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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 20, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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update the blog each day as we head to the royal wedding. shephard smith and i will report live from the wedding april 9. stub -- "studio b" starts right now. shipship we look like we are the royal couple in that picture. you are the royaller. martha: you are the commoner. >>shepard: thank you for joining me. the news begins anew, and bradass on the move, wikileaks headed to a different military lockup after torture allegations. ahead well talk with a former state department official who resigned after calling his treatment "stupid." it is the first live television interview and he will be with constitutes "studio b" today. and a controversial program
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allows cops to take your cell phone and get all of your personal information from it. they don't have to charge you with anything. you don't have to be suspected of anything. text messages, pictures, the whole nine yards. there is a debate on it. that is ahead. and in box three, today, brand new housing numbers. yes, today, a sign of progress. a live report. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" and first from fox at 3:00, the feds are opening a formal investigation into the close call involving the first lady's jet. that plane was attempting to land at andrews air force base yesterday, well, actually, the day before, now. i believe it was on monday, right? and air traffic controllers ordered the pilot to abort the landing. a controller let the first lady's plane get too close to a military jet trying to land. officials say the jets were three miles apart and aviation
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regulations require a minimum of five mile buffer. the experts say when the planes get too close turbulence can be dangerous for the tailing aircraft. the transportation secretary says the first lady was never in any danger but he called this a "serious" incident at a time of growing scrutiny of our air traffic control system over workers falling asleep in towers. but we are told this incident did not involve a sleeping controller. and now, we have been following the matters and we go do washington, dc and washington reagan national. what went wrong with this incident? >>reporter: one thing we have learn flood have been a tremendous amount of alarmist reporting and some sites saying she had a near brush with death or almost lost her life in this incident, and nothing could be further from the truth. but, having said that the fact that this is being investigated
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points to the seriousness. and secondly, as you mentioned, the fact that the f.a.a. has been dealing with many sleeping air traffic controllers, five in the last month and another watching a movie when he should have been watching radar screen, is the last thing the f.a.a. needs. >>shepard: some news passenger protections take effect today. tell us about those. >>reporter: yes, these are significant passenger protections building upon passenger protections from the year 2009. first, passengers are reus anded for baggage fees if the baggage is lost. and themmen reimbursed double the amount of a ticket if they are bumped from a flight and a four hour lime on tarmac delays for foreign carriers. this was in effect for domestic carriers and now applies to foreign carriers and now they have to disclose all hidden fees
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on their website. the most remarkable thing is that it has the support of both the government and the industry. >> the airlines would not be able to make money if not for the passengers so this seems the way to go with treatment of passengers. we prefer to rely on market forces and corn -- competition to drive change and we think the last few years we will have seen mishandled bag numbers have dropped and the number of in voluntarily denied passengers. >> the rules take effect 120 days from publication so that will be in august. >>shepard: thank you from reagan national. and a change in the way the government alerts the public about stepper threats. the homeland security secretary is reviewing a system to replace the worthless color coded
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system. >> it will provide alerts based on specific credible information about potential terrorist activity. accompanying the alerts will be entire communication strategy which involves conventional media as well as the new social media. >>shepard: that means twitter and facebook. this is the color coded system that homeland security handed us last time. critics say it was in effective, just a political scare tactic. after nine months in solitary confinement the army private accused of leaking documents to wikileaks has godden a transfer. officials flew the 23-year-old bradley manning from the quantico marine corps in virginia to a state-of-the-art
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detention facility in kansas. one is far less restrictive where he will be able to interact with half a dozen other detainees and where he will have better access to mental health care. the pentagon top lawyer says there was nothing wrong with conditions at quantico but this comes amid protests over the former soldiers' treatment in captivity. the lawyers say he was alone 23 hours a day and he slept naked, without blankets or pillows and stood at attention, naked, at the front of the cell every morning. former state department spokesman resigned last month after he publicly called bradley manning's treatment "ridiculous and stupid on the part of the department of defense." crowley has said he does not reject making those comments and joins us from washington, dc. good to see you. i read the article and we will get into that. they said you were going rogue and you did so with a purpose. is that true?
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>>guest: i did not think the treatment was consistent with our system of justice and how we handle any inmate in a pretrial situation. yesterday the pentagon without saying as were, affirmed that the situation at quantico has become unsustainable. the level of solitary confinement and nature of his treatment was in consistent with how we normally handle soldiers or inmates in a pretrial situation. he have now corrected that with his movement to kansas so it is the right step to take. >>shepard: your words and subsequent resignation have anything to do with it? >>guest: this was not about me. i voiced my concerns because i could see the impact of this, and the concern being expressed in the united states and, also, and the world, and it was
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undermining the credibility of what is otherwise an important and necessary prosecution of bradley manning because he has in his release of information classified documents, wikileaks, has, you know, done harm to the united states and our interest. i support that prosecution. i thought his treatment at quantico had challenged the credibility of that process. >>shepard: you said that your words you didn't have anything to do with it but you have been clear in the article that you felt like the words this came from your podium were important and they seven -- served a higher purpose than just spokesman, saying "i thought it was important to make sure what we were saying and what we were doing would be consistent with not only our interests, but our values." i assume you are suggesting that requiring anyone charged with something and convicted of nothing to sleep naked and be held in solitary 23 hour as day
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is wrong. >>guest: well, at the state department podium i challenged countries like china to, who had people disappearing and we did not know the conditions under which their citizens were being held. for us to be able to credibly say to a china or russia, or to other countries, take care of your own citizens, we have to be in my view above reproach. and the bradley manning situation sparked wide-spread international tension. and as i said i thought that it undercut our ability to lead on the important issues around the world. >>shepard: more on what, on your departure from the state department. this is from the political article statement that said "some of crowley's friended acted he acted on a death wish
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spontaneously combusting at the laboratory and critics in government who long regarded him as too aggressive, undisciplined speak from the statement as the latest grasp but it was just the latest step in his low-key decision to go just a little bit rogue, the latest citizen in a realization that words have real power." hillary clinton said that at one point, as well. >>guest: well, i didn't think i was "rogue," but i thought it was important, and i served in government for 3 years and i started off in the military during the vietnam era and there was a gap between what we said and what people saw on television, from the reporter from vietnam and i was democratted in my government career we would keep that gap as narrow as possible. for us to lead an the world in the future we have to take aggressive action and make sure the action is consistent with our laws and values and in this
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case, we have corrected what i thought was a mistake at quantico. >>shepard: with the history at pentagon did you feel similarly about the treatment at abu ghraib? >>guest: that has done incredible damage and the pictures, done incredible damage to the country and we worked hard since then in the years to repair that damage and restore our leadership and credibility but it points out whether it is abu ghraib, or guantanamo we are arequiring a reputation of how we treat people in custody and lead by example and that entered into the thinking. >>shepard: and states that insist that a leader over in the middle east could be a reformer, or that we are not in a war, and that we have not
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taken sides, these statements which sometimes seem to be contrary to the facts before us, it seems they are unhelp. for the american people. >>guest: what we are doing in the middle east is fully consist went our interests and our values and promoting more open and transparent and responsible government. we have to recognize there are limits. while we can help to promote the transition going on but the decisions will have to be made inside of tunisia and egypt, and the intervention in libya, to make sure the people of libya have the opportunity to determine who will lead their country in the future. >>shepard: i understand you plan to teach and at the end of the article in question, you said "i'm not a larger than life person, i am short, bald and old." what about a tv future? >>guest: who knows. fortunately i am developing a lot of opportunities and we will see what happens.
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>>shepard: thank you, p.j. crowley. did you know the iphone keeps a record of wherever you go? at every moment of every day. and the information we have now learned is kept in a secret file on your phone! so what if somebody jail breaks the thing? stay tuned.
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♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] with amazing innovation, driven by rentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪ libya there are reports that two western journalists died in an attack there. the group human rights watch confirms that oscar nominated
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director was one of the victims and appeared on the program a few months ago. the pulitzer prize nominated journalist, also, died in the attack. we cannot independently verify that. and he was on "studio b" in november talking about his documentary film on the war in afghanistan and what it was like to be in the war zone. >> we did not want that to get in the view of what you see or experience. a lost journalism is opinions but we want to report what goes on. we felt that experience needs to be understood. >> we have covered conflicts for 10 years so not the first time in the war zone but the first time with u.s. socials and a profound experience. >> according to reports the two died covering the front line of the war torn city of misurata under siege for weeks from the libyan government. in the non-war. of which we have not taken
3:18 pm
sireds. nato said the airstrikes are not enough to protect the civilians. and now, what else do we know? >>reporter: we are getting details from "vanity fair," that the two were hit in a grenade attack and yesterday we had his last tweet which said "in misurata, , shelling by muammar qaddafi forces and no sign of nato." and another is in very serious condition and the fourth is wounded. they are all in the hospital. >>shepard: there is word the united states will start funding the rebels which we have not sided to the tune of $25 million. >>reporter: that will not include money, weapons, or ammunition but $25 million in other surplus supplies. in a letter to the senate
3:19 pm
foreign affairs committee on friday, the state department informed congress that this includes "nonlethal commodities and services to support key u.s. government partners," meaning the rebels, in efforts to protect civilians under threat of attack. we here is the secretary of state. >> some of the items are medical supplies, uniforms, boots, tents, personal protective gear, radios, and there are no new purchases, this is not a blank check. >> white house spokesman says the president is firm on the policy not to send u.s. military troops into libya. >>shepard: thank you. you are driving on a low -- highway and the officer pulls you over and demands your cell phone and takes from it
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>>shepard: we learn that the iphone 4 keeps a record of everywhere you go stores it for a year. the real problem is no one told users this and there is no way to opt out. as a researcher end put it to the newspaper today, apple made it possible for almost anybody, a jealous spouse or private detective, with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you have been.
3:24 pm
which brings us to michigan. where state police pull you over they use a device that can download more personal information from the cell phone, apple or otherwise. the device can access text messages, photographs, video, g.p.s. data, and we are told they can bypass security passwords it to get the information. and you do not have to be suspected of doing anything wrong to get what the critics call "your privacy invaded, your rights violated." our legal team is on the face and against attorney. drew, extracting everything from your cell phone, that ... can you do that? >>guest: it is ridiculous. i called former deputy commissioner for the i.r.s., the number two man in the i.r.s., and one of the toughest guys i know, and he thought it was ridiculous and said he could not
3:25 pm
believe from law enforcement this would take place. notice you have not read any opinion by an attorney general's office in the state of michigan because this is going to go by the wayside. you need probable cause to think an offense has been perpetrated. pulling someone aside for a traffic offense does not give you the right let alone to search the vehicle but to go into the cell phone or into their blackberry and see who they message and e-mail, who they have communicated with, pictures, it is ridiculous. >>shepard: if a cop or any law officer pulls you over they can ask to search the vehicle if they don't have probable cause and you can say yes-or-no and if you say "in," they have to get a search warrant and they have to show to the judge probable cause but they can take my cell phone and take everything? >> i don't think they can. >>shepard: but they can. >>guest: no, they are doing it. first of all, the first part of
3:26 pm
the segment about the iphone ... that was stunning. i am stunned by that. that is crazy. that is really news. you want to talk about a crime-solving device? number two, i thought the device the cops had is you did not know, they were close enough through blue tooth they need to download it. the issue will be litigated in court. if they have probable cause, can they even, can they do that? >>shepard: even with probable cause because now they are doing it without probable cause. illegal lane change is not probable cause. >> but they will search the car, or are there drugs that someone will eat and destroy? the phone is not going anywhere so this will be litigated. >> those that support the aclu hope that michigan continues to act as stupid as it is because money is going to come in from
3:27 pm
all over the country to support the aclu so from a financial perspective they will make millions, if not tens of millions from contributions for stupidity. >>shepard: thank you drew and arthur. president obama is headed out west to promote the plan to reduce the deficit. the first stop is headquarters of facebook. and the president is using social media to debate the debt problem in washington. we will have a live report ahead. [ older brother ] h, that's the last crescent.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. president obama flying to california for a three day trip in equal part, campaign fundraising. the first stop is a meeting at the headquarters of facebook questioning, or taking questions from the audience while the event is broadcast online. president obama's extensive use of social media helped propel him to the oval office in 2008 and they apply that formula to the plan for balancing the deficit. and now from the white house. >>reporter: the white house spokesman said with half a billion users this is a great format so facebook is selecting the questions so it will be informative and entertaining, and moments ago i looked and saw 41,000 people were scheduled to
3:32 pm
attend from their computers and the president gave us a bit of a preview. take a listen. >> it will be live streamed and i will answer questions for folks across the country. i help you will take a break from either "friending" to rsvp at facebook/.com and the president will emphasize his plan for cutting into the deficit talking to a younger audience about a balanced approach to dealing with the issues and we should also point out that, obviously, part of this is dedicated to re-election which is next year and obviously the facebook crowd was a key constituency for president obama when he ran back in 2008. >>shepard: now familiar a face is zuckerberg's face to the president? >>reporter: very familiar. he has been to numerous events. the last time they were together the president was in northern california for a dinner with
3:33 pm
c.e.o. types and facebook executives are familiar to the white house as zuckerberg is to this president and a relationship that they continue to nurture. >>shepard: and now juan williams. what do you make of this? >>juan: it is about money. money, money, money. the president has used social media to raise money and he broke all records in the 28 cycle and he is trying to get that fire burning around and facebook has their own reasons. their money issues are dealing with regulation, the rules coming from washington, struggling with china. and they are looking to establish a relationship especially with the obama administration. they tried to hire robert gibbs the former press secretary. that gives you an idea of how
3:34 pm
they are trying to become more politically sophisticated as the company matures, now a multibillion dollar platform. >>shepard: one thing he is trying to talk about is the budget deficit. it could be the most depressing things in recent memory when you look at the state of gridlock in washington, dc, now. the problems that we have. and the polls suggest that people realize the problems are and are not willing on go along with the fixes of medicare and medicaid and social security. it is depressing to have no politicians willing to tackle this. >>juan: lack of leadership on the part of president obama and lack of leadership in terms of a willing misfrom even the leadership here on the republican side to speak seriously about cuts the american people could understand and embrace. right now, what you have is basically a lead up toward the 2012 presidential race. republicans are expecting they will gain control of the senate.
3:35 pm
and have more power. and catering to the tea party elements in the congress. the freeway -- freshmen who are pushing americans to make draconian cuts that are unacceptable to the american people. so as the polls show president obama at what now is the highest point of disapproval it is higher than the republicans in congress and guess what, he beats any of the likely candidates running against him in 2012. >>shepard: as the president's doubt commission talked to us like adults, is there a group of republicans and democrats who could come telling and stand before us and make us realize how dire the situation is? how much trouble we are in? >>juan: that is a rational question and i am not accustomed to questions like that.
3:36 pm
the quick answer is, the gang of six in the senate, republicans and democrats trying to figure out where to find common ground, and promote to both sides areas that cuts could be made that would be acceptable to the american people but the question as they are going forward is, who is the face of the effort? who will sell it? you have to talk to people if you are saying there are sacrifices, and you have to tell us why, and why it is in our interest. someone has to take that mantle and lead the parade. president obama is not doing it. he says he is up for re-election. and the republicans right now are in the doing it. they are talking more severe cuts and that is not playing. medicare and medicaid, americans do not see we should raise that out. they say raise questions on the very rich but they are saying "not me." >>shepard: and the republicans will not have any part of that. where is a compromise? the president said she confident
3:37 pm
a compromise could be reached. i don't know what data suggests that is accurate. >>guest: he is talking about raising the delegate limit. in terms of the 2012 budget, the difference of paul ryan who put out his own proposal and president obama comes to, do you make it a marketplace decision for the consumers? medicare and medicaid, two huge health care drivers in terms of deficit, do you make a decision where you say consumers, here is money, see what the marketplace can do. that ends guarantee of medicare. or president obama's approach, appoint a panel of experts who will try to slow the rate of growth for the costs of medicare and make medicaid a block grant and the governors can decide. that would be a race to the bottom with the poor left out. that is the difference. we are not at that point. all we are getting is
3:38 pm
finger-pointing. >>shepard: rhetoric and politics. but nothing to save our nation. sad. thank you, juan. it is a big day on planet blago. he did nothing wrong, obviously, and is getting another set of jurors to prove it. and they are trying to find people who don't have any bias against blago. reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number o goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book, you know, i plan to dedica it to my school. ♪ those hopes and dreams that you have, you know, they're within reach. and i'm living proof. >>shepard: jury selection underway for blago on the corruption charges. the first trial ended with a jury deadlocked on 23 of 24 counts including allegations he tried to sell the president's vacant senate seat and
3:42 pm
prosecutors have simplified the case and prosecutors will play the wiretaps. >> i am left with gridlock and [blank] and a budget problems and a president all give. i have this think that is [blank] and i will in the give it up. >>shepard: the feds got blago on one count and he maintains innocence on all things. today is a year since the explosion on the oil rig in the gulf of mexico. it was a year ago today. disaster load to the worst offshore oil spill in american history. 12 workers killed. more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf of mexico. now there are questions if drilling should continue in the gulf. no new drilling laws at all.
3:43 pm
but new drilling permits. and nothing on if a blow out preventer will work next time. b.p. and still cleaning up the mess and will be for years. that work is getting mixed reviews. the louisiana governor says b.p. officials promised last year to start restoring oyster areas. >> they talk about making it right and spent money on advertising. >> but we cannot answer that specifically. conversations are continuing between the governor and the staff and the people involved. >>shepard: so it goes. offshore oil drilling ps are going forward with some new rules but can another oil spill truly be avoided? and now chris is in louisiana, and he is at a vessel that took part in the crisis response. hello, hatted one. >>guest: we are in the middle
3:44 pm
of the gulf of mexico. the government stopped all deep water drilling after the spill and the moratorium was lifted in october but new permits were not issued until february and, today, the debate over safety continues. the images of oil soaked wetlands and benches will never fade from the memories of those who live and work on the gulf coast. >> not a matter of what, but when there is another accident. >> communities have been following the cleanup efforts. and some say it is too early for the government to issue new drilling permits in the gulf of mexico. >> i am concerned about another b.p. disaster and i am concerned that the ongoing disasters will happen and it will be business as usual around here. >> from 2006 until 2010 there have been 40 spills of 50 barrels or more in the gum and no spill that large has been reported this year but if a spill occurs officials say they are ready. >> we have response capability
3:45 pm
to address these events so i do feel that the industry is ready to operate and respond responsibly. all you after the oil spill the government outlined new regulations. the biggest change according to one group is having a predetermined plan of how to control a spill response. >> there is in more on the my deciding what technology to use or how to use them. >> this company modified some of their containment equipment adding valves to adjust it using remotely operated vehicles. this structure stopped a spill or redirect the flow of oil has been recognized in six drilling permits issued in the gulf so far. >> we are in a road of progress but we are not at a point or will we ever, where we have achieved the safest possible oil and gas drilling. >> in the gulf of mexico last month, there was an impact on the shoreline that was impacted
3:46 pm
by the b.p. oil spill. back on you. >>shepard: thank you, chris, from the gulf. wildfire alert, a firefighter has been killed in texas, a hospital spokesman says he was injured while battling a wildfire in the texas panhandle this month. and now he died. that is the second crewman killed in the texas wildfires. a spokesman for texas says the lone star state has not been this dry in nearly a century. and says there are 20 active wildfires from border border in texas and since the beginning of the year 4.1 million acres have burned. a fire is west of ft. worth and it is moving through several communities and burned 150,000 acres and destroyed 150 homes and a church. the county officials evacuated a jail in the area. we are told rain and high level of humidity are expected in parts of texas for the week. new concerns about the health of
3:47 pm
the workers at the nuclear plant in japan. a doctor says that they are showing signs of dehydration, and high blood pressure and the doctors says they could develop serious heart troubles or depression. the crews have worked around-the-clock for more than a month to get the crisis at the nuclear plant under control and the government could enforce a now voluntary evacuation zone around the plant. we are told all of the 80,000 people living in the 12 mile radius of the facility have left their homes. want to buy an island? a state is seeing an uptick in the real estate market and we have numbers on national home sales. and a live report on unusual properties that can be yours. , , and even your retirement and your life.
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>>shepard: the royal wedding, all the attention has been on will and kate but today his father, prince charles is the longest serving he ir apparent in the history of the monarchy, in line to take the throne for 59 years. trace is live on the west coast. will prince charles ever be king? >>trace: and the answer is, he will be unless he dies, is involved in a big scandal or if he decides to step aside and let william be king. if the queen lives for several more years prince charles may at some point decide to retire. others say that is highly unlikely. right now, there is in modern precedent for him to be passed over. >> people say, surely he will be passed over. no, he is not going to be passed
3:52 pm
over. he has the right to be the next king. and, indeed, he will come to the throne better trained than any of the predecessors. >>trace: he has been waiting since his mother became queen in 1952 and before that the longest waiting was king edward who became king in 1901. >>shepard: the queen met kate's parents for the first time today. what the heck went down there? >>trace: don't you want to know? this was at the castle, queen elizabeth and prince philip, and kate's parents, mike and carol middleton meeting for an hour for lunch and dessert, and they would not sell us what was on the menu but they said and i quote, "that it was warm, friendly, and nice." the couple are self-made millionaires because of their party planning business but it
3:53 pm
is highly unlikely they have ever been to a party like the one they are about to attend next week. >>shepard: look forward to it, tray, our coverage is a week from friday. we are starting at the ungodly hour of 4:00 in the morning eastern, 3:00 a.m. in oxford. martha and i will be live in london a week from friday. fox news. royal wedding coverage, going the middle of the night. the housing market looking better, the national association of realtors reporting that sales of previously occupied homes rose to annual rate of 5.1 million. so that is up. up 4 percent from february, so better. many in florida where foreclosures hit very hard, say the market there is bouncing back. they say foreign investors are leading the way and there are unusual properties for sale.
3:54 pm
and now phil is north of miami. >>reporter: i am on a private island, eight acre island on the intercoastal with miami dade to the south in the boom times of florida real estate you could have valued this at $90348 but then the crash and new there is renewed optimism that rock bottom is behind us. what is great about owning your own island in florida? >> what would not be great? >> and gary pulls his island from the market three years ago when buyers dried up but, today, it is different, and, now, he thinks it can sell for $50 million. >> people are more receptive to spending their money. and they are looking for places to put their money other than in a bank they can get less than 1 percent interest. >> if this is not the most unique it is one, your own private eight acre island
3:55 pm
surrounding by meant areas, miami to the south and fort lauderdale to the north. it is accessible by land or by yacht depending on your mood. >> so the worst is behind? >> absolutely. >> after years of plummeting home values the miami association of realtors now sees a surging market, comparing this year to last year, close sales are way up all three months. >> we see the price going up and it is okay to buy now. >> the yellow tower is the marina and this could be in your view not only are home and condo sales surging, but this year compared to the same month last year by 50 percent comparing the two numbers, but the first plan for a brand new condo tower in downtown miami have been filed. >>shepard: thank you from south florida.
3:56 pm
police in oak -- oklahoma have apprehended someone vandalizing cars. that is ahead. @=h
3:57 pm
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3:59 pm
>>shepard: and before we call it a day at "studio b" police in oak report they caught up to a fugitive who they say they have been hunting for several weeks. a suspect who reportedly caused hundreds of dollars in damage to several police cars around oklahoma city. cops do not take kindly to that nonsense and for that the suspect was a bit of a follow, hero. who was this destroyer of police property? a squirrel. with a name. the critter has been released to a park outside of town.


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