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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 11, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ get over it >> high-profile democrats going public to a single call to anthony weiner. late word that mr. weiner is looking for professional help. i am harris faulkner and we are live at fox reports tonight. >> harris: a big blow to al-qaida. tonight, this man blamed for the deaths of hundreds of people taken out permanently. plus, graphic testimony in the casey anthony courtroom.
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>> i have no question that that body had been out there for many, many months. >> why prosecutors say you have to follow the flies and the duct tape. and he is the first quadruple amputee surviving the wars. neighbors giving a home to a man who deserves it so much. >> no one deserves it more. >> harris: anthony weep wean's fight to hang on to his job look shaky. stunning developments today . weiner a new york democrat will take a leave of absence from congress while he seeks professional help . from the head of the democrat part, the call to leave behind his seat in the house and move on. chair of the democratic national commit eye saying
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weiner's behavior is infencible. talking about the lewd pictures and carried out on line sexual relationships with half dozen women. saying that the congressman is a distraction for the party and joining the calls for him to joyce. ranking member of the house budget committee and new york democrat steve israel head of the democratic campaign committee . there's more. while not exactly saying the word resign, the former speaker of the house nancy pelosi said he needs to seek professional help without the pressures of his office. carolyn shively has the latest. >> democrat leader moving aggressive on this and the statements are the first step. they made a deadline if weiner hadn't resigned by then they would push him to do so.
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they can make it uncomfortabbling for him around capitol hill. the democratic caucus starts on tuesday morning. weiner has departed for treatment. harris. >> harris: what is the procedure for him taking a leave of absence? >> for a leave of absence. it is read to the house floor and done without much fuss. this could go to a vote. decades an absent member was fined by the house. they are back monday . the speaker's office has yet to receive a letter. we have had other members take leave of absence for substance abuse but not for tweets. >> the bomb shell had to come when he was tweeting back and forth with a 17 year old girl. what do we know about that? >> weiner said no inappropriate action was taken and the
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family's attorney tells me, that the tweets in question between the student and the congressman were not salacious or in any matter appropriate . no photographs were sent. they are combing through the cell phone and computer. the girl handed all over to police voluntarily and expected to get them back monday and tuesday. she is still startled and upset to be thrust in a national story. >> harris: we are still on it and we'll have updates throughout this hour of the news. thank you very much . now turning to a global view tonight. one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist is a dead man. he is the man suspected of master minding the two u.s. bombings. he was kill indeed a
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checkpoint in somalia. he was responsible for killing 224 people including americans . the it -- predator drone took out the leader in pakistan and a man considered to be a successor to osama bin laden. later in this hour, a report on how another of the world's most lethal men was taken out. protecting secrets and getting more difficult as hackers take on the international monetary fund. the new york times is reporting that the imf is hit by a large and sophisticated cyber attack. the fund is in the center of economic bail out programs for a number of countries it holds sensitive data. it has been in the news after
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strauss-kahn was charged with assaulting a chamber maid in a new york hotel. citigroup and sony and lockheed martin on the list. for the young mother casey anthony on trial for her life in florida, day 16 in court. the prosecution focusing on what caused the death of caylee. on the stand today, an insect expert with possible clues. dr. neal haskle found flies related to decomposition in the trunk of her car. >> let me put it to you hypothetical, that the body of a young child was stored in the trunk of the car for a period of time and then removed and deposited in another location. does that fit with the evidence that you found? >> absolutely.
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the group that we found was consistent with a body that was partially decomposed. >> you are listening to the heart of the prosecution's argument. caylee's little body was kept in her mothera car before left in a wooded area in casey anthony's home. the argued that she died in her grandmother's swimming pool by accident. here is her attorney anthony baes. >> i look for one and i can look for thousands. but my point is, when you have a decomposing body, there are generally speaking many of these spots. >> that is correct. >> casey's parents appearing in court for the first time in days, they showed up after missing testimony. today things were graphic again.
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phil keating is in orlando with more. >> testimony suggests that caylee anthony's body sat decomposing three-five-days in the truck of her mother's car. the evidence dead blow flies and the larvae . the judge allowed for the release of the controversial piece of evidence . graphic information of casey's smiling face and then it goes to a skull and then mouth and nose which prosecutor said was all that was needed to suffocate and kill caylee. the defense finds it prejudical . the prosecutor took the jury on a virtual tour where casey's bones were found scattered about by animals. casey anthony didn't look sickly or nauseous or peaked. an expert witness for the
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prosecution testified about what the bugs show. in 2008, he examined the trash bag that was found in casey anthony's truck and he found blow-fly larvae that commonly lays eggs on decomposing species and found the larvae on paper towels in the trash bag. >> what did you recognize the subitance to be? i thought it was a good possibility because the flies were there and larvae were feeding and completing the life cycles . >> a crime scene investigator held up duct tape and what was left of the t-shirt caylee was wearing when she died. casey anthony could be sent to the florida death row. it is expected to be the state's final week. harris? >> harris: phil keating on the
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story down in orlando. north carolina tont, a gruesome find and mystery of the police. four people turned up dead. bodies of three women were in the car. a man's body found outside of the carrot road. it happened on highway 54 in research triangle park. that is a 7000cracy -- acres park. they say the shootings were not random. and this is just coming in to the news room right now. nored fighter jets intercepted a private plane by camp david and the radio was out of communication. president obama is staying there with his family. fox learned two f-15s escorted the plane out and landed in
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haguers town marry lan. e-coli outbreak but not in germany it is right here in america. we'll tell you what you need to know . in eastern arizona, people leaving everything behind they own . houses are burning to the ground and a possibility that the fire is so big it could cross state lines. casey stegal is live for us. casey? >> yeah, harris, not just the monstrous that have people worried. but could affect people hundreds of miles. away. [ male announcer ] the inspiration for its shape was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe.
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to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. >> the wildfires are going in the wrong direction and headed to mixtureco those flames are. the wildfires has now charred more than 430,000 acres. that is 22,000 more acres
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since yesterday and so it is picking up fuel. evacuation affecting some 10,000 people as they leave homes for safer ground. we are learning that the battle is tougher on wednesday saturday. they lost 30 houses. but the greatest concern is the air. tuney particles of stoot are - floating around. officials are telling people to stay away. casey stegal is live for us 200 miles east of phoenix. casey, how do people protect themselves >> you can see people wearing face mask and filters in the middle and weed out the particles. the concern is not just for folks in the immediate area of
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the fire. look at the video, massive smoke colums rising out of the flames and carried hundreds of miles away to states as far away as iowa. officials with the environmental department of quality said particles are in the air more than 20 times higher than the federal standard and yesterday they were 40 times higher and causing respiratory problems for people like annie. >> we couldn't see anything but the smoke. we are in the south end . literally could not see 10 feet ahead of you and it was so heavy. no flames and just intense smoke and we started packing up and it is panicky. >> and the fire is five percent contained at this hour, harris. >> harris: yeah, i mentioned
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that things were going to the wrong direction. they had gotten more containment and it is slipping away. there is back burning, what is it? >> it is fighting the fire with fire and that is how this crossed in neighboring new mexico. what the fire crews will do. move in a area ahead of the flames and intentionally set the brush on fire. the theory is that when the national wildfires burns up to that area it runs out of fuel and stops it in the tracks so long as mother nature cooperates. >> we have to hope she will start to cooperate. >> first it was europe, and now our country facing an out break of e-coli bacteria. tennessee and virginia revealed the outbreak hit 13 people including a child who
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died. it is known to cause severe illness . this detail is critucal. it is not the same strain that is responsible for the outbreak in europe and germany. there is no link that is made in the cases in virginia and tennessee yet. well, is this way way to greet a new mayor? angry demonstrators flocking to city hall. >> he lost his arm and leg fighting for our country. a thank you as the american hero gets a custom built home. sam higgins? you have frequent heartburn, right? yeah. well we're the two active ingredients in zegerid otc. i'm omeprazole. and i'm sodium bicarbonate. just one pill a day ... gives you 24-hour relief. & one mission. two ingredients heartburn solved.
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friends and relatives of a university stount not giving up hope. lauren spear vanished while walking hom from a bar in bloomington. authorities searched lakes and followed tips to lauren that was a native of new york. hundreds of friends and rel tuvs and volunteers continue the massive search hoping to find cluse was her where abouts. they are talking to persons of interest uncluding spear's boyfriend. here case will be on america's most wanted on the fox network by the way. >> dignity for an american hero. army specialist arms and legs were blown off in the war. now he has a custom built state of the art home that meets his needs .
7:23 pm
julie has more. >> if you build it, harris they will comethe community calm out in full to support the home town hero . turning tragedies into triumph . less than six months in the combat tour in iraq. the armored vehicle hit a road side bomb and his best buddy sitting beside him was killed andan survived after undergoing life saving surge row, it was a long road . now 26 months later in army reed medical center led him back home to staten island. the house is wheelchair accessible and a state of the art elevator and adjustment countertops and an outdoor heating system soan - he will
7:24 pm
not have to worry about shoveling. the entire project cost a million paid for by sponsors who cont have helped a more deserving family. >> you can imagine the dips and the highs, you go from the depths of depression when something goes wrong, to the highest high. for me it doesn't get better than this today. >> it is good to so what i did and my friends do on a daily basis over there is a lot . good to see that people appreciate it and acknowledge it. >> this is the ninth house the nonprofit has built. the plan to build eight-10 next year. go to and i am guessing that website will be busy tonight. >> i hope it is. >> harris: fall out for new york congressman anthony weiner. he will get treatment and will
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an ikea store and wounding two people and damaging property in an east other than city . and the victim suffering minor injuries and that blow suffering several recent attacks and yet to confirm if the bombings are related . spain. authorities struggling to control a mob of protestors in madrid. they rally against the new mayor and high unemployment and people under the age of 25. >> and the philippines, tiny and now famous and soon to be named the shortest man in the world and planning the official result tomorrow and happens to be the 18th birthday who stands at 24 inches tall and beating the previous record of 26 inches set by a man in the fall: the
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uk official celebration of queen elizabeth's birthday. the queen's birthday is in april but the annual event is held in june when the weather is better. the royal family including prince william and kate on hand andine a airport fly over. that is a wrap in fox's trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. on the heels of a sexting scandal anthony weiner requesting a leave of absence. he refused to resign despite pressure from democrats to demand he quit for exchanging messages and photographs for women on line. he didn't say what coined of treatment. he exchanged on line messages with a 17 year old girl in delaware and nothing improper
7:31 pm
passed between the two of them. congresswoman shuts asked weiner to resign. >> i call with disappointment to call anthony weiner to resign. this sordid affair is an unacceptable disfraction for weiner and his family and the house . for the good of all he should step aside and address his family's well being. >> his wife huma is pregnant with their first child and currently tramping with secretary of state hillary clinton to africa. she works as one of clinton's top aids. >> it is turning out to be the initiative the upcoming presidential election. the economy, president obama using the weekly address to say that the recession didn't happen overnight and will not end overnight.
7:32 pm
>> there are certain things that we know we can do. now government is not and should not be the main engine of job creation. that's the role of private sector. the government can partner to make sure every worker has the necessary skills for the jobs they are applying for. >> harris: adding to a tough week. obama's address follows a week of losses on wall street . dow six consectative weeks since 2002 and in danger of continuing that slide . republicans with 9.1 percent unemployment and congressman adam kinsinger in illinois. the road to fueling our economy and tackling our debt head on . reigning in washington's red tape factory and passing pending trade agreements with panama and columbia and south
7:33 pm
korea and decreasing energy production. >> congressmen from illinois look at the job play calling for reducing burdens on small businesses. >> a top terrorist out of circulation tonight. fasul abdullah mohamed is now dead. al-qaida's leader in east africa killed at a checkpoint in east somalia. he escaped death in a u.s. air strike and now his luck run out. peter doocy has more from washington. >> less than six weeks after osama bin laden was killed. the top man in somalia is dead as well secretary of state hillary clinton said it is a just aim for a terrorist .
7:34 pm
this is a significant development saying "we commend the good work by the tfc". removes one of the experienced operational planners and certainly set back operation . tfg mentioned the federal government and their guys are the ones who stopped the peculiar up truck carrying mohamed in a road block. their that is where they were shot to death in the truck where they were hauling 40 ground and south passport and medicine and computer and cell phones. one of our most wanted terrorist, he master minded the 19neat u.s. embassy boboings in kenya and tans nia . 224 people were kill would and 12 americans among them. 4500 were hurt. hacious parently planned a car bomb nothing kenya that killed another 15 people.
7:35 pm
he was indicted in new york on charges was murdering u.s. nationals outside of the united states and conspiring to murder u.s. nationals outside of the united states . for an attack in a federal facility and now his own death will face him from facing the muc in new york. >> and a lapse was security in honoluluinternational airport will cost 36 workers their jobs and the tsa said the and the baggage was going to be screened . 12 workers. and union claiming that they were under pressure and the government saying two widely used chemicals formaldide may cause cancer. national institutes of health say people with higher measures are at higher risk of
7:36 pm
certain cancers including behind the noise. it is wildly used to make it is used in boths and bathtubs may cause cancer and the nih is found in low levels in consumer products and the rick is low. >> a fire taking 20 fire companies to get the flames under control . cow chaos on the highway. oh, my. it is a good thing they know how to work a lasso .
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there is a tornado warning in
7:40 pm
affect for pennsylvania. much much america is saying goodbye to uncomfortable heat. maria molina is live for us. >> that's right. harris, new tornado warning as cooler air is clashing with the warm are air in parts of the northeast. two areas that we are watching. one in midatlantic and northeast and including the state of pennsylvania and northern and central plains. tornado watches one in affect in north and western parts of dacotas and we see conditions becoming favorable for severe storms to develop. a tornado could be on the ground in east transmittal colorado and southeast of the city of denver including lincoln county. that means doppler radiar is spotted . one in pennsylvania moving through hershey, pennsylvania
7:41 pm
and includes lebanon county. seek shelter if you live in these areas. that could mean there could be a torp torn on the ground. that is moving northeast. there is a risk of severe torms in the missouri river. that is not good news. >> and water is a problem for them and they can't get a break. what about relief for them? that is not looking well, either. we are looking at dry conditions persisting and temperatures warming and winds increasing. i want to show you the drought monitor in eastern portions of arizona and where we have our wildfires. with the drought conditions mean there is brush where the wild wile are fueled by the
7:42 pm
dry brush in the region and factor in the wind and you are looking at conditions and wildfires being spread again. they are going to be increase nothing -- increasing in strength. thank you very much. high powered hollywood help for twister devastated joplin, missouri. brat pit and angelina jolie are developing half million to joplin to rebuild . the latest death toll. 151 people. >> and pit grew up in that part of the missouri and spent his childhood in that area and knows that the people are
7:43 pm
resilient. indeed, pitt, they are. >> white house urging the syrian government to stop the crack down on civilians. this is forces believed to be loyal to brashar's regime . leading toward towns in the northern border with turkey. refugees reaching turkey and claiming that chaos erupted with government forces. now, new amateur video that we are watching shows troops firing shots on protestors. fox can't independently verify the content of the tape. and 21 al-qaida terrorist are dead according to yemen's defense minister tonight. they killed al-qaida members in a coastal city seized by islamic militants. yemen's ambassador to london saying selah is in stable
7:44 pm
condition in a hospital after suffering would you know and burns in the attack in his palace . she-- yemen is our ally and a growing concern for the united states. it is hope to al-qaida member and american born cleric alwakey. turkey is shifting the alliance from the west to the east. the greatest concern is relationship with iran. turkey prime minister called ahmadinejad his friend and now open borders and a lot of commerce. there are suspicions that iranian money is laundered through turkey and turkey may be a weak point in the efforts to isolate iran. amy kellogg is on the story in
7:45 pm
isstanbul. >> turkey who has strong relations with iran veted the last round of sanctions and making the west cretical. it is a difficult one. >> in fact turkey's relationship with iran have a lot to do with business and this is controversial here because of what is going on politically with iran. they should be trading with a large powerful neighbor that provides 20 percent of turkey's natural gas. but turkey tried to broker a fuel swap and hosts talks
7:46 pm
instanbul. >> that you compete and when push comes to shove and turkey makes a choice. turkey tends to side with saudi arabia rather than iran. >> the irab spring add pressure with turkey and iran backing different players. he argues that the west needs to use turkey for keeping up the fight to reach a break through in the land stand off with iran. new jersey a massuv fire burning down the three story build nothing camden. 20 fire companies were called to the scene and make an eight-alarm fire. it took hour to put it out. michigan, five gas station owners accused in a price
7:47 pm
fixing scheme for allegedly overcharging customer in february and march. the judge ordered them to surrender passports. they violated the state's antitrust law. georgia, run away cattle on a major roadway. a truck tipped over on interstate 85. they called in cowboys on horseback. it slowed traffic for miles and no cattle were harmed in the accident. >> oklahoma, a tulsa man, saving his dog's life with cpr. mouth to snouth. he found chester drowning in the pool. >> chest compressions and and
7:48 pm
brought him back and not let him go. >> he rushed the pooch to the ret and after spending the night in the emergency room, chester can roam freely in the life vest . this program may save the lives of young men and women in uniform.
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7:51 pm
eye >> it seems that war games is taking on a new definition of high tech gizmos and reality. here is elizabeth alvaez.
7:52 pm
>> welcome. it is not a game or a movie. >> the environment that brings you ability to operate in any condition. the u.s. army will be training combat soldiers. it is called the dismounted soldier training system. >> this provide a environment that they can do all of the training they need to perform their tasks. it is all developed here in orlando. >> mimic the real world as close as possible. >> talk about out of the box ready training program. >> technology we are using can recreate caves that they would go in and search out. >> and how about soldiers jumping out of helicopters anding in the depths of the night whether by land, sea or air. they will wear a helmet
7:53 pm
mounted display and computer backpack and sensors. >> it is 21st century and we are taking technology out there and it is in 60 or cent percent of our kid's homes today. >> it is the next generation platform. >> and why not put it in more fighters hands and be better prepared. >> and so if they make mistakes in the trainer, don't make it out in the real world. >> that was elizabeth alvaez from station 35 in orlando. >> and a huge upset. ruler on the ice . taking the league from preakness winner and the fold of 12 turned from home. 24-1 long shot took over. can't you just hear them? he finished fifth and kentucky derby winner finishing sixth.
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>> and in arizona, a wildfires burning out of control, crossing state lines we are told and putting people in a lot of danger. we'll go live to arizona with an update. stay with us. [ male announc ] look outside. it's grow time. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shru to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in st the perfect place. let's start at the place withhe best plants, people, and prices. wt do you say we plant a ekd, water it,
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new york congressman anthony weiner requesting a leave of absence despite calls from the democrats to resign. he exchanged messages and lewd photos on line. >> and a massive wildfires threatening another state. casey stegal rejoins us with an update. casey? >> and harris, it has crossed over in neighboring new mexico and a tremendous amount of resources thrown out . heavy equipment on the ground and bull dozers and 14 helicopters taking to the skies and making crucial water
7:59 pm
drops and sometimes on the flames and ahead of them to prevent spreading and a dc jet capable of releasing 12 thousand gallons of flame retardant. more than 5,000 structures are still threatening and only in five percent containment. back to you. >> casey, thank you very much. and on this day in 1979. john wayne passed away. the american icon known for counselless roles in flicks and appeared in 250 films in his career. wayne's final role a gun slinger dying of cancer . highways most famous cowboy rode into the sunset 32 years to


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