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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 29, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> thank you for watching america live today, "studio b" with shephard smith starts right now. >>shepard: a very emotional take in the am cam like something we have not seen before, casey's father breaking down repeatedly on the stand as the prosecutor asked him about little caylee's death and his apparent suicide attempt a month after cops found his granddaughter's remains. at times throughout his testimony, you could see casey anthony shaking her head "no," with the highlights and more testimony as it happened. here to break it down is phil keating in orlando and arthur aidala and noted criminal defense attorney randy zelin. and we will hear from judge am level, the former florida circuit court judge and host of "judge alex." but, first from fox at 3:00, 31 days into the trial and casey anthony's lawyer today finally
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asked her father, george anthony if he molested his own daughter. that was the explosive claim the defense made in opening statement. here is george anthony responding, one of many tense exchanges already today. >> sir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. my question is, you would never admit to it? >> sir, i would never do anything to harm my daughter in that way. >> only in that way? >> sir. judge: sustained. >>shepard: casey anthony is shaking her head in apparent disagreement and later george anthony broke down sobbing on the stand weapon the prosecutor asked him about the discovery of the remains. watch how his daughter reacts. q. had you held out the hope that caylee would be found alive a. absolutely every day from july 15th until the day we were
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told it was caylee. q. in january of 2009, you went ... ? a. i need to get through this. i need to have something inside of me get rid of this. >>shepard: the accused killer stone face. she would not look at her father, observers say. the traumatics continued when the defense quizzed him about the smell he noticed inside his
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daughter's car not long after she is said to have disappeared. a. the decomposition i smelled in the trunk of my daughter's carmeled like human decomposition. to me. sir. that is what it smelled like in my knowledge of law enforcement and what i saw for 10 years of law enforcement gives me that opportunity to know what that it. i can close my eyes at the moment if smell that. how dare you tell me i did something different. >>shepard: and new speculation whether the defense will actually put casey anthony on the attend. we will get to that with our legal panel in a minute but first, live, inside the courtroom, the meter reader is on the stand again. he testified that he poked the skull of the child's remains with a tick. as it turns out he never told the cops that and is being
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questioned by the defense counsel why he changed that story. q. was the first time you mentioned anything about the eye socket, judgment 30th, 2007? judge: sustained. >>shepard: so far, he says he was overwhelmed when he spoke to police officers if to in the intentionally omit any statement about putting the stick in the socket of the skull. he said he wanted to know what was there and didn't say anything about it at the time. listen to them resuming. judge: you may be excused. >>shepard: an interesting thing next plan's son aim to the
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stand, roy kronk's son and said in november to him, before the police found the body and after he made the initial phone call to the cops in august, told him in november he knew where caylee's remains were. we will get to that with our lawyers. our signal went to a frozen screen and then came back. that's because had are enormous rainstorm happening in orlando. it is just after 3:00. that par for the course. our signal from phil keating is working perfectly. the meter reader's son a day after his dad denied putting the remains in the woods, he made statements, today, phil. phil: contradicting his dad by 100 percent. he is currently serving with the coast guard called open the witness stand. at issue is whether, in november of 2008, a month before roy kronk calls and says he found a
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skull and it turns out to be caylee's remains and he calls his son and says he would be rich and famous. and roy says his son got that phone call wrong. it did not happen. today, his son remembers it differently. q. does your father say to you that he knew something about this case? a. yes, he did, but at the time i was not aware about the case. yes, sir. q. what did he tell you? a. he knew where the remains were. q. when did he tell you this? a. in november of 2008. phil: he further testified for the jury that in december after his dad contacted him after the news broke that the remains everyone found by roy kronk that his son replied on the phone, if you knew where the bens -- bones
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were, why did you wait in >>shepard: the defense attorney has sparred before. phil: this was agitated on both ends including when baez started to bring up george anthony's suicide attempt down the road after all of this unfolded and his life had spiraled down. baez alleging the reason he wanted to kill himself he was so consumed over government over -- guilt of what he did to his daughter. george anthony has always supported casey anthony today publicly. but today -- (inaudible) >>shepard: from orlando, they are having a series afternoon storm. court is in recess until 3:25. and now, former prosecutor and
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fox news legal analyst arthur aidala and randy zelin, defense attorney. some of the testimony -- ranly, your take? >> blown away. i noticed something, when george anthony was asked about molesting his daughter he was calm and cool, and i would never do anything like that but when questioned about his ability as a former police officer and the mel of decomposition, how dare you question me? i found that to be absolutely chilling. you couple that with sparks, completely blowing his father out? why? he staged this. it was taked. what is going on here? >>shepard: he staged. he did not go that far. he said dad said he knew where the remains were. that ladies you to believe he had seen the remains. which leads people to believe maybe the remains were taken away.
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>>guest: disingenuous. what i have been saying they have nod had the wow moment. a little bit of a wow moment with a kid in the coast guard who has no motivation to lie who says, you know, i heard what my dad said and that is not what really happened. why this wasn't brought up in opening statement by the defense saying, kronk is morale inept or, what did he say ... morale bankrupt, and his own son, a member of our armed forces coming here and tell you about it. there's in reason why the kid has to lie. no motivation whatever so that puts kronk's testimony in serious trouble. >> trying to take this joy of my life away and you cannot could it. i. answer this, the decomposition i smelled in the trunk of my daughter's car on july 15th, 2008, at johnson's towing
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smelled like human decomposition. to me. sir. that is what it smelled like to me and my knowledge of law enforcement and what i saw for 10 years of law enforcement gives me the opportunity on know what that it. i can close my eyes and smell that again. how dare you try to tell me i did something differently. >>shepard: former police officer, 10 years on the forts, as a reporter in the field, you can smell a body a block away, arthur. >>guest: that is why i think he was so emphatic about his own credibility. don't tell me i don't know what it smells like. i know what it smells like. you get to give randy's point some attention. if he is that adamant about his rear as a police officer, if somebody asked me if i touched my kid or my sister inappropriately, i think i would be more agitated, like, how dare you? are you kidding me? touch my daughter?
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>> just off the stand and go after the guy. if you look at the iraqi, casey anthony's reaction, that was not staged, that was chilling. >>shepard: what do you thing she was saying. >>guest: it felt to me like, you have done stuff to me old man what are you doing now? my heart is going a million miles an hour. >>guest: and, daddy, you were there when you pulled caylee out of the swimming pool. >>guest: that is not what i feel. >>guest: but that is what the defense is stuck with. that is their version. their defense is, she drowned. daddy, grandparent was there and took her out of the pool. >>guest: they tried to declare her in competent. >> and they called granddad on all he has said about his daughter. and now, let's listen. >> do you recall saying nothing but negative things about your
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daughter? >> apparently i did i was cooperating with law enforcement any way i could to get answers about my granddaughter. >> and the next day you visited your daughter in jail? >>guest: possible, i'm not sure of the exact dates, we did go, as much as we wanted to. >> and you have seen the videos of you seeing your daughter in jail, right? >> yes. >> you didn't say the negatives thing to her while you visited? >> i was trying to keep my daughter upbeat, trying to find out what i could where caylee could possibly be. i was doing what i could to keep her as happy and as comfortable as possible. i didn't want my daughter in there but she is in jail. >> the day before you were throwing her under the bus of law enforcement and the next day you talk to her and are very nice? >>shepard: what is this about. >>guest: arthur can probably answer that better they brought up the videos.
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>>guest: if she drowned, and grandpa knows and grand ma knows or even if grandma doesn't, casey is in jail recorded with her dad he will spend this time tell us where she is, do you know where she is? are they, both of them, that many tale beared -- that impaired, if they both know she drowned, weeks or months before and there are numerous tapes and no one alluded to there being an accident or a swimming pool. they are living this lie and it is a lie that is being manipulated by one person, and that is something the jury will nor -- in the moment, look at people. arthur said, no one is saying if this was towning. what are they doing, playing for
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the am as knowing there will be a trial in a couple of years? >>shepard: will she take the stand? >>guest: they will give each other high five's because kronk's son, that threw a wrench into the system. if that rhyme scene where the duct tape is, if that was severely infiltrated and it is not pure, that is an issue the prosecution will have to hand tell. this would embolden the defendant and the defense team to be like, you tonight have to testify. if she testifies you on cross-examine her on what we have covered her about the different statements and the lies. it is ridiculous. help me remember the jailhouse conversation. how they feel about each other is all over the map.
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listen to this from the jailhouse. >> it is in the your fault. we all do things out of love. >> tough love. >> exactly. it is not a bad thing. i want you to know that. you know how much i love you. you will always be my buddy. >>guest: that is the prosecution's case. >>shepard: the father, she claims, molested her, helped cover up the death of her daughter. lied under oath. lied to the world. and he is, you are my buddy, i love you. >>guest: you should prosecute this case, my friend, a hell of a closing argument. >>guest: the jury will say, we don't understand this family
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aspect. but you have a mom, a young mom, who according to her own team knows her daughter is dead and she is partying like a rock star. that is not sitting william -- well with them and they could put the evidence aside and say he is going to jail. she is going to jail. >>shepard: what is that? jail is one thing, death row, is that in more question today? >>guest: i think law the course of the trial there hasn't been the evidence that is beyond all doubt. >>shepard: how many cracks do you get at each witness in central florida? >>guest: even if golf you only get one mulligan. >>guest: you have to have an extraordinary excuse in new york as to why you recall the evidence. >>shepard: but new york is the beginning and end of the world.
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sorry the rest of the country, he can't help where he is born. our panel of experts is with us through the hour. the casey anthony murder trial is in recess. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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>>shepard: coverage of the casey anthony murder trial which is in recess at the moment. they will be for two or three minutes. the rainstorm is still going on so the picture is not perfect. they are in recess. former prosecutor arthur i'd toll that and criminal defense attorney randy zelin is here, and our folks are in place in orlando. this has been in the world of casey anthony's lives and an entire family of blatant all out unquieted liars and one of the lies is the made up nanny who kept the baby, held on to the baby. but the baby was dead and inknew -- and everybody knew it. >> close your eyes.
3:22 pm
look straight up so i can look into your eyes. thank you. i need to do that. >> it is okay to cry, casey. we have all been crying. casey i want to ask you a couple of questions. >> god. >> i know the pictures of caylee are in the apartment, is that the ones with the drum, the one in the picture. >> she had a drum set. i think there are other pictures >> is that in the apartment in i know whose apartment it is. >> it is set up like her apartment. >>shepard: there is no zanny,
3:23 pm
it is out of thin air, out of her head. >>guest: her daughter is dead. her million is like, look your mother in her eyes and tell me, we are trying to find our granddaughter, your daughter. are there drums there? yes, there was a drum set. the jury hears that over and over because that is unscripted. there is no lawyer. no judge. in court officer. that is the truth. that's reality. what we saw. >>shepard: why did the prosecution go through so much minutia with all of this? >>guest: they put blinders on horses and prosecutors see where they want to be and they put the blinders on and they go straight and never think of the common
3:24 pm
sense and reality and easy way to get from point a to point b. but something in the video that struck me strange, there is a former police officer sitting there. why isn't he the one asking the questions? >> how dare you. >>guest: he is standing mute. >> the relationship between mom and daughter on be where she would get more out of her. mommy is doing the questioning because mommy thinks she will get the answers opposed to dad. >>guest: strange, mr. butterfly man not saying a word. >>shepard: there were questions whether there should be a mistrial before the jury -- they are still in recess, by the way -- before the jury came in. listen to casey. >> unfortunately, they are not
3:25 pm
here. do you want to ask that question or wait until mr. baez and mr. mason arrive? >> i answer that. i agree. >>shepard: i don't have any idea what that was. do you? >>guest: the question of asking for a mistrial as a result of the florida death penalty being unconstitutional. >>shepard: blah, blah, blah. >>guest: it is more than blah, blah, blah. >>shepard: it has been that way forever. this is blah, blah lawyer crap. >>guest: i can't believe the judge allowed her to answer that on her own. she is asigned three attorneys and to have her say a word open the record, that is too much of a risk what if she blighterred
3:26 pm
-- what if she blighterred something out. >>shepard: she on have gotten a mistrial. they might find the sky is green and the water is cream color here. all this crap. this is ridiculous. i have covered a lot of trials, arthur, you have been in a lot of trials and i have never seen anything like this. judge ito was another thing bringing his friends in, and this is just ... it seems to be incompetence. >>guest: you will see the prosecution get the ball back. and they will do everything they can to get back on logical way so they are set up for the closing argument and they go last, the prosecutor, when they
3:27 pm
sit down, the jury will have no--. >>shepard: that is how they get blago. they streamlined the case. they talked just about the particulars. "it's [blank] golden." and they nailed him. it reminds me of the buffoons, whatever, the eagle on top of thing in is still there. we will get back to the casey anthony murder trial circumstance success in a minute. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
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call now to find the plan that may be right for you, or visit us on the web. ♪ >>shepard: the court is resuming in orlando. this is the deputy from the sheriff's office, one of the first to arrive on the scene. the questioning has just begun. listen. >> i will tell you he called the crime line in august of 2008. >> he did not tell me. >> did you ever tell him not to say anything about calling law enforcement in august of 2008? >> not at all. >> in further questions. judge: the deputy is excused.
3:32 pm
>>shepard: so they are trying to say kronk didn't say anything about making a call before. had to get that on the record. and now, another witness. what say, judge? judge? i meant the judge in the courtroom. call another witness, judge. judge, what is going on? >>guest: they are trying to chip apart at the credibility of kronk which is critical to the state's case. to be honest, the son did some damage but in the so much because kronk admitted he found the skull in august and he called the police they times and an for came out, walked to the edge of the swampy area and did not want to walk in and he climbed out and slipped and cursed him out for 30 minutes and drove away and never went in
3:33 pm
to look at the skull which could be why he did not pursue it and it is not in consistent with saying "i found the skull." >>shepard: the lead detective is back on the stand. >> good an, detective. as the lead investigator of this case, did you respond to suburban drive? >> yes. >> as part of your duty did you make contact with any witness there? >> yes. >> would that be roy kronk? >> yes. >> how long did you speak to mr. kronk? >> maybe 10 or 15 minutes total. >> were you aware of the statement he made there prior to arriving? >> he had a written statement completed. >> you reviewed the statement
3:34 pm
with him? >> i reviewed it. i kept recall if i reviewed it with him. >> as the lead investigator it was your job to conduct an interview with mr. kronk? >> the at the same time was brief and i did a recorded interview to get more on tape. some to not like to write that much. so we recorded. >> through the entire time that you spoke to mr. kronk on december 11, 2008, did he advise you he had called four times prior in august? >> no, he did not. >> did he tell you he called any time in august? >> no. >> was it december 17, 2008, when you first found out he called back in august? >> yes. >> did you get the crime line tips and calls he made in
3:35 pm
august? >> in a short period of time, we can. >> did you have to clarify with him about a story of the skull rolling out of a bag? >> i object, your honor. judge: overruled. >> i obtained another statement the evening of december 17. >> to clarify if the skull rolled out of a bag? >> rolled out or dropped, yes. >> and was it at that time mr. kronk finished the story or changed the story? >> when you say "changed," he clarified.
3:36 pm
he add the information that was not on the recorded statement. >> in the statement august 11th you stated the skull dropped out of the bag. >> i have to refer to the transcript. >>shepard: here in new york, lawyers, they are trying to say kronk said one thing and then said another and looking for a payday. >> payday and something else. the crime scene, it is compromised. the jury knows of the yellow tape and everyone surrounding the crime scene is sacred and now it is screwed up. >>guest: what the detective did he said he didn't change his story he added more to his story. so that is the fine line the jury will have to contend with. a b.s. artist, or maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed ... >>shepard: he called august 10, 11, 12th and he found the
3:37 pm
remains of the most wanted human beings arguably in the united states of america and he called them and they came out and yelled and he waited months to take them back again? really? seriously in we thought this person had any credibility to begin with. >>guest: he never said he found her. arthur he made three phone calls to 911. he didn't even read a meter those days. >>guest: you work both sides of the aisle. listen. listen.
3:38 pm
>> this is the statement we took on december 11 with mr. kronk. (inaudible). >> i object regarding the stream of evidence of the statement. may i approach the bench? >>shepard: and now a quick break to see if they figure out what is going on. ♪
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>>shepard: the testimony is continuing for the lead detectsive explaining when they heard from kronk about the fellow. judge, what do you make of this? >>guest: one point that lost in this. arthur is right. kronk testified in august when he saw what he thought was a skull he didn't know it was a skull but it was in the right area and he called the police and i think i see what could be casey anthony's skull. they never came out and when they did they ignored him and berated him and he did not know it was a skull puts it out of his mind and never gets closer than 30' and not until december, months later he is in the area and sees it again and now it is dry, he actually walks over and
3:43 pm
with the meter reader stick he tilts it back and realizes this actually is a human skull. and that is when he called the police. before that he suspected, suspected her remains, and he tells her son, i know where her remains are, but he has not been close to it and has no police involvement. they will in the look the three time he called. >>shepard: but he knows the body is there, and you were out there calling three times and the cops talk to like a dog or worse and he did not go and visit with her remains until december? to i'm on the jury i would think what is he doing ... you know what i mean? >>guest: i agree. unfortunately, the prosecution gets the witnesses as they come. look at flip side, the defense
3:44 pm
wants you to believe he scooped up the decomposing remains and took them and kept them somewhere for months and we know what they smelled like after flee days in the trunk of the car so can you imagine that in why with he in he does not get a dollar more in reward money scooping them up. if he was smart he would have insisted the media come out and that would get everyone out there. >>shepard: this poor little 2-year-old girl. and now, this is going to be interesting testimony, the witness who will testify how you act when you grieve and the way they conducted themselves from mama casey to the grandparents and the brother and the whole group including roy kronk, how they are acting during a period of gravy. >> doctor can you give us the benefit of your education.
3:45 pm
>> i am very old, been at florida state 40 years and started out with a degree in nursing and went to the university of wisconsin. hoping for a degree in musical theater and switched to medicine and by then my husband had taken a job at florida state university and so we moved there. >>shepard: as fascinating as wisconsin is this could be a moment to take a break. ...we can bring the whole gang! i cannot tell a lie. he did it. right... it's hard to beat dole miles! read mlips -- no new axes! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one, and earn double miles on every purchase, every day.
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>>shepard: you missed fascinating testimony about back ground and work experience and now the grief expert is talking about the first aces she offered a century ago. so, she will finish telling us, giving us the reden shalls and she will tell us how you ought to act if you are all broken up. >> and there is complementary medicine as an adjunct to end life issues. >> how many years have you been
3:50 pm
teaching grief or grief-relate the -- related issues? >> 40. >> do you have certifications? >> i am certified specialist, following the oklahoma city bombing it became clear there was no one to help the people that were--. judge: what does that mean? >> if you could explain ordinarily what a traumatologist is? >> that is the helping arm, often of fema, that goes into places where there have been dramatic episodes, whether by weather, or bombing. our work is to interact with first responders in helping them
3:51 pm
to not develop fatigue or to handle post traumatic problems. >> when you say fema you most with the federal government? >> yes. >> in addition to your full professorship do you treat patients? >> i see patients. >> how many years have you been seeing patients and what do you see them for? >> as long as i have been at tallahassee, so, 40 years, and patients if they have been diagnosed with a terminal disease, families that have lost someone and are really struggling to get back on their feet and are worried about other
3:52 pm
siblings. kids that are struggles with things at home. loss of job. anything that causes them to feel though they are out-of-control in relation to how they manager their feelings but death and grief and big losses and trauma are most likely reasons. >> can you tell me what organizations or types of individuals refer these individuals to you? >> physicians in town know when they have a patient that's reacting in an unusual way and you think they may think it is grief-related they will call and say would you mind seeing this patient? tell me what you think. i do workshops for the police. and firefighters. and for medical students.
3:53 pm
>> objection. >> what do you charge for seeing the individuals? >> i don't charge anything for seeing individuals. >> how many individuals do you think you have seen and assisted in terms of working through grief-related issues in the last 40 years? >> something between 30,000 and 40,000. >> can you tell me who you trained under in terms of learning aspects having to do with loss and grief? >> in the late 60's and 70's while at the university of wisconsin i read something talked about dying patients. i did research. i found a woman from the university of chicago area who was willing to come up--. >>shepard: if they had anything to do with casey we might stick with us. phil, any moments of interest?
3:54 pm
fill the son of roy kronk say he did not know what to believe because his dad said so many far-fetched things over the years but the most telling testimony was from george anthony when cross-examined by the prosecution team, did you tell the detectives three years ago your daughter killed your granddaughter and he said no i did not think that at that time. meaning, maybe now he thinks his daughter is guilty. >>shepard: sure what it sounded like. >> casey anthony's body language, and george anthony's body language was compelling and gripping and a gotcha moment. >>guest: what the prosecution should do, and regarding grief, is it typical to get this tattoo? is it typical--. >>shepard: that says "the good life." >>guest: is it typical to
3:55 pm
party every night, and they can replay the entire case bouncing off of this witness and put it to the jury. boom, boom, boom, boom, daboom. >>guest: my opinion is the prosecution, this morning, when they got, thanks to errors by baez they got the door opened for them to introduce george's suicide note and testimony about him getting a gun in august and contemplating chasing down casey's friends would he thought kidnapped caylee in consistent with the theory he was there when his child drowned. >>shepard: it is all in consistent with complete inconsistency. the dow jones industrial average had another great day. quietly puttering along up 82 points at 12,270. the 401(k) is in better shape
3:56 pm
than at the beginning of the week. central florida still a mess. see you tonight for the fox report 7:00 eastern time. how about them gamecocks ncaa champs, again, in baseball.
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