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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 6, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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page. bill: happy mother's day to you and to my mom, too. alisyn: and mine. thank you very much. jon: we begin this fox news alert, elementary schools in washington, d.c. evacuated right now after suspicious damages show up. the fbi is investigating several pieces of mail, some of them found yesterday, more found today, 29 reports yesterday, letters containing a white powdery substance, mailed to 28 different elementary schools. so far, nothing hazardous found, no illnesses or injuries reported. on monday, law enforcement agencies across the country were put on high alert after the death of osama bin laden, told to look for any suspicious activity as the fbi investigates these white powder containing letters. we'll have more information for you as we get it.
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and a very good friday to you, i'm jon scott, thank you for joining us. jenna: i'm jenna lee, what a strange story to start off with. jon: elementary schools. jenna: luckily nothing bad found yet but we'll continue to thal that. "happening now", we're five days after al-qaeda -- i should say five days later, al-qaeda is confirming today the death of usama bin laden, and warning of retaliation. today, we have new details on the alleged plot targeting our country. also, potentially a new tape made by usama bin laden, apparently recorded a week before his death. a lot of these reports still coming out now several days later. national correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on this. catherine, what are we learning today? >> reporter: good morning, jenna. this is really a very fluid situation so i'm going to try and keep it as simple as possible. when this material from bin laden's compound arrived in washington it went to the cia and there was an initial review and i was told there were really three strands to
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that review, first and foremost, looking for actional intelligence, this is intelligence that you can act on and do something with. the second is that they were looking for new leads on al-qaeda operatives and new leads on bin laden's support network within pakistan. what we've seen in the last 24 hours is that some of this actional intelligence has now been shared with other members of intelligence community, specifically this information that bin laden's idea, back in february 2010, to launch a rail plot inside the united states directly to coincide with the tenth anniversary of nine reform. the two important points here, u.s. officials say this shows that bin laden was more involved in the major plots connected to al-qaeda than perhaps had been publicly thought and number two, it also showed that the network remained obsessed with mass transportation. to give you some context here, the plot information was described to me as aspirational in nature, that's a fancy way of saying it's what he was thinking or hoping for but it was not concrete in details, and what we've seen is that some
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cities have started to ramp up security as a result. here's d.c.'s catherine linear. >> i think we've ramped up security around transportation assets nationwide and have had them ramped up for many, many years. i think we're well prepared to deal with whatever threat streams have come out of there so far but we are working with the rail systems, both local, commuter-type rail and nationwide rail. >> reporter: this story, according to u.s. officials, is whether this information that was recovered from the compound is going to give us a good idea of some of these operational relationships within pakistan and how bin laden interacted with some of his top operations chiefs, and i'm talking about two people specifically right here, one is a person called abiad fukujuma, born overseas and grew up in the united states, what's called an lpr or legal permanent resident, and the second is ilai. -- iliaf complaint ashmiri
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linked to the mumbai attack and the heightened threat level in europe last year. these two people are now front and center of the operations within al-qaeda, these are logistics guys and the question is whether this intelligence will not only show us the type of plots and direction that bin laden was trying to take the network, but also direct leads to those two guys, jenna. jenna: real quick here, has there been any indication to you that there's anyone working on the inside in the united states, like a connection from bin laden to someone here stateside? >> reporter: i'm not aware of any intelligence yet, but we're expected to have a fuller readout on the information this afternoon, but i know from conversations i've had from sunday, the name that is front and center is the american in yemen, ann wa al-awlaki, born in new mexico, an international propagandist but has gone on to a an operational role in al-qaeda's affiliate in yemen, the group responsible for every major successful
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attack or attempted attack on the united states in the last couple of years and the question is whether anwar al-awlaki is going to step up and become the public face of this new generation. i call it al-qaeda 2. o or the digital jihadist. jenna: that was inspire magazine, right, he has that magazine out there that you bring us every once in a while when it comes out. >> hot off the press. jenna: absolutely. catherine, a lot of our viewers have questions for you. we have a special feature today. >> sure. jenna: we're going to see catherine in just a little bit. if you ever wanted to peek inside a reporter's notebook and see the details they're working through, catherine and jennifer griffin have been on the bin laden raid. it's changing moment by moment. we're going to bring some of your questions to catherine and jennifer later on in the show, who was involved, what happened, what did the u.s. find. you probably have questions now that we're several days into this. e-mail us, happening now,, we'll ask the questions about 1515 -- 11:45 eastern time.
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jon: across pakistan today there are protests erupting, thousands taking to the street following friday prayers. they are, of course, burning american flags, calling usama bin laden a martyr, as we learn more about what led u.s. forces to his hideout. greg palkot, streaming live from islamabad in pakistan. greg. >> reporter: hey jon. it turns out that the u.s. had eyes and ears on the ground and in the runnon to the capture and kill raid which targeted usama bin laden, new reports say the cia ran a surveillance in that neighborhood and near the compound where bin laden lived, watching the comings and goings, reportedly developing a pattern, and they say they identified a tallman walking around the courtyard of that compound but also reportedly never had photographic accident. we spent a good part of this week around that compound, we it tell you the walls are high, the windows are blocked out, it was quite a task, but today, we have
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more evidence that in fact bin laden was there, this coming from a pakistani official telling fox news that they have heard from one of the wives of usama bin laden who they had in custody right now, they have her saying that bin laden was there for 5-6 years, that he never left the house, that from time to time, however, he would have visitors. as you noted, jon, today, here in islamabad and across the country, pakistanis using the excuse or the occasion of friday prayers and then protests after that to express their anger about usama bin laden's killing at the hands of u.s. navy seals. one final note, jon, some breaking news that we found out about in the past hour or so, 40 arrests announced today in abbottabad by pakistani security officials. they claim these 40 individuals, suspects, have ties with usama bin laden. they claim this is a follow-on to the capture and kill operation led by the united states, the people who have been watching
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pakistani's -- pakistan's government activities in the last couple of days, it's a little like piling on, like getting a little piece of this counterterrorism action, but we'll find out more about these arrests in the coming hours. jon: let's hope the pakistanis seriously are helping us there. greg palkot, reporting live from islamabad, thank you. jenna: that's a good question for sure. here's a fox news business alert, new jobs out for april, employers adding 244,000 jobs last month, more than analysts expected, the unemployment rate also up, though, to 9 percent. we're seeing job growth, but still a lot of people out of work. just a few moments ago i spoke with austan goolsbee, the president's top economic adviser. with all the other troubled spots in the economy, i asked him about his advice to the president about how to handle these higher gas prices. >> it's good that the price of oil is down a little bit this week, but the president was concerned about gas prices and our energy policy before gas prices ever spiked. he continues to be now. my advice is pursuing the
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polices that he is, which are, number one, let's expand production at home as much as we can in a safe manner, 2010 had the highest domestic production since 2003, number two, let's explore alternative fuels and get the research to do that, and number three, let's do everything we can to reduce energy usage and increase energy efficiency in our cars and in our other vehicles. >> that's a policy advice to the president. let's forget about your boss just for one second here. what would be your advice to consumers that are trying to handle some of these higher costs? >> look, it's tough to deal with those costs. i'm one of those consumers. seventy-five bucks to fill my car the other day. jenna: what kind of car do you drive? >> it's not that big of a car! but i got a lot of kids. so look, the thing is, i think we're happy looking back that in december, the president passed a payroll tax cut for hundreds of millions of workers, because
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without that, i think we would have seen an even bigger hit on consumer incomes than we have seen from the gas prices. jenna: austan, you i'm sure work with all these different economic models and we hear someone hard at work in the background, we can hear the beeping of a truck at work. >> that's the sound of job creation, what are you talking about! jenna: we're going to have to try to confirm that. when you look at the economic models and what's ahead for the next six months, where do you see gas prices over the next six months for america? >> you know, i have a hard -- we have official forecasts of the main economic factors. it's extremely difficult to forecast gas prices. i mean, they have risen, part of that, from the rebounding world economy, part of that from political uncertainties and supply disruptions coming out of the middle east. i think what we've got to do as the president has said many times, we've got to get a coherent energy policy that emphasizes production
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at home, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, so that every time there's a problem in the middle east, every summer, every time there's an earthquake or a natural disaster, the price doesn't shoot up and we have the same conversation. that's kind of the -- we've got to get out of the current environment. jenna: so while we're waiting for that, for that environment to change, when are you seeing -- or how concerned are you about some of these higher commodity costs and when they'll be a problem for some of this job growth we've seen? because we have seen job growth over the last couple of months but economists say hey listen, if the commodity prices still keep going up, this could be a real problem. >> well, you have seen recently commodity prices start to go down, with oil prices going down 10 percent. i would say the commodity prices went up substantially, they had an impact on consumers, you definitely saw that, but we've been putting up serious job growth numbers, more than a quarter million a month for the last three months, over five months,
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the unemployment rate has come down 8/10 of a point, which is really the most in 27 years. so i think we've got to keep going, trying to get the private sector engine of growth to be the main driver of the economy. we're trying to transition out of rescue phase, into growth phase, and i do think you have seen that in the jobs numbers. you've seen that in the industrial production. manufacturing, having its best year in almost 15 years. and so broad-based growth is i think the only way we're getting out of this, and commodity prices have not stopped that. jenna: all right, we'll continue to look for some of that sustainable growth to come over the next several months, austan. great to have you as always. >> great to see you again jenna. jenna: moving to this shocking arrest, in the case of a missing florida woman, police following leads up the east coast, searching for clues, and we're following the breaking news with police dropping the cuffs on her former boyfriend. find out why, just ahead.
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jon. jon: jenna, we have long known that usama bin laden liked to use airplanes in his terror plots, he did so successfully unfortunately on 9/11 but there were indications from what was found in his compound that his next attack would involve trains in the united states. go to our "happening now" show page, if you scroll to the bottom of the page here, you'll see this train picture, and we've got an interactive map of the train lines around the country that carry passengers. check out your part of the country. how safe are you, is there the possibility that al-qaeda could yet pull off an attack on the train system? that's ahead, "happening now".
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jon: a fox news alert and the mighty mississippi, causing more problems right
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now in the town of memphis. flood waters have hit downtown memphis. take a look at that big rig getting its load perhaps to higher ground. firefighters and police officers are going door to door in some of the lower lying neighborhoods, telling people that the water is obviously high and apparently, it's expected to go higher. they need to get out. door to door evacuations underway right now in memphis, tennessee, as the mighty mississippi tries to drain all of this water that has fallen on the central part of the country. we'll keep you updated on those evacuations in mississippi on "happening now". jenna: chilling new information of a possible plot to kill americans, reports now that al-qaeda was planning an attack on u.s. trains this september 11th, 10 years after the worst terror attacks on american soil. now, this is according to some of the brand new material found during the raid on usama bin laden's compound. we should note, though, as
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katharine -- catherine herridge pointed out, we don't know what stage this plan was in so we can't speculate if it was actually a go. catherine described it as aspirational but it does raise the question how safe the nation's rails are now and here to talk about it, member of the national association of railroad safety consultants. kevin, how safe are the rails? >> good morning, jenna. the overall rail system is reasonably safe, but we have a great deal of exposure, and if you consider the potential for a terrorist attack against the railroads, we have to start thinking about the infrastructure, much more so than the -- than what's been done previously with bombs and backpacks, that sort of thing. we have to look at the -- >> jenna: kevin, where is the most exposure? when you talk about that, where do you see the most vulnerable spots? >> the most vulnerable spots
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i see are on the rail network itself, not the passenger cars, but i see bridges, tunnels, switches, those areas where if the train were to derail, it would cause great havoc, hazardous materials could be exposed, communities would have to be evacuated. i mean, there are all sorts of things that could result from that. jenna: so, again, going to the bridges and the tunnels you mentioned, it's interesting to think 'that strategy. i think if we think -- it's natural to think of the passenger trains when you hear a report like this. who's watching over the bridges and tunnels and key areas you're talking about? >> well, right now, the railroad police -- as individuals, they do a terrific job but the railroads themselves have short changed their police departments. we have about 1300 railroad police officers in the united states, down from over 4000, about 25 years ago, and down still since
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9/11. if you compare the 150,000-mile rail system here in norcoo or in the united states against about a 25,000-mile railroad system in great britain, they have over 3500 officers in great britain, the british transport police. jenna: that leads to another question jon and i were talking about during commercial, we of course have to get screened every time you get on a plane, there's a limited amount of airports, and there are miles and miles of railroad, so how is it possible or is it actually possible to do the type of security we need on a raid road, considering their size? >> oh, it is quite possible. but if you look at the vulnerability, the easiest way to determine how vulnerable we are is to look at the number of people who are killed and injured, trespassing on railroads every year, there's about 500 people killed every year in the united states and another 500 or so seriously injured trespassing on the railroads. the railroads have
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consistently refused to fence certain parts of their property where it would prevent that, and if you prevent trespassing you're going to prevent terrorist activity, and then they've reduced their police forces dramatically so that in some places, you've only got police protection maybe eight hours a day, if that. jenna: maybe we'll start with the fences first kevin. nice to have you with us, we appreciate your expertise. kevin lynch, thank you very much. >> thank you jenna. jon: it is supposed to be a tus partner in -- a key u.s. partner in the war on terrorism. there are now serious strains between america and pakistan, following the death of osama bin laden. of course, the pakistanis say they just arrested 40 people in a terror sweep near that compound. how will it shape our relationship with this muslim nation that has nuclear weapons going forward? also, an unusual robbery at this store, all caught on tape. more on the crime tactic known as swarming.
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jon: fox news alert, busy day for the president there, you see him boarding his limousine in indianpolis, headed to indiana, he's going to be touring an allison transmission plant, looking at new transmissions being built there in part with stimulus funds. he will also talk to about 750 employees of that plant. indiana, it should be noticed, has quite a few electoral votes and a pivotal electoral state, it also has a republican governor. at any rate, mr. obama will do a little politicing there and perhaps try and point out the economic accomplishments he wants to tout of his administration. after that, though, things get really interesting. air force one is going to be wheels up, headed for fort
11:26 am
campbell, kentucky, where the president will be greeting the official white house -- the official white house line is greeting troops who have recently returned from deployment. the feeling is he'll be saying hello and congratulations to some of those folks who were involved in that raid on usama bin laden's compound, that very successful raid on sunday night. that one is going to be closed to the media. wouldn't you like to be fly on the wall for that session? we'll keep tabs on the president's visits throughout the day here on fox news channel. and this fox news alert, the first suspected u.s. drone strikes hit pakistan since the killing of usama bin laden. reports say one of those attacks took out 12 suspected militants in a lawless tribal area that straddles the border of pakistan and afghanistan. these latest attacks suggest the u.s. is by no means backing down in its pursuit of terrorism suspects after the raid that killed usama bin laden, but they come with a new strain on the
11:27 am
american-pakistani relationship. let's talk about it with stephen yates, former deputy assistant to vice president dick cheney for national security affairs. interesting, nobody knows exactly why usama bin laden chose abat bad -- abbottabad to hide but a lot of observers think it was because those drone strikes which started even back when he is believed to have moved there, those drone strikes sort of drove him out of that border area. he wanted to be in a place that he felt the united states wouldn't launch an attack from the sky. >> right. from what we can tell, he seems to have picked a location where he felt relatively safe. catherine herridge and others have reported in detail about the clues of having his children nearby and his wives nearby. he seemed to feel exceedingly safe in that location, very likely because of the safe distance from the drone attacks, and obviously, his death was a major success, the operation was incredible, but you don't really get a mission accomplished moment in a war like this, and i think that the continued operation of
11:28 am
the drones, the continued forward leaning posture on the security forces in pakistan are very, very important. jon: interesting that the thinking is that the united states sent the seals in for a manned raid, rather than using an unmanned drone, because we didn't want to just collapse the building, kill him and leave his body for somebody else to find. i mean, we wanted to know that we got the guy. >> right. well, it was -- right. it was very risky to send the team in. obviously more risky than send ago drone. but you have conclusive evidence, you don't have the bits and pieces of dna which would be a less compelling image. jon: also risky because we angered the pakistanis. we did. >> they're not happy with the drone attacks, either, but yes, this definitely touched raw nerves in pakistan. pakistan leaders feel compelled to have to denounce these operations but these leaders know every bit as we the tenuous position they're in. they have to publicly have a certain face but it's interesting conspicuously they say don't do it again,
11:29 am
rather than focus on the the operation itself. jon: it's interesting, within the last hour or two, it's being reported they rounded up 40 terrorism suspects in the abbottabad area. >> right. jon: and apparently it was all based on information generated by the bin laden raid. >> right. that's a big deal. but it also proves the rule of politics that fred 24067son once famously said, it's not enough to do good, you have to be seen doing good and the pakistani security forces need to be seen doing good for the advancement of u.s. interests and the secures of the area after the finding of bin laden, very near their military. jon: the question i have is what happens to the chunk of the stealth helicopters that was previously undisclosed, nobody seemed to know publicly that we had this thing, now they've got a big chunk of that helicopter. is that on its way to china to be sold do you snng. >> well, the images are out, i can't believe the chinese will be very far away, the pakistanis and chinese have a very close relationship. pakistan in addition to being a harbor for al-qaeda has been ground zero for a
11:30 am
global proliferation network as well, so this is exceedingly advanced technology, making a helicopter quiet is an exceedingly difficult engineering feat, one that no doubt china and others would love to learn. jon: stephen yates was former deputy assistant to the vice president for national security affairs. steve, thank you. >> thank you jon. jon: fox news sunday will have an exclusive interview with former vice president dick cheney this weekend. you can hear what he thinks about the current situation in pakistan. check your local listings for times. fox news sunday. jenna: staying with politics now, the race for the 2012 presidential nomination is on. candidates facing off in their first debate last night, taking shots at president obama, as well as each other. so who won? we want to hear from you on this. you can vote on our online, unscientific poll. so far, there are more than 10,000 votes, nearly half say herman cain is the winner. weigh in on fox news.coment. we'll see you right after this quick break.
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jon: we know the navy seals got their man and killed u.s. ma bin laden, but some of the details about the mission are far less certain. some key information released by the white house just after the operation turned out to be incorrect. james rosen is taking a hook at all of this. -- a look at all of this. he's live in washington. >> reporter: good morning. not yet a week old, the killing of bin laden has sur passed
11:35 am
all landmark news events in the last 100 years across an unprecedented number of communications platforms. every data nugget is the stuff of breaking news and water cooler discussion. yet the early words often prove false. the bulk of misstatements concern two important points. first, whether bin laden participated in a fire fight which we now know he did not, and whether they used women as shields. shifting storylines produce starkly different accounts from top officials. >> he was engaged in a fire fight with those who entered the area of the house he was in, and whether he got off any rounds i, quite frankly, didn't know. in the room with bib laden -- bin laden was his wife. she was shot in the leg but not killed. >> reporter: carney went on to say that bin laden was not
11:36 am
armed. cia director panetta acknowledged that the national security team was in the dark about what was going on for the majority of the 40-minute raid. panetta also wrongly suggested there was more than one fire fight. one former official expressed empathy for the obama team's difficulties in getting the facts straight, but she also faulted them for rushing forward with early reports which often prove wrong. >> if you are having to unpack an amazing event to the point that you are on defense on something where you should be leading the charge all the way, then you've got a problem. it doesn't take away from their historic achievement, it just makes the story just a little bit muddied. and you don't want muddied when you're doing communications. >> reporter: for an exhaustive chronicle of how the white house, the pentagon and cia botched the narrative of the bin laden killing, check out
11:37 am
our web site,, where you will find my 4,000-word opus on the subject. jon? jon: we will look forward to reading that. jenna: for a thousand words you start now, by the end of the show, you'll be through it. but it'll be worth it. all right, the first gop faceoff following a formula last night, praising the president for the operation, but the candidates blasting the administration on foreign policy in general. carl cameron is joining us live from greenville, south carolina, with more on this. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, jenna. very well-reviewed debate, raucous at times, spirited throughout, and rick santorum stood out as one of the more stronger critics on the stage. he made the point that the obama administration's foreign policies have, in his view, generally been a failure when they have been initiatives undertaken by the incumbent and that much of the few successes have been because mr. obama and the white house have been
11:38 am
following the initiatives set up by his predecessor, george w. bush. listen to this. >> if you look at what president obama has done right in foreign policy, it has always been a continuation of the bush policies. he's gone right by keeping gitmo open. he's done right by finishing the job in iraq. he has done right by trying to win in afghanistan. those were existing policies that were in place. the decision he made with usama bin laden was a tactical decision. it wasn't a strategic decision. the strategic decision was made already by president bush to go after him. what president obama has done on his watch, the issues that have come up while he's been president, he's gotten it wrong strategically every single time. >> reporter: and mr. santorum was joined on the debate stage by tim pawlenty who scored big by bashing the obama administration and the national labor relations board for its attempt to block boeing from moving a plant here to south
11:39 am
carolina because it's a right to work state where people are not required to join unions. ron paul, godfather of the tea party movement, mr. paul yesterday off stage but online raised a million dollars during the proceedings, and former new mexico governor gary johnson. but the lesser-known candidate who scored big particularly in frank huns' focus group was the little known businessman, herman cain, godfathers pizza mogul. listen to this. >> i'm proud of the fact, quite frankly, that i haven't held public office before because i ask people, most of the people that are in elected office in washington, d.c., they have held public office before. how's that working for you? [laughter] we have a mess. >> reporter: and the unofficial polls are showing most folks who watched the debate agreed that he was a standout, obviously, gop voters were somewhat pleaded by him. jenna: in our unscientific poll,
11:40 am
49% of the 13,000 people who have voted so far say herman cain is the winner. it'll be interesting to see what happens. >> reporter: good night for him. jenna: yeah, very good night. carl, thank you so much. jon: let's talk more about that debate. which candidate seized the political spotlight? we'll bring in now billgy doe, editorial page editor of "the wall street journal." some interesting moments last night. you think that herman cain well. >> he says i'm not a politician, he's playing the sane version of the donald trump role where he says i didn't create all this mess, i'm an outsider, and there's a real audience for that because they're so dissatisfied with politics. and he appears more blunt-spoken, more plain-spoken, therefore, less political, and that has appeal. jon: i got to wondering about how you're going to have room on the stage if all the candidates who are making noise about
11:41 am
running, the newt gingrichs, the mike huckabees of the world, if they all get into the race, the next debate is going to be, you know, you're not going to have a stage big enough. >> that's absolutely right, and i think that's why some of these people who did debate this time did so, because they got an early showing, if you will, to part of the electorate who didn't know them. herman cain, for example, rick santorum who is trying to appeal to the social conservatives, particularly if mike huckabee doesn't run. jon: they pretty much all saluted president obama for the raid, you know, carrying out the successful raid that ended the life of usama bin laden. but a rasmussen poll has an interesting sort of factoid. when asked people what their top issue is, the economy is still number one. 44% of americans say that trumps national security. 44% to 7%. >> that's not surprising. that's what's on people's minds, jon. i mean, jobs, the fact that some
11:42 am
of their neighbors are still out of work and prices, prices going up for food, prices going up for gas. that's the real concern. and i think president obama understands that that's what's going to determine whether or not he wins. before this is over, unless there's another big event, terrorist event, the economy is going to decide the election. jon: so this momentary bump or the bump this president has gotten in the polls, that may be momentary. >> well, it helps him on national security, there's no question it'll be harder to attack because of libya or egypt or afghanistan because of this event. but, ultimately, he's going to win or lose, i think, on the economy. jon: all right. paul gigot is the host of the journal editorial report. catch it tomorrow, 2 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. always an interesting discussion headed by paul. paul, thanks very much. >> thanks, jon. jenna: taking you to a different story now. a bold robbery involving a big group swarming a convenience store, grabbing everything in sight. find out where this mob left their mark. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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jon: right now a mystery we've been covering quite a while on "happening now," the case of a florida woman who disappeared. now police in upstate new york have made an arrest. harris is live at the breaking news desk. harris? >> reporter: yeah. the police -- in pinellas county florida have been hooking for 35-year-old kelly rothwell for months. she's a police recruit. she had been living with a man named david perry, 46 years old. and just recently they picked up david perry in the new york area on unrelated charges, on a wormer's comp -- worker's comp case they picked him up. and just in the last few minutes the new york state police have released a press release saying the boyfriend of kelly had has n picked up. they were living together in indian rocks beach florida.
11:47 am
unrelated charges, but he's listed here in this press release as a witness in the case. don't know if detectives have actually talked with him specifically about any knowledge he might have in kelly rothwell's disappearances, but in the meantime, they're still depending on the public's help to try to locate her. where is this police recruit from florida? here is a tip line, 727-582-6200. they've made an arrest related to her only in the fact that they lived together. don't knowthey have talked with him about this specific case. if you think you can help find this police recruit, please, call that number. jon: harris faulkner, thanks. jenna: breaking details on a frightening situation in d.c., the fbi investigating dozens of suspicious packages. we have the latest on that, plus your questions answered by catherine herridge and jennifer griffin right after the break.
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
jon: a fox news alert, to colorado now and an indictment in the case of a man accused of setting off or trying to set off a pom at a shop -- bomb at a shopping mall. earl albert moore, an ex-con out of prison seven days when authorities found a homemade bomb in the southwest plaza shopping mall. it was april 20th. the thinking initially was that it might be some kind of way to mark the anniversary of the attacks at columbine high school which is just a couple of miles away. authorities still have not released a motive. this 65-year-old suspect has been indicted on federal charges now including planting a destructive device in addition to arson. he'll be in court in colorado later this afternoon. we may learn more about a possible motive yet. that is yet to be released.
11:52 am
jenna: well, right now we know many of you have questions about what happened during the u.s. raid in pakistan. and o our team is digging up new information on how that operation went down. we asked what you want to know about the mission as we finish out this week here. excuse me. here to help us are national correspondent catherine herridge and national security correspondent jennifer given who have graciously accepted their invitation to let us peek into their reporter notebook. of jennifer, first question to you. c.j. wants to to know what the determining factor was for the go ahead for the mission on that particular day. any insights on that? >> reporter: well, i think from what we understand that's when the intelligence all came together. but i think one point that's been missed in the coverage is let's look back to what may have held up this mission. because i'm being told from members of the team who participated in the mission that they have known about this and
11:53 am
several, you know, many people knew about this for months. back in august is when the president originally took the -- they had the key piece of intelligence that allowed them to move forward. but they had to wait until this big controversy with ray davis, the contractor, the cia contractor who had been caught in pakistan, until he was released. and the first of the five national security meetings started on march 14th after he was released from a pakistani prison cell. jenna: that's interesting. so there might have been a delay or something unexpected that came up on this. catherine, gary has this question, and this is a question a lot of our viewers have. how i did bin laden's dna get analyzed so quickly? >> reporter: well, they went in on that mission understanding that they had a senior al-qaeda leader, and it could well be usama bin laden, so the standard practice would be to have what they call sort after a rapid dna testing. this would give you like a first blush, usually ten dna markers that would help you
11:54 am
authenticate, and then you would have a more detailed analysis. in addition, on the scene they took facial recognition polls. these are sort of identifying characteristics. not many people realize that your ear, the shape, the size is as unique as a fingerprint, and that can be, also, a determining factor. jenna: saw that's so interesting. you don't think about your ears like that at all. catherine, how about this one as well, the clothing, the watch, the guns from usama bin laden, were they collected? and what happened to that? >> reporter: the clothing's important, i believe, for two reasons. one, we know that phone numbers were sewn into that clothing, so we want to understand where they lead. but also in a situation like this you want to understand where his clothing was from, where it was made, how it was manufactured and whether there may have been sort of a chain of of possession from that manufacturing point to usama bin laden himself. because one of the things the u.s. intelligence community is trying to understand from the data recovered from the compound
11:55 am
is new leads on al-qaeda operatives, and more specifically, new leads on the support network in pakistan that allowed usama bin laden to live so close to the pakistani capital. and those are the kinds of things that you can find from from clothing, from watches, from shoes, and that's why his personal effects are so important. jenna: jennifer, i only have about 30 seconds here, but joe wants to know, we've heard about bin laden being a sick man, needing kidney dialysis. any information on that? >> well, we've heard they didn't find a die crag sis machine at the compound, but that makes us question was he really such a sick man? the other thing is we know that the dna that they matched it with was from his mother and three sons, but we don't know how they had that in their possession. jenna: jennifer and catherine, thank you so much. this was fun. we should do this again. thank you, guys. >> reporter: thank you. jon: 3, 2, 3, liftoff for the rocket man. he is preparing to fly across the grand canyon.
11:56 am
we are live there as this daredevil tries to cross the canyon with his own homemade jet pack and wings. you don't want to miss this. ♪ [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid.
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11:59 am
jenna: and a fox news ea letter and a story -- alert and a story you really have to see to believe. we have live pictures of the grand canyon where any minute now one man is set to try to fly over that canyon in nothing but his custom-built jet-propelled wing set. trace gallagher is standing by as well. trace, have you gotten a look at this suit? >> reporter: no -- yeah, of course we've seen these wings before. he's 51 years old, he's a swedish adventurer, former fighter pilot, and he's about to fly other the grand canyon,
12:00 pm
jenna. literally, just 35 minutes ago the faa just gave him the approval to do this. he'll get into a helicopter, they will go 4,000 feet above the rim of the grand canyon. he will then jump out of the helicopter, his wings will unfold, the jets will be turned on, and he'll fly anywhere from 6-13 minutes up and over the grand canyon doing aerial loops and then, eventually, he'll release a parachute and float all the way to the bottom of the grand canyon, some 4,000 feet below. so 8,000 feet total is the time he'll be be flying, and we, again, think the flight should last around 6 or 12 minutes. the helicopter has not taken off yet. as soon as it does, that means we're only a few minutes from the flight. we'll bring it to you live. this should be very cool to watch. he's done this a couple of times, by the way, over the english channel. did it once over the swiss with
12:01 pm
alps. this is very cool. he's going, like, 130 miles an hour, and his body is literally the fuselage where the wings are on top of him, as you see there. very cool stuff, and we'll get it to you live. jenna: trace, when we talk again, we're going to have to tell our viewers just exactly how close it came to not happening. we're going to have to save that until we see this guy take off. helicopter at any moment, trace gallagher will be back with it. thanks, trace. >> reporter: you bet. jenna: here's another fox news alert, brand new information as al-qaeda confirms the death of usama bin laden and can also threatens revenge. hi, everybody, we're so glad you're with us, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. new information about usama bin laden's future terror target here in the u.s., including passenger trains. it's part of the treasure-trove of bin laden's secrets collected from the compound in pakistan by that navy seal team. national security correspondent
12:02 pm
jennifer griffin back with us live at the pentagon. so this is kind of interesting. al-qaeda is now confirming that bin laden, the leader, is dead? >> reporter: well, exactly. and that's the point, jon. there was so much discussion about needing to release the photos to prove to naysayers and those in pakistan who don't believe or conspiracy theorists who don't believe he's actually dead. and now al-qaeda itself has actually put out a statement on the, through the normal channels that it normally uses, the statement was written, we're told, on may 3rd. we have a copy of it. we haven't translated it, we're relying on translation from others. let me read from the statement that was translated by sight and memory. we call upon our muslim people in pakistan on whose land sheikh usama was killed to rise up and revolt, to cleanse this shame that has been attached to them by a clique of traitors and thieves who sold everything to the enemies. now, we've opinion reporting that the initial intel coming from some of the hard drives and
12:03 pm
some of the electronic devices captured during the -- in the compound suggest that usama bin laden played a much more operational role at the end than was largely believed. and it included the potential attack on trains, train stations, trains traveling in the new york/washington area as well as chicago to mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11 coming up this, this september. jon: and the cia's safehouse, we understand from this reporting in "the washington post," that they had a so-called safehouse nearby that they were using to monitor the compound? >> that's right. "the washington post" and "the new york times" are both reporting that there was a safehouse used by the cia in the months ahead in which they surveyed, watched this compound for everyone who was coming and going. and what's interesting, i think, to point out, though, is was ray davis, the contractor who was famously caught in lehore
12:04 pm
earlier this year and it was a big scandal and tension between the two intelligence agencies, was he a part of this team that was, basically, watching the compound or following up on leads based on, you know? and i think if you look at when the national security meetings took place for the planning of this raid, they really didn't begin in earnest, the five last national security meetings started after ray davis was released from a pakistani prison. so his capture may have, in fact, delayed this operation. jon? jon: and there are reports that the pakistanis are thinking about tearing the place down, they don't want it to become some kind of a shrine to bin laden? >> reporter: already people are showing up, having their picture taken in front of this shrine, excuse me, in front of this compound. they don't
12:05 pm
jenna: another busy day for the president, talk us through the
12:06 pm
different parts of this trip and some of the standout things that are going to happen today. >> reporter: jenna, as you mentioned the unemployment numbers, 268,000 jobs added during the month of april, so he's visiting a company that is known for hybrid technology when it comes to commercial vehicles. we'll highlight them and say they are the key to creating jobs of the future, businesses of that nature. then on to fort campbell, kentucky. in private he will meet with the navy seals, the army special ops remment and also the air force special ops guys who were so critical to taking down usama bin laden. one would expect the commander in chief to congratulate them on their efforts. then in public he will get out and can speak to the 101st airborne troopers and make the case that while taking bin laden down was historic, it is not the end of the war against al-qaeda. and so we'll be listening carefully to those remarks, jenna. jenna: absolutely. we can't forget that even while we're talking about this big
12:07 pm
event that people are still deploying, soldiers are still deploying overseas to fight our wars. what have you heard, mike, about the troop levels? the troop levels in afghanistan as we near this summer where we expect a drawdown to start happening? >> reporter: well, the politics of this, jenna, are fascinating. you've got some liberals who say, okay, we killed bin laden, we can get out of afghanistan. you've got libertarians on the republican side who don't want to be there. they're ready to go home as well. well, the president was asked by "60 minutes" about the troop issue. take a listen. >> well, keep in mind i've already made a commitment that starting in july of this year we are drawing down troops, and we are transitioning, we're training afghan forces so that they can start securing their own country. and so what has happened on sunday, i think, reconfirms that we can focus on al-qaeda, focus on the threats to our
12:08 pm
homeland, train afghans in a way that allows them to stabilize their country. but we don't need to have a perpetual footprint of the size that we have now. >> reporter: the question will be the numbers in terms of the drawdown because the president's base as we head into elections season will want to see significant troops come home. but the commanders, of course, always like having the flexibility of having more troops at their disposal to finish the job. jenna? jenna: mike, i'm going to hold on to you for a second because we're awaiting the president, and we expect him momentarily, and we want to get some of his comments about the economy and what else he might have to say. and that leads to this question for you. here we are in a day that the president's talking about the military and also talking about jobs. just your sense, mike, on where it seems the president's team wants the national conversation to go next. where do you think they'd like to focus the public on as they ramp up their election efforts as well? >> reporter: well, it's been an interesting balancing act because, of course, you have
12:09 pm
this huge national security victory that both republicans and democrats would say, you know, taking down bin laden was huge for this president. but then you've also got the reality of the economy, and many americans while celebrating the death of bin laden, are worried about their jobs, worried about fuel prices that have gone up 30 cents on average over the past month, and we've heard the president say that there's no magic solution in order to drive down gasoline prices. but he's trying to reassure the country that he's on the job in terms of working on the economy while also protecting the country in terms of national security. so it shows the complexity of the job being commander in chief and also the person responsible for trying to help the american economy and try to show people that he can do multiple things all at the same time. jenna? jenna: certainly a big job, mike. thank you so much for that. you wrapped it up perfectly as we see the president take the podium here at allison transmissions headquarters in indianapolis. he's probably going to go
12:10 pm
through a little bit of the thank yous to the local executives there. we're going to listen in a little bit, see what the president has to say as he wraps up his very, very busy week for his administration. >> hello, hoosiers. sorry about the pacers. [laughter] i'm sorry, mr. mayor. give the mayor a big round of applause, he's doing a great job. [applause] along with the mayor, we've got the secretary of transportation, ray lahood in the house. [applause] ray? we've got your own member of congress, andre carson, here. [cheers and applause] and i want to thank larry dewey and everybody here at allison for their extraordinary hospitality.
12:11 pm
it is wonderful to be here. i just had a chance to see the hybrid systems that you're working on here at the plant. i love seeing hi-tech machinery like this. i stand there, and people explain it to me, and i pretend like i know what they're talking about. [laughter] but it looked outstanding. [laughter] what you are doing here at allison transmission is really important. today there are more than 3800 buses using hybrid technology all over the world. buses that have already saved 15 million gallons of fuel. and pretty soon you'll be expanding this technology to trucks as well. and that means we'll have even more vehicles who are using even less oil. that means more jobs here at
12:12 pm
allison. jenna: there was job creation, so the president again talking about the economy, also talking about energy policy. a little later on today he's going to go to fort campbell, kentucky. that's where he's going to speak with the military team responsible for the raid on usama bin laden. we'll bring you all of the president's comments here on fox. in the meantime, we've been tracking new information as the fbi investigates dozens of suspicious letters sent to washington, d.c. and also schools across this country. at least ten more found today. we're going to bring you a live report on that. plus, a closer look at
12:13 pm
republicans who want the top job at the white house. what went down at the first presidential debate. >> i don't try to duck it, bob it, weave it, try to explain it away. i'm just telling you i made a mistake, and i've opposed that cap and trade approach since. but i think everybody -- nobody's perfect. if anybody's perfect, come on up here and stand by this podium because we'd like that president to be running finish that person to be running for president. with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight.
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12:16 pm
jon: wide parts of the midwest and the south on high alert right now preparing for historic flooding as the mississippi river rises. in memphis, tennessee officials are going door to door urging folks to get out. crews are stacking sandbags, some 22,000 residents could be affected. the same scene in illinois, ten communities issuing voluntary evacuation orders there. river levels in that part already climbing to new record highs. in mississippi the levee system
12:17 pm
is holding for now but officials warn it has never been tested like this before. emergency officials reportedly are going door to door asking people to leave their homes. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the very latest from the weather center. rick. >> reporter: we are breaking these records by a big margin. sometimes you don't want to see the records broken at all but we are breaking them by two to three to four feet in some cases. no rain today, that is good news. nothing that is going to make conditions worse as people are doing their evacuations they don't have to deal with the rain. anywhere where you see the dark green across the ohio river and the mississippi river where they meet and go down that's where we've got the significant flooding, especially around the boot hill of missouri. this is the radar precipitation over the last 30 days. where you see the spots with white that's 20-plus inches of rain. anywhere where you see pinks and reds that's ten to 15. all these areas where the rivers
12:18 pm
are and all the tributaries into them getting all this rain and the moisture has to move down to the south. tip tonville, that is the mississippi that that will be cresting on sunday. 2 feet above the prior record. this is to the north of memphis all the water moving down towards the south of memphis. it will crest around tuesday around record breakingle. over the next four days any precipitation we see will be to the north of it, nothing that is that significant causing big problems here. that is the good news for this but it does look like sunday and monday we see a chance for rain and severe weather moving across this area as well. jon: they do not need that. >> reporter: not at all. jon: thanks. jenna: breaking right now suspicious packages prompting evacuations at elementary schools in washington d.c. the f.b.i. is involved investigating several letters found today. these letters are similar to 29 received yesterday containing a white powdery substance. peter deucy is following this
12:19 pm
live from washington with more. >> reporter: as you said ten more letters today, six at schools, four intercepted at mail facilities all with a white powdery substance and al-qaida related wording. that brings the grand total to 39 letters between today and yesterday all suspicious. today the chief of police in d.c. says because of the way the mail gets delivered she says these letters are going to keep coming all weekend long. >> i can tell you that i think that we are probably going to see the remaining letters that were sent are going to continue to come in. as i said they are kind of in the system now, we're working with the postal inspector trying to intercept as many as we can. we probably will see some showing up at the schools through monday. >> reporter: nothing toxic has been found in any of the envelopes so tpa*r. the d.c. fire department says no students have been in any danger at any point. hazmat units across america are now up to speed, federal and state authorities sent them a
12:20 pm
bulletin with details yesterday. some details we can share with you the addresses on the letters are not handwritten they are printed, they are all addressed to schools not specific people. 29 yesterday, ten today. the f.b.i. say they appear to have been sent from the dallas, texas area, just like other similar letters that the f.b.i. has been looking at down there for some time. the assistant director of the f.b.i. says he has no idea why the schools are being targeted but they will find the person behind it. they do not think at this time that it's al-qaida, just somebody looking for attention and they've got it. jenna: they certainly have it. scary for a lot of parents. good to know that no harm, no harm at this time, just a mystery. peter, thank you so much. he will keep us up to date on that story throughout the day. in the meantime they called it a mother load of intelligence, computer, cell phones, handwritten letters taken from osama bin laden's compound. now we're hearing from bin laden may have been planning for this september 11th, as al-qaida warns us, we'll pay for the
12:21 pm
defendant its leader. new information three minutes from now. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
12:22 pm
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12:24 pm
jon: new information to bring you on osama bin laden's plans for terror attacks in the united states exactly ten years after 9/11. authorities are saying that materials seized from his compound in pakistan indicate he was interested in going after passenger trains in this country and was actively involved in the planning process. now who al-qaida is promising that americans will pay for his death with blood. retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash is a fox news military analyst. the good news here, chuck, and i'm going to call it good news, is that even if he had these plans in the works they have been severely disrupted by what
12:25 pm
happened in his compound sunday night. >> absolutely. if you're part of any tentacle of the al-qaida organization you don't even know what u.s. forces now know. so you don't know what part of your operations have been compromised, what contacts of yours have been compromised, and over time you're not going to know which of those people that you used to be able to trust has been turned by u.s. intelligence, because it's -- you're going to either work with us or it's all over for you. so we are going to be able to very quickly get into that organization, start turning people, and just disrupt it from the inside, just as it breaks down through lack of trust. jon: osama bin laden apparently felt pretty safe in that compound in abbottabad and when you start feeling safe you start getting careless. >> that could happen. i mean he was pretty meticulous in how he dealt with things, but when you're sitting on what's been called a treasure trove of information, he obviously thought that that would not come
12:26 pm
to capture. but he was wrong, like with so many other things, and now that information could be used to literally blow apart his entire organization worldwide. jon: right, because the feeling is that he may have been keeping names, contact information and so forth of people in his organization at least in some of those thumb drives, some of the hard drives and computers that were taken from that compound. the point i guess i'm trying to make is that because he didn't think he was anywhere near being caught or captured, there is an awful lot of information there that his cohorts might not have known that he had. >> that's true. the only people who really know what was in that compound now is u.s. intelligence. foreign governments don't even know what was in there. as the u.s. intelligence community starts to pick through all of that intelligence, what we may find is there are other governments, there are private individuals who live and
12:27 pm
otherwise normal and prosperous life who are going to be implicated as directly supporting al-qaida in this organization. so there are going to be some interesting days ahead and sleepless days ahead for some people who have been doing some not good things. jon: right. we have talked so many times over the past ten years about something called chatter, which is what the intelligence community sees happening when there is maybe a plot in the works. but now you're going to start to see chatter among some of these people who could be implicated in connection with osama bin laden, and that's a very good thing for us. the more they start to talk the more they start to run the easier they are to find. >> as you say, jon, the more they start to communicate. just like the internal power struggle. maybe there is somebody who wants to be the next osama bin laden wanna-be who believes that he has the mantra to go forward and lead the organization worldwide. those internal power struggles normally result in more communication, more exposure,
12:28 pm
and those things will assist as we try to roll up this organization around the world. you've got a bunch of franchises and the warfare that may break out is all a good thing too. and then you throw in on that the layer of lack of trust, the erosion of their ability to raise money, because now nobody is want to get neared them. the people who were near them will try to distance themselves. this will be very difficult for them in the next several months. jon: chuck nash, a former navy aviator and captain . thanks for sharing your insight today. >> will also a pleasure. jenna: brand-new numbers out today on the economy showing the biggest hiring spree in five years. is it enough to get the economy back on track? also some big time ceo's cashing in big time as well. making more money last year than before the recession. wait until you hear how much. a live look at the grand canyon where jet man is about to take off. he jumps out of a helicopter, jon in a little suit and just
12:29 pm
starts flying. jon: he has some engines on them. jenna: that helicopter is waiting to take off here at grand canyon. we'll bring you live pictures just ahead. # a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped irocks thounds of feet below us.
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12:33 pm
about 27 minutes from now noon central time. we've been talking to you about some of the dangers associated with flooding, because of the mississippi river and because of the height. we reported earlier that folks in memphis, tennessee, law enforcement there is going door to door to tell people to evacuate. this is the latest in a story we're continuing to watch here. apparently the coast guard is closing part of the river because the river is so high they are concerned that when boats go down the river those massive vessels that go down the mississippi river that that could cause a wick and that coula wake and it couldcause mo. that is the headline for you in 20 minutes the coast guard closing down a portion of the mississippi river. we'll keep you updated as we hear more. >> president obama is not unbeatable because one right decision does not a great president make. jon: that is herman k cane one of the republicans who faced off in last night's first 2012
12:34 pm
presidential debate. these hopefuls all praising the take down of osama bin laden ordered by president obama, but also taking aim at his economic and foreign policies. let's get to jonathan serrie live in greenville, south carolina with more. the killing of osama bin laden, jonathan appears to have given president obama a spike in his approval ratings. how did that factor into what the debaters had to say? >> reporter: it became the first line of questioning. at one point all of the candidates were asked to raise their hand if they believed that the president should have to release photos confirming the death of osama bin laden. everyone raised their hand with the exception of herman cane. now when asked about how he would manage the war on terror herman cain gave this qualified response, listen. >> i'm not privy to a lot of confidential information, since i'm not in government and i'm not in the administration. one of the things that i've always prided myself on is making an informed decision
12:35 pm
based upon knowing all of the facts. >> reporter: in another show of hands the candidates were asked to raise their hand if they would support the resumption of rather boarding under certain circumstances. tim pawlenty, gary johnson and herman cain raised their hands, however ron paul and gary johnson did not. jon: what about the economy? that is supposedly issue number one on voters' minds. what did they have to say about that. >> reporter: it certainly is. they brought up an issue specific to south carolina, sort of a dispute going on over unions which are very weak in this right to work state. recently the national labor relations board filed a complaint against boeing suggesting that the company's expansion into south carolina was unlawfully motivated, that it was somehow retaliation against union activity. here is what tim pawlenty said about that. >> you have this administration through the national labor relations board telling a private company that they cannot
12:36 pm
relocate to south carolina and provide jobs in this state, and they are good paying jobs and needed jobs. it's a per possibl a preposteron and position of this administration. [applause] >> reporter: that grew resounding applause from the crowd in attendance. among the crowd governor nikki haley of south carolina. jon: thank you. if you missed the debate on fox last night you can head to your front row seat to politics, has video highlights and more analysis on the major topics of the big debate last night. got pretty heated. jenna: it was a good one for sure. "happening now" "happening now" millions of americans were looking for work. consider this the nation's top executives are making more than they did before the recession. the associated press reporting that the typical pay package for the head of a company in the and p500 averaged $9 million last year, that was 24 herz higher
12:37 pm
than a year earlier and two-thirds of executives got a bigger bonus in 2009. that is food for thought isn't it when most of us are not seeing our wages go up at all. the u.s. labor department is reporting that companies are hiring at the fastest pace we've seen in five years. more people are looking for work. the unemployment rate is high her for the first time since november. steve moore a senior economic writer at the "wall street journal." fox news contributor fox lasinksi. and the ceo of simply great to have you today. steven let's start off with you. is this job growth we're seeing sustainable. >> i sure hope so, this was a great number, no question about it. the greatest thing about it by the way is all the job growth was in the private sector, private employers average at about 270,000 increase in jobs. that's the really good news about this. two points of not so good news,
12:38 pm
one is that we would have to get this kind of jobs report for 36 straight months to get the unemployment rate down to about 7.5% which is still high. we've still got a big mountain to climb in terms of creating jobs to get the work that americans need. the other problem i see in looking at this report, is if you look at the wage date a becausdate abecause they also rn whether americans were getting pay increases. ha they found is over the last year you and i and all the people listening to the show the average increase in pages was only 1.9% over the last year. that is not even enough to keep pace with inflation. it means there might be a little bit of a shrinkage in take home pay for the workers who do have jobs. jenna: adam we've seen that trend over the last couple of months. how big an obstacle or challenge do you see that to the economy if all that is going up but our wages are not. >> reporter: all of our prices are not going up. some of our prices are going up.
12:39 pm
food and gasoline which may or may not be temporary. ben bernanke thinks it is temporary. housing is still a major problem. those prices are not going up they are going down. and there's other instances of that in the economy. we can focus on the good news or the bad news. the good news is the economy is adding jobs. and also the unemployment rate going up, while distressing and we'd like it to be down, it really -- it means that more people are looking for work, and that's the silver lining in that not so good news. jenna: you know, there is some question about that with this report, actually that traditionally that's what thought happens. when we take a look at the numbers and i'm not going to get too into it there are still a lot of people out of work and the unemployment rate is going up because that's simply the case. have we just got even use to the unemployment rate at such high levels, though? is it just a new normal for us? have we forgotten the days where 5% unemployment is good in this
12:40 pm
country? >> i think there is no question that the unemployment rate is going to stay high for some time. we are not just talking about the folks that are unemployed, we are also talking about the under employed, those part time folks looking for a full time job as well as the discouraged workers that have left the workforce all together. simply actually traction the number of job option across the web. we have a real time snapshot of jobs on company career sites, job boards and newspapers. what is interesting about the data we are seeing is that there is actually reason to be optimistic. for the first time the number of job option in the simply database is at pre recessionary levels. that means about six months out at least employers are saying they have a lot more hiring to do which means that the pace of hiring will accelerate. it will certainly take on the order of three years to get back to a reasonable level. we at least see optimism in the numbers. jenna: thank you very much. unfortunately i have to run we have breaking news we have to
12:41 pm
get to right now. we appreciate it very much. thank you. jon: it's fox news alert, there has been an armored truck robbery, harris has the information from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: apparently people in the area could hear gunshots. we don't have a whole lot of detail on this right now. it is breaking from our kdfw fox affiliate there. this is the chopper you see this is live. police are in a chopper as well. three suspects failed to rob this armored truck that is sitting outside as we understand it at payday loan company. there is a possibility that one of the suspects may have been shot during some gunfire exchange here. they are currently looking for a maroon cutlass. this is in the area of the 4200 block of hemp hill street. if you're in the fort worth area and you know it you can help out by looking out. an armored truck heist failed attempt here but a lot of gunfire reported in the area, jon. jon: harris faulkner at the
12:42 pm
breaking news desk keep an eye on that one for us. jenna: a nasty brawl caught on cellphone p-pb video making its way around the internet. is this a real life fight club? we'll take a closer look straight ahead. >> there is no forcing people to fight. it's just you get out here and you fight. aaah! [ airplane engine whines ] [ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah! [ children shouting ] [ grunts ] [ whacking piñata ] [ whacking piñata, grunting ] 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- [ whacking piñata ] wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health.
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jenna: coming up on "america live" a story you are not hearing today, an executive order that the president is about to sign that would make companies and their officers list campaign donations when they bid on government business. mitch mcconnell is calling this. quote, almost gangster politics and a crass political move. i'm going to tell you what he is so upset about with this. spider marks on the growing drumbeat to question the actions of the seals and who was and wasn't armed in that osama bin laden compound. he's going to be here, he will tell us how these decisions are actually made on the ground, really as the action plays out.
12:46 pm
can a man propelled by only a jet pack fly across the grand canyon? it is about to happen, stay and watch with us on "america live." we'll see you at the top of the hour. jenna: well unfortunately we have an update on that story. thank you, martha. the jet man's mission on hold right now. the swiss daredevil is ready to fly over the grand canyon in his jet propelled suit. we talked to you about this at the beginning of the hour. it had got even approved just before we went on the air at 11:00 eastern time, right after we got on air in fact there was a lot of debate over it. our fox affiliate kttv is at the scene and they just reported that the mission is scrubbed. more details as we get them. we don't know, jon maybe it could come back on. we don't know. jon: could happen in the next couple of hours, but the indication is that they are not going to try it today. jenna: the indication is a no-go. we'll bring you more as we get it. jon: right now in arizona
12:47 pm
authorities are investigating reports of a real life fight club involving who else, teenagers. harris faulkner is on it at the breaking news desk. >> reporter: it takes place apparently every week. it's an organized event called fight night. police in phoenix are left just to watch it because they say no matter how you may react to this video you're about to see there is actually technically nothing illegal about it. it doesn't matter, parents are outraged, and the phoenix board of parks and rec is certainly looking inch to it, they are investigating it in fact to see if there is anything they can do about it since it's on park property. fight night, as they are calling it has parents saying stuff like, well if your kid comes home with a concussion or brain people a toepl a and yohematoman hours and you wouldn't know it. most of the kids love it. we can go to the park and get beat up. it is fight night in a phoenix park and again the phoenix board
12:48 pm
of park and rec looking to see if there is anything they can do to stop it. it is growing in popularity, jon and there are young girls and boys fighting and it gets very violent as you can see from the video back to you stphaot dad in me wants to tell all those kids to go out and get jobs after school. that's what i think they ought to be doing. harris faulkner thanks. now fox news alert, that armored truck heist still under investigation in dallas, texas. kdfw is on it. the attempted robbery of an armored car as one of those paycheck cashing services, they are looking for suspects. really have more information on the other side of the break. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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jon: right now the search is on for suspects in an unusual and
12:52 pm
very brazen robbery. a huge mob flooded a convenience store, grabbing items right off the shelves and it's all caught on tape. harris is at the breaking news desk with more for us. >> reporter: this is the second time you and i have talked about teenagers today. this time again two to three dozen teenagers inside a convenience store, according to the owner here they walk into this las vegas city stop very calmly, and you can watch it. doesn't look like much is going on. the owner says his loan worker who was there did exactly what he was supposed to do when he realized that some of the young girls were stuffing cans of soda into their purses and things started to get rowdy. the clerk shut the register and stepped back. a few minutes later the mob comes back, they call this a swarm. it is a group thug mentality. the first time they were there for about three and a half minutes. the second time for less than that. they took the clerk's cellphone apparently in an effort apparently to keep him from calling for help. they were not armed. police have an owl points out looking for these kids because
12:53 pm
they say there were so many of them with more than $600 worth of goods on them that somebody must have seen them. this is april 30th, saturday at about 3:00 in the morning. and they are just releasing this video because as you could see you could clearly see their faces. they are studying that surveillance video closely to see who they can track down, back to you. jon: won't they are surprised. harris faulkner thanks. jenna: you're kind of talking a little bit about parents, you and harris. it's mother's day sunday. jon: yes it is. jenna: happy mother's day harris. if you want to show your love and appreciation, maybe you want to put the jewelry and the flowers aside, maybe and maybe buy her the high-tech gadgets to make her life easier. adam housley is live with this. high-tech gadgets over jewelry. >> reporter: the average consumer expected to spend $140 on mom this year. 40% increase will be buying
12:54 pm
stuff for mom that's electronic. it's all about making things easier. this coffee maker is a new take on an old thing. you actually pour the beans into the coffee maker itself, it grinds them for you fresh and makes coffee. i like the popsicle maker. in tefpb minutes you pour in your future, fresh fruit, you pull in the stick, seven minutes later you pull it out and it's made into a popsicle. it's $49. you have what looks like a blender. this is a soup maker, you put in your chopped vegetables, stock whatever you want to put in there, you put it on stop, you turn it on, it blends it for you and cooks it for you makes it into a soup. this is 199 also. i bought this for my mom for christmas. you guys will like this back in new york as well. this is a photo frame that is 129. you take and you can email photos to it. mom can have this on her desk, she doesn't have to complain about you never showing her new pictures any more. you can email them to mom and they show up on there for 129. you have a new cellphone from
12:55 pm
sprint for the mom that is multitasking. it takes it into a small tablet. the echo. one more thing that is interesting as well is a blue rey player from samsung. it place the blue raise you have at home. you can get all the apps on there, anything you get on the new tv's. you can have the blu ray player and at the same time stream things to your tv. there is a camera, there are tons of tough here. if you want to know why i'm wearing this apron, for about $12 you can go online and design your own apron and send it to mom it's from kitchen collections. all sorts of stuff here. jenna: that's pretty good, adam. jon and i were looking at each other during your report and said those items maybe pretty good wedding gifts too. do you think jon has any alterior motives. jon: do you have a big event coming up in your life.
12:56 pm
>> reporter: nine days and who is counting. we were looking at some of this stuff. we actually registered for these two. [laughter] jenna: the popsicle maker on the way from "happening now" "happening now." >> reporter: absolutely. jenna: adam. >> reporter: just what i want. jenna: adam housley in california. jon: new information coming in every few minutes on the raid and the death of osama bin laden. president obama will meet with military personnel who carried out the successful mission. what more we are learning from intel seized from osama bin laden's compound. fox is your source on the breaking developments coming up. ♪
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>> all right, all you moms out there, it's your weekend! enjoy! have a great mother's day. jenna: thanks everybody, "america live" starts right now. martha: we start with this fox news alert on adramatic scene at the grand canyon, we are awaiting the stunt man with a jetpack to attempt to fly across the canyon.


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