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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 21, 2010 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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no to retouching. >> i agree. that is a story -- this would be the farewell, good-bye to pictures like that and we'd never see 'em again. everyone will retouch everything! >> clayton: join us for the "after the show" show. happy thanksgiving, guys, thanks, great scott. >> alisyn: good, thank you! >> alisyn: good, thank you! great for thanksgiving. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> north korea and this possible nuclear bomb, i'm eric sean, along with jamie colby, they have a uranium reactor and are involved in uranium enrichment, which comes after a leading american nuclear scientist said he saw the facility in north korea designed to enrich uranium, 2,000 centrifuges potentially spinning, could it add complications to the nuclear
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issue in our globe. julie kirtz in washington has more. siegfried he canner is the los alamos scientist who's involved in the, what does it mean, dealing with north korea. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs says he's concerned about the report of the new highly sophisticated uranium enrichment plant inside north korea and the news increased anxiety in washington with the state department special envoy set to arrive in south korea today. the first stop on a trip that includes talks with japan and china about north korea's nuclear ambitions and the new news, admiral mike mullen this morning on the sunday shows saying the report validates a longstanding concern he has with north korea and its dictator, according to an american scientist you mentioned who visited the new complex earlier this month, north korea has several thousand recently completed centrifuges, siegfried
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hecker, the former director of the los alamos facility, tells "the new york times" his first glimpse of the vast and secret plant was simply stunning. he says north korea officials told him the centrifuges were already installed and running but he was not allowed to take photos of them. the u.s. reportedly has been watching the area, by satellite, where the doctor saw the new facility, u.s. officials, though, today, not confirm how much they know about it. the fact that north korea, eric, showed a visiting u.s. scientist, just this month the new enriched uranium appears to be a calculated move by the north korean government and now, a new challenge for the obama administration. a senior administration official tells us today, it is true, this is a provocative act of defiance, by north korea. >> eric: thanks and we'll have more throughout the morning. jamie? >> jamie: what to do now, what should the u.s. do? what should the world do? how do you respond to the new information out of north korea?
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let's bring in john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. a fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning to you. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> jamie: stunning, what the stanford university professor said when he saw the centrifuges, in north korea, first of all, how unique is it that he had gained access, he has been there before. >> the north koreans used the doctor on many occasions to reveal aspects of their nuclear program, why the timing now, open to speculation, it could be because of the succession crisis. it could be for other reasons, that we just are not aware of. but, honestly, i don't think anybody in the obama administration should be surprised at this, if they are, i think it indicates they have never understood how serious the north korean threat is. we have believed that north korea was pursuing uranium enrichment for at least 15 years. this is tangible evidence of it.
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but, nothing new. >> jamie: was he used, professor hecker, to get the word out. >> i think it was helpful the north koreans showed it to him because it helps convince people that the threat is real. i don't criticize simply the obama administration here in the second term of the bush administration there were many people at the state department and the intelligence communities who pooh-poohed the whole uranium enrichment program saying the north koreans really hadn't been very successful that we could make a deal with north korea. if you need any further proof that the north koreans are determined to continue and expand their nuclear weapons program this is it. >> jamie: ambassador, what does north korea want, to build a nuclear weapon or money from the u.s. and other countries to stop. >> i think they want both and have demonstrated in the past 15, 20 years, they are successful at promising to give up their nuclear weapons program. getting tangible economic and
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political assistance from the rest of the world. and covertly continuing their nuclear weapons efforts. let's not forget we also have clear evidence of north korean cooperation with iran, syria and others on ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs. remember, the north korean reactor destroyed in syria in september of 2007, by the israeli air force, so i think now, is in the business of spreading nuclear technology and proliferating nuclear weapon materials and could well be a profit center for north korea. >> jamie: it is interesting that you bring that up, professor hecker said he was told these centrifuges unlike others in the past were built and developed in north korea. is that an extension of technology they had previously? >> we believe as early as 2002, north korea had engaged in an industrial scope procurement
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program for centrifuge technology, and, this may simply be the manifestation of 8 more years of development. or it may reflect invest by iran, for example. the -- you have to ask where north korea might have gotten the resources for this. and iran might well be the venue. i think it also shows if anybody needed any other evidence why the senate should postpone any further consideration of the new start arms control treaty with russia. very little rationale for the united states to limit its nuclear weapons capability faced with continuing increasing threats like that of north korea. >> jamie: if we want to enter into talks with north korea armed with the new information, who would we be dealing with, kim jong-il or kim jong-un, his son. >> kim jong-il and he has extraordinary skill in
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convincing the u.s., south korea and japan others to believe repeated pledges to give up the nuclear weapons program in exchange for tangible benefits which he used to keep his region neil -- regime in power and that is the ultimate objective and the rationale for the weapons program. >> jamie: where is the united nations. >> i'm sure they'll huff and puff at the u.n. security council, but sanctions have failed with respect to north korea as i believe they are failing with iran and a country as poor as north korea to have this nuclear capability shows the sanctions are not enforced and not nearly tough enough to stop them. >> jamie: south korea's not the only country that is at risk or concerned about north korea having nuclear capability. i was asked the question when the story broke, by friends of mine, is this something we have to worry about? do we? >> yes, absolutely. north korea is certainly a
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threat in east asia, to south korea, japan, and others. no doubt about it. but, is a global threat, too. this is a country that would sell anything to anybody, for hard currency. and, i don't put it beyond the realm of the possible at all, that if al qaeda could get enough hard currency, north korea would sell them a nuclear weapon or that north korea's cooperation with the likes of iran and syria, could put those countries closer to nuclear weapons capabilities as well. that is a worldwide threat. >> jamie: before i let you go, ambassador, are there more nuclear facilities there, like this, doing what it is doing or do you think it's an isolated instance? >> i wouldn't be at all surprised if there weren't many other facilities, noushgdz's made a specialty of bui-- north at building things that are not detected, and, they use a lot of electricity but that is about it. you could have uranium
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enrichment plants almost anywhere in north korea. >> jamie: ambassador, really, incredible information, out of north korea, to have this detail. thank you very much, for your in sight this morning. >> thank you you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: now, onto washington, the debate over the bush era tax cuts are coming to the head. many congressional democrats insisting they will only vote to extend tax cuts for the lower and middle class and let the cuts to the upper income earners expire at the end of thor. this of course sets up a battle with the g.o.p., just weeks after the midterm elections. what will happen? david drucker is a staff writer for roll call, who covers washington and, knows the inside. good to see you this morning. let me start with this. good morning, the president says he'll consider an extension of the bush tax cuts. do you think that will happen? >> i think that what we need to talk about is timing and how will the tax cuts be extended. i think clearly sometime the next few months, the tax cuts
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will be extended in some form and i predict ultimately you'll see a full extension for all income tax brackets and i don't think it will happen until january or february, after the new congress takes office, you'll have a republican controlled house, and at that point they'll find a way to compromise between the white house and congress, and, will make it retroactive so even if the tax cuts expire, nobody actually lost any money, if they do start to lose money on their checks, beginning in january, i think the government will make that up. >> eric: talk about a full extension, a lot of liberal democrats don't want that. how could they get that through. >> they will not get it through in the next few weeks, democrats control the house by a wide margin. and you still have democratic controlling the senate by a wide margin but there are a number of conservative and moderate democrats in the senate, up for re-election in 2012 that favor a full extension, you have democrats that will be left in the house a might be open to this and beginning in january it will not matter, because they kick back to the stone age and
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will have 185, 190 seats, maybe where you have republicans at about 240. and, so shg, ouultimately the republicans will have the vote and if the president doesn't want to go there it will not happen and he has a tough sell, he's vilified tax cuts for earners above $250,000 it will be a hard sell with the base but i think there will be no other way for the middle class tax cuts to be preserved and ultimately what he'll do is say, look, i think these are wrong, but is the only way to protect the middle class and i'll do it and will try and hit the republicans for holding the middle class hostage. >> eric: we hear the cuts would affect -- argument, over those, who make more than $250,000 but that is not true. let's look at some facts. figures we have calculating what -- how much taxes could go up for folks. if you are married you make $50,000 a year, two kids under 17. they go up almost $3,000 a year.
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married, make 150 grand, nearly $5,000. if you are single, and make 50,000, the bush tax cuts expire, you are socked with a grand. more. can you explain all of this political rigmarole about the 250,000 and not? because, apparently the facts show that is not the case. >> yeah, i think, you bring up a good point and democrats have begun to realize they could be vulnerable when they present it as a rich versus the middle class, and if you make 250 to 350, up to $500,000 a year, you have four kids, kids in private school and mortgages, you are clearly not hungry but you don't feel rich, you actually have to go to work every day. in order to, you know, sustain everything. and if you are employee some of these income flethresholds, thi could go away and you will not be happy. democrats understand this, why senator chuck schumer from new
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york has tried to recast this and say, look, what we really need to do is protect the tax cuts for people making a million and less or just under a million and less. and let it be for the millionaires an billionaires and i think democrats understand this sentence necessarily a winning message and didn't help in the elections to run with this message and are trying to make it truly millionaire versus middle class. and i think what happens often in bash, -- washington is they come up with arbitrary numbers of who's consider rich and who isn't, that is typical and republicans will not run around sticking up for earners making 500,000 and tried to cap it as a tax increase on small businesses and job creators, because it politically is dicey to defend people who are working hard and doing well but aren't hungry. so this is what happens in washington, you look for the best message, and, in general if you ask voters, is it okay to
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raise taxes on the rich, they'll say, of course. and most people don't think of themselves as rich, even those people whose government considers them to be rich. so it is what you are dealing with and, ultimately, for republicans, any tax increase or partial extension is anathema philosophically and politically and they will not go along with it and even if the democrats manage to get the votes in the house which i don't think they hoff now with the current margins it would die in the senate where republicans will make sure it doesn't pass, they still have the votes to do it. and in a couple of weeks, the senator from illinois, they'll have one more vote and it will not happen, unless it is a full extension. >> eric: david drucker, thanks for explaining it and the figures show, $50,000 a year, expires, your taxes go up 3 grand, how about that. david, thank you. >> you're welcome, eric. >> jamie: a "fox news alert." a massive manhunt going on this morning, looking for a gunman
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who shot a park ranger in utah. there are at least 100 officers, searching a remote canyon there and believe they are closing in on the suspect. the search centered on an area just south of mobe, and they picked up a rifle and backpack along the colorado river. brody young, a utah state park ranger was shot three times friday night, in critical but stable condition and is talking to investigators. young confronted the suspect after stopping his vehicle and exchanged gunfire and there is no word on any motive for that shooting. >> eric: coming up, dr. rosenfeld will be here with the latest on the fda pulling a popular pain medication from the market, he'll tell you which one and why, straight ahead. >> jamie: a flight attendant who beat cancer, accusing the tsa of crossing the line during a recent security check. oh, yes. there's another story about the pat-down. next.
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>> jamie: a flight attendant who survived breast cancer says the tsa forced her to show them her prosthetic breast, she's worked
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for u.s. airways nearly 30 years, in august in the airport in charlotte, north carolina she walked through the new full body scanner and she said two female agents with the tss took her to a private room and asked her to remove her prosthetic breast from her bra. >> she put her full hand on my breast and said what is this, and i said, it is a prosthesis and, because i've had breast cancer and she said you need to show me that. i didn't take the name of the person, at the time, because it was just so horrific. of an experience. it just blew my mind. i couldn't understand -- i couldn't believe that somebody had done that to me. >> jamie: you are hearing more and more stories, and she's reported the incident to the legislative affairs team through her flight attendant's union and calls it humiliating. and is pushing for a crack down.
10:21 am
>> eric: sitting down with secretary of state hillary clinton as nato sets the deadline of 2014 for the combat troop withdrawal in afghanistan and the u.s. troops remain there, beyond that point and in what capacity, here's what the secretary of state said: >> if you continue in a supportive role, whether american troops or one of our other contributing nations, you are not there for the primary duty of security, or combat, are there to support the afghans, but does that mean you will defend yourself? does that mean you will come to the aid of one of your afghan colleagues in trouble? of course, but that is not the primary goal. >> eric: she sat down with chris wallace, the anchor of fox news sunday, he joins us now as he does every sunday at this time. good morning, chris. >> chris: good morning, eric. >> eric: what is her prediction about the future of afghanistan and our role. >> chris: the interesting thing, the u.s. and all of our allies
10:22 am
have agreed on this new expanded timeline. remember, just a month or so ago we talked about beginning to draw down troops in july of 2011 and, now, everyone including the president has committed to staying there until 2014 and we will not turn over all security and u.s. troops will be in a combat rule until 2014, four more years and the reason i asked her the question, the secretary-general of nato said there will be troops there beyond that for training and various assistance. but i doubt that there will be a combat role when they asked u.s. officials off camera, they said, we're not going to say, no combat role after 2014. we have to wait and see what happens at that time and hillary clinton made it sound like less than a role, and, it is just talking right now, and we'll have to wait and see. >> eric: and, they call it aless
10:23 am
imposed and unwinnable war... >> chris: what -- listen, what would you expect them to safe. the taliban -- one of the problems with -- almost exactly a year ago, the president announced the troop surge in afghanistan and the next sentence said but we'll begin pulling them out in july of 2011. and a lot of people said that sends the wrong message to our friends and our enemies in afghanistan. that we're not there for the long haul. four years is a very different matter. and, i would think that if taliban people who are already facing one increased american airstrike, increased american night raids and special operations and now we just got word they are sending over a complement of m-1 abrams battle tanks, the idea of facing four more years of this has to be somewhat discouraging and that is the point. >> eric: and general petraeus says there is progress and, of course there are four more
10:24 am
years, we'll see what happens, chris, thanks. >> chris: thank you and if i don't get to state before, happy thanksgiving. >> eric: thank you, to you and your family. and check out the rest of chris's interview with the secretary to have state, later on on fox news sunday, and he'll talk in the program with newly reelected texas governor rick perry and the in coming chairman of the republican governor's association, check your local listings and your local fox station or keep your channel on this channel, all day! which you would probably do to watch fox news sunday. >> jamie: why would you switch, you may have allergies, allergic to plants or pets. could you be allergic to your cell phone? it would be nice to get a vacation from that. dr. isadore rosenfeld is straight ahead, telling you everything you need to know about that and more. i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> eric: at this hour, police are rezooming the full-scale --
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reassuming the full scale manhunt, hunting fire suspect in the shooting of a park ranger there, they've picked up his footprints and found the rifle and backpack, along the colorado siver south of moab, and a nuclear scientist saying he was inside a north korean nuclear enrichment plant, and he said it was stunning. now, the volcano, killing 304 people, and, many more, with illness linked to that eruption. >> jamie: all right, time for "sunday house call" and he makes his house calls on time. dr. isadore rosenfeld the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center.
10:30 am
doc, good morning! >> ag >> good morning and happy thanksgiving if i don't see you beforehand. >> jamie: i'm anticipating a carb coma, i will not have any until then! a lot of people are on the drug you want to tell us about, a pain medication, darvon. many of you may take it already for pain relief but, soon you probably will not be able to get it? what did the fda do with it. >> darvon is recalled by the fda. it has been around 50 years, as far as i know and frankly i haven't prescribed it much because i never found it effective but i always thought it was safe. for people who were taking darvon and didn't get enough pain relief, they could get darvocet which was darvon combined with tylenol, basically. now, it has been withdrawn by the fda because they found that it apparently has potential bad
10:31 am
effect on the heart and can cause a serious arrhythmia. what interests me is that darvon was withdrawn from the market in england six years ago. it was withdrawn from the market in europe, two years ago. for some reason, our fda continued to allow it here. one really ought to find out why it was withdrawn there and allowed to be used in this country for so long, and what i want to tell you is this, if you are taking darvon now on a regular basis, despite all of the news, don't stop it suddenly, because it can cause you diarrhea. speak to your doctor about it. after you stopped taking it, please don't worry, having taken it for years has hurt your
10:32 am
heart. it does not hurt the heart muscle. it can cause an arrhythmia problem and if you didn't have it you have nothing to worry about if you stop it now. >> eric: important advice, thank you, doctor. have a cell phone? ever notice if you get a rash around your jaw or cheek or ears? they say you could be allergic to your cell phone. and, actually allergic to your cell phone? >> yes, some of nickel, and some women, particularly, are allergic to nickel, because they have had exposure with the earrings and things like that. i haven't seen it in my own practice. but it is reported that people can develop a rash around the ear and the jaw where they use the cell phone. now, if you are worried, when you buy a new cell phone, if you are worried that you are allergic to nickel and don't know how much there is on the cell phone, you can buy a nickel
10:33 am
test kit, and take a drop of the stuff and put it on a swab, and, swab the phone with it. and if it turns pink then you know there is nickel there. and you should avoid it if you are allergic to nickel. i haven't seen it but it is reported in the literature, this week. >> jamie: where do we buy the nickel testing kit. >> any drug store. >> jamie: really. >> eric: where else would you hear about this, nickel testing. >> jamie: i don't know, i have make nickel, though. every year, so many people hurt themselves from fall, is there anything you can do, around the house, to prevent this from happening? you must be thinking of things we don't think about. tell us. >> almost every week i warn people, older people about falling. that is the greatest threat to older people. as a matter of fact, the statistics are that one person in three over the age of 65, is
10:34 am
going to fall and when they fall it may change their lives. they fracture a hip or have more serious injuries. i advise older people, of course, to make sure their homes are safe. and they have banisters and things to hold on to, they don't have slippery rugs they can fall on but, in addition to that, if you have some pain and you need a painkiller, try to avoid the ee pchep -- opiads, because they affect the brain in such a way they calls affect your balance. and recent studies have shown that older people who use these opiad painkillers are vulnerable to falls, if you pain try to use
10:35 am
an n-said or one of the nonopiads and it will not threaten your balance like the others document it is a real threat. >> eric: all right, good advice, thank you. well, the doctor has more advice coming up. and, you know, about alcohol, they say you should avoid. for several weeks after undergoing bypass surgery. is that fact or fiction? you know who will have the answer on that. and there's a manhunt out west going on, right now. happening in the rugged cliffs of southern utah. hundreds of police officers on the hunt for a suspect wanted in the shooting of a park ranger, new clues they've found that could lead to the gunman, the latest coming up. [ male announr ] in the past, landing an airplane
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to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why i'm fighting my cholesterol... with crestor. along with diet, crestor does more than help manage cholesterol, when diet and exercise alone aren't enough. crestor is also proven to slow plaque buildup in arteries. crestor is not right for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. simple blood tests will check for liver problems. tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. i love it when we're here together. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> jamie: welcome back, a deadly cholera outbreak in haiti, spread across the country's second largest city. doctors in capation say the
10:40 am
worst cases are in the poorest neighborhoods and the city is reporting the highest death rate now, 7.5% of haitians hospitalized are dying of the infection, and the outbreak killing more than 1100 people, so far, across haiti. >> eric: back with "sunday house call" and it is time to bust a myth. true or false, after bypass surgery avoid alcoholic drinks for several weeks. doctor, is that true or false. >> you know, every day there are thousands of people having angioplasty, having their coronary artery blockages opened up and bypass surgery and we have a funny relationship with alcohol. we love it, yet we worry about it and many doctors tell patients, after bypass surgery, or angioplasty, to avoid alcohol
10:41 am
for several weeks and interestingly enough a recent study has shown those patients who take one or two drinks a day after these procedures have fewer complications, in the next few months. if you have the procedure, and want a glass of drink, go ahead, it is good for you. -- glass of wierne, go ahead, i is good for you. heavily drinking is not good for you but a drink a day, is good for you, especially if you had a heart procedure. >> jamie: and also for the care giver, doc. and a heart attack warning sign could show up as a skin lease and could be caused by cholesterol deposits and, could be a sign of heart disease. good heart advice today, doc. >> there are what we call... i wouldn't ask you to say it --
10:42 am
>> jamie: you asked and i passed. >> they are these cholesterol deposits on the eyelids. most people, when they develop them, go to a dermatologist, and have them removed. you can do that but if you have more than one of these, see an internist or a cardiologist, because, people with these deposits have a higher risk of heart disease, by approximately 51%. >> jamie: wow. >> you should be identified as being at risk and be examined to see what other risk factors can be controlled. interestingly enough, 50% of the people with these so-called cholesterol deposits do not have a high cholesterol in their blood. yet, they are still more vulnerable to heart disease and
10:43 am
stroke. so if you noticed the deposits on eyelids and think of them only in terms of cosmetic effects, fine, go to your dermatologist, but see your cardiologist, or your doctor, to be evaluated for possible other risk factors. for heart disease. >> jamie: is there pathology they can do, if they remove those, is that what you are saying, ask to have it biopsied? >> no. once it is removed, the point is, that it is a sign, an indicator of vulnerability. so, if you have the -- you should have a cardiogram and a stress test and be tested for sugar and tested for cholesterol level and blood pressure and you should be tested for all of the other risk factors that increase your -- the danger of your having a heart attack or stroke. a sign, those -- those deposits are a warning sign.
10:44 am
>> eric: besides that we have new concerns for folks who could be at risk for gout. details from dr. rosenfeld on the health problem we should be aware of, just ahead, and, airport security scans, man oh, man, people are saying enough! and now there is a threat for a big protest on the busiest travel day of the year, that is coming up in just a few days. what are they saying about in the washington, d.c.? we'll have a live report from the nation's capitol on the pat downs, ahead. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
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>> jamie: there's a true political party in taiwan, this weekend, thousands are gathering in thigh pay to support recent economic policies involving china. taiwan and china split in 1949, but, recent trade deals between the two have not only offered taiwan a much needed economic boost, they've reduced tensions between both sides, to the lowest levels in decades. ♪ >> eric: back now with "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, most people with too much urich acid in their blood are worried about gout, but there is a deadlier risk. what is that, doctor? >> this is very important.
10:49 am
if you have gout you usually have a high uric acid and part of the treatment is a drug to reduce the uric acid level and if you go for a routine blood test and they measure sugar, cholesterol, kidney function, a thoughtless measure your uric acid level and, i have to tell you, most doctors, including myself, don't do anything about the high levels, these people never develop gout though they have a high uric acid but the interesting thing is a recent report has shown that people in a routine blood test who are found to have a high uric acid without any evidence of gout
10:50 am
should have that acid level reduced. and that is because if you have a high uric acid level your risk for a heart attack is increased by about 40 or 45%. and your risk for stroke is increased by even more. so the next time you have a routine examination and you never had gout, don't even think about gout but notice on thes results that your uric acid level is elevated you should have it reduced, it can be reduced with alopurinol and it is very well tolerated and will not give you symptoms in most cases and according to this study it's very important that that should be done. >> eric: all right, doctor. >> jamie: we get so many e-mails from you, on gout. from the viewers. but, here's another one we got,
10:51 am
this week, because the doc loves to answer your e-mails, and gets hundreds, every week. this viewer writes, i'm a 64-year-old female in good health, i have normal weight, and my ldl is 175 and my cholesterol level is 271. both have been rising for the past few years, my diet is low in fat and i exercise daily, and, should i be taking a statin drug. >> that is a fascinating and very important question. first of all, the ldl, which the woman said is 175, should not really be above 100. most doctors like to have it around 80. so, it is very high. her cholesterol of 275 is also very high and should not be ideally above 200. but she's feeling well. and why should she go and take a statin drug which is, a, expensive, and, b, may cause her symptoms. what advice can i give her?
10:52 am
incidentally, many people with high cholesterols and high ldls, live a normal life without heart disease. what do you do? ask your doctor to get a scan of your coronary arteries. it is noninvasive and takes a few minutes. it indicates whether there are any plastics or cholesterol deposits on your coronary arteries. if these deposits are present it is important for you to take the statin drug to lower the high cholesterol. but in many people with high cholesterol, their arteries are clean. they have no cholesterol deposits, if you are one of those, and have no cholesterol deposits, do not take a statin drug. >> eric: have a baby on the way. >> may have to fly? when should a mom to be consider
10:53 am
actually staying on the ground? and not getting into a plane? dr. rosenfeld will have the latest information on that. plus, if you heard the taliban are reacting to the nato deadline for turning afghan over to the afghanis. well they say they are not giving up. the taliban and our troops, we'll have new details in the next hour. when my doctor told me that my chronic bronchitis was copd... i started managing it every day. i like to volunteer... hit the courts... and explore new places. i'm breathing better with spiriva. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day... it keeps my airways open to help me breathe better all day long. spiriva does not replace fast acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor right away
10:54 am
if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, have vision changes or eye pain... or have problems passing urine. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, problems passing urine or an enlarged prostate... as these may worsen with spiriva. also discuss the medicines you take... even eye drops. side effects include dry mouth, constipation and trouble passing urine. now, i'm managing my chronic bronchitis every day. ask your doctor
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
and before we go today, you get your healthy monday tip. dr. rosen feld gives us all one quick tip to help us start the weekend off right, doc? >> okay. this is for pregnant women who want to fly. first advice i want to give you is in the screening process, try to avoid the radiation screen. tell the airline in advance that you're pregnant and ask for an aisle seat so that you have more leg room and you can get up and walk around. also, check with your doctor to make sure that it's okay for you to fly. it's not a good idea if you're pushing toward the 36th week. avoid any carbonated beverages on board. you don't want anything that makes you burp. wear your seat belt full-time below the bump.
10:58 am
make sure that your clothing is comfortable and loose, and it's a good idea to wear compression stockings to prevent blood clots from forming. don't cross your legs. make sure you drink plenty of fluid before you board, and while you're on board, and avoid heavy baggage that you have to lift and put up above your seat. have a good trip. >> thanks, doctor, so much. as i said, the doc loves to get your e-mails. keep them coming to housecall, one word at fox the doc reads them all. some of them he answers personal lee. some we bring up and we'll have them on a future edition of sunday house call. if you're interested in more information about today's show or any previous ones, just log onto fox you can check out all the doctor's great advice. great to see you today. >> thank you. have a happy holiday. >> same to you.
10:59 am
>> happy thanksgiving. >> you've got lots of kids and grandchildren this career. >> we have 17 coming. 17 children, spouses, and grandchildren. >> wonderful. >> thank you, doctor. >> you're welcome to come, too, if you want. >> there you go. thanks, doc. we start with a fox news alert. el low. i'm eric shawn joined by jamie colby. the taliban vowing not to give up. their goal, to try and force the united states and nato out of afghanistan before 2014. that's so far the date set by nato just this weekend to begin a transition of military control to afghan forces. but that taliban spokesman saying the war is, quote, meaningless, imposed, and unwinnable. what's the reaction? joining us now on the telephone from kabul, afghanistan is fox x news' conner powell on the
11:00 am
story. what is the ree reaction there? >> reporter: they're saying it's irrational and sign of failure. to dthey promised that if forces didn't leave, there would be further bloodshed. u.s. strategy in afghanistan focuses on driving the taliban out of key areas anding up the afghan forces and the government to hand over responsibility. the taliban are basically trying to prevent that transition from happening by killing government officials, by killing afghan civilians, killing afghan security forces. they're trying to basically create as much chaos as possible so that the afghan government and security forces could never be built up. now, the taliban have remained a fierce enemy for much of the past few years. there's no sign they are disappearing. right now u.s. officials are
11:01 am
saying they're making progress clearing out the taliban from areas like kandahar and hell hellmund, but the process of clearing is much slower than u.s. and western officials thought it would be. this is really be froing frug td by -- truss traitd b from frustn trying to win over the local population. they're very much following their strategy. the u.s. is trying to prevent that strategy and chaos from occurring. it's something we're going to have to watch over the next few years to see who gets the upper hand. right now there's no doubt u.s. forces are clearing the taliban out. the question is can the afghan government be stood up in its place. >> that's the question. general petraeus said there has been progress. of course, it will eventually be up to the afghanis themselves. jamie? >> now there's a deadline.
11:02 am
a hard one at that. does the battle change between nato troops and the taliban? let's ask major general spiedr r marks. he's ceo of envision, training products company. >> thanks for joining us. >> good morning. i want to ask your impression of this announcement of this hard deadline of 2014 and now the taliban's reaction probably not surprising. they say they're going to push to get us out even sooner. >> well, we've had some hard deadlines before, obviously, in afghanistan and certainly in iraq. the president has indicated we'll begin our withdrawal by 2011 and that we'll have all forces out and that afghanistan will be in charge by 2014. well, really that's based on conditions, and i think it's important to realize nato wants out. it's leaving. the brits have indicated they've got a hard stop around 2015. they're gone. they're beginning to withdraw.
11:03 am
the dutch are gone. they're leaving. so i think it's very, very important that the united states really focus in on the very precise task of trying to maintain a balance between the growth and the establishment of government governance in afghanistan and legitimacy and the pace of tactical success that's taking place. you might see success at the tactical level, but there isn't governance to sustain that. it's very important that both of those stay in balance and the applicational force is working. the united states and the coalition have the upper hand in very specific areas, and they need to continue to expand on that. >> general, though, cautiously pakistan is supporting and feels favorable about the nato announcement. how critical is it? is there a bonus for us to have pakistan on board? >> there's a true bonus to have
11:04 am
pakistan on board. you have to measure what that support and what that advocacy looks like. there have been a number of challenges with the pack stanes, primarily their intelligence and support services in terms of not really getting behind the effort to root out and identify whether those pockets of resistance are in pakistan because much of the effort of al-qaeda in ly in afghanistan is coming from pakistan, so they have got to bear down and really open up the sharing of tell jis so actions can be taking on the ground to knock those pockets out, clear the area of the -- the administrative tribal area. it needs a lot of focus. pakistan has to continue to do that and dedicate its effort there. >> general, are our troops war-weary at this point?
11:05 am
>> i would say our troops are very war-weary. when they're in combat, there's nothing else other than a very deep focus on getting the mission accomplished and protection and support of their buddies, but these are multiple tours that these soldiers have been on. it's very, very personal. the fourth and the fifth tour for a number of soldiers in afghanistan. look at the 101st. a number of patches are from the 101st. they're the most deployed unit in the army. it will continue to be that way until you increase the size of the army which is a very slow pace or you really measure the type of commitment you want to making. the united states is going to have a ground presence in afghanistan for a very, very long time in the form of trainers, advisors, logistics support, certainly intelligence, and special opposite forces will -- ops forces will be there. >> how does that different from our role in iraq where we've
11:06 am
switched from combat ops to a supporting role? >> that's the desire in afghanistan as well, jamie, is to move and transition into a role where we will advise and assist much like we've done in iraq. it's just a tougher road we're on in afghanistan only because there wasn't a foundation of professionalism and of kind of a military focus that existed. saddam had a professional military. afghanistan has never had that. it's always been very prieb trid pockets of competency, if you will. it will take much more time to grow security forces, much more time than it did in iraq. >> with the new deadline perhaps we'll know ho better how much m. have a great day and a happy thanksgiving. >> to you, jamie, as well. eric? >> jamie, we have a new fox alert to tell you about having to do with details from
11:07 am
al-qaeda. an al-qaeda effort to try and blow up u.s.-bound cargo flights. al-qaeda in yemen has just posted on line that that attempt to blow up some packages, those package bombs, they say that cost only $4200. they say they used some common items like cell phones and two computer printers that were stuffed with explosives. terrorist monitors say it's all part of al-qaeda's new strategy that they want to try and replace big attacks with some smaller attacks to try and damage our economy. you just can't seem to escape it. the tsa's new airport security measures sparking controversy nationwide. president obama even saying though unpleasant, the new body scanners and pat down procedures are doing the job. meanwhile, key house lawmakers tell fox news just the opposite they say the scanners are a poor substitute for good
11:08 am
intelligence. malini wilkes live in washington with more. hi, malini. the tsa administrators defending new searches on the sunday programs. what did he say? >> reporter: last week he defended the intrucive patdowns and total body scanning machines. he's pretty much standing by the screening techniques today, saying this morning he plans no change in policy. listen. >> i'm very attuned given all of the concerns that have been raised to answer this question directly, no, we're not changing the policy because of that, because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat. >> he says very few people actually get the pat down. he said if you don't set off the regular alarm, you will not get any additional invasive screening. president obama said yesterday the tsa told him these procedures are the only ones they consider effective against attacks like the christmas day
11:09 am
bombing, so expect to see them in place this week for the thanksgiving holiday, jamie. >> the screening techniques have critics that range from government officials to passengers, even there have been spoofs about it. is anyone saying look, check me out, i'd rather be safe than fly? >> reporter: right. i wouldn't be surprised if there are people who say that, and you know, i've heard passenger s in airports say that. we heard from republican representative john micah from florida. he said he's not opposed to these techniques entirely, but he wants them to be used more sparingly. >> i believe we should use patdowns and i think this equipment can be used but not on every passenger on a random basis. they must be targeted, focused. someone must set off an alarm or be on a watch list. it's not being done right. >> micah says he does not support the opt out day protest on wednesday where grassroots are encouraging travelers to
11:10 am
reject the body scans, opt for the slower patting down procedure, and that will slow down a lot of the travel before thanksgiving. the idea is sort of a demonstration against these techniques. also this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton said that she would certainly avoid the pat down if she could and she said she's sure security experts are trying to make it less intrucive. >> thank you so much, malini. and in the fox extreme weather center now, snow and freezing temperatures have made for some severe driving hazards out west. in billings, montana they saw a record amount of snow over this weekend. the montana highway patrol says there have been more than 100 weather-related crashes. two people sadly have been killed. what does this mean for the holiday travel across the country in the coming days? chief meteorologist rick reichmuth live in the fox weather center with the latest. rick, what does it look like for turkey day as we all hit the roads? >> we have a rough weekend in
11:11 am
store for so many people. a lot of people hitting the roads and seeing the problems. the storm will just move east. winter storm warnings in effect all across much of the west. 17 different states have some sort of a winter weather advisory in effect now. this is all going to my great very slowly off toward the east and then kind of regenerate. i'll show you that in a second. here's how much more snow, additional snow we'll see in the next 48 hours. wherever you see the purple, that's two feet plus of snow. some places maybe seeing five, six feet of snow total. most of that probably around the sierra nevadas. we have blizzard warnings in effect for the san juan mountains of colorado. a big storm for us and such a rough week for it. look at these temperatures. 65 degrees in kansas city. go up to minneapolis. 32. an ice storm overnight has caused very significant problems. if you're heading out on these roads, probably until noon or one clock, slick roads and reports of bad conditions.
11:12 am
all this will pull to the east and that will cause our problems. here's the center of the storm right off the coast of california bringing rain, causing some flooding into southern california, and snow levels dropping to around 2000 feet. eastern part of the country, if today's your travel day, you're looking really just fine. we're going to do so some problems by the time we get to wednesday. we'll point a few of these out. minneapolis, a big snowstorm on wednesday. potentially some heavy delays. chicago in the afternoon, washington, d.c., maybe with some winds. atlanta, the world's busiest airport, looking pretty good for wednesday. eric? >> i reckon the temperature difference between kansas city and maps is unbelievable. 30 something degrees. >> you said it. >> thanks, rick. and a fox news alert out west. a major manhunt now underway for a suspect in the shooting of a park ranger. this happened in utah. police right now tracking the man's footprints. they've recovered his rifle and a backpack, they say. while looking through a canyon
11:13 am
southwest of moab, utah. searchers found a tattered bloody t-shirt. they think the suspect may have been using that to try and tend to a wound. park ranger brodie young was shot three times in the attack. he's in the hospital in colorado in critical but stable condition. he's been talking to investigators. joining us on the phone is the grand county sheriff. sheriff, what can you tell us about what wept down and the search for the suspect? >> well, i mean, you pretty much covered what happened during the shooting. right now we've taken our search area into a confined canyon. right now we're using three helicopters, one with a flare on it that's trying to fly this particular area to see if we can pick up any kind of a heat source. the other two helicopters are flying in a larger search pattern around this area to see if we can recover any kind of evidence of this individual
11:14 am
trying to leave this particular canyon tha that we're searchingl thorough at this time. we have ground troops stationed. as soon as the helicopters get through with their flight, we'll continue our ground ?ernlg this particular -- search in this particular area. >> any motive for this, sheriff? apparently mr. young confronted the suspect who had his car parked, d. do we know why there was a shooting? what is the motive or the reason for him stopping him? >> yeah. we have no idea on the motive. of course, officer young, we've totally been unable to even talk to him as of yet. we have no idea what might have caused the shooting. all i know is that officer young is one fine individual and his working relationship with the grand county sheriff's office, i mean, he would be the kind of person that would deescalate a situatio and not cause any kind
11:15 am
of escalation. we feel at this point through our investigation that the suspect totally attacked him for what reason we have no idea. >> our hearts certainly and sympathies and prayers certainly go out to officer young. you've got some of the most beautiful country in this country there in moab. you've got the arches national park, canyon lands, a lot of box canyons. chances are the suspect can't get out of there. is that usually the history there? >> this country is very rugged. we consider this individual armed and dangerous. that makes our searches move very slow. we're using dogs. of course, we've got a lot of individuals with tracking experience, and you know, we're on this. we have found some material that we believe belonged to him and
11:16 am
we're going to continue to search until he's apprehended. >> we certainly home that comes sooner than later. we thank you so much, sheriff. again, our thoughts and i'm sure i speak for all americans go out to officer young and his family. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> jamie. well, as the republicans are about to take over the house, what should the democrats do? coming up, a fair and balanced debate on the future of the democratic party and the run up to 2012. and there's nothing really funny about airport security. it's serious stuff. but leave it to one t-shirt maker to cash in on something everybody's talking about. it was the word of the week. >> it's okay, touch my junk. it keeps us safe. it doesn't matter in that case. let's be safe as we're flying, but in some ways we're just trying to be funny. >> touch my junk? intrucive test. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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11:20 am
it didn't take very long for folks to cash in on the growing outrage over tighter airport security. specifically a clothing company called brew city, it's based in milwaukee, and they're making new t-shirts that read, quote, it's okay, touch my junk. one of the owners says the company is taking advantage of that video that's been all over the internet and the air waves.
11:21 am
it shows a passenger in california telling a tsa agent if you touch my junk, i'll have you arrested. no word on how many t-shirts they've sold. well, he's one of the newly elected republican members of congress who snatchyed a democratic seat for the g.o.p. what do the republicans do now? how can they deliver on their campaign promises? joining us now is congressman-elect michael grimm from new york. he represents the borough of staten island and parts of brooklyn. congressman-elect, welcome to fox news on this sunday morning. >> thank you very much. >> first of all, congratulations. the big question is what do you do now? >> well, we do exactly what the people elected us to do. we fight to reduce the size of government, stop the out of control spending, reduce taxes
11:22 am
and get the economy moving. it comes down to creating jobs. >> how do you do that with a democratic senate and a president in the white house with a veto pen? >> well, again, i'm optimistic. i really do believe that a message has been sent that's a clear, crystal clear message that everyone has heard, republicans and democrats heard the people speak. they war want us to work togeth. the idea that we're going to stay polarized and have a far left and a far right agenda simply doesn't work. everyone in america loses if we continue to do that. i'm very hopeful the president will move closer to the center and work with us. it's certainly not easy. we have some of the most difficult challenges of my lifetime on the table. that means we'll have to start the adult discussion. we're going to have to work together. i'm very optimistic that's going to happen. >> in a stunning gallup poll this week, it shows the congressional approval rate is at 17%. do you think you can raise that?
11:23 am
>> no question in my mind we can raise that. i was in the marine corps when i was a young man. people come from all over the country and have different views and different backgrounds and upbrings, but the commonality, what brought us together was the fact that we were all americans and we were all marines. i think that's exactly what congress needs to do. we have to focus on the commonality and not the differences. we all want a safer, more prosperous america. we all want to get people back to work. that's where we start the discussion. we start there and we figure out together how to get it done. >> you were supported by the tea party. some resumé. not only were you a marine, you were an undercover f.b.i. agent, too. do you think all the excitement and expectations of the tea party candidates will become a congress that will lead to disappointment once they get to the hard realities of what can happen in washington? >> it can if the new congress members are not careful. they have to start from day one being honest with the people.
11:24 am
we're facing very difficult challenges. it is going to take time to overcome all of these obstacles, so if they're expecting to have everything fixed in a prosperous economy in the next few months, they're setting themselves up for failure. there's tough decisions that have to be made. there's adult conversations that have to take place. as long as we're open and honest with the american people, i think they have to understand this is not something you have to change overnight. it's about honest and communication and transparency. if we can do those things, i don't think anyone will not meet their expectations. >> you were pretty blunt on election night. let me give you the quote when you won. you said quote, if i was nancy employees, i'd be scared. this is our country, and we're going to take it back. people have said america is gone, we can't bring our country back. they couldn't be more wrong. congressman-elengtelect, you seo be 0 optimistic.
11:25 am
you've been under fire. you have hope? >> no question. you never, ever count out the american people. this is the united states of america. it's not government that made us great, it's the resillen see of the american work force, the innovation and the ability when our back is against the wall to overcome almost anything. when it's up against that wall, america's as its best. i've never been more confident. the tea party movement, the overwhelming movement across this country of people never being involved in politics before standing up and saying no, we want our government back, we want control. that's a wonderful thing. it tells me that our democracy has never been stronger. i'm very optimistic. i believe in the american people, and i believe that this congress has listened to them, understands what they need to do, and is going to get the job done. >> all right. congressman-elect, good luck. we'll keep following you. jamie. er eric, now that the jury s spoken about the first gitmo
11:26 am
detainee to face trial, found guilty on only one of 250 charges that left 224 people dead, has this case and its result hurt this country's reputation for justice? the ranking member of the homeland security committee, congressman peter king, joins us after a quick break. ♪ [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success. at ge capital, loaning money is the start of the relationship, not the end. work with polaris every day. at ge capital, we succeed only when they do. whoo! awesome! yes! we've got to get you out of the office more often. ♪ my turn to drive. ♪ my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomi
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the democrats suffering huge losses in the mid term elections, and now two top democratic strategists are urging president obama to change his tune. james carville and stanley greenberg both saying the president should stop trying to play up any successes and just admit to making mistakes and lay out a new course for our country. so what does this tell us about the current state of the democratic party if these strategists are coming out and saying it's about the president? joining me now for a fair and
11:31 am
balanced debate, former advisor to the hillary clinton presidential campaign richard goodstein and the president of media speak strategy, former media advisor to the john mccain presidential campaign. great to see both of you. >> richard, what does it mean? is the president listening? >> if you listen to what carville and greenberg are saying, they're really making two points. one is that what the president should be doing from the start is talking about how miserable the economy was that he inherited. that's what they're saying to any audience that will listen to them. the second point they're trying tto say is the president should have pointed the finger more at wall street, that what stuck in the craw of the average voter is that all these bailouts were going on. only people on wall street proceeded to get back to business as usual and get these huge bonuses. it seems like they weren't affected at all of all the country in the people that wr.
11:32 am
is the president listening? we can't plame hi blame him cang about the things he did accomplish. with respect to wall street, one wonders. he didn't actually run as president to be the champion of wall street. he wanted to be the champion of the middle class that was getting the short end of the stick. i wonder whether he might talk a little bit more pointedly about wall street going forward. remember, we talked about fat cats. >> let me get nancy in here because nancy historically, has it worked for a president following a mid term to hit the reset button and say you know what? lessons learned, this is what i think we should do now. >> they have to genuinely hit the reset button. the real challenge is obama is not going to admit he's wrong because he doesn't believe that he's wrong. >> how do you know that? >> well, actions speak lowter than words.
11:33 am
shhe still believes borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend is all right as long as it's on his policies. look at post 94. you saw bill clinton not just change tactics but change course. this is about bad policies, not just bad tactics. he didn't understand this during the election. that's why they were flailing. claiming it was about outside funding, that it was about not having a good communication strategy. it was never about the fact that they forced a health care that the middle class didn't like, that there was tremendous uncertainty in the economy and that's why the economy won't turn around. we've got a huge tax increase, a crushing tax increase about to happen. >> we don't know. >> exactly. let me ask richard about certainty because we just had someone, a new congressman-elect who said they'll bring transparency. that's something we heard from the obama administration, and nancy brings up the point of
11:34 am
certainty. richard, how do you do that? how do democrats do that for the american people? >> well, you know e. certain city in the eye of the beholder, right. with respect to clean air and clean water, the public has certain expectations about what, for example, the epa will do. you hear a lot of talk about trying to block epa from issuing regulations. that will be an interesting fight. incidentally, republicans came on the short end of the stuc stk on. >> they're trying to put food on the table, richard. talk to me about the economy and the future of americans. what can democrats do if the strategy is not giving us the type of results we want. there can be areas of absolutely collaboration. there's no date for a push for clean and green energy, for infrastructure, education reforms. those things, even health care, frankly, we admit has to be tweaked a bit. those are all things around which democrats and republicans should agree and which will be
11:35 am
job creating in this country. >> nancy, your response to that. are we getting to the issues? will president obama refocus? >> if that's what he's going to be talking about, we're not going to see any turn around in the economy. companies are sitting on 1.8 trillion dollars right now because of uncertainty. we haven't seen anything like that in decades. you've got taxes and debt and regulatory uncertainty. in fact, epa and new environmental regulations is something that will scare the job creators from doing any type of expansion. >> all right. >> i haven't seen anything that encourages me or heard anything that encourages me, unfortunately, in this segment. >> na nancy and richard, not tht the environment isn't important, but the issues bringing uncertainty seem to deal more with the economy and what we have going on in afghanistan. i thank both of you for joining us. >> thanks, jamie. >> thank you. >> eric? >> jamie, our criminal justice
11:36 am
system and attorney general eric holder on the hot seat this week after that accused al-qaeda terrorist was cleared of almost all the charges. he was found guilty on only one out of 285 counts in his terrorism trial and for his convicted now role in the bombingbombings of the u.s. embs and africa in 1998. peter king is the ranking member of the household land security -- the house homeland security committee. good to see you. >> good morning to you. >> does this case and that verdict make it harder, do you think, to try other terrorists in federal civilian court? >> not only makes it harder, it sends a clear signal that the last thing we should be doing is trying islamic terrorists in civilian courts. certainly the whole idea of 9/11, the terrorists in new york city is madness. we have military commissions.
11:37 am
they're perfectly valid, perfectly constitutional. that's where they should be tried. this case that eric holder brought in the southern district, to have him acquitted on 284 counts including hundreds of cowpts of murdecowpts of mury gets convicted of conspiracy to blow up government property, this shows the inherent weakness and inability of civilian courts to deal with these type of cases. what happens if he appeals. can he walk? >> he could. no matter what happens in the case, they're going to put him in jail anyway. we put him on trial in a civilian court to show somehow the obama administration is better than the bush administration. they say don't worry about him. if he's found innocent, we can keep him in jail anyway. this makes absolutely no sense sending entirely mixed message to the world. inherent in all this, an apology, that we have to
11:38 am
apologize for our system. when the president and others say we want the rule of law to apply, the rule of law does apply in a military tribunal. also the rule of law allows us to dedane these peopl detain the indefinitely. if the president and the attorney general stop apologizing for america and do what's right which means hold them indefinitely, put them on trial in military court, this type of insanity will go on. they have to stop putting america -- start putting america first and stop apologizing to the world. >> here's what the department of justice says about the verdict. it says, quote, people who are criticizing this verdict need to remember the underlying facts of the case and the fact that the verdict handed down will lead to a sentence of anywhere from 20 years to life, so the guy, as it stands, is going away. we're dealing with ksm. eric holder said he's going to be found guilty anyway. >> that's what he said. in this case, he was acquitted
11:39 am
on 284 out of the 285, so it shows how close we came to losing it. again, implicit in what they're saying is somehow this is the route we have to go. it's entirely constitutional. it's entirely legal to use a military commission, and we've used them in every war. it's entirely legal and constitutional to detain these people until the war is over, 15, 20, 30 years from now. they put them on trial at that time if we want to. there's no obligation at all for us to put them in a civilian court where different rules of evidence apply. the evidence that was excluded in this case i am confident would have been allowed in a military commission. >> very quickly, do you think that ksm will be tried in a civilian court? we are still waiting to see what's going to happen. >> no. i think he will not be tried in civilian court. on the other hand, if obama wants to put him in a military tribunal, he will be held indefinitely which is really the third term of george bush.
11:40 am
>> congressman peter king, fascinating. we'll see what happens with the terrorism prosecutions. breaking news today. reports that a secret and sophisticated new nuclear facility is in north korea creating a major concern in washington, d.c. the effect such a plan could have on the region there and even here next. our professors know. because they've been there. and they work closely with business leaders to develop curriculum to meet the needs of top businesses. which means when our graduates walk in the room, they're not only prepared... they're prepared to lead. devry university's keller graduate school of management. learn how to grow the business of you at ♪ yes!
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coming up live from washington, senator judd greg said we're sliding toward a face fiscal melt down. plus an amazing organization training dogs to help our vets. two of the furry friends will join us in the studio coming up at the top of the hour. speaking of our furry friends, let's just say our feathery friends, thanksgiving is four days away. many people are planning their parties, their holiday celebrations. you might get sticker shock when you see the supermarket shelves
11:45 am
this year. peter doocy live in our new york newsroom. peter, what should we do? >> jamie, this week as you head out to the grocery store to stock up on sweet potatoes and cranberries, you'll be dealing with two things. a ton of other holiday shoppers around every year and high prices, up 1.3% this year. that 1.3% increase is an average on a dinner for ten. here's how it breaks down. according to the american farm bureau federation, pie shells are up 12 cents. pumpkin pie mix is up seventeen cents. turkeys are up 28 cents. we visited a poultry farm in upstate new york in week where the owners told us they had to raise prices for their customers because their production costs across the board keep rising and that the biggest cost increase for them this year was food for their birds. >> the more turkeys we raise, the more chickens we raise, the more feed we need. as a result, we raise our prices
11:46 am
on the meat, but they've gotta eat. we have to buy food. >> according to economists, the thing that will affect thanksgiving this year the most is travel costs. >> the bigger problem for thanksgiving is actually the cost of getting to grandma's, a big increase we've seen in oil prices and the cost of travel as a result since a year ago. >> and i mentioned before all those things which are going to be more expensive this year. i need to point out the cost of stuffing is down one cent. it's not all bad, jamie. >> i knew there was some good news. thanks, peerlt, ver peter, very. the border of mexico coming up turning into a virtual war zone. you've heard about this. one state now is drawing on air power. look at that. to prevent the violence from the drug cartels from spilling into our country. high tech in the fight against some dangerous enemies next. [ male announcer ] one look can turn the everyday into romantic.
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11:50 am
there is a war going on right now. it's right here at home. the war against mexican drug violence being waged in an all-out war on the southern border states including texas where just across that border
11:51 am
the murder rate is twice that of baghdad. jennifer griffin has this report from mission, texas. >> i never once thought that although we've always been historically done great work in this paramilitary type engagement, that's what this is, it's a war on the border. >> captain stacey holland is in charge of 16 state of the art helicopters that make up the aviation assets used by the texas department of public safety to fight the drug cartels. >> it's one of their favorite scouting places. they cover a lot of territory. >> the cartels have spotters who sit in duck blinds on the river and call out positions of the u.s. border patrol. >> they can put 2000 pounds of dope from that point into the highway. we don't have a lot of time to interdict these people. >> to suggest that the southwestern border is secure is ridiculous. >> as the sun went down near mcallen, a border town of 100,000, we got a call to provide air support for a pursuit.
11:52 am
the chase is on. >> he's doing about 130. >> three vehicles, one filled with narcotics, a chase ensues. night vision help with the hunt. >> passenger bailing out. >> i've got him in the night sun. he's in the night sun. >> it allows the troopers on the ground to surround and track the drug runners. >> one of the suspects is in custody. >> we have everybody. we have everybody. >> eighteen00 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $700,000 captured along with seven suspected cartel members. it's all in a night's work for the texas department of public safety. >> our jennifer griffin reporting from mission, texas, jennifer, thanks. remember principa princess s wedding? it captured the world's heart. liz trotta next on the media's love affair with the royal up in which yonuptuials.
11:53 am
shuup in the british royals,r
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
wedding. prince william and kate middleton announcing their engagement this past week. you know what that means? the media will be falling all ouover ourselves. liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. good morning, liz. >> good morning, eric. >> i cannot wait. >> i knew you were going to say that. i mean, let's get out the adjectives. fairy tale, legacy, heritage, beautiful princess. i mean, there will be no naws
11:57 am
80ing end to this thing. already, by the way, the theme as you may have guessed is that this poor woman being led into the royal family, her name is kathryn, of course, middleton, kate middleton. she's already being compared to diana. when they announced her engagement this week, she had on a diana dress and the engagement ring that william's father gave his mother. i don't know how much of this is deliberate, but i have a feeling that we're going to see this parallel and that it's going to be stage managed right from buckingham palace all the way through this thing. now, the media in the united states have already started. look at this morning's "new york times", and let me read just one piece from a ver, and a very god piece. diana spencer was 19 and had no
11:58 am
idea what she was in for when she got engaged. miss middleton has had 28 and has had a great deal of time to ponder the potential consequences of marrying into a family not known for its high levels of emotional intelligence. pretty clearly she feels ready. it's been how many years she joked in the interview referring to her courtship so long it earned her the tabloid nickname waity katy. there we are. you know, there was a bishop well known in london who just topped everything and kind of sort of got out of the chorus line of cheers for this wedding to be when he said he thought it was nauseating posh and predicting that it would be over, the wedding would be over, and they'd be divorced in seven years. this thing, this has been 48 hours of the announcement. the american market of magazines will go mad. nothing like having a royal
11:59 am
couple on every magazine cover in the country. the manufacturers have already revved up. it's supposed to be a real bonanza for british tourism, for british mugs with the royal couple on them. they're going back to the history of royal weddings where you will find at thi tid bits ie guardian that a pair of queen victoria's bloomers sold for 4500 pounds recently. you name it. there's also serious discussion of the royal line of succession and who would be a better king, charles or william, so it will go on and on and on. you know, i covered the royal wedding, the original royal wedding that we were just talking about now, the diana wedding in 1981, and it was a big deal. this may be just as big a deal. >> you know, we lov


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