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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  June 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he brought down the house. now news of the passing brought down the country. lawrence eagleburger, dead at 80. we will miss you, secretary. rumpleed suits and all. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: well, hello. welcome to the "glenn beck program." let's start with everybody's favorite topic, the one that everybody is talking about. how about a little weiner. congressman weiner. congressman weiner headlines. c'mon. i love this. blogger says he has x-rated photo involving weiner. weiner coached porn star to lie. congressman, to single mom. you're not stuck wit stacking m. i'm stalking you. weiner woman says representative weiner used government phone for phone sex. my favorite is how anthony weiner can recover from this
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scandal. most people know these stories. in fact, we have a studio audience. it asked this morning if we could bring a studio audience in today because i want to ask about, i want to ask about these headlines and these headlines. everybody here probably can tell me all about the apology p the press conference, the timeline, the underwearpick. right? who knows about the cat pictures? did you know about the cat pictures? go ahead. victoria? >> can i say it? he has a photograph sitting with his two cats -- >> glenn: that's enough. >> the other words the cats -- >> glenn: another word for cat. >> glenn: anybody here know how many followers he has on twitter? how many before twitter? let's have a big group hug. i love you guys. i can tell you that everybody at tmz is giving you the number, screening it at the television. it was 44,000. and he is becoming super,
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super popular. i think that is fantastic. can anybody tell me about the weiner coached porn star to lie? tell me about that story. i love you. you are answering the right way. daniellea. >> he had some contact with the porn star and he said well, i'll give you my p.r. person, tell you how to cover this up. >> you knew that. you're shaking your head. don't be afraid to answer the question. >> glenn: weiner says government phoned for phone sex. and the single mom. did anybody know the single mom story? it's fantastic. we're going to play a little game. i like to call news room. we're going to play that here, america, next. newsroom. you tell me which story should be on the air.
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and why it makes a difference. c'mon, let's go. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> glenn: all right. hello, america. i have to tell you, i am, i am proud to be built like a big bag of marshmallows. i'm happy about it. it makes it easy for me to resist all the women that don't throw themselves at big bag of marshmallows. little interest is paid to a guy like me. then again, you got anthony weiner. you would think that little interest would be paid to a guy like him. but apparently not. there seems to be a dirt bag circle out there. a lot of people disagree with this, because i said on the radio today i feel bad about
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anthony weiner. i have have compassion for anthony weiner. i don't know what trap he fell into but one is the internet. porn, chat rooms and these things is a black hole. the internet is the best thing in the world and the worst thing in a world. you'll be sucked down in the black hole or you can go to the unify -- you can find any book in the library. find anything, any piece of information instantaneously. it's both good and bad. simultaneously. it's what you choose to make of it. he chose incorrectly. he went the wrong direction. i want to play a game newsroom here. if we could put two headlines up and you tell me, if you are the newsroom director which one you put up? can we put these up, please? tiffany is saying 1-1,000. 2-1,000. there it is. okay. the latest picture of congressman weiner, has anybody seen the picture of him bare-chested?
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there with the family pictures behind him? isn't that classy? oh, man. i love how he said in the apology yesterday it was just a joke. i bet his wife and family are laughing. so here it is. you are the news director. which do you put up in the latest picture of congress manninmanweiner or the housing t being worse than the great depression? which one? "b." you put "b" up? how many say "b"? okay. remember, you are the news director. i mean this one, doesn't get you any ratings or sell you any newspapers. nothing. this one doesn't get you anything. who puts "b" up? okay. "b" is the one that we should put up, but that is not the one put up. next one, please. revealing details about
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weiner's women. something everybody wants to know, apparently. or "b." the revelation that geithner doled out billions secretly to his favorite banks. "b." does anybody know this story? you don't know this one? this is great. here is tim geithner, tim geithner is our treasury secretary, of course. and he's completely clean. doesn't know how to pay his taxes but he is completely clean. tim geithner went and he gave loans to some of his favorite banks. at a special interest rate. now i don't know if you -- i mean, if you can't pay your credit card, do you get a special interest rate? of course you do. 18, 25%. you get a special interest rate. he worked out a special interest rate for the favorite banks. .01%. your tax dollars -- what is it $80 billion?
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okay. the news department all around the world decided to go with this one. not this one. this one sells. this doesn't. one more. do we have one more? pictures of weiner's chest. or china pumping big money in to latin america for oil, food and minerals. can anybody tell me about "b"? can anybody tell me that story? anybody know it? nobody? but you can all conjure up in your head weiner's chest, can't you? it's good, isn't it? can anybody tell me these stories over here? char falls on china comment. stocks rebound. char drops to one-month low on recovery concerns. dollar falls on china comments. does anybody know what the china comments were? china, this is this week. this weekend. friday came out. yes, ma'am. in the back.
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>> thaw converted term bond. >> glenn: 97% of the t-bills that were short-term. which means they were putting their money in for short-term. 97% are gone. it's like i'm going to get out of that short-term business of the united states. good or bad? good or bad? bad. that's why the dollar falls. stocks rebound. china officials says u.s. could pursue weak dollar policy. what does that even mean? anybody want to tell me what that means? yes. >> weak dollar policy would be when the u.s. devalues the dollar a little bit in order to boost demand for trade. the problem is it steals money from the rest of us. >> glenn: how does it steal money from the rest of us? >> our money is not worth as much as it was. it's a tax since the
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government has a printing press. >> glenn: do you mean it's a tax -- i'm playing the perp just looking at it. now at their computer like wait a minute, the weiner chest is interesting but what? they're stealing money? >> our money is now worth less because i can buy fewer goods with it. but the government can print more money doesn't feel that. because the government can print more money. the government gains based off my loss. that is a tax. >> glenn: they're causing inflation. you can't buy as much, you have to take more dollars to buy the same thing. inflation. prices are going up. weak dollar prices -- weak dollar policies. chinese officials say the u.s. assumes a weak dollar policy. basically, inflation. do we have inflation now? yes. china pumps big money for oil, food and minerals. this is the one we just went on. look underneath it. china officials sees risk in holding u.s. -- excessive
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u.s. assets. why? why? china buying european food companies. just put those together on your head and look at these. u.s. home prices the lowest since the great depression. how great recession could still turn in a great depression. did you read the story? we're not headed for a great recession, we're headed for a great, great depression. long-term unemployment worse than great depression. geithner and goldman thick as thieves. dollar drops. the president says we hit a few head winds. can anybody tell me, we look at the individual stories. here are all the weiner stories and here are the we're screwed stories. tell me what is the collection of weiner stories tell us?
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>> we'd rather look at -- >> glenn: junk? >> stories, that excite and it >> -- titillate. >> that we're entertained. >> glenn: entertained. go ahead. >> watch the other hand. what does that mean? >> meaning pay attention here, while you're not looking. we will do what we want. >> glenn: jordan? >> rather watch someone else suffer than know they're suffering, too. >> glenn: that is really good. they would rather watch someone else suffer than realize we're suffering, too, or they're suffering, too. anything else? marian way up in the back. move the mikes quickly. >> the american idealization of trivia to the point where something serious can penetrate the nonsense.
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>> glenn: wow. >> i think these are all great. cakes and circumstances. circus. give them cakes and circus. are you familiar with that? >> hey, boss. how are you? >> glenn: good. cakes and circuss. what is it from? do you know? anybody? yes, jesse. >> the emperor's used to control rome by giving the people food and entertainment while the empire was falling apart. >> glenn: cakes and circuss. think of this. given the cakes. can anybody give me an example of cakes handed out by the government? can anybody handle -- if you are the emperor of rome, you gave people cake. we aren't giving people cake now, but food.
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food stamps. you want to control the people. emperor knew. give the people cake. and then entertain them. isn't it interesting how entertainment -- we're not, really. what differences. what are you going to do about this? what are you going to do about weiner? that is probably the wrong thing to say. what are you you going to do about that story? get all mad? are you going to call him? "hey, you should resign." that will help. what are you going to do? seriously. nothing. sorry, todd, what? >> in a basic since, like inquirer mentality. you look at it and are amused by it but nothing happens of
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it. >> glenn: is it really funny? we're laughing because there is nothing else we can do, right? it's not funny. it's horribly, horribly tragic. a guy just put our country on the ropes. why do i say he is putting our country on the ropes? endangered each and every one of us. how? why? >> he could have been blackmailed and he could have given different people to different things. >> glenn: extortion. his wife is like this with the clintons. you're telling me that there is no foreign interest in getting someone near the clintons or getting somebody, you know, close to even anybody in congress? or blackmailing for information. you're telling me that that man didn't endanger the lives of his wife? didn't endanger the lives of people around his wife? people around him? people of congress? information of the united states? you are darn right. look what he did. for three, four, five days. he looked people right in the eye and said i didn't do that.
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i can't with certitude that's not me. i can! i can tell you right that, there are no pictures like that of me. thank goodness, fall to your knees and thank god tonight. he couldn't do it. we laugh but what else are you going to do? yes. >> personally, i don't really mind that whatever he did. you know, what i mind more about is that he just came out and told the american people that it wasn't, you know, that he didn't send anything, and he lied to even. then a few days later, he says that it was him, and now all of a sudden, it's supposed to be okay. if we can't believe him as a perp, how will you believe him as a politician? that is my biggest problem with him. >> go ahead. >> i mind what he did. >> glenn: good for you. i do, too. >> in the first place, horribly immorem in the second place, we elect representatives because we
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trust their judgment because we can't be there in congress ourselves every day to make decisions. this was really, really bad judgment. a member of congress should haven't that bad judgment. >> glenn: how can you trust a guy -- is it cheney? how can you trust a guy in congress who says wow! wow! i've been screwing around on my wife. and i've done such bad judgment, i'm so stupid, i am this important, you know, i'm on tv. everybody knows who i am. i am in congress. i got political enemies everywhere and i'm sending pictures of me with my cat and my shirt off going dig me. that's how bad his judgment is. "a," how can you trust him when he says you know what? healthcare, i looked into it. it's good. really? okay. how can you trust him when you say i'm telling you, we have to go to war. how do you thrust that this
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guy hasn't been compromised? and compromising all of our information? it does matter, doesn't it? >> the lying bothers me. certainly, it was terrible what he did. when the witness takes an stand and the attorney shows the witness was lying the question comes well, are you lying now or lying before? they're useless, worless. once you prove they lied and my question is if, if we weren't able to prove it with a lie how long would the lie have gone on? >> glenn: okay. when we come back, you said something to me before we went on the air. you said that how many people even care about morals and what is morally right? can you restate that? >> yeah. we always talk on the show about good and evil and morally correct. just there is a lot of people that are in this bubble and
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they don't care. don't really know what is going on in the world. ever is focused on day-to-day. nobody looks at the bigger picture. and that is the real big problem. it's just like there is a whole group of people that might even be comprised to a majority to some degree to go with the flow. >> when that happens, cakes and circuses. when people say i don't care. i'm just watching it. this is entertainment. they control. whoever wants power, it could be anybody. whoever wants power controls you. so now we're going to say we have taken a look at the weiner list. now let's look at this list. and what does this picture mean? and why is that list important? then, i'll ask the same question. okay. so then what are you going to do about it? why even pay attention to it? what are you going to do about it?
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>> glenn: hello, america. welcome back. we have an audience today because we have weiner facts we have to sift through. in case you just joined us, the weiner fun is over for a while. now we'll go to this chalkboard, which are the other headlines there are more headlines here. i love this. i love these headlines here. u.s. funding for future promises lags by trillions. did you read that headline? lags by trillions. medicare, medicaid, social security. we're now $61.8 trillion -- who's counting. it might be seven. behind. can anybody give an idea of how much money that is? you take every dollar, every yen, anything that anybody produces, sells, buys, anything, for an entire year, not in the united states, and
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canada, and mexico. but the entire world for a year. it's about $55 trillion. that's how far behind we are. who thinks we can pay for that? who thinks we can come up with a flying car that is going to pay for that? nobody. james carville said this. there will besism unrest over the economy. tiffany, do you have the actual quote from him? the civil unrest on the economy? did anybody see this? of course not. he was on a network nobody watches. he was talking about and he said civil unrest is imminent. imminent. who thinks civil unrest here is imminent? why? >> just look what went on with
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the protest from the -- sorry. >> glenn: wisconsin? >> yeah. wisconsin. >> glenn: don't be nervous. just you, me, and 2 million friends. >> you hear people the sense of entitlement. i was going to make a comment about the weiner thing. it's like it's being dismissed. he has no responsibility. what is this? doesn't make sense. this is what we are teaching our children. it's an entitlement society. that drives me crazy. i get scared because -- >> glenn: don't get scared. be determined. don't be scared. be determined. >> okay. we're going to be like greece. that's what i see and that's what i'm afraid of. >> glenn: who watched this show two years ago when i held up the book, "coming insurrection" and said here it comes. it's coming. read this book. anybody remember that? yeah? it's called a lunatic. hey, look what is happening in greece. yes, go ahead. >> we have overspent, overpromised, we continue to spend.
5:26 pm
we're not cutting back anything. we have millions of people, is it what 40% of the country that is on entitlements? >> glenn: yeah, is that a problem for you? >> what are we going to do when everything goes awry and bankrupt? what are they going to do? >> glenn: that is a good place. so, what are they going to do? what are they going to do? the question is what are we going to do? all the stories tell us, not the weiner story but the other stories. china is -- that story about china, latin america and europe, they are buying the food manufacturerring plants. remember, i told you food prices would go up. okay? food prices are going up. anybody shop? are food prices going up?
5:27 pm
yes. anybody know the president said that the food shortage, you know, there will be food shortages around the world. et cetera, et cetera. then we had all the floods. we have a fire going on. what is happening in europe? what is happening in europe with the food? e. coli. have you seen the video of the giant green bean and cucumbers being bull dosed. right? what do you think that will do to the food prices? right. when you look at the story, the dollar is going down. unemployment is high. we have eminent crisis of people who will riot, according to james carville. future promises lag by trillions. food prices going up, et cetera, et cetera. answer the first question. what do the stories tell us?
5:28 pm
>> we better start preparing ourselves with store ran of food. >> glenn: thank you. thank you. perhaps we should prepare. for what? for what? the stories tell us -- you cut right to the chase. but the stories tell us trouble is coming. the next question is what is the answer? prepare for trouble. what would you do as a president? what would you do if you are president of the united states and you came to those two conclusions, what are the stories hey, there is trouble coming. the united states is bankrupt. the world is on fire. there is food shortages coming. we have energy shortages now. you're president of the united states. anybody, anybody what do you do? >> stop spending. stop making promises you can't make. stop printing money.
5:29 pm
>> glenn: okay. yes, ma'am? >> fiscal discipline. christina? >> help people prepare. >> glenn: stand up and say this. look at everybody and say this. what do you say? >> you warn your people and you tell them to prepare. >> you warn your people and tell them to prepare. have you heard anybody say that in congress or washington at all? i warn you, prepare. why do you do that? you do it because it's your job to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. we're going to start there next.
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i'm patti ann browne. stocks slip a bit after the chairman of the federal reserve announce the u.s. economy is growing but at an uneven pace. he did not announce new measures to boost the economy. he has been a fixture of the u.s. open for 17 years but next week, golfer tiger woods is going to sit it out due to a lingering injury in his left leg. the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi calls for an ethics investigation of congressman anthony weiner less than 24 hours after the lawmaker admitted to lewd conduct online. the chairman of the republican party is calling for weiner to resign. new details in the online sex
5:34 pm
scandal on glenn beck returns in a moment. but first, bret previews "special report." >> bret: coming up, as president obama insists the u.s. economy will soon get through the rough head winds it's facing the house speaker asks where are the jobs? in libya, gaddafi vows to fight to his death. at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> glenn: hello, america. we're with a studio audience today. it's a weiner show today. instead of talking about anthony weiner and the mess he is in, and i know a lot of people want to see more about weiner, i think we might want to stop with cake and circuss for a second and say how does it affect my life?
5:35 pm
we have seen it affects our life he could be endangering all of us because he can be blackmailed. because of it. this is a sad tragic story with his family. we have decided there is nothing we can do about it. we can call, we can i guess protest. not vote for it or vote for another candidate but there is nothing we can do about him. that is the one that everybody does something about. look at the other stories we were showing you a few minutes ago. we talk about china, and devaluing the fed. i asked you before you went in the break, if you are president of the united states, what do you do? the answer was you would warn people and tell them to prepare. what would you tell them to prepare with? for? how? what would you do? how would you do it?
5:36 pm
tell them to prepare. food prices are going up. buy food. have food. make sure you're not behind the 8-ball. how about make sure that you are not over your head if you can. you know, pay down your debt. pay down your house if you can. have extra in the silo. that's what you do. you're the president of the united states. what is his number one job? what is he supposed to say when he takes the oath? protect what? >> protect the constitution. protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america. okay. warn people to prepare. food, water, shelter, debt, whatever else you think of. i think also if you are worried that there is a real problems in the world, and our way of life is at stake, who
5:37 pm
thinks the way of life is at stake? our way of life is at stake. if i'm the president of the united states, what does al-qaeda do? the reason they are successful, you cut off the head of the snake, and another one pops up. i tell every one of our citizens know the constitution. know our history. know our founding. because they want to cut us off. you want to pop up a problem over here in the whole thing doesn't collapse because the people know it. right? if you are president, and your responsibility is to do that, don't you also say read the founders? know the documents? do these things. do this. man does not live by bread alone. you're president of the united states. don't you say that?
5:38 pm
they all have. it's politically incorrect now. but they have all said it. we have all always believed we were a nation that, you know, was founded through divine providence. don't we say hey, i might want to check in with the spirit. make sure you're cool. is this the president's job? is that the problem's job? i copped it is. i -- i contend it is. i contend it's somebody else's job. yes. the question is why? why do we wait around for permission? why do we wait around for someone else? somebody, somebody wrote a really great question today. about connor. where is connor? you're from what university?
5:39 pm
fairfield university. do you remember the question. >> yeah, i asked how: how do we protect ourselves from things that the government won't protect us from. >> glenn: what are the things that the government won't protect us from? >> inflation for one. >> glenn: they're causing it. >> we could arguetism. >> glenn: right. there are some things that the government has to do. they won't. so then what do you do? what was the secret of the constitution? the secret of the constitution. why do you have the second bill of rights? the second amendment to the bill of rights? >> to protect ourselves. >> to protect ourselves. what does that imply? forget about the gun thing what does it imply? >> that we have the right to protect ourselves. >> glenn: and you are the one in charge. you are the guardian of liberty. it's your country. too many people going back to your statement earlier, too many people don't care. they're watching this like it's a game. cakes and circuss, whatever.
5:40 pm
they don't care. okay. well, you know what? oh, well. i ain't going down without a fight. how about you? the way to fix this is to fix those things. tell people to prepare. you do it yourself. if everybody in your family says you're crazy, believe me. you don't even know. nobody can call you crazy in your family more than my family calls me crazy. who cares? you you no ewhat everybody got in my family for christmas? six months to a year's worth of food. i have family members that didn't even call me to thank me. okay? no big deal. i knew they wouldn't. i knew they would get it. and they would make fun of me. oh, well. you know why i did it? because i love them. but second of all, so when they call me and they're like oh, my, gosh -- i can say yeah. i already did my part. i helped you out.
5:41 pm
can't help. too late. now you have to help yourself. that's what you need to do. >> get off the ferris wheel. they like the circus. they like that idea. they don't know sometimes. >> glenn: how do you help them get off the ferris wheel? i've given up. i really have. i have given up on the people who -- they're going to be people who just want to ride the ride there are people that just like the game. how many people -- you could probably answer this. you know a lot -- i stopped talking to politicians. >> what are you trying to imply, boss? i like the weiner story? >> glenn: no. you talk to politicians. >> i do. >> glenn: you talk to politicians. how many of them are just in it for the game? >> oh, absolutely. and someone else mentioned it earlier. there is an entitlement aspect to politics now that didn't exist. you know more than anyone. president george washington
5:42 pm
was embarrassed to have inaugural balls thrown in his honor there is no embarrassment in politics anymore there is no dignity. there is no sense of decency or honor. the fact that we can all watch something like anthony weiner happen, and laugh means we've lowered our standards, too. >> glenn: we have. we have. so now forget about the people on the ferris wheel. just say oh, you're going to ride the ferris wheel? have a good time. you are going to be so sick you'll be barfing all the way home. oh, well, had too much cotton candy. me and my family are moving on, because we have to protect it. back in just a second.
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>> glenn: here is what i've done. s.e., do you know these guys? >> i don't. >> glenn: she hangs out at colleges a lot and i think weiner does, too. >> you cannot say that and not explain what you mean. >> glenn: you're not with him. at least that i know of. >> i'm not shoot >> glenn: so she goes to colleges for a completely different reason. you go to colleges to. >> i speak to conservative students. hope to answer a lot of their questions. they are stuck out there in
5:47 pm
the weeds >> glenn: okay. here is what we'll do. do you know each other? generally speaking? you're all college students up here. they are looking terrified. >> they do. >> glenn: don't worry. i'll spring it on you quick and you have two minutes to complete the job. what i'm looking for are the comparisons of the 1930s and '40s to today. does history repeat itself? show me comparisons, c'mon you are from the best universities around the country. show me comparisons. write them up on the board. we'll watch and either point and say wow. >> we'll judge. thou shall not judge. no, we're judging the snot out of them. so look -- this is an imaginary, this chalk line is an imaginary line that apparently they can't see the other. >> competing against one another. >> glenn: well, yeah. i mean. >> nice. >> glenn: yeah. i mean i'm trying to -- i'm just -- i'm wondering, we'll
5:48 pm
talk like in our golf voice. >> okay. >> glenn: i am not sure if either of them will realize that really all i'm going for is communists, national socialists. and fashionists. it's really tha -- fascists. it's that simple they're overthinking. they are overthinking. >> like students do. >> glenn: yeah. i didn't. i didn't. i never over-thought anything. maybe that's why i' i am where i am. on my way out of a shar successful show. >> that's right. >> glenn: all right. you got about 30 seconds. we're just, we're bored to tears over here. anybody? anybody? now us seasoned adults.
5:49 pm
can anybody tell me -- i know. can anybody tell me what you would put up here? government regulations is one. >> failed socialistic policies. >> glenn: oh. failed socialistic policies. anybody else? yes? >> gold standard. >> glenn: no, not off the gold standard for the united states, not until '71. anybody else? dust bowl. >> israel, jewish people at that time. >> glenn: all right. time is over. let's see what you have. see what you have. stock market, double-dip. okay. inflation. anti-semitism. unemployment. food shortage. what do you mean a food shortage? go ahead and hold the
5:50 pm
microphone up. >> impending. impending food shortage. >> glenn: somebody said dust bowl. anybody get the dust bowl? government expansion. what do you mean by government expansion? who wrote that? none of you are taking credit for it. >> f.d.r. had the new deal. we have obamacare now and stimulus as well. >> glenn: okay. would you say this is excessive regulation? same thing? new deal stimulus. okay. entitlement, inflation, unemployment, financial instability. excessive regulation. tyrants abroad. who wrote tyrants abroad? who said that? tell me about that one. >> so, i also -- >> glenn: you need to -- yeah. i know. it's a weird thing. >> we havety rapts abroad in parallel --ty rants abroad in fair lel to their semitism. think about iran and potential dangers from china. not a democratic government yet. >> glenn: good. we'll take a quick break and
5:51 pm
be back with that thought. 8 >x
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: just want to finish up. does history repeat itself? the aps is yes. if so, should we learn from it? >> yes. otherwise we're doomed to
5:55 pm
repeat it. you just said about the different things, two college groups come up and outline all the things that are parallel. you're right. all of them. one thing is the national socialists, that was germany. the soviets and the communists, russia. fascism in italy. free republic was the u.s. and u.k. they were strong. the u.s. is essentially strong. the national socialists now they already have, they just in the middle east about egypt, established in egypt the nazi party. national socialist party. islamo fascism. fascism but socialism. communist were in russia but they were revolutionaries they were all over europe they fought against the national socialists. they also fought against the united states. they still exist. many of them are now being taught or being taught or teaching in our classrooms. the revolutionaries in greece. the communists are doing it in greece. fascism is italy.
5:56 pm
what is fascism today? what is the happy fascism? in the 190s, everyone said italy, [ ♪ music ] that is the new direction. what are you hearing? what is new direction for america in the free world today? it's china. it's repeating. the difference is we're the united states. where are we? we must stand up and stand together and learn from history or we will be doomed to repeat it. back in a second. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually
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