fly through the airport, what would they see as the difference? >> well, i think the airport more accountability working with tsa, i have a wonderful security director by the way. no problem with the federal security director and the senior management staff and we believe that private enterprise is the way to create a positive experience for our travelers and the freedom to travel and i believe that the patdown procedures are pretty intrusive. i can't change that, i will continue to do what the tsa directs us to do, but congress is in the middle of looking at that and i trust our congress and i trust our elected officials to come up with a more positive experience and ways to protect us from terrorism so we can be safe
7:27 am
and efficient. >> larry, yes. >> ma'am. >> correct me if i'm wrong, it's not only the invasiveness that you object to, you also think there may be some health risks involved with the new screening machine? >> i'm sorry, alisyn, say that again? >> do you worry there may be some health risks with these new screening machines in terms of radiation? >> i do worry about it some and the complaints that i've had about the new advanced imaging technology machines and the fact that they're showing and have not had a chance to be thoroughly vetted with how much, whatever the gam ra rays are or radiation that might be used in it, i'm not an expert on that, but those are the complaints i've been receiving about it and for frequent flyers as well as the crews of aircraft. >> larry dale, the president of the orlando, sanford international airport. best of luck for you in this busy, busy travel week ahead. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, larry. >> terrorist gallani convicted
7:28 am
one out of 285 charges, what does it moon for the trial of the 9/11 terrorists? we'll talk to a family member who says the verdict here is an outrage. >> and touting hybrid cars at the n.a.t.o. summit, driving around in the big old beast as they call it. is this a case of green-pocricy. >> and our troops, a hoeshg coast guard officer and see how david and clayton are-- clayton, you're holding your own. come on, man. >> hey, that's the beast, forget about the car, clayton is the beast. >> come on, a challenger. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. and help bridge the gap between the life you live... and the life you want to live. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." president obama touting green, but while in lisbon driving around in this thing, called the beast and it doesn't look very green in fact. you break it all down, it's a huge gas guzzler, apparently this is the talk of the town. yes, a measure the afghanist afghanistan, and the portugese
7:33 am
press went to the n.a.t.o. summit to talk to the new eu leaders about new technology and climate change and tooling around in this and they describe as an eight ton diesel fueled behemoth of a limousine and it's for the security and does all sorts of tricks, but the irony. >> the contrast to the local leaders driving around in electric cars and the media was driven in electric buses and an environmentally friendly concept, rolling through the u.n. summit, but we have no choice in the matter. and our president has to be safe. and put the president in an electric car, please. i mean, that would be the worst decision secret service made. >> can't you trick it out and make it-- >> i'm fairly certain, no, environmentally friendly cars typically don't keep the president-- >> and putin-- >> in his car he had a tiger with him and you don't want to mess with that guy.
7:34 am
let us know what you think about "the beast" the car. >> german police say there's no sign of an imminent attack despite the terror warnings and stepping up in berlin, german magazine, reported that militants plan it break in and shoot hostages and this comes as a police officer is due in court tomorrow. accused of trying to place a fake bomb on board a germany bound jet. a horrific scene in tallahassee, florida, a woman and three children, their bodies were inside. the mother of win six-year-old girls and a three-year-old boy and obvious signs of skielts in the house and not ruling out a murder, suicide. it's a white house returning a favor to a pennsylvania democrat. we're learning the democrat, joe tore sela, the new nominee, to drop out of a senate race after arlen
7:35 am
specter changed parties and may remember that he offered joe's stepdad a. they're saying that he beat inspector, but lost in the general election to toomey. >> if you're a veal lover, brooklyn now banning veal at grocery stores and restaurants in the city limits and say that baby calves are treated poorly after being born in an effort to keep them tender. the ban has no-- and like a baby calf. >> yeah, speaking of that, dave has impressive muscles i'm not sure is going to help. >> i don't think i have enough today. but i'm going to try. the winner of the 33rd annual empire state championships have been announced and this morning here to show off their guns and we're joaned by valerie beechwood, arm wrestling champion and mike,
7:36 am
arm wrestling champion of new york state and the new york arm wrestling association, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> tell me, mike, what is the key to the sport of arm wrestling, simply the guy with the biggest guns wins. >> absolutely not, a lot of technique involved. obviously, strength is definitely a factor, but there's definitely a lot of technique involved. >> and what is that? put your weight behind it. >> as long as you have one foot on the floor you can actually go this way if you want. different ways to do it. you can actually-- >> okay. >> there's back pressure, when you pull your opponent this way. >> i'm going to need some tips when i take on valerie. it's striking to see a beautiful woman in arm wrestli wrestling. how disarming you talk to a guy and you mention by the way i'm the state arm wrestling champion. do they usually run the other
7:37 am
way. >> i usually get challenged at that point. >> you usually get challenged at that point and how do you fare? >> i should worry, i should worry clearly. >> pretty good, pretty good. >> gene, what separates the west arm wrestlers, as mike mentioned it's not just the guy with the biggest biceps who has been in the gym the longest. >> it's the tendons and they practice every day to build up certain muscles in their arm and certain muscles in the arm the best to arm wrestle with and these are the muscles these device work on every day to build up especially the tendons, once they build up the forearm tendons, they have the power to withhold guys-- in losing positions and come back. three techniques, valerie knows them all. >> you're going to referee them. i'm going to try to take on valley and this is just, i hold the handle. >> elbow here. >> now, is there something i can do to, i mean, can i--
7:38 am
>> any way i can cheat. >> no, valley knows the cheating moves. >> and jacket off. >> for my-- >> i'm nervous, give me some tips. one more tip. >> pull her toward you. >> if her hand is extended-- >> don't hurt me, valerie. >> count down. >> read. >> go. >> oh, gosh. >> can i bend my wrist like that? oh, there's no way i'm going to-- (laughter) >> we've got to go to commercial. >> we've got a winner. >> no! valerie. >> we're-- and rick at the food truck and rick one more effort. tell us what we're eating. >> can you kidding me, dave? that's all you had?
7:39 am
wow! i'm glad i can save you here buddy. let's talk about the weather and you know what, talk about this as well. take a look at the picture, guys, this is the latest, it's south dakota, in honor to south dakota it's in the m macy's day parade. and we'll be on air and showing you the parade and the pre-parade activities. move through and look at the forecast, the eastern part of the country looking very, very nice, a little cooler across the northeast and still warm into the southeast, but plenty of sunshine heading out. across the west, the problems are. big snow in parts of the rockies and california and going to bring the big travel problems for us throughout much this coming week and in the meantime, we've got zack, the executive chef from fatty crab restaurant in new york city, one of my favorite restaurants. this is critical. in the past you could get a hot dog, maybe lemonade at the
7:40 am
stand and good trucks are so popular, a food truck show on the food network. >> and you've got malaysian food. >> this isn't your average hot dog, it's a malaysia kch by the world program, and the goal is to promote malaysian cuisine. and running the past few weeks and fatsy crab, my restaurant gave a free chicken curry, with coconut rice and a spicy chili sauce. so we were giving these away on the street for a few days and in other restaurants, other malaysian restaurants participated as well. it's a wonderful program and-- >> wilet me ask, do you think the food truck phenomenon is going to catch on. a great way for people to want to get in the restaurant. food trucks are phenomenal. kiosks, more focus, one or two
7:41 am
dishes, less overred. insurance is less, makes a lot of sense and the typical way for food is in mahle shun, and cooking one or two dishes and probably higher quality. >> outstanding food. second bowl for the morning and what they eat for breakfast in malaysia. >> the curry cooked in the morning and the sun comes up and gets hot. >> back to you inside. i'll bring you something. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks, rick. >> meanwhile, terrorist el-ga lane only convicted one out of the charges. and we'll talk with the families of victims next. >> growing outrage of the air force security procedures, lawmakers demanding an end to them, saying they go too far. >> congressman tom petri and micah will join us and what
7:42 am
had he object it. >> i'm uploading photos to facebook, dave getting beat. >> oh, my, there's a lot of body weight. >> dave going to be losing. >> the winner here-- >> oh! >> i don't believe it. >> ♪ ♪ yes! ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? eating right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories.
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for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, stop taking cialis and call your doctor t away. [ male announcer ] as your doctor if cialis f daily use is rit for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >> terrorist gat lan-- gallani charged with only one in the 9/11 bombing. and behind khalid shaikh mohammed. the obama administration remains undecided about his fate. will the families ever see justice in their lifetimes. joining us a retired fdn ychfdn
7:46 am
chief lost his son. >> and only one charge was he convicted on. the justice department gave the impression that that couldn't happen. >> yeah, it's totally absurd. >> he bought the bomb and the truck and cell phone, it seems like ready for the civilian trial and made a mistake, one out of 285 charges and what's going to happen with khalid shaikh mohammed when they come in next and i think this is the first one and i think they're going to have to reassess because they made a mistake. >> his case is relevant as well what the job objected to, the enens had aed interrogation techniques, the judge didn't like it and he threw out star witness testimony and that may also happen with ksm. >> i hope they look at it because they look at the evidence and the witness who sold him the bomb got thrown out. we met with obama in january of '09 and they held up this,
7:47 am
this trial khalid shaikh mohammed because of an election and now they look like they screwed up again. and i think we're going to have to sit back and holder is going to have to decide to take it to a military or civil whien trial, and want to be convicted. he could do 20 years this guy and done eight already and do ten more and get out. it's ridiculous, an outrage. >> and the suggestion is that khalid shaikh mohammed will now be in detention indefinitely while they try to decide when the right timing is, what the right place is for his trial, knowing that he's locked up undefinitely. does that give you any comfort. >> no, because we have no justice. he hasn't been convicted of the crime. i was down in guantanamo when they had the trials, when they stopped the trials, i saw khalid shaikh mohammed get up in the courtroom and say i'm proud of what i did, i killed all those americans, i'm proud i did it. the trial should end there, he's guilty. but we had so many upholdings and i think now obama and them haven't made a decision, he's not the leader he said he was
7:48 am
going to be, he told us he was going to be, try and convict him and that's what the families want and now it looks like they may make a mistake with a civilian trial. should put up in the military trial and get this moving and justice for america. >> you'd like to see a resumption of the trial of the previous trial. >> we had it there. he got up and said i killed everybody and they stopped it and now talking about going to a civilian trial and also get the same rights and probably throw out the torture evidence and i don't know they said they have mountains of evidence, i can't trust them. they promised they would try him right away and we're still waiting. >> do you think that this gallani episode served as a lesson to the administration and eric older is paying attention and will do something different? >> i sure hope so, america is watching and families are watching. they screwed up. one out of 285 of a guy who is a mass murderer and who was osama bin laden's cook and bodyguard. here is a guy who is guilty
7:49 am
and we almost let him go, or might be letting him go if he gets off with 20 years, and the families need justice and the families are dying off and on and on and the pain is always there and we want some satisfaction and he gets convicted of killing our children. >> jim richards, we understand how unresolved this all has been for your families and other victims. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> a lot of you have been e-mailing all morning saying you're angry about the controversial tsa patdown and our next guest says it's grossly objectionable and people are using the body scanners. >> new details into the failed mail bombs and how cheap and easy they were to make. that at the top of the hour.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> tsa as you may have heard facing major scrutiny over new security measures. we heard from one airport official in orlando who wants to opt out and wants a private security firm and some lawmakers speaking out for a ban on the screenings. >> joining us with his own special solution is the founder and director of the trends research institute. gerald, you predicted all kinds of things, you look at the trends, stock market crash, the rise of starbucks, and you predicted all of these things accurately. when you look and hear about the backlash over all of the tsa screening procedures now, what do you think or predict will happen. are they going to yank this thing? >> this is a lot behind it. you go back to the patriot act. why don't we call it the raining the constitution act. this is more about taking our rights away. so, yeah, the people are outraged because it's
7:54 am
affecting them personally. now i'm a frequent flyer and i don't like to be broke. i don't want to go through these electronic-- these x-ray machines, there's evidence out there that continued exposure might not be healthy for you. >> an aside for you, obvious the patriot act and all of these machines are designed to keep us safe. we had a family members of one of the victims of 9/11, on the way out, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. >> that's good for him. what if they bomb them all. are they going to pat us down when we go into the mall. i don't want to be patted down. this is supposed to be-- whatever happened to our fourth amendment rights. is everybody guilty until proven innocent? >> and what do you want? >> if i'm going to be groped, what twisted minds in the tsa came up with that a guy has to grope me, only speaking for myself of course, if i want to be groped, i want a gal to grope me. >> no, no, really, what mind,
7:55 am
what mind made this up that it's okay for a guy to feel up a guy? >> i understand what you're saying, what is the-- >> and you're on board-- >> what's the solution then. >> look, first of all, let's go back to this. who was the guy that was promoting these x-ray scanners under the underpants bomber. >> michael chertoff. >> and what is his-- rapid scanners, let's go back to the underwear bomber, he could not have ignited that with matches and accelerant he had. he had needed an electronic device or an extreme heat. they freaked the country out on this. you don't see this in other countries going on. i just got back from france, you don't go through this humiliation. i just came back from las vegas from france and i'm sitting next to an 82-year-old woman who has diabetes, and they frisked her because they found needles, when she
7:56 am
refused to be frisked down-- they humiliated her walking down the floor with no shoes on. this is out of hand. i don't need a government to watch over me. there's enough protection out there. we haven't had anything happen to us. what happened to the profiling, they don't take everybody, little kids, old ladies, come on it's out of hand. >> we've heard other guests echo your complaints not in so vehement a fashion, you predict they will go away? >> it's affecting people personally. >> all right, gerald, thanks so much for coming on an and we appreciate your passion. >> coming up on the program, as we told you a lot of lawmakers want the tsa practices stopped. congressman petri and john mica, the republican and democrat explain why. >> sleepovers, slumber parties are part of childhood, but one
7:57 am
mom claims they've got to go. she claims they're dangerous and we report, you decide. >> oh, boy. all through the commercial. ♪ . az
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, november 21st. we have new information this morning that north korea has reportedly built a nuclear facility stepping up arms programs. we have the details just moments away. >> and the president says he understands why americans are upset over the tsa patdowns and body scans, but they are our best option. the procedures that are putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective.
8:01 am
>> so why then do our security experts, some in fact say the exact opposite? >> we all had sleepovers as kids and now one mom says they've got to go, claiming they're dangerous, but is she being overprotective? we report, you decide. "fox & friends" begins right now. welcome into "fox & friends" on this sunday morning and we have a jam packed show for you. two congressmen joining us in moments. thomas petri and jonathan mica talking about tsa procedures and newt gingrich. >> those two steps for leadership on the house transportation committee and these steps going forward they're asking the tsa to make changes now. >> breaking news, a new sign of north korea's ambition, a massive facility to enrich
8:02 am
uranium has been unveiled seemingly out of nowhere. >> julie kirtz joins us live and we know that north korea is so clamped down, is the white house able to take any reaction at all. >> they are reacting, an official tells us it's true the report of the new highly sophisticated uranium enrichment plan is a provocative act of defiance by north korea and the revelation set off alarms in washington and the state department special envoy on north korea is set to arrive today in south korea. the first stop on a trip that includes talks with japan and china about this. the senior u.s. official tells us we have long suspected north korea of having this kind of capability and we have regularly braved it with them directly and with our partners in this effort. according to an american scientist who visited the secret nuke complex earlier this month. they have 2000 recently completed facilities and tells
8:03 am
the secret plant was stunning. says that north korean officials told him the centrifuges were already installed and running and he was not allowed to take photos though and has not said exactly where it's located and we tried to reach him and hasn't returned our e-mails. he's set to give a speech in washington on tuesday. and shows a visiting u.s. scientist, new and enriched uranium clearly appears to be calm lated move by the north korean government and now a new challenge by the obama administration. >> more saber rattling. thanks. president obama back to the u.s. after a trip to portugal. n.a.t.o. leaders worked on an exit strategy the plan and u.s. combat operations and turn over control to the afghans by the year 2014. >> we made progress and i expect that we're going to make more progress next year
8:04 am
and it will not be without occasional controversies and occasional differences. >> the taliban says that n.a.t.o. will leave afghanistan before 2014 and promising to keep fighting coalition forces until they go. this morning in utah, the search continues for a suspect they say shot a park ranger. they recovered a gun and bloody towel. unsure of a motive. >> he has a record, but nothing, any kind of violent activity. he does have some active warrant right now, but they're minor warrants, not really serious. >> ranger brody young was shot three times after stopping the suspect in his car and currently in critical, but stable condition. watch out rahm emanuel you may have stuff competition in the chicago race for mayor. the former u.s. senator is throwing her hat into the ring and she kicked off her campaign by reintroducing herself to voters some of whom
8:05 am
were not even born when she lost won election 18 years ago. the former senator joins an already crowded field and at least six major contenders. and more than 300,000 people in new orleans will have to keep boiling their water until this afternoon, officials say the city system is tested for bacteria. officials are calling the advisory a precaution after a power failure at the main treatment plant and this sparked northerly's largest boil water advisory for katrina five years ago. >> those are your headlines. >> all right, let's get out to rick reichmuth, a check of our weather and pretty nasty out west, rick. >> yeah, nasty depends on your point of view, if you want to ski it's beautiful. 17 different states right now have some sort of a winter weather advisory, winter storm warnings, watches, advisories and a lot of people are affected by this and of course, people starting their travel, it's going to be causing some problems for a lot of us this week as the storm migrates off to the east and a lot of snow across the
8:06 am
states, in some cases maybe another three or four feet of snow and we've already seen two to three feet of snow. video out of montana where rough weather in the montana area caused very bad driving conditions right around billings. over 100 weather related crashes this weekend in that area. i tell you what, this came down so quickly, that they've been dealing with temperatures well above average, 25 to 30 degrees above average aen now we're around 35 degrees below your averages, high temps in some cases not above 10 degrees, very cold weather to be had out there. this is the storm where you see this kind of imagery on the satellite and radar and that's very, very cold air pulling in across parts of california right now and it's going to continue to pull in towards california and parts of the plains and today things looking nice across much of the east and enjoy it if you travel today or tomorrow do it. we'll see some problems and for wednesday, central and northern plains like omaha.
8:07 am
potentially significant snow and wind and atlanta, los angeles looking fine. new york city airports a departing storm will bring wind for wednesday and we'll start to see delays in those airports. >> thanks, rick. passengers and pilots aren't the only ones upset over the security measures, some lawmakers saying the screenings go way too far and voiced their concerns in a letter to the tsa administrator. >> the two men behind the letter are congressman thomas petri and ranking member of the house and infrastructure committee and florida congressman john mica. good morning to both of you this morning. >> good morning. >> mr. mica. start with you, what started all of this? was it faced on actual intelligence, the changes at the tsa that we're hearing so much about in the las week? >> well, just like the public, you know, we learned about this, unfortunately, mr. pe tri and i and we are in the minority, but we learned about this from media accounts that
8:08 am
people are outraged. i was shocked to find out the way this program is being implemented. and we've called for it to be reexamined. i believe we should use patdowns and i think this equipment can be used, but not on every passenger on the random basis, it must be targeted, focused, someone must set off an alarm or be on a watch list, that's being done right. >> it sounds very specific. the president at the n.a.t.o. conference yesterday. let me play you a found from president obama, playing his thoughts on the tsa screenings. >> tsa in consultation with our counterterrorism experts have indicated to me that the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they considered to be effective against the kind of threat we saw in the christmas day bombing. >> congressman petry, let me
8:09 am
get your take. the president says this is the only thing we've got the best possible solution right now. do you buy that? >> no, we're facing a global threat and a lot of countries are having to deal with it and this is a procedure that's not being used in many other countries in the world. it's, in my opinion, being driven by the technology of these body scanners and that's something that is not appropriate, really, either. the europeans have been coming up with a better scanning technology that uses an outline and that highlights if something is unusual, you know, a box will show up on the screen instead of all of this personal intrusion. and we can do a better job of this and protect people without destroying the values that we're trying to protect. >> so, congressman is that the answer, this european technology, that's less invasive or is there something else that we should be doing? >> well, again, i was shocked at the way they rolled this out. the technology that they chose.
8:10 am
i was told, and i shared the aviati aviation subcommittee and mr. petry will be chairing it next committee. they weren't having the body images, but this is only symptomatic of the symptoms, 3,590 administrative personnel in washington d.c. making $105,000 per person on average a year. again, this is just one tip of the iceberg to an agency that cries out for reform. congressman, i've got to ask you quick. critics pointed out you received $81,000 in campaign donations related to private contractors when it comes to the airports. might there be a conflict of interest there in terms of your asking the tsa to make changes perhaps helping those private contractors? >> yeah, well, first of all, you know, they've bundled 18
8:11 am
years of two companies that are in my state into that and you know, they try to discredit folks that have a difference of opinion. but the important thing here is that we get it right. and i don't care if the airports do it, private screeners do it or tsa does it. it's so important because we cannot afford to fail. we've got to get this right. our security and the travelers public's security depends on that. >> congressman, what's going to happen? are the machines going to go away? >> well, i certainly hope they are replaced by something better. we will be having hearings and john mica has been very, very aggressive when he was chairman of the aviation committee in having briefings and questioning of the procedures, trying to figure out ways with the experts in improving what really is a pretty dismal rate of success
8:12 am
so far as accuracy of screenings. these sort of procedures really are a part of the picket with you only a small part. intelligence and other methods are equally or in fact more important. >> congressman petry and john mica thank you for coming in and sharing your opinions on this. >> thank you congressman. >> and continue to send your e-mails and tweets. we'll be reading them through the show because a lot of people are fired up on these issues. >> coming up the president attending two summits overseas, but were these trips successful for the president and for the u.s. interest? chris wallace the anchor of fox news sunday ijoins us with his take next. >> we have a sweet potato recipe, and the founder of dog fish heads brewery are here with the labor and fear with turkey. >> can't wait. take a nap after that. you might also want
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. >> the president is back in the white house this morning after wrapping up a summit in portugal. first with n.a.t.o. and the european union. >> i value these meetings for a simple reason, america's relationship with our european allies and partners is the cornerstone of our engagement with the world and it's a catalyst for global cooperation. >> so how successful was the president's trip across the pond? we're joined this morning by the anchor fox news sunday. chris wallace, good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> interesting that this on the news from north korea, a scientist out in california confirms they are enriching uranium. so taking the g-20, na.a.t.o.
8:17 am
summit and the news from north korea, is that set? the. >> i think the threat last week, the president had a lot of bumps in the road and i think the n.a.t.o. trip was much more successful and united agreement by n.a.t.o. they're going to have a 2014 time line for ending combat in afghanistan, hamid karzai. who knows what he'll do when he gets back to kabul, he didn't say anything embarrassing or destructive this weekend so you have to consider that a plus and you also had this remarkable agreement not only among n.a.t.o. allies, but also with the russians about creating some new missile defense shield to protect all of europe and the united states as well. and so, i think it was a pretty successful trip for the president, in addition, one more thing is you've got a lot of buy in on this idea of the star treaty, the arms control treaty with the russians and the eastern europeans who
8:18 am
republicans had said were going to be left high and dry on this whole thing. they came out and supported the treaty. so, i don't know that that means it's going to pass in the senate but the president got a pretty united front in support of it. i thought it was a good weekend for him after a very bad week the week before. >> and john kyle, next, you need john kyle. >> what about that, is john kyle on board or are the republicans won over by what happened this week? >> no indication so far, alisyn, we're going to be talking with secretary of state clinton at the top of the hour on fox news sunday. it's very interesting. they're playing a tough game here, even though kyl has said it's too soon to try to do this, don't have enough time during the lame duck and wait for the next senate, the white house is pushing full speed ahead to make a deal and try to get it approved this week, or rather this year, before the end of the year in the lame duck. and you know, it will be interesting to see. they're trying to ratchet up
8:19 am
the pressure on kyl and the republicans and see if it works or not. >> also, you're going to be talking with texas governor rick perry on-- whether or not the governors in this, that were such a big force in the mid term election, will in fact have a lot to weigh in on in 2012. you'll be talking with secretary of state hillary clinton and texas governor rick perry. nice to see you, chris. happy thanksgiving. >> we'll be watching. same to you, thanks. >> china hijacked the internet, including website belonging to our military. how did this happen and could this ever happen again? first, sleepovers and slumber parties are a childhood tradition, but one mom is campaigning to end them. she says they're too dangerous, but others say that's too overprotective. a fair and balanced debate is next. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
8:20 am
8:21 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." a couple of quick headlines for you, president obama and the u.s. chamber of commerce, the white house is reportedly weighing an invitation from the chamber for the president to speak. the chamber had been one of the biggest opponents of the president's agenda vocally opposing the health care and climate bills. >> and congratulations this morning to 32 american students named rhodes scholars, they will begin their all expenses paid study at oxford university next october. the winners were selected from a lot of applicants. >> alisyn? >> thanks, clayton. a childhood tradition, a lot of us fondly remember spending the night at a friend's house for a slumber party, watching scary movies, eating too much candy, well, now some parents say the overnights can turn
8:24 am
into nightmares. she's one of the parents that started a no sleepover campaign. on the other said is stephanie thompson, a mom and the fearless parenting columnist for the brook inwilyn paper and supports sleepovers. the slumber party is a staple of childhood. why are you against them? >> well, first of all, i would love to raise awareness out there for parent that are considering a sleepover for their children or currently are practicing this within their family. to have this healthy dialog about it. and i think that the issue requires and needs much discussion that choking game or bullying or texting and driving is getting. >> what are you afraid of? one more thing, what are you afraid is going to happen on the sleepover? >> well, i think there is a lot of risk that is involved and one of the statistics that we have shared here in denver
8:25 am
is 33% of the girls and 14% of the boys are molested before the age of 18. and i think that's alarming to me and requires some discussion and i'm not saying that that necessarily involves sleepovers, but there's danger of alcohol, drugs, or choking game like you all have discussed. >> okay, exposure to alcohol, drugs, choking game. a host of hazards that can happen when your child is out of your supervision. >> stephanie your response? >> i think we need to teach our children and put them in situations where they can feel confident and navigate safely and we need to build communities in which we can trust the people around us and allow our children to go out and let them off the leash a little bit to learn independents. we don't send them into homes where we don't know or trust them. sleepovers build independence
8:26 am
and children need to be outside of the environment of the cocoon we create. we choose schools and activities and homes where our children can visit and i think it's an important bonding experience. >> and-- >> and fear, that's the most dangerous thing. >> sure, and i mean, who in this day and age is sending their kids to a home where they don't know the parents and don't know the parents' rules? >> well, i think as my child reached an age that we were getting invitation as early as kindergarten, i started thinking about what i wanted to do. but my experience with parents has been that as i was asked to participate or for my child to participate, i was asked by parents that haven't been to my home and didn't have the time-- >> you have a right to say no as a parent and that's your right. >> absolutely. >> and teach your children what situations in the world, there are risks inherent in the world and i think that the problem is that we need to help our children navigate when they are in our--
8:27 am
under your jurisdiction, during that time. >> right. i totally agree and i think where my experience there was more of a casual and informal attitude and i just want to raise awareness. >> it is a casual thing and casually shouldn't feel scared and stress because stress is actually the most dangerous thing. if we are stressed we do not think properly. we do not go with our intuition, we do not parent well and if we're concerned about these things, instead of the really important things in life, people are hungry, you know, there are people who can can't eat and we're concerned about sleepovers and kind of moving the issue where it needs to be which are the important things and making what is just a really fun thing for kids a seemingly scary thing. >> we have to leave it there. no is the website. aen thank you for coming in to have the provocative
8:28 am
discussion, we appreciate it. >> and the fun can continue, they're safest in their own bed. >> you're not against fun, got it. >> that's right. >> thanks, so much. ladies. the bush tax cuts are expected to be a major conflict between democrats and republicans, the g.o.p. is about to take control of the house, how about will the power shift affect whether the cuts are extended. and former speaker newt gingrich will join us. thanksgiving is days away. if you haven't finalized your menu, a sweet potato recipe like none other. can't wait to try it. [ female announcer ] with rheumatoid arthritis, there's the life you live...
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." we've got beer, cooking and newt gingrich coming up on the show, what else do you want. >> newt and turkey and beer going together. >> and rescuing 29 miners still missing three days after an underground explosion in new zealand. anxious relatives were given a tour of the site today to better understand how toxic gases are preventing crews from entering of the meanwhile, a small hole is drilled 500 feet into the mines to test for dangerously high gas levels. it could take an entire day to complete that. a disturbing story you may want to make sure your children are out of the room or turn down the volume right now. some grisly details.
8:33 am
the coroner's office now revealing how tina herrmann, kody maynard and stephanie sprang were murdered according to a report the ohio trio were repeatedly stabbed in the back and dismembered and eventually their bodies were put in the hollow of a tree and bodies were found on thursday. matthew is the only suspect. and 82-year-old has been suffering complications from a herniated disc in his back and handing off government duties to various ministers but the palace says the condition is not serious. new video into the fox news room from vatican city. pope benedict celebrates mass at st. peter's basilica. two of american and some car nals are under 80 and able to elect a successor in a secret
8:34 am
vote. let's go to rick for delicious foods. >> you said it. it's all about food. it's that time of the season and gain a few pounds and thanksgiving is around the corner and as you prepare your menu, the trimming to go along with the turkey and the chef is here and your spin on sweet potatoes, i've got to tell you, in sweet potatoes, everybody has the way you want something done. i want mine super sweet with marshmallows on top. i think you're going to do something different. >> i'm going to do something different, but everything together as well. i think it encompasses everybody's recipe. i have some apples, bananas, rick, some cream, some sugar, ginger, little cloves, some cinnamon, okay? >> so, here, let's just say we peeled off sweet potatoes and we put them in a pot and foiled and what i like to do is take an onion, stud it with clove and bay leaf and put that into the pot with your
8:35 am
sweet potatoes. >> as you're boiling them. >> when they're done we're going to strain them and take that and put it in a blender, the critical step and what makes this recipe really unique and tastes great is the apples and the bananas, here i have apples which i sliced and i have bananas and sweat them. in my world, sweating means soften without color. >> low heat or high heat. >> low heat or constantly stirring if you're using high heat. we add our cream to this mixture and then we would add sugar and again, it's subjective to your taste and this is what you come out with. >> okay. >> you come out with a soft mixture of apple, banana, with the cream and the sugar, that would go into the blender as well, with your sweet potatoes, which have been boiled. and then you puree that up. i like to add some honey, some ground ginger, some ground cinnamon, a little nutmeg and a tiny touch of allspice.
8:36 am
the key when using spices, rick, is not to put it in. especially with an allspice and nutmeg. so strong, if the top comes off you can't get it out. so i like to put it into my hands and then put it in. >> okay. >> but they important when you're blending, you can also mash it, is only put half of it into the blender as the heat will really create a lot of measure, so, it could be dangerous. >> and allspice is not allspices? i used to think that all spice was like a combination of a bunch of spices, it's its own spice. >> curry, which everyone thinks is curry, for example, is a lot of different spices. >> gotcha. >> so most important, what does it taste like when it's finished. >> okay. >> here we have the finished version and everybody likes marshmallows, that's pretty much the only ingredient that's not in the universal sweet potato recipe, whether it's a puree. you can put marshmallows on top of that and bake that.
8:37 am
>> that is really good. >> all right, you can get more information, it's on a great scott >> great scott and i want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving, to my little baby and children at home, i love you guys. >> all right, good for you. >> with this all we're missing is some beer. maybe you have some pumpkin beer. >> despite the economy, graft breweries say they're staying aslope and even flourishing, some credit success to creative flavor. starting tonight, you can watch one of the best brews and how they're made on the new discovery channel show, brew masters. >> our philosophy here . >> e this is a long version of our mission statement. not live after what the world is doing and not care about the status quo and try to create something that's never
8:38 am
existed before. if it's valuable people are joining us on the journey. >> the star of tonight's premi premier, tonight. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i believe it's off center ales for off center people. explain the philosophy, how it applies to beer. this is not for the miller light drinker, mariah. >> no, definitely not. but for pretty much-- we have a wide variety of beers and pretty much everyone can find one or two that they like. >> it's not just a drink for you, sam. it's more of a passion and a life style frthe. >> the way of life. the craft beer-- ments i saw the film, cut the tape, cut the tape. >> they are very unique and that will be brought to life in the show brew masters. you guys explore, not just hops and these that we're talking about pumpkin, we're talking about strange things
8:39 am
that people don't ordinarily see in a beer. why so? why not the straight up normal beers. >> we don't want to do. we want to do what hasn't been done. kick ry or pumpkin and taking it expanding it. >> how do you find what works in beer. you've gone all over the world. this isn't just to beer town, milwaukee, or the rocky mountains. around the world to find the ingredients. >> and in peru, egypt, germany, new zealand and what variety is great. the brews, i'm the brew and mariah is the decision maker and five ideas, which four i should actually follow-upen 0. >> sounds like a wife. >> i'm told you even have a tree house as an office, is that true? >> yeah, yeah, we refuse to grow up. so occasionally, especially our marketing team. we like to go up there and be in the safety tree. >> the safety tree. >> yeah, see where they go.
8:40 am
>> you even traveled with mario on one of these beer missions. what makes you think a good ingredient for a beer? >> just the same thing you think with the food. >> beer is basically liquid food, liquid bread. why con strain yourself to a few agreements, beer is traditionally, hops and barley and take what food can do and apply it to beer. >> chocolate is good. what about bacon. how would that be. >> there's bacon beer out there. >> there are no limits what you can do with an ingredient. >> ripped some muscles off and that's the-- beer muscles, you can use that one this morning. >> i could use some beer muscles. [laughter] >> you'll have those. very well-said. let's talk about some of the beers. you brought in a pumpkin ale this morning, appropriate for the season. having it on thanksgiving. talk about what's going on in this one. >> there's pumpkin, obviously, pumpkin spices, brown sugar
8:41 am
and it's a great fall beer with, you know, the turkey, thanksgiving table or actually a great cooking beer. a lot of people cook with it. >> perfect, perfect this time of year and sam talk about the next one, chicory stout ale, but mexican flavor. >> mexican coffee, licorice roots and the small breweries have had a challenge the f.d.a. or some of the federal regulators are trying to take out caffeine. >> because of four loko. >> it's cocoa or caffeine. injecting caffeine not so cool, but when caffeine happens to be in coffee and adds flavor to beer, a great thing. >> and you don't wrant to miss the signature ipa beers, check that out and the show brew masters tonight on the discovery channel, ten o'clock eastern time. you can see both sam and
8:42 am
mariah and their beer, dogfish head beer. good stuff and guys, i'm, woulding on the beer muscles. >> you need that arm wrestling the woman this morning. >> and beer goggles. and coming up the bush tax cuts as you know, are expected to be a major conflict between democrats and republicans once the g.o.p. takes control of the house. how will the power shift affect the outcome. former speaker newt gingrich here to weigh in on that. >> for nearly 18 minutes, china hijacked the internet. including sites that belong to our military. how in the world did that happen and could it happen again? that's next. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
8:43 am
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[ inhales ] [ exhales ] ask yr doctor if symbicort is a good choice for you. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." our internet has been hijacked and happened again. a report out this week, showing april 8th highly classified government websites have temporarily redirected to internet servers located in
8:46 am
china. for 18 minutes, military sites and others were seized. did that pose a threat to our national security? joining us is a former hacker himself, and mitnick security, kevin mitnick. good morning. >> how in the world did this happen? >> it's really-- it could happen today. it's basically when on the internet they have this peering type structure that allows for example, an isp to say, here is the best route to get to me. it's like a corrupt traffic cop. imagine you're on the streets driving and go to the traffic cop, i need directions to get somewhere and the cop actually gives you directions to a sketchy neighborhood where you could get robbed and pillaged. >> that's a great way to describe it basically the servers are in china and china writes some code and says instead of going through nasa, through the department of defense, why don't we route
8:47 am
the websites through china first and circle back to the united states. the real question we've been hearing the concern about al-qaeda and cyber terrorism and a book on the coming cyber threat. when you hear something like this. is the united states doing enough to protect itself? >> well, unfortunately, they really haven't fixed this problem with what's called border gate protocol. which is how the chinese redirected all of this traffic, but it could have been as simple configuration error not an intentional security incident, but it does underscore the problem that needs to be fixed because the traffic could be redirected towards a bad actor. now, two years ago, at a security conference in las vegas, two guys actually demonstrated hijacking a network and actually doing what we call a man in the middle attack. so they were actually able to uncover encrypted communications by doing this same type of attack. >> should we be concerned?
8:48 am
private information out there? did they have time to get private information or was 18 minutes not enough time? >> you know what, it could have been a configuration error or it could have been a kind of a coverup. maybe there was one single target that china wanted to attack, so they may have simply rerouted 37,000 networks to this isp in china, kind of now you have to find the needle in the haystack. what, what network or what site were they really trying to attack. >> right. all eyes on this. kevin mitnick we appreciate it from mitnick security out there in los angeles. thanks, kevin. >> you're welcome. >> coming up on the show, a shocking new report to the growing number of americans who think marriage is obsolete. could that really be true? next hour. fresh off the g.o.p. wins in the house newt gingrich is now calling on republican governors to make big changes for 2012. he's live next and you can believe me because that's him
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> well, with republicans set to assume control of the house the bush tax cuts are expected to be a major conflict between the two parties, but how much will the shift of power affect the outcome. >> we're joined this morning by former speaker of the house and co-author of the new historical novel "valley forge". newt gingrich is here. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> and let's talk about the bush tax cuts. is it hypocritical to the g.o.p. to say you can't raise taxes in a recession and on the other side saying we're not in favor of extending benefits in the very same recession? >> and part of it is they're prepared to extend unemployment, but they want to pay for it. they want to know where out of all the trillions of dollars
8:53 am
that the democrats added to the federal government are they going to pay for any new expenditures and that fits, i think, exactly the public's desire in the election to get the deficit under control. so, i think if the obama administration would pay for it you'd end up with it extended. >> what about paying for extending the bush tax cuts. the obama administration cbo put a number on that 7 billion dollars over ten years and so do they have to find a place to pay for that? >> well, the difference is nobody believes that the unemployment argument is an argument about job creation. if you raise taxes on the americans who create jobs, small business owners and investigators, people who literally go out and create the next cycle of jobs, you not only track the u.s. at 9.6% unemployment you may make the unemployment worse and i think the argument that republicans made and the
8:54 am
public agrees with, since the recession, is destructive and will kill jobs and i think that most americans think that creating jobs and paychecks is the most important job that the federal government faces and on this issue the democrats are plain wrong, what they would do is literally kill the ability for the united states to go out and have new entrepreneurs, new job creation, new small businesses. i understand belief in class wash fare, but high unemployment is a big price to pay for class warfare. >> democrats want the tax cuts to expire and republicans want to extend them. will anything happen before the end of the year? >> i don't think so and here is the challenge. the only thing the democrats can do that would be passable with what the republicans want. if you're the republicans and the american people just repudiated nancy pelosi, turned over 60 seats from democrat to republican, gave you the largest one-party
8:55 am
increase since 1948, why would you go in and surrender after the election? i think the democrats put themselves in an impossible position when they failed to produce a tax bill before they recessed in october and i think the reason they failed is they didn't have the votes. the fact was the substantial number of democrats had decided that the republicans are right, and are really worried by the depth of the unemployment. i think much better than unemployment extension is a job. and if we can create more jobs, we don't have to worry as much about unemployment compensation. >> sure. >> because people can go to work. the question is, what do you think creates jobs? i don't know anybody who believes that raising taxes creates jobs. >> and speaker, we want to turn to the republican governors who played a major role in the recent republican wins in the mid terms. you spoke recently to a gathering of republican governors and called for a quote, transformational change. what is that? and how big a role will the republican governors play as
8:56 am
we move forward toward 2012. >> first the republican governors have been tremendous and look at mitch daniels, chris christie, bob mcdonnell, rick perry, bobby jindal, haley barber and they've been moving toward substantial change and i suggested moving up to bigger change, for example, taking the 134 billion dollars we spent last year on unemployment compensation and turning that into a job training program, so we don't give people money for doing nothing, but instead work to create a new program where if you get the money you also have the training, so you're more employable so we improve the human capital of the united states and having the work force that's better trained and more competitive. there are a number of changes on that scale that we need. and chris christie's new announcements he wants to replace the seniority system with a transformational change and the work that bobby jindal is doing on health care. i think the republicans will
8:57 am
be the leading example of intelligent practical change in the next two years. >> we'll keep an eye on that former speaker of the house newt gingrich, thank you for joining us. >> coming up, outraged americans, with the tsa patdowns, if you refuse them could cost you big, it could be a $11,000 fine and you could get arrested as well. details at the top of the hour. >> we told you about a school system that denies kids lunch if their parents owe them money. more on that.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, supped -- it's sunday, november 21. don't mean to surprise you, planning to fly? don't refuse scanners or pat downs, if you do, you could be fined thousands of dollars and even arrested and why lawmakers want the new process banned. >> dave: terrorists posting details about the failed mail bombings, how easy and cheap it was to pull off and how they plan even more attacks, just
9:01 am
like it. >> clayton: fewer knew businesses getting often the ground and, they say big government is part of the reason why they har not taking on new employees. "fox & friends" continues its "fox & friends" continues its fourth hour, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: good morning, thanks for joining us, you have been sending in a lot of your e-mails about a topic we touched on earlier in the show, whether or not you should be retouching your children's class pictures, allah supermodels in magazines. >> clayton: getting rid of scars and braces. cindy sent in the photo of a child, look at this: see that? might need a little touching up. >> alisyn: the tooth would be filled in. >> dave: that is what i love about the pictures. that was her portrait and if
9:02 am
they retachouched it around -- p sending in your terrible photos and our producers will sift through them. >> dave: i love those pics. >> alisyn: i love that. that is a moment in time. here's your headlines, what is happening. there is breaking news, a massive facility to enrich uranium has gone up, secretly and quickly in north korea, "the new york times" reporting an american nuclear scientist who visited the site was stunned by how advanced the facility is and the obama administration special envoy, e steven" bosworth plans to visit amid rising fears about his nuclear plans. the president arrived home from lisbon, portugal and the main topic at the summit, the president wants to end major
9:03 am
u.s. combat operations in afghanistan by 2014. >> president barack obama: between now and 2014. our cans tenant effort is goi-- effort is to train up afghan forces, that is what transition is all about. >> alisyn: the taliban is just releasing a statement saying they'll keep fighting coalition troops, to get them to leave afghanistan, before then. a full scale search for a gunman is underway in utah as officers close in on the suspect they say shot a park ranger three times. authorities have been able to pick up his footprints and have found his rifle, along the colorado river the victim was 34-year-old ranger birdie young, currently in stable but critical condition this morning. the man in charge of paying out claims to gulf oil spill victims says he's open to advice from the justice department. an official urging ken feinberg to show the public more transparency on the whole process. feinberg said he paid out $2
9:04 am
billion, out of the $20 billion available, courtesy of bp, agrees there is room for improvement. those are your headlines, at this hour. >> clayton: let's check in with our weather department and the man who heads up that weather department, rick reichmuth. >> rick: guess what happened. >> clayton: what. >> rick: the very last fall picture, by next weekend, i don't think we can get away with it, can we? >> clayton: central park. >> rick: but by next weekend, it is afghan thanksgiving and everything is christmas. one more week. and then, we'll play christmas music. one more week. send me your pictures, rickreichmuth@twitter, and, thanks, a few people are enjoying it. it is about to change, extremely cold air, especially across parts of the west, moving east and big changes for a lot of you, at least by thanksgiving. and by the weekend, after it will be feeling like winter for pretty much everybody, i have to say. here's the snow over the next
9:05 am
couple of days, areas across the sierra nevadas, 3-4 feet of know and the images out of there, a lot of cars having to put on chains and snow tires to be able to get through the mountain passes, where they saw over 2 feet of snowfall. maybe we don't have the video. do we have it, guys? all right. all right. we'll deal with that. there it is. that is the snowfall, and a lot of the see areas will be really happy about this, because they are getting a nice start to the snow season. and, of course all the people relying on that business, and, a great start to it, but, unfortunately, also causing problems on the roadways, and that is the case there, we have been dealing with rough conditions, across the roadways in minnesota. because of an ice storm that happened overnight and if you are heading out, across the southern minnesota area be careful on those roads. this is a storm pulling across parts of california, more rain and snow and there is another storm behind it and we'll deal with a series of storms, moving into the central part of the country for tuesday and
9:06 am
wednesday. and as you look at the airports for wednesday, i think, memphis you will be one of the four cities, not looking good. dallas, a few problems, also, with light rain, back to you. >> dave: weather will not be your only problems traveling this week, as you may have heard a time or two, the tsa changed their security procedures, and they are intrusive now and pat-downs are raising a few eyebrows and making people unhappy and the tsa not backing down, if you don't elect to go through the body scanner you'll get the pat-down, if you do not comply, big trouble, clayton. >> clayton: look at these numbers, here's the new law and it keeps changing every day. stick with us. it happened yesterday, the tsa warning everyone that if you go into the check point area and they tell you you either can do the scanner, or the groping... >> alisyn: body pat-down. >> clayton: i call it groping. either one, choose one or the other and if you say you don't
9:07 am
want either and you are past the checkpoint they'll call law enforcement and if you flee the airport you get an $11,000 fine and you have to wait for law enforcement to show up for them to question why you didn't want to go through the procedureses. >> alisyn: hold on, flee the airport like a fugitive? what if you decide you don't want the radiation from one of those new machines and the enhanced pat-down or groping as some people have called it. you don't want either and i will not fly today. i'll take personal responsibility and i will not fly, oh, no. you are not allowed to go home. not allowed to leave. >> dave: what if you are a criminal, they have to detain you. >> alisyn: yes. but if you are a grandmother and you don't want either of those, you should be able to go home, you are now imprisoned at the airport or you will be fined $11,000. so many people object to these new enhanced measures including some lawmakers. we have congressmen on earlier
9:08 am
and sent a letter to the tsa about it. >>... coming up with a better scanning technology, that uses an outline and highlights if something is unusual, you know, a box will show up on the screen, instead of all of this personal intrusion, and... >> i believe we should use pat downs and the equipment can be used but not on every passenger, on the random basis, it must be targeted, focused, someone must set off an alarm or be on a watch list. >> dave: those are two republicans heading up the house transportation committee and there are democrats as well, sheila jackson and benny thompson calling another same thing, changes at the tsa but let me ask you, are we judging the process on a couple of bad apples, bad tsa agents and, about a dozen incidents when there are hundreds of thousands of people going through screening since november 2nd. >> clayton: i have a problem
9:09 am
with the groping side of it which is intrusive and my problem is we have experts who have been on "fox & friends" and they say, these scanners, the whole system does not work. that is what i have a problem with. >> alisyn: by the way, at the moment you are in the minority if you don't like it. the american people say whatever it takes, i'll do whatever it takes and go through the new machines. >> clayton: fit worked. >> alisyn: if it works. but we are told it does work and meanwhile, some people wants to opt out, we had on the president of the orlando stanford international airport and he wants to privatize security, and says no thank you to tsa. listen to him. >>... private enterprise and competitive process as a way to bring comfort and passion as well as accounts abilishgccount pat-down procedures are intrusive and i can't change that and will continue to do what the t safe.
9:10 am
directs us to do and -- tsa directs us to do but i am counting on our elected officials to find a procedure that makes more sense. >> dave: we have to use the screeners for two years and we had him what would change in terms of a passenger's perspective and was not able to tell us what anything would change at orlando airport. >> dave: under cryilying this i threat of terrorism. and, al qaeda weary learning launched an on-line newspaper, on-line web site magazine, basically letting us know, filling in the world about their next plans for attack and so much so it includes minimal costs. what they were able to do with those cargo plane bombing attempts amounted to a $4200 and their plan is not large scale attacks anymore, the size of
9:11 am
9/11, completely different now. >> alisyn: they'll replace the spectacular attacks, like 9/11 with smaller attacks that will cripple the u.s. economy and, you can sort of see their point. because, that cost them to put the poison in the cartridges, $4200 and how much did it cost us, all of these enhanced screening machines at 400 airports, or whatever it is at this point, around the country? they say, death by a thousand cuts, what they plan to do and it is interesting, there are many reasons on many levels this is interesting. al qaeda in the arabian sn peninsula and are spelling out the plans in the on-line magazine, they are no longer shadowy figures and take credit for what they've done thus far and talk about what they'll do in the future. >> dave: they say it's not about human casualties, it is about spitting the u.s. economy and were they successful? definitely to some extent and these attacks may not stop
9:12 am
senain the near future, they are not hiding it. we can go after that -- >> alisyn: except we are not dealing with cargo planes. >> dave: the homeland security department is trying to make changes. you are talking about millions and millions of pieces of cargo. >> clayton: a needle in a haystack. let us know what you think and your plans for the holiday week here and the tsa screenings, will they affect you >> alisyn: government regulation for health care hurting innovation? next up a ceo who says we are strangling ourselves with red tape. >> clayton: a shocking report, a growing number of americans think marriage is obsolete. could that be true? father jonathan morris gives us his take, coming up. knows how to make things
9:13 am
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9:16 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" from tax policy to health care and financial sectors, our country is filled with government regulationses. our next guest says this regulation is red tape that is strangling entrepreneurship and innovation, in america. morris haner is the chief executive officer, and it is nice to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me on the show. >> what is the crux of the argument, people are not able to innovate in the economy under the obama administration or just in general. >> clayton it's not a discussion about a specific administration. because i think it is a trend that has been going on for some time. it is that we have opted from policy where people are creating jobs, to looking to the government to manage how we do things. ... will not leave,
9:17 am
entrepreneurship. >> clayton: and we heard the argument earlier on the show, as it relates to the tsa, the transportation security administration, all of the bureaucracy and red tape and, why we are choosing to do certain things as it relates to the airport screening innovations, where we have other americans who have been able to innovate and come up with other plans and procedures. is that what you are talking about here? >> that is exactly it. innovation happens when people have to push themselves to new ideas. and that just doesn't happen in a government sponsored way. it has been the strengths of america, it has been the strength of our system, and, i... what is amazing is i wrote an article about this and i got unbelievably positive feedback from all sides of the political spectrum. there was no real debate that this was a needed change. i got a comment from a lobbyist who sent me something that said, i make my living from the morass you have described but my heart is with you. >> clayton: unbelievable. >> that says it all.
9:18 am
>> clayton: and the morass you describe, the obama administration has a different take on it. look at the number. at the beginning of president obama's administration, 35% of government spending as of the gross domestic product and now government spending almost 45%. 7th among advanced countries. 45%, is that number -- does that blow you away. >> what it is leading to is a very unhealthy desire for people to look to the government as the place where you want to make your money. and, that leads to unhealthy behavior. the government doesn't create jobs, the rest of us do. but if the government is going to be the one controlling the money, controlling how things, resources are allocated, smart people of course are going to turn their attention to that source of funds. sort of like the old willie sutton line, why do i rob banks? that's where the money is. if you have government creating and supporting the economy, that is where people will direct their attention. and, i think that is not a
9:19 am
healthy thing. >> clayton: we had one of the main founders and money behind facebook, and he sees this as a huge problem in the country now and we had him on "fox & friends" last weekend and give me an example. if i have a software start-up company and not building roads as a project that might receive grants money from the government how is my innovation as a start-up company being stifled by the government. >> let me give you a quick one and, at group flyer we have set up a new company and trying to innovate and building a new service into the economy and at group flyer we have direct experience with what is happening, and, i'll give you a quick example and it doesn't relate to anything that has been passed recently. a couple of years old, the climate around sarbanes-oxley. sarbanes-oxley which was designed to cure excesses in the financial markets turns out to make it much more difficult for small companies to set up stock option and incentive plans. >> clayton: absolutely, sarbanes-oxley is a big -- has
9:20 am
been a big problem because people have to worry about the minor accounting practices for tiny expenditures as well, we appreciate you joining us on "fox and friends." thanks. >> thank you, a pleasure. >> clayton: coming up, fewer businesses getting off the ground and many of the ones that are are not hiring at all. why business owners say big government is part of the reason they are not taking on new employees. and, most class pictures are notoriously bad and what if schools started retouching them to fix your kids' scars an scratches and fixing their hair before they are sent home to the parents? we have e-mails an tweets and pictures, coming up.
9:21 am
we fillhem with extraordinary craftsmanip. we fill them with amazing technology. and we fill them with inspired design. and now your chevy dealer wants to fill them with as much good will as we can. come see how chevy is giving more. right now, get no monthly payments till spring plus 0% apr financing and fifteen hundred dollars holiday allowance on most chevy models. see how your dealer is giving at
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>> alisyn: 23 minutes past the hour, time for quick headlines,
9:24 am
300,000 people in new orleans have to boil water until this afternoon. officials say the city's system is still being treated for bacteria and marks the largest boil-water advisory since hurricane katrina, and... set for april, sources a prince william and kate middleton picked a date at the end of the month, an official announcement for their wedding expected this week. >> clayton: they have to get those lights fixed! >> dave: radical there, speaking of that, radical change for the catholic church, the pope, wow, saying continuraceptives are ok in some incidences. >> alisyn: father jonathan morris is getting a lot of calls about this, as you might imagine, amazing, what the pope said is condom use this is moral choice en some circumstances. >> i wouldn't say it is a radical change. at all. a lot of the headlines certainly have been grabbing of attention but have also misrepresented
9:25 am
what really happened and we'll get it right here on the show. okay? >> dave: go. >> the pope has not changed the doctrine of the church. what he has said is that in the case of a disordered sectix walf a male prostitute, using a condom, may be the first step of a conscience of the person, we are not talking about the sacred act of marital sexuality, he's talking about in the case in which there is already a disordered act going on, preventing disease might be a first step towards moral goodness. >> clayton: good explanation and moral goodness, let's talk about a study that came out this week from the pew research center which found that nearly 1 in 4 americans believe, 4 in 10, they don't think marriage -- believe marriage is obsolete. 44% of the age bracket from 18 to 29-year-olds believe most marriages become obsolete and don't need to do it.
9:26 am
don't need to bother getting married and live together, is fine. >> this is another great case of headlines and summaries of all of these newspapers, saying, something that the study didn't say. what the study did say is that a vast majority of people, still desired and revere marriage. -- desire and revere marriage and a lot of people are doing a lot of things, like raising children and having sex outside of marriage and the institution itself is definitely being degraded but it shows that people prefer that type of union. >> dave: but it also shows the number of people that say marriage is obsolete is going up. >> marriage being obsolete means -- >> dave: the number of people that say i don't need to be married is increasing. are you concerned about the values of our society, in terms of marriage is less important today to people than it was ten years ago. >> i don't think the study shows it is less important to people. i think people are saying i don't want to get into a bad situation. and, when i can't trust a person, okay?
9:27 am
or i can't enter into a relationship that is long lasting, well, society has got to a points in which, though i would like it and revere it, it's not really happening and that is the difference here. in other words, i think government and society has a responsibility to promote something that is good for people and is good for society, not to say, whatever, it's not working out. the problem is, that it's not working out because of the decisions we're making. >> alisyn: father john, provocative topics. >> and we fixed it all in two minutes, amazing, right? >> clayton: and i want your comments on ufos and extraterrestrials! great seeing you, as always. >> clayton: the school system took a lot of heat for denying lunch if the parents owed the school money and now, lawmakers want to be sure kids aren't turned away from the lunch line. >> alisyn: and, the marine is
9:28 am
old enough to fight and die for his country, but not to enter a hotel room, wait until you hear what happened when he and his new bride were turned away from their hotel on their honeymoon. >> ♪ ♪ i tell ya, brother ♪ you can't have one without the other...♪ [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthrit pain, you and your doctor need to balance theenefits with the risks.
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♪ >> alisyn: welcome back, thanks for joining us, alisyn camerota with dave briggs and clayton morris and our marriage continues on the "after the show" show. >> dave: we'll continue. >> clayton: we have a lot of debates, photos debate, we'll show you photos from your school portraits ant also, the value of businesses in the economy and a lot of start-up businesses, and businesses struggling to get off the ground and they are not hiring people. you see a lot of big corporation, right now -- they are sitting on inordinate amounts of cash and are not putting the money to hire people. why. >> dave: the graphic tells the story, look at the last three years, from the last 12 months, we are 100,000 fewer companies, fewer companies that with one employee or more in one year and the year before, the worst year on record and what we are
9:33 am
talking about is start-up companies are the not starting up. there is no venture capital. there is no credit. and, there are businesses saying, this is not the environment to start up a business. we used to hear words like innovation, and now we hear words like uncertainty, and fear. we talked to two small business owners about the topic and the environment that, perhaps, big government is creating. >> the real criminal in all of this is the government, they've hurt the lending standards for us and it is harder to borrow money and scared venture capitalists enough, because they are afraid of investing in a business that might go under, because of some new burdensome regulation from the governments. >> the rules are changing, constantly for us and for those people who are looking to enter into this arena now don't understand what that means, any more and don't know how to get started and what the future holds. >> alisyn: and, banks have tightened the purse strings and government have tried to grease
9:34 am
the wheels but banks don't want to lend out. >> clayton: and that's a criticism of the president, we're bailing out the large banks, what about the small banks, not lending to the small communities and businesses and how does the government make those banks lend money to people? >> dave: what folks like these two are saying this morning and others i heard from, the rules and regulation, are constantly changing and, again you hear the buzz word, untercertainty and w don't know what tax rate we will be paying and we don't know how much it will cost to have health care for our employees next year and these are the types of things that cause them a lot of fear and people not to start up a new company. that what is we need and the driver of this economy. >> clayton: i wonder if there is a disparate, we heard google hiring thousands, right? make a big push for hiring and yesterday, featured one of our kro products in our business signify men and, a company said, we are hiring like crazy, we have 40 positions.
9:35 am
>> dave: the "wall street journal" took the last 18 years and the last two, and maybe this is coincidence, the last two years under the obama administration, have been the worst two years for start-up companies. in the last 18, now, clearly the recession includes those two years. and, so, too did the end of the bush administration. >> alisyn: and look at the unemployment rate as well. >> dave: a great debate. >> alisyn: the tidbit and more news for you. because, the focus in new zealand this morning remains on rescuing 29 miners missing after 3 days, after -- i should say an underground explosion. one of the 13 workers who escaped said he was driving right into the mine and saw the blast. it happened in fronts of him. >> it wasn't just a bang, and, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming... and i crushed down as low as i could in the seat, and, i was struggling for breath, and at the top there was gas and dust and stone dust and i couldn't breathe.
9:36 am
and, that's the last thing i remember. >> alisyn: i small hole is drilled 500 feet into the mine, this morning, to test for dangerously high gas levels and could take a dare to be completed and once a safe level is reached, crews can resume the rescue efforts there. here's a horrible story, again, please turn down the volume if you have children watching this morning. this is in tallahassee. the bodies of a woman and three children are found inside of a home in a quiet neighborhood, she's believed to be the mother of the twin six-year-old girls and three-year-old boy and police say there are obvious signs of violence inside the house and they are not ruling out a murder-suicide. a suspected drug lord could be on his way to the u.s. to face trial on drug trafficking charges. mexico has started the extradition process for edgar valdez, also lone as la barbie because of his fair hair and complexion was born in texas and arrested in august, he's blamed for scores of murders in mexico and is allegedly a key
9:37 am
lieutenant in the beltrand cartel, the extradition process could take months and more than a thousand volunteers are in nashville to help victims of the springtime floods, "8 days of hope" volunteers are rebuilding homes for 8 straight days. >> being able to help someone that is in need, it is enjoyable to be here and help the healing process. >> alisyn: the floods in may caused more than $2 billion worth of damage in -- the nashville area and killed 22 people. they were 18 years old, and, out of luck, marine jason martin and his wife, hillary, were denied a chance to stay in a hotel room they booked for their honey moon because they weren't 21 years old. they said the padre hotel never mentioned the policy and after hearing what happened, the hotel's owner issued an apology, though it is our company policy not to reserve rooms to younger guests for liability reasons an
9:38 am
exception should have been made and, offered them a room and dinner on him. >> clayton: the way i read that, it looked like he offered them a martini. rick with the forecast. >> rick: we have a group from massachusetts. [cheers and applause]. >> rick: and... spanish club teacher, you have work to do! your weather picture now, a little bit of snow moving across parts of the west and winter storm warnings in affect across much of the inner mountain west as a big storm is moving in, will have big ramification for a lot of us and, cold air to be had and a lot of it is bottled up, across canada and you see -26 and some of the air will move across parts of the northern rookies, and into the northern plains and so, temps are beginning to plummet in across those area, and is cold,
9:39 am
and warm as you wake up across parts of the southeast, so, in today's temps will be nice across much of the gulf states and warm temp, not much precipitation and out west is where all the problems are and we'll continue to see the snow the next couple of days and some areas, may be 2-3 feet more of snow accumulating by the time this is all said and done and will create travel problems, so, certainly, need to be planning ahead, some of the roads will be rough, 80 and 94, by the time you get to wednesday and thursday and you could be dealing with waned storm and snow across areas like minneapolis and towards chicago and, guys it is coming up, the macy's parade on thursday. i had a chance earlier this week to go out and look at some of the parade floats, and, balloons that will be coming, this is so cool, there is a new south dakota parade, we have these little ducks that will be walking through the parade. 7 new floats, coming this year and, we'll be there for all of the activity, thursday morning, make sure you tune in.
9:40 am
all right, clayton, back to you. >> clayton: thank you so much, rick. these guys are -- will join me as well. let's talk about a new story that is out, about what parents are now doing at their schools and portraits, we all have those portraits, you hated those things and, moms loved them and you have to get dressed up in a tie and everything, now, schools are allowing and photographers -- to airbrush take out your imperfections, for parents. >> dave: all types of changes can be made, take out braces, a scar, a scab, a birth mark, fix your hair and replace your entire head, if you don't like the package. would you do this or are these priceless memories you ought to hang onto and laugh about. >> alisyn: we asked about some of these and asked you to send them in. here's or favorite, this is clayton morris, what grade is this. >> clayton: 6th grade or something. >> alisyn: nowadays, they would make you not have braces and... remove the cowl on the left-hand side and the shirt.
9:41 am
>> clayton: i tried to set is it up and said, you have to fix this photo and cindy from maryland, see if she can top it. another school picture with a scab right across my eye. i fell on the stairs before the photo was taken and cut my face. >> alisyn: i don't object to apparently getting rid of a teeny scab. >> dave: it is a great story. >> alisyn: she does have a great story. my poor daughter, at four, also had a little scab on her face, and i don't remember how she got it. that is not a great story. i wish they could have airbrush it out but i object to filling in teeth. parents are filling in teeth, as if you never -- >> clayton: any teethless people, debbie from different. >> dave: check this out, i agree with dave and i look back and laugh at this. i was a tomboy and slid done a banister and landed on my head. classic! and, now, we're taught we can
9:42 am
erase these medium reece. >> clayton: -- memories. >> clayton: ralph says retouch the haircut my mom gave me! >> dave: you sure it wasn't your little brother that gave you the haircut. >> clayton: another one, okay. >> alisyn: those are -- let us know, we can see more in the "after the show" show. >> dave: and maybe you agree with hollywood chic, only if what is touched is not a physical part, a scab, cut, boo-boo, maybe but i say leave it and love it. >> clayton: my braces were part -- that ugly photo of mine, i'm proud of it. keep send, them in, we'll show them in the "after the show" show. >> alisyn: forget going to the principal's office, if parents forgot to give their kids lunch money they could get a visit from social services. the lawmaker behind the new policy. [ martha ] i love roller derby.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
>> alisyn: a school system took a lot of heat for parents who owed lunch money, and now parents could receive a visit from the department of child and family services if their kids forget their lunch money. and, that is because the state is required to feed every child and if the kid forgets they get to eat for free and the infraction goes on the child's permanent record. louisiana state representative nancy landry sponsored the school lunch policy. good morning, representative, and thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> alisyn: let me read you the language that you wrote, and supported for act 737, parental notification about late or no payment, substitution of sandwich or snack in place of
9:47 am
lunch, reporting repeat offenders to departments of children and family services. that is the part that gets everyone, calling dss if a parent doesn't provide lunch money. what happens then to the parents? >> well, let's go back a little bit and let me tell you about the policy that was in place before this new law was enacted. local school districts around the state had enacted harsh, no-charge policies wherein they were allowed to send the child back to class without eating at all and what my bill did and the new law does is, it provides that if a school district enacts one of those harsh, no-charge policies and only if they decide to do this, the safeguards have to be put in place, and, the first safeguard is parental notification, the second one is they have to provide some meals to the child, and, the third one is that if they are a habitual offender and repeatedly send their child to school with no means to eat lunch while they are there, they would be
9:48 am
reported to the department of children and family services. >> alisyn: and no one wants a child to go all day at school, hungry, but, what can dss do to these families? >> well, if someone repeatedly sends their child off for an 8-hour day without making arrangements for the child to eat, that is neglectful. and, it is the duty of the department of children and family services, to investigate neglect and abuse of children. and, so, what they'll do is they'll investigate and see why the child is not being cared for properly. when you send a child to school for 8 hours a day and not making arrangements for the child to eat, that is neglectful. >> alisyn: we had a gentleman on a few weeks ago from a new jersey school district that had this same policy where they would not give the kids food if they didn't have their lunch money and what host his argument was, sometimes the parents give the kids lunch money and the kid squanders it on junk food or
9:49 am
soda and his argument, i would like you to respond... ultimately, is it really an arrangement between the parents and the children? why does the government, state government have to get involved? >> it -- my bill only applies to element school students. and that may happen more in the high school area but in regard to elementary schoolkids, they are not generally doing that. they are using their lunch money to eat and the schools provide a means for the parents to pay on-line, they can pay by check and don't have to send the money every day and if this is what is going on, they'll find that out with the new policy in place and will investigate and find that out and can put a stop to it. >> alisyn: all right, state representative nancy landry, thanks for coming in and explaining this new legislation. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: thanksgiving is a few days away and to maker dinner extra-special, great scott is back with a decadent white
9:50 am
truffle risoto recipe, sure to impress your guests. [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other. and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it's our way of showing a little holiday spirit. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. ♪ and word is people really love got our claims service.ffice gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir.
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9:53 am
>> clayton: welcome back to fox and friends, want to wower guests this thanksgiving? what about serving white truffle risoto? >> we're back with the chef and, you decided to bring italy into thanksgiving this year. >> that's right. i was fortunate enough to stay at the villa deste, which was named the number one hotel/resort in the world by "forbes" magazine and, more important, it is simple elegance, i spent time with sth chef, luciano and, he's known
9:54 am
for his plate, is his risoto and they have a cookbook for it and we have different kinds of risoto and here's the garden variety, which is called boreo and i'm using a long-grained risoto and doesn't stick if cooked properly and there is a big difference in the taste and you guys will be the judge. >> clayton: you start with a sauce pan and i'm surprised, because the way you cook rice, throw it in and simmer it in water and risoto you throw into a sauce pan. >> it is easy to cook but people have a lot of difficulties with it, clayton, because if it's not done right, it is terrible. >> rick: what do people need to know to do it right. >> here's the finished product and in a minute, i'll let you taste that. i have a pan and i use grape seed oil, it is neutral and light and here we have our rice. put that into the pan, and now,
9:55 am
we'll stir that because you want to, when it takes the chicken stock in this case, you want the rice to be hot so it absorbs it. >> rick: you are heating up the rice before you add liquid. >> it has to be hot and works as a catalyst to accept the liquid, in this case, chicken stock, let's assume that that is hot, the recipe we have on the web site and we put half of the liquid in, initially. that will reduce down and we put half of the next. >> rick: does the liquid have to be hot. >> great point. absolutely. the first liquid is in, you add shallots. >> clayton: we'll take a break and rick and i will stuff our face with this. we'll be right back, more fox and friends in the minutes and we'll let the risoto cook down. we'll be right back [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
>> the best part of the white truffle risoto is the white truffle! >> clayton: we'll add that. >> add the cheese, don't do that on the fire and put the oil and any flavored oil, you don't want to cook or it loses its flavor. >> alisyn: ground parmesan. >> yes, here it's done, we'll put it on the plate, i garnish with cheese and the taste is what it's all about. try it. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: ladies first. alisyn, try it. >> alisyn: thanks. >> dave: we have the beer! >> that you say, great scott, great seeing you. >> clayton: and this is one more untouched photo from deanna. this is her son. 23 years old now,