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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  May 1, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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for fox news channel i am greta van susteren. >> this is the fox news alert. the white house is saying that president obama will be making an extraordinary statement at the bottom of the hour, that's 30 minutes from now. the white house has not said what the president will be speaking about. but it is highly unusual for the president to be speaking this late on a sunday night. whatever the matter is, and we don't know, it is certainly urgent, perhaps concerning events over the last 24-hours in libya. >> the aggression against the libyan nations continues and proves again that it has no more of foundation the house of mr. qaddaquad if i known as rul most libyans who is the youngest
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of the leader's children was attacked. they attacked the home of brother quad if qaddafi, 29-year-old and three of the leader's grandchildren. >> he is not a legitimate leader of libya and the way to get this is to go after the people around him and his support network. i support what nato is doing. >> a missile strike kills his son and three of his grandchildren in what seems to be an attempt to assassinate muammar qaddafi. we are standing by to hear from the white house about what happened. we all want qaddafi out alive or dead. but the immediate consequence of missing him and killing his kid and his grand kids if that really is what happened maybe could strengthen qaddafi's hand against his followers.
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while rebels in benghazi celebrated following the news. in tripoli angry pro qaddafi mobs burned a the italian and britain embassy. in spiteful revenge of the attack qaddafi's forces unleashed new hell on the embattled strong old of maz rat taw. artillery barrages killing at least a dozen civilians. david lee miller inspected the scene of the missile strike. he joins us live to tell us whether the death of qaddafi's son and grandchildren are concerned and about his supposed vow of revenge. david, what do we know? >> there is speculation this is a hoax. many of the rebels in benghazi do not believe he is dead. they do not believe anything this regime has to say. they say it has no credibility. consider this a few days ago a
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deputy foreign minister said there was no shelling in miss rad dau. there was repeated shelling in that city. that said they produced an orthopedic surgeon he has not worked with the regime. they say he looked at the body and looked at a photograph and confirmed with the press that question, this is the son of muammar qaddafi and this is the individual who was killed in that home. with reasonable certainty it looks like muammar qaddafi's 29-year-old son was killed. david lee miller please stand by if the president's remarks have to do with libya we will certainly be coming back to you live. the other alternative, ladies and gentlemen, and again we do not know the white house has not issued any guidance on this yet. it may have to do with the terrible series of storms ravaging the south and midwestern portions of our
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nation. we don't know but you will hear the news as soon as the white house starts speaking or carrying the president's remarks live. joining me in the studio is retired attorney general john mc innern knee. nice to see you in the flesh. do you want to opine? we don't know what the president might be speaking about at the bottom of the hour? >> i think it's national security geraldo. he normally doesn't do domestic even as tragic as they are. this president has ner do never this. i don't know of any president in the last 20-years or 30 years that has done it on a sunday night. it could have something to do with what's going on in libya. i think it may very well be that or it could be in seyrisyria. we don't know. with colonel qaddafi being in the house it's a storm shadow
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missile. >> the rights. the rights got him. that's looking at the bomb damage assessment you saw one bomb in there it could have been someone else's. >> not ours. >> initially i thought it might have been a predator or a reaper. what i saw in the bomb damage assessment is much too large. >> please, ladies and gentlemen forgive my rampant speculations, but this does bring to mind when ambassador bremer in iraq called that lye news conference and started it with the words, we got him, meaning they had captured sadam hussein in the rabbit hole up there north of baghdad, if qaddafi is dead what does that mean?
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>> that's the $64 question. what does it mean. does it mean the tribes are going to stop fighting each other? i do not think so. does it mean the benghazi rebels who have not been identified we don't know their makeup there's some muslim brotherhood al qaeda there's a mix. what does it mean if qaddafi goes? that's not the end game. who is going to pick up the international stabilization. >> are you predicting his sons might carry on, that the fighting will continue despite -- >> those tribes are not going to give up to benghazi. >> it is improbable that the president would speak for the nation at 10:30 eastern time on a sunday night to justify a missile attack on qaddafi's family compound and add his voice to this controversy over what may have been an attempted
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assassination attempt of the national leader however ill legitimate he may be, it would be almost impossible, would it not for him to just talk about well this is what happened and unless there was some dramatic conclusion? >> something that dramatic. we don't know what it is. we are speculating now. i agree with you geraldo. something significant is going on. i think it's international relations. >> i don't want to y you to leae chair. i want to move onto the storm damage the other huge story. i want to go from the roar of gun fire and artillery strike to the deadly wrath of mother nature. declaring a day of prayer as top federal officials tour the wreck and ruin trying to console the survivor of killer tornados
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among the largest and most powerful ever recorded. 339 now confirmed dead. a number sure to arrive because hundreds remain missing some carried away in the storms others torn to pieces others buried under wasted remains of entire neighborhoods leveled by pecking winds in excess of 200 miles an hour. 200 injured hundreds homeless hundreds of thousands still without power many millions in property damage sustained leaving a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary proportions. still maria morina is hearsaying all is not yet quiet. what storm activity is out? >> we have a lot of rain out on the thunderstorms. there's not just severe weather
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access we are looking at the rivers in record breaking status. it will continue rising before we head into tuesday. we are expecting more rain from our second storm system that has already arrived from the plains states. there's an area we are tracking of storms that was producing rainfall rains in excess of an inch an hour in oklahoma, northeast texas, these had a potential of reducing but with the sun setting that risk is now pretty much over for tonight. the storms will continue producing more rain. we are looking at another potentially 5 inches. some of these areas got 15 or 16 inches in just a week. >> amazing. maria, thank you very much. >> what is with this extreme weather? let's have jerry bru brusky for
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analysis and prediction of storms. greg kerr bin meteorologist for the national weather service storm prediction center. what do you think, jerry? is this the mayan prophecy come true a year early? >> not quite. not quite. there were a couple ingredients but we really came together for this storm that were incredibly unusual. the first ingredient was the extreme wind speeds of the history they were 120 to 140 miles per hour. extremely unusual. we are really high in temperatures across the gulf of mexico. they average about one and one and a quarter degrees celsius. that's only happened twice in the last 100 years according to some records. it provide a lot of fuel. >> and greg have -- the local news outfits and the other --
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are we getting better at telling people exactly where the storm is and when it is going to reach their neighborhood? >> absolutely. there's a team effort involved in this. first of all i want to say that the pictures we are seeing coming out of mississippi and alabama are devastating. we don't want to see that. we want to try to avoid that. but sometimes mother nature is cruel and doesn't know where it is going to unleash it's powers. so the system has worked very well to get the word out. we have advanced forecast and watches and warnings in this case. saw this coming five days in advance continued to elevate the threat level. sometimes it's too fast and furious to get out of the way. >> i want to thank you both because we are short on time
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because this extraordinary news conference not news conference but announcement from the white house. the president will be addressing the nation live at the bottom of the hour. we obviously will cover that. we do not have any indications except for our surmise it has something to do with libya. we will be finding out together on the fox news channel. we will be back in a flash. please stay tuned. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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thounds of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having thidea, and that's where the discovery comes from. >> this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at the white house where 14 and a half minutes we expect the president of the united states to address the nation on a matter of national security we believe why else would he be speaking to us on such short notice in this extraordinary fashion. i am geraldo rivera live in
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washington, d.c. by chance we are a mile away from where the chief executive where the commander in chief will soon be addressing the nation. general tom mcinirn knee joins me here. he and i let me say we are blowing off all of the commercial breaks. we will be staying live. we are also suspending all of the preproduced stories that we had coming your way this if it is important enough for the president of the united states to address the nation it is certainly important enough for us at fox news to blow out our commercial breaks and these other stories. we are going to stick on this and as the information comes out mike emanuel one of the most skilled white house correspondents in this town it at the white house monitoring all of the wires general
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mcinernie say your surprise. >> i think it has to do with colonel qaddafi and his demise. this is unprecedented for this president. >> you have been around for a while as have i i am in my 5th decade of this. i don't remember this ever happening before but for the death -- i mean. it would be death or war it would seem to me or awful terror plot. i don't want to scare people at home but ladies and gentlemen this is what it is. you have your own points of vow politically but the evidence suggests strongly this is something very, very important. >> yeah actions when president reagan announced the first init attack it was monday night. in all of the other ones when
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president bush announced going into afghanistan and iraq always at prime time in the middle of the day. nothing a pop up like this. that is why i think surmise whenning we look around and discuss what events it could be that colonel qaddafi was wounded and he has succumbed. >> i thought if a weapon as powerful as the one that clearly hit that family compound was enough to kill his son and grandchildren qaddafi and his wife were we are told in that building at the time of the attack. tells me a couple things. if the leader was in the building we must have this the building hit within the walls
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compound but it was very specific we must have had superb or nato must have had superb intelligence to indicate the presence of moammar qaddafi that specific building at that specific time. if all of those people were killed how could he survive? he is not made of teflon. it doesn't seem to be as severe of a hit. >> the fact is, you bring up something important. i think human intelligents combination with signal intelligence that was corroborated and allowed nato officials to make that attack. it was in an area, a housing area. they wanted to be very careful on collateral damage. i think your assessment is correct there. that was such a powerful weapon
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i believe it was more than one of them there were two or three they had two go off and one that looked like it was inert that's why i think it was the storm shadow. that could have been concrete or it could have failed. you can image the traumatic brain injury anybody in there could have suffered. >> craig rivera was going to talk about something here you have just as much experience as i have albeit a younger man. up want to give us your $0.02 for what it is worth? >> they are using high-tech
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technology the smart bomb. they are able to go into a building a specific room before that bomb ever ignites. that is the kind of technology they are looking at. >> the president will speak from 10:30 eastern time to 10:45 eastern time. it's a 15-minute address the president of the united states has something important to tell us. white house officials not saying what the statement will be about. interestingly given all that donald trump endured during the white house dinner last night if nbc network does interrupt for the president's address as they
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almost surely will if they are not tot totally impossible it i the air and it's not live obviously but they will interrupt that if nbc as they should does indeed bring again. >> we have david lee miller is he available to us? get david lee miller up. i want very much to know exactly when the last time any one saw moammar qaddafi alive was and with all of the outrage we have not the grand and grand dad through his surrogates so it will be fascinating to see what it is that has transpired. we have no idea i don't want to
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you take it as gospel that what the president will be talking about will be libya. this is a big bad world. we have trouble spots every where. afghanistan obviously. iraq also. it could be almost anywhere. w with all of the action and focus on libya right now and with this profoundly powerful attack really right where the libyan dictator or assumingly where he and his wife were living the night of the attack even the libyans. okay. who is on the telephone? wally ferris mideast expert. waleed, i am assuming, and again jennifer griffin, intel
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officials this is our pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin. she is reporting intelligence officials have been called to order operations ops center for a meeting at 10:30 p.m. to so inside with the president's address is to the nation. it's not clear that it is but if they are calling the ops guys. we are beefing up senders that are not as mad add other times. >> this is a very big deal. >> it is a big deal and it could indicate something broader than what we are talking about could be something in korea and syria. i am amazed. this appears to be a very serious situation developing, geraldo. >> we know, ladies and gentlemen. it is not a lu nuclear attack.
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we talked about korea. we have no proof of any event as literally earth shaking, figuratively and literally earth shaking as that. again i would love to get jennifer -- let's get jennifer griffin on the phone as well. mike emanuel as soon as you have a line to him at the white house let's see what is going on. i think that given the incredible security, the rigid security that has so far been surrounding this announcement which just came minutes before we went on the air at 10:00, this is big stuff going on. >> mideast expert waleed ferris what do you think? >> based on the information that you have announced it could be
10:26 pm
on the level of int national pri criess is or national as well. if it's on the international level, i am wondering this means the president or decision makers need to make assessments. it means the kinds of crisis is something about to flip. a decision has to be made to address something that is emerging very quickly. >> hold it waleed. i think that it would seem to me, i mean you are more expert than i. it would seem to me that they have already decided what actions to take. there has -- something has happened. they have decided what to do about this something that has happened. what the president will say now three and a half minutes away is what happened and what the united states is doing about it. >> if the president is going to
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address the american public and share information about either an ongoing operation or an operation that will be ongoing then it's an estimate that in the past few hours to be made in my assumption. >> continuing what we have assumed and we will know for sure in two minutes, two and a half minutes that qaddafi it has something to do with qaddafi do you agree with the general the war in libya will continue or the death of qaddafi should be that lucky will spell an end for the conflict in libya. >> it will be a major investment. for here we are looking into assumptions. that is the magnitude we are talking about an important change in the battlefield. i don't think it will change the crisis immediately. you have to consider a lot of factors. i guess in the next few minutes an announcement of that
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magnitude means there's a strategic shift to be made the american public should be aware of it. >> in the viewing audience we are intensely following everything, every whisper coming out of the white house or pentagon we are as prepared as we could possibly be on such short notices for the president's address to the nation if it is on time now just a minute and a half away. as a commander your feelings on a military moment like this. >> you normally do not do this unless it's something very serious that could involve chemical nuclear biological or some threat of a pending attack as a result of the attack on qaddafi's family that we don't know we are speculating.
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>> what capacity does he have? we are standing by the president to address the nation in about one minute's time. we have no concrete evidence as to what he is going to address. mcinnern tee is retired four star is making it very clear this is -- did i promote you. three star lieutenant general mcinirn knee is making it clear this is a big deal. >> it is very serious around concerning. we don't want to over hype it. it hasn't happened before in recent memory. we ought to be concerned. it is less than one minute. we will have a better feel and be in a much better position to discuss. >> yesterday wau was a night of brave frif volumity here everybody having a back slapping good time. the ballroom of the hilton hotel
10:30 pm
packed with luminaries. but now 24-hours later we have something that is extremely serious. we have come to the time 10:30 when the white house has said the president will be addressing the nation. we are waiting for the shot, the famous shot of the podium as he will be speaking from the podium. we do not know or from the oval office. perhaps the venue he chooses might have something to say about the seriousness of what he is about to say. but the president of the united states has requested this time to speak to all of us. it will be a 15-minute address,an it is something that has to do we assume with national or international security. it comes within 24-hours after a deadly attack on the qaddafi family compound in the libyan
10:31 pm
cap poll of tripoli. one that libyan officials say killed a son of moammar qaddafi and three of the libyan dictator's grandchildren. we don't know if the president's remarks will address that situation or not. obviously this is something deeply, deeply profoundly significant. there is no way to cut it otherwise. this cannot be something less than of urgent import to the american people. i am here with lieutenant general thomas mcinerney. we are waiting for defense officials to tell us anything. we are waiting to hear from the commander in chief's own mouth what it is that the white house thought so important that they are now about to go live with
10:32 pm
these remarks. general, i can only say as we wait 2 minutes past the 10:30 p.m. address to the preside to t to the nation, having been in libya recently, i can only say that i have never been in a situation more chaotic. there was no sentzer. you have to hold the center. the rebels such as they are are grouped in the eastern part of the country around the important city of benghazi the largest in libya the dictator if he survives and his remaining armed force concentrated around the libyan capitol of tripoli. it seems to me this could easily break breakdown not into a civil
10:33 pm
war that it will be the north against the south or east against the west about a rather free for all where everybody is in it for their -- themselves. everybody wants to get a piece of the oil. it is an extremely tribal country where colonial masters took a map of africa and they sketched out why don't we make this a new country called libya in 1951. it is larger than the state of texas. it will put it to shame as far as going a generator of terrorists. >> what is the end giem? >> we have mike emanuel live. know you got drafted on short
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notice but what do you know about what we are about to hear from the president of the united states? >> not a lot at this point. we understand from the policy related matter there is great speculation it has something to do with libya. senior white house core spon departments say it's big. whu the president of the united states calling reporters to make a comment at 10:30 on is sunday evening that is a most unusual situation for any white house. at this point they are setting up we expect to see the president momentarily. it is not clear whether it will be about qaddafi or some other foreign policy matter. >> it is a crazy world. in mike in your long experience have you ever lived through an announcement like this reported on an announcement like this on a sunday night on such short notice, mike? >> not at all, geraldo. when i heard 10:30 statement i thought it was going to be 10:30
10:35 pm
tomorrow morning and then it was 10:30 207b9. they were not going to give away guidance in terms of a topic. they suggested it's big. here we are at 10:30 sunday evening waiting for the president of the united states. >> did they use the word big? i am curious. did they specifically say big? >> not exactly. they said you probably want to get to the white house for this one. i took that to be very big. >> that is probably very big. what is the buzz in the room? have the fellow white house aside from saying oh my gooness what's going on describe the atmosphere among colleagues at the white house? >> you see camera kraus g crews getting ready for a big news maker on a sunday evening.
10:36 pm
a scramble to figure out how we are going to make it live to you tonight. there is a lot of tension in the room. a lot of people from various activities all over town to see the president make news. >> i think that is an under statement if i have ever heard one. the president is now 6 minutes late. may we assume the tardiness has something to do with giving the media a chance to get their technological act together so they can broadcast it live to the nation? >> i have seen a camera shot of the eastern hall it is not clear to me if they are fine tuning the language on a statement to the media or whether there is some tick cal aspect to it. but there's a lot of buzz here and a lot of running around trying to make it happen. we await the president. again we are hearing th that it a foreign policy relat related .
10:37 pm
when you hear a grandson and children were hit we wonder if it has to do with qaddafi's health or a completely different matter. with so much going on between iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere and the war on terrorism, there is great anticipation. >> hold it. ladies and gentlemen, something -- i just thought of. craig brought in a message from the newsroom. what if it's osama bin laden? can you image, general? wouldn't that make our weekend? >> wouldn't that high five how that son of a pitch bitch has our lives for the last 11 years. wouldn't that be a wonderful way to cap a weekend. ladies and gentlemen, please do not, this is a reporter relying on experience telling you what my surmise is.
10:38 pm
these are options. these are not fact. i am not reporting anything to you. i am just saying general thomas mcinerney and i will be high-fiving and tears will be flowing if the news is that good. we should be that lucky. >> that could be a first of may. lucky day. >> change the hole import of mayday. i could only prefer it on cinco de mayo. >> mike emanuel really said it very well, this is something that is new to all of our experience. we think what? >> i will knotted repor -- i wi report but i will say that it is possible the terror mastermind
10:39 pm
who killed so many americans strikeing from his bases in afghanistan osama bin laden something may have happened to him. when it comes to swaying the devil in libya with the devil in afghanistan, i am telling you we have got a much stronger beef and a much more profoundly important national security interest in seeing the terror mastermind who killed so many americans on september 11th, 2001 finally leaving the scene. maybe he has gone on. i am not reporting it as a fact but wouldn't that be nice if it were that. qaddafi is a shmuck, a killer, he took down can am 103-we hate
10:40 pm
him. >> this makes more sense. >> stand by. let's see. >> if it was qaddafi -- >> chad pilgrim confirms osama bin laden is dead. senior capitol hill chad pergim confirms osama bin laden is dead? can it be ladies and gentlemen? could it be? this -- chad is one of the best in the business. he really is an extraordinary person. i am hold it -- hold it -- hold it. bin laden is dead. confirmed. multiple sources. osama bin laden is dead. happy days. happy days. this is the greatest -- give me
10:41 pm
a wide shot of the general. this is the greatest night of my career. the bum is dead. i am so blessed and privileged to be at this desk at this moment. who is on the phone? chad, chad on the phone. you don't have to give away your sources if you don't want to. senior producer. chad take it away. hello, chad. get it punched up. we are getting it back. we lost the phone. chad is confirming that osama bin laden is dead. general, from the heart of hearts response. >> very significant although he wasn't running the day in day
10:42 pm
out radical islamic. he is a symbol. a symbol. when we find out how he died that is very important to our efforts and to the musz li musl efforts. the muslim world ought to be very happy this person has created so much turmoil in their world is not with us any more. >> you are saying that the muslim world, but i think his continued existence on this earth osama bin laden's continued existence on this earth has represented a continuing humiliation to the united states of america. he defied president george w. bush 43 and president barack obama, president 44. for all this time. i don't care if he died falling into a mud hole or hitting his
10:43 pm
head on a car. we have multiple sources here. >> it is coming up on 10 years. we are going to give you a hard two minute warning. we will bring it to you obviously every second of it, but isn't that wonderful news? isn't this a brilliant way to start your week, fox news is confirming our senior capitol hill producer chad pergim siting multiple sources, the mastermind, america's long nightmare. how wonderful is it that as we approach the tenth anniversary of september 11th i remember my kid's elementary school we lost at least a half a dozen dads who
10:44 pm
worked for fitzgerald and other companies on wall street on 9-11. that's why i came to fox news to pursue and watch that monster being removed, being p punishep. it is beyond joy that i bring you -- i wish i could confirm it with my own eyes and my own reporter's notebook. i trust chad pergr at-battiperg. i want to get th him on the pho. i want to hear it from his voice. we have no idea how long this statement is going to be. waleed farris, osama bin laden dead. he's gone, too? get him on the phone. this is too big. get a bunch of national security people on the phone. i want everyone who has reported
10:45 pm
on this in depth lining up. we are going to give you every detail we possibly can. i don't know why mike emanuel, i would love you to get him up as well. just let me know in my ear what guests you have available as they are available. >> chad is on the phone. >> hello. >> chad, let's have it. what do you know? >> i am told by multiple sources on capitol hill that osama bin laden is dead. that's the bottom line here. we were getting some rumblings of this from other sources, trying to find out if congressional intelligence had been briefed. the top intelligence officials have been briefed that bin laden is dead and cia director leon
10:46 pm
pineda. >> the correspondent the order to operation senders to coincide with the president's live address to the nation. >> they want to make sure everybody is on the the same page this is complete speculation i want to be careful but this is the way things happen. >> hold on, hold on. we are getting this. he was killed a week ago by a u.s. bomb. a week ago. they were waiting to test his body for dna match. jennifer griffin on the phone with us right now. jen, doll, i have never been happier to be on the show with you than i am right now. tell me what you know. >> what we know at this point is he was killed reportedly by a bomb over a week ago. they were waiting for dna
10:47 pm
results to match the body to be sure they got him. now we can report that osama bin laden is dead. killed by a u.s. missile. we are not clear of the location. i am still getting more details. as i reported earlier there were intelligence folks that i have been speaking to they have all been called into their operat n operationop operation centers. they want to be on the same page. this is a huge announcement. i don't need to tell you. it's ironic you are on the air. i remember in tora bora you were hot on his heels. i can confirm at this time osama bin laden is dead. >> jen, your feelings? >> i am shaking right now. in fact it has been hard to even type -- my fingers are shaking so badly i can't type on my blackberry to get the information i was trying to get through. this is the moment we started to
10:48 pm
believe would never come because you -- the last time i remember when bret baier was in afghanistan interviewing general petraeus i told him i said ask him about osama bin laden. you never hear about any of the guys in the pentagon any intel folks talking about is getting osama bin laden still a top national i am pore tans. we continued to ask. there was no sense they were getting closer to him. they sensed they knew what quadrant he was in, they knew pakistani tribal leaders were giving him protection for a long period of time. right now i can say that i am shaking with this news. >> you know jennifer whether it was in pakistan organ stan? >> i am waiting to get details about where he was struck. i don't want to speculate at this moment. i need to get more details. why don't i get off the phone and i will get the details to you. >> thank you jennifer griffin
10:49 pm
pentagon correspondent. >> live from rome ambassador jim nicholson. i know jim nice to have you on board tonight of all nights. you are in rome for the beatification of pope john paul who is now on the verge of saint hood. i know that when you spoke when you presented your credentials to pope john paul as i recall you spoke in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. i want you to tell us now shortly to be saint john paul said to you if you could relate that conversation and tell us also from your own heart as a veteran how you feel at this moment? oo i came to the studio to talk about the beatification. these events come up it makes me reflect the first time i met the pope i presented my credentials
10:50 pm
to him it was on 9-13 of 01, 48-hours after the attack on the country. he said to me surprisingly formal remarks came aside he said ambassador we have to stop these people who are killing in the name of god. that was an affirmation of us going into afghanistan. it helped build our coalition. >> hold it one second. osama bin laden is dead. the usa has his body says a person familiar with the developments of the associated press going with their own bulletin. mr. secretary it seems the news now has been confirmed 6 ways to sunday the terror mastermind, the architect and inspiration for the 9-11 attack.
10:51 pm
a few months shy of the tenth anniversary has now been confirmed dead. you were talking about your conversation with the then pope john paul on the 13th of september, 2001. the pope telling you we have to stop in t killing in the name o religion. why don't you finish your thoughts, secretary? >> then we just discussed this and the horror that had befallen our people and this attack and the pope was grieving scht we were. we said a prayer together for the victims and their families. i think about this today and this beautiful ceremony where we beatified this man and the con flew he knows -- confluence of events strikes me as the number of things that happened during his life people who analyzed those realize it's almost a mystic part of this mass
10:52 pm
existence. it is a day to celebrate on many levels, and certainly commend the people of the armed forces who have been so consistent and we are sis tent in going after this guy and finally getting him. it's a great moral booster for all of us. as tom is sitting there telling you it's probably going to have a real effect on enthusiasm of al qaeda. >> ladies and gentlemen, as you heard first on fox news 39 minutes after 10:00 eastern time osama bin laden is dead. the terror mastermind, the architect of the 79-11 attacks is now r -- 9-11 attacks is now history. i don't know how we can get stylized former defense secretary during the reagan
10:53 pm
administration kt mcfarland assisted deputy casey mcfar lapped is on the phone. you have been many times. sometimes at risk to yourself. why do you tell us how you are feeling and what you have heard other than this breaking news that you are hearing now on our network? >> geraldo, i was in afghanistan just ten-days ago. spent quite a bit of time with general petraeus. a couple things come very quickly to mind. petraeus et al think they were making great progress on the ground against the taliban. they had two other things they weren't doing well. one is karzai. he is hedging his bets about will the united states leave or not leave? the pakistanis were not going after the taliban in the tribal areas because they wanted to hedge their bets. if osama bin laden enis dead it's a game changer for all of that.
10:54 pm
the afghanis and pakistanis that were sitting on the fence they are going to jump off that fence and join our side. >> i hope you are right. >> the taliban i think it will be likely they will want to negotiate. i think they dessert al qaeda. it is possible the pakistanis will now go after the pakistani taliban. this could ab total game changer for the afghan and pakistan wars. i think the other thing, geraldo, it's a great vindication of petraeus. because petraeus was the advocate of the drone strikes and willing to take the fight to the tribal areas in back stan. work with the taliban andal guide and osama bin laden. if this is the case it's a great approach to him. >> we are going to pause for 20 seconds. we will be joining the fox network in one moment.
10:55 pm
very shortly we will be joining the network. 10 seconds. going live on the fox broadcast network as well as the fox news channel. this is a fox news special report. i am geraldo rivera in washington, d.c. where we are waiting to hear from the president of the united states. he has an extraordinary message to tell the american people and the world. fox news is confirming that osama bin laden is dead. i never thought i would be able to say those words. i am delighted, ladies and gentlemen, to bring you that message, osama bin laden, the terror mastermind the architect of the attacks that killed 3,000 americans almost ten years ago is dead. he has been killed.
10:56 pm
we are told by a u.s. bomb or missile. his b body is in the possessionf the united states. the dna testing we are told from various sources the man who altered the course of history a man who has been responsible directly or indirectly for thousands, tens of thousands of lives lost in afghanistan and in terror actions around the world. he is now debtor. we are delighted to tell you that. we are told that we are going to get more information. the president of the united states will be giving us chapter and verse. the vice president of the united states joseph biden notified congressional leaders. he began telling members of congress shortly before
10:57 pm
10:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. was when the white house announced that the president would be making this urgent address to the nation. so right now let's go to general jack keen, four star retired army general. general, wonderful news. i want to get your professional reaction to and personal reaction to the news that osama bin laden, the founder or one of the founding fathers of al qaeda, the american nightmare for almost a full decade has been finally killed by u.s. military action whether bomb or missile. we think missile. probably one of the drones. but general jack keen tell us your thoughts personal and professional? >> great news. i am glad you are on the air
10:58 pm
geraldo when it is happening. >> thank you. >> we have rendered al qaeda significant defeat over the last number of years. certainly in iraq which became their center of graph vit initiinnis -- gravity in afghanistan and we have taken these guy's money they have not been able to do global terrorism on any kind of a scale they did in the past. despite all of those successes the fact of the matter is this man has ill lewded us for many years it's good he is dead and it's good we killed him. appropriate that took place. we have a right to feel good about that the horror he has inflicted on us. he w i was there on september 11th and saw the horror close-up and what it did to our people. i am glad the military people and central intelligence agency to have a hand in this. >> speak to john f. campbell of
10:59 pm
the 101st airborne in afghanistan. his troopers have endured a hellish year with over 100 killed in action. going to the four corners of that country and as general keen and casey macfarland and others suggested, everyone knows, ladies and gentlemen, how this was the shadow had a loomed over everything the united states did on an international scale. the comics, the leaders of the nations on the fence and those who oppose us in terms of foreign security how could that be that this man has evaded the number one military force on earth a 6 foot 5 or


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