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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 22, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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dearly, quit lecturing! # all right. the guy trying to take control of government spending is on fox business in one hour. republican congressman jack kingsman trying to become the man who heads the appropriation committee. the chairman will call the shots. and dole out the money. you know where he is? on fbn. if you don't get it -- >> demand it! >> glenn: welcome to on the "glenn beck program." george soros fired the opening anti-obama salvo. we talked at it last week or the week before. sure enough, others are falling in line. last week, soros told wealthy democrat own eers that the president wasn't his guy. you may not want to spend your money or time there. predictively, progressives are ditching obama and getting ready to fight
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conservatives. their word. on their own. obama doesn't fight conservatives enough. uh-huh. democratic organizers scheduled a meeting of the minds including harold ickies and andy stern. add to that paul krugman from the "new york times" wrote this weekend those who still believe in obama are engaged in huge acts of self-delusion, because obama largely accepted the conservative storyline, which i think that americans said no to the progressive stuff. the president believe the tea party have spokep and the tea party have won, so you move on -- dot-org -- or stand up and fight. hang on. andy stern is part of this. hmm. andy stern said they're ready to stand up and fight. what was it that we showed you when we talked about the union and communists last week? the communist from the brecht
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forum said? >> labor movement has an old saying. i don't know. if you can't open their minds, open their heads. >> glenn: yeah, that's it. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. is it thursday thanksgiving -- it is going to be thursday and thanksgiving. it's the week of thanksgiving in new york. things are getting festive. i was out christmas shopping for the family saturday and it's starting to get nuts here. you are probably like i am excited to enjoy a nice big meal with your family and friends. at least the meal part. i'm excited for people to come over for the holidays until the family arrives. then you hear the doorbell and you're like oh, crap,
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they're here. unfortunately, for as excited as we may be, i'm about to rain on the parade. that's me. i'm your black rain cloud. i feel'm going to issue you a challenge this thanksgiving to think past the stuffing and past the turkey in your face and watching football. try to talk to your family this year about things that really matter. i have a few conversation starters for you. it may end up with you locked in the basement or outside. i'm not sure. but i want to share them with you tonight. i'm the grim reaper of apathy. that is me. if you want to float down the stream of life and end up with the current takes you, you should turn the channel right now. i think spongebob is on at this time. this is definitely not the show for you. in the middle of your gravy-soaked mashed potato bliss you will hear my voice going tell him about
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inflation! you will. you will. i want to apologize in advance. if we don't wake up our family and friends and don't start a conversation on a weekend like thanksgiving, i don't think that they will know what hit them after the holidays. i know it's not easy to talk to your family about anything. really anything. our families are so divided right now and we have to stitch it back up. hard to talk about anything other than football an food on thanksgiving. if you go through the news of the day, it can't be busy as usual in the country. a couple things. first, on the terror front. we have the t.s.a., seriously. how is that working out for you? there is something with the t.s.a. story. we'll get into that later in the week. there is operation hemorrhage. new al-qaeda strategy.
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operation hemorrhage. instead of going for one massive spectacular attack, they are attacking the enemy, "with smaller and more frequent operations" to what some might refer to as strategy of 1,000 cuts. the aim is to bleed the enemy to death. where have i heard this before? oh, yeah! they are claiming responsibility for the cargo bombing attempt. i haven't figured this out. it appeared to be a bomb making material. it's either a bomb or it's not! al-qaeda doesn't care if the plot was foiled or not. they just want to increase fear. may i point out after i did after 9/11 barack obama said these words he would do to america what he did to the former soviet union. what is that? bleeding it to death.
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financially. they hit the financial sector because they know the way -- we talked about the tower of babel and bricks? what is the hebrew word for mortar in between? materialism. what holds us together as a people. materialism. i want you to think of this, this weekend. when you are with your family, what holds this country together? the have, principles -- the values, principals? or materialism. if the money goes away are we in the street killing each other? that has to change. that can't happen. al-qaeda doesn't care if the package bomb plot failed. how much does it end up costing? this is death by 1,000 paper cuts. next thing to consider is net neutrality. f.c.c. over congress. we told you that congress was making itself irrelevant.
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they couldn't get net neutrality through congress. the is announcing plans next week for regulations to ban the i.s.p.s like comcast from blocking or favoring content online. this is basically a fairness doctrine for the internet. you lose the internet, you lose the war, i think. cass sunstein said it was bad for people that they could seek out information that only fit their point of view. they want to make sure you get huffington post on fox news. no thank you. they're about to control what you see on the internet. congress doesn't have say anymore. they're being circumvented. comcast will likely go for it because their take over of nbc, i bet it's held ostage. net neutrality. the next thing is the debt. and deficit. we just had a blue ribbon panel and cochair and senator
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of the commission was alan simpson. he gave a warning -- if this doesn't sound like the coming insurrection, i don't know what is. gave this on the coming debt ceiling for the debt next year. >> i can't wait for the bloodbath in april. it won't matter whether two of us sign this, or 14 or 18. when the debt limit time comes they will look around and say what in the hell do we do now? we have guys that won't approve the debt limit extension, unless we give them a piece of meat. real meat off of the package. boy, the bloodbath will be extraordinary. >> glenn: i don't know if he meant it this way but i think he is right. you're seeing it in san francisco or oakland last week when they talked about cutting money for the schools. in berkeley, california, i they had the rioters in the street and some took baton from a cop and almost beat
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him to death with it. they were screaming "get his gun, get his gun!" it's bad. what was in europe is coming here. also bad because the debt and deficit, there is a lack of jobs. the reason why we have the deficit is because people aren't paying taxes, because the jobs. food pantries are really bad. non-profit food distribution agencies are struggling at record breaking pace this year. the demand is outrageous. this is a picture from northwest washington, d.c. there were 3,000 people that waited in line for grocery hand-outs. 3,000 people. bread lines. do you remember breadlines? they're back. in america many -- in 2010.
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reuters said over the weekend, that the economists is worried about u.s. inflation. hang on. inflation? i herd fed, bernanke say no, we're not worried. we're worried about deflation! but a national survey for the national association for business economics ranked inflation a bigger worry than deflation. sure, your house may deflate in price but everything else will go up. what does it mean to you? more in a minute. here is another one i thought was incredible. the dollar. the weakest currency in the world! the dollar. that is up there with the peso, by the way. who said this? don't worry, only j.p. morgan. j.p. morgan. the weakest currency in the
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world the dollar is on pace to become. the cities are broke. detroit suburb took steps to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy, a move that revealed news of hundreds of cities in michigan that are about to follow suit and declare bankruptcy. again, who saw that one coming? china, china. can you ask your friends, are they a friend or a foe? they are the new leader in the world. the rest of the world is looking to them to lead. did you see the story that happened this weekend? as we attempt to lessen our coal use and we're told we have to stop it. we're told we have to stop. china has had a massive increase in coal production. the other thing is, don't worry, it's such a happy place. a woman was sentenced to a year in a labor camp over a tweet. it was cool. she was arrested on the day after her wedding. don't worry about it.
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it took a week before people found out where she was. i know you know all of this stuff. you watch this show, you know. you're awake and engaged. but america is in a slumber. next year, i don't care. if anybody else wakes up, tough. we are going to move on because we have to be leaders. we made the case over and over. they're discrediting themselves. it's lying. just a lie. the evidence is there. the proof is there. it's the evidence. really, you're not worried about inflation? uh-huh. we have come a long way learning history and current events and politics. we're going to double our efforts. just us isn't enough. we have to get everybody we can on board before this ship sales. what better time to do it than when you hold them hostage over roosted turkey
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stuffing and cranberries. you know what i'm saying? don't talk politics. for the love of pete don't say i heard this on glenn beck. don't! using my name is losing. talking politics is worth lest at this point -- worthless at this point. we're beyond that. if you talk politics, gravy will fly across the table. politics got us in this mess. instead, talk about the principles and values. talk an about gratitude. it's thanksgiving. it has to be the first and most critical. have you ever heard the last line -- this is the proclamation that was issued in 1777, november 1. proclamation of saying we have to have a thanksgiving. talks about that it's further recommended servile labor, like recreation, otherwise innocent may be unbecoming to the purpose of this
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appointment. may be omitted on a solemn occasion. so in other words, give thanks but don't do anything else. don't even have recreation. wow! innocent recreation unbecoming on thanksgiving. i'm going to macy's day parade. we watch football and overeat. shopping. stores are open now. how far we have fallen. we need to get perspective back starting this week. we'll need it. soon. easy one to work on in thanksgiving. but how many of us will really do it? you might say now, i got to do that. once you get in the old habit, it will take more finesse to talk about what actually matter. to talk about things we're facing. don't sayboy, have you heard about our government and how it's not worried about inflation, but rather deflation?
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no. instead, whoever it was that did the shopping for the food for thanksgiving, just say this at the dinner table. have you seen the price of mill sthk have you seen the price of food? what did this cost you? have you filled up the gas tanks lately? my gosh! whoever is filling up the gas tank and doing the shopping will take it from there. then you can say that ben bernanke says we should be worried about deflation? here he is. >> the constraint imposed by the nominal interest rate is too tight. the short-term rate is too high given the state of the economy. the risk of deflation is higher than desirable. >> glenn: george soros says the same thing. the u.s. not in the position of europe heavily indebted countries that must pay heavy
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premium over the price germany can borrow. interest rates of government bond are following the low and they predict deflation not inflation. i'm a spooky dude. they don't care. and george soros and ben bernanke ain't doing shopping. mom and grandma are. your wife is! the government realized people could recognize how bad things were so they changed how to calculate inflation. so the tv could say there is no inflation and you go i'm broke! how is that happening? now they calculate inflation without adding in price of food and energy. oh, so other than those going up, we're set! don't start talking about how to calculate inflation. that is a gravy tosser. asked has anybody noticed the price of food or gas going
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on? have one of these ready at the table. note from gateway energy services talking about how pico in pennsylvania is going to have a 30% increase of rates at the beginning of the year. 30%. this company says we'll save you 10% on that. oh, so you only have 20% rate hike. how do you do that? how do you do it? things are getting expensive. ask this question. is your social security going up to cover the cost next year? the answer is no. why? because they changed the calculation. if the cost are going up 30% on energy and food and other semis, how does grandma make ends meet? how does she do that?
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she doesn't. how do you stop inflation. do you know? if you have all of this money and you print more money and push it out to boost the economy, get people to spend dollars, how do you get them out of the system? inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods. how do you get the dollars back to the fed and destroy them? you suck them up with interest rate. show you a chart. two years ago at the start of 2008, we had $7.5 trillion of currency circulating around the world. now we have $8.8 trillion in circulation and i don't even believe that. in the 19 #0s, we had inflation. reagan stopped it. do you remember how? ask do you remember buying a house in the late '70s and early '80s? yeah, we had 20% interest rate. that's the fed sucking dollars back in to be
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destroyed. if we had 20% interest rate under jimmy carter and we didn't have the cash in the system, what kind of interest rates do we have to have now? how high do interest rates have to go to stop inflation this time? how do you do it without killing the engine of the country? remember the song "allen town" by billy joel? there is nothing left but a tattoo parlor to close down in allen town. ask the family around the dinner table what they think of america having the weakest dollar in the world. when they laugh say it's according to jp morgan chase. king of the peso. see if you can get the dinner table to agree. the city can't pay for the teacher pension. remember grandma's pension. but should grandma pay for the teacher's pensions? should we pay for them? propose this.
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everybody over 65, if you are retired now, you get full social security. if you're 60, work until you're 68. if you're 65, work until you're 70. you're living longer. if it's under, 50 you get nothing. let's take care of the people in the system. i'm 46. not a chance i'm going to get social security and i've known it my whole life. things are changing. it will take a revolution in thought and expectation. but in the end, if we have that revolution of thought, if we think outside of the box, we will have freedom. isn't that what the pilgrims took pause to recognize? they had freedom. with freedom and god combined, anything can be accomplished. that's what we give thanks for. ♪ ♪ ♪ living here in allen town ♪ and they're closing all the
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factories down ♪ @ñçm@;
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>> glenn: i want you to have conversations at the dinner table with your friends and family, because we're headed toward the system of government that china has. china is the new model, right? china is the new model.
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it's great to see the southern reverence we have for china. they are a communist country. just like they were under chairman mao. they only killed 80 million people. seriously, that's it. 80 million. i want to show you a picture of the people in communist china, how wonderful life was under mao. see the guys? they weren't prisoners. these were just workers. chairman mao thought ahh, let's just call him 119. that's all they are. numbers. china is the same country today except they don't call it communism anymore. they call it state capitalism. are they capitalists? well, yes. they're not communists really. what is communism? communism is state controlled, state owned, state run. nobody owns anything. that is not communism.
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now they let people make money. they let people own things. all right. but not entirely. so it's not communism. look it up in the dictionary. what is the step between communism and capitalism? it's socialism. so it's a socialist country, right? now state, state capitalism. is capital "s." state capitalism. equal to the nation. it's not local. it will be. one world government. state capitalism. it actually national socialism. who had national socialism? hey, that's right. that's the government setting the pace of the economy using private companies to be the engine. who had this system?
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that's right. national socialism. somebody had it. look that up. privately owned companies, just do what the state said. in china is completely different. they have privately owned companies that has to do what the state says. i know we wouldment take national socialism, because that was germany. germany had this. that is national socialism, the nazi party. if we wouldn't go for national, let's just capitalize the "s" so we don't freak anybody out, because we say it's not national socialist, it's state. everybody is freaked out by communism and it's not communism. you still get to own things. call it capitalism when it's national socialism.
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let's call it state capitalism. and the world will feel so much better. do you understand? this is what progressives do. they just change the words. change the meaning. national socialism. what hitler said could never be defeated. what are you hearing from people? you will never beat china. why? because they steal the technology. they railroad anybody. kill anybody standing in their way. china arrested somebody for tweeting. sorry, for re-tweeting. no trial. person responsible for the tweet which was satirical, mocked youth demonstrators who smashed japanese products in protest in a dispute with japan. she disappeared on her wedding day. that was october 27. this week, people found out where she was. she was detained. year of reeducation through
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labor. oh! that is very progressive of them. she's going to make some progress. right? i wonder if she has a number yet. this is supposedly the country that is the new world leader. the model that everyone will follow. if you think the earth has a temperature like al gore does do you believe china will is going to cut back on emissions if for good of the planet? they are tossing people in camps over tweets. are they going to stand up for freedom in the world? national socialism? or state capitalism? i'm sorry, i don't play that. though i am an alcoholic and i'm fluid in bull crap, i'm tired of talking. tired of speaking that language. let's call a spade a spade. what happens when they rule the world and there is no strong defense against it. where there is no one to
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stand against state capitalism. ronald reagan said all those decades ago, against the last state capitalist that were communists at the time, still applies today. watch this. if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. this is the last stand on earth. >> glenn: amen. back in a minute. ñ÷
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i'm patti ann browne. today, the mayor of los angeles made a trip to the airport to get his body scanned. trying to ease concerns over the controversial new security measures ahead of the thanksgiving travel rush. antonio villaraigosa did not go through the pat-down procedure. the mother of former washington intern chandra levy said the pain of losing her daughter will remain with her forever. her murder was convicted in court today. 330 people are dead in cambodia after a stampede in the water festival in the capital. the country prime minister called it biggest tragedy there since the '70s. more video of the aftermath available on glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report". >> bret: coming up, new boarries about new details about how far north korea nuclear program is moving along. so now what? ireland is bailed out. will portugal and spain be far behind? join me in 26 minutes for
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"special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: announced friday night on december 15, i am going to be in a town called wilmington, ohio, it's a very, very small up to. it's the town that "60 minutes" referred to as ground zero for unemployment. they consider it ground zero because when the overnight carrier d.h.l. closed the operations there. 7,000 jobs were lost in wilmington, alone. a town of 12,500 people. imagine that. despite, you have never seen a town like this. never. i consider it ground zero. i am not -- ground zero for
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hope. i'm not going there to help wilmington out. i'm going to bring wilmington to you. i believe wilmington can rescue the rest of the nation. their churches are all working together to help each other. they are doing such an amazing thing. let me ask you this. have you ever heard of a town provi provide 24-hour god cover? 24 hours a day they pray. they pray for each other. they have prayer walls. they write down request for prayers. all of the denominations and it's all funded by individual donors. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> we like to say upward to god and outward to the community through prayer. it's 24/7 prayer room. we are open for the community and to pray for the community.
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there is a hope starting to stir with the people, we're going to be okay. we're going to get through this. >> glenn: my staff went out to do preparatory work and they came back saying you will never want to leave this town. it's amazing. there is a lot to learn from these people in how they are dealing with it. we must learn it. there is a lot to learn from the sugar tree ministry. this is a ministry feeding people. every day. they don't know how the pantry will be filled but they lay their hand on the shelters and say lord, help fill them. they haven't asked for a dime, nor will they take a dime from the government. what am i asking? i am asking you to come and join me december 15 in
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wilmington if you're anywhere near there, because i want you to feel this town. i want you to know this isn't a pie in the sky dream to live and help each other. this is happening. real. it's "a wonderful life" but it's real. not a movie. come witness amazing christmas experience. this will be for your whole family. i'm going to do a show at the local theater. proceeds go to the soup kitchen and to the theater. historical murphy theater. but more than that. it's the last seen of its a wonderful life. where is the candy? did someone taken the candy? you can get people all kind of presents. who makes candy like this? i love this. sugar, butter, cashew. chocolate, sugar, butter,
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cashew. i mean really, you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside. you're going to feel something that you don't feel very often. the real life bedford falls. i hear santa is coming. not just the mall santa. no. not the helper santa. the real santa. do your christmas shopping do your carolling op december 15 with me in wilmington, ohio. restore yourself. you know what? you always get more than you give. we are going wilmington because we need you. not the other way around. i'm picking wilmington, ohio, this time. i am working op things that will boggle your mind next year. this is not the only town that is hurting. your town probably is too. soup kitchens across the country are in desperate
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need. more americans than ever are falling in to what they call food insecure categories. it means that during the year there are times when the households are unable to get enough food for their family because they don't have the money or other resources and it will get worse next year. last year, 14.7% of households were food insecure. at least one point in the year. 15 million people, including 1 million children. as we approach thanksgiving, the economy may be out of the ditch, according to the obama administration. food pantries and other non-profit food distribution agencies are not. they are struggling to meet record breaking demand as the holidays approach. the need is great. so america is great because we are good. it's great to give money to haiti and africa and everything else. but can we spend a little time caring for america right now? i don't know if you heard the
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car is in the ditch. maybe this thanksgiving we can do less at thanksgiving and give a little more to our soup kitchen in our own area. give more and receive so much more in return. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: i have to warn you,
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i have dicey news for you today at noon. there was a public reading of the bible. in both philadelphia and baltimore. look away, kids. it's shocking. philadelphia and baltimore celebrate national bible week and people reading the bible in public. and at city hall. in baltimore. oh, the humanity! what about the separation of church and state? surprising to some there is no mention in the constitution or any public document here about the reading of the bible in public or on government premise or anything like that. let me recite the establishment clause in its entirety. congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free eexercise thereof. it's crazy. that's it. the end. reading the bible doesn't seem to make law establishing religion, nor does it prohibit the free exercise thereof, now does it? sucks to be a progressive. national bible week.
5:46 pm
it has been celebrating the week of thanksgiving every year since 1941. what was happening in 1941? oh, yeah, i bet we needed it then. the reason to raise awareness of the bible importance and relevance to the nation and the individuals in that nation. has there been a time since 1941 that we needed it? comfort and guidance more than now? maybe. i asked you to do the 40-day, 40-night challenge. to find out does god exist? do i know him? pray on your knees. i ask you to do on these things. maybe in addition to the foodfest at least i will celebrate thursday we could take time to celebrate the real meaning of the season. find out, find out if we know him. what it means if anything how we can help. i want to point you in the
5:47 pm
direction of this book by steven k. scott. the greatest words ever spoken. i don't know why this hasn't been done a long time ago. this is the new testament. everything jesus says about you, life and everything else. in encyclopedic form. if you look up the fear of god, obedience, taxes, temptation, false doctrine, sinners, conflict and lawsuits. you look it upp and it's only his words. the greatest resource. what am i supposed to do on forgiveness? it's great. question with boldness the very existence of god because if there is a god he must prefer honest questioning than blind fear. paraphrasing jefferson. words that changed my life. a country that is supposed to give thanks to god for his blessings. do we know him? when is the last time we checked in with him?
5:48 pm
when is the last time we thought, gee, if we had 24-hour prayer in our town i wonder if that would change things? imagine. find out for yourself. i just wanted to quickly let you know. national bible week. maybe we should encourage people to read it from time to time. it hear it's a good book. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: all the controversy over the advanced imaging machine and t.s.a. enhanced patdown are forgetting one thing. i like to call it constitution. listen to what the former director of t.s.a. said on fox news. >> nobody likes their fourth amendment violated going through the security line. but the truth of the matter is we are going to have to do it. >> glenn: how? why are there so many people eager to give up rights for security? fox news senior skushl -- judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. i've seen this, and people are like whatever.
5:53 pm
first, they're not getting the truth on the scanners. the scanners is porn. >> it's porn. >> glenn: it's porn. i'm not letting my wife -- you think my picture or my wife or daughter's pictures will be deleted from that? >> i would think the marshall would sell your picture to the highest bidder because of disruption you caused. >> glenn: i'm not doing it. my body is sacred. i'm not going to have a 40-year-old guy grabbing my son. >> do you know what you said is not glenn beck, but what the supreme court of the united states said about our bodies. we own our bodies. >> glenn: that's the thing with abortion. the woman owns her body. are they arresting people for not doing this?
5:54 pm
>> this is happening in san diego. they told a guy they were going to pat him down. what are you going to do? he took his shirt and pants off, go ahead and do it. they were afraid to touch him because a grown man in his shorts, gym shorts on. so it wasn't offensive so see him that way and they arrested him for refusal to put the clothes on and pulled him through the airport wearing the gym shorts. they want to suppress people. ron paul said enough is enough. >> glenn: what hacked me off is boehner. he is allowed to go there. head of the g.o.p. they say the speaker of the house is not a threat to the country. did they meet the last speaker of the house? >> apparently not. but they want john boehner, good and decent man on our side. >> glenn: they shouldn't be allowed to do anything that the regular american people can do. ever.
5:55 pm
>> if my neighbor swings a fist at me, i can swing back. but do i have a right to fondle the neighbor? no. what i can't do, the government can't do. congress didn't write the law. bureaucrats did. >> glenn: can we go back to that? if you have 5,000 year leap, this is important. buy that book! for everybody you know, buy the book! the government cannot do what you don't have a right to do. you are lending them your rights. >> george iii told the colonist his government came from god. we fought a revolution to get rid of that idea. we wrote the declaration of independence which states that the government power comes from the consent of the governed. we can't consent to give government what we don't have to give. >> glenn: i'm concerned and i home looking into a slowdown
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and everything else. i think there is something wrong with the story. there is something else going on in the story. what should the ample person do? should you go through? is there anything else you can do? >> well, you don't have to be eradiated. you don't to have be groped. and they can't touch you against your will. they can't tell your children no matter what they tell you and they can't arrest you for your refusal to be touched. >> glenn: okay. back in a second.
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