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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. the leader of al qaeda. >> we got 'em! >> we got 'em! yeah! >> we can say to those family would lost loved ones, justice has been done. >> usa! usa! >> welcome to early morning "fox & friends" because of the huge news stunning developments that happened 12 hours ago with osama bin laden being killed. the most wanted terrorist in the world dea a decade after 9/11 and the hunt is over. justice served for those who died at the hands of the mass
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murder. >> a team of 24 navy seals landed helicopters on the roof of osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. >> from the white house too times square, america celebrating. last night president obama made the announcement to the face. good evening. tonight i can report to the american people and to the world the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden the leader of al qaeda. and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of throughs of innocent men and
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women and children. it was 10 years ago a bright september day was tarquined -- darkened by an attack. hijacked planes cutting through cloudless september sky and tin towers collapsing. black smoke coming up from the pentagon. the wreckage of flight 93 in pennsylvania where the actions of citizens saved more heartbreak and destruction. yet we know the worst images of those unseen to the word, the empty seats at dinner table, children forced grow up without their mother or father, parents who never necessity -- know the feeling of their child's
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embrace, 3,000 citizens taken from us. in our time of grief the american people came together and offered our neighbors a hand and offered the wounded our blood. we reaffirmed our ties to each other. and our love of community and country. on that day whatever race or ethnicity, we were united as one american family. and united in our resolve to protect our nation and bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice. we learned the 9/11 attacked were carried out by al qaeda headed by osama bin laden which openly declared war on the united states and committed to killing innocents in our country and around the globe. we went to war against al qaeda to protect our citizens, friends
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and allies. the last 10 years, because of the tireless and heroic work of our military and professionals we have made great strides. we have disrupted terrorist attacks and strengthened our homeland defense. in afghanistan we removed the taliban government that game osama bin laden support. we worked with our friends and allied to capture scores of terrorists. but osama bin laden avoided capture. and escaped across the afghanistan border into pakistani. al qaeda operated from along the border and operate through affiliates across the world. i directed leon panetta to make
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the killing of osama bin laden the top priority. in august after years of work bur our intelligence community i was briefed on a possible lead to osama bin laden. it was far from certain and it took months to run the threat to ground. we had the possibility that osama bin laden was located in a compounds in pakistan and i determined last week we had enough intelligence to go ahead with action. today at my direction the united states launched a targeted operation against the compound in pakistan. a small team of americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. no americans were harmed.
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they took care to avoid civilian casualties. after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. for over two decades, osama bin laden has been al qaeda's leader and continued to plot attacks against our country and friends and allies. his death does not mark the end of our effort. there is in doubt al qaeda will pursue attacks against us. we must remain vigilant at home and abroad. we must also reaffirm the united states is not and never will be at war with islam. i made clear as president bush did after 9/11 our war is not against islam. osama bin laden was not a muslim
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leader but a mass murders of muslims and slaughtered scores of muslims. i have made clear we would take action in pakistan if we knew where he was. we have. but our counterterrorism cooperation with pakistan led us to osama bin laden and the compound where he was hiding. osama bin laden declared war against pakistan, as well and ordered attack against the pakistani people. tonight i called the president and my team spoke with their pakistani counterparts and they agree this is a good and his tock day for our nations and going forward it is essential pakistan continue to join us in the fight against pack tan and affiliates. the american people did not
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choose this fight. it came to our sures. after 10 years of struggle we know the costs of war. the efforts weigh on me when i have to sign a letter to a family that lost a loved one or look into the eyes of a gravely wounded service member. americans understand the costs of war but as a country we will never tolerate our security being threatened. we will be true to the values that make us who we are. on nights like this we can say to those family whose have lost loved ones, justice has has been
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done. we give thanks to the counterterrorism professionals. the american people do not see their work or know their names. but tonight they feel the satisfaction of their work and the result of their pursuit of justice. we give thanks for the men who carried out the operation because they exemplify the professionalism and patriotism and courage of those who serve. they are part of a generation that has the heavy share of that september day. to the family would lost loved ones on 9/11 we never forgot yourless or waivered in our commitment to see we do what it takes to prevent another attack on our shores. tonight we will think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11.
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this is a testament to the determination of american people and the cause of securing only country is in the complete but we are reminded america can do whatever we set our mind to. that is our history. whether the pursuit of prosperity for our people. or the struggle for equality for citizens. our commitment to stand up for values abroad and sacrifices to make the world a safer place remember we can do this not just because of wealth or power but because of what we are. one nation. under god. in divisible. with liberty and justice for all. thank you, god bless you and god bless the united states of
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america. >> stunning news: a major address from the white house last night. on a sunday night, what could it be in people thought it could be muammar qaddafi, or a possible attack. we knew it was major. and an hour late. and details emerged, osama bin laden is dead. and we find out it was not a drone strike but a detailed operation that began in august and ended hours before the president announced it. >> and he was shot in the head. jennifer griffin has covered many years for us on the war on terror and live this morning at the pentagon with her thoughts and new information. >> good morning, guys. i can remember exactly where i was on 9/11 in jerusalem in the middle east when the twin towers went down and tonight as i was typing the urgent my fingers
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were shaking as we confirmed that osama bin laden was dead. we new have details. it was a team, navy seal team squadron of 40 navy seals on board blackhawk helicopters and chinooks taking off from a base undisclosed in afghanistan. flew 30 to 60 miles west of islamabad, the capital in the northwest province, a hill station well-known because it is a garrison town, a main military town of the pakistani military. highly secure town and a lost former army generals live there. unthinkable a compound of this size was unnoticed.
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the compound was eight times the size of any compound in that area. we are told five years ago they looked at the trusted couriers sent by osama bin laden, they got information from detainees held at gone bow including khalid sheik mohammed and another man who is at gitmo and the interrogations revealed there were two couriers, two trusted couriers. they only had the nickname of the two courier brothers, and four years ago they figured out the identity of one courier. the c.i.a. intelligence honed in on one area of pakistan and
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figured out it was in this area and they looked at the compounds there and this drew their attention because it was three stories high, eight times the size of any other compound and odd the way it was developed, no windows, the residents burned their trash unlike other people in the area, no telephone lanes or internet lines into the compound and they watched this compound. in august they certainly had an indication this is where they thought osama bin laden was and they watched it more carefully and since the middle of march they have had five national security meetings developing the intelligence and the president said he ordered the operation open friday and it took place today.
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mechanical failure and crashed or brought down in a hard landing into the compound and the seals after the operation to get osama bin laden was punished they detonate add bomb and blew up the helicopter that crashed. so that is why you see the flames at the compound. that is the result of the explosion from that helicopter. what we are also told before osama bin laden was killed the team went in, shouted to a resident, is that osama bin laden, and a resident identified osama bin laden, and osama bin laden was given a chance to surrender and he resisted and shot in the head and a photo identification was made of osama bin laden, they have photographed but the c.i.a. has not released the photographs,
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and now we can report he has been buried at sea. >> the defense department official said they took pictures. with saddam hussein they thought it was important to see the photographs after death, will we see the photographs? >> they have in not decided. there are photos that claim to willing osama bin laden shot but we are told by intelligence fills they are doctored photographs and have been there for a while. so far, the photographs have not been released but they have photographic evidence. they did not want to set up a land burial so there would be a land shrine. there was a decision made so there was no place for pilgrims
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to come to visit. saudi arabia was asked if they wanted possession of body of osama bin laden but they dechained. >> it would be more appropriate to throw him off the building. that would be more appropriate. >> the crowds are celebrating at world trade center. late sunday the crowds began. is the crowd growing? >> the crowd was actually huge earlier. you can hear them chanting. they have been moved 100 yards but we had a chance to be in the middle of the celebrations and these are celebrations.
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people waiting for this for a very long time. they are chanting "usa," and singing "god bless america." you get a feeling that a lot of people would lost their loved ones and their co-workers have a sense of closure. that is some of what we are hearing. we specific to a retired police officer and refired -- retired firefighter. >> it will never be over. it was a life changing event. >> satisfaction. satisfaction. means a lot personally. i got sick from being here, i personally lots a lot of friends. it is a symbol that you mess with our country we will get you. not to mess with us.
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>> earlier we heard from new york mayor bloomberg and he hoped this comforts those who lost loved ones from 9/11, this is a critically important victory for ormation and a -- victory for many, and we have kept our word, stopping at nothing to get "good morning america". osa bin laden, and the people celebrating feel that way, that this is, at least giving them a sense of closure, those would loved loved ones, and this has been a long time coming. something they have waited for 10 years now.
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that is why there is such a feeling of jubilation and joy and celebration. >> had days and months after the 9/11 president george bush promised that osama bin laden would be caught anyway possible. >> i don't care, dead or alive, either way. it doesn't matter to me. secondly, i don't whether we will get him tomorrow or a month from now or a year from now. i don't. but we're going to get him.
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>> 9 1/2 years later and we got him. the operation took place on sunday in pakistan. and now on the coach, jim has been here before. you lost your son on 9/11 in the north tower. your thoughts when you get word the man who perpetrated that crime is dead. >>guest: we were glad, 9 1/2 years, families have gotten nothing, their bodies much crushed to bits and this man was out there bragging. we got some kind of justice. they killed hill. the other guys still have in the even been charged and we with go through that pain and hurt. there is nor closure. my son will not walk back in the door. but bitter bittersweet victory. >> so painful with the loss of
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your son 10 years later but i wonder and you touch on this you are so glad he is did and you have been a guest so many times because of khalid sheik mohammed not being tried yet will that bring resolve to you. >> yes but they recharge them and it will take another five or 10 years and we would have gone law the same thing. is that justice for the families or anyone? we heard the families, a thousand of them doesn't even have a grave site, it is great to see the spirit after 9/11 that american pride is coming through and you can see with the crowds at the sites. >> and this operation they figured out the guy's name four years ago, and the area two years ago, and we knew he was in pakistan the whole time.
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we have known that but brilliantly osama bin laden selected this town. it was filled with retired military from the pakistani military. and that would be last place the american forces would go interest. but we did. >> we are given $5 billion a year in aid and they are our allies? the countries need a message get on board or get off, throw them under the train. lay -- we are not looking tore kill people. my son just went to work that day and he died. he was not a soldier. >> you look how this unwound and it was a detainee who gave information of a courier that led to another courier to find out he lived in a compound. in the big picture it could be the times squares bomber who was
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trained in that area and that head back there from new york city to pakistan. >> we have to be alert. never forget 9/11 but the stepper factor will be file. with everyone getting together and homeland security has stop sod many things we have been lucky and hope we are remaining vigilant. >> i have been thinking of the former president george w. bush who went through this as president of the united states and i will read this statement. this evening president obama called to in follow me that american forces killed osama bin laden and the leader of the al qaeda network that attacks america in 2001 and i congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence community whose devoted lives to this mission and they have our everlasting gratitude this mark as victory for america, for people who seek peace and all those would loved
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loved ones 2001. the fight against toror goes on but tonight america has sent a message, no matter how long it takes, justice will be done. what do you think? >> president reagan tried hard and president bush tried hard and i am glad he called and talked because this was an americanest not democrat or republican. no one owns 9/11. we congratulate all of the brave young men and women involved with this and who did all the interrogations and everything else that led up to it. it brought peace. >> and you served in the search-and-rescue after the attacks and the first shot of times square, fire trucks, last night, but for you, a lot of people wonder, does it bring us back to 9/11 for you,
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personally, does it bring you back if all it brings us back, i live it every day, the worst day of my life. they cannot speak. so we have to speak up for the people that died. to make sure america is a better place to live. >> and it has been 9 1/2 years, in justice, we caught khalid sheik mohammed and they laughed in our phrase and laugh that they killed my son. heartache, and pain, but this brings joy to the families. >> and $1.5 billion america is giving to pakistan but so much
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will be disseminated how osama bin laden could be living in a wealthy suburb of islamabad all this time. what do you think should happen now with regard to the united states relationship with pakistan? >> you are with us or against us. we are not looking to hurt anyone but to help them. they shut work with us, they are killing not only americans but innocent muslims. it is a shame. we need everyone to step the brutal attacks. >> jim is leader for the 333 firefighters that lost their likes that day and the many who lost because of the air that was slowly taking their lives. >> you could hear in world trade center "usa, usa," for a moment.
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there have been similar cries outside of the white house in the last four or five hours. kelly, who are those people? there are a number of kids from george washington university cramming pore -- for their finals and they hear the news. >> they bum bushed -- bum rushed the white house and it was wall to wall and this place was packed with people, and geraldo was crushed by a sea of humanity chanting "usa," and when i arrived the crowd was thinning and they were chanting "wake up, mr. president, wake up," and
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singing the national anthem. and of course being college students some of them were, say they celebrated too much but they were sell behaved with their american flags and their pride. some who came to the city when this was going and did not realize it, a businesswoman from san francisco and i call attention to her because she flew into dulles and that is the place where the flight took off from dulles and smashed crashing into the pentagon so when you come in to dulles and you see a crowd of people around the television you were concerned. >> absolutely in washington, dc, in general, when there is news and the employees were watching
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the tv. >> obviously your curiosity was aroused. >> it was amazing to watch in the airport and i waited for the shuttle and i heard the national anthem being played on the loudspeakers across dulles and at 1:30 in the morning by yourself it was moving and you get goose bumps. >> you made it here to your hotel and came right to the white house. >> i did i wanted to celebrate with anyone. it is a huge relief and a wake-up call for the international community. we will find them. >> thank you, a p.r. director with health care but she recognized what was happening at dulles and the facts she flew into dulles knowing the significance with pentagon and
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9/11 10 years ago and the people there at dulles celebrating and take, time out to play the national anthem at dulles international airport and people were celebrating here is a note of concern the president expressed in a speech. "for two decades osama bin laden has been the al qaeda leader and this is the most significant achievement to date in the effort to defeat al qaeda," but "the death does not mark the end of our effort and in doubt al qaeda will pursue attacks against us, we must and will remain vigilant." so it is sobering the president has pointed out we must remain vigilant. >> reporting live from lafayette
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square across from the white house. there has been a party going on all night. >> there was a loud noise at times square and i thought, what is happening at times square? it was sunday and people are in school or college or going to work they went right there where the ball drops and people were dressed with the person flag as contains and chanting. >> i imagine it will be bigger today. if it doesn't rain. >> remember how america came together after 9/11 and many would say we need to come together more and this is something that will bring us together. someone who studied osama bin laden more than anyone else on this planet is the former head of the c.i.a. osama bin laden unit. he is our guest.
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i am interested in your thought because you have studied this man. >> hunted him. i am delighted he is dead. that is a good day for america and the president. all credit goes to the men and women on the ground who gathered the intelligence and operated to eliminate osama bin laden. it is good he was not captured but the president we is right, unfortunately, we have a high hill left to climb and osama bin laden's death is worthwhile but not sufficient to protect america. >> michael, take a look at the compound. we have video before the fire and now it is on fire. to there is a treasure trove of information it could be burning up but your thoughts of him lining 25 -- living 25 miles
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away from the capital of pakistan. >>guest: it is not a surprise he was in pakistan and not a surprise the pakistanis knew in some way where he was. we should be surprised it took 10 years and 15 years really for the united states to act like an adult. in this war no one will do our dirty work, not pakistan or anyone else. if we defend america we have to keep doing things like sunday and kill who needs to be killed with our own forces. we learned what happened was from information from detainees at gitmo trying to figure out
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who did osama bin laden trust. they figured out it was, they identified a career and they figured out where the courier lived, so how do you put together pieces of the puzzle. >> once you have the name of the persons they followed or they tried to find out would the family members were and you accumulated information over time and important in the war is overhead images from the satellites and from what i have led that was important in being able to tell for example there were not electrical lines or internet lines into the house. you look for things that are distinctive. our intelligence community is very good at that.
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there were no internet or phone lines into the compound. why is that significant? >> because that is out of the normal in that upscale areas. the other houses had telephone lines and internet lines. so the question is, why? >> do you feel a sense of anger that osama bin laden probably was protected by the pakistani military? and we give $1.5 billion a year
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to this country. >>guest: it is directed at the u.s. government, the cold war is over there, we have to do our own dirty work. to expect the pack attends, my own guess is that the pakistanis will have considerable domestic violence because of this event. the pakistani interests are in the our interests. our government has done a disservice depending on people who do not do our country a service. >> do your point it is estimated that 30,000 pakistani fans have last their lives to terrorist attack and 5,000 pakistani security and armed forces have lofts their lives going after al
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qaeda, but in the big picture i understand in the coming hours we could see other operations in progress because in studying to get the take down of the compound they found other prayings -- operations could be taking place so should we expect to hear of more operations? >> i hope so. it was probably planned to hit several things at once in addition to osama bin laden. osama bin laden would not attack us as an individual there could be other things underway and i hope there is a follow-up operation conduct by u.s. forces. there are a number of people that need to be dead, quite a few, in fact, and the united states is best equipped to do that. >> and the osama bin laden
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speakers like yourself say we that there is no one to fill the spot for osama bin laden. >> this man is not well liked and an egyptian who never lets the arab world forget they have been there for 4,000 years and my guess is that al qaeda plans for succession and there probably is we someone in the wings who they have been groomed to take osama bin laden's place. and certainly not everyone has combat experience and it is a game to figure out who is the person to fill the spot of osama bin laden. >> you have tried to track down
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osama bin laden and the news we killed him but he has been buried at sea, how many times did you we are we would never see him again and he could die quietly and there will never be closure. >>guest: i worried that because so many chances were overlooked to kill him in the 1990's that there would be a bible justice that sometimes you only get one chance and we had ten and didn't take it so i'm very happy. i lost a very dear friend in 2008 and i cannot help but think if we actedded in 1998 or 1999 she would be with her three children. >> and then of course the 3,000 who died on 9/11. >> and our guest has a great book out on 9/11 and he chronicles that. >> and now to lot lieutenant
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colonel oliver north military analyst from washington, dc. justice was served? >>guest: indeed. ronald reagan said after we captured the terrorists would hijacked the cruise ship you can run but you cannot hide, we finally got this s.o.b. and he did no operations after lend but has been on the run since he crossed over into pakistan and has been hidden effectively and mostly by members of his own family and folks that did not want to until now step up and claim the $25 million. i am told that someone is going to collect that and it is probably one of the pakistani would has been protected him. >> we see the map of pakistan and how close it is to osama bin
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laden and you know the area and you have been to afghanistan many times and we did not feel secure enough to tell a single other nation about the investigation and the operation including the pakistanis. now where is the leverage? today? tomorrow? and the next day? >> well, i am told there are several dimensions. there are signals of intelligence collected by people who talked about not osama bin laden but the fact that is where he was. and there was human intelligence collected that allowed them to pinpoint the objective. six days ago it was not validated. and the raid with the navy seals and special operations team, they pinpointed where he was to 99 percent accuracy. that going to come back to
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frustration in the i.s.a., the pakistani intelligence service and to the advantage of those in the pakistani military who gave a green light to in of the operation. i am told had are lockdowns at american embassies if that part of the world. and additional measures with additional troops put in place. >> why think they gave a green light to this operation, according to reports they didn't know about it and the fter and thousand they are covering their butts. >> what i am told there were people in i.a. a not at presidential level but there were people in the pakistani military who knew something was going down.
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>> how could they trust them? he was in the middle of retired pakistani military. how could you trust the military? >> i am not saying you trust everyone. i have learned on the ground with these guys, there are some people in the military structures you must trust and that is not to say this is in the someone in pakistan would has a new bank account with $25 million in it. >> when the navy seals arrived, they asked, is that osama bin laden, and the guy fingered that guy. is that the guy who gets the 25 million? >> and he may have to split it.
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>> and the men and women fighting the war in afghanistan. we got a report from someone in general petraeus' campaign they stopped everything, and watched the president's address. tell me about the men and women who dream of taking down osama bin laden. all when that fuzz broke wherever it was, florida or iraq or afghanistan, people were breaking out the champagne for celebration. >> do you know how many joined the military that day? they wanted to do something after 9/11 and now this is the day they were waiting for. like all of us. >>guest: there is in doubt. no doubt this is a big boost for
5:46 am
those who is been fighting the war for ten years and no doubt this is not the end of the al qaeda organization. there will be an effort to have some sort of retribution. we have to be attuned to retribution. there will be an effort to react. but the important point is osama bin laden has been incapable of conducting operations until now and as michael pointed out the organization of al qaeda is mother diverse and more widespread today than when he conducted the original attack on 9/11. >> do we have to she the picture of him dead to convince people that he is actually dead. >>guest: we may have to wait for wikileaks but the photograph will be circulated, you can be sure.
5:47 am
>> that are lieutenant colonel oliver north. now lieutenant commander navy seal and author of "the heart and the fist." i interviewed you here three week about this topic and you know what these men and women did. >> it was an excellent fantastically conducted raid with navy seals going in using a tactic taking down the compound, killed osama bin laden and got out in a short period of time and it was an excellent operation. >> you do operations like this. and you went to go behind and hunt and take down osama bin laden, correct? >> correct. >> so 40 seals and 24 came down onropes. >> what they do is the seals
5:48 am
will maintain an overwatch in the helicopter to take out targets using snipers and they have intelligence and surveillance platforms on unmanned aerial vehicles providing intelligence. that intelligence goes to the commander on the ground is they have a picture of what is going on on the battlefield. >> an item in the "washington post" talked about the file fighting lasting only a couple of minutes but there was a wrinkle. one of the guys would wound up dead, we don't know who, grabbed a women in the compound and used her as a human shield. >> we know that a lot of the terrorists have no screw peoples -- scruples.
5:49 am
and i can tell you that the men who conducted the raid have in the only physical and tactical strength but incredible more schwartzel strength and a lot of the people have actually been involved for over 10 years. they are great american heroes and they did the bet job they could. >> and many may have volunteered on 9/11. >> that is correct. are you advised when they asked, is that osama bin laden, were you surprised? or do you believe he was an in follower? >> a group of navy seals with a bunch of rifles can be persuasive to one person. i cannot speculate that is what happened but the seals probably
5:50 am
were persuasive when they approached them. >> how long, we understand it was august, and here we are in 2011, how often are you as a navy seal staring at this compound wondering, how do we get to the interior walls in what about the third family? what if they are armed? what did you study? >> one thing you have to know about a group like this is elite group of navy seals, the most highly trained commandos can knowing as we do this is a raid landed for a long period of time it is a practiced and practice asked practiced again and they set up different contingencies so no matter what happens they would be able to react appropriately and achieve their objective. >> one chopper used in this mission had a hard landing and they had to blow it up.
5:51 am
why in. >> if the chopper went down they would not have wanted it to be turned over to the enemy so they would leave and blow it up and get out. >> we look at video of the compound the big fire is of the helicopter. >> yes. >> we thought much controversial lies in the compound and he has been there since 2005 and now it is on fire. do you think it is possible that pakistanis realize "we have been had," we will cover our tracks. or is the chopper something that ignited the entire place? >> the place might have been ignited but if the seals set the explosives they took off every piece of information they could possibly have taken to grab that intelligence value.
5:52 am
>> i would love to see osama bin laden's office. will we see that? was part of the mission to gather the intelligence? >> absolutely. you are looking to take out the most important target on the war in terrorism and take down his network and the best way to do that is to get as much intelligence as he can. >> he did not have computers because this was no intent service. what happens to the other people living in the compound abetting him. the seals go in and they take osama bin laden but do people stick around to art other people? what happens to them? >> it is uncertain and that will be up to what happens with the pakistani forces. they are conducting an operation like this you have one or two or three high value targets you go
5:53 am
after and you recognize you cannot pull everyone off the target. >> and jubilation that the guy is dead, how does it feel? >> very happy. i had dozens of text messages from navy seals and intelligence officers all over the world i have worked with who are celebrating this day. this is a day for all americans to celebrate and all who supported the military for 10 years. >> is there a party of you that wishes it was you? >> absolutely. absolutely. i am proud of all those guys. >> do you know them? >> i don't know if i do or not. >> it is not like you came home and didn't do anything else, your book is about involving
5:54 am
veterans of war in community service and to give back to their community. you are an admirable american, your book is "heart and fist." check it out. >> if you hear from your buddies overseas fill us in. >> we saw demonstrations outside the white house and times square and cadets at west point heard the news celebrating by singing "national anthem," on the apron on top of washington statue. look at this. (national anthem) .
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>> spontaneous celebration last night at west point. >> and now to pakistan. fox news producer joins us on the phone. he right on the ground. what can you tell us? >> the same atmosphere and a man said why should we be happy, osama bin laden was against america and so are we but that is the sentiment of one
5:56 am
individual, and 180 million people in pakistan do in the represent this man and many are kind of ... in the convinced he is dead. they are asking for proof of death. >> that is what i thought and the theory behind showing saddam on video and his son, dead, on video because people needed proof. in the big picture, does this back up america's contention we have a reason to think pakistan is at the heart of wore on -- the war on terror? >> pakistan is not saying. apart from the prime minister has come out and said the killing of osama bin laden is a great victory and the pakistani military mum and they are not saying if it was a joint military operation or if it was
5:57 am
a joint were intelligence operation, but many of the people in the political arena are happy this has happened but they are warning this is in the end of the war and the second man in command of al qaeda, will still carry on and we could see attacks if the information is actually true that his body was dumped in the water. he was buried at sea. >> that is the world we are seeing. we have video of rob lowe at times square celebrating the death of osama bin laden. and a fox news producer in pakistan. thank you. >> lieutenant colonel schaefer who has frequented our show with the center of advance study and knows about the osama bin laden
5:58 am
situation. tony, good morning. your initial thoughts? >> thank goodness. long overdue, bloody good job. this is amazing it went down as it did. i talked to my sources and they confirmed what oliver north said. brilliant. if we put our mind to do something we can get it done. my concern it took too long, we should have done this back mid-decade. part of the issue was and this is one thing my book got me in trouble over there was a huge policy about going into pakistan and that is an issue which your guests talked about. a lot of folks have known osama bin laden was in pakistan. my booked talk about one of the
5:59 am
leaders of al qaeda was there and we fought giving the intelligence to the pakistanis because we knew it would be compromised. we have then we would have to do this by ourselves. >> we did it without pakistan. what do you make this compound was in a town filled with retired military, et cetera, and it seemed like he was in a place which would be the last spot u.s. forces would hit. >> and this is a notable thing. it was literally under the nose of a lot of folks.


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