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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 21, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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>> i know you love it. >> and we'll send you to the next one. >> thank you very much. >> liz, great to see you. see you next sunday. >> thankou. >> that does it for us. i'm eric shawn. i'm jamie colby. thanks for joining us. we'll send you to washington now. the news continues with shannon bream. take care. alarming new details from an american scientist about the stunning sophistication of north korea's nuclear program. we'll get a life report many. >> reporter: president obama weighs in on new security guidelines at airports. a lawmaker in limbo. we'll talk to a texas congressional candidate who came and attended orientation in washington but he hasn't officially won a seat in congress. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts now. >> we -- we begin with a fox
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news alert. an american scientist called north korea's secret nuclear facilities stunning in its sophistication. his revelation is raising eyebrows around the world. julie kirtz is following the latest developments. >> reporter: the top administration official tells us today or describes this, rather, as a provocative act ofdy fines by north korea. the chairman of joint chiefs says he's very concerned about reports of a new highly sophisticated uranium enrichment plant inside north korea. the news has increased the anxiety in the region with the state department special enjoy said to arrive in south korea today. the first stop on a trip that includes talks with japan and china about north korea's nuclear weapons ambition. >> this validates long standing concern that we've had with respect to north korea and its enrichment of uranium. it also continues to validate a country that is led by a dictator who is constantly --
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who constantly desires to destabilize the region, and he's done that again certainly with this capability as well. >> according to an american scientist who visited the complex earlier this month, north korea has 2000 recently completed centrifuges. the former director of the loss al moslosalamos nuclear facilite centrifuges were already installed and running. however, he was not allowed to take any photographs. the u.s. reportedly has been watching the area by satellite. u.s. officials not confirming how much they really know about it, though. former u.s. ambassador to the un and fox news contributor john bolden said the development is further proof of north korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> i don't think anybody in the obama administration should be surprised at this.
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if they r. i think it indicates they've never understood how serious the north korean threat is. >> reporter: why would secretive north korea show a visiting american the new plant? the action, shannon, is possibly trying to strengthen the nation as it moves to transfer power to a new unproven leader, the son of dictator kim jong il. join us with more on it is the author of a book, gordon chang. thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you. you heard julie kirtz this may be about sort of saber rattling during the transition of power. they showed us the facilities. why? >> i think it does have to do with the transition from kim jong il to his 27-year-old son who is not really prepared. also, of course, this is general strength of the regime. it says look, we've got this additional nuclear facility. the world doesn't like t. but we
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still have it anyway. clearly kim jong il is saying this is good for him. >> what now with the stalled six-party talks aimed at having somregulars loose to thisresolue coming out of north korea? >> they've beening nuclear weapons since the 1950s. this is not a bargaining chip. china has been helping them. we've got to realize a lot of people are saying we need to have dialogue. dialogue hasn't worked. we've been talking to the north koreans about their nuclear program since 1993. we've tried every conceivable form oformat. what we need to do is apply pressure. pressure worked in 1994 and in 2005. unfortunately we let up too early. >> let's talk about that. what kind of sanctions or action should we take at this point. >> a very simple thing is what the bush administration did which was to impose crippleling financial sanctions not only on north koreans but also on chinese as well.
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the chinese have been helping north korea not only with nuclear technology but also with transferring money around, especially the bank of china. we need to have some honest conversations not only in private but in public about this, but clearly you know, with financial sanctions they worked already, so that's not going to be, you know, a magic trick. we should try that again and also i think we need to prevent the north koreans from transferring nuclear technology to iran and to syria and burma. sometimes with china's help. >> do yo do we have any clues at the third son of kim jong il who we understand is going to be the one transitioning? you said he's not ready. do we know anything about him and what kind of leader he may be? >> we know very little about him, but we also know that the north korean regime is very treasure russ, very difficult. he's 27 years old. he doesn't have the experience. he hasn't had the time to build up his network of friends.
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it took two decades to get king jong il, the current leader ready. he has only spent two years with kim junkim jong un. he needs to show some victories. for instance, we saw the sinking of the south korean frigate. thanks for sharing your expertise with us. >> thank you. >> we'll be talking to the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee. ahead in our next hour, we'll ask him if the intelligence committee dropped the ball on the issue with north korea. stay tuned for that in about an hour on america's news headquarters. this news shines a new spotlight on a nato deal proposed this weekend. russia says it's interested in a missile defense but stopped short of accepting the historic invitation. the russian president joined
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nato leaders in portugal and agreed to be involved in development plans but did not commit to being a part of it if it becomes operational. in an interview today with chris wallace on "fox news sunday", hillary clinton said karzai supports the nato strategy in afghanistan which calls for a security handover to the afghans by 24 teen. the taliban in afghanistan has called nato's plan, quote, irrational and called for all foreign troops to immediately leave the country. for all of the interview, tune into "fox news sunday" at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern right here on fox. the chairman of the joints chief of staff believes a terrorist group's claims that it will attempt to carry out more cheap, small scale attacks aimed at the u.s. admiral mike mullin said al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is dangerous. in its on line magazine, the yemeni group bragged about how cheap it was to assemble the
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cart triple digit bombs. the group spent $4200 on common items like cell phones and printerprinters to build the bo. as millions of americans get ready to travel this holiday season, tsa administrators are defending new airport security measures and splaij why they exy didn't alert the public sooner. would so notice with big changes? >> reporter: hi, shannon. on a sunday talk show this morning, a tsa administrator said the agency did not talk about the screening procedures earlier because it did not want to give terrorists a blueprint. he says he knows about passenger concerns over these intrusive pat downs and revealing total body scanners but he says the policy will not be changed because of current threats. he said if you don't set off the alarm on the regular metal detector, you won't get the patdown. he responded to calls for the tsa to narrow down the pool of who does get an extra search.
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>> people talk about why don't we profile? of course, we don't do that here in the u.s. we use all the latest intelligence. we have watch lists. we know about people who pose a threat to aviation security. it's those who don't know. >> treating every passenger like a criminal is inefficient and they want improved intelligence, more behavior observation, better checkin checking, and boy scanners that don't reveal quite so much. >> the europeans have been coming up with better scanning technology that uses an outline and highlights if something is unusual, you know, a box will show up on the screen instead of all this personal intrusion and we can do a better job than this and protect people without destroying the values that we're trying to protect. >> secretary of state hillary clinton also weighed in this morning, saying she would certainly try to avoid such pat downs. she said she's sure that experts are trying to make this all less intrusive but quote, lets not
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kid ourselves. terrorists are adaptable. >> thank you, malini. after three decades of public service, retiring new hampshire senator judd greg is not pulling any punches in his assessment of the economy which is headed for a, quote, inevitable fiscal melt down. he joins us live from new hampshire. senator, thank you for joining us on a sunday. >> thank you, shannon. thanks for having me on. >> let's talk more about how grim the picture is if we don't do anything. >> we're on an unsustainable track. we'll double the federal debt in five years, triple it in ten years. the average deficit will be a trillion dollars a year for the next' 10 years. you saw what happened when the world took a jaundice view of greece's situation. we're not greece, obviously. we're a more vibrant nation, but
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we're on the exact same track. our public debt will be 60% this year, a percentage of gdp. greece was at 100% when it had its problems. there's no way off this track unless we start to make some tough decisions. the programs exist, the spending comes at us. the government is growing. it's gone from 20% to gbt to 24% of gdp in the last 20 years. it's headed toward 28% of gdp. what does that mean? the government has gotten much too large for the children to be able to afford it and the world being willing to lend us many to sustain it. >> of the proposals you've heard floated so far and the second sort of shadow commission operating right now, what is the best advice you've heard so far? >> stop spending. it's pretty simple. we're spending our way into this problem. we have spent our way into this
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problem. it's not so much a revenue issue as it is a spending issue. historically revenues at the federal level have been 18.2% of gdp. they'll get back to the level next year and go well above it over the next 3 years. spending as gone straight up. it's gone straight up for two basic reasons. one, this administration has exploded the size of government. the health care plan alone will add 2.5 trillion in new spending to the federal government over the next ten years. secondly you have a hugery huge retirement population. we're going from 35 million retired people to 70 million retired people. they all have the benefit of social security of medicare or medicaid. it's simply an unsustainable situation, and it passes on to our kids. just too many costs for them to be able to sustain and have a prosperous lifestyle. >> you point to 2.5 trillion in increased cost because of health care. democrats will point to cbo estimates and other economists
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who say it's going to save us money. where is the disconnect on this map? >> hey, if you believe that, shannon, i'll sell you a bridge in brooklyn. that's just absurd on its face. what the health care bill did was take the size of the government, growing the government from 20% of gdp to 24% of gdp, and that growth is almost in new entitlement program. every program we have is underfunded. medicare alone is underfunded to the tune of 55 trillion, that's trillion with a t dollars. as you put new programs on the book, there can be any representation you want that congress will make the tough decisions to pay for them. it's not going to happen until we get serious about how we're spending money at the federal government and how we're growing the federal government, we're not going to get this under control. i just find it, you know, whistling past the graveyard that you'll get this under control under the terms of this health care bill. it's not going to happen. the opposite is going to happen.
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>> you mentioned the issues of spending. a lot of the proposals as far as deficit reduction also include possibly raising taxes, something that most republicans very hem meantly oppose. that part of the solution, and how willing will people be to come to the table with that as an option? will, you can't get there from here unless everything's on the table. it's that simple. the biggest part of the problem is spending. the biggest part of the problem, as i said, is about 75% spending, but we have revenue issues. whayou don't have to raise rateo address the revenue issues. the way you address the revenue issues, you fundamentally change our tax laws. our tax laws are incredibly complex. they're inefficient. they don't raise the money they claim they're supposed to raise. if you change the tax laws, you can do it in a bi-partisan way. we've put out a plan where we basically eliminate a lot of deductions and exemptions. in exchange for that we dramatically reduce the th incoe tax rates of all americans under
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$200,000. we dramatically reduce the corporate rate from 35 to 24%. we create a significant incentive for people to take risks, create jobs, and thus create economic activity. in addition, we will collect some of the $300 billion of unpaid taxes which occurs every year that's owed and unpaid because people just get frustrated with this tax law which is so complex. by making this tax law simpler to understand, you get higher compliance. it's not an issue of raiding rates and raising taxes on everybody, it's an issue of getting a better tax law that produces more economic activity and recovers the taxes it's supposed to recover. >> there will be difficult decisions for everyone to solve this. senator judd gregg, thanks for your time today. >> thank you, shannon. appreciate it. investigators are hot on the trail of the man they he believe shot and critically wounded a utah park ranger. investigators say they found the suspect's rifle, backpack, and a bloody shirt they believe he used to stop a bleeding wound.
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the park ranger was shot three times while patrolling a bike trail on friday. he's listed in critical but stable condition. some folks who want to get an early start on thanksgiving travel are heading out today, but is weather going to be on their side. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center. how does it look, rick? >> sha shannon, we've had a coue couple weeks. all of that is changing when people start to do their travel. big winter storm across much of the west has winter storm warnings in effect from colorado back to california, up to washington, northern rockies. some areas are seeing another two to three feet of snow, and especially across the sierra nevadas, we've already seen two to three feet of snow. if your thanksgiving plans include skiing next week, things will look nice. you've got to get there. we'll have big problems here, at least in the next couple days across parts of the west. by tuesday and wednesday it's the eastern part of the country we'll focus on. it's going to cause problem.
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we haven't seen a map like this. this is canada. some of this cold air is diving down across areas of the northern rockies. you see 60s across the central plains. we've got teens as you head into parts of the dakotas. a big change in the temperatures. cold air will neek it's way sney across much of the east. get ready for a big cold blast and snow. rain in southern california causing flooding concerns. we'll continue to watch that. >> rick, thank you very much. >> democrats and president obama voice their concerns this week. we'll ask their political panel what effect this obama out rage could have on the rest of his term and into 2012. plus, a proposal to cut funding for npr won one vote but lost another one. is washington ignoring averaging americans? we'll talk with the congressman who introduced the proposal when we continue. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics
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in the post election fight to tame the federal budget, lawmakers are taking aim at earmarks, pet spending projects of congress. they joined in a non-binding moratorium on earmarks for two years. democrats argue earmarks make up a fraction of the budget, less
12:22 pm
than one percent, and they're not the real problem. most oppose the measure. to get an idea of how much congressional earmarks are costing you personally, go to fox and use our taxpayer calculator. with the focus on cutting spending, the you cut movement has urged average americans to go on line and vote for programs they would like to eliminate or scale back. a proposal to cut funding for npr's funding won a cut vote. is that a sign that congress is out of touch with the people. the congressman who introduced the proposal joins us with the reaction. great to see you today. are you surprised at all? you come from the g.o.p. side of the aisle. democrats are still running the house, so for now are you surprised they voted down this idea? >> i was not surprised, but i was disappointed. every single vote against the cut in spending was for democrats. we had bi-partisan support to reduce this amount of spending.
12:23 pm
>> will you put it up again for vote in january when the make up of the house changes? >> we're looking at it right now. you had senator greg on a few minutes ago talking about how we don't want to become like grease with our national debt increasing astronomically. the only way to do that is to redeuce spending and get our budget under control. this kind of program has to be under examination, under the microscope. >> i know it's not something new for you. you've been looking at funding for a while. tell us why? >> this program was created 40 years ago before satellite, before cable, before the internet. maybe it was justified then. it's not justified now. the consumer simply doesn't need the government to give the choices that he has for listening to broadcast. we have so many options available today, and if we're going to get our funding under control, we simply have to look
12:24 pm
at this. thithey have good programming i happen to enjoy. they cancel advisin can sell ade everyone else. >> this proposal to prohibit federal radio stations is an unwarranted attempt to interject federal authority into local station program decision making. your reaction? >> well, we saw with juan williams there's a liberal bias at national public radio. why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for bias? it's something that can stand on their own two feet anyway. we're just saying the taxpayer shouldn't be the one int footine bill. they're free to go out and survive by selling advertising, getting people like george surros to give them grants who apparently wants to do that. they can survive on their own if
12:25 pm
they have a quality product. why should the taxpayer in this day of trillion dollar deficits which we cannot sustain have to foot the bill? >> everything, every doll la that goes out of the federal government is under scrutiny. thanks very much, congressman. we'll see if it comes up after january. >> thank you. senate democrats upset with president obama's policy. some of them blaming it for a dismal approval rating for congress. so who is trying to distance themselves from the president now? we'll break it down with our littlpolitical panel ... next. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! smack! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds.
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an american scientist said north korea's secret nuclear facility is stunning in its sophistication. julie kirtz is standing by with that and your other news. hi, julie. >> reporter: hi, shannon. the stanford university scientist was giving a tour of the facility by the north koreans. his report is igniting new
12:30 pm
anxiety. admiral mike mull lips, chairman of the joint chief of staff, said it appears that north korea is bent on destabilizing the religion. the taliban is rejecting the 24 teen security deadline set by nato. they say nato will not be able to establish a stable government in afghanistan by that time. this weekend nato leaders agreed to hand off security to afghan forces by the end of 24 teen. one of the busiest travel days of the year could become more hectic. an internet boycott is unching g travelers to skip the pat down. it could mean a much longer wait at security lines at the airport. authorities are searching for a gunman who allegedly shot and critically wounded a utah park ranger. investigators say the suspect is likely wounded and traveling on foot. the victim, park ranger brody young, is currently in critical but stable condition. he's the father of three children. those are the top stories right now.
12:31 pm
back to you, shannon. >> julie, thank you very much. members of the iraqi government has convened today at the request of the president who has asked prime minut minister al-maliki to form a new government. the negotiations come after months of back and forth, a period that marks the longest time without the formation of a new government following an election there. under iraq's constitution, the president has 15 days to appoint a prime minister and 30 days to form a new government. when congress returns to washington after thanksgiving for a lame duck session, several key issues including what to do about the soon to expire bush tax cuts will be waiting for them. what will they accomplish on capitol hill before the new year. let's talk about it with our political panel. welcome to you both. >> hi, shannon. >> great to be here. >> guys, let's talk about the things that are bubbling for the lame duck session. the bush tax cuts we mentioned, the dream act which is a top priority.
12:32 pm
budget bills for the fiscal year. what are they going to get down? >> that's a great question. i think everybody would like too know that. the thing people are probably watching the most closely are the bush tax cuts and one of the problems is i any that the democrats don't have a unified position. they've sort of been all over the map versus the republicans who have a very clear position. they want to extend the tax cuts for the upper err ners and the democrats are trying to find some middle ground where maybe we can extend it up to, make it only, you know, people over a million dollars or maybe we won't do it at all or we don't really know what it is. unless they have a really unified position, it makes it really difficult. they can head to nothing getting done. >> harry reid said if you want to take a vote on our verse of this or let the republicans take a vote extending them for all, we're going to throw it out there. if we can get it done, let's let both votes happen. if the numbers aren't there for
12:33 pm
either, the tax cuts go away from everybody. these guys are playing a game of chicken in the senate, so the tax cuts go away for ?erve. >> that's right. the democrats can't resist the opportunity to try to raise taxes on somebody whatever way they possibly can. one group or another. republicans have been very clear we need to extend all of these tax cuts. we need to make them permanent. now is the worst time in the world for us to raise taxes on the american people. the congressman have an opportunity with this lame duck session, to step up and recognize the american people issued a restraining order on congress with the last election saying stop what you're doing, stop raising the taxes, stop raising the spending. let's move in a different direction. democrats can exert leadership or we can roll it over into january, but the proper thing to do here is to extend all those tax cuts, make them permanent from everyone. let's take this uncertainty the economy and restore certainty as to what people's tax rates are going to be next year and let's have the positive effect come out of that that people actually know what their liabilities are
12:34 pm
going to be next year. businesses can start to invest again. they have have clear idea as to what they're facing. >> we know this week the president held a meeting at the white house. democratic leaders were there. gop leaders were supposed to be there. they scan sel cancelled f scheduling conflicts. we understand it got heated at times. according to some reports, there are senators expressing a lost frustration with the white house. senator bill nelson out of florida was mixing it up some say his policies actually have hurt them at the bol blal ballo. is it accurate and a case of infighting at this point? >> i don't really believe that very many people can legitimately say it was his policy. i think most of the people who lost were in -- they were basically in districts that were conservative districts. they went out with another wave. that's really what happened
12:35 pm
contrary to what the dem goggling of the right has been. i listened to you say democrats love to raise tax yessments the message was they need to stop raising taxes. obama gave everyone a tax cut. the bush tax cuts are expiring which are the way they were structured by the bush administration. it's not the fault of obama. furthermore, we have a major deficit. i believe one of the messages that did come from this election was the people are very upset about the deficit and to add upper earner tax cuts, we're talking about four trillion dollars. it's not on insignificant number and much larger than most of the programs that conservatives are screaming about. people are upset with the president because he's not strong on the issue. he allows the conservatives to dem goggle these things and muddy the water.
12:36 pm
most people don't know they got a tax cut. i mean, the president is not good at communicating which is the ultimate irony. >> let me ask you about that. is it a problem of communication because the administration said that again and again. polling says people are tired of that line. also on this issue of internal issues with the democrats, the president is taking heat from people like senator nelson, bill nelson out of florida but also from folks like franken and bernie sanders who think he's not pushing us far enough to the left. is he sort of stuck in the middle at this point? >> a communication problem, president obama was elected as the greatest communitior. he's held more press conferences given more speeches than any of his predecessors in modern times. it's not a communications problem. it's a policy problem because barack obama and the democrats acted as though the 2008
12:37 pm
election meant that america all of a sudden decided to become a lot more like sweden. america didn't become a lot more like sweden. it remains a center right country. people are very concerned about the policies of this administration. they could have adopted as an terrorist stimulus bill. they could have adopted a centrist capital bill. on one issue after another they've chosen the far left of the far left to determine policy jen da. it's hilarious to sit back and whethe listen to whethk obama needs to take advice about going further to the left. politically if the democrats go further to the left, it will mean more republican advancement in 2012. that's not what the economy needs. what the economy needs is an economic policy that does a 180 out of this stimulus direction, that brings spending down, that restores some certainty, to have some certainty in terms of the regulatory environment and do
12:38 pm
not raise taxes on anyone or any business at a time when we're trying to create economic growth and job creation that has to come from those small and medium size businesses who would be hit the hardest by the tax hikes that democrats are advocating for right now. >> we will see what they get done or don't get done in a lame duck session. >> thank you. >> police in tallahassee, florida are searching for suspects after a single mother and her three children were found dead in their home. an investigator said they got a suspicious 9-1-1 call on saturday mornd morning and found the bodies. no motive has been released nor have the victims' names. in ohio a community came together to hold a vigil for a family and friend who were killed in a horrific attack earlier this month. the lone survivor, a 13-year-old girl, is on their minds. a preliminary autopsy reports show stephanie sprang,t tina herman, and her son cody maynard were stabbed to death, their remains found stuffed in a hollow tree.
12:39 pm
matthew hoffman is charged with the kidnapping. he's the only suspect in the case. it's been almost three weeks since the mid term elections. one lawmaker's future is in limbo. he came to washington and went through orientation. who won the race? the latest on the counting ... up next. [ commentator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough! earlier, she had an all-over achy cold... what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief for all-over achy colds. the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. [ female announcer ] yopit's real fruit and the goodness of dairy gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. yoplait. it is so good. we get double miles on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card.
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all right. he's already been through a week of orientation, but he doesn't know for sure if he has the job yet. the candidate for congress in texas i' 27th district is leading by 800 voters against the democratic incumbent, but there's still 15,000 absentee ballots to be counted. he's here to talk with us today. >> my pleasure to be here. >> give us the latest status on the update of your recount, i guess it is. >> we've counted all but one county. all we've got is the brownsville
12:44 pm
area early voting and mail in ballots. there's only been a shift of about five votes there. i'm up by about 797 when i started, 792. you certainly have to raise your eyebrows and think some shenanigans are going on. i'm no longer jumping every time my blackberry vibrates. >> what is it like to go through the class, not 100 percent sure yet that you're signed, sealed, and delivered. >> there are a handful of us that are going through that. i am some compadres. the one upside is we had an office draw. i didn't get to participate in the office draw. what the house admin committee tells me is i'm going to get the 27-year incumbent's first floor office with a capitol view. >> that's a fantastic office.
12:45 pm
what a great location. a plus for you to not actually go through the lottery. >> it is, but i only get to keep the office for two years. they'll make me move. as a fiscal conservative, i might want to change that. why spend a couple thousand dollars moving somebody out of an office they're perfectly happy with. not my highest legislature priority. >> you and i talked about one of your ply orts because o prioritr location is the border. >> basically my top priority is jobs. our district includes brownsville and the border. there's real issue with the violence starting to spill over. we've got to work on intelligence ways to get operational control of the borders. we have to find a way to work with mexico to deal with some of the internal problems. we have to work domestically to reduce the demand for drugs that keeps the price so high and puts all this violence, makes it all worth while for the gangs. >> there are several key steps there and a lot of agencies and people involved with making that
12:46 pm
happen. any concrete steps that you want to start in the process that would help. >> well, yeah. there are a whole lot of ways, but we're taking the simple common sense solutions. we've got to kick up the enforcement of the drug laws and take care of the demand issues. part of that i think is going to be jobs, too. as you get people back to work, there's less time to sit on the couch and smoke pot or do drugs. if you're happy, healthy, and working, you'r you don't have to kill doing drugs. >> well, maybe the next time we see you, it will be congressman-elect or congressman. you can come back and visit us. >> i'm claiming victory. i look forward to spending time with you. >> have a great thanksgiving. >> same to you. a recap of our top stories coming up in 3 minutes. plus u.s. troops and the holidays would never be complete without the uso. how much do our service men and women love the service organization? you'll hear it straight fa them when we -- from them when we continue. ♪
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here's some of the top stories we're following this hour on america's news headquarters. the taliban is rejecting the 2014 security deadline set by nato. leaders agreed to hand off security to afghan forces by the
12:51 pm
end of 2014. a taliban spokesman said nato will not establish a stable government in afghanistan by that time. the search is on for the suspect who allegedly shot and critically wounded a utah park ranger. investigators say the suspect is likely armed, wounded, and traveling on foot. park ranger brody junk wa youngt three times while patrolling a hiking ground. he's in critical but stable condition. a boy coul boycott is planne of the busiest travel days of the year. it's asking passengers to request a pat down. the goal is to protest a new tsa scanning procedure by slowing down security lines. those are your top stories right now. well, they are the best of the best and this morning the rhodrhodes scholars were announ. winners are selected on the basis of high academic achievement and leadership among other things. therthere are 837 applicants
12:52 pm
endorsed by 309 different colleges and universities. congratulations. while the new screening is causing a headache for some, the tsa procedures are giving others a chuckle. lathe nighlast night saturday night live had some fun with the new regulations. >> spending time with a tsa agent couldn't be easier. simply book a flight departing from any airport. say no when asked to submit to a full body scanner. >> oh, boy. well, coming up, new concerns over north korea's nuclear ambitions. we'll talk to the ranking member of the house intelligence committee about the new threats. plus, one all american group is ramping up efforts to help our troops this holiday season. we'll take you inside the uso when we return. [ male announcer ] at&t introduces a new windows phone.
12:53 pm
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor about your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move ward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> shannon: u.s. troops serving overseas who won't be home for the holidays will get a little lift with the help of a long standing organization and big-name stars. courtney friel with an inside look at how the uso a making a difference for the troops this holiday season. >> reporter: the first mission was back in 1941 during world war ii. today the uso hosts up to 85 tours each year.
12:57 pm
putting on events overseas and stateside. taking entertainers to afghanistan, japan or germany. whereever the troops go, the uso is there. from musicians to nfl superstars and even cartoonists the usa teams up with celebrities with one mission in mind. lift the sternites o spirits o. >> there is nothing better than taking them overseas and. >> the latest stars say thank you. country music singer trace adkins who recently returned from his third uso tour in the middle east. hitting locations lacking those five star akomatikses. >> thaccommodations. >> the uso takes care of us over there. >> they put in 18-20 hours days and get up and do it again for another three or four days straight. >> reporter: tonight trace is hosting a free concert for
12:58 pm
military families and it is very much appreciated. the country singer to come out in support us and do it for free is the most wonderful thing. >> a goody's traction. it gets our mind off of the norm. >> i think it is great because it shows that they actually stand behind soldiers. >> reporter: and trace feels their love. >> it is the most appreciated crowd you will ever play for. these guys and girls are over there giving these people a chance to at least live in the country where they can survive and hopefully prosper some day. >> reporter: between now and the end of the year the uso a planning 14 holiday tours with robin williams, sugarland and katie perry. they have like to get more female superstars to go overseas. all of the programs are donor based. to support their cause head to in new york, courtney friel,
12:59 pm
fox news. >> shannon: with stunning sophistication. north korea quickly built a brand new nuclear facility and that is causing high tensions in the region. i'm shannon bream. hour number two starts right now. much more on north korea in a moment. first this fox news alert from afghanistan where the taliban is publicly reacting to the nato agreement about handing over security operations. conor powell is live in kabul with the latest. conor? >> reporter: well, shannon, the taliban are openly mocking this strategy of handing over security responsibility from u.s. and national forces to afghan security forces by the end of 2014. today taliban spokesmen described it as irrational and a sign of failure and also said that he wants all international troops out of afghanistan immediately and if u.s. and international troops did not leave immediately there would be further bloodshed.
1:00 pm
the u.s. strategy here is to slowly transition security responsibility from u.s. international forces to afghan security forces over the next few years. ings is while they are build gd up afghan police and army to get the afghan government to essentially stand up on their own two feet. the taliban mission is to disrupt this and prevent the afghan government from being a viable credible government. the u.s. says they are beginning to make progress in places like kandahar where they are clearing out insurgents. one of the things we have seen and are hearing is while the u.s. can clear and hold the area there is no afghan government coming to be stood up that they are waiting on afghan government officials to come from places like kabul down to kandahar to begin work setting up schools and clinics and doing the health type of ministries activities that the afghans are expecting from their central government. this is what the taliban have been trying to do. they have been trying to disrupt the buildup of the
1:01 pm
afghan government and this is one of the things we will be he watching the next few months and next few years to see how credible the afghan buildup of the government is. the taliban say they will prevent it. the u.s. and international forces here say this is the goal and this is the strategy. it is the big question mark going forward, shannon. >> shannon: the world is watching. conor, thank you very much. terrorist monitoring groups say the would be bombers of two cargo planes are posting details of the failed attacks. al-qaeda in claims its attempts to blow up package bombs cost them only $4,200. in its online magazine yemeny based group explains how it used cell phones and hp printers to build the bombs. part of a strategy to replace spectacular attacks with smaller more current ones. an american sig scientist h
1:02 pm
korea. >> reporter: he led a team and visited the secret nuke complex. in a report posted on line the former direct tore of los alamos cites that north korea has 2,000 recently completed centrifuges in an industrial facility. he describes it as center and says north korean officials told him the centrifuges were already installed and running. satellite images show recent construction at the plant over the last few years. this morning the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff not willing to detail how much the u.s. really knows about the new operation. >> i would say that this is something we have been concerned about for a significant period of time. and also penetration of the north koreans in terms of intelligence capabilities is
1:03 pm
very, very difficult. >> reporter: the fact that north korea showed a visiting american scientist the new enriched uranium plant clearly appears to be a calculated move by the north korean government and now a new challenge for the obama administration here in washington. a senior u.s. official tells fox if true this is a provocative act of defiance by the north korean government. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. congressman pete hoke tracking us from michigan with more on the story. congressman, welcome. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> shannon: what do you make of this. you heard julie kirtz saying if true it is a provocative action by north korea. >> it as provocative action but we shouldn't be surprised. we know that north korea wants to be a nuclear power.
1:04 pm
we shouldn't be surprised if they have programs underway that we haven't known about. we know that teleare a proliferater. i'm worried about how we will respond. reach out and now negotiate? we know that they lie and cheat and if you reach an agreement with them they will break that agreement. i heard some now say we need to move forward on the start treaty to show the russians they are partners and we need to get it done. let's not rush through and do the start treaty just because of this information today. there are specifics that are new but they shouldn't be surprising. >> shannon: so what do we do because it sounds like we are powerless? we tried sanctions. we tried the six party talks. what can we do? >> well, i mean you to take a look at north korea. what are the leverage points on north korea and the regime? the u.s. and south korea? no. is it chinese and russia? the answer is, yes. we need to work with the chi
1:05 pm
niece and russians and they need to determine it is in their best interest that north korea not have nuclear weapons and that north korea no longer be allowed to proliferate materials to burma, syria and other places around the world. once the russians and chinese are onboard we can have leverage with north korea. until that happens it is difficult to have impact on themt all. >> shannon: you said nobody should be surprised by the development. we know the american scientist there said he was stunned at how sophisticated this is. did the intelligence community miss anything along the way? >> i think the intelligence community did. i think it was not that long ago that they said there wasn't evidence that north korea was advancing or aggressively advancing their nuclear program. they made that assessment because they hadn't seen any of the things they would have hoped to have seen.
1:06 pm
north korea is very difficult to penetrate. i'm saying this facility a is surprise but we shouldn't be surprised that north korea is aggressively moving forward. that is why in the intel community it is important that we do red teaming. the problem is we develop a consensus position of the federal government of the intel community and anybody who thinks differently their ideas are discarded and put to the side. we should always have two or three competing theories out there about exactly what is happening in places like north korea, iran and it would have also been very helpful to have a red feed on weapons of mass destruction in iraq. >> shannon: and congressman, i would like to ask you about another big development this week. the trial and verdict in new york. 224 people dead from the embassy bombings back in 1998. he was facing more than 280 criminal counts.
1:07 pm
many murder. he was convicted on one conspiracy count. folks who support sillia civiln trials for terror suspects say that is a win. what is your reaction? >> it was a disappointing day when those aannouncements came out and the acquittals and conviction on one individual. this is an individual who killed 244 people in africa including a number of americans and the only thing that we can convict him on after we -- remember, this is 1998. this is after we flooded the crime scene with fbi agents, evidence technicians and all of those kinds of things we could only convict him on one because some of the evidence that came and was going to be used in the trial was tainted because of people that were interviewed and information that was gotten after 9/11. i think it clearly shows you can't do lawfare. you can't take these individuals who are terrorists and try to run them through
1:08 pm
civilian courts. we are at war. we can't run this war through attorneys. >> shannon: all right. i want to read you part of the judge's statement who oversaw the case. the u.s. district court judge lewis kaplan. he talked about the jurors doing a good job. saying these are ordinary people, people not beholden to any government, not even ours. that struck people as an odd statement. these are attacks against the united states and these are u.s. citizens sitting on the jury. what do you make of that? >> it is a little bit of a strange statement. i hadn't heard that before. the bottom line is the jurors probably did the job within the rules of evidence and the mandate and the instructions that they were given. they may have done a job, they did the appropriate job. the judge can have whatever observations that he may have had. i think that what we have to have is we have to have the rule of law and our options here are to go to civilian trials or go through military
1:09 pm
tribunals. when you are at war and you are dealing with enemy combatants, regardless of what the judge says or how he feels, you know, we need to move these things into military tribunals or hold these individuals the combatants indefinitely. that is the key thing that is here. what we all need to be committed to, including this judge, is the safety of the american people. >> shannon: it is paramount. congressman pete hoekstra, thanks for giving us part of your sunday. >> great, thank you. >> shannon: investigators are hot on the trail of the man they believe shot and critically wounded a utah park ranger. investigators found the suspect's rifle, backpack and a bloody shirt they believe that he used to try to stop a bleeding wound. the park ranger was shot three times while patrolling a bike trail on friday. he is listed in critical but stable condition. president obama is weighing in on the latest tsa security measures. malied ni wilkess is live in washington with the latest.
1:10 pm
>> the tsa chief says he knows holiday travelers are finding airport screening techniques invasive and uncomfortable but john pistol told the morning programs he has no plans to make any changes. >> very attuned given all of concerns that have been raised to answer this question directly, no, not changing the policies because of that, because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat. >> reporter: what pistol says if you don't set off the regular detector you will not get the new total body scanners or personal patdown that some passengers describe as a groping. president obama says the tsa told him the measures are the only ones they consider effective against a threat like the underwear bomber. one critic says he is not entirely opposed to the techniques but thinks they should be used more sparingly. >> i believe they should use patdowns and this could be used
1:11 pm
but not on every passenger on a random basis. it must be targeted and focused and someone must set off an alarm or be on a watch list. it it is not being done right. >> he does not support wednesday's opt out day demonstration. pass german soldiers are encouraging passengers to concern passengers -- passengers are encouraging travelers to refuse the scanner and get the patdown as a protest. tsa critics called for instead improved intelligence and behavior detection. secretary of state hillary clinton said that she assured that security experts would like to diminish the impact on travelers but that we are dealing with terrorists who are willing to die in order to kill americans. >> shannon: and that is the truth. thank you. poli in tallahassee florida are searching for a suspect after a single mother and her three children were found dead in their home. investigators got a suspicious 911 call and found the bodies
1:12 pm
of the woman, her 6-year-old twins and the 3-year-old. police have not released the motive or the victim's name. in ohio the community came together to hold vigil for the family and their friend killed in a horrific attack earlier this month. the lone survivor a 13-year-old girl also on their mind. stephanie sprang, tee maher man and her son were stabbed to death. the remains were found in trash bags stuff inside a hollow tree. matthew hoffman and unemployed tree trimmer charged with kidnapping is the only suspect. the catholic church has long been against contraception but now pope benedict has made an exception in some cases. reaction to what some say is a restructure surprising church. >> inseed the church steeped in its tradition, the 21st century for the pope to confront, the use of condoms. the pope tells a german journalist they are justified
1:13 pm
in some cases, mainly people trying to protect themselves against hiv. while the church has been long opposed to the use of condoms those who follow this pope say his stance is not surprising. >> i have been following joseph ratzinger as a cardinal and as a pope. >> he says that for male prostitutes contraception is not an issue and condemns use is not a moral issue. the interview first appeared in a vatican newspaper. >> he is a person of enormous integrity but also a person who is worldly. >> reporter: the former boston mayor and u.s. ambassador to the vatican says he stands behind the decision but understands why the issue could create controversy. >> it willle be controversial. certainly going to generate a great deal of conversation. but as i say, benedict xvi does what is best from the moral standpoint of society.
1:14 pm
>> reporter: flynn called benedict a modern pope one that doesn't make decisions on what is popular but based on the common good. >> it does address an issue of the day without compromising traditional catholic values and at the same time understands a changing culture in the world today. >> shannon: that was adam of fox affiliate wfxt in boston reporting. former naac new york yankee catcher could still get jail time in an accident that killed a florida woman. coming up, chris wallace with a sneak preview of his interview of hillary clinton. and the new stark treaty with russia, right after this break. [ sneezes ] client's here.
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1:18 pm
>> shannon: after weeks of denying that it needed help, ireland is asking for an international bailout. this morning it became the second european country to ask for multibillion euro loan to stablize its banks. they hope a bailout by the
1:19 pm
european union, central banks and international monitoring tare arery fund will relieve pressure on other nations facing mounting debts and deficits. nato forces will hand over security operations in afghanistan by the end of 2014. president obama commented on the deadline during a press conference yesterday but what does secretary of state hillary clinton think? chris wallace interviewed clinton for "fox news sunday" and sat down with us for a sneak preview. you covered a lot of ground including an interview with secretary of state hillary clinton and spoke to her from portable. port portugal. what is the latest on plans for afghanistan? >> seems everyone has agreed and it is a goaled a not a deadline that combat will end in 2014 and we will turn security over to the afghans that the point. everybody agrees that we will keep some presence there, the nato secretary general says that he doesn't believe that any combat. u.s. officials and i asked
1:20 pm
secretary clinton about that really not to decide until that time and that is sensible as to whether that will be a combat role. i think the point is that where a month ago everybody was talking about july 2011 and we would begin to drawdown then now the time line really is we will stay there in force and in a combat role through the end of 2014, four more year. >> shannon: and you asked about the conversations that she and other administration officials have been having with president karzai as well. >> karzai a week ago in the washington post basically said i don't like what it is you guys are doing there which seems to be turning the tide, the surge, the more aggressive strategy, night time raids, increased air strikes. and he said, you know, i want all of that to stop. well, you know, what does that mean that we basically give up to the taliban? i asked secretary clinton about that and she said that the rift has been overstated and that when it works when we are killing taliban leaders karzai is all for it but if we are
1:21 pm
killing innocent civilians, he is against it. i think general petraeus would agree with that. >> shannon: you talke talked at another risk, this domestic as well. the start treaty. president obama puc pushing tot that down. a republican senator here jon kyl who is not known to be a showboat or flame thrower around here but he is saying we can't get it done. >> saying we can't don't it gone in the lame duck session and saying let's let it go over to next year when there will be newly elected senators. that means that then the u.s. will have to -- that the obama administration will half to pick up a half dozen more republican votes which is a steeper hill to climb. and one of the things that the obama administration -- it is very interesting. they haven't backed off just because kyl says we shouldn't do it in the lame duck even though they need 7 republican votes they haven't backed off because they say this could
1:22 pm
endanger our relationship with russia. russia helps us supply our troops in afghanistan. russia has been helping us impose sanctions and not sell arms to iran. there is a lot of, you know, sort of three dimensional chess being played here on the international stage and there are concerns about what happens if you disappoint the russians and don't pass this treaty. on the other hand, you know, kyl would say we are not in the business of disappointing or pleasing the russians, we are involved with international security. >> shannon: we will watch that. and a great interview with governor rick perry out of texas and a spirited panel as always. chris, thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: and you can catch chris wallace's full interview with secretary clinton right after this show. plus, chris sat down with governor rick perry, it all starts today at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox,. the votes have all been counted but the election results for the alaska race are not official yet.
1:23 pm
a judge halted certification of the results. incumbent lisa murkowski leads by 10,000 votes including 8,000 challenged by the miller campaign. if he succeeds securing a recount he has to pay for it himself under alaska law. >> it d. she fire or quit? either way, lindsay lohan is no longer starring in a moviesry about linda love lace. people areore supreme speaking speaking out about the new airport kurt measures.le a what people are telling radioa. host rick larson, next. tends t. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation.
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>> shannon: nato has set a deadline to hand over security in afghanistan to afghan forces by 2014. but the taliban says foreign troops shouldn't plan on staying that long. julie kirtz with that story and more. hi, julie. >> reporter: the taliban has vowed to force the u.s. led coalition to abeen abeen a doe
1:28 pm
afghanistan before 2014. they say they won't allow nato to establish a secure afghan government by that. according to scientists, north korea has built a new highly sophisticated facility to enrich uranium. he says he was stunned by size and sophistication of the plant when toured it last month. in utah authorities are the tracking the footsteps of a man accused of critically shooting and wounding a ranger. authorities have recovered a back pack, knife and bloody t-shirt. it looks like lindsay lohan won't be playing 1970s porn star linda lovelace in a new movie. some say she quit to focus on rehab. others say she was fired. the role has been passed to watchmen star mellon ackerman.
1:29 pm
did i pronounce that right? >> shannon: sounds right to me. whatever helps lindsay get better we are all for that. the holiday season is upon us. is the weather going to cooperate? rick reichmuth has all the latest. hi, rick. >> a kind of a rough week ahead of us for a lot of people. you see this contrast in temperatures. very cold air across the northern rockies and northern plains. warm i cros across the south. enjoy it now because it will change. a lot of people will be seeing snow. the next 48 hours snow from parts of minnesota back down towards minnesota and all of the west. an additional 2 to 3 feet of snow in the west on top of the two or three feet across the sierra, nevada. this is the first storm bringing rain and causing flooding concerns at times and then another storm behind this that will continue to pull on in as well. one other big problem this morning, freezing rain that
1:30 pm
fell around the minneapolis-st. paul area and roads are slick if you have to head out in this area. best if you can just stay inside. if your flight is on wednesday, minneapolis again another storm system will pull in there and i think we will see significant delays on wednesday in the airport in minneapolis. both chicago and d.c. i think some moderate delays. atlanta the busiest airport in the world i think you will be looking just fine. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. president obama has now weighed in on the tsa screening controversy. he says that he understands airline travelers' frustrations but the new measures are necessary to fight against terrorist attacks. >> at this point tsa in consultation with our counter terrorism experts has indicated to me that the procedures that they have been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the christmas day bombing.
1:31 pm
>> all right, you have weighed in on the tsa procedures as well. back in august a fox news opinion dynamics poll asked people about their views on full body scanners. when asked if they free ferraro to go through the scanner or subject to a patdown. 69% take the scanner and 16% said they would rather go through the patdown. when asked if they should be used to screen all airline passengers 65% said yes and 28% said no. all right, more on that coming up. also, alvin green. we have to check in on him. he may have lost the race for senate in south carolina but now has his eyes on a much, much bigger prize. our favorite radio talk show host keith larson is here to talk about that and the other big topic getting a lot of attention this week. the new tsa security measures. keith, how are you this week? >> shannon, i'm doing well. how are you? >> shannon: i'm great. i know this is something at every water cooler in the country.
1:32 pm
there has been a buzz about that. what are you hearing from the folks there in the carolinas? >> you just heard the president it is the only thing that can be done in order to protect us from the underwear bomber or what have you. can you believe we are in a point in this country where the american people have to stand up to the federal government and say don't touch my junk. it is crazy and people are buzzing about this. we talked about it several times this week and i know you have a couple of clips from the show. >> the solution to the tsa air flight problem. have flights. one with security and one without. and if you want to have the security and patdown and whole nine yards get on that plane. if you feel comfortable with your safety and you don't want the patdown get on that flight. >> hi, keith, if i show up to security wearing a one piece bathing suit or a spandex suit would they still pat me down or
1:33 pm
would they do a visual inspection and say you could move on? you know what i mean? >> shannon: i think you ended that call by telling her maybe we should just all fly naked. >> that is the thing that is the scariest part about this, shannon, right now, is that it is not just the scans, the full scans or the full patdowns that they are doing down. there doesn't seem to be any critical thinking in between we were attacked and bad people are still trying to attack us which is true or do we have to be x-rayed to the short hair. there is nothing in the middle but honestly that is what the fed has been telling us for nine years now. this is not just an obama administration phenomenon. the fsa came out of -- the tsa came out of the bush administration. saying to the feds we have to do whatever we have to do to protect america. >> shannon: the next time you head to the airport what is your attitude about the screening procedures.
1:34 pm
how do you feel? >> i wouldn't do the opt out thing on wednesday. that will make it tougher for me and other people. if i'm going through i'm going to salute the tsa. flip or salute the tsa i think in some free speech kind of way when i go through. >> shannon: have the cell phone cam rolling and when you do we will bring you up here. listen, we got to check in on one of our favorite guys out there. alvin green did not successfully pull off a senate run against senator jim demint but we hear this week he has other plans. let's take a listen. >> is this the 2012 presidential candidate to whom i am speaking? >> yes. >> all he needs is -- we know you are all listening. 50 grand in 50 brand in
1:35 pm
contributions or send what you can and at least -- let me get -- the first 50 grand can make it happen. >> shannon: the first 50 grand. and i heard him say this, that he was born to be the president of the united states. i want to know have you contributed? >> no, i have not contributed but i tell you what, somebody is going do this. are you kidding, for $50,000 alvin green will run for president, this and as a republican, he says he wants to run as a republican because he is mad at the democrats because they didn't stand behind him. for 50 grand he will run as republican for president. a drop in the bucket for some reality tv show producer or movie producer. i'm sure this is going to happen, shannon. >> shannon: you are right, keith and we will be watching. keith larson, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> shannon: president obama's former chief of staff rahm emanuel just got new competition in the race for chicago mayor.
1:36 pm
form senator carol moseley braun has entered the fray. she kicked off her campaign by reintroducing herself to younger voters. since leaving office she has run an organic food company. how much does it really cost to put the turkey on the table come thanksgiving? we will do math to find out how much the cranberry sauce and stuffing or at my inlaws call it, the filling takes out of your wallet, coming up. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. [ female announcer ] yopit's real fruit and the goodness of dairy gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. yoplait. it is so good.
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stella: hmmm. we're getting new medicare benefits from the new healthcare law. jane: yea. most people will get free cancer screenings. and 50 percent off of brand name prescription drugs if you're in the donut hole. stella: you read my paper. jane: i went to it's open enrollment, you know. so i checked out all the options and found a better plan to fit my budget. stella: well, you know what they say...knowledge... jane: knowledge is power.
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following this hour on america's news headquarters. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says a report that north korea is stepping up its nuclear program is more evidence of the country's efforts to destablize the region. according to an american nuclear scientist who recently visited nort north korea the cy has built a highly
1:41 pm
sophisticated facility to enrich uranium,. in new orleans they will have to keep boiling water until this afternoon. they advise residents to boil water after a power failure as the main treatment plant lowered the water pressure. autopsies being performed today on a young mother and her three small children killed in their north florida home. the bodies of mother and her twin six-year-old girls and three-year-old son were found by authorities yesterday after they got a suspicious 911 call. >> shannon: this year you may have notice that your turkey and trimmings hit your wallet a little harder. peter doocy with a look at how much more you have to pay. >> thanksgiving dinner everybody feels heavier but this year people's wallets will
1:42 pm
be a little lighter. the average price of a thanksgiving dinner for ten is up 1.4%. 3-pound bags of sweet potatoes up 7 cents. pie cells up 7 cents and frozen turkeys up 28%. we visited a poulttry farm and they explained that customers will notice that the birds cost a little bit more this year because it cost the farmers so much more to raise them. >> the more chickens you raise, the more feed we need and as a result we raise our prices on the meat. but they got to eat. >> and laura told us she doesn't think a 20-cent per pound increase on turkeys is going to lead a lot of people to cancel thanksgiving dinner this week and that in fact they had very few cancellations so far. economists say the real problem
1:43 pm
isn't the cost of food but rather the cost of getting around. >> bigger problem for thanksgiving is actually the cost of getting to grandma's. the big increase that we have seen in oil prices and the cost of travel as a result since a year ago. >> so, people aren't likely to be thankful for those high prices, especially since so many americans are struggling so much this year. i should point out green peas are down 1 cents and stuffing is down a penny. so that is good news. >> shannon: great news. two of the best side dishes. >> my favorites. >> shannon: yeah. retailers aren't about to let the nation's bad economy become a lump of coal on the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. heather childer shows us the extra stores are adding to make them bring in the green. >> unemployment numbers still linger around 9% and for most americans the recession is far from over. the national retail federation says there is reason for retailers to feel hopeful this holiday and they are predicting sales to increase by a little
1:44 pm
over 2%. to get shoppers in the door retailers are looking to wow consumers. >> every hour we will randomly select a shopper and give them a gift. >> and gifts keep coming from elaborate multimedia displays to carolers, cocoa and cookies. >> you will have some fresh baked cookies when you come in. the first 500 shoppers that visit guest services will be eligible for a complimentary treat. relax in the rejuvination station. >> sears is calling their sale black friday now. others like old navy are beginning their friday on thursday. on tomorrow of low prices prompting consumers something really making a difference is the night factor. >> they are look at customer service to say how can we drive customer service in the stores so that when you come in our store you have a great experience. >> and retailers hope that the shoppers are in a spending mood this holiday season and they are pulling out all the stops.
1:45 pm
and it it is not just about santa. it is all about the experience. getting the shoppers in the stores spending more time and hopefully spending more money. they expect to exceed their projected increase and if that that will add up to $447 billion in sales for the holiday season. royal watchers long pondered the question could camilla ever become queen. prince charles seems to be suggesting it could be a possibility. when asked if she would become queen if he takes the throne charles said "we will see, won't we, that could be. a pencetive topic in london as many still view parker boles as the person who broke up charles' marriage to diana. we have some special guests. how cute are these guys. they are more than just pretty faces. they worked hard and it is a fantastic program.
1:46 pm
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. iran set a february 6 trial
1:50 pm
date for she americans arrested more than a year ago along the iraqi border. they were charged with spying. the trial was supposed to start november 6 but authorities delayed it because one of the americans freed on bail had not been summoned to return to the country to appear in court. she was freed in september and returned to the u.s. her fiancee and their friend remains in prison in iraq. take a look at this dramatic rescue. after 70 hours trapped inside a pipe beneath the surface of the sea a chinese construction worker was finally freed. rescue teams lifted the pipe out of the water and cut a small hole in the side to the man could be pulled out to safety. he was trapped last thursday after an accident offshore on a construction platform. very happy ending. all right, we love this story. paws for purple hearts is the first program of its kind where soldiers here in the u.s. train dogs for veterans.
1:51 pm
joining is now is the founder of purple hearts and a couple of their four legged friends. irvine -- they are very relaxed now. rick, you started this program. tell us what it is all about. >> we started this two and a half years ago at the v.a. in alto california. we are having soldiers with post traumatic stress getting treatment participating and training service dogs for other veterans. and we also started a program on the east coast at walter reed army medical center through the war to transition brigade occupational program and finding results that soldiers are getting out in the community and teaching these dogs to accept noises and buses and all the things that they are working on for themselves
1:52 pm
they are teaching the dogs and the motivation for that comes because they know they are doing this to help another veteran. we are saying you are in a war transition, getting treatment and trying to recover from our psychological wounds of war, would you be interested in helping a fellow veteran and nobody refuses to do that. >> shannon: amanda, you have been on the side of training these dogs. tell us what that has meant to you. >> it has been meant a great deal to me. i was one of the first wounded war areors to participate in the program. it gave me a sense of purpose and a mission to ensure that dogs are trained and helping veterans just like rick pointed out. that is something that i think any service member would do. if it is a program that is willing to help to support veterans and that is what it meant tos to me. >> shannon: how did it help you with your emotional and physical recovery after serving your own time it allowed me to
1:53 pm
come off a lot of the medications i was on and allowed me to feel comfortable going out into crowds again and going out into public and having that confidence again in myself and who i am as a person. >> shannon: i love that irvine is completely so calm. if my lab was in here she would not be so well behaved. how easy is it to train them and take care of other people. >> really not easy at all. it requires a lot of patience and time and emotional regulation and tremendous bond based on leadership and respect and the first week i started this program i was working with combat marines with pretty severe post traumatic stress and i was saying you have to be assertive in the command and as soon as the dog does the command you have to turn into richard simmons. they said we are emotionally numb and we don't sound like
1:54 pm
richard simmons. i said i underand it that and you have to pretend. all of them started from faking it to sounding sincere and the dog gives immediate honest feedback and it it is powerful. >> shannon: what can they do once they are trained for the vets. >> they are trained for 90 commands. pulling wheel chairs. turning lights on. opening doors. picking up even a business card off of this floor. they are working as an extension of a person's limbs that don't function well. >> shannon: amanda, what would you say to folks who want to support the program and what kind of difference it makes? >> the program is a fantastic program. it helped me, i mean i'm a living witness to it and i will back it up 100% and whoever has a dog knows the benefit of the dog whether you have a disability or not. and the unconditional love that they can give to you. >> shannon: amanda, thank you so much for your service to this country and rick all that
1:55 pm
you are doing to help people like amanda and so many others. paws for purple and irvine and huff thank you two for coming. >> diving tor for dollars. a unique and unusual way to make a living. stay with us. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her lon. oh, now that's t best part. i love your work.
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>> shannon: it looks like there is a new world record on the books unofficially anyway thanks to a man in new york who shattered the guinness world record for the most high-fives in one hour with 797. the previous record was 408 set bay group in portland, oregon, in 1998. the claim still needs to be verified by guinness before it is an official world record, of course. in florida an interpray knew is making big bucks off golfers worst swings. he is a professional golf ball diver. he dodges snakes and ail gators to pull about 2 million balls a year out of the water. cleans them up and tests them out and resells them. you may mondayer how much he makes doing this. about $15,000 a month he says. great work if you can get it. and can get by the ail


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