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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." off to iowa tomorrow. fair, balanced, and unafraid. we'll pacific, 3:00 eastern for "studio b." >> laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the president of the united states is threatened by my candidacy. he fears me. he sees me as a serious substantive competitor. >> she speaks pure tea party lingo. >> are president obama's allies in the media trying to destroy michele bachmann's campaign? monica crowley and alan colmes will debate it. >> did you see a skull? a human skull? >> i did see something that appeared to me to look like something of that nature, yes, sir. >> casey anthony's lawyers call the man who found 2-year-old caylee anthony's lifeless body to the stand. our legal experts will analyze the shocking testimony.
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[sirens] >> and violence in the streets in greece as the nanny state collapses. are we next? >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services hi, everybody, i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. thank for watching under the circumstances she believes the obama administration fears her. he fears me. sees me as a substantive candidate. i think he wants to do whatever he can to diminish me because he thinks he have to see me in the
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debates. >> laura: the lame stream media cannot wait to diminish her. >> what is this, michael, a protestant reformation that somehow we are going back to the purity of the original christian church. we are going to the original perfection of slave holders and how perfect they were and government is the enemy. she speaks pure tea party lingo. >> bachmann wants nothing but pure socialism coming out of the agriculture department every day. >> laura: the question is why the viciousness from the press? ha what are they so afraid of? joining us now from new york are fox news analysts and talk radio stars monica crowley and alan colmes. >> hello. >> laura: let me tell you my theory very briefly and i want to hear whether you disagree or agree. what i think is that michele bachmann emerged as the one candidate who both the elites on the left and on the right fear. they don't like her. it would have been a huckabee if
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he were in the race or palin if she would be in the race. at the they are not in the race. it's michele bachmann and she has surged in the last couple of weeks. michelle is the target and she is front and center and she should expect it. alan, do you agree or disagree. >> she should suspect it. she shouldn't get so offended when asked if she was a flake. she finally accepted the apology. laugh obama fears her. the guy who killed usama bin laden fears michele bachmann. >> laura: he didn't personally kill bin laden. >> forget the things concord, massachusetts or she thinks john quincy adams is the founding father. she nasa not adequately answered guess about farm subsidies that she received a farm she partly owns that she said she didn't. about moneys that go to minnesota that she -- she is against anybody else getting it but she gets the goodies. those are the issues that she has to really answer something about something he mass not yet
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done. >> laura: i think obama would fear someone like michele bachmann. i know the elites think she has no chance, counting her out. i have heard this refrain before. she is the closest to tea party person that's out there. if she caught fire, i say beware all of progun. they actually live their lives according to those conservative principles. so, therefore, they represent an existential threat to liberalism. can you imagine for one second if either governor palin or michele bachmann gained real traction with women? a core constituency of the democratic base, if they started
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hemorrhaging women, because women started responding to michele bachmann or governor palin's message about constitutionally limited government. fiscal responsibility and free market the democrats would be sunk. therefore they need to destroy both of these women and that's what you are seeing right now. >> they are not destroying her by simply explaining the things she says not true. not conservative principles take farm subsidies when she is against everybody else. wynnen fiduciary of socialism. that is not conservative principles. >> laura: alan, hypothetical questions. cable news we love hypos. let's say she had basically a similar background recollect professional back ground, kind of stable and pretty cool personal background and, yet, she were a liberal and she espoused liberal ideas, maybe about abortion or marriage or politics in some way, economics. don't you think she would be hailed as a strong, forward-thinking, liberal leader
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that is capturing the imagination of one segment of the population? i think she would be hailed? >> i don't disagree with that because i think she is a strong person who is capturing the imagination on the conservative side but she still has not answered certain key questions that i referenced earlier. and she still has not. >> laura: she just got in the race. >> she has not directly answered questions when asked by chris wallace and a bunch of other people. she continues to make these faux pass. one had john quincy adams to be a founding father. she won't even make a mistake. >> laura: when the president says 57 states. corpseman four times. >> that's when you bring up something on the right. 57 statement and corpsemen. it's already already. michele bachmann said this stuff today. >> laura: how do you deal with this man on the holiday table? >> the fact you just mentioned that, laura, i'm having post-traumatic stress syndrome.
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asked for new obama gaffe. acouple words again how many shoes do you wear on your feats? nobody picked that up. >> you are right is he a complete moron. there is a huge element of sexism, here laura. for example when our colleague, chris wallace who has since apologized when he said on sunday morning are you a flake? i cannot imagine a male candidate getting that question. >> >> laura: i didn't like it? >> or frankly hillary clinton getting that question. >> because she is not a flake. >> alan, here is what i think ultimately does matter is your performance and the question is for democrats, is it more important that you say millions of jobs will be saved and created as a result of x policy and then that doesn't happen. or is it more important, frankly, if president obama makes a gaffe about 57 states. >> if she says if we do away with the minimum wage we will do away with the job deficit. there is no evidence of that whatsoever. what policy has she got? >> laura: alan, do you think obama's policies are working? >> yes. they would have worked better
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with bearing stimulus. >> laura: more money would have really been working. >> yes, much better. >> laura: that's the question for the people. monica in the end whether a staff prepared some blue card that had the wrong point about john wayne's birthplace in the end. in the end, none of it is going to matter. in the end what you belief and whether you connect with the american people and their values at a time of great economic distress. i think that's what matters. alan is right about this, you are right about this. she should get used to it. if you are a conservative woman in the united states and unapologetic about your views, guess what? going to be open season on you. >> stop playing the woman card. it's not about antifeminism. >> laura: does it happen to you. >> yes as i said a conservative woman derangement syndrome we represent a existential threat to them. that's why they have to take these women out metaphorically thinking. >> all have you got to do is present her own words to her. >> laura: i wish we had the whole hour i'm transporting
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myself to the thanksgiving table. >> it's ugly, laura. >> you don't want to be there. >> >> laura: i'm coming next year. >> you are perfectly welcome. >> laura: directly ahead, is the obama administration using your money to raise tax dollars for his wealthy liberals in the 2012 re-election. greece gets violent as the nanny state falls apart. could it happen here?
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, ponel may need hundreds of millions of dollars to save his job in the white house. and now he is offering all kinds of goodies to get that cash. >> hi, everybody. i've got a pretty big announcement about that contest the campaign is running where you can join me for dinner. we're setting another place at the table for joe biden. he wants to join us. so this isn't so much dinner
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with barack anymore as it is with dinner with barack and joe. to use one of his favorite expressions, that's a big deal. we're both really looking forward to it. hope to see you soon. >> laura: by the way i entered that contest. so i'm waiting. that video was shot in the white house. and while it's not illegal critics say the people's house should not be used for partisan political purposes. back when he was senator, president obama scorned this kind of big money political access. >> and as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what has filled the void. the cynics, the lobbyists and specialists have turned our government into a game only they could afford to play. they write the checks and you get stuck with the bill. they get the access while you get to write a letter. they think they own this government but we're here today
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to take it back. the time for that kind of politics is over. it is through. it's time to turn the page. >> laura: are we turning the page? well, joining us now from new orleans dr. caroline heldman a politics professor at occidental college and with me in washington is clean that mitchell a campaign finance attorney. all right, ladies, let's make this understandable for the public out there. they see headlines, obama pushing behind scenes to win over big dollar donors. white house opened up, raising big money. cleta, tell us, is this technically illegal? and, if not, why does it appear to be unseemly? >> well, it is unseemly because i actually do think it's illegal. the law is very clear that you are not supposed to rate raise money, including the president or vice president on government property. that's a federal crime. and they filmed this in the white house and last time i checked we were paying the bill for the guy who lives in the white house. it's public housing. >> laura: they argue that it was filmed in the residence although when you look at the video,
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again, this is 5 bucks to get a raffle ticket you buy a possibility of having dinner in joe biden which, you know, $5 what a bargain that is. but they say it's in the residence. the respects is not the official white house building. it's personal. so they can use it and they say there is some precedent for that. >> well, there is actually no precedent for that what they're relying on. i don't want to get too technical. 1970s legal advisory opinion that's never been tested because frankly because nobody has ever tried to raise money in the white house or the vice president's home. this is a first. i have to tell you this is a first. >> laura: didn't we have the revolving door of charlie tree. >> don't you remember the lincoln bedroom? remember the congressional investigations about all of that? >> laura: excellent. go to caroline. i think people across the united states, like we're splitting hairs whether it's in the white house residence. in the west ring or in a conference room in the west wing that doesn't really matter. when you heard president obama on the stump time to turn the page money shouldn't buy access.
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in fact, isn't money buying an enormous amount of access? >> well, if you listen to the video, it actually requires a $5 donation. we are not talking about big money here. we are talking about small money. cleta is wrong, the justice department has actually ruled that the private residence you can conduct fundraising act tifts there you can't do it in the public spaces. this has happened before. al gore pushed the limits. in terms of using the white house for political purposes, ronald reagan used it for ads. george herbert walker bush used it for ads. bill clinton u it over 30 times and george w. bush used it president obama is doing something that i personally do not support because i wish that we didn't have 100-million-dollar price tag just to get to be a legitimate candidate for the presidency but it's rules that he did not set up. he is exploiting them but this is historical. >> laura: he campaigned, caroline and cleta as a new kind of candidate. that was refreshing for a lot of people. saw him, young, vibrant, going to turn the page and do it a new
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way. for a lot of people said i like that. even if they didn't agree with all his policies i like that. the cynics like myself thought just wait until he gets in office and he have to raise $60 million in three months. that's his follow. publishers clearing house thing. it seems yucky to me. seems like that's not a dignified approach to the white house and handling yourself in the white house. >> look, the president has said that he needs to raise $1 billion. >> 60 million in three months. >> look, the thing that i think is more objectionable was the meeting in march where the democratic national committee brought a number of financiers. >> big money people. >> it wasn't a fundraiser. >> people who had given millions to the dnc to obama to democrats for congress. this is exactly the thing that they said they would not do. >> that is not a fundraiser.
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>> i think caroline, what cleta is getting at and this has happened throughout, you know, i think the time that i have been in washington. money buys access. and little people, little people, i hate that phrase, but going to get a special briefing by valerie jarrett. they are not going to sit down with larry summers when he was a top economic advisor a year or so ago. they are not going to get that access. exactly that's what goes on election cycle after election cycle. it doesn't look new. doesn't look like hope and change. it looks like the same old cynical politics that keeps the elites in charge and the people out of the decision-making. that's the problem. >> i think people are tired of it. let me just add this. noah shaw, the co-chair of jen 44. it's a new, young, bundling operation or bundlers they get $100,000 worth of campaign contributions. he says the best way to motivate people out there to give money is to make them feel like they are on the inside. and that's why they bring them
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to these briefings. they get these people to come into these briefings. i would ask you caroline is that really the kind of message we want to send to young people today that you pony up enough people and you can get your inside access. that seems like it's a rigged game to me. >> oh, absolutely. i couldn't agree with you more. i was equally as cynical, laura when he made these claims he was going to clean up the money in washington. the rules are set against that. he is simply playing by a set of rules that he inherited. and, yes, i would love to see it changed. i do think. >> laura: why doesn't he change them? >> it needs to come from congress and it needs. >> laura: no. come on. that is ridiculous. ca cleta. it doesn't have to come from congress it can come from him. through an executive order. >> how can it come from him. >> laura: can he say i'm not doing it? >> we have a system that provides for private financing of campaigns which i like rather than government funding, but they shouldn't be doing it on taxpayer supported property and that, in fact, is illegal. and no one has done that since
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bill clinton sold the lincoln bedroom. >> laura: good to see you guys. thanks so much. cleta caroline. coming up next, obama's approval ratings on the economy hit another new low. if he doesn't turn things around could the mob violence we see in greece at some point come in the united states? later, the man who found the body of 2-year-old caylee anthony testifies for the defense. how key possibly help their case? complete aanalysis casey anthony murder trial coming up.
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, what happens to the country when the socialist safety net falls apart? in greece the country is on the verge of financial ruin. the far left that supports
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cradle to grave entitlements is getting violent. the question becomes will this happen here? well, a new gallup poll out today shows that americans have little confidence in the economy. and americans are blaming the president. according to a marist poll out today, 58% of voters disapprove of obama's handling of the economy. only 37% approve. that, my friends, is a new low. joining us from chicago, jonathan hoenig, the founder of capitalist and a contributor. here in washington dean baker, the co-director of the center for economic and policy research. okay, gentlemen, you see that video. and you see videos like it, you know, this recent weeks. it's pretty startling. we think we are kind of protected here. we think there is order.
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there is civility in the streets. that can't happen here. dean, under no circumstance could something like that happen, even in isolated places or cities happen here. >> well, obviously things can happen here. remember los angeles that was not long ago 1991. you can certainly have, you know, civil unrest. if we do really, really foolish policies you certainly could have that. are we on the way there? well, if we don't do anything fill out unemployment stay very high and don't do anything to stimulate the economy i suppose after a time you could have something like that. >> because people believe that, what the government is not actually responding to the needs and the will of the people. that government is a lot of talk, a lot of special commitment but not responding. >> government or private sector. the point is people in the united states expect to get a job and have a decent standard of living. if we have a persistent. something like the great depression happening again where we have persistently high unemployment for period of time a lot of people upset. >> there was not widespread social unrest in the streets.
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deep poverty and deep despair. this there wasn't the type of full-fledged out of control -- >> -- you did have a lot of unrest in different places different times you certainly had many places where there was serious unrest. >> laura: social safety net hadn't been erected for people. they were concerned they didn't have jobs. >> you tend he to see civil unrest, laura not in capitalists individualistic societies but in societies that have more of a collective vista societies that have those safety nets. people realize a safety net isn't that safe when it did k. literally be taken away at government's whim. that's unfortunately what has got people negative on our own economy. the polls are atrocious for the president. we have done so much to expand that safety net, to expand government's intervention and control the economy. folks i know with the money these days are taking it out of u.s. investments, finding ways to put it offshore in basically
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that benefit the u.s. dollar's decline. >> laura: what about this idea of taking it further election cycle after election cycle elites in both parties aren't really responding to what the people say they need and want. people need to have idea if you work hard and play by the rules you have middle lifestyle in the united states. the rules work against regular people and it really pushed in favor of those with access and those were a lot of connections. >> right. that's just it those with an in. the president often talks about respecting free market. respecting capitalism. laura, his version of a government always plays a very centralized roll whether it's cash for clunkers, dodd-frank. stimulus. it all comes down to more government control. what has been the net result? forget the philosophy. higher unemployment. an atrocious economy. more fear, less confidence. that's always, you know, the essence of a controlled
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centralized economy. >> laura: dean, isn't that precarious nature of an everexpanding government that at some point the balloon will burst. >> we got here because we had cut backs in government. >> laura: cut back government. explain that. >> no, three years ago we got here. >> i thought it was the evil bankers. >> excuse me, i didn't interrupt you because president bush and alan greenspan are both big believers in the free market. trillion-dollar housing bubble that collapsed when president obama took office we were losing $700 trillion a month. i'm happy to criticize his. enormous steps to downturn to. blame him that's ignoring history. i should point out, jonathan, you forget what happened the reason we got welfare states is awful lot of unrest in individualistic free market societies in places like england, france, europe in the 19th century. that's what led to the welfare state. read you're history. >> now we are dealing with a very serious numbers. we have got, you know,
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independent moody's and s&p looking to down grade our debt. it's not because we didn't spend enough. that's what makes me think the civil unrest like we are seeing greece could ultimately happen here if we don't address the long-term liabilities that this country is facing. not because of the court system, proper function of the government. entitlement state that dean wants to expand. >> laura: it's complicated analysis to some extent how we got here. a lot of different moving parts. one of them was obviously federal management of the home loan business with fanny and freddie. i mean, you go back to the beginning of the housing problem, we had the fed with easy money. we had low interest rates for a low time. it was churn and burn with these mortgages. fanny and freddie were at the crux of this problem. we had a rot of inside influence from capitol hill on down. >> that's government. >> the worst mortgages were not fanny and freddie. far and away the worst goldman sachs, morgan stanley. the private investment banks. they took the mortgages that fannie and freddie would not touch. the reason we had low interest
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rates is because we had a stock market crash exuberant people in wall street went nuts. they sank the economy. you are blaming the government on that. >> sinking the economy. to say private sector is sinking the economy. the private sector is the economy. unless. >> always economic cycles. >> that was downturn. >> laura: $14.3 trillion is a simple math equation. we are taking in -- we are taking in less than what we're spending. that's been going on across presidents. >> no problem with that willing to lend this money long-term at 3% interest. people running around -- that's not an issue. >> that's my fear, laura. that's phiear. look what's happened with greece. interest rate at 20%. at one point the market not going to lend us that money. that's when you see riots in the streets. >> laura: my mother always used to say at some point the music stops. this is one ugly game of musical chairs if it does stop on the u.s. economy. gentlemen, it's great to see you. thanks so much. plenty more ahead as the factor
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moves along. tonight, directly ahead. violent mobs. teenagers ravaging cities across the country. well is law enforcement doing enough to stop them? also harrowing testimony in the casey anthony trial from the man who found the body of the 2-year-old caylee anthony. we are going to take you inside the courtroom. please stay tuned to t
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>> laura: in the up resolved problem segment tonight. what's starting to look like a trend of violent teen mobs causing chaos. in philadelphia last week 40 young thugs went into a sears store then they stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in broad daylight. 16 kids were arrested. and, believe it or not, one of them was only 11 years old. there have been similar problems in chicago and atlanta and new orleans and in las vegas. joining us now from new york, curtis, radio host and founder of the guardian angels and cooper lawrence also a radio
5:32 am
host. curtis, have you been at this for a long time watching criminal trends across the united states. how do police stay ahead of this situation when you get one message going out on the internet suddenly an hour later you have 100, maybe 200 people gathering and it overwhelms the authorities on the scene. >> well, laura, this started actually in philadelphia with art students who texting and emailing and facebooking and socially networking because they wanted to do people art. so, from drexel and all the universities they assembled and all of the sudden 10 became 100, and 100 became a thousand and the homeys saw this and said yo i have got that same technology wireless. then all of the sudden wolf packs those are the terms used. wolf packing. wilding has suddenly become this mobbing up in which all of a sudden you get people who are tweeting as the biggest twits in the world on twitter and then also obviously emailing and facebooking and i mean it becomes a mad rush. they hit a place like south
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street in philadelphia or the north shore right along lake michigan and chicago. and like locusts in the cornfield they buzz through the percentages that maybe 20 will get caught. hundreds will run free and snitches get stitches and end up in ditches. no one supposed to rap anyone out. they try to keep to that code of streets. >> laura: that sounded like jesse jackson formulation at the end. i get what you are saying. what can police do cooper? how do they stay ahead of this? is there any way that authorities can stay ahead of this because, look, you see that shopping mall scene. you go into a store one of the clerks these guys are making minimum wage. 19, just off of break from school and they're getting a few bucks to work and suddenly they get 75, you know, disaffected youth showing up to lewd the store. >> i think it's very important for police and all of us understand who these kids are and doing what they do. great deal of research on this. kids are either what they call adolescent limited or life
5:34 am
course persistent. the add low says sent limited kids are between 7 and 17. you sees a they get older it escalates where they become more interested in antisocial behavior. 17 starts to drop off and eventually they become normal citizens. but then a small percentage that love the crime. they start young and they keep at crime as long as they can. and they're the ones that instigate these other kids. you get kids that are interested in crime finding kids that, you know, may be playing around with it the thugs. find the kids that are a little interested and get them involved in these large groups. very important for police to understand hot real criminals are here and get them them to stop them from encouraging the younger kids and even younger. you mentioned 11. that's ridiculous, right? that's about the age. that's the pivotal age that that curiosity starts. >> laura: well, curtis, look, here is where we are today. we have a rampant fatherlessness problem in the united states of america where there is some -- and this cuts across racial and gender lines where we have, you
5:35 am
know, one parent households and we have, you know, real problem with family breakdown. this happens across socioeconomic lines but it especially happens bill cosby and some have talked about happens in inner city poorer areas. there are no guardrails for the kids. they don't have a family structure. so they look for father figures and these gangs. i mean, again, have you been working in this area for decades now. and the problem has gotten worse, curtis. not better. with the family breakdown. i think it all goes back to the family. >> yeah, but laura, you can create the alternative as i have the guardian a angels 14 countries and 140 cities to give alternative rather than be gang bangers and antisocial it still comes down to when all of a sudden this mob gets rolling and flash mobbing. you have to use the language that they universally understand whether they're the young huckleberries or fakingen like adults leading this effort.
5:36 am
compliance. the cops can't be punching donuts out there. they have got to be busting their shoes. the way they do that is given a few wooden shampoos, few attitudinal punishment where they are sucking concrete outside of the store you will see how quick that antisocial behavior will stop. that's the language they universally understand. then you can get into the nitty gritty of why the furniture is upstairs and rearranged in the wrong rooms and they become enemies of society. >> laura: you have to control the problem first and then you can analyze why it's happening. cooper, i mean there is something to that, right? they are doing it because they know they can get away with it. curtis is absolutely right. >> he is absolutely right. >> laura: percentage will go with a faith based organization a guardian angel and actually get affiliated with someone who is going to, say don't act like a jerk it's going to ruin your life. the rest of these kids are going to gravitate towards something like this because they can get away with it. what do authorities do with this internet, the flash mobbing, what do they do? i don't know what the authorities can do at this
5:37 am
point. >> curtis found a creative way to save consequences. kids don't grasp the consequences of the action. so we have to show them these are consequences and they are serious consequences. >> what you do is you throw some of these kids coib and trust me, they will rat out the others. they are part of the network. you get your kids who want to be cops who are buffs who are explorers get them on the network and get them to rat them out so the cops preemptively swoop in and got all patty wagons and grab the leaders. without the leaders the flash mobs cannot effectively get out of control. >> great strategy. curtis cooper great to see you. and is it legal ladies great on deck. they will be looking at a lawsuit involving another muslim woman who wants to wear religious on the garb. rules in the anna nicole smith estate. will this finally put that legal battle to rest? legal up next.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, lots of hot topics. we begin with georgia's tough new immigration law. yesterday a federal judge put parts of that law on hold. joining us now from new york to explain, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and kimberly guilfoyle. ladies, let's make it simple for the folks across the country. they have all of these immigration cases out there brewing for the federal court system. what happened, kimberly in georgia yesterday? >> basically, this is a pretty pivotal ruling because we have seen this throughout four states now where they have tried to as this judge said do an end run around the federal law and, of course, this is based on the frustration from state governments trying to say, look, we want to take care of the problems in our state,
5:41 am
specifically illegal immigration and what he did was he put on hold two controversial elements of this immigration law, one in particular about people, cops pulling over individuals saying don't turn them into ice, informants, immigration officers and also provision involving willingly and knowingly helping or assisting an illegal alien. the everify program as well. he discussed that and said that was okay to do that and make sure someone's immigration status is in good standing and is appropriate with respect to their employment in the state. >> laura: least, -- lis this judge was appointed by bill clinton. i have to say that why is it controversial to say that somebody who knowingly transports or harbors illegal immigrants or endo courages them to come there runs afoul of state law? feds aren't doing their job, then the states are kind of at a loss. >> right. >> laura: how are the laws going to be enforced. >> this law is going to be
5:42 am
interpreted. why the judge came to this opinion. this law could be interpreted so broadly if you are a good samaritan and want to give medical assistance to illegal alien or transport illegal alien to religious service church synagogue or wherever they want to go. that in itself cuckoo be criminal. the judge said that's crossing over the line to preempting what the feds are supposed to do. kimberly is right. this judge actually split the baby here because he upheld pretty much half of the provisions in the law. and now really both sides are going to appeal the state of georgia has already said the governor has said we are going to appeal which then would go to a third, you know appellate court. >> laura: equal protection challenge was dismissed. kimberly, before we let this go, one of the most in my mind ridiculous parts of this judge's ruling was when he cited the fact that mexico was upset by what -- excuse me, mexico files a brief in court were supposed
5:43 am
to say mexico is going to be really upset so we have to take that in account. >> foreign relations, international considerations, maybe wants to be in good standing with the travel bureau of mexico. ridiculous. should interest no bearing on u.s. constitutional laws. way out of line we know where he is coming from. critical of the state. grasping at straws. going to the appellate court. >> look for that to be another issue that the lawyers are going to have to deal with he is saying doesn't have anything to do with his opinion why is it in there. >> makes to sense to me mexico thinks of our immigration law state by state. it's about the new hiring case. this involves abercrombie and fitch. the store the woman wears head scarf. you have to do loose beach clothing that's our deal here. she files suit. lis, let's go to you on this who has the better case here. >> she does. she absolutely does. when she went to abercrombie and
5:44 am
fitch she was wearing that red dress. she worked in the stock room so she was really not seen by many customers. she was wearing the head dress and they said as long as you keep it in the quote, unquote, beachy material, whatever that means. i'm no style maven. i'm not sure what that means. as long as you keep that, then you are fine. she worked interest for almost a year before they said, kind of summarily you have got to take that off, she said. no i have religious reasons for wearing. this under the law civil rights act section 7 that employers have to have reasonable accommodation for somebody with religious beliefs. >> she is in the stock room. keep it beachy in the stock room? i don't know. >> this is the thirds time they did this, laura, to be honest they have had problem before and other violations at abercrombie, i don't know. >> they have to pay out millions for lawsuits like this before. >> laura: i'm actually kind of relieved, you guys, given some the ads that an enter come bree buy abercrombie has done i'm surprised they wear clothes at all.
5:45 am
>> put on a top. >> i thought they were selling clothes they are in trouble. they have been very bad. >> as long as i would feel really torn about this if she had applied for a job at like hooters because that wouldn't work. she would probably know that that wouldn't work. >> unless it was orange to march the shorts. >> bikini pub. hot. >> i think we better. >> laura: i can't believe we are still talking about anna nicole smith, god rest her soul. the supreme court actually took on the bankruptcy determination that awarded hundreds of millions of dollars obviously the old fellow who died multimultimultimillionaire, billionaire almost. she got about $4 million in her estate. bankruptcy court overstepped said the supreme court. is this the last
5:46 am
she had gifts. it's in keeping what her ex-husband deceased said he wanted to give her. 8 million in gifts isn't so bad. >> over this course of the year marriage. >> other bottom line to this estate lawyers is going to recognize the supreme court has ruled against us. we are probably not going to get much money out of this. lawyers are not pro bono fans. >> what mexico thinks about it let them file something. >> how you got it back to our good friend south of the border is truly a death segway into the anna nicole smith segment. >> exactly. >> laura: please. you guys, great work. great to he so you as always. when you come back, heart wrenching testimony in the casey anthony trial from the man who found the lifeless body of 2-year-old caylee. we're going to tell you what he said. that's just moments away.
5:47 am
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5:49 am
>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, it's crunch time for casey anthony's defense team as they wind down their case in florida murder trial. today they called roy kronk, he is the orange county florida meter reader who found caylee anthony's remains back in december of 2008. >> on that particular at a time and time, sir, did you see a skull, a human skull? , a small human skull? >> i was never closer than 20 to 30 feet from the object and i did see something that appeared to me to look like something of that nature, yes, sir.
5:50 am
>> laura: joining us from new york to analyze is anna, a in brooklyn's homicide division and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. okay. well, today, kind of a head scratcher because the defense puts on this guy, roy cronk and anna sega how did this play out? did this in any way help the defense case. >> i don't think it did. the defense was hoping for ah-ha moment today. they absolutely did not get it the longer they kept him on he got much better for the prosecution. because what they let him do was tell his story his way and people were thinking interesting suspect bizarre behavior on his part by calling august in september makes sense the way he was able to in long form his version tell it today. he was able to corroborate the prosecution's case about the type of area which i think is very important about why this body was not found until it was. it was boggy. it was wet. and it makes sense.
5:51 am
he says in august i saw from 30 feet or more away from n. a boggy wet area what looked like maybe a skull. and what did he do? he called the police. the defense wants to make him into something that had custody or control over caylee's body which makes no sense in and of itself he called the police right await a minute the deputy came out and maybe they should have looked harder which i think they probably should have. he said i brought them to where i remember wasn't there it that was it for me until december when they hadn't found the body there was a storm, a tropical storm a month later, he wasn't able to get that out. i think he was able being a bang up witness for the prosecution even though the defense was hoping to get a lot more than they did. >> laura: joey, do you agree with anna? was there any shred of help. >> us defense attorneys, you know, we are not inclined ever to agree with the prosecution. anna has a very good point. listen.
5:52 am
the underlying reason why he was called was to cast doubt. that's what they have been doing all along, they being the defense team. this is what he was supposed have said. this is what they wanted to get out of him. the fact is that the defense has been arguing that the body handwriting moved. someone has been tampering it all along. she didn't die because of duct tape. not because of chloroform. that was added later by the meter reader. he was the one who moved the body. why? because in august he called 911 three times. the deputies came there was no body. then all of a sudden four months later roy kronk is at this very site. he finds this very skull. he must have untoward types of moat vases, he wanted reward money and he is the guy that did it that is what they were trying to establish, laura. i don't think at the end of the day they did that that was imperative they do that why? go dr g testified and said look what do people do indicative of a homicide why? because people call when they die. duct tape found around the skull
5:53 am
that would suggest and the bag that the body was placed in would suggest it was a homicide. the defense wanted to show that this duct tape was placed there by roy kronk. and also the body bag was roy kronk. that's what they wanted to do. they didn't do it. that's a problem for the defense. >> anna sigga as a prosecutor you are always looking for that one witness who creates even, you know, a scintilla of doubt in the mind of one juror. it only takes one juror. people forget. this you have to have a unanimous jury here to convict this woman of the murder of her child. so, has there been one instance yet in court where you would put yourself in that jury box and you would find one shred of doubt that would be reasonable doubt to believe that this woman did not commit the murder of her own daughter? >> no. i mean i think that as good as the prosecution's case was. it is incredibly strong and overwhelming in my mind, but i think that for the defense's case so far only making that better and stronger. you know, everything they are doing, they are going in every which way. they are trying to counter each piece of evidence.
5:54 am
that is why i think it's incredible. completely not believable. if they want to say it's an accident. stop worrying about all these things that don't hurt them at all. but by the fact that they are doing that, they are just reinforcing this. you know, one thing i want to point out. to me, one of the most powerful things that i saw today and i hope that the jury saw is that if the defense decides ultimately to put casey on the stand is that when roy kronk talked about when he went in december and actually saw what ultimately was determined to be little caylee's skull he wasn't sure that's what it was. he took his meter stick and put it into the eye socket of that young girl's skull and picked it up. you know what i saw? i saw casey anthony completely emotionless, completely. this is the woman who was bawling and crying when her brother was on the stand play acting himself about the fact that he didn't know his sister was pregnant. when casey was stone cold and very matter of fact that was important and devastating thing if she takes the stand today.
5:55 am
>> laura: 20 seconds, joey. anything the defense could do at this point? >> i think, look. i think they did lay some foundation. briefly stated the scientific testimony, i think that was probing. why? because the prosecution puts on science and they say it's d.n.a. human decomposition in the trunk and everything else, the defense experts have been able to refute that in terms of some of their conspiracy theories. cindy testified. i do the chloroform searches. it's too incredible. at the end of the day, i think the jury is going to cancel out the experts use their common sense and uphill battle to climb. we will see and shortly. >> laura: great appearance. thanks so much. pinheads and patriots is straight ahead, featuring lady gaga, hillary clinton and shakira. you might be surprised who is
5:56 am
. >> laura: s in a moment. but first, do not forget the red hot bill o'reilly dennis miller live show august 20th
5:57 am
westbury theater on long island. the launch of my new book of two weeks away. you can reserve a limited edition autographed copy. finally pinheads and patriots. pop singer and unicef ambassador shakira recently visited israel, despite calls from some urging her to boycott the country. she danced with children during a visit to a school in jerusalem and met with the israeli president. >> i'm very happy to be in israel the land that has been the mother of cultures and spirituality for so long. i believe that this is the perfect place to talk about how urgent it is to invest on universal education and make it a priority for all. >> laura: for defying a pro-palestinian boycott and promoting equality for all
5:58 am
children worldwide shakira is a patriot. on the pinhead front, you wouldn't think that the state department would be spending time helping lady gaga push her political beliefs. but, hillary clinton and the u.s. embassy in italy are taking credit for helping gaga get a gig to push gay rights. >> two weeks ago they played an instrumental in bringing lady gaga to italy for a euro pride concert. as many of you know, lady gaga is italian-american and a strong supporter of lgbt rights. and the organizers desperately wanted her to perform. a letter to her from ambassador thorn was instrumental in sealing the deal. >> laura: at least the state department chalks up one victory. for questionable priority toeuzing -- prioritizing miss clinton and her subordinates might be pinheads.
5:59 am
i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here, because we are always looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, june 29th. i am i'm alisyn camerota in for fwrechen this morning. we again with the fox news al t alert. terrorist ambush in afghanistan many they bomb a luxury hotel. where did they plot that deadly attack? in pakistan. >> oh, man. sound the alarm, the president is about to put america on high alert. our economy is doomed unless republicans can help raise taxes. should we be scared or skeptical? that straight ahead. >> big press conference today. michelle bachmann getting dragged through the mud. nbc news has her campaign in the cross hairs it seems. even one of the network's biggest stars, alec baldwin now with facial hair says she's a thug. >> she is?