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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> armed with volumes of information taken from inside of a terrorist net. after taking out osama bin laden, the united states gaining momentum. i am harris faulkner and we are live as fox reports tonight. never before seen images showing how osama bin laden lived within his secret compound . watching himself on television, rehearsing terror messages and plotting more attacks. tonight, fox reports on the surprising information u.s. intelligence just learned about the late terror master mind. plus, this u.s. navy seal earned the military's highest decoration following his death in afghanistan . now his memory lives on. tonight, the heroic story of
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lieutenant michael murphy. also, new murder charges in the killing of an american border patrol agent and one lawmaker asking if a government sting operation is somehow connected to his death. breaking news in the death of osama bin laden, videos and documents seized from his compound in pakistan, now being released. a senior u.s. intelligence official said the material is the biggest batch ever recovered in the fight against terror. fox news showing the still photographs only . no audio provided, fox news would not have aired it anyway. they don't air video propaganda from terrorist. this is the image that bin laden wanted to present. a sinist are terror king pin and neatly groomed with concerned with his appearance and his beard died black to
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make himself look younger. look at the flip side of bin laden. his beard is treeked with gray and wrapped in a blanket as he watches news coverage of himself on television. the intelligence described his compound as a command and control center from qaddafi . far from being a figure head. bin laden was actively plotting attacks against america. our correspondant has the latest in washington. >> thank you, harris. the briefing today was historic and described as the biggest intelligence pick up in history. computer hard ware and documents and audio and videotape . a senior intelligence official telling us that bin laden remains an active leader in qaddafi and providing stradgic
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and tactical with the group. he was far from a figure head and an active player making the operation essential for our nation's security. it was described as a command center and focused on mass casulty attacks in the united states, harris. >> what else are we learning about the videos? >> there are hundreds of hours was audio and video to be analyzed by multiintelligence task force and the most triking comes from a camio video and bin laden is watching images of himself. we don't know if it is live tv or taped. but a senior intelligence official said the bin laden beard is gray. compared with the other images. these are propaganda videos and you can see bin laden's beard is black . senior intelligence officials say bin laden jealously
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guarded his image and active in the propaganda for the network terror. >> the story is coming together hour by hour . more dehow the cia identified bin laden. >> harris, we learned there are three pillars. a woman in the compound visually identified him for the u.s. navy seals there. and second from facial recognition photos. they were transmitted back to washington and they had exact matches for the size of his eyes and distance across the bridge of the noise and ears. many people don't realizelet ears are as unique with the fingerprints. that was a 95 percent match and dna was done, we were told that the chances of it being
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someone else was one in five million. that is important because that means it is impossible. >> very interesting. katherine harris, we'll see you later in the hour. >> thank you. >> for more on the breaking story we'll bring in chad sweet. he is the former chief of staff for michael chertoff and co-founder in the chertoff group and security firm. chad, good to see you. the big question is the new information a game changer? >> the jury is still out. looking at the fact that the department of the homeland security hasn't moved to elevate our homeland security alert status. they have two switches want one elevated and the other iminant. more than a week of evaluating the data, they have not moved to the elevated status, suggest that while the
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information is valuable, and most likely will be helping us to unravele plots abroad, on the homeland front it doesn't appear that they have identified an actuv plot in the united states. >> there was a talk of trains being targetine with that not specific enough. the national terrorism advisory system which changed from the prior system. it only has two switches . there was an alert sent out to law enforcement and at a lower level. there was not a specific plot against transportation, but that was not sufficient to reach the elevated threat level. if you go back and look at the war against hitler, for example, we broke the code and that was huge and had great successes against want german. it is yet to be determined if
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this cache of intelligence will yield the same results. >> we are telling the world that we have does that put it at risk. a senior u.s. intelligence official saying too much. >> he's doing it in a calculated way. if you think about it, david letterman when he was blackmailed, he came out and preempted the black mailer on national television . in this case, we have intelligence that osama bin laden pretaped a video in the event he was killed it would be played after his death. the u.s. say we don't care that we are playing multiple videos from you. you are dead and we care about qaddafi, and two, we did kill him. this is a savvy move on the part of the intelligence committee and obama to put the
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conspiracy theory to rest. >> you say it is simple and more than one president takes credit? >> not only in washington, you have to have a game of only one side can get credit. intelligence works takes years and years to do. and pebble by pebble . at the end of the day both presidents deserve credit and this was a long process and it stretched across multiple administrations . if i could borrow a phrase from the former senator from texas. president bush put osama bin laden in the cross hairs and it was president obama that pull would the trigger . it sends an ambigous message to the. whether you are in a hole or compound we'll seek you out and bring you to justice. >> chad sweet, joining us for perspective on the breaking news thank you very much, chad.
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and the u.s. is trying to figure out what pakistan knew about osama bin laden's where abouts. their government does not prevent the u.s. raid that killed the qaddafi leader. they're denying the reports that the intelligence chiefs stepped down . let's go to that part of the world. dominic is streaming lich from isllama badment >> pressure is ramping up on the pakistanies both internationally and domestically. you are talking about a lawmaker putting pressure on the pakistan government. the former foreign minister, wants to see the heads roll . that might be part of a bitter argument he's having with them . all of the same, his voice carries weight and also
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carrying weight is calls for the public for the heads of the intelligence services here. they believe it is a major failure on his part and disgraced the nation and protest in the country, we believe that extremist organizing a massive thing rally in isllama bad. that is destabling the country that is suffering from internal and exterm problems. there is public disagreement with what the politicians should be doing with the american drone strike and creating a destabilizinguation here. on top of that we expect to hear in the next 48 hours details of what osama bin laden's widow is telling the secret services. she was left behind after the raid and they have been interrogating her and getting
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an idea of what day-to-day life was . how osama bin laden was able to maintain control tactical and stradgic control. >> interesting, they are angry that their government didn't stop the killing of a terrorist. we are learning new details about president obama's visit to fort campbell, kentucky. he met with the team that took part in the raid in pakistan. thanking them for take out osama bin laden. the seals were not singled out. the president doesn't know who they're. they have a canine member as well, a specially trained dog met the president, too. >> dick cheney and a fox news exclusive. he's speaking out how the obama administration handled the mission to get osama bin laden. we have the former
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>> at this hour, authorities questioning a man that had authoritis and commuters in dallas on alert for most of the afternoon. the situation began with reports of that man traveling through mass transit train. he was carrying two very large packages and paying fellow passengers at several stations to load and unload those packages. police took him in to custody and called the bomb squad. the contents of what he was carrying was not yet revealed. >> he was one of the bush administration outspoken
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figures in the fight against qaddafi. former vice-president cheney has plenty to say on the death of osama bin laden. leaders are voicing reaction as they learn about his life in pakistan and the raid that ended it molly? >> harris, in an exclusive poll the former vice-president praised the president's call to send forces in the compound and also indicating a reservation. >> you have to give him a lot of credit for making the team to conduct the raid that got bin laden. no question that was his responsibility and i think he handled it well. i still am concerned about the fact that the techniques that we had used to keep the country safe for seven years is no longer available and v taken off of the table. >> speaking about water boarding which president obama
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banned shortly after taking office. mrs. obama spoke about the raid in the university of northern iowa and trying to encourage graduates to give back to the community, she said the navy seals showed the essence of the word service. >> small group of brave men dropped by helicopter, half a world away in the dead of night, into unknown danger inside of the lair of the most wanted man in the world. they did not hes -- hesitate . risking everything us and for our freedom and security. and today, in the republican's weekly radio address massachusetts senator scott brown said bin laden's death shows that other terrorist that those who harm or threaten the american people will be dealt with on our terms however long it takes. harris. >> molly, thank you very much.
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that was just a bit of the exclusive talk with former vice-president cheney. you can watch the entire interview tomorrow on fox news sunday with kris wallace. >> the water keeps rise nothing memphis. it is already lapping at the edge of beall street home of the famous music clubs. our journalist are live from there, next. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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flooding in tennessee headed to record levels. police going door to door to urge people to leave their homes. you know what happens every time not everyone will leave . tennessee's governor is asking for federal disaster money for
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15 counties there. we have elizabeth live in memphis. that water level could break the previous record set back in 1927? >> it absolutely could, harris. i am in the middle of beal street. it would normally be filled with brake lights . this water is continuing to fill up the streets. we know that 300 homes have been inundated in the area of memphis. a mobile home park was wiped out and we spoke with representatives of the army corp of engineers. they are working 12 shifts back to back to keep an eye on the levees and the lower levels are filling up now. they are going door to door to evacuate families and get them to shelters. they want to do it before
7:23 pm
night fall, the water is continuing to rise. the fact of the matter is, after the river crests here in memphis, it only has one place to go and that is down stream. parts of interstate i-40 between memphis and little rock is continuing to be closed today and sending truckers and on a 200 mile detower. it -- detour. >> and weather continues to make the headlines. we'll go to maria molina. spring 20len is a vicious one. >> very vicious and just like elizabeth pointed out. we expect flooding to get worse in areas down stream of memphis, tennessee. we have a long way to go on the flood severe weather. we have severe weather currently occurring. one thunderstorm watch in effect in east illinois and
7:24 pm
indiana. we are starting to see the thunderstorms blossom and there is a tornado warning with one of the thunderstorms. a funnel cloud was reported and northeast counties and so if you live in the area seek shelter immediately . a funnel cloud reported with the thorps. it could be a short time period before the tornado is on the ground. that particular thunderstorm is moving southeast at 20 miles per hour . so pretty slow mover when you compare to other storms. and it is expected for the river to rise and that is not expected to crest may 23rd . we do expect it in louisiana to be reaching the particular location and hitting the major flood stage and continue to get worse . other storm systems on the
7:25 pm
horizons, no rain systems . there is a bigger storm for the west and that could bring in rain for wednesday and thursday and a lot of it to watch. >> thank you very much. >> an incredible story of survival from northern nevada. rita crayton found on the remote dirt road . saying she survived in a stranded van for 7 weeks on nothing but snow and trail mix. rita is now recovering in the hospital and her husband albert is still missing. he took off after their vehicle got stuck . the craytons were en route to the home in can dampt
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and intelligence analyst coming -- combing through the tape . what they are finding about a possible new leader . incredible story of the navy seal. a metal of honor winner next . p. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved.
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>> it is it time for the top of the news. less than one week after the u.s. killed qaddafi's leader, a senior intelligence leader seized information. it is the national correspondant live. bin laden not just a symbol but plotting. what do we know about its target? >> that is active command and control center . we learned about what he was interested n it was a mass casulty attacks inside of the united states and that is mass transit and infrastructure . one of the thing that is the u.s. intelligence community is looking at hard is whether he
7:31 pm
made progress in the weapons of mass destruction. >> most americans now can list more than bin laden. his number two guy. many of us have been watching they seem to down play the like likelihood and he was not well liked in the network . he was a control freak . not charismatic either.
7:32 pm
the unraveling of the qaddafi network. i want to explain the significance of the photo. this is a guy who lived a double life. he was picked up for soliciting prostitutes and he planned it out and got a fine and community service. you are sighing a guy who presents himself as a holy man and had a tawdry history in the united states. that is responsible for the
7:33 pm
last three successful atax on the united states. katherine harris, thank you for that information. >> and turning to afghanistan. stan tan unleashing a major assault on government buildings. eight locations coming in under heavy fire and more than 100 millitants are taking part. kandahar a former stronghold of the taliban and where nato is trying to assert control. in the war in afghanistan only american soldier held captive. his dad in a rare message in a record ed youtube video speaking to pakistan's army chief of staff and militants holding his son bo. he thanked the captors for the compassion they showed in keeping him alive and called for his son's release and
7:34 pm
along with prisoners from other country. >> no family understands the issue like ours . our son's safe return will heighten public awareness to this. that said. it is time for bo and the others to come hoim. >> the u.s. postal service updating a stamp to members of the military killed in action it is the latest version of the purple heart stamp. thanks to changes in the u.s. postal service. this may be around longer than the others. julie banderas has the story from new york. >> there is it a new way to
7:35 pm
honor those who sacrificed for our country. the new forever purple heart stamp was unveiled today and you can see it for yourself. they are insuring the stamp would continue. they were instrumental to get the federal government on board. they will be remindipped of the countless sacrifices that are made. the ceremon was with emotional
7:36 pm
pride and never forget what the purple heart meant to him and reminded of the golden hearted mother who gave call. - all. my mother. you think of people. i commanded troops in combat and i wrote home to mothers and said i regret to inform you that your son was killed. you will never forget it >> dig natarries from several wars gathered to commemorate the purple heart stamp that went on sale last thursday. >> special honors for the navy's newest destroyer. thousands are gathering for the christening of michael murphy. the ship is still under construction. murphy would have turned 35 years old today. his mom wished him happy birthday . michael murphy died in a gun
7:37 pm
fight. he was shot in the stomach early on and exposed himself to more bullets so he could call in reenforcements and he still manage to return to the battle. he was awarded a posthumous mettedal of honor for his actions there. >> the atlas five rocket that you wanted to take a listen to there. the rocket carrying the u.s. military satellite was the first in the warning satellites designed to attract and detect missiles.
7:38 pm
and they enjoy the ranks of john glen . a group of 79 newt - astronauts and helms earned her wings . she was the first woman to inhabit the international space station back in 2001. a leopard attacks a child in the field trip to the zoo . just two stops as we go across america. and a cedric county zoo. a leopard goes after a senyear - 7 year old boy . then the big cat reached through the cage clawing the child. onlookers checking the leopard until it released the child . the little boy released in
7:39 pm
fair condition. >> texas, this woman beaten by a burglar and left for dead with her toddler and the home on fire. police say the suspect 34 year old jeffrey steel knocked terry unconscious and set a fire to cover its tracks. a two year old son and both of them survived and steel charged with capitol murder . and saving prom for students affected by the twisters in the south . and bring back normalcy in their lives. organizers holding dress fittings in three states. and tennessee, the play of the day happening in the stands, a fan is catching a line drive
7:40 pm
foul ball and holding his daughter in the other. that is hands on parenting. that is fox's watch over america. >> libyan leader qaddafi showing no mercy. here is video from the heble attack. and will all of the killers be brought to justice? i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
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>> new developments surrounding the manufactured a u.s. border agent.
7:44 pm
brian was gunned down . now authorities unsealed a indictment against a mexican man accused in taking part. peter doocy reports from washington, the search for accomplices goes on. >> murder and weapon and conspiracy charges were filed against the defendants. the u.s. government justice for briantery. the indictment alleges that in the days leading up to the murder three defendants were patrolling the area with assault rifles and spray bullets on the agentsine after they identified themselves. they were wounded in the firefighter and that is why he was apprehended and authorities don't think he was the trigger man and he did violate multiple weapons
7:45 pm
statutes. the only thing he is guilty of is being an illegal alien in the wrong place at the wrong time. the jury of his peers will decide that and no matter what the verdict is, this shines a brighter light on the atf project gun runners. particularly fast and furious. he said that reckless decision made in fast and furious had created a serious public safety hazard. but attorney general holder fired back and declared the notion that this justice department is responsible for terry's death, that assertion is offensive. the trial is set to begin on june 17th. harris. >> peter doocy, thank you very
7:46 pm
much. >> we are getting word of a possible tornado touchdown and in a portion of illinois. we'll go to meteorologist maria molina, we knew there were warnings for part of the state. they had warnings and potential of a tornado currently on the ground and getting word that the small tornado touchdown and prelimary report and vermilian county reporting tornados touching down and a new tornado warning that we want to tell you about and this is in parts of edgar county. that particular thunderstorm has detected a lot of rotation and seeing a brand new warning issued in western parts of the state of the indiana. if you live in any of these areas, seek shelter immediately. there is it a tornado on the ground and you need to go to a basement or innermost portion of your home especially away
7:47 pm
from the windows, harris. >> you will get more information on that situation where there are tornado warnings in illinois. thank you very much. moving to libya, violence escalating in the town of misurata. earlier today, forces pounded the main fuel depo with rockets. no reports of injuries there and the attack is expected to create shortages of electrical power for hospitals and homes. the two month long battle between the rebels and the military led to a humanitarian crisis now . leaders in rome are denying that italy gave the insurgents with weapons. >> syria, intensifying the crack down with the antigovernment protestors. they stormed in a key city on
7:48 pm
the mediterranean sea. three women were shot dead there and we are hearing reports that syrian troops are taking up positions and cutting off power and television lines . we are all feeling the pinch in the gas pump. new signs that relief is on the horizon. casey stegal in los angeles. casey. >> harris they are up and down . everyone wants the answer to are high prices here to stay. we will break it all down for you as the fox report rolls along next. hey susie, why don't you use this ?
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with the best technology rules.
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>> woo are getting video from houston, texas. reports are coming in. two police officers have been shot . a shot out near a greyhound downtown bus depo . these are the first views that we are getting of this. the police officers wounded outside of the bus depo . initial reports is that they were going after a suspect. and they went in eye -- a downtown garage where the suspect barricaded himself. the houston police say they have tactical officers called to the scene. it is unclear whether they have established contact with the suspect who is in the
7:53 pm
parking garage. this is just coming in fox news and our satellite with brand new pictures. >> we'll move on to something that everyone is feeling. average gas prices. pennies away from the four dollar mark . according to triple a, the average regular unleaded is 3.97 . it is giving home that the national average may miss four bucks a gallon. but are paying far more than that. casey is in a place. disgraceful that number behind you. >> harris, it is a killer when you pull up to the gas pump. it doesn't matter where you live. check out the price for a gallon of unleaded regular and
7:54 pm
west los angeles and 4.50 a gallon and which is above the average of 4.58 and most expensive gasoline is in highway highway . a gallon is costing drivers nearly 4.60 on average. the cheapest in wyoming and that average is one dollar more than folks were paying this time last year. why? you have a lot of money flowing in commodities and we usually see a spring run up in prices and low demand and winter months. >> there is good news however, analyst say we could see the prices drop by 50 cents in the coming months . even with word of decline, drivers are still fuming. it is it time to start riding
7:55 pm
the bike to work, i guess. it is a shame that our country's held captive by the middle east. but it is it what it is. and we are just 13 cents shy of that today and we hope that news is true, harris, that the prices will be going down. >> casey stegal thank you very employ. he was the most wanted man in the world. we are getting the first look at bin laden's life as a fugitive. what we are learning from information gathered in the raid on his hide out and update on the top story when we come back. choose my investments. not just with my savings plan here at work.
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osama bin laden. a senior intelligence official releasing five videos seized on the raid on the compound in pakistan. they show how he lived in the shadows. material is the largest collection of intelligence ever in the fight against terror. the pictures reveal a man conscious about his image. bin laden died his beard black . behind the scenes they tell different story. his beard more gray than black and his surroundings bleak. the official describing his compound as the nerve center of operation. n laden plotted a campaign of terror still against the u.s.. a big day in news again. this is how the fox report on saturday. i am harris faulkner. thanks for getting your weekend started with us. updates on fox


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