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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 23, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EST

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i am counting them down. >> nick, where are you going to be? >> new brunswick, new jersey on november 25th and 26th. >> excellent. back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. very special thanks to bill done son, bill shultz, you are a nightmare. mary katherine hamm, it is a joy when you are here. i'm greg gutfeld.don'want bye. fliers prepare for much more aggressive screening than they experience last thanksgiving. we'll look at the al-qaeda strategy, that is behind the new security measures. and north korea reveals it's much further along in its nuclear program than previously thought. live from our studio in washington, this is special report. good evening. i'm bret baier. it is estimated that 24 million people will fly in this thanksgiving week. air travelers have more trepidation this year because
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of increased security measures at the airport. national correspondent steve centanni with growing concern over more aggressive screening and patdowns. >> reporter: two days before the busiest air travel begins they are trying to assure passengers they won't be mistreated by the t.s.a. over thanksgiving. >> i agreed to look at how we can do this type of screening, if we can do it less invasively, has been the request. then i'm open to doing that. >> it doesn't mean you won't undergo embarrassing pat-down. there will be no change in the current policy. those who set off alarm and refuse to go through revealing scanner can expect the patdown which is facing tense operationrom pilot, passenger and civil leb bertarians. public outrage fired after a
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passenger was patted down so aggressively that the bag used to collect urine spilled. >> i didn't know what to do my underwear dropped to the floor. i was asked to pull it up. i had to catch a plane. had to do this, had to clean up. what am i going to do? >> today, he called and saying he has great concern for anyone who feels he's mistreated. they're trying to put a friendly face on what see as menacing procedure. >> the president himself while still at the nato summit in lisbon defended the current policy. >> the t.s.a. in consultation with our counterterrorism experts indicated to me that the procedures put in place
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are the only ones right now are the ones they consider to be effective. >> it's only a small percentage of passengers who are patted down. unless, i think we understand the concerns americans have. >> americans, including the secretary of state. would you submit to a patdown? >> not if i could avoid it? >> no. i mean who would? [ laughter ] >> a grass roots protest called national opt-out day is organized on the internet. it's encouraging passengers on wednesday to disrupt the system by refusing full body scans or pat-downs. secretary napolitano calls such plans counterproductive. >> bret: steve centanni at reagan national. thank you. the reason for all of this is the fear of bombs on airplanes. u.s. officials say al-qaeda is now bragging what it calls operation hemorrhage is designed to disrupt more than kill. national correspondent catherine herridge is here with the specifics tonight. good evening.
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>> the newest edition of "esquire" is devoted to this and is to attract groups. it has american cargo jet on the cover and says the intent is carry out cargo attack in the inspire and believe that the bomb itself costs less than $5,000 to make. they plan to spread the bomb technology. the investigators say one of the bombs was set to explode over the eastern seaboard of the united states. al-qaeda in yemen state the plot was a new plan to carry out small scale attacks with greater frequency. some refer to this as strategy of 1,000 cuts. to bleed the enemy to death. our objectsive not maximum kill but cause hemorrhage in the aviation industry.
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two americans are prominent in al-qaeda yesmen. they believe one from north carolina was behind the clean content. and anwar al-awlakibe born in new mexico is a proponent of the small scale attacks. former head of intelligence at the t.s.a. says the group strategy is plain. >> if you not successful from kinetic stand point, you can scare people and jeopardize the economy, et cetera. >> former secretary of homeland security michael chertoff told fox recently he believes there has been a shift in strategy. the up-side it's harder to get operatives in the u.s. for mass casualty attacks so al-qaeda in yemen is turning to softer, economic targets. >> bret: thank you. u.s. special envoy for north korea says word of that country's new uranium enrichment facility is not a crisis or a surprise. the national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports it's a matter
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of concern in washington. >> 2,000 centrifuges to build nuclear bomb built under where the inspectors were based until april 2009. the satellite image show facility where the scientists that used to host los alamos shown the state-of-the-art facility, which they say is more sophisticated than iran. instead of the small cascade of the centrifuges, which i believe to exist in north korea, we saw a modern, clean plant more than is 1,000 centrifuges. the state department scrambled the top envoy on an emergency trip to south korea, japan and china to coordinate reaction. this is a disappointment
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announcement. that being said, this is not a crisis. >> the assumption is that they continue to head in the direction of additional nuclear weapons. they're known to proliferate the technology. >> north korea has been selling the technology, selling it to iran, syria and burma and north korea is a regime that does have links to the world terrorists. >> i'm convinced at some point we will learn iran and north korea worked together. >> was it an intelligence failure for example of u.s. wanting to downplay the north korea activity to entice the north erratic leadership back to negotiating table? secretary of state hillary clinton said she wasn't aware of north korea uranium enrichment when asked by james rosen about it in february of 2009. >> i don't have any doubt they would try whatever they possibly could. have they? i don't know that.
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nobody else does either. >> south korea defense minister raised the possibility with the parliamentary committee today of requesting tactical nuclear weapons from the united states. but the pentagon says it has not received any such requests. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. jepper if griffin at the pentagon. thank you. a bloody past few days in afghanistan. nato says two of the troops were killed in a bomb strike in the south. 30 insurgents are also reported dead. 17 of them in an attack at a check point. lawyers for former saddam hussein spokesman are asking iraq's request for a pardon. hazez faces execution for persecuting shiite muslims. the only christian in hussein's inner circle. two christian brothers were murdered in mosul working in
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auto shop. cambodia's prime minister says more than 300 people died in a stampede during a festival in the capital of phnom penh. one of a dozen people fainted in a crowd setting off a panic and then the stampede. after weeks of denying it would need a bail-out. ireland asked the european union for help. amy kellogg says it could spell the end of ireland's current government. >> some are calling for prime minister to resign but says there is no way he will step down before austerity bget is passed. >> that you had naud>> ireland, the once mighty celtic tiger, now wounded and in debt criticize pride and surrendered some of the sovereignty agreeing to european bail-out package. estimated equivalent of $100 million in loans, not everyone thinks it's a great idea.
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>> you don't solve a debt crisis by pouring more debt in it. it's like giving alcohol cannic another drink. the problem is that the debt has to be restructured. >> first, greece was in need of a rescue. portugal may be putting the next begging bowl. spain could follow. some creating the 16-nation euro zone was good idea. one-size-fits-all currency for countries with wildly varying characteristics. but now that it's done deal, it needs to be saved. they need to know the euro country won't go bust. ireland problems began when the property bubble burst. banks took a hit. government promised to back the bank at any price and now the government is in trouble. there have been talk to force them to create unfair advantage over other countries but u.s. warns such
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a move could cause dam. of immediate concern is when the european economy are set is putting out irish brush fire before it's a europe-wide forest fire. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: back at home. the stocks were mixed. dow lost 25. s&p 500 gave back almost two. the nasdaq up 14. president obama finds out again his press corps can be a tough crowd. we have that story later in the grapevine. the president is with capital one's vture card, we get double mi on every purchase. echo! so we earned a trip thgrand canyon twice as fast. uhoh. we get double miles evy time we use our card. i'ltake these. no matter what we're buying.
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>> bret: one of president obama's first moves in office was to put the wheels in motion to shut down the terrorist detention area mown as gitmo. though the effort stalled, wendell goler reports on the goal next. >> reporter: as he moves toward the third year in office, aides say president obama hasn't given up the vow
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to close detention facility at guantanamo bay. >> no one expects this to be easy. but i know that the president has not and will not give up on the goal. >> mr. obama promised to close gitmo his first year in office. now with republican s republica control of the house, there is little chance congress will approve funding for facility in this country, according to steny hoyer. >> with the given concerns and make-up of the congress, probably won't happen. >> the not guilty trial for embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania where 224 people were killed embolden mr. obama's critics. liz cheney, daughter of the former vice president said it signalled weakness in a time of war. family members of the victims supported civilian trial and the single conspiracy charge he was found guilty of will keep him in prison for 20 years. the president supporters say
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it's not clear more damning evidence the judge tossed out, entained by the enhanced interrogation would have been allowed in military commission. >> some of the challenges in the courtroom would be the very same challenges before military commission about whether or not certain evidence could be used. >> secretary of state clinton also said the conviction and sen tensing rate in civilian court is higher than that of military conviction. the white house says the reason for closing gitmo haven't changed. we know al-qaeda uses the prison at guantanamo bay as a recruiting effort to seek par tis passion of those interested in doing us harm because of that. >> steny hoyer said the military commission and trial at gitmo because the jury is likely to be sequestered anyway. >> it wouldn't be much different. it's a caribbean island. not like you are sending them to archipelago or siberia.
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>> but trial of khalid sheikh mohammed is likely to take longer. people there will tell you that gitmo isn't a vacation spot. >> bret: thank you. starting the first of the year, healthcare insurers must spend 80% of the premium they connect on medical care and quality. the obama administration says if they don't, they must give rebates to customers, part of a new healthcare law. it is estimated as many as 9 million people could get rebates at $164 in 2012. justice department collected $3 billion in the last year, pursuing cases of healthcare fraud and false claims against the government. half of that came with devices involving fraud of medicare and federal insurance programs. speaking of money, how much of yours you get to keep next
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year is still up in the air. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports with little more than a month of the current tax rates escalate. not much is being done to stop it. the white house has been asked if the president is making calls. >> the president has not made calls. >> some think president obama should take a more active role to hammer out compromise, but not steny hoyer. >> i don't a problem with the president and exactly what he says on this. he's for the $250,000 and under. >> americans don't think we should raise taxes on anybody especially in the middle of a recession. >> some consumers doing the holiday shopping share the view any tax increase would be bad. >> it's not the time for it. we need to keep the tax level low for everybody across the board. >> number of democrats agree,
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which is why neither democratic senate leader harry reid nor house speaker nancy pelosi brought the issue to a vote before the election. political environment has only gotten worse. time is short in this lame duck session. some ask why democratic leaders have so many other issues on the schedule. >> focussing on everything except preventing the tax hike to cost us even more jobs. immigration. repeal of don't ask, don't tell. reorganization of the f.d.a. more environmental regulation. >> there will a reason hay call them lake ducks. they're lame. the fact of the matter is, they have only so many they can deal with. the big one is the big tax cut extension. >> many consumers told fox they're spending carefully. the new consumer study finds more and more are just trying to get out of the hole they're in. >> consumers are making a conservative effort to pay down the debt. so if they have extra money,
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instead of going to the mall to spend it on christmas they're paying down debt. >> failure to extend tax cut would complicate that. starting in january, the so-called alternative minimum tax will take more money from 21 million people, many in the middle class. congress has lots of contentious issues on the table and only a few days left to deal with them. >> bret: still ahead, drastic measures to save a senate. why many senate democrats are worried about saving t
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>> bret: a federal judge in oklahoma restricted
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retraining order to have constitution prohibiting islamic or international law deciding caseles. 70% of the oklahoma voters approved the amendment this month. today's order lasts for one week to give the judge time to happened out a ruling. new york incumbent congressman tim bishop leads republican challenger alstchler by 14 votes. the closest of the five still undecided house races out there. officials in the suffolk county board of elections are counting all 10,000 absentee ballots. another race in upstate new york have republican challenger ahead of the democratic congressman leffei by 565 votes. 23 of the 33 seats in play are held by democrats, many in states that kicked out democratic congressmen in the mid-term. shannon bream looks at the
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early line for the next election. >> i'd be less than honest if i didn't say that i was worried. >> missouri senator claire mccaskill is one of many democrats concerned about holding on to their jobs in 2012. there are 33 senate seats in play and statistically democrats have more in state. 23 held by democrats or the independents who caucus with them. the g.o.p. has just ten seats to defend. when you dig in the specific races, analysts still give the republicans the edge. >> right now, there are 13 democrats who are vulnerable to very vulnerable. there are just six republicans voweler inable to very vulnerable. that is more than twice as many democrats as republicans in the vulnerable category for 2012. the republicans must than four seats in 2012 to take control of the senate. five democrats are likely
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targeted. brown, nelson, mccaskill, tester, web. >> they think they will vote moderately. if not, they are inviting a major challenge in the presidential year. >> mckaskill voted with the president on healthcare, stimulus spending is now highlighting what she calls her record of impendence. >> i have gone against my party more frequently than anyone else in the caucus. the president knew when i supported him i was independent. it exercised that independent pep dense and i -- impendence andly continue to do so. >> on the other side, republicans like orrin hatch and snow may have bruising primary battle for con everyone istive challengers run -- conservative challenges running to right. >> republicans have to be concerned about displeasing the tea party in the primary and be worried about getting too far out of the main stream for the general election.
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it's a double edge sword. they have to be concerned about both edges. >> with so much work ahead for democrats the key piece of the puzzle is still missing. some ahead of the snarl campaign committee, responsible for fundraising and winning seats in 2012. so far, many approached but no one has been willing to step up to the challenge. >> bret: thank you. president obama congratulates his supporters on a job well done in the mid-term election campaign. really. and an attempt at some presidential humor does not seem to fly well.
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this validates the long-standing concern we've had with respect to north korea and the enrichment of uranium. i have been worried about north korea and the potential nuclear capability for a long time. this gives that potential real life, visible life that we all about to be very, very focussed on. this is obviously a disappointing announcement.
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it's also another in a series of provocative moves by the dcrk. that being said, this is not a crisis. >> not a crisis but it is raising eyebrows in washington as the administration deals with north korea. facili facility where siegfried hecker went to on november 12 in pyongyang. he was shown the fail silt silty -- facility. used to head los alamos. 2,000 centrifuges capable of spinning uranium to the material needed for north korea bomb. is more, better than the u.s. thought north korea had. that's what the intelligence can community is saying. bring in the panel. stephen hayes "weekly
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standard." a.b. stoddard from "the hill." and columnist charles krauthammer. >> this is the final hammer in utility of our negotiation. the farce began when the clinton administration concluded the frame wok agreement, in which the deal was they would freeze and dismantle their plutonium program for the goodies including the two nuclear reactors, where a lot of economic support. the problem is that there are two ways to develop a bomb. plutonium or uranium. we assumed all they had was plutonium. in 2002, our negotiator in pyongyang was told they had separate uranium progress. they denied it over and over again. so we had no idea. now we discover they have, as you said, vast facility, thousands of machines that look quite modern. this is not something that
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was done overnight. they had a parallel program while they pretended under the clinton and the bush administration to be dismantling or holding back on the you plutonium program. this means they were not stopping at all on the development of nukes. i think we will reflexibly return to negotiation. the reason this is revealed because what they want is another farcical deal in which this program is supposedly restrained in return for a lot of economic aid. their economy is worse than it was and they're in recession crisis. the problem is everything they say, everything they sign is not worth the paper it's written on. >> bret: a.b., secretary clinton traveling to seoul, south korea, february of 2009, talked to correspondent james rosen. she was asked by james about a possible uranium enrichment operation and said there may be some program somewhere but no one can point to specific location.
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then she added this. >> do i believe the north koreans if they could in producing highly enriched uranium would attempt to do so? that's their nuclear ambition. i have no doubt they'd try whatever they could. have they? i don't know that. nobody else does either. >> bret: that was february 2009. >> she is admitting they're unstoppable. to describe this as not a surprise, not a crisis is implicit that the policy failed. it raises serious questions about what is north korea current relationship with china. is china supplying the equipment necessary to come up with a sophisticated facility like that to advance the nuclear program? which companies are denying the sanctions to help north
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korean koreans. if they find it can't work then what is the course with the u.s. to stop the nuclear arms race? >> bret: china is the lynch pin. it always has been and the number one trading partner. how north korea gets food and tapals. yet, here we are. >> china is huge. the premise of the bush administration engagement with north korea was i would argue basically outsourcing china. it didn't work. if you look at 15 years of failed diplomacy in north korea, it leads you with the question when are we going to get serious about this? in a weird way, north korea doesn't get the attention it deserves from the national security establishment.
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kim jong il is weird. people dismiss him as odd or something we don't need to pay close attention to. he is the kind of leader, the kind of regime that you have had successive presidents going back 30 years warning about. unstable, potentially irrational, crazy dictator with the nuclear weapons who has a history of proliferation. this isn't speculative. it's history of proliferation. >> bret: charles, that is the question. leadership transfer in north korea to his son. there is evidence of proliferation with the syrians and others. what can the administration do that is different than what they have been doing? >> i think we have to completely redirect the policy. it's not to aim at the leadership in careeria. it's leadership of china.
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>> bret: the pentagon says they haven't seen the request, fulfilled it. but koreans are talking about it. >> we should go one step beyond that. to offer south korea the nuclear program and encourage the japanese to arm themselveses if they need to. the bay to say it is all the negotiations including china, with china have not succeeded. you have to arm yourself. that will get the attention of the chinese. the chinese have no interest in helping us on the issue. they like having it as thorn in our side. it's distracting us as china expands the influence in all of asia. we ought to say is what they are worried about, japan with the nukes or south korea with nukes. let them imagine that will be the outcome of this double game and they will begin to act. they control what happens in pyongyang. all the fuel and food comes
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to china. they can turn it off. steve is right. proliferation is the real issue here. they could enrich bombs that could end up in the arms of al-qaeda. >> we raised the possibility that japanese could go nuclear. raised the possibility but doing it as a positive step is one way to confront the chinese and force their happened. but this has huge implications with respect to iran. the obama administration, policy is premised on the success, or potential success containing iran of an international regime of the sanctions. all the things we had and tried repeatedly with north korea. they failed again and again and again. >> bret: what do you think the u.s. should do about this? log on to the home page at and vote in the online poll. up next, ireland economic
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if the interest of our people were not served or we are casting doubt steps necessary to secure our economy and financial stability. >> we're doing this because it's overwhelmingly in britain's national interest to have a stable irish economy and banking system. the current irish system is unsustainable. >> bret: ireland said they wouldn't take a bail-out but they sur rendered pride and agreed to european union bail-out package estimated to $100 billion in loans.
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ireland agreed to the bail-out. next could be portugal. the portugal finance minister said the numbers don't stack up there. spain actually is being talked about as a possible bail-out potential there, which would mean the huge things for the european union and the rest of the world. back with the panel. steve? >> if you look at the comments we had from the leaders in ireland over the past several weeks denying that it would ever come, i think it gives you some sense of how desperate they have become. now we know there will be an election. if you look forward, the key question as you suggest is spain. what would happen if spain can't meet the obligation? >> bret: is it too big to fail? >> too big to fail or too big to save is the other question. where do they come up with resources to save spain? what implications would that have? talk about the contagion.
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this is fear. ireland is in the neighborhood of 100 billion euros. >> bret: more than that. >> spain is talking about, the estimate more than 500 billion euros. that is the money that could lead to ruin of the european economy and global implications than we could imagine. >> bret: a.b.? >> it is interesting the test of the european union. after greece, set aside an emergency fund hoping it would never be used and now it's checked in to frequently. they want the strict contingencies on this. they don't want ireland to keep low corporate tax rate to invite businesses out of other country to ireland. there is a question whether the countries with their act together like germany can continue to support other rescues across europe.
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there is obviously incredible implications for what is going on at home as well. and how much denial we will see when the fiscal commission report comes in to see if the members come to a consensus. what we'll see in 2011 is the two parties try to come together to rescue our own debt situation. >> bret: charles? >> the real question here is spain. it's so large that europe may not be able to handle it. i heard frommer win stelger economist that the solution might have to be to break the europe in two. northern and southern europe. so that the southern economy in greece and portugal and spain, and italy. germany had a very bad labor impossibility. they have the huge pension obligations.
4:55 am
if they have a separate currency it could be devalued to enable them to compete in a way they wouldn't otherwise. it's hard to imagine the euro being in all the countries where essentially its level is controlled by the french and the germans in a way that makes it impossible for southern europeans to compete. >> bret: you think there was a regret to make the e.u. one currency? >> it was always intended as a political statement, a way to end the centuries of war in europe. but it tied germany with greece. these countries are different in their capacity. when you do it. the currency is controlled in germany and france. the greek and the irish are left out and can't control currency as a way to
4:56 am
encourage competition. >> bret: if spain goes it changes the dynamic. >> it changes everything. you have people talking in apocalyptic terms about what implications for spain would be. >> bret: that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for example of some people who are just plain lucky.
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>> bret: union station, by the way. finally tonight, sometimes you run into people are are just plain lucky. good things just happen to them. former vice president dick cheney, of course, has been very furniture getting through several health scars, recovered well from the latest heart procedure he had. then, he showed up for the ground breaking at the bush library in texas and, well, just take a look.


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