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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 23, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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great word. do not be nebulous when writing to the factor or communicating with anyone else. no nebulous stuff. thank you for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly please remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you! captioned by closed captioning services, inc. fox news. >> sean: tonight in-depth interview with sarah palin. she will talk about her faith, family, love of country and what may lie head for her in the coming months. it has been only two years since the former governor burst on the national political stage. since that time she has become the most popular at times most polarizing leader in american politics. nobody's endorsement was more sought after. she has been through
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controversy, triumph. she is here to give us a first look at her new book "america by heart, reflections on faith, family and flag." governor, welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you so much sean. >> sean: i normally would make this my last question. but, in the lead-up to the election when i would ask you about your future plans, you would say i'm thinking about the midterms. the midterms are over. are you considering a run for the presidency? >> well, now i'm thinking about 2012. and i am looking at the lay of the land. trying to figure out if my candidacy would be good for the national debate. good for my family. good nor the country. if so, i would be willing to offer myself up in the name of public service. if there are others willing to make the tough choices the sacrifices that a candidate needs to make, i can rest assured that i can be a strong
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supporter of theirs. we'll see who wants to be in the line-up. >> sean: you said in "the new york times" magazine interview, i'm engaged in internal deliberations. you talked about your family. what are the internal deliberations? what are the things going through your mind? >> personal consideration, because it is life changing, obviously, when you are willing to consider even putting yourself forward on a national stage, again, in my case and being willing to put your life, your family's life out there, on the line. there's a lot of consideration going into the personal aspect of it. but, even more importantly, the consideration of what is it that our country needs? we know we need common sense. we know we need experience in the oval office. we know we need someone who believes in time tested truths and a rest for of all what is
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good. versus the transformation of america that presently we see coming out of the oval office. considering who the potential candidates may be who fit that bill i can sit back and see what they are thinking about. considering what they may be doing. if there is no one whom i feel is in a position to be able to beat barack obama and i feel that i am the candidate who can beat barack obama, i will run. >> sean: you said your family is the most important consideration. i assume there had to have been some discussions with family members for example, where is todd on this? where are your children right now on this? have you discussed it at this point? are some leaning one way, some leaning another way? >> haven't talked about it too much with the kids. i think i know them well enough they circle the wagons being part of the team effort that is everything palin is a team effort. they would be there if i chose
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to go forward. todd certainly there. todd knows that we have been blessed with these opportunities to speak a common sense conservative message that reflects what i believe the majority of americans are feeling and desiring in their government. we're blessed with these opportunities. is right by my side. whether i chose -- todd is right by my side. whether i chose to run or chose to continue to be an advocate, todd would be there by my side no matter what realm. >> sean: can i take that as todd leaning yes or is that unfair? >> i would think that todd would be leaning yes. of course he knows what a battle it would be. todd knows how important it is. this is about the future of our country. this is about all of r children and our children and their opportunities and the hope that they should be able to embrace because they are americans. yet, much of that hope is eroding because of government
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policies and decisions coming out of washington today. yes, todd knowing that sacrifices would have to be made. our ease, our comfort would erode because it would take a great battle battle in front of us to win, but todd would be there, >> sean: you were picked by barbara walters as one of the most fascinating people in 2010. she asked if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? your answer was? >> i said i believe so. then i was surprised at the reaction that little tease has received throughout the country. of course i believe that i could beat barack obama otherwise why would i be contemplating a aren't. again, it is only contemplation at this time. but i would be in it to win it. >> sean: you talked about some of the other candidates. we know the names bantered
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about. you said that you would face hurdles that other candidates would -- other potential candidates would not have to cross out of the chute. the one would be proving my record. you also said it's the most frustrating thing for you, what you believe is the warped description of your record. what did you mean by that? >> that is a great question and i'm glad i get to address it. people probably think that my greatest frustration is the lies that are told in the tabloids and hateful blogs full of anonymous sources about my family. and there are constant everyday lies that we have to read that are out in the public. but, my family and i, thick skin, we can take it. we can take what the haters say despite the fact there is injustice in the situation. the other day, willow finally my 16-year-old had it up to you here with somebody saying hateful things about the family and mean thins about
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her little brother trigg. willow responded and used a bad word when she responded in defense of her family. her response became national news, even hard news copy it turned into. that is ridiculous and i had to explain will throw is no justice here but you have to zip your lip and let's move forward. that is not my greatest frustration. mine is my administration record over the last continuey years in public service has been so warped. -- 20 years in public service has been so warped. in this book i got to talk about what i have done as a ceo and commissioner and as a businesswoman too. what i have done with common sense solutions, time tested solutions, to help on each level of government that i served and private sector, to get in our own little circle the economy roaring again. by eliminating taxes and reducing other taxes and incentivizing businesses and
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job creators, not punishing work ethic. throughout 20 years of public service and campaigning i've been able to accomplish. i know that other candidates, because the mainstream media hasn't been so adamantly and grossly opposed to their ideas, they haven't had to go through the scrutiny, the criticism, the lies that i have. >> sean: you did get thrust into the public stage there. was this immediate feeding frenzy. we are going to get to the specifics in your book. there's a lot of interesting nuggets. things i learned about you, i didn't know. you did say something -- they kind of described you winning a guerrilla organization how the times piece put it that you run pretty much with your instincts on a lot. during the last campaign were you frustrated because you felt you were controlled by the presidential campaign. for example, you wanted to do
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more media. in that times piece it says, newer the media and you are proud to be associated with fox. you said you are not avoiding anybody and anything if you were to get back out in the public arena and run for president, would you then do interviews with the lame stream media figures? would you even do another interview with katie couric? >> i would look forward to being even more open than i already many in speaking to the public. i do that through social networks everyday i'm posting something about the discourse, debate in the country and driving a lot of that debate and i'm proud to be able to do that. as a candidate for president, if i chose to do that, absolutely i would be out there even more. as for doing an interview with a reporter who already has such a bias against whatever it is that i would come out and say, why waste my time? no. i want to help cleanup the is so sorry today of journalism. i have a communications degree. i studied journalism.
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who, what, when, where and why of reporters. i will speak to reporters for truth to be reported. a journalist, a reporter, who is so biased and will no doubt spin and gin up what i have to say to create controversy, i swear to you i will not waste my time with her or him. >> sean: governor palin stays with us for the full hour. nancy pelosi called members of the tea party movement unamerican. governor palin responds. >> what the heck is racist about questioning a president's policies? his policies that resulted incurring debt and making our country more beholding to foreign nations and less independent when it comes to energy and national security issues that leave us scratching our heads. ño
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we are worried our leaders don't believe what we believe that america is a exceptional nation. the shining city on a hill that ronald reagan believed it is. our current leaders like to focus on america's faults and apologize for her shortcomings, real and perceived to dictators and would be dictator as broad. we know our country isn't perfect. but we also know that lincoln was right when he called it the last best hope on earth. >> and will to the best of my ability -- >> we want leaders who share these beliefs. we deserve such leaders. there's the concerns of tea party americans and anyone else who understands how dangerous it is to erode our constitution's foundational principles.
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>> sean: tea party movement here in america help defined the 2010 midterm elections. many look at my guest as the face of that movement. that's governor palin, back with us. in your book you have very interesting comments. you said, i don't think it is an accident that opponents of this new american awakening so often accuse tea parties and others of being racist. it is a guaranteed conversation stopper you said. expand on that a little. >> yeah, it is. there is no greater criticism in the political discourse in our country than to be able to spew that in this case, a lie, that a tea party american or a group of tea party americans are racist. it is a conversation stopper. invalidation results of any comment or any point that tea party american wants to make from that point forward. it is a tactic that is used, that is sick, unfair, but just
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one more hurdle that so many good, conservative tea party americans have had to overcome and prove there is no racism involved. what is the heck is racist about questioning our president, his policies? his policies that resulted incurring debt and making our country more beholding to foreign nations and less independent when it comes to energy and national security issues and leave us scratching our heads. has nothing to do with his skin tone. it has to do with naivete, his fundamental transformation desire of our country. nothing to do with skin tone. yet critics want to gin up this controversy of racism so the points made will not be heard. >> sean: you have been attacked about as much as any political figure that i have followed in my entire life, which is -- i'm a political junkie, i love this. i don't think it has ever been as personal as it has been
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with you. you mentioned your daughter willow. you have another daughter bristol involved in "dancing with the stars." you talk about this in the book. they are coming up with a conspiracy that your daughter is winning because the tea party is doing this you have that criticism on the one hand. you have spencer baucus accusing you of having cost the republicans the senate on the other hand. does any of this bother you personally? >> personally, i have to admit when it comes to the kids, it does many controversy about bristol. here the producers are explaining there is no way to cheat the system. the public votes. that accounts for 50% of the dancer's score incorporated in the final verdict with the judges. they are trying to explain the facts. the haters are gonna hate. bristol has said it best. mom, doesn't matter what we do, we are going to get criticized
12:18 am
any way so we might as well dance. you are right honey we might as well dance, fly, soar and speak about issues that are important to this country. we might as well do it. and we'll take that criticism, because we know at the end of the day, truly being committed to a cause is worth it. >> sean: plenty more coming up. facing the momma grizzlies governor palin on why the pink elephants are still a force to be reckoned with. >> that message is threatened to the liberals who run the immediate and -- media and run much of government. they don't want most americans to be reminded of the time tested truths that are foundation of this most except how about this one!? not big enough. awwwww. this one? this one? this one? still not big enough. [ disappointed ] but it's the biggest one here... [ male announcer ] let's be honest. no one ever wished r a smaller holiday gift. ♪
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>> these are tough, serious formidable women. you don't wanna mess with the momma grizzlies. like michelle bachmann of minnesota. nikki haley of south carolina. susannah martinez of new mexico and carly fee reason that of california. -- carly fiorina of california. they are in the forefront of american women confidently affecting not just theje8ñ republican party but america itself. >> sean: this was the year of the momma grizzlies. conservative women scored huge victories from coast-to-coast. many had the backing of former governor sarah palin. author of the new book, "america by heart." in the "new york times" piece mary matlin said i don't know her well enough, meaning you,
12:24 am
to know if she developed the thick skin you need to be endlessly resilient the way reagan could take things for decades. i think you answered that a little in the last segment. you know, why are conservative women more often attacked than anybody else in the political arena? >> first let me say how proud i am of these common sense constitutional conservative women they have the blood of the pioneering whoeupl forged new lands and through waterways of the west and helped settle this nation. they are the women who raised families and taught their children and provided within their communities throughout the ages. these are the same women and here they've stood up and said enough is enough as this fundamental transformation of america would be shoved down our throats and ruin opportunities for children and enough is enough and we are going to put government back on our i'm proud of them and
12:25 am
the candidates who perhaps didn't prevail this go round i want them to stick to it and give it another shot. they are attacked also. i'm not the only one. sean, even when you talk about the personal attacks that the palins receive on a daily basis. you do too and rush does and glenn beck. all the other folks. ann culture, laura ingraham, michelle malkin these folks who have been out the frontlines with this message about common sense conservative solutions that can be applied to our economy and national security issues. you guys have been taking it longer than i have. i've been taking it for 20 years more on a local level. taking on the good ole boys from city council on up. that message that is threatening to the liberals who run the media and run much of government. they don't want most americans to be reminded of the time tested truths that are the foundation of this most
12:26 am
exceptional country. when we talk about that foundation, they get threatened so they have to personally attack and try to erode our credibility and invalidate our statements. they do that by attacking -- by tacking on a personal level. >> sean: you used the phrase, i fear for our democracy what did you mean by that? >> i fear for our democracy because i recognized and i know you did too you tried to sound a warning bell through your men father. during pain as i was nominated for vp and running with one of my heroes senator john mccain. as we were witnessing what the other campaign was actually telling the american people, warning them what they were going to do to america. they warned barack obama did as candidate that he would fun tally transform america that he would redistribute somebody's wealth he would take it and give it to somebody else. those things that do erode our
12:27 am
free market and our freedoms and our disincentive to a strong work ethic and productivity. now we see manifestations of what he warned he would do in the campaign. we are seeing that come home to roost now with the quantitative easing of the feds that barack obama has supported as the fed says we are going to print more money out of thin air, incur more debt and devalue our dollar and mess with china's currency we are going to preach to them they can't be messing with it, but we'll be messing with our own. all these things especially the incurrents of this hundred debt. it is eroding -- our opportunity which erodes our democracy and freedoms. we cannot succeed this way there is no way, with the quantitative easing. with this new 600 billion dollar infusion of fake money into our system. that's not how we get our economy back on the right track.
12:28 am
we became the foremost super power by insent advising not by punish -- incentivizeing not by punishing worth ethic that's what barack obama and leftists in congress are doing. they are disincentivizeing work ethic. >> sean: she has side a run for the presidency on her mind. has she thought about how she would handle issues like securing the homeland? we'll ask, next. >> certainly wouldn't be coddling our enemies. poking in the eye those allies who we need to remain a super power. i certainly would never be questioning the desireability of being the foremost super power in the world as barack obama has done. wi the capital one venture card we get double miles on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card.
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. on september 11th, my first born enlisted in the army. exactly one year later he and 3500 fellow members of the first brigade combat team 25th infantry deployed iraq from alaska. 13 days earlier i had been chosen by john mccain as his vice presidential running mate. i was governor of alaska and a vice presidential candidate. that meant i had to convince
12:33 am
the campaign honchos to let me fly home to see track be deployed. i had to travel with security detail. i had to give a speech. serve with honor soldiers, make america proud. the press rote down my every move. still, i on that day, all the pomp and circumstance didn't matter. that day i was one of thousands of proud, but wary american women. i was a mom of a young soldier being sent overseas to defend our country. we are gonna miss you. we can't help it, we're gonna miss you. >> sean: that was no doubt an emotional day for governor sarah palin and her family. she continues to join us in this special edition of hannity. governor, you took issue with john kerry and the words that people who failed to get an education and therefore stuck in iraq. you do it in context of telling a story about your son track. and how he was scheduled to come home and he gave up his seat on the plane, which meant
12:34 am
he had to stay another month. you couldn't have been prouder of him. tell us about that. >> yeah. track did do that. that i any other soldier would have done that too had they been given the choice or the tune. track is a young single soldier was willing to give up his seat for someone who needed to get home for his family's -- some personal health reasons. i was proud of track. so proud of every young man and young woman who chooses to defend our freedom. making these sacrifices. yeah, i take issue with senator kerry and anybody else who would belittle these men and women in uniform who are america's finest. who are a source and a force for good in this world. i take issue with them, because i know who these individuals are. not just because my son is one. he and his buddies they could be doing anything else in the world, partying and going to school or getting a job somewhere -- for this time in their life they have been
12:35 am
willing to put many other things aside and make great sacrifices for something greater than self. though i do fear for our democracy as we talked about, they are the ones who give me hope in our democracy and in the future of our country, because i think we must be doing something right in this country to be able to raise up these young men and women who would choose to be sacrifice all for our constitution, for our freedoms for what it means to be free in america. >> sean: you take it a step further. when i interviewed former president george w. bush, he as a former president did not want to criticize barack obama. you have not been shy about this as we were talking about economic issues in the last segment. you said i think ordinary americans are tired of obama's global apology tour hearing about what a weak country america is from left wing professors and journalists. in light of what i asked you at the beginning of the program. you are now seriously considering a run for the presidency.
12:36 am
you have decidedly different views than this current president. what would you do differently on economic issues? what would you do differently as it relates to national security and defense? >> with national security first i wouldn't be coddling our enemies. poking in the eye those allies whom we need remain a super power. i certainly would never be questioning the desireability of being the foremost super power in the world as barack obama has done. when he made the statement some months ago sean it blew i looked around proverbially and asked myself, come on americans, do you understand his view of america? when he has to ask us whether we like it or not, that we're' still a super power? goodness gracious, if we are not the foremost super power and we there by exploiting responsibly our vast natural resources and incentivizing
12:37 am
innovation and rewarding work ethic if we are not that our world will become much less safe, much less peaceful and he doesn't understand that. he has a different world view than many of us. i believe the world view i have when it comes to wanting america to be strong, to be prosperous, to be voluntarilyly generous i believe that is shared by the majority of -- majority of americans. i do not believe the majority of americans share the same views that barack obama does when he's out there apologizing for america's exceptionalism. when it comes to the economy, very basic, free market, enterprise principles that can be applied. i know they work. for 20 years as a city manager, as a mayor, councilmember, lawmaker, commissioner then governor, a those free market pro private sector pro state as rights had to sue the feds on issues, pro individual right principles putting them into play i know what work.
12:38 am
also because i worked in the private sector i understand how to make a payroll, balance a budget. those things that someone like barack obama and many in his administration have no clue about because they don't have that world experience. >> sean: if had you to grade this president up to this point? i think the electorate spoke loud and clear in the midterm elections. if you had to great barack obama and national security and the economy, what grade would you give him? >> he's got that letter grade by his name every time you see president obama, with a "d" democrat, he's got a "d "." >> sean: both sides. >> both sighs. in some respects there's failure on many of the policies he's supporting today. i'm going back to this printing money out of thin air this quantitative easing. incurring more debt and not allowing tax ruts to take place for our -- tax cuts to take place for our job creators this is not how you
12:39 am
get the economy roaring back to life messing and manipulating with our current , which will result in inflation look at other countries, it didn't work there either. you have to look at things that have been failures in other countries and you see that barack obama is following those european style of economic principles any way. you wonder why? he's going to get an "f" when it comes to our economy. >> sean: how she handles the onslaught of attacks from the left and what her combat strategy is. >> we are going down swinging because we are going down fighting for what is right. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better
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i love it when we're here together. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. family isn't just whom you are born to. family is whom you choose. i lucked out when i met todd palin. he has been a partner to me in every conceivable way in life, love and in doing battle with
12:44 am
"the new york times." he's a wonderful father. a wise er and the love of my life. yes, i was fortunate to have met todd. if you want to get anything done in this life it is helpful to have a first dude. >> sean: many political leaders have come under fire from the left turning to prayer during times of crisis. in her new book the governor describes how important faith can be to our elected leader. she continues with us. you went into this in great specificity from the start about prayer, faith and how important it is in your life in the "new york times" piece. you say there was a moment when were you prepping for your debate against joe biden, you and joe like man had a prayerful moment? -- you and joe lieberman had a prayerful moment? >> he gave me great advice he
12:45 am
said hand this over to god and put your faith in him and go forward. i had a lot prayerful moments. i became a christian when i was left-years-old. i decided -- when i was 11-years-old. in alaska, realized if he was this omnipotent to create such majesty around me surlyly he would have a plan for all of us -- surely he would have a for all of us. >> sean: you open up in the book about your family life. you talk for example when my then 17-year-old daughter dropped the bomb with her announcement that her adolescence had been prematurely halted, in the most unfortunate circumstances she was going to have a baby. our little world stopped spinning momentarily. you decided to he did occupy about these deep personal
12:46 am
family issues, why? >> i did. because there have been such misreporting and misconception about our family i wanted to set the record straight and be honest about how devastating it was to get the news that bristol was pregnant at such a young age. bristol being strong and independent has formed through the public humiliation and the very tough job it has been as a teen mom. and she wishes to send a message that no girl should try to emulate this it is not an ideal life it is very difficult to be a teen mom. i talked about that candidly. i didn't have a problem in opening up about my personal life, because i think a lot of people can get inspiration out of what it is that we have been challenged by and what we've come through. also, i think it can reflect a little on the hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the left. i was appalled to find out that there were so many reports about hypocrisy
12:47 am
attached to our names when bristol talked about the journey she has been on in warning girls, don't get pregnant when you are not mary. it is not a good situation to be in. the hypocrisy, i keep wanting to ask these reporters, really, your kids never done anything that maybe your kid regrets? your kid was a virgin when they got married? were you a virgin when you got married? lying reporters who want to make it sound like it has been the greatest sin ever on earth what bristol went through. i think they -- >> sean: i was a perfect angel when i was young. i know you don't believe that. not quite. you said something -- >> evidently so were all those reporters in -- and their adult children too. >> sean: say -- you said i confess i felt embarrassment. there were times when i want sure. more than once i thought about how could this be worth it?
12:48 am
let's go back to wasilla and stop feeding the media beast. there were times you were thinking of dropping out of public life? >> well, there have been times where i've had to pick my battles. what is eight that we should answer? what should -- what is it that we should answer? what should we let roll like water off a duck's back. you have to refute the lies that are said otherwise your record, your family's reputation will forever be warped. i'm on the path of being on the offense i don't have a problem doing that because i want to set record straight. and though it does involve having to answer a lot of personal questions about my family. i think much more so than any other public figure's kids in the political arena. i don't know if barack obama's girls are ever going to be questioned the way that piper and willow is. i don't think joe biden's daughters --
12:49 am
>> sean: should they be out-of-bounds? >> they are. i don't know why the palin kids are out-of-bounds, so be it. here's what todd and i have said, reflecting on what bristol has said going to get critz side any way, might as well dance if we go down we are going down swinging, with that message that i believe a lot of americans can be empowered to hear. when we talk about individual rights and states' rights and opportunities that god has created and provided the people and then we have government policies trying to strip away those opportunities so we're gonna fight a government poll say this would strip away opportunity and be in a position of eroding our freedom. even if we go down, we're gonna go down swinging because we are gonna go down fighting for what is right. >> sean: why is governor palin throwing herself into the world of reality tv? >> pop culture is the influencer in this country in our society.
12:50 am
we are not to just be sitting there in our circle of and though the fox news viewership is huge, just preaching to the choir with fox viewers? no, we need to get out there and reach people who are so independent that perhaps they would never think to tune into fox news and proud good why ideas to these people. >> sean: that and much more, straight ahead. healthy smiles start the gumline. that's why there's crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's been clinically proven to help reverse it in just four weeks. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste.
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>> how come he can't be satisfied with tranquility? that misconception about being a diva cracks me up. there's a gnat stuck to my lip. i would describe myself, my family as normal average everyday americans.
12:55 am
if you are planning on visiting, she can visit you for like 20 minutes. willow, come here. no boys, go upstairs. willow, willow! i think my kids will always call alaska home. >> sean: that was a clip from governor palin's new reality tv series called "sarah palin's alaska" sunday night at 9:00 eastern on the learning channel on tlc. it was number one the largest launch in tlc history seen by five million. just another example of i guess sarah palin's power. the former alaskan governor, fox news contributor continues with me. with all due respect, for you to climb that mountain with the fear of heights, as i was watching the opening episode that was a lot of guts. i fell off a roof once three stories and i'm never doing something like that. do you loo like that kind of advent -- do you like that
12:56 am
kind of adventure? >> that specifically was tough to tell you the truth. there are so many cool ones in the next episodes. it will blow you with away with fishing and hunting with my dad. it is such a positive family-oriented uplifting documentary about alaska and our resources. there's subtle tees -- subtleties where i talk about healthy responsibility development, how we can secure the union, alaska=< is the world's ft. knox talking about these resources was a cool experience. >> sean: karl rove was on last thursday night and i asked him about this. he made some comments. he said i'm not certain how that fits into, meaning the reality show, the american calculus that helps me see you in the oval office. i said is there a feud going on? he said no, not at all. what was your reaction to that?
12:57 am
>> i saw the show too. there is no feud, at least not on my part. i don't have any dire to be threatening to anybody -- desire to be threatening to anybody in that political machine. i don't desire to take anybody's title, position on their power base. i just want to be part of the team if the team is fighting for the right things for this country. in partnering with karl rove i'm for that if he understand where i'm coming from. when i talk about interject of my life in the pop culture. needs to understand that pop culture is the influencer in this country in our society. we are to be salt and light. not to just sitting in our own circle of influence and though the fox news viewership is huge, larger than any other news organization, just preaching to the choir with fox viewers? no we need to reach people who are so independent that perhaps they would never think to tune into fox news and introduce good ideas.
12:58 am
we can do that through sarah palin's alaska. wait until they see a hunting episode where i'm talking about session amendment rights on the corner of anwar a flat plain warehousing hundreds of billions of resources. >> sean: he did say he hoped you weren't sensitive to criticism. i said i think you have proven you can take a punch. i gotta go back to where . you did say you are contemplating a run for the presidency. any next question is, when will you decide? >> that's a good question. i still don't know. what i will not do is the conventional bigwig politician way of doing it with having teams of highly paid consultants who want to shape a campaign and candidate into something that perhaps that person isn't. i'm not gonna go that route and have them tell me what to
12:59 am
do. i'll know that i know when i know. that's the way i've rolled all my life and the way over the last 20 years that i have run for office not having advance teams tell me what i should do. not having polls conducted to tell me where i should go. i have jumped in knowing my voice needs to be heard because i can be effective. if that is the case this go around the decision needs to be made in short order i under stand that >> sean: are you worried about this article in politico that said next stop for gop establishment is to stop governor palin? you worried about the establishment or are you ready to take 'em on? >> i'm ready to take 'em on. they've been doing that to me for many years. it is okay. we need remember the political shots that come out via darts and arrows and stupid things we read can be deflected with a prayer shield, thick skin that you grow over 20 y