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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 23, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good morning, everyone. it's sunday, january 23rdrd. president obama giving a preview of his state of the union address. >> i'm focused on making sure that the economy is working for everybody. for the entire american family. >> but he has been talking about this for two years. why will this time be different? >> and there's a new frontrunner in the republican race for the white house. mitt romney tops the ticket in the g.o.p.'s first new hampshire straw poll. who else made the list? >> lots of houses have man caves.
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but what about mom caves? how women are creating a private space all their own in their house to keep everyone happy. and to hide from their husbands, apparently. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good football sunday morning. as clayton morris once said, jets fans are nuts. they even dyed their dogs' fur green. look at this. and look around our studio. they are here. they are ready to go. >> you guys have not surrendered to the jets fever though you're now new yorkers. >> look at them. >> i can't stand everything about the new york jets. i'm sorry, people. >> what about -- that's a motley crue, right? give me all your money. >> exactly. we will, obviously recap that or talk about that. >> jets-steelers, of course,
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packers-bears, an excellent championship sunday. >> so we will get yr perspective coming up a little bit later in sports. i want to pick your brain about who you think will be the big winner today. >> meanwhile, president obama is giving a sneak peek at his state of the union address coming up on tuesday. so what are his top priorities? doug lazader is live in washington with the details. >> i'm not going to talk about the jets at all. i'm employing to talk about the state of the union address. there are still no doubts going through draft after draft of this speech that the white house over the weekend as the president prepares for a speech that will have to really thread a political needle here in washington. first, you can consider the political landscape that he's going to face on tuesday night, dramatically different than he saw at last year's state of the union address that you see right there. last year, he looked out at a congress that was controlled by democrats. this time, republicans control the house. the white house official confirms to fox that the president will stress more of the centrist agenda as he seeks ways to work with republicans. he'll talk about debt, health care and first and foremost, the economy.
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he offered his supporters a you tube message with a brief preview of the speech. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs not just now but well into the future. and that's what is going to be the main project of the state of the union. >> and he'll make the argument for more government spending and these are targeted initiatives for things like infrastructure but that's going to be an awfully difficult sell around here. more and more members of congress from both sides of the aisle are growing more and more concerned about exploding levels of deficit spending and that's going to be no doubt a central theme to the republican response as delivered by wisconsin congressman paul ryan. he's one of the leading deficit hawks here on capitol hill. another big change this year and we've talked about this for a while, a number of democrats and republicans have agreed to sit together in the audience rather than sitting on opposite sides of the aisle. dave, alisyn and clayton, back to you guys. >> thanks, doug. >> thanks so much.
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interesting to watch the seats, we'll get to you in a second. weird odd couples who are actually sitting together but president obama and doug previewed a clip of it there yesterday sending out a you tube video to his organizing for america supporters to give a bit of a preview, this is a first. i don't think we've ever seen a videotaped preview of the state of the union speech before. here's a little bit more to what he had to say to organizing to america before the state of the union. take a listen. >> i'm focused on making sure that the economy is working for everybody. for the entire american family. how do we make sure that people have jobs, how do we make sure that somebody who has a good idea can suddenly start a business? how are we going to make sure that we have the most innovative dynamic economy in the world? how do we make sure that our kids are able to compete with workers anywhere in the world. we're going to to out innovate, we're going to have to outbuild, we're going to have to outeducate other countries.
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that's our challenge. >> that word right there, compete. that will be the buzz word. you may hear that 10 or 12 times. what's clear from washington outside outsiders, he'll make that move to the middle even more clear tuesday night. even the third way that's a centrist group says they're pleased by the direction this speech appears to be heading in. really confirming that move towards the center. >> all right. i predicted a different catch phrase for the state of the union. >> that is? >> responsible deficit cutting. responsible -- that's what he's going to introduce because he believes that the republican plan to cut the deficit by, i think, 2.5 trillion over the next 10 years which was the target would stall the economy. he thinks that is actually too radical or too drastic. as you heard doug say, he does want to increase government spending for education, for infrastructure, for other plans. now, the republicans see all of that as code for growing government. >> well -- >> but the president argues that
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we need to grow the government to keep the economy robust. >> it's interesting, i want to see how the infrastructure and extra spending will come out of his mouth on tuesday night. mitch mcconnell has said they will support the president's extra spending initiatives. we hear extra spending and republicans will run away. according to this morning, republicans have supported the research and development thing and the trade deals in the past and mitch mcconnell this week even indicating they might go along with what the president puts forth at the state of the union so it will be interesting to see if you hear any boos throughout the audience when he talks about spending. >> well, those who have really glimpsed -- gotten a glimpse inside the circle, who have seen this economic team come together and try to get our economy back on track say he really lacks a clear direction. for principles, for what he wants to do with this economy. they say they can't tell where his political rudder lies because when you look at it, you just talked about it. he wants to increase spending and decrease the deficit, ok? he wants to -- he is the most
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heavy regulator we've seen in recent history. yet, he wrote an op ed last week about deregulation. >> right. >> he's all over the map. why? because his top guys are all over the map and he needs to bring that together. >> here's another bit of that instinct that will quell your theory on that. that is the president held two unpublicized meetings last month with some conservative economists and some liberal economists because he was said to be testing the waters or basically trying to get their opinion saying what are your suggestions? what do you recommend we do with the economy? you can see him as rudderless or you can see him as going to the experts and polling them. >> i see something differently. we're referring to the peter baker piece in "the new york times" magazine this morning. it's a great look at inside the white house and his economic team. since he did the research for that piece back in december around christmastime, a lot has changed. jeffrey immelt is the head of his economic advisory panel.
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a lot has changed. has that rudder been put back on the ship and does have a clearer message? >> it's now team clinton moving forward economically. one of the most interesting things ahead of this state of the union speech is who is sitting where? i know it sounds ridiculous but as you remember, senator udall from colorado suggest that democrats and republicans buck the trend and sit together in a sign of unity. that's happening instead is it's kind of like a buddy system. i know you were young and you had to have a buddy to stay safe. people are up on capitol hill and several are -- >> there's another analogy, not just the buddy system. some people say it's musical chairs because they're all going to be, you know, floating around and some people say it's the sadie hawkins dance. some of the female members of congress have gone to the men to say hey, do you want to be my date for the state of the union and some interesting pairings are now cropping up. >> it all started with
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gillebrand, will you be my date to the state of the union address? this started it all. >> if it was high school, this is what we'd call them. >> without a doubt, the best looking couple in the senate, the south dakota senator and the new york senator. >> sure. >> that was the category in my high school, best hair. they would win it. >> how about this odd couple? marco rubio and al franken is going to sit together. >> this is what we're suggesting. we don't have any information they're going to sit together. i'm going to say no way although that's -- i think no less likely than this next pair who are sitting together, anthony weiner and peter king, both from new york who have both been seen together in the most awkward and sometimes angry exchanges in the past. >> one of the most viral videos on you tube is anthony weiner yelling back and forth against the first responders. take a listen if you don't remember this. >> stop whining and get the bill passed!
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that's the problem. >> this is a phony hypocrisy. pass the bill right now if they wanted. >> we did last night, 94% of democrats. what percentage of republicans? nice work. >> you know what i love? >> on fox, obviously. let's hope they don't have a repeat of that sort of dynamic when they sit next to each other. >> peter king's wife, this is what i love about why they're siblth together. peter king's wife said you two are the loudest mouths in the house, both of you. you, my husband and you, anthony weiner. you need to sit together. >> favorite couple, they'll sit on the republican side, by the way. less us know friends at >> let's get to the headlines. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has come out on top for the g.o.p. in a straw poll in new hampshire. he took 35%. ron paul finished second with 11%. tim pawlenty third. sarah palin got 7%. it was conducted by an abc news and wmrt poll. iowa which, of course, holds the
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first caucus in the nation plans to hold the first g.o.p. straw poll in august. doctors for congresswoman gabrielle giffords say she's more alert and progressing nicely with her recovery. giffords has started physical therapy from her room in the intensive care unit at the houston hospital. doctors say they'll spend the next few days determining when they'll transfer giffords to the hospital's high-tech rehab facility. that will depend on whether they can drain fluid build-up on the congresswoman's brain. the woman suspected of kidnapping a baby from a new york hospital more than two decades ago may have been spotted at a pawnshop in bridgeport, connecticut. "the new york post" reports that the woman was trying to sell a laptop, earrings and an engagement ring. someone from the pawnshop apparently called the police but by the time they arrived, the woman was gone. petway is wanted for breaking her parole and also wanted for questioning in the kidnapping of karlina white recently reunited with her family after 23 years. family, friends and dignitaries
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passed a maryland church to say good-bye to sergeant shriver. >> ♪ may never see so much to be consoled to console ♪ >> that is bono. he performed at the service. shriver was remembered for his work as the director of the peace corps. first lady michelle obama and former president clinton were among the mourners. >> for those of you who are my age and involved in seeing how the peace corps started or seeing how the war on poverty started or watching the rise of legal services, here was a man at the core of a family that had suffered more, lost more, and showed up every day. and found joy in life. >> shriver's body was flown to massachusetts for burial next to his wife eunice kennedy shriver. he was 95 years old.
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what a long, full life he had. >> let's check in with rick reichman for a look at the forecast. is it going to be cold out there today? >> it's going to be cold out there today. cold out there tonight and really cold tomorrow in the northeast. coldest day of the three will be tomorrow. here's the temperatures as you're waking up right now. minus 4 in minneapolis. 29 in atlanta. coldest air all the way down to the southeast. and tonight, as i said, is going to be the coldest, i think, that we see. 8 degrees in boston. 7 in syracuse. 17 in new york. that's a little high. it will be lower than that. very cold air will be there. we had a lot of snow yesterday across some of the areas of the outer banks. we were talking about snow yesterday morning. some areas got a lot. look at some of the video coming out of top sail island, one of the outer banks islands, all kinds of accidents across the area yesterday because of all of the snow. some areas, up to 7 inches of snow across parts of north carolina. you don't see that that often. that storm is out of here.
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we have another storm that's targeting the northeast. talking about that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, sir. still ahead this morning, shocking video. meanwhile, it could be the biggest threat to the democratic party and it could cost the president a second term. what is it? next. >> we wonder as well. >> it's a mystery at this point.
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>> thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> i want to show you a full skrien here, doug, i want to start with you. how much money was spent, the unions spent to try to defeat the g.o.p. candidates during the midterm election? $200 million. your piece this week that you
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wrote says that wasn't enough. i guess, or it just did more damage than it was worth? >> well, it may have had short-term benefits but the problem is you become beholden as a party to that special interest, the unions. given state and municipal finance now, there will have to be tough cuts made in spending programs and pensions, health care benefits and you have to break clear of the unions, break the shackles that they may hold because otherwise, it could be the downfall not only of the democratic party but the downfall of those very states and local governments unless fundamental change is affected. >> it sounds a bit like doug is making the argument this is a bit like the bad marriage. they need to break the marriage up and get a divorce and walk away from the unions to save themselves. do you buy that? >> i don't think it's going to happen. kind of underlying structure of the democratic party are the trial lawyers and the unions. all the folks that want to do big spending and independent voters don't want big spending.
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eight million jobs lost in the private sector since 2008 and there's 600,000 jobs growing in the public sector. public sector employees make twice as much as private sector employees. it's very hard to walk away from what is your base. in health care, you couldn't get any tort reform. if you were a union member, your cadillac health plan would be protected. if were a nonunion member, it wasn't and i was a mayor and i can tell you that the public employee union owns city hall. and so if you see and illinois right now, the big, big budget problems and what are they proposing, raising taxes. mark dayton in minnesota, new democratic governor proposing raising taxes. if you don't have the ability to say we're going to cut back on spending. we're going to put a hold on public employee benefits and salaries, if you can't do that, independent voters are walking away and that's something that doug and i actually agree on. >> what about president obama here? it seemed like during the election cycle that he had distanced himself from the
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unions. maybe that speaks to the waning power of the unions that we didn't see during the clinton years. what happens if president obama walks away from the unions, abandons them, where are they going to go? they won't go to the republicans, right? won't the base still be there? >> it's a delicate balance because the president has got to move himself away from the unions both politically and substantially. at the same time, he can't get too far away from them, the unions have proven they can and willow pose a democratic president. that's what you'll see in the state of the union. the president doing a delicate balance between the democratic base, the independence that senator coleman was talking about in the middle to try to offer policies that are fiscally rational and offer some benefits to the democratic core constituencies. >> all right, you guys are going to stake around. we'll try to explain this one. the president tries to push spending in his state of the union address. we're already $14 trillion in the hole. should we be spending more? we have the deductions you need to avoid. don't add them to your taxes. we'll tell you about them next.
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>> 6:23. quick headlines now. an investigation is under way after a massive fire at a mall in central russia. at least two people were killed and eight others were hurt when the five story mall went up in flames. no word on a cause. but police think it may be an explosion or something to do with construction workers. right now, the u.s. coast guard trying to figure out what caused the diesel fuel spill in boston harbor. it's not clear how many gallons
6:24 am
of fuel are involved but officials say the spill covers an area of 800 x 20 feet. that's about the size of eight tennis courts. clayton? >> thanks, dave. president obama will deliver his state of the union address on tuesday and despite a staggering $14 trillion deficit, he's expected to call for more spending. some say that just doesn't add up. we're back with our political panel, doug shoen and senator norm coleman. let me start with you. the president about to ask for more spending at the state of the union. is there anything he could say that would make you happy as it relates to spending? >> well, in terms of spending, people talk about investment and the question always has to be asked, it's who's -- who are you targeting? we had a trillion dollar stimulus package that's supposed to be targeted and it didn't target very much and didn't grow the economy. listen, here's what i'd do with terms of advising the president. i'd go up there and say you can make the shortest state of the union speech ever. go up there and say we've had too many people unemployed for
6:25 am
too long. i vow to cut unemployment under 8% by november, 2012 and i don't do that, it's time to elect another president. >> or he can walk up there and pull out a big sign like this and show this big full screen, $14.3 trillion to be reached in march or april. that's the national debt limit. doug, what can the president say about targeted spending that would make you happy? is there anything that he can say that you won't hear boos in the room? >> i'm sure there is. if he speaks about using targeted investment for research and development, for scientific research to keep us competitive to invest in infrastructure so we have a strong basis to grow our economy, we can achieve the kind of goals that senator coleman is speaking of, hopefully. you have to balance spending with cuts to be prudent in trying to keep the recovery going. >> senator, what about that? we're hearing from mitch mcconnell even according to this morning that mitch mcconnell may agree to this and may agree to research and development spending and
6:26 am
some of these trade deal spending for republicans, things that republicans have supported in the past. is that spending agreed upon by republicans? >> republicans aren't against making sure that we move forward in terms of r&d, in terms of growth but the problem is that you've got to see real spending restraints and that's not what you're seeing. you've got to see a real determination to deal with some of the entitlement programs. we've got a new one called the class act, in home care for disabled that may cost $100 billion over the next 10 years. let's see if the president -- if the president is willing to step forward and really make the effort to cut spending. to cut entitlements, i think the republicans will be open to some targeted investment but i tell you, very cautious, again, talk is cheap. this president should commit to lowering unemployment. then if he doesn't do that, as i said before, time for a new president. >> doug, i'll give you the final word. >> i guess i would say is if we're going to put the disabled at risk to cut, then that's
6:27 am
emblematic of the problems we're facing and why the republicans really are not offering credible alternatives because you can't slash spending back to 2008 levels without putting disabled people and people at risk in really serious shape. >> all right, doug -- >> you don't have to create new government programs, doug to do that. >> you may have to, senator. >> we can agree on one thing, you'll be watching football this morning. that's why you're up so early. thanks for being here this morning. we appreciate it. what's coming up on the show? >> i think those two ought to sit together and watch the state of the union address. still ahead this morning, clayton, shocking video. a police officer caught on camera punching a female suspect in the head. he says he was only protecting himself. we report, you decide. >> and we've all heard it before, a big breakfast will help you keep the pounds off. it turns out that's a lie! what you should eat instead coming up. >> my smoothies? >> a new debate is brewing. women fighting back on the man cave craze. >> mom cave? come on. >> no.
6:28 am
we need our own. >> e-mail us, friends at get us on twitter as well.
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>> hey, welcome back, everybody. time for a shot of the morning and this one takes comfort to the extreme. some thrill seekers in utah hitting the ski slopes on their couches. and god bless them. the creative and lazy sport is known as skouching.
6:31 am
you have to attach skis to the bottom of your sofa and skouchers. you have the ultimate plush rush. well written, well said. maybe if you could have your iphone, you could watch the football games today while skouching. auto that would be great. coming up later. you can remotely watch the game on the ipad and iphone. you can be sitting on the couch riding down the ski slope watching the game. >> that's great. all we have to do is put skis on this couch and we could go arnold the studio. >> it wouldn't work! >> this baby is not going to make it. >> come on, i see some good skouching. finally a sport i can get behind. >> on top of. >> let's get to the headlines, please, because according to a new report this morning, china's new high-tech stealth fighter may have been built using u.s. technology. >> what? >> balkan military officials say the technology was likely stolen from an american f-117 nighthawk that was shot down over serbia in 1999.
6:32 am
chinese military agents recovered the debris from the crash and were able to reverse engineer the stealth technology. a senior serbian military official confirmed that pieces of the wreckage were removed by souvenir collectors and ended up in some foreign hands. statewide amber alert for a missing california boy has been called off. authorities say they have almost no leads in the case of 4-year-old giulanna. the boy and his alleged kidnapper, 27-year-old jose rodriguez has not been seen or heard from since tuesday. rodriguez is an ex-convict who used to date his mother. authorities say they'll continue their search of the canal near the boy's openly in a few days. a utah state trooper under investigation for assaulting a woman after pulling her over and it's all caught on dash cam. according to reports, the woman refused to pull over until police cornered her. that's when sergeant davenport got out of the car and reportedly broke the window and punched her five times in the head. oh, my gosh!
6:33 am
that's pretty intense video there. davenport claims the woman refused to roll down her windows and had a tight grip on the wheel. he is on paid administrative leave at the moment. and the army is investigating how two decorated -- sorry, decorative urns from arlington national cemetery ended up on the auction block. the urns were removed from the cemetery during a renovation and landed at a maryland antique shop that's now closing. the urns were part of the ampitheater near the tomb of the unknown soldier. the army has asked tha the urns be taken off the auction block. all right. mom always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but now it looks like a big breakfast will make you fatter and is not quite the grand slam, smart way to start your day that you always thought. >> oh, no, we used to eat a breakfast burrito. >> that's why i -- it's called the lumberjack, what i eat. the study comes from the
6:34 am
nutritional journal and says if you want to lose weight, you should cut back on the number of calories you eat in the morning. nutritionists warn people looking to lose weight not to cut off breakfast all together, though, just cut back. i'm sorry, i want all those calories back that i have squandered on eating gargantuan breakfasts. >> are you paying attention to that study? dave eats a smoothie and all kinds of food. >> i've already had about 1/2 pound of turkey. it was delicious! >> dave, something i call kibbles and bits in the morning which is not a good breakfast. >> i'll show that to you later. let's talk a little sports now. they need a big meal before the championship games, buddy. lot of football today. the afc and nfc championship games, the jets got a big sendoff as they head to pittsburgh to take on the steelers. fans even rallied outside the home of rex ryan, the jets coach's house. they showed up on his doorstep, fans on both sides are pumped. >> we're a good football team, too.
6:35 am
>> i think that they haven't seen our steelers defense yet and big ben is trying to get out of the pocket and making some plays happen and i think we're going to stop their momentum. >> new york city is going to be crying themselves to sleep come sunday night. >> got it right. >> perhaps silence the studio in the steelers win. how about this, though? former pittsburgh coach for 15 years, mind you, one of super bowl steelers, bill cowher says the jets will win the game. ouch! jets-steelers, 6:30 eastern time today on cbs. over the nfc, green bay at the bears, 3:00 eastern time. college basketball now, the last time kansas lost a game at home, it was the bush administration. it was 2007. that streak snapped as the number two jayhawks lose to texas snapping a 69-game home winning streak, lawrence brown scored 23 points as the number
6:36 am
10 long horns go on to win in dramatic fashion. top ranked ohio state, look at that. that was spectacular. putting its undefeated record on the line. buck eyes traveled to illinois. the illini built a lead but buckeyes kept roaring back. buckeyes scored 14 straight to take the game 73-68. ohio state and san diego state the only two unbeaten teams left in college basketball. i'm going to go out there and just tell you, clayton, i do like the steelers and i do like the packers. i don't want to, you know, make anyone angry out there. that's who i'm taken. there will be things thrown at me in moments. >> jets fans in here. >> can't wait for the games here today. the best games of the year. i like this better than the super bowl, in fact. >> this is a great -- >> just the historic rivalry with the packers. >> will you watch these games today in your man cave? if i had a man -- probably where i would watch it. >> i don't have one. >> dave has an area, space
6:37 am
dedicated. >> it's large, you know, you got a recliner in there, you want areas where you can have a tv and no women allowed. >> right. we've even featured the man caves here but there's a new trend this morning, ladies, listen up. if you like incense and meditation music and candles and solitude, you're in need of the mom cave. that is -- this is what i am craving. solitude. your own little -- little room. >> this woman eating a bunt cake in there? >> maybe. you can do whatever you want. you can sew. you can knit. you can watch television. you can listen to music and do whatever your little heart desires! >> according to "usa today," this seems to be a growing trend. mom creating spaces -- women creating spaces in their own house dedicated to them. all the rat race, everything out there. men like to sit in a large room and just watch tv. well, they want a place where they can watch tv, do something else but also knit, also balance the checkbook, also do these other little things.
6:38 am
>> i love the knitting. but really, i mean, i hear it's taking the back seat, though, to the man cave. they actually carved out the laundry room, a large closet. it doesn't necessarily get what i have all situated which is a long attic, finished. >> because we're that desperate. we'll take a laundry room! we'll take a closet to have -- do you know how desperate i am for a mom cave? yesterday, here's an example. i was napping after the show because -- i was napping. no. in my bed. and basically, my children staged a parade that came through the bedroom. complete with like noise makers, they were wearing your slanket that you gave me. that's not relaxing to be in the middle of a parade. >> the best solution, rick, i guess, is to go into a closet and hide there and wait -- lock the door. >> that's what i'm planning on doing. >> before we get to rick, e-mail us, friends at do you like this woman cave idea? rick, isn't the entire house your cave? >> no.
6:39 am
>> no. man cave. >> the man got the man cave, to have his one little spot away from the entire woman cave that is the rest of the us. >> if the children are allowed in the rest of the house, that's not your mom cave. >> but you get to decorate the re of the house. we only get to decorate one room. >> with billy bass on the wall. >> alisyn, one of the days your kids will be gone and you'll be very sad. game forecast, 18 degrees for the chicago-green bay game. a little bit of clouds. i don't think we'll see the snow. last week, i said there was no snow in chicago and then it snowed during the game. i was sad about that. i think we're clear today. maybe a little bit of lake effect snow moving through pittsburgh today. 14 degrees so an extremely cold one out there. good day to be on the couch. here's what it is like as you're waking up across the far northern plains. minus 20 in international falls. minus 15 in sioux falls. omaha yesterday, eight inches of snow with the storm that moved through the area. continuing to die down towards the south. it's going to get its act going a little bit in the south over the next couple of days. that's the storm that we'll
6:40 am
watch. meanwhile out across the west, everything is absolutely beautiful. clear skies, seattle, maybe a few light showers. not anything that will cause big problems for you. take a look at the future cast. we have this storm that we're watching. by monday morning. some snow coming across kentucky and across tennessee but very heavy rain developing across much of the south from monday, tuesday and even into wednesday and see the potential for severe weather. after this, the storm is going to pull off towards the east. and potentially we're going with a nor'easter on wednesday across areas of the northeast, could be blizzard conditions again but some of the models are trending off farther to the east and that would be good news. the storm could completely miss the northeast all together. that's what we'll hope for. here's the high temperatures for today. you see all the cold out there, getting to zero in caribou. 24 in new york. 14 in cleveland and by tomorrow, the coldest of the air is across much of new england and that's certainly going to be then on its way. the cold air has settled once again across the south. it's affecting residents in the southeast this morning.
6:41 am
daryl carver joins us live from atlanta, georgia with more. >> that's right, rick. we're down here in atlanta. if you take a look directly behind me, you see this sign behind us, this clock tower, 25 degrees. the temperature is accurate. even though the time is not. just to give you an idea of how chilly it's been, temperatures have been hovering in that range for a great deal of time around atlanta which is very unusual down here. what's also unusual is we're about to face our third major weather event in just the last month. as you're seeing video of the most recent one, the major storms really shut down metro atlanta for the better part of a week. because of the road conditions and because of how cold conditions were for that extended period of time, the state is making some huge adjustments now. they're now putting all of the emergency management activities under emergency management in this state. before the department of transportation coordinated a lot of their own efforts.
6:42 am
now, emergency management will be running the entire show to get those plows and salt trucks out there to clear away those conditions. should we have the ice once again. reporting from atlanta, daryl carver for fox news. back to you in new york. >> daryl, thank you. 25 in atlanta. >> although the time is rather arbitrary, get that clock fixed, please. >> i think it's -- >> broke the clock. >> before we go to break here, jim writes us on twitter and says mom cave equals kitchen. tell her to get cooking. >> jim! >> the point is we want to get out of the kitchen and have some solitude, jim. >> jim -- >> show, caveman. more fallout for the racy new teen show "skins." more sponsors are running for the door. can they win this fight and get it off the air? >> before you fill out your taxes, we have some deductions that you will want to avoid if you don't want to get audited. there's some that i was considering taking to tell you the truth. that's next. ♪
6:43 am
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on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." california could be forced to issue iou's if state lawmakers don't make deep spending cuts soon akorpgd to the state's treasurer. he says the lawmakers have until the end of march to get a cutting measure on the ballot before the state runs out of cash. sponsors fighting back against
6:46 am
mtv's racy drama "skins." wrigley's gum dropping its ads from the show, saying it didn't want to endorse content that could offend consumers. taco bell and gm have pulled their ads from the show. ali? >> you may have started to sift through your paperwork to begin to do your taxes. our next guest says there are things that you shouldn't think about trying to deduct. i was thinking about trying to deduct some of these. >> not so fast. certified public accountant and political humorist is here with us this morning. >> good morning. >> not so fast. some of these things everyone thought they could write off, ali, you cannot. number one, reimbursed job expenses. why not? >> well, if you are out laying the cash and your employer pays you back, you can't deduct that expense. >> so travel expenses, for example, if i go on a trip, they do pay me back, i cannot write that off. >> write, so when you take the concord -- >> because your company is writing that off.
6:47 am
>> if you're getting paid back for it, then you're out no money. what are you deducting? >> great point. however, the next one. diets. if you are spending a lot of money on jenny craig, weight watchers, diets or maybe even a gym, can't you sort of count this under health care cost? >> no, the brownies aren't deductible. sorry, marie osmond. they're not deductible. the irs doesn't care how much you weigh. >> primary telephone land lines. the land line you can't write off. if you have a cell phone, are you in pretty good shape in terms of writing that off? >> it has to be your primary phone line cannot be deducted because the irs knows that you're using it for personal reasons. so -- >> about if you have a land line, you're in good shape on your cell phone bill. >> if of a land line, you must have an eight track tape. mostly every -- >> i have a land line! >> ouch! >> ok, next, home improvements, what if you work from home?
6:48 am
>> yeah. >> can you deduct it? can you deduct an improvement to your home if you do some work from home? >> no. i mean, again, your home is your residence so you -- that sun room, you can't deduct. you have to -- what you can do, though, if you take out a home equity loan which a lot of people do to make improvements to their home, you can deduct, obviously that interest expense for it. but you can't deduct the total expense of the room. again, that's really your primary home. >> ok. i spend about 30 bucks a day going back and forth on the train from connecticut to new york. can i write that off? >> it hurts us all. but no, you can't. you can't. no. to and from. but if you were to leave here and you had to go to a client per se or maybe somebody that you needed to interview and you had spent a cab fare going from here to whoever that potential interview is, then you can deduct that. >> that's something. >> but not to and from. >> ok, charitable giving. this is always one i've wondered
6:49 am
about. if you do a pro bono speech and roll up your sleeves and work for a charity somewhere, can you deduct your time? >> right. if you're a band of ventriloqiusts or a comedian and they ask you to do jokes at the baking sale in terre haute, indiana i don't want to brag but no, you can't deduct it. >> you can deduct your goods or money if you give to a charity. >> yes, of course. well, your charitable contributions, your checks and keep all receipts and by the way, people should know when you clean out the closet and you find the parachute pants, you can send those and you can actually deduct those. probably worth about $0.50 but -- >> that means you. >> i'm good with my eight track. finally, pet care? has anyone really tried to write off their pet care? >> i live in a building where they love dogs and a woman upstairs from me has two cocker spaniels, laverne and shirley
6:50 am
and she asked me if she can deduct the vet bills. the irs doesn't care about your pet. they don't care. >> thanks so much for coming in and making light of some taxes. it's not easy to do. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> coming up now, a fox news alert. remember that deadly new year's attack on christians in egypt? word now al-qaida is involved. breaking details for you next. >> and more fallout from the arizona sheriff that made controversial comments after the tucson shooting. residents are trying to recall his job. we'll explain that at the top of the hour. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: caller steve, go right ahead. steve: yeah, um, i just got a free rate quote on,
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>> welcome back. fox news alert now for you. egyptian officials now confirm that al-qaida -- an al-qaida group linked -- has been linked
6:54 am
between the new year's day homicide bombing. that attack, a christian church in alexandria. egypt is blaming the gaza based army of islam for the attack. a charge that group is denying. the blast killed at least 21 christians and wounded 100 more. it was the deadliest attack on christians in egypt in more than a decade. >> under attack in the middle east, christianity is growing fast in china. in fact, it has the fastest growing number of christians in the world right now. why would a communist country allow this and be so right for it? >> on the whole, christianized geographical areas of china are less crime prone, less corrupt, more productive than other areas of the country. >> so what does this mean for relationships to the west? we'll ask fox news religious correspondent lauren green. this is shocking to me oochlt east a shocking story that i've been watching for a long, long
6:55 am
time. there's anywhere between 80 million and 150 million christians in china. that's an amazing number. there's 80 million on the low side, that means it's more than registered members of the communist party in china. >> why is this? the country is officially an atheist country. so what accounts for this growth in christianity there? >> if you ask them the theological academic point, basically because they're a spiritual vacuum, the cultural revolution left them nothing. persecution probably is a reason behind it. if you ask a minister that will say, well, because the bible says the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church. that's why they're saying this is why it's growing. the numbers are staggering. with the guy who basically gives numbers that are unbelievable. listen to this. >> christians are very vocal and they're very willing to share their faith. this generation of chinese christian growth will reach anywhere from 200 to 500
6:56 am
million. >> and lauren, is it right that this spike in these numbers that he's talking about started with the tiananmen uprising? >> the spike started there but the numbers i've had -- i hear everybody talking about is phenomenal. i can't believe they said 7% growth per year. a million christians a week are converting to christianity. if you understand this, you understand within our generation, china will then hold more christians than the united states. >> what -- sorry, clayton. it's not just tiananmen square but the decade since, human relations are not exactly their specialty. what's going to happen to christians? >> this is sort of a -- sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, i think, with the chinese government because on one hand, they get taxes paid. there's a lot more harmonious living with christians. on the other hand, they fear the christians because they're known to topple communist regimes so this is an issue for them. >> lauren green, thanks for which sore coming in and calling it to our attention. really fascinating.
6:57 am
great to see you. >> coming up on the show next hour, a story all parents need to see. the doctor who linked autism to vaccines has come under fire. this morning, dr. andrew wakefield is here to defend himself. >> president obama has a new economic team. will they be able to create the desperately needed jobs? inside look ahead. to save some y on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. then try this. freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna-- [beep] wow. yep, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design.
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may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can leato death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such asigh blood pressu or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine prblems, such as bleeding and ulcers, whiccan cur without warning and may cause death. patients al taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've hadn asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, ortrouble breathing. tell your doctor abut your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> good morning, everyone. it's sunday, january 23rdrd. president obama giving a preview
7:00 am
of his state of the union address. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs. >> yeah, but his plan to create jobs has not panned out in the last two years so why will it work now? we'll tell you what he says. >> and a new frontrunner in the republican race for the white house, at least in new hampshire. mitt romney tops the ticket for the g.o.p.'s first new hampshire straw poll but who else made that list? >> and he came under fire for linking autism to vaccines. that doctor, andrew wakefield is defending himself against his critics coming up on our show. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us bright and early on this frigid sunday morning. here in manhattan -- >> 2 degrees. when i got in the car, it was 2
7:01 am
degrees. >> just like my beer this morning. >> what is that? >> what's happening? >> super bowl sunday tech coming up in a few minutes. i want to show you, this, dave, is going to save you life. this is a beer stein and i've just tweeted out where you can find out about it. it will keep your beer cold for four straight hours. the entire length of the game. so -- >> that's a good ad. >> coming up at the end of the half-hour here, i'll show you other great super bowl tech things if you're planning on having yourself a super bowl party. >> big game of politics is where we start. the state of the union speech on tuesday night if you believe it, people actually get together at sports bars and watch the state of the union address in d.c. what is the president going to talk about? he'll complete that move to the center and he's going to talk about jobs and talk about common ground to give us a preview on saturday on the internet. >> we created more than a million jobs over the last year. the stock market is back up and corporate profits are healthy again. so we've made progress but as all of you know, we're talking
7:02 am
friends and neighbors, seeing what's happened in your communities, we've still got a lot more work to do. my principal focus, number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs, not just now but well into the future. and that's what is going to be the main topic of the state of the union. >> dave, you mentioned earlier that you think listen for that word in the state of the union, the competitive -- competitive word. >> buzz word, baby. >> that's your buzz word. my buzz word is responsible deficit cutting because i think the president will be hitting on that because he's going to be talking about, frankly, new government spending. he has some ideas to spend more money on education, infrastructure, research projects so he has to spin it. he has to sell that because, as you know, the public appetite for government spending is at historic lows right now. but he truly believes that if he were to enact all of the cuts that republicans are calling for, that it would stall the economy so he has to spin it to the american public on tuesday.
7:03 am
>> i agree with the word competitiveness. peter baker has laid out. he said we'll probably see this 13 times. he's coming up in the next block, in fact. he thinks that will be the buzz word we'll see in the state of the union address, competitiveness because that's something that republicans can get behind and it's a bit of a species word, isn't it? we don't know where competitiveness will come. doug shoen earlier on the show said if you have targeted competitiveness where it's focused towards research and development or what the republicans can get behind, you're going to hear some applause. you can hear some boos or silence throughout the state of the union if it's anti-republican. >> one thing that's going to happen, a lot of awkward moments with democrats next to republican. it's going to be awkward. >> maybe. maybe it's going to be bipartisan. >> maybe -- >> don't kid yourself, alisyn. >> maybe there will be some boning. >> you know washington as well as i do. >> i think there's a new day and it might last 24 hours and it might be tuesday night to wednesday morning but the fact that they are all reaching out across the aisle to each other. most of them, not everyone and they're planning these dates.
7:04 am
the democrats and republicans are planning dates. maybe we'll see a kinder, gentler state of the union. >> make a date for thursday night. that's when you can actually ask questions to the president based on the state of the union speech. you can get on you tube. the white house has their own channel and has 120,000 members on that channel and you can ask the president a question, you can vote on your favorites. you have to keep it to about 20 seconds but the president will select a few questions and answer them directly to the american people. >> well, all eyes right now, surprisingly, already on 2012, if you can believe that. we're talking the state of the union and already people are getting excited and conducting their first straw polls for 2012. here it is. the new hampshire straw poll yesterday, this occurred, look who -- this was no surprise at all. mitt romney probably didn't need to show up to get this. 35% he wins in new hampshire. ron paul came in second. tim pawlenty with 8%. sarah palin, though, a distant fourth place there with 7%. she's not even set foot in new hampshire yet and a lot of people wonder if that's going to be a big problem for her going
7:05 am
forward. >> these are always fun. even though it's just a snap shot in time and as we know, the straw polls from 2007 didn't come to pass in the election. still, it's an interesting snapshot. of course, mitt romney, everybody predicted he'd be out front, he has the home field advantage. >> neighboring state. >> he has a house there. >> something interesting happened in new hampshire and this straw poll reveals it and that is at the same time that they were voting for mitt romney, they voted in a local tea party leader to head -- to be the state chair, the g.o.p. chair of the party. so they like the tea party on one level. and they like mit romney who is an establishment candidate so they say it's paradoxical. >> mitt romney has openly not courted necessarily the tea party crowd just yet or the movement but part of that is because the tea party that we have one leader that you can meet with. there's tea party express, there's freedom works. there's groups all over. but that tea party leader, jack campbell in new hampshire says i'm actually a conservative republican. he's just kind of an anti-establishment new to the game guy.
7:06 am
a businessman background. >> and we're also hearing, of course, rudy giuliani may throw his hat into the ring. we heard that friday night on the hannity show. he showed up on that list and some other names that weren't on that list although it seems to be a lot of favorability among republicans right now, mitch daniels, you have john thune and some of those other people not making that list. it was interesting to see. >> i think they were way down at 3%. in the meantime, get to the headlines and tell you what else is happening this morning. doctors for congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she's more alert and progressing nicely with her recovery. giffords has started physical therapy from her room in the intensive care unit at a houston hospital. doctors say they'll spend the next few days determining when they'll transfer giffords to the hospital's high-tech rehab facility. and that will depend on whether they can drain fluid build-up from the congresswoman's brain. a group from salt lake city is trying to recall pima county arizona sheriff clarence dupnik. he was criticized for his
7:07 am
comments of blaming political rhetoric on the tucson shooting rampage. americans against immigration amnesty is behind the recall. they say it was prompted by e-mails and phone calls from angry citizens in arizona. and the woman suspected of kidnapping a baby from a new york hospital more than two decades ago, may have been spotted at a pawnshop in bridgeport, connecticut. "the new york post" reports that the woman was trying to sell laptop, earrings and an engagement ring. someone from the pawnshop apparently called police. by the time they arrived, the woman was gone. petway is wanted for breaking her parole and wanted for questioning in the kidnapping of karlina white recently reunited with her family after 23 years. supreme court justice antonin scalia will cross capitol hill to talk to the tea party tomorrow. he will deliver a closed door speech on the separation of powers. justice will be the first speaker for the group's new constitutional seminar. it's sponsored and organized by minnesota republican michelle bachmann and talk about braving the elements. a troupe of boy scouts in
7:08 am
minnesota are hoping to earn the zero hero award. the troupe will have to stay outdoors for 24 hours, eat at least two meals outside and the temperature must drop below zero. >> it's actually a lot of fun that we get to hang out together and not just sit around for two hours. actually to be outdoors, it's really fun. >> glad he thinks it's fun. if the troupe finishes the challenge, they should find out today if they will get that badge. those are hardy boy scouts there. >> out in that cold temperatures. let's check in with rick to see what it looks like. >> that's so cool. >> literally. >> zero heroes. do they have to catch the food to eat the two meals? somehow? >> i don't think they have to bag a polar bear. >> ice fishing, something like that, birds, i don't know. yeah, minus 6 is what it feels like in minneapolis if you're getting your zero hero award right now. minus 3 in chicago. this is the wind chill out there, you see the cold air has
7:09 am
dived down across the southeast. feels like 23 in atlanta and feels like 33 in tampa. we have freeze warnings across the tampa area. tonight, we have wind chill advisories across much of the areas of connecticut, massachusetts and vermont. it could feel minus 20 to minus 30. the 2 degrees you woke up to this morning in your car and tomorrow morning, hopefully going to be staying in. it's going to be very, very cold. 7 inches of snow falling. that's gone. now we have this one system here diving across parts of missouri and kansas, maybe another two to three inches of snow. this is the storm that will move across the southeast. it will be a definite rain maker as we move forward over the next three days. it will really develop there and there will be a lot of rain and snow across parts of tennessee and kentucky. the western parts of the country looking absolutely beautiful. yesterday, i showed you the snow accumulation and we saw a lot of snow with one of these models accumulating by the time we get towards the day on wednesday. this is what it looks like now. not nearly as much. this model and it's a pretty reliable model we use is
7:10 am
forecasting this storm eventually to pull out to sea. doesn't show it as a nor'easter for us at all on wednesday for the northeast. that would certainly be good news. a little bit of time that we'll continue to watch it, could still be dealing with the big storm. there are some indications it could move out to sea. that would be great news. here's the temperatures today, the coldest air we've seen all season long really over the last few years across the northeast as today and tomorrow, it warms up a little bit. so some hope in sight. >> thank you, rick. folks, no place is safe from the constant barrage of advertising we're all facing in this kun country. but now a whole new place you thought would be out of bounds, the mirror in your bathroom is a virtual billboard at chicago international airport, o'hare, thanks to the folks from clearchannel communications and a company called mirus, the ads come and go as you approach the mirror and there's no escape. >> love this piece in "the chicago tribune" this morning, 40 inches, this is the size of the mirrors that have the
7:11 am
display ads on them. i think it's brilliant. it's a captive audience. you have nowhere else to go. you want to check your hair. maybe there's a hair out of place. you need to get around these ads now as you're trying to stare at the mirror. >> you think it's brilliant. isn't it likely to annoy people. this is in women's bathrooms as well. not just men. won't that just annoy people? will that help sell the product? won't you be so incensed that you will hate the product. >> to be clear, the large ad goes down to a small ad when you approach the mirror so it won't be too bad. it's coming to the united center at wrigley field and other sporting venues. what do you think about this? will it annoy you or a great idea? friends at get us all on twitter. >> they should have beer ads there. >> that's right. >> coming up on the show, the doctor that linked autism to vaccines and sparked huge controversy among parents and doctors have been accused of fraud. this morning, dr. andrew wakefield here to defend himself. >> the president promises to turn things around and create jobs but an insider says his
7:12 am
economic team is frustrated with their leader because the president is having a hard time making a decision. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily vue of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. ok, her mind. can getting enough vegetables make you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number?
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catch you on the flip side! i'd tell him the sign's not finished, but it would just break his funky little heart. more discounts, more ways to save. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> can president obama's new economic team help create jobs and turn things around? "new york times" correspondent peter baker got a behind-the-scenes look at the white house economic team. here's an excerpt from his article reading "for all the trials of war and terrorism, the economy has come to define this presidency during the first half of his term, he used the tools of government to shape the nation's economy more aggressively than any president in 75 years." but peter baker also found some major problems with the economic team. he joins us this morning to
7:15 am
explain. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how are you? >> we are great and this is a fantastic piece. we recommend you all read it in "the new york times" magazine. you describe this economic team with one word. dysfunction. what was wrong with the inner circle? it seemed they were all over the map in terms of their policy ideas. >> well, it was -- it was a team put together in the midst of a crisis and the president coming into office with a lot on his plate decided he was going to pick out the people he thought were the most talented and most brilliant in some ways of his party's economic staff but at the same time, a lot of big egos and personalities and there were over the last two years, a number of clashes over everything from personality and policy, whether it be the deficit vs. jobs or whether it be who got to sit in what meeting or who got to give what advise to the president. >> he met with democrats, he met with republicans, he met with major ceo's. one man he met with, the former
7:16 am
cbo director, he said "i honestly do not know where the president's policy is. i can't tell what are the principles on which he operates. he's very smart and knows all the policy options. i don't know the criteria by which he's picking between them." it's no real problem to have advisors that disagree. i think most presidents do. but is the problem here that the president can't form one cohesive strategy and take into account everyone's differing opinion? >> well, look, he comes into office as a senator, rather than governor. he never managed an economy the way, say, george bush or bill clinton had at a small level and neither of those presidents had ever confronted a crisis the kind that president obama coming in. so he didn't come in with a sort of, you know, long experience, long held views on economy in quite the same way that other presidents have. he would tell you that he does have principles undergirding his economic policies but they're
7:17 am
less ideological and more improvisational giving the context of the challenge he was facing. he was willing to try different things to see what would work and in his view, trying a pragmatic approach rather than a dogmatic approach to the economy. but it does leave some people like doug wondering how do you evaluate what obama-nomics really means. >> that's why we're going to see on tuesday night spending reduction but yet more spending. conflicting messages. romer is out, summers is out and essentially team clinton is in. how will this vision take shape moving forward from what you've been able to gather as you witness how the first two years came together? >> he's put together a new team that in effect is meant to joust with republicans rather than with each other and i think it's a team that's geared more towards understanding the nexus between policy, politics and media. he's heading into 2012, re-election campaign, and so while the initial team was --
7:18 am
was big thinkers and macro economic scholars and so forth, this team is one, a lot of hands on experience in the messy part of making compromise with the opposition in congress and confronting them when there are differences to be debated. >> it will be fascinating look tuesday night at the state of the union address. we remind everyone, timothy geitner still there, the leader of the circle still there while a lot of people have left. thanks very much for joining us. it's a great piece. the white house looks for work. i will link that on my twitter feed. check that out. thank you, sir. >> thanks very much. have a great day. >> you, too. >> coming up, a 17-year-old girl has been missing for weeks and her father says he'll leave no stone unturned to find her. he joins us next with the heartbreaking ordeal. then he's the new man in charge of getting the president re-elected and he has some controversial ties. used to work for acorn for one. also, teenagers fighting back against a school dress code. girls told to leave their
7:19 am
stretch pants at home, ali. is the school going too far? we report, you decide.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
>> you know what that music means. first $100 million, that's how much the outgoing google chief executive will get in cash, stock options, according to "the wall street journal." bye, eric! second 10 billion, that's how many apps apple sold after it started the apps craze and lastly, $7.3 million. that's how much the movie "no strings attached" has made so far in the opening weekend. romantic comedy stars natalie portman and ashton kutcher.
7:23 am
i know that dave and ali will be seeing it later today. ali? >> meanwhile, the search continues for missing honors student felicia barnes. she was visiting her sister in baltimore last month when she disappeared without a trace. but her family, of course, is not giving up hope. joining us now is felicia barnes' father russell barnes. good morning, mr. barnes. >> good morning. >> felicia is a straight a student. this is very unlike her. she would never just walk away or disappear without contacting you. what do you know about her disappearance? >> well, i was in atlanta when my daughter called me and told me felicia wasn't home and we set up a red flag. that was not in her character just to not call on her sister or anyone. so we automatically send out our own search party, did our own flyers. connected with several people in my family which we are 300, 400
7:24 am
strong here in baltimore, and we have not came up with anything to what happened with felicia. >> she was visiting her sister when she went missing. what do you know about the days before she went missing? what were the two young women doing together? >> well, they were -- they were definitely connected like twins pretty much. and they would go to her job -- my daughter's job, i have two daughters in baltimore and they would take time and take turns just keeping up with felicia, taking her to jobs. going shopping and things of that nature. it was a quite experience and a great, exciting time with phylicia. >> but then she left her sister's apartment. she left without her purse. she left with only the clothes that she was wearing. what do you think has happened? >> well, a lot of things that came out of that, we've spoken
7:25 am
to everyone. when i got into town, i spoke to a lot of people that knew phylicia and they have told me she believed she had gotten up and went to get something to eat. but we found out that wasn't the case because she did not have any shoes on. pretty much she had on booty slippers, like little slipper booties which she's not going to walk across anywhere to get anything out to eat. we looked at tapes and looked at a lot of video cameras and she did not go anywhere in that direction. >> it's obviously very troubling on so many levels. we understand that the baltimore police are investigating this. have only received to date 70 tips. though it's been a couple of weeks. we want to get you more information today and hopefully our viewers can help. what should they know about your daughter, to be on the lookout for her? >> well, phylicia will be scared. she will be out of place because she doesn't know anyone in
7:26 am
baltimore but her siblings, her close family. it will look awkward to her. it will be just different, like i said she doesn't know anyone in baltimore. we have a $10,000 reward out for any information leading to finding her, where she's been at or what's her location? >> i'm so glad you reminded me to say that. there is a cash reward and we've been putting the number up on our screen for anyone who has any information about where phylicia is, i'll put on that my blog as well. 855-223-0033. thank you for coming on. good luck. we will pray this has a happy ending. thank you. >> thank you. >> lets go over to dave and clayton with what's coming up. >> story that all parents need to see. a doctor who linked autism to vaccines has come under a lot of fire recently. now dr. andrew wakefield here to
7:27 am
defend himself in 15 minutes. >> stop bullies before they start at the ripe old age of 2 years old. how are they doing it? why they say it's working. >> plus what are all the -- what are all these gadgets here, man? >> it's super bowl tech. you want to throw that great super bowl party. show you some great gadgets to do just that. check out that lg television, by the way, beautiful and i can pump some soda for you.
7:28 am
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>> welcome back. fox news alert now. egyptian officials confirm that an al-qaida linked group was behind the new year's day homicide bombing outside a church in alexandria. egypt is blaming the gaza based army of islam for the attack. something that group is denying. the blast killed at least 21 christians and wounded 100 more. it was the deadliest attack on christians in egypt in more than a decade. >> all right. welcome back, everybody. let's get to the rest of the headlines right now because there are so more questions than answers this morning in the case of a slain indiana family. police finding a 30-year-old and her three children shot to death in their austin home. the house also partially destroyed by fire. they have reportedly been going through a divorce. no suspects have been named so police are hinting that this could be a murder/suicide. we'll bring you more details as
7:31 am
we have them. mexican soldiers patrolling the rural border near texas have killed 10 suspected drug gang gunmen. five others were taken into custody. the soldiers came under attack and returned fire after finding the gang's training camp. the mexican military was able to seize the stash of weapons including rifles, grenade launchers and armored vehicle in the aftermath. he's the new man in charge of getting the president re-elected and has controversial ties. a long time activist for the community organizing group acorn is about to become the new executive director of the democratic national committee. he currently serves as white house political affairs director. he used to be political director for acorn's new york branch and an executive with the sciu and it's a pants protest in forest grove, oregon. 45 middle school girls wearing stretch pants to school one day after their principal banned those types of pants from the dress code. >> told us that it's too revealing and sometimes they can be so tight that they're see
7:32 am
through. >> a little irritated because they're comfortable and we wear them like twice a week. >> well, the school principal says he banned stretch pants and spandex after several students complain they were too immodest. >> your thoughts? >> they're comfy and girls look perfectly fine in them. >> i have nothing against them. >> i have nothing. >> let's talk a little sports now. one of the best football days of the year has arrived. the conference championship games today to determine who goes to big d for the super bowl. first up, bears and packers where fans are all fired up. >> we have to tell just on the super bowl and bring back that trophy. >> we're going to do it! oh, boy! >> is that bret favre? >> that has to come with a viewer warning. as for the bears, having some fun of their own.
7:33 am
bears fans at brookfield illinois zoo got to see the two bears maul a cheese head. you can watch the bears take on the packers at 3:00 eastern time on fox. how about that rivalry? first time in the playoffs since 1941 at wrigley field. in the afc, the steelers host the jets at 6:30 eastern on cbs. should be a great day. stunner, meanwhile, in the nba. wizards against the celtics. number one overall, john wall. banks in the three for the wizards with under a minute to go. that gives washington an 84-81 win. they would not give up. 12 win wizards shocking the division leading celtics, 84-83. ouch! last time the kansas jayhawks lost a basketball game at home in lawrence, it was during the bush administration back in 2007, texas looking to step -- snap that streak against the number two jayhawks and the longhorns would go on to
7:34 am
surprise ku handing them their first loss of the year and snapping their 69 game home winning streak in lawrence, kansas. the number 10 long horns went on to win 74-63. they needed that win after a tough football season and let's get the football forecast from rick. it's going to be cold. good football, ali. good football weather, isn't it, buddy? >> it is really cold. and it's going to be really cold this evening. if you're going to be sitting out especially in the pittsburgh, jets game, it's going to be rough. show you that forecast in a second. look at this, picture came into me from devon in north dakota. did that look cold? that is cold. thank you so much for that picture, you can send me your pictures, put them on my facebook page, we'll show more of those throughout the morning. i'll tell you that, though, today you'll get to 34 degrees. you'll get above freezing much that's good news. take a look at the current wind chill across the northern plains and you can see the eastern part of north dakota is where all the cold is. the western part, not nearly as bad.
7:35 am
montana not as bad but minus 27 is what you feel like at international falls right now. satellite and radar picture, the eastern part of the country, looking pretty good right now. we have some very heavy snow. moved forward on those maps for me. the eastern seaboard, the outer banks had a lot of heavy snow during the day yesterday. 6 to 7 inches in some cases. that's completely gone. we have the system moving in across parts of missouri. out across the west, we're very, very dry. in fact, we'll continue to see things quite clear. seattle, a little bit of light rain but nothing that's going to cause any major problems for you. all right, guys, let's send it to you inside. >> all right. thanks so much. >> super bowl time coming up here in two weeks. this is enough time for you to pick up and grab some super bowl technology to make your super bowl party awesome. you need a tv, right? >> i have a tv but this one might be -- >> but some of your friends don't and i know you've complained about that before. >> that's another issue. >> that's another issue entirely. if you're going to create a super bowl party, check out this great television from lg, i've done a lot of research on this tv, really affordable, too, 600
7:36 am
bucks for this thing. beautiful technology from lg, a flat screen using lcd technology. i mean, the retail price on this thing, now the price point for a 42 inch screen is remarkable. >> it is shocking, isn't it? it's come down a couple hundred dollars since i bought mine a few years ago. don't have a super bowl party if you don't have a great tv. >> that's a great tv. grab the lg tv. if you want an option, if it's really loud at super bowl parties and people can't hear the game sometimes and complain about that. you want surround sound and an affordable way to do surround sound is to do this setup i put together for you. use this sound bar, a slim stage sound bar. this gives you 5.1 surround sound with just this bar in the front. you sit there right underneath your television, and in the back, you need rear speakers, use the zona wireless speakers. all you do is, it comes with a little wireless transmitter and plug it into the side of the television, streams your background audio to these speakers anywhere. >> what a big difference in
7:37 am
technology. we useed to have to bring in someone to spend $1,000. five points with one speaker. >> run wires underneath a rug and through the wall. don't have to do that with the speakers also. if you can't be home for the game, pity you. there's an option for you. grab a sling box hd, it connects to your dvr or cable box, ok? and then it will stream -- it looks like a boring little box here from sling. but it's meant to be hidden. you don't want to see it or care about it. it's doing streaming the game or live television to your ipad, to your iphone, whenever it happens. >> streaming whatever is going into your cable box straight to your ipad or iphone. >> right. you can watch the super bowl right on your ipad or your iphone. now, you know -- >> is that a monthly service or you buy that and you're all set? >> you buy the sling box. no monthly service. >> go ahead. >> you know, people come over to the super bowl party and you want them to bring money, right? you want them to bring money for the beer, money sometimes, you know, you guys --
7:38 am
>> i have a cheapskate protector for you. the folks at square, we've had these guys on the show before, our friend jack dorsy, the co-founder of twitter came up with this. this is square, it's a little credit card reader and pops on top much your iphone or ipod touch, you launch the application and say i know you didn't bring any cash with you. you owe me $10. you plug in the amount of money that they owe you right here into the app and then you just swipe the credit card right through the card reader and the money comes out of your account. >> wow, that's frightening. so no longer can i say i didn't have any money, clayton. >> it's brilliant. >> i didn't bring a 20. >> think about it for bake sales or schools, you're doing like that, you use it that way. a lot of people like to not drink alcohol at super bowl parties. we have a lot of teetotalers out there. if you want some soda and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on soda, diet pepsi and coke, stuff like that. grab the soda stream. my wife loves seltzer water. imagine saving the amount of money, it makes soda for you by
7:39 am
carbonating anything you want. you slide it into the soda stream. tighten it up and add water, you can put in whatever you want. you can put in some cherry cola. pump this thing. >> so if i have that two liter of soda i've had for three weeks and lost all carbonation, i can recarbonate it? >> yeah, pour it right in here and it adds carbonation to anything. but a little lemon in it. you have yourself seltzer water there. look at that. there you go, alisyn. this is what alisyn drinks at super bowl parties. check it out. if you missed any of this, go to for any of the gadgets. >> i like adding bubbles. >> all right. come back over, we're talking not man caves but mom caves. the little place in the house that moms need to escape to -- when they need some solitude. we got some interesting e-mails from our viewers. dave in virginia says my wife has a mom cave. it's the whole third floor of the house. she does her sewing, knitting, watches tv, surfs the internet, reads, relaxes. it's three times bigger than my man cave. good for her! dave, i like your wife's style.
7:40 am
very cool. >> all right, for kathy, had to say, the mom caves idea is the bomb. it's about time we have got our own space, the reason mom caves don't have to be as big as man caves, they are wrapped up in big screen tv watching and we're not. i say share your man cave, guys. because then the ladies will help it stay clean. >> hold on. no, a mom cave has to be a free zone. that's one of the first rules. >> so the cigar smoke would turn you off? >> and you disagree with jim, one of the viewers who wrote earlier and said mom cave equals kitchen. go cook something. >> jim! >> jim, how dare you? >> jim, did you say caveman? >> jim, you're lucky i'm not giving out your last name. we'd have a lot of angry women writing you this morning. >> listen, everybody. stick around for what's coming up on the show. that controversial doctor whose report linking autism to vaccines. as you probably know, he's been
7:41 am
accused of fraud. we are going to talk to dr. andrew wakefield next. he's here to defend himself. >> then one school's policy to stop bullies before they start at the ripe old age of 2 years old. how they're doing it and why they say it's working. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes.
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get ts tile now for just 98 cents per square foot. > >> welcome back to "fox & friends." residents in australia are prepping for another week of flooding as a potential tropical
7:44 am
storm threatens the continent. floods have been pounding the nation for a month and have killed 30 people and destroyed over 30,000 homes. meanwhile, the oldest living member of easy company, the world war ii unit that was the basis for the miniseries "band of brothers" has died. ed mouser parachuted into france on d-day and he died of pancreatic cancer and another member of easy company died as well. sad time. great heroes in american history. alisyn? >> parents, listen to this story, in 1998, dr. andrew wakefield published a report suggesting there was a link between the mmr vaccine and autism. since then, a number of studies have never been able to replicate those results and dr. wakefield's study is now being called an elaborate fraud. but he is standing by his research and dr. andrew wakefield joins us now from austin, texas. good morning, doctor. >> good morning, alisyn. >> dr. wakefield, i want to get
7:45 am
to the heart of the matter and that is how can you still be standing by your research that there's a connection between autism and vaccines when now the original medical journal that published your report has retracted it and 10 of your fellow doctors whose names were on that report have had their names withdrawn because of the doubts that they have? >> let me say that the allegations made against me by the freelance journalist made in "the sunday times" and in the british medical journal are completely false. they are without foundation. >> let me tell our viewers what those allegations are. the investigative journalist claims that you perpetrated "an elaborate fraud" and you falsified fact in your original report. go on. what's your response to that? >> yes, let me characterize that. i was accused of altering the clinical histories and the test findings in these children in order to manufacture a disease, a disease which brian dear does
7:46 am
not believist examines. i have documents that i've now prayed to you that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no fraud, that these children suffered from inflammatory disease and that was reported accurately and these documents will be posted later today on so anyone can read them. >> no, alisyn, let me finish by saying there is a fraud. but the fraud is not coming from me. it is coming from brian dear and the fraud that's being perpetrated against the children of this country, parents of this country and the world. >> i hear what you're saying. do you, however, believe there is a connection still today between the mmr, the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine and the development of autism? >> do i believe the parents report that the vaccinations are involved in yes, i do. that's my opinion. it's the opinion of the american court and it is the decision of the american vaccine court that vaccines can cause autism.
7:47 am
that has been decided by the courts who weigh the evidence. >> doctor, i want to get to the bottom of this, basically what you're saying is i only reported the parents' findings. the parents believe there's a connection. but parents aren't the experts. and because of your report, where you drew the link between mmr and autism, that caused a precipitous drop in the vaccination rate around the world. let me read to you the findings of your original 1998 report. you say here, findings. onset of behavioral symptoms was associated by the parents with measles, mumps and rubella vaccination in eight of the 12 children who developed autism. so if you didn't believe the connection strongly, if you only believed the parents, why did you allow this fear to spread throughout britain and america? with the greatest due of respect, we did the study because the fear existed. we as physicians responded appropriately to the parents' concerns.
7:48 am
they were not only in england, they were here. we responded. had those children got off natural chicken pox, we would have reported that in the paper. it's not our job as physicians and scientists to censor the parents' story because it's uncomfortable. had we done that and it turned out it was real, you would come back to me and say why did you not include that? you could have warned me earlier. that's the way science it done. >> as you know, as we just said, there was a precipitous drop in the vaccination rate after your report came out. >> there wasn't. >> it went from 92% to 80% and many parents said their kids got measles, mumps or rubella because they didn't vaccinate them. do you bear responsibility on that? >> let me correct that. i advocate the for single vaccines available at the time in uk. the vaccination uptake did not fall. measles did not come back. then six months after i made that recommendation the government in the uk
7:49 am
unilaterally went through the importation license for the single vaccines thereby depriving parns of an opportunity to vaccinate their children and then vaccination rates went down, then measles came back much the british government is solely responsible for that happening. >> doctor, one more thing, the report by brian dear in the british medical journal also claimed that you stood to financially profit from a lawsuit against the mmr manufacturers. did you collect $750,000 as a result? >> no, i did not. he collect over a nine year period as many medical experts do a sum of money that then was donated, donated to an institute to build a new center for the hospital to look at children with developmental disorders and bowel disease. i made no profit whatsoever. i lost my job, my career, my country and that is a high price to pay. but a price that i readily paid and will pay again for these children. they are worth it. >> dr. andrew wakefield, we
7:50 am
appreciate you coming on and i will put the link to those documents on my blog so that people can read for themselves your rebuttal. thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you, alisyn. >> all right. coming up, democrats and republicans normally sit apart during the state of the union. but this year, it could be a mixture. the new seating arrangements coming up. then one school policy, stop bullies before they start and they want to stop them as young as 2 years old. why they say this is working next.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> welcome back. can bullying start as young as age 2? some schools across the country are taking steps to prevent bullying with preschoolers. >> here to talk about this unique approach is susan hoy, the owner of the goddard school in new jersey where governor
7:54 am
chris christie recently signed an anti-bullying bill of rights law. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> so the question, can kids really learn to bully or are they bullying at the age of 2 or are we just jumping to conclusion kz here? >> you do learn to differentiate certainly toddler behavior, you know, is toddler behavior. pushing and shoving and maybe biting, but that's developmental. what we look for is when children begin to verbalize and are intentionally mean to one another. that's what we construe as the beginning of a bullying behavior. >> i do want to hear what you guys are doing to combat bullying but all across the country, we're hearing about these laws enacted. we're hearing about the rise of bullying. i don't mean to add -- to say i'm in favor of bullying. but are we softening kids by protecting them from any criticism? isn't there something to be gained from learning how to take criticism and toughening up your kids? >> there is. but, you know, goddard has a
7:55 am
program they started about six years ago, well before bullying was so much in the news called the goddard guide to getting along. and we implemented it at age 2 1/2. and what we are trying to do is to help them to resolve problems on their own. instead of us solving the problems for them to give them the skills that they need to say to their peers, i don't like it when you do this to me, to verbalize it. and hopefully to build the confidence that they need to go to whether it's their parents, their teacher and ultimately, guidance counselors to say i'm having this problem. >> one of the questions, is that working? a lot of these kids, of course, are going to look around for mommy and daddy and look around for a teacher. i just got pushed! mrs. hoy, can you come here and help me. is it working? are they able to do it on their own at that age, 2 years old? >> let me give you an example. not at 2. at 2, they're not verbal enough. let's say at 3. let's say that there are three or four little girls and they're
7:56 am
playing together. and one of them says we shouldn't play with her she's wearing a dress. i don't want to play with her. she's wearing a dress and the little girl in the dress begins to cry. the teacher who observes this kind of behavior, that is intentional. that's deliberate, you know, she'll comfort the child that is upset but then she'll stop the activity and, you know, back in the day say you play with her and you play with her and that's it. no. we'll ask them to express what they're feeling, have the other children realize that bad behavior and those words have been hurtful and ask them to think about what they would do differently if they had to do it all over again and that does work. it really does work to get them to verbalize those kinds of thoughts and feelings. >> may have quelled some of our skepticism. nice to see you this morning. did i call you doctor? >> that's ok.
7:57 am
>> big promotion. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, check this out, a fight on the high seas caught on video. a shootout between somali pirates and commandos trying to take back their ship. that story top of the hour. >> and president obama laying out his agenda for 2011 and it sounds like he's moving to the center. what should voters believe? fox news sunday host chris wallace is here with his thoughts next. they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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>> good morning, it is sunday january 23rd. president obama taking to the airways early with the state of the union speech. it is all about jobs. what is different now, well, you will hear from the president. >> states face a massive budget crisis on the chopping block. keep the good teacher dump the back. >> a mom disconnects her family for six months. how? no cell phone or television or hot water dramatically changed them forever. "fox and friends" continues right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody . thanks so much for joining us. dave brigs. >> can you disconnect and no ron tron devices. she was sleeping with her eye
8:01 am
phone. dick >> six hours. >> i read the notes about the segment, it was tempting. it was really tempting to try to do it. it is like going to a retreat. instead of a log cabin in the woods. disconnect. >> we'll talk to her. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. south korea fores stormed a ship after somoli pirates hijacted it and took the crew hostage. crew managed to rescue the crew and killed eight of the pirates. gabreille giffords is alert and started physical therapy from her room in the intensive care unit in a houston hospital. doctors the spend the next few days when they will transfer to the high tech rehab facility. that will depend on if they
8:02 am
can drain the fluid build up from her brain. and new national center for advancing translational sciences. officials say they are concerned with a small amount much new drugs developed to fight diseases. the cost of bringing a single drug to market can exceed one billion dollars. the army is investigating how two decorative urns from arlington national cemetery ended up on the auction block. they were removed in a renovation in the 1990s and landed in a maryland antique shop that is closing. they were part of the amphitheater. the army asked hathe ururks ns be taken off of the auction slot. and president obama giving a sneak peek of thitate of the union address on tuesday. what are the top priorities? we'll ask doug lezadar. >> it may be a rebranding as
8:03 am
much as anything. the president is going to address sen tarist things that. could have to do with the audience . the state looked out in the senate and house controlled by democrats and now the republicans control the house . that should have the president talking about ideas. there is deficit reduction and offered a preview this weekend on youtube. >> we have to deal with deficits and debt in a responsible way and reform government so that it is leaner and smarter for the 21st century. >> but at the same time the president may talk about plans for government spending and infrastructure and education and that may be at odds with the republicans. bob mcdonnle delivered the last year's republican's response and new calls for government spending will be
8:04 am
cut. >> that will not be received. that is way out of touch with where the americans are who are cutting personal spending and business and unemployment rate at 10 percent is hurting america badly. >> the choice this year to deliver the republican response by as much as anything and the direction that the party intends to take. he may be a thorn in the side of the white house in the next few years. back to you guys. >> and live for us this morning. one of the biggest questions of the state of the union address is who will sit where? >> seating charts. >> like the episode of love connection. we don't know where everyone is going to sit inside of the hall. we hear rumblings of weird pairs . people calling other people across the aisle to have a seating date during the state of the union address . john stone and gillebrand
8:05 am
democrats agreeing to sit together. >> they are putting couples together . so it is your year book. >> there you go. >> i object. there are other candidates . markio rubio and al franken. a lot of people are crossing the aisle in the show of bipartisanship . peter king and anthony weiner. they have had verbal fist cuffs. >> they got after it on the house floor about the 9/11 first responders . listen to how acward the exchange could be tuesday night if you base it on this interaction on fox. >> stop whining and get the bill passed. >> no, this is only hypochrisy. they could pass it if they wanted. >> we did. 94 percent of the democrats. what percentage of the republicans. nice work. >> this started in colorado
8:06 am
with there was an open letter sent to congress and have everyone sit where they want and have the bipartisan seating chart and not one side sitting up and down. >> this is not what he had in mind. colorado house delegation are sitting there. pennsylvania democrat and republican senators will sit together. illinois, they will sit. democrat and republican senator will sit together. it will be whacko. >> or a beautiful cum baia love fest. mary lan did the dreau to sit with her. >> if you believe the report in the new york times . also had in her back pocket, bob corker of tennessee in case she got turned down by olympia snow . proposing a triple date where
8:07 am
they go together with respective bsf. >> that's my favorite. >> they go dutch and pick up the check in the end of the meal. >> talking about advertising coming to bathroom mirrors . the clear point you can't escape ads . now you can't escape union ads either. the national labor relation board usually an independent group is proposing that you allow break rooms to post union rights and you folks have the right to unionize. this is card check legislation did not get through congress. this is a group that is supposed to be independent. >> this is obama's way of paying back the union and allowing them to put up notification in the workplace. you go in the break. you see the right was minimum wage and choking hazard. >> equal employment
8:08 am
opportunity act and minimum wage. >> like i said it is on the wall and now this also on the wall allowing you, you have rights to workerize if you are not a union shop. >> that's assuming that workers don't know the rights and the right to unionionize. people who used to come with you and talk to you about it. now it is up there. is it pay back to the unions from the administration and that they are giving them a leg up that didn't previously exist. >> unions lost 834,000 in the private sector last year alone, so they are clearly looking for something to help them stay relevant. >> let me know friends @ the only thing on the break room wall is the lost cat poster. >> i didn't go to. >> see mittens, call that number. >> mittens the cat.
8:09 am
>> sorry for your loss, clayton. >> check out the pictures. this is lake ontario looking frozen there on the shores and beautiful, beautiful morning there. thanks for that picture, jack. clear skies in the eastern sea board. one storm brought heavy snow in the outer banks was north carolina and sen inches of snow there. and we have clear conditions. one storm that is diving in parts of missouri will meet up and pull up gulf moisture and tomorrow and tuesday and wednesday. looking rainy and snowy and stormy in parts of the southeast again. snow in parts of tennessee and mississippi and alabama and north parts of georgia . the storm will be a storm for us wednesday and thursday in the areas of the northeast. in the west, things are absolute low fine. seattle where you have had all of the rain you are clearing out and dreary skies but nothing to cause problems. here is your futurecast in the
8:10 am
next couple of days. the storm beginning to develop in the heavier and maybe thunderstorms moving in tuesday and wednesday in parts of florida. at that point, the storm will go out to sea or up to the north and cause a nor'easter for us. we'll watch it. cold air in place in the country and out in parts of the northeast, deal width coldest temperatures that we have seen. very cold. i want to go to hartford, connecticut. dangerous conditions with the hold. this is middletown. this is hartford. they are joining us where a house fire raged while crews work to unfree a fire house. >> that's right, good morning, we are here in middleton, connecticut. i am going to step out. look at the incredible pictures here. this is a house fire that happened in middleton last night. it was a two alarm blaze. we understand that
8:11 am
firefighters were called out to figure out what was going on it was more than 30 firefighters who were responding to this. what happened was around 12:00 last night firefighters responded to the two alarm blaze. the water lines froze and they were dealing with frozen water lines and that made it difficult to deal with fighting the fire. it was a two alarm blaze. one woman was carried out by neighbors. we don't understand right now what the cause of the blaze was. you can see the investigators are still there. but right now, it is easily below freezing and we are going to try to figure out what is going on here. northeast is clearly getting hit. back to you guys new york. >> thank you. >> that is a problem with the older basis. run the water to keep the pipes. >> brutal. >> coming up. president obama calling for more spend negligentitate of
8:12 am
the union address and we are already 14 trillion in debt. where does that money come from? chris wallace is here to break it down. >> cigarette and soda all taxed extra. is this a power grab for more government regulation in a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> the tries look good. ♪ proud to stand on our own
8:13 am
♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fuelin' the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there
8:14 am
gingerbread men! egg nog! [ female announcer ] grab a box of multigrain cheerios. get a code to... ...a 7 day plan to get going on that new years weight loss. get the box. get the code. get started! >> welcome back. president obama said the main focus will be the economy in tuesday night's state of the union address . rumors have it he is expected to call for more spending despite the comments yesterday. >> we'll have to deal with the deficits and debt in a responsible way . we have to reform government so it is lean yer smarter for
8:15 am
the 21st century. >> how do you reduce and make government leaner. chris wallace joins us. >> hi, guys. >> looking in the crystal ball. we are hearing conflicting reports. wall street report said more spending talk. his video message may say different. is he walking the delicate fence. >> there are areas we is can cut spending and we need to do that. and on the other hand increase spending . i think he will target it very much, not a huge new stimulus but the idea of new spending for what he calls investment in the future on education and infrastructure and research, especially on renewable energy. you got to remember, his number one concern is employment. the economy and jobs . the fact of the matter is, if he doesn't get unemployment
8:16 am
down between now of november 2012. he is in terrible political trouble. deficit is fine and health care reform and have debate. he will talk with cutting corporate tax rate to get more businesses hiring . >> chris, begin that the growing government and more spending are bad words in this climate. how is this going to go over with the bipartisan audience lining to him in the chamber. >> it is how he frames it. if he makes it sound like a huge stimulus that goes over badry. if he said we are going to cut and also find some area to increase, i got to tell you in the polls, deficits and governments while a concern of the voters is not nearly as much of a concern as the economy and getting people hired . so in terms of the public they are much more focused on the public they're concerned about
8:17 am
economy. >> and i think we hear common ground. how clear will that move toward the center we heard about how clear will that be on tuesday night? >> rhetorically very clear. real or not is something that people will have to determine. the president had a good couple of months since he took what he called the shellacking in the midterms . he made the tax deal to extend the bushious tax cut. mitch mcconnell will be on our show. bill daley as chief-of-staff and announced a regulatory review and the fact is, seen a bump in the polls. that seems to be the way he's going and way he thinks he may be able to win reelection. >> there are two conflicting few points. who do you think should sit together in the state of the union. there is a big back and forth.
8:18 am
who would you pair to sit together. >> i am trying to think. interesting pairs. mary landreau. democrat of louisiana and olympia snow republican of maine. schumer a liberal democrat of new york . tom coburn from oklahoma. it is like an odd couple prom night in high school it is going to be interesting to see. check your local listings for fox news sunday. illinois delegation crossing the aisle. one couple not out is chris and his wife. they wrote mr. sunday's soup . check it on you are having french onion. >> how do you than. >> you are right. >> i wish we had some right here, chris, please send >> crust and cheese on top. >> how dare i, chris wallas. >> you made the floor furious.
8:19 am
>> back to you. and cutting back school nurses and secretaries are train to replace them. can they do that or are kids put in danger to save money. we have a nurse to join us next. >> china's new stealth fighter. technology stolen from a u.s. jet. how did that happen? we thought it was russian. that's coming up. what super fruit is taking sunsweet ones.orm? prunes? they're a delicious source of nutrients. wow!
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8:22 am
>> some quick headlines at 22 minutes after the hur- hour. california could be forced to issue ious if lawmakers don't make cuts soon. lawmakers have until the end of march to get a budget cutting measure on the ballot before the friends run out of
8:23 am
cash . friend and family said goodbye to sergeant shriver . shriver, the father of maria shriver and kennedy inlaw was also peace corp director and a vice-presidential candidate. he died at the age of 95. >> department of health and human services recommends one school nurse. 45 percent of the schools have a full-time nurse . 30 percent have a part-time nurse . 25 percent don't have nurses at all. in california one nurse for twind students. who is to blame. we are joined by the executor director for the california nursing organization. >> good morning. >> so the era of budget cuts. there is an impression when a child gets a boo-boo, on the
8:24 am
playground they can slap on a band aid. >> problem is number one. we are not talking about band aids anymore. we are talking about children with chronic illness and health care needs that are coming to the schools in numbers we haven't seen before. 30 years ago, these conditions didn't exist or the child was not well enough to come to school and technology, medications didn't exist that do now today and allow them to come to school. >> they are getting much more care than just a band aid. >> and one piece high lides where a child was in school and he had a food allergies that he didn't know about . he was going to shock. someone grabbed ephnefrin .
8:25 am
that is happening in a lot of schools. there is no nurse to do that. >> that's right. i need to point out that the issue is not a nursing shortage that many like to claim. there are nurses that are graduating from school that are not able to find jobs in california. there are many rn's out there and lv>>'s. but the problem is, school districts choosing not to bring in credential nurses to work in the schools. >> of course, they are facing massive budget shortfalls. is it better to have a nurse or fire teachers. these are the choices they are having to make. >> actually, it is not. there are school districts that manage to have credential school nurses and rn's and lvn's to give safe and appropriate care and they have teachers. they are choosing a little different kind of priorits
8:26 am
than another district. >> nancy, do you feel a broader fall out. there is concern about the health and well being of the child. and one of the secretaries is filling in for a nurse or no nurse at that school at all. >> i don't think so. a lot of partners are not aware of it . in many districts where we have the children, parents are becoming more educated and are demanding that their children receive safe and appropriate care. at least that is what we are hoping. >> nancy spadling thanks for bringing it to our attention. >> and dave in the fox control room. >> mitt romney tops a new presidential gop strawhold. who else made the risk in the white house. teachers now a plea. keep the good ones and dump
8:27 am
the bad. >> plus, stuck inside in this winter cold spell . warm comfort food and how about blue berry pancakes straight ahead. ahh! auto.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> approximate get a close up of clayton. >> welcome back on "fox and friends". thanks for joining us. all eyes on 2012. >> i will agree with that. >> as the person who has the most close up view sometimes it is not pretty. >> mitt romney was the winner of the first big straw poll of the year from new hampshire. one of the key states. 35 percent. you might expect that because new hampshire borders his state of massachusetts. he has a home there. >> he has a home in new hampshire. >> ron paul came in len percent x. tim pawlenty 8 percent and sarah palin senpercent. rudy guiliani made the cut at or three percent. >> ron paul number speaks to the strain of libitarian views. exactly. you are seeing that reflected
8:31 am
in the number. sarah palin's number are down on the list. she's never set foot in the state and never flown in here and met with us. that is an issue for her. >> absolutely it is a snap shot of the moment . it doesn't play a role. however, it is interesting because it said where the party faithful is at this moment and as we mentioned. the same time they voted for mitt romney who is a establishment republican guy . they voted for a tea party leader to be the state gop chair. new hampshire is doing something for the independent mind pardoxical. romney for the establish and tea party candidate. >> will mitt romney cater and court the tea party groups? he has not yet begun to do so.
8:32 am
it is going to be difficult to figure out how to convince them that romney care in massachusetts was a good idea or one he regrets. that is the message he has to craft. >> in the new york times from the former chancellor of the public schools. michelle rea. controversial and lightning rod. she came in and shook up the public schools. we need to do away with on teacher tenure. this is protect being incompetent teachers. it was unpopular by teachers. here is her response today. >> when they have no other options the pals are require to lay off the newest teachers rather than the least effective ones. now that 12 of the 50 states have laws that make it able to teacher effectiveness in
8:33 am
making lay off. president obama must make the point that parents should have the opportunity to fire bad teachers. >> they should have the right to vote with their feet by choosing a different school. >> 46 out of the 50 states are facing budget short falls whompt is on the chopping block? teachers and she understands that. but hey, get rid of the teachers that are not doing a good job with the students rather than firing the youngest ones who are typically the first on the chopping block. >> last in and first out. they think it is fair. but how is it fair to students when you are getting rid of the energized and young great ones. >> in my high school, older teachers getting ready to go in retirement. they were like phoning it in. >> mine would grunt in my general direction when i came in. >> maybe the guy who had the
8:34 am
hots for you. >> and michelle rhee leads students first and wants to raise a billion dollars with one million members to help the education system in our country. >> let us know what you think . ally will get her papers together. >> starting with a fox news alert. egypt is confirming that a group with ties to al qaeda was behind the new year's day atake on a church in alexanderia. they have evidence tying the army of islam to the bombing. a charge that the group denies at this point. the blast killed 21 christians and wounded 100 others. it was the deadliest violence against christians in egypt in a decade. china's new high tech stealth fighter may have been built using u.s. technology. the technology was stolen from a american night hawk shot down over sib ra.
8:35 am
the chinese reversed engineer the technology. pieces of the wreckage were removed by souvenir collectors and some ended up in foreign hands. >> new clues in the hunt for a woman who kidnapped a baby from a new york hospital two decades ago. the woman may have been spotted in a pawn shop in connecticut. trying to sell earrings and engagement ring and laptop. by the time cops areiched she was gone. she is wanted for breaking parole and questioning in the kidnapping of car lota white who reunited with her real family at 23 years. >> a new poster going up for a oregon boy that is missing since june. it will be put on five tractor trailer. he was last scene in the
8:36 am
elementary school in portland. his stepmother is believed to be the last person to see him. >> the u.s. coast guard trying to figure out what caused the diesel fuel spill in the boston harbor. officials don't know how many gallons are involved but covs 800 by 20 feet . size of eight tennis courts. get it cleaned up out of the harbor there. and first, the day belongs to football. afc and nfc championship. new york jets got a send off as they head to pittsburgh to take on the steelers. fans even rallied outside of the home of rex ryan, the jet's head coach and local mayor sent out a tweet that was the idea of tex's wife. they are behind it and loved it. old and young are ready to go.
8:37 am
>> doing it or what. >> are we doing it. what do you think? >> yes. what do you say? >> jets. >> oh, no. that poor child corrupted at a young age. how about this. former pittsburgh coach. bill cower who coached the steelers for 15 years and won a super bowl and the face . steelers is picking the jets to win the game. >> jets-steelers eastern time over in the nfc greenbay and bears at 3:00 eastern time. they played 180 times only wounce in at post season in 1941 in wrigley field . college hoops. putting it on the line . that came the buck eyes . jared had 24 points.
8:38 am
73-indicate . ohio state and san diego state. a big surprise there. only two unbeaten teams left in college basketball. now, that tennis we told you about. last american bounced out of they open. andy roddick lost in the fourth round to wawrinka. wawrinka amid swiss tabloid report that is he left his wife and child to focus on tennis. >> bogus. >> as if he needed a reason to root for roger. >> we go to rick. coming up an hour. dave will be force to wear jet's items top to bottom. >> did he lose a bet. >> he lost the bet. >> and you better not turn off the tv. that would be amazing. it is cold here. it is cold where the games are going to be. look at the weather maps.
8:39 am
first game. packers. 18 degrees. we'll see the cloud and i think the snow will be over at that point . next game, we are talking about pittsburgh and the jets and it will be cold. 14 degrees at kick off. and drop by the end of the game to nine or so. we might see snow moving over the lake-effect snow from lake erie as well look atatisms -- at the temps in the east today. cent for a - on 7 for a high in syracuse. tomorrow we'll see 20s and 30s returning in the areas of the west. as you move forward on the map there . then we are going to cool down in the eastern areas and getting down. and boston how about 12. extremely cold. >> do you have the winter
8:40 am
blues or just hungry. we have comfort food. what better way to warm up on a cold day than with a fresh batch of blue berry pancakes. our chief is great scott blue berry pancakes that are yust what the doctor ordered. >> it is so cold outside and football games and what a greatapitizer and we using driscoll blue berries. they are hand picked from farmers and they are great brain food. most antioxidants than in any fruit. >> not bad. we have a dry ingredient and flour and baking powder and sugar and salt and milk eggs and melted butter. we can combine them and idealy make the batter. >> can you do that for me. >> i love to work with
8:41 am
allison. >> i love to work with you. food is satisfying . mixing it up and the secret is. let it rest overnight. because you will mix it >> you can do it right now. we put our blue berries n some recipes call for frozen blue berries. these are plump and delicious. and put as much as you hike. i have some here and cooked and i like a lot of them in there. >> it looks so good. and critical step with pancakes and blue berry pancake day coming up next friday and so there will be a lot of pancakes made over the next couple of weeks. i like butter in the syrup but heat it up so it stays nice and hot. >> that is vital. >> and butter never hurt anything. >> everything in moderation. >> good point.
8:42 am
>> i think i am going to taste something. >> right. >> little more syrup on >> just a little. >> i will be the judge of this. you are never supposed to eat blue berries on cameras. but oh, my gosh. scrumptous. they are hot and delicious . go to fox.comfor the recipes. >> go to the guys. >> i am speechless. >> blue berry can pancakes. >> junk food and sig gret and all tax. is it a back door power grab for more regulation in a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> an a. do people have a right to be offended next hour.
8:43 am
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whiccan cur without warning and may cause death. patients al taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celrex if you've hadn asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, ortrouble breathing. tell your doctor abut your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> welcome back. taxes on cigarettes and alcohol have been around for years and now vice taxes are the new way for state lawmaker to close budget short fall gaps. budget food and tanning salon and plastic bags are deemed as luxuries and consumers are facing the brunt of higher
8:46 am
taxes. is this an excuse for the government to regulate our lives more? joining us now. justin wilson for the about of consumer freedom and good morning to you. >> good morning. let me start wu. you say it is a great idea, why? >> well, of course our politicians need to find a better way of coming up with responsible budgets and commuts in the budgets. but the reality is junk food is not healthy. we have so many health issues caused by whether it is drinking too much soda and all high fruitose corn syrup and government finds a way to help communities that are suffersing most and hit most from some of the unfortunate
8:47 am
side affects, then we see a benefit. we benefit financially and health wise. >> i lova. judge justin you said it is balderdash, why? >> you know, it is disconcerting to had hear someone who fought against disporportionate taxing of the rich. and now hear her advocating a tax on the poor. if you are someone who is trugling to make end's meet and now 6 dollars more because of four dollars for your plastic bags and another two dollars for your soda that is frustrating. in the end of the taxes don't do anything other than raise revenue for government . anyone is joking themselves if they are going to remedy the problems. >> for instance. there is's study that came out last month that fown a soda tax would reduce 12 calories off of the average american
8:48 am
diet. that is like doing the dishes it is a joke and really is about raising money. i am sure the legislatures can step up and say we don't find more money and so we will raise your taxes. not the stupid excuse. >> in illinois. beer and wine and plastic shopping bags and casinos and tanning salons and strip clubs. jamew. back to the weets and junk food. as justin said it may hit the poor . might hit minorities. doesn't that concern you? >> i think you are right. it does hit the poor. but the reality on the flip side is that the benefits and revenue that is raise how it is spent can benefit the poor. >> you are saying the poor should pay for themselves . >> revenue will go back into those communitis and help them
8:49 am
to be healthier. we cannot deny the fact that when you look at soda intake and junk food intake. yes, poor people and people of color are disporportionately hit and great if that revenue could go back in the communitis and help them lead healthier lives. >> justin wilson and judge mean green. thank you. the budget short falls according to well's fargo. it is a lot of money. >> a royal surprise. which family outcast will be invited to the big wedding. the worry after the break. >> and mom shut off the electricity for six months to try to get her kids to unplug from cell phones and facebook and twitter. how can they live? joining us live with how the experiment changed hear and her family next .
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> time for quick headlines a. the royal black sheep is invited to the wedding. fergie made headlines after she was caught trying to sell acess to her former husband prince andrew. taco bell and gm and wrigley's gum dropping the adfrom skin. some say it borders on child pornography. >> and thank you, allie. there is a technology take over with younger generation . one mom took party in her own hand and decided to ban all technology from her house for six months. how did it turn out.
8:54 am
susan is the author of winter of our disconnect and joins us with one of her daughters. nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> why did you decide to write a book about disconnecting from all electronic devices in your house. did it get that bad? >> it got that bad. i had only seen the back of my kid's heads for years because they were suctioned on to the screen. eye contact was an event. >> you and i have the same addiction. i go to sleep with my iphone and put in my head phones and lin to a pod cast . you were doing the same thing. >> absolutely. i have to out myself. i was humiliated to admit what my tech habits were like . since it came out. i realize they am not alone. >> you are not alone. your response when you heard mom was planning on cutting
8:55 am
the cord. no more ipod or phones or television screen. >> i thought she was joking. she always comes up with stupid ideas and i thought she was joking and i didn't believe her. >> but now you have had the experience of it . we have photos of you guys playing scrabble together and spending time as a family and no electronic devices. how did that feel? >> we grew a lot closer and it was a good experience. >> would you encourage other people to try it. >> not for six months whompt is going to do that. it is hard. >> i like what you say about the ipod. you lin to your ipod while you are doing other stuff after all. that is the beauty of the device and it paints a picture and priveds atmosphere and background noise. so you could be doing chores and lining to the sound track
8:56 am
. you think we are adding too much noise and interferance to the task we need to focus on. >> whole business of multitasking, we are good at it . wonderful that we can do 10 things at once. but the research shows that none of us actually multitask. we are toggling from one input to another and there is a price you pay in focus and in depth. and a number of studies that say multitasking doesn't work and americans are the biggest victims of it. >> after six months you turned the electricity back on and what is going on in the house. >> we went back with a ven ang. but there are long lasting changes. my son took up the saxophone again which he hadn't played and spending five hours doing that. and he sold his computer and bought a saxophone. >> winter of our disconnect.
8:57 am
thank you so much for joining us. coming up on the show we'll find out from ally and david in the green room. >> shocking video. a police officer caught punching a female suspect in the head but not what you think. >> house is pushing the repeal of the health care. they join us for a fair and balanced debate. well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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>> alisyn: good morning, sunday rn january 23rd, the president's state of union address is not until tuesday, but this morning he's giving us a preview. >> i forecast cus is we are cope growing and creating jobs. >> alisyn: that has not happened the past two years and what will be different in the next two? we'll take a closer look. >> dave: fallout for the arizona sheriff that made controversial comments about the tucson shooting. residents now want to kick him out of office. >> clayton: a shocking study, nearly half of americans have lingering doubts about the link between autism and vaccines. hear from the doctors who sparked the panic, coming up. fox and friends continues, right fox and friends continues, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc.
9:01 am
>> dave: today is all about watch parties for the afc and nfc championship games but people have state of the union watch parties in d.c. and even in the sports bars in the area. >> alisyn: doesn't surprise me. people get together and have dinner... >> dave: you guys want one. >> clayton: only if you wear your jets outfit. when you wear your jets outfit, that is what you are about to do, dave briggs, after losing a bet will be forced to wear jets paraphernalia from head to toe. >> alisyn: i can't believe you lost a bet. >> clayton: don't get your sports advice from dave brig. >> alisyn: i'll wear my hoody-footy or my blanket. >> dave: that makes me feel better. >> alisyn: the president gives the state of the union address in two days, and we already have a sneakuzader has a preview. >> reporter: this is where speechwriters earn their pay, their pouring overdraft copies, no doubt of the address.
9:02 am
here's what we know, senior white house officials say the president will talk about ideas that republicans can support, economic growth and encouraging exports and renewed emphasis on american manufacturing. >> president barack obama: my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing, and we are creating jobs, not just now, but, well into the future. >> reporter: the audience in the year's state of the union address will be much different than the one from last year, for starters, there will be more republicans in the crowd and some members from both parties agreed to sit together in the audience rather than opposite sides of the aisle as they traditionally do and the republican response will come from wisconsin congressman paul ryan, a guy whose mantra in live is deficit retrucks and the person who delivered last year's republican response expects him to come out spinning. >> i peckett him to do a masterful job of explaining to the american people why we must
9:03 am
reduce spending and must have incentives for job creation and economic development and why long term that is what is going to get us out of the fiscal mess and not power more spending. >> and you know, right out of the gate that may put republicans at odds with the president. he's expected to propose more government spending for things like infrastructure and education and that may signal tough fights ahead, and, don't sound so shocked there are state of the union parties. this is like you know, oscar night here in d.c. culture. >> alisyn: we hear you! >> dave: hold on, stay with us, jets or steelers, packers or bears. >> geez, i used to live in wisconsin, packers. >> dave: nice. >> reporter: i guess, because my wife is from that area i have to go with it new jersey. with the jets. >> dave: everyone does that... >> clayton: a reluctant jets move. >> alisyn: my explanation of doug skyrocketed. he married a jersey girl!
9:04 am
>> clayton: people are marrying them after all... >> oh! >> clayton: state of the union, focus, people! state of the union, let's talk about this, because the president is going to have to do something interesting, doug understand touched on that and will talk about education spending and infrastructure programs and green jobs and otherwise and if the republicans are going to be in to it an open to it he has to walk the delicate balance and chris wallace thinks he'll try and attempt both. reach out to republicans, and also proposing some new spending. >> dave: he really wants to complete the move to the center. and, who is familiar with the speech and what he's doing to do now, he has team clinton over and daley that's chief of staff and wants to be the pro business president and some suggest he has been anti-business, the last two years and he really wants to complete the move and talk about competing and winning the future, and, how do you reconcile that move to the center when you are talking
9:05 am
about deficit reduction, and more spending? i think that is a tight, difficult -- >> alisyn: row to hoe. not only that, of course you make american competitiveness, bring it back to have america produce jobs and produce products. produce stuff, here, all of that is wonderful. but, what is the plan for that? that has been the plan for the past two years than president talked about green jobs and green technology and some of that has not come to fruition and has been fraught with problems. >> clayton: and on your point we'll hear, we saw with "the new york times" reporting this morning, of course the president will in fact address some of the deregulation issues and wrote the op-ed piece in the "wall street journal," earlier this week talk about deregulation and maybe that is where the competitive advantage will come from, saying here's a wink, wink, nudge, nudge to businesses, i'm on your side after the stormy two-year relationship. >> dave: but there will not be a lot looking back on past accomplishments, because of the unemployment rate. how can you get involved?
9:06 am
you can get on youtube and ask the president question via the youtube channel, they have 120,000 subscribers. keep your question to 20 seconds and you can actually vote on the best questions the president will in fact answer those while robert gibbs will answer questions via twitter as he has done every week. >> alisyn: other youtube viewers will be able to vote on the best questions, kind of like an... maker performance good, like an audition. >> clayton: and you can find us on twitter at well, now, your headlines. >> alisyn: a "fox news alert." there has been a rescue. crews found five missing americans, nearly three weeks after their sailboat disappeared off the coast of guam. the 38 foot catamaran was on the way to the philippines and was having engine problems and lost communications, all those on board are in good health, this morning. a good story. the woman suspected of kidnapping a baby from a new
9:07 am
york hospital more than two decades ago may have been spotted in a pawn shop. in bridgeport, connecticut, trying to sell a laptop, earrings and engagement ring and someone called police and by the time they arrived she was gone. and, pettway, is wanted for questions in the kidnapping of c carlina white, haves reunite with her real family, 23 years later and, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is progressing nicely and started physical therapy from her room in a houston hospital and doctors will spend the next few days determining when they'll transfer her to the high-tech rehabilitation facility, and that depends on whether they can drain fluid build-up from her brain and a group from salt lake city is trying to recall pina
9:08 am
county's sheriff, he was criticized for his rhetoric, regarding the shooting rampage in tucson and, it was prompted by e-mails and phone calls from angry citizens in arizona. well, mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. you are never supposed to skip it but now looks like a big breakfast will make you fatter. yes. >> clayton: come on... >> alisyn: not the great start to your day that you have always heard about. why did i just eat two blueberry pancakes, i ask you! the study comes from the nutrition journal and says, you want to lose weight, cut back on the number of calories you eat in the morning. >> dave: that is a duh! >> alisyn: and nutritionists say don't cut out breakfast altogether. it is night duh. the lumber jack special, i thought you could eat it and burp it off. >> clayton: not eating the fluffy pancakes, it is eating whole gains and something
9:09 am
healthy. >> rick: i had two pancakes, too. >> clayton: covered in syrup. >> rick: maybe something a little better than pancakes and bacon and all that stuff... here you go, wind chill -15° in minneapolis and -2° in cleveland, and 4° in new york, the cold air this is story and the sunny skies allow the cold air to stay in place. video from yesterday. we had heavy snow falling in the outer banks of north carolina, this is from topsail island. some areas saw as much as 6-7 inches of snow, an area that doesn't see that kind of snow that often and there were reports of accidents and troubles across the area. but certainly pretty for people who wanted to see the snow on the beach. you don't see that often there. and we have rain and snow moving in across parts of the plains, right now, moving in towards missouri, down towards arkansas, a little bit of freezing rain at times and could see another couple of inches accumulating here and let's look at the future radar over the next couple of days, the storm will continue to pull off towards the
9:10 am
south and east and tomorrow, a bigger storm will develop across the gulf, moisture associated with this and will be about a 2-3 day storm across areas of the southeast. then, depending on the track of the storm, it either pulls out to sea, not a problem for the northeast or stays closer to the coast, and has a big nor'easter on our hands, wednesday into thursday and we'll probably have a better idea by tomorrow afternoon, get ready, guys, we could be dialing with a big storm across the northeast. >> dave: it is getting harder and harder to see the weather behind you, rick... those pancakes! i'm kidding! >> rick: i thought you were traffic trauma about the weather, dnot trying to see pas my belt... >> clayton: we talked earlier this morning, between vaccines and autism, and a doctor behind this caused a lot of kerfuffle. >> alisyn: he is a controversial doctor, andrew wakefield who in 1998 put out a landmark and
9:11 am
shocking study, that links the measles, mumps rubella vaccine with autism, and following that report, it just swept through europe and swept through britain and the united states and people stopped vaccinating their children. not all people, but, the vaccine rate fell from 92% to 80%, a precipitous drop because people were worried about what he said was the connection. well he has since been discredited. there has been a big investigative journalist who came out and said the doctor falsified information, he issued a fraudulent report, and doctor wakefield stands by the, however. and he was on our air this morning. >> the parents reported their children regressed after vaccine and the vaccines were involved, yes, i do. that is my opinion and this opinion of the american court, the decision of the american vaccine court, the vaccines can cause autism. that has been decided by this courts, who weigh the evidence, and i have documents which i have now provided to you, which show beyond a shadow of a doubt,
9:12 am
that there was no fraud. that these children suffered from inflammatory bowel disease and that was reported accurately in the lancet. >> dave: he says he is not anti-vaccine, he is pro safety, but, still, despite the study being debunked, people still believe that there is a link. nearly half of the country still thinks that vaccines and autism do have some sort of link and there you go. 52%, think it is not true... >> alisyn: they think its not true -- >> >> dave: 48% on the other side are should the sure. >> clayton: we had dr. temple grant didn't, who has autism and she was on our show and she said environmental factors are tied to the genetic factors and if you have the environmental factors with the genetic factors autism comes from that and she said it is a smart move, if you are getting all the vaccines, to space them out. her argument is to space them out, over a period of time and she says that can limit the effects of autism.
9:13 am
>> alisyn: true, doctors have been clustering them, one thing to take away if you are a worried parents. both sides of the i'll promising to sit together at the state of the union. will that happen? two congressmen join us next. >> dave: and a man trying to get on the pro golf tour with one leg and just may have a chance. >> clayton: plus, who can bring country stars like brad paysy, dolly parton together for one performance? they are performing in our studio, very shortly. ate, we'll continue to innovate. the lexus rx. why settle for a copy when you can own the original? see your lexus dealer. ♪ ok. [ dr. ashley ] crest pro-health complete with fluoride. it helps you get a better dental check-up. in fact, it provides all these benefits.
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crest rinse makes the difference. new crest pro-health complete rinse.
9:15 am
>> dave: welcome back, the house passed the health care repeal and the vote heads to the senate and democrats insist will not pass, could it lead to a show down in congress? joining us now is congressman dr. paul gossar and california democratic congressman john
9:16 am
garamendi. congressmen, good morning to you. >> we hear this is largely symbolic and harry reid said no, we will not even hold a vote on this, so, why hold that vote in the house if the president will never sign it and the senate will never hold a vote. >> first of all, that is part of what the american people elected us for, our job is to take care of the business of the house and will be up to the senate and the to the do their job. just because what they say, should is not deter us, what the will of the people, to make sure we do what we have promised. >> dave: and congressman, could that points, the american people are not wildly behind obamacare, 40% oppose the plan, a quarter of the country still thinks they ought to the repeal it. entirely and should they do this for the american people? >> i don't think so. i think we really need to understand what is in the health care reform, for example the patient's bill of rights, the
9:17 am
congressman from arizona would like to see. protections for the public, so that the insurance company cannot discriminate based on age, based on preexisting conditions, there is a major part of this for seniors, protection, prevention, pre-prevention, the doughnut hole in medicare is reduced, all of these things are in the bill, i think that's public comes to understand xaeb understand exactly what is in the bill and it is based on the existing insurance system, providing insurance for people and broadening the existing private insurance system, that is what it is all about and as people understand that i think the repeal effort will just fade away and we'll get onto looking for improvements and, there is always room for improvements in everything detector it is expected that he will touch on those things and is difficult to take away from people on the state of the union address, aside from that, congressman gosar, what do you want to hear on tuesday night? he wants to complete the move to the center and talk about common ground. what is the common ground and
9:18 am
with republicans and does he appeal to your party? >> well, i think, first of all, if we are look at the aspect of empowering the american people and the free markets instead of building bigger government we have lots to talk about, i think that is where we have to start. we have to empower the private sector to get up and get going. bigger government has not shown us that they are capable of developing our economy and building us, taking out of this recession. >> dave: symbolically there will be common ground tuesday night and we are told republicans and democrats in some cases are going to sit together and we talked about peter king and anthony wiener will actually sit together on the republican side. is that the only bipartisan work that is going to happen, moving forward? or, congressman, is there more work that will be done when the two parties come together. >> it is nice symbolism on tuesday night with the state of the union, taking place and certainly i and others will be sitting together from the california delegation but the real bipartisanship takes place
9:19 am
in the work in the committees and on the floor and for example i'm working diligently with members of the other party, to have a solid energy program, based on clean energy and nuclear, and that is the heavy duty lifting we need to have. yes. i'll find a good republican friend, i have many of them on the floor and we'll sit there and cheer and, we may not applaud together on every issue, but, at least we'll be together on the floor. >> dave: congressman gosar, will you sit with the democrats, is it symbolic or is there something behind it. >> no, you always make the step and i think a lot of people say there is the symbolism but it is what we really enact. do we follow through and carry through on behalf of this, and this is the first tep step. -- step detect. >> dave: we look forward to hearing from you after the address. coming up a fight on the high
9:20 am
seas caught on video, a shootout between somali pirates and commandos trying to take back their ship and plus this ad shows a church who has snaps instead of the eucharist. shown during the super bowl. does it go too far? we report, you decide. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body atest tends to stay at re... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can tually ease arthritis symptoms.
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9:23 am
>> dave: welcome back. >> alisyn: welcome back to you as well, dave. there is dramatic video we want to show you, south korean forces storming a ship after it was take hostage, and troops managed to rescue all 21 members of the crew and killed 8 of the pirates. and the oldest living member of
9:24 am
the world war ii unit for the miniseries, "band of brothers" died, he parachuted to france on d-day and died of pancreatic cancer, at his home in nebraska. he was 94 years old. >> clayton: the super bowl is known for debuting commercials but one ad may have gone too far, the video part of the crash super bowl ad contest and recently was knocked off the list because it was deemed offensive. >> dave: joining us now is fox news religion contributor, father jonathan morris. and, folks didn't understand what was happening. describe the situation. an ad for doritos... >> there is a picture of a priest with his other priests there, younger guys there and they are talking about things, things are not really good, and the attendance is down, what will we do and one gets an idea and they pass out, instead of
9:25 am
the continusecrated bread, dori and instead of the wine, pepsi. and what is happening here is there is an obvious lack of sensitivity, desensitization, i would say, of executives and media production people saying, some things you don't do not because it will offend somebody, but because you will not make a racist advertisement or anti-jewish or anti-muslim, you don't do it because it is wrong, when you do something that is sacrilegious, you have to say it might work but because it works doesn't mean it is necessarily good. >> on the flip side, this is the first time we might see religion or religious ad in some capacity in the middle of the super bowl, usually sex related or something else, or it is about materialism, what would you say to those people? >> well, you know what?
9:26 am
first of all, you have to say, you have to know there is a time and place for anything that is good, but some things are not good and taking a sacred object or act and turning it into something that seems funny to you is not necessarily good. and... >> alisyn: and, it is what you said, if ad executives put it through the litmus test, would you do it mocking the jewish tradition or the muslim tradition and the answer would be no. but they think they can with christianity. >> and not that it is, listen, it is anti-catholic or anti-christian, don't do it. it is wrong to do it not because people would be offended but because it is sacrilegious. the good news here, this is the take-home lesson is that the ad will not show, because, ordinary people stood up and said, guys, what you are doing is wrong and this is the good news, we can make a difference today in a way before we were never able to do because we would have a voice.
9:27 am
that is good news. >> dave: some ads succeed in being pulled because we played it, every other media outlet will play it -- >> that is their own conscience and you don't have to -- for example, clayton, he congratulated me on my tie this morning... okay? >> clayton: hey, nice tie and he said you have a nice tie, too. >> no big deal but a sacred thing like the eucharist, even if it works and you get free publicity, stop and think is that what you want to do with your lives and your company. >> alisyn: thanks, father jonathan, good to see you, this morning. >> clayton: and nice tie. coming up on the show, shocking video, police officer caught on camera, punching a female suspect in and the he says it is not all that it seems. >> alisyn: and teenagers fighting back against a dress code, girls told to leave stretch pant s at home, is it
9:28 am
going too far? what is wrong with stretch pants. >> clayton: and you heard about man caves, what about mom caves, women creating a space their own in their own house. we'll hear from you. [ male announcer ] see this? nobody else has what this paint's got: and that's a number one rating. it's a paint and primer in one -- so it goes on bold, and looks even better. it means getting more done -- in half the time.
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9:31 am
>> alisyn: welcome back, everybody, alisyn camerota with clayton morris, dave briggs, how long until you make good on your bet and have to wear the most repugnant outfit in your mind. >> clayton: can't wait, i'll be watching. >> dave: somebody pull the fire alarm. >> clayton: people are throwing jets paper airplanes around here. >> alisyn: your headlines, and this is an important one, if everybody could turner attention to the television and look at these pictures, a statewide amber alert for a missing california boy, but it is called off because authorities say they have no leads, right now in the case of the four-year-old. he has gone missing. the boy and his alleged kidnapper, jose rodriguez have not been seen for heard from since tuesday, he's an ex-con convict who dated the boy's mother and authorities will resume the search at a canally
9:32 am
near the boy's home in a few days -- c days. if you have information, call the police. and caught on dashcam, a woman, darla wright refused to pull over and police cornered her and the sergeant got out of the car, and reportedly broke her window and punched her, five times in the head, to -- you can see that there and, he claims the woman refused to roll done the window and had a tight grip on the wheel and was revving the engine and he's on paid leave now and, a pants protest in oregon. 45 girls wearing stretch pants to school one day after their principal banned those types of pants from the dress code. >> they told us that it is too revealing, and, sometimes it can be so tight they are see-through, and we're irritated because they are comfortable and we wear them twice a week. >> alisyn: this principal says he banned them and spandex --
9:33 am
who still wears that, first of all. >> clayton: me! >> alisyn: and, they claimed they were too immodest. >> clayton: what i wear to the gym. >> alisyn: listen to these boy scouts, talking about braving the elements, a troop in minnesota hope to earn the zero hero award. the troop will have to stay outdoors for 24 hours, straight, eat at least two meals outside and the temperature must drop below zero. >> a lot of fun, and, we hang out together and, not sit around, for two hours... so it is actually outdoors, and it is really fun. >> alisyn: i'm glad he liked it. since rick complains about it. if the troop finishes the challenge they'll find out today if they get the badge. >> clayton: i did something similar when i was a boy scout. it was tough, in the mountains, you had to be there all day and do four things to get your merit badge. >> alisyn: and i take it you found your way back. >> clayton: oh, yeah. i got it. my dad was there, a great father-son bonding day. i was frozen solid for four
9:34 am
weeks. but it was great! >> dave: you know what i like about bonding on a sunday is heading up to the man cave. you know? >> clayton: that's right. >> dave: turning on the tv and getting lost in a game, and maybe it is not bonding if you have a cigar, but that is good if you have the boys around, you know! >> clayton: no women allowed! >> clayton: not unless you have an appointment. >> alisyn: ladies, if you have heard enough of this conversation, it is time for something that is a new trend, the mom cave, the mom cave. here's what is in there, candles, meditation, beautiful music... >> dave: laundry. >> alisyn: anything not in there, anything naugahide and you are there with your beautiful upholstery and is solitude. >> clayton: and we raised the question, the women creating mom spaces in their house and are doing it in small places like a closet or the laundry room. >> alisyn: women are desperate! >> dave: you can do laundry while you're in there. >> alisyn: that is note point of
9:35 am
the mom cave. men are misinterpreting this. i think, morgan who -- morgan says, moms already have their own space, called the rest of the house. dads need their own spaces. >> dave: agreed! >> clayton: all the men on our staff agree with that. you guys decorate the rest of the house. >> alisyn: not about decorating we need solitude. >> dave: men have been run out of the face and have finally taken back one room, mom don't deserve the mom cave, because they -- >> alisyn: i have exhibit a, yesterday i tried to take a nap after the show, we wake up early and occasionally a nap is necessarily and i was in my own bedroom attempting to take a nap and i children said -- mommy is going to take a nap and they said, okay, and they were jumping on the bed and jumping around on the bed. and i need a mom cave. >> dave: what you need is a lock. a lock. lock the door, i can solve that without moving the laundry into
9:36 am
the garage. >> alisyn: i like where you are going with that. >> dave: leave my man cave alone. >> clayton: tell us what you think. e-mail us, >> dave: now, sports, he has a swing like tiger woods and only has one leg. manuel de la santos is inspiring people all over the world, he was on track to being a pro baseball player until he lost his leg in an accident and now plays golf and plays in tournaments all over the world including playing at the birthplace of golf, st. andrew's. that is unbelievable! >> clayton: a three handicap? >> dave: look at the swing and here's the worst part of my day... >> clayton: put on the sweatshirt. >> dave: i can't, i have a tie on. begun of the best football days of the year is here, the championship games determine who goes to dallas in the super bowl and first up, bears-packers and
9:37 am
fans are all fired up. >> we have a... the super bowl, bring back that trophy! >> we're gonna do it and we're gonna... show me your hands! oh, my! >> dave: as for the bears they are having fun of their own and bears fans at the brookfield illinois zoo got to catch these two bears maul a cheese head. you can watch the bears take on the packers at 3:00 eastern time. on fox, in the afc championship game, jets, steelers... >> alisyn: going for it. >> dave: a big send off as they head to pittsburgh, and rallied outside coach rex ryan's house, his home and his wife was behind it, old and young, ready for this one. >> are we going to do it? what do you say?
9:38 am
yes! >> what do you say? >> j, e, t, s, jets! >> alisyn: you bit the bullet, baby! >> dave: if this isn't bad enough, pittsburgh coach bill cower who coached the steelers 15 years, do a super bowl win is taking the jets, jets-steelers, 6:30 eastern time today on cbs. i just -- i just threw up a little bit. >> clayton: when last year you had to wear the phillies outfit. >> dave: far worst, i lost a bet with ted, running the out there. listen to this, though. this is just difficult for me to do. apparently, now, if you walk into a place called rudy's pizza in new jersey, the owners say, do you know what j, e, t, s, stands for? just eliminate the steelers!
9:39 am
people in burg do not like that. also, a fight brewing between new york and new jersey. over the jets, governor christie says they practice in new jersey, and play in new jersey and if they win the trophy, it is coming to new jersey. >> alisyn: i like the way he thinks. >> clayton: get moving. you keep moving and i'm trying to take a photo for twitter. >> dave: i have to stop betting -- i had the patriots to went you -- >> clayton: smile for the camera, davey! here we go. >> alisyn: the best you'll get. >> clayton: going up on the twitter. if you want your own copy of that go to claytonmorris-twitter and save it to your desk stop. >> rick: the only thing more shocking about him wearing a hat is that he is messing up his hair. >> clayton: oh, there you go! >> rick: there is enough product, it will go back right away. >> clayton: it will bounce back. >> rick: the weather for the games, chicago, cold, but not as
9:40 am
cold -- 18°, for the packers-bears game and clouds and snow will be done and other games, though -- the other game, will be colder, pittsburgh, 14°, at kick off and will be colder by the time you get towards the second half. very cold days and you might see a little bit of snow flying for that game. all right, move forward, look at the picture. coming out of new york, beautiful on the shores of lake ontario. thanks for the picture, you can send me your pictures at rickreichmuth@twitter, and, my facebook page. and we'll continue to see ice form and the lakes are still not frozen over and so we still have lick effect snow, burlington 3°, boston, 23° and tomorrow, detroit, the western side will warm up and the eastern side will cool down and the satellite/radar, eastern part of the country looking good except for the lake-effect snow flying
9:41 am
again and as you move towards the central part of the country this is where we'll see the next storm brewing, 8 inches in home -- omaha and northeastern missouri and, the weather maker for thus week, heavy rain and maybe snow across parts of the south and potential for a big nor'easter, wednesday, thursday, we'll continue to watch that. guys, back to you inside. david, hope you fixed your hair. >> alisyn: dave how long do you have to wear this. >> clayton: he's taking to the outfit. poor loser. poor loser. >> alisyn: trying to make sure he -- >> dave: i will enjoy the packers-steelers... >> clayton: sorry, pal. coming up on the show, get this, in some states you can get lap band surgery covered under state medicaid but not preventive nutrition counseling, so you would never need it in the first place, a fair and balanced
9:42 am
debate, next. >> alisyn: would can bring country stars like dolly parton and charlie daniels together for one song? the grascals are performing live for us. ♪ ♪ when did you get smart about your digestive health? when my stomach couldn't wait 14 days for slow acting yogurt. plumsmart is clinically proven to help regulate your digestion with a unique blend of prebiotic fiber, magnesium and potassium. try clinically proven plumsmart and plumsmart light.
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>> alisyn: are you are struggles -- struggling with your weight, state medicaid covers lap band surgery but not preventive nutrition counseling and several states that he have policy, is it backwards to are a debate we are joined by dr. scott morris, a doctor in tennessee, and author of "health care you can live with" and chantelle hobbs, life coach and author of "love food and live well" and lost 200 pounds by diet and working out, and joins us from miami, good morning to both of you. >> good morning! >> alisyn: doctor, i want to start with you, do the math, okay? counseling for a dietitian would cost the state $100 per hour and the barry act lap band surgery costs $2,000. so, why would state medicare
9:46 am
only pay for the lap band surgery and not for the counseling? >> great question. first, here in memphis, we are totally supportive of the whole contempt of prevention of obesity. and, my clinic, spends literally millions of dollars of private money for the whole concept of preventing obesity. however, when someone is morbidly obese and weigh more than 300 pounds it is very clear that it is cost-effective to use the surgery because one way or the other the state will pay for the cost of that person's health care. every person, almost every person who is morbidly obese also has either diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach problems, cornihronic b pain, surgery, complications of pregnancy... >> alisyn: and i understand you would want the lap band but
9:47 am
wouldn't nutrition counseling stave off the obesity and chantelle, you did it with diet and exercise. >> i did it the old-fashioned way if we call it that but i was the obese child. i was the obese teen. i was the obese woman and i have been there. i have been in shows shoes and i have a tremendous heart of compassion for people who are struggling with this. today as we speak. but, this is what i know. i know that it is absolutely important and imperative that you get to a place where you have nothing left, but your own self and where you say, you know what? i'm willing to go to work. i mean, i believe by the state's funding this -- states funding this concept of intervention through surgery is basically a bailout for the obese people. i mean, and that is coming from somebody that lived in their shoes. >> alisyn: dr. morris, quickly, your response to that. >> yes. i have great admiration for she and what she has done and, however, nonsurgery tall
9:48 am
intervention doesn't work in many cases -- >> but, dr. morris -- >> people... it doesn't have any effect at all. >> but, doctor the concerning thing here is we act like the lap band is a magical rubber band or bariatric surgery is magical and isn't it basically a forced restriction of calories which is something we can do on our own without the risk of debt and all the complicationses. >> alisyn: doctor? >> the -- if the question is cost, what can the -- >> why are we paying... >> taxpayer dollars. it is just much more cost-effective. >> taxpayer dollars, and cut p/e programs and yet let mom gain a little more weight to got a place to qualify for the state to pay for her to have any kind of bariatric surgery. >> alisyn: obviously there are a -- sorry to interrupt, a great debate and there are lots of questions, whether you pay for the prevention, before hand or for the solution, at the end. we'll continue to debate it on our blog, thanks so much for
9:49 am
coming in for this debate. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for having us. >> alisyn: remember, switching gears, the deadly new year's attacks on krifrchristians in e and they are the number one blue grass band in america and everybody in nashville wants to work with them. what is special about the grascals? we'll have them play for you, live, next. knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
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>> "fox news alert." egypt now confirming this a group with ties to al qaeda was behind that new year's day attack, on christians in a church in alexandra.
9:53 am
21 people were killed, and officials say they have evidence tying the army of islam to the bombing but the group denies it. tomorrow, supreme court justice scalia will speak to the congressional tea party caucus, and will deliver a closed-door speech on the separation of powers. >> alisyn: everybody, a band to bring country stars like charlie daniels and dolly parton and brad paisley together. >> clayton: the grascals are here, and have a new album, and everyone is clam torring to work with you, the number one blue grass band in the country and what is it like to work with all of these artists, dolly parton... >> we have friends in high place and are happy they came to help us out and the cd is cracker
9:54 am
barrel, and you can find it and check it out and thanks to cracker barrel, proceeds go back to the children. >> dave: and we'll hear about the message in our "after the show" show and now you'll play a song with a meaningful, special message, and join us for that, in a couple minutes. >> i am strong. ♪ ♪ i am... ♪ i have faith ♪ and i believe that i am strong ♪ ♪ i have mom ♪ and i have dad ♪ i am happy ♪ sometimes sad ♪ i have hope ♪ and i have god
9:55 am
♪ and i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ take my hand ♪ sing my song ♪ i am strong ♪ ♪ i am a child ♪ and i have dreams ♪ that i'll fight for you to see ♪ ♪ know in your heart ♪ when you see me ♪ that i am strong ♪ i wear a mask ♪ i have no hair ♪ i may be sick ♪ i may be scared
9:56 am
♪ but i know god ♪ he answers prayer ♪ and i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ take my hand ♪ sing my song ♪ i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ i am strong ♪ take my hand ♪ sing my song ♪ i am strong ♪ take my hand, sing my song ♪ i am strong ♪... [applause].
9:57 am
>> alisyn: beautiful! beautiful! we'll have more with the grascals in two minutes when "fox & friends" returns. as a kid, i couldn't wait to ste on that i
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you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. >> alisyn: we just heard "i am strong" and we wants to encourage everybody to go your to web site, to see the beautiful video, with dolly parton and them... i'll go to that! >> please do. >> dave: and on the cd, classic like charliea


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