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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 5, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> jurors instructions, during the summation i saw several taking notes and a couple looking over at casey anthony. once that judge started talking they realized these were going to be complex and they are deciding somebody's life on this judge's instruction. >> judge jeanine: susan, you are a jury consultant. you've got jurors who are still taking notes on the closing argument. does that tell you they are not sure yet? >> we talked about a couple of jurors that are still sway jurors. still straddling that fence. you are right, at this point in time, they've got the weight of the world on their shoulders. think about what that might be hike for them. decide the fate, the life or the death of a -- death a human being. thee don't make these decisions everyday this is not something they do when they wake up in the morning and go to work to make this kind of decision this is a heavy duty decision for them to make. it is now crunch time.
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they are making sure they are dotting every i and crossing every t. >> judge jeanine: what we are seeing now is the jury coming to the point and reality, that they've got an awesome decision to make? they know, because they are death penalty qualified, if they find on the top count they go into the penalty phase and will decide life or death. do you see a difference in them today? >> the seriousness of them all. you guys have probably noticed this sitting in the courtroom. sometimes going in and out you can hear giggles coming from the hallway, wrapping up lunch and having conversations, i didn't hear any of that when they were brought in during these brief breaks, especially not when they went to tkheub ray. i think they realize what is going on -- i'm interested to see what the looks on their faces are going to be tomorrow morning. they haven't been able to discuss this with anybody judge. imagine all this crazy stuff we've heard and they have to go home and keep it all in.
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>> judge jeanine: or to their hotel. susan, do you think they should have worked longer today? they only worked until 6:00, eight weeks in sequestration, why did the judge cut it short? >> i wouldn't have had them work past 6:00. at this point they probably chose their foreman. read through the instructions. it is a holiday -- >> judge jeanine: they can't celebrate it. they are in their hotel room. >> they wanted to work through memorial day. >> judge jeanine: i remember that. >> i agree with you. they want to get home to their families. they've been in court all day long. it is time for them to refresh, regroup, wake up in the morning, bright and shiny and let's get this done. >> judge jeanine: we've all been in that courtroom. do you think is a homogeneous jury? in the sense they are going in the same way? do you see one, two that might
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not go along with the rest of them? do you see them as a group that have been together so long they are kind of already almost at a decision? >> no, i really don't. i still see a couple of jurors. we talked about juror 4, that juror still is going to be the stand out juror. >> judge jeanine: this is the woman who said she wasn't sure she could impose the death penalty or vote for it, for religious reasons. god and not she should sit in judgment what do you think is going to happen with her holly? >> she said at the end of the day she would be able to decide whether casey anthony should live or die. i think she may be the toughest one to convince, because her pastor told her not to judge. you can tell he she is a relidge just woman. >> judge jeanine: what about the fact that -- number 4 is so tight with juror number 5. i get the sense they are team.
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>> what i noticed, good observation, we've noticed that certain jurors pal up. when they have sidebars and breaks the whispering. they mirror each other's body language. that shows massive rapport. >> judge jeanine: i just want to mention juror 5, white female in her 50s, retired former nurse's aide. doesn't have a computer. she doesn't have a computer, what is she going to understand about searches, deleting? >> good point. this is what i'm finding. each one of the jurors has something special to bring to jury deliberations. we've got an it tech. someone that is dotting every i, crossing every t. juror 10, he's good at timelines. he likes forensic evidence. each one is going to play an integral part of this group communication. juror 11 going to pull it together -- [ talking over each other ]
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>> judge jeanine: juror 11 is the one whose got the body language that is very al white male, early 30s, teaches 10th grade fiscal education. boon a teacher for 15 years. we all zoomed in on him. >> he's a coach. any coach that i've had are not afraid to get out, hammer things home to be the one who say i believe in and here is why. the other thing that i think is interesting, he's studying to get a masters in special education. >> judge jeanine: what does that tell you? >> i think that he's got a sensitive side. you have to be a special kind of person to go into special education. not every teacher can do it. >> >> judge jeanine: he's not just mr. alpha he has a sensitive side. [ talking over each other ] >> judge jeanine: i think juror 1, the grandmother, she looks like a grandmother, she
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connected with cindy anthony when she took the stand and started weeping. where do you think she is on this one? >> i find her as the solid rock that everyone wants to go to for advice. with the age group, wisdom. she is always well manicured, very fast tedious, good at time -- when it comes to the searches and the timeline this is one bright lady. she is a sharp tack is >> she is a mental health counselor. >> exactly. >> judge jeanine: i saw her body language change when cindy anthony took the stand. it was palpable how her heart went out to cindy anthony. is that going to play in their deliberations as to guilt or nonguilt? that we are punishing grand patients, ultimately, -- grand parents, , if we take their daughter away.
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will that play? >> i think that will. the conversation i've had with my mom, there are a lot of grandmothers with grandkids around the same age as caylee. my mom keeps saying, she has her thoughts. she has her opinions on this at the end of the day, she said, i can sometimes understand why she sticks her neck out for casey. it is her daughter. it is your child. i don't have kids, i can't quite relate to that yet. i would give my own life for my niece. it is different we people say, you're a parent. >> judge jeanine: holly, susan thanks so much. >> coming up, the prosecution place out all the reasons why the jury should not believe that casey anthony was the amazing mother the defense has tried to make her out to be. we are going to play that tape for you. plus, judge perry threatens to throw the lawyers out of the
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no person would ever make the accidental death of a child look like murder. 100% of the time when a child is involved in an accident, somebody tries to save them. they want them to live. they call 911. they anguish over the death of a child, especially, especially if you want to accept this testimony that
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ms. anthony was an amazing mother. >> judge jeanine: that was lead prosecutor, linda drane-burdick giving her closing argument today. joining me with reaction forensic pathologist, dr. baden. psychiatrist dr. keith ablo, and diana tennis. okay team here you have the prosecutor saying the fact that she is a mother doesn't mean she is the mother of the year. dr. keith ablow, what do you think of that? >> look, judge i disagree with the prosecutor. this idea that because she is portrayed as a great mother she can't have this a typical -- atypical reaction to the loss of her daughter. i don't agree that statement is incorrect. i've treated people who respond to the loss of their children in very bizarre ways indeed.
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with psychosis, with manic symptoms. remember, casey was out dancing with friends, being hyper sexual. spending money. staying up all hours of the night. what's that? for one thing, potentially, i'm not saying this is the case, but are those manic symptoms? yes, they are. so it is factually incorrect what the prosecutors assert. >> judge jeanine: okay. mark, do you agree with dr. ab low? >> i do. but for another reason. i don't think the prosecutors needed to take on that burr. if you look at the elements of all the crimes charged, being a bad mother is not one. they've got their work cut out for them. they did a fine job in rebuttal closing. they don't have to get into the . whether she was a good mom, bad mom. don't go into that.
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when there's video showing her playing with her daughter and her being happy, you don't have to get into that battle. >> judge jeanine: mark you are right. the prosecution didn't need to take on that burr. driving here to the courthouse, a taxi driver banged his hand against the steering wheel and said, i can't believe a mother who looks that sweet could do that to her daughter. did the prosecution have to start cutting into she is the greatest mother of all time? i'll go to diana tennis with that. >> if they need to do that, they are in trouble. mark is right, they've got enough problems. they gotta prove premeditated. they gotta prove the duct tape was the tool of death. they have to prove this motive makes sense. why take on proving she is a bad mom. there's no evidence of it. if there was evidence of her being a crappy mom we would have it. if cindy anthony thought she
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was a horrible mother and wanted to take the kid away, we would have that evidence. i don't know why they took it on. good moms kill their kids all the time. the jury knows that. there is no reason to go there, i totally agree. >> judge jeanine: dr. baden, you her the prosecutors say in 100% of the cases where there's an accident, people try to save their kids. how do we explain casey anthony's behavior, even if her daughter drowned, not trying to save her? >> two things, 100% of cases that the medical examiner said in orange county, not in other counties in new york city and other places and upstate new york, we see deaths that are accidental, the person is dead. and there's nothing that can be done about it. and they can be disposed of -- disposed of in some way for various reasons, i agree with
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dr. ablow people can do bizarre things when it comes to a child. that's why we do autopsies. we sometimes find that was thought to be a homicide is really a natural death or we've had suicides made to look like homicides too. it 100%. >> judge jeanine: dr. ablow, you think at the end of the day that casey anthony's behavior can be explained away and you bought into the grief experts' explanation of her hyperactivity you don't think that will affect the jury at all? >> i'm not saying is or is not guilty am i don't think the grief expert did a good job. -- it should have been presented if you have an atypical reaction that can include manic symptoms, particularly in someone who is sexual abused.
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if she is that vulnerable and placed her child in the hands of her father and the child ends up dead she can flee to an altered state of conciousness to not be able to deal with the reality that it has happened again. george anthony's suicide note, completely bizarre beyond belief. i don't buy it for a second. there's so much very much amiss with that man. >> objection. assume fact not in evidence. . dr. ablow regurgitated a series of facts that were not part of this record. manufactured by the defense in opening statements. there's no sexual abuse. [ talking over each other ] >> i said if, i said if. but the symptoms of -- [ talking over each other ] >> if i played for the nba i would have more money. [ talking over each other ]
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>> judge jeanine: the bottom line dr. ablow is the judge would not let them talk about sexual abuse, because no one testified to it other jose baez and he's not a witness in the case. do you think that if she were sexually abuseed she would lever own daughter with her father if he's a -- leave her own daughter with her father if he was a sexual abuser? >> people do it all the time many mothers marry predators and leave their children out of denial to be abused by the predators they've brought into the houselhold. terrible cycles of abuse occur. -- original anthony is a wild card. i think the jury will convict. he's a wild card because that sue sigh note to me, very strange. >> judge jeanine: all right guys. more with the panel, after the break. plus, a furious judge perry scolds both lawyers for their
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>> judge jeanine: still with me are my guests.
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all right guys, we're talking about the fact that if casey anthony is truly a victim of sexual assault, would she have left her child with her father to allegedly drown. diana, what do you think? >> it doesn't matter, judge. just like mark just pointed out it is not evidence. it doesn't matter if, what, where if it is not evidence the jury can't consider it. i did not believe they think she was sexually abused. i don't think they believe that george anthony was involved in a cover-up. i don't think they think there was a drowning. i think they are taking their job seriously, holding the state's feet to the fire. figuring out whether there is reasonable doubt when it comes to premeditation and how this child died. i do not believe they bought any of that defense story. >> judge jeanine: mark, do you think they can have abiding
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conviction of guilt in this case? even the prosecution hasn't been able to say exactly how it was that little caylee died. >> absolutely. i thought that ashton's rebuttal close was masterful in the way that he led you through it. that no matter what conclusion you come up with, in terms of the facts, it is first degree murder as he said no matter how you slice it. premeditation or aggravated child abuse, leading to melanie mur. yes, i believe the jurors can conclude it was first -- degree murder if they wanted to. [ talking over each other ] >> my problem with that is, the progs caution has to give a cogent reason why -- the
1:23 am
prosecution has give a cogent reason why the death occurred. the three forensic pathologists very fused to do that. the only evidence is voss' sniffer machine. if the jury doesn't go along with that, remember the -- they did a toxicology for chloroform and it wasn't there a the -- at the time of the autopsy. if the jury is paying attention to the evidence. no chloroform by a number of other people. no duct tape. i think they may have a hard time in determining how the death occurred. and whether it was homicide -- a murder or not. >> no disrespect to dr. baden, i think you are missing about a ton of other evidence. let me just explain. first, the tape around the mouth, in natural decomposition was made very clear that the man bull, the jaw and the skull would -- the man bull the jaw and the skull
1:24 am
would be separated. if as it was in this case was found in that country, there's only one explanation, it was affixed prior to decomposition. to me, that was masterful. it was brilliant and it drove home the point. >> but it didn't drive home the point to the medical examiner who did the autopsy. there's no way of telling whether the tape was put on before or after death. tape is not uncommonly put on after death in disposed bodies. [ talking over each other ] >> judge jeanine: go ahead keith. >> casey's behavior after the event which has been shown to be evidence of her certainly being the responsible party really from a psychiatric standpoint does not necessarily show that. >> judge jeanine: all right, thank you all for being with us tonight. a very interesting issue. >> coming up, as tensions flared, both sides made their
1:25 am
closing arguments in court this weekend. things got so out of hand that judge perry was forced to step in. why he threatened to throw both sides out of court? we are going to play the tape, next on our casey anthony murder trial special, verdict watch. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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♪ hah the truth is the truth depending on who is asking the questions, whether it is this laughing guy right here or
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whether it is ourselves. >> objection. >> approach. i assume you are all professionals. i -- that i don't have to watch. but i'm beginning to see that orders or anything else may not moon a hill of a bean to any of you. >> i wasn't laughing, i wasn't nodding. i was doing what i could to make sure that my expression was not seen by the jury. if i exceeded this cord's -- this court's order, i apologize. >> i also apologize for getting caught up in the moment. >> if it happens again, the remedy will be exclusion of that attorney from further participation in these proceedings. >> judge jeanine: that was the scene inside the courtroom yesterday as judge perry
1:29 am
reprimanded lawyers on both sides for acting inappropriately. joining me with reaction are defense attorneys -- okay guys. i've tried these cases as an attorney i've tried them as a judge. we all know that you get absolutely crazy, especially at the end of a trial. especially at the end of a murder one. mark, are you surprised? do you think these lawyers were out of control? >> no. god if i had to a every time i acted like that -- if i had to pay every time i acted like that i would be a poor man. you believe, the prosecution does that she kill her daughter. he is supposed to believe that his client is being accused of something she didn't do. you're literally having a knock-down-drag-out. i had to give a speech not too
1:30 am
long ago. i don't mean it, i didn't mean to literally tell the prosecutor, i didn't really moon you were a nazi, i just thought your views were a little conservative. things happen in the heat of battle. >> judge jeanine: did you really say that mark? >> it wasn't during trial, but unfortunately, yes. it happens. >> i'm glad i'm not the prosecutor mark was referring to that day. >> not you, you are very fair. >> i'm kidding. absolutely, things get heated. certainly, i think there has to be courtroom decorum. we try our best. as things are happening we 10 to react. i'm a huge fan of judge perry. when i watch the way he runs his courtroom. he is no nonsense. i think jeff ashton was trying his best to cover his reaction. as prosecutors we are health to a higher standard, i think we should be. i -- i think it is realistic to remember they are human and the best they could do was he covered his mouth.
1:31 am
the judge called him out on it. i would be hard-pressed to think he would have thrown either of them out of the courtroom. but he got his point across and strongly at that. >> judge jeanine: ann bremer, do you think that this judge should have held these guys in contempt? >> i think he came close. i plead guilty, i've been a prosecutor and defense lawyer and i've done it in both roles. jeff ashton, i've seen him do some smirking. as an officer of the court he probably needs to knock that off. he undermined a brilliant closing argument, by laughing and called out on it by baez. it was like you are going to be out of trial. the fact is they are going to be out of trial soon any way unless there's a death phase. he was definitely tough. he said you are going to be out of here. i really love this judge. i think he's right on. >> judge jeanine: i don't think there is any question
1:32 am
this judge is a fair judge and a very smart judge. have you ever soon a prosecutor laugh during summation and should he had been call out more on that? >> judge, there's a certain amount of decorum in the courtroom, obviously, they are in violation of that. an hour before this happen, the judge had specifically say, you two, no making faces at each other. no giggling, no talking. within one hour you have one giggling and the other yelling. they could have been held on contempt of court that being said, i do understand how the prosecutor felt. i think baez was extremely inappropriate. insinuating that the prosecution was committing fraud many insinuating they were hiding things. -- i think that was the prosecutor's way letting out a little frustration. >> judge jeanine: for all our viewers, if you saw that movie,
1:33 am
"my cousin vinny" where when -- remember when joe pecs gets ordered on that van to jail? these cases are stressful, a lot of emotion. we'll come back and talk more with our legal panel, after the break. >> plus, casey's mother cindy. she turned out to be a key witness for the prosecution and defense. which said will her testimony help the most? stay with us, we are on verdict watch. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! whoa dude. [ male announcer ]et the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day.
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>> do you know the anthony family? disowfl bad for them? >> i feel very bad for them. because, you know, they have been through so much and... i feel that their daughter really... did manage very, very... not good for her. >> do you think she will be found guilty of something by this jury? >> yes, i do. >> that was from outside the orange county courthouse earlier today. people with no connection to this case have been gathering outside since the beginning of this trial at all hours of the morning. the prosecution did the best they could to make their case, that casey anthony murdered her two-year-old daughter caylee. and how she did it. but was it enough? let's take a look. >> my daughter's car today and it smells like there has been a
1:37 am
dead body in her car. >> unlocking the trunk. i said, please, god, don't let this be casey or caylee. >> prosecutors say it was no accident. >> casey anthony is guilty of the crime of murder in the first degree. >> the state began its parade of witnesses to prove casey murdered her daughter, caylee, with premeditation. computer experts testified months before caylee's disappearance, someone -- they say casey -- searched online for neck breaking and 84 times did searches on chloroform. but synd i anthony sent shock waves through the courtroom. >> and the smallest one was having some issues where she was extremely tired all the time. >> taking the stand for the defense, cindy suddenly confessed that she was home from work those days and she is the one who researched chloroform.
1:38 am
>> i started looking up chloroform -- i mean chlorophyll and that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> is that something that you are recalling now that you have changed your medication since july of 2009. >> again. >> yes? >> the prosecution went on to present proof cindy was at work and the home computer revealed no one searched for chlorophyll. >> did you find any references to chlorophyll? however you want to spell it? >> no, ma'am, we didn't. >> prosecutors suggest casey clocked caylee out with chloroform, placed duct tape over her nose and mouth to suffocate her, stuffed her in the trunk of her 1998 sunfire, dumped the body in the woods, 15 blocks from the anthony home and started a 31-day party that ended when her parents found her car, wreaking with the smell of
1:39 am
death. police testified that the cadaver dogs alerted on the trunk of casey's car. >> they jumped up onto the trunk. of course, i was overwhelmed at that point because i'm getting it the same time he is. >> csi said they found a hair from a decomposing body they believed was caylee and high traces of chloroform. >> we have never seen chloroform in that level of environmental samples before -- at least, i never have in 20 years of samples. >> damning testimony from her family on casey's strange behavior, hiding caylee's disappearance from them for 31 days. >> i lost it. i just went into the room and started yelling at casey... what do you mean she's been gone? why didn't you tell us? >> paraphrasing, because maybe i'm a spiteful bich. >> casey claimed caylee was kidnapped by her nanny, zany, a woman she now admits never
1:40 am
existed. >> she told me that she met zany, zany held casey down and... told her she was taking caylee from her. >> casey was still insisting caylee was kidnapped on december 11, 2008, when the supervisor from meter reader, roy cronk called 911. >> one of my meter readers has found a skull he believes is human. >> her remains were found with two plastic garbage bags, plant roots and vines in her layer and duct tape still clinging to her skull. her clothes and blankets in tatters. testimony that casey said made her so sick, she had to leave the courtroom. then the medical examiner who performed caylee's autopsy gave her findings. >> by my experience and by what is known about the way homicides
1:41 am
occur, and not reporting that child missing, the fact that it's tossed in a field to rot in bags is a clear indication that the body was trying to be hidden. those are even it being put in a bag is a very big red flag for homicide. never seen an accidental death of a child. and the fact that there is duct tape anywhere attached to that child's face is, to me, indications of a homicide. >> the prosecution tried for a big finish, calling the tattoo artist who had an appointment with casey on july 2, just two weeks after caylee died. >> when ms. anthony first came to your shop, how would you describe her demeanor? >> normal. >> what does that mean? >> didn't seem upset about anything. >> on casey's request, he tattooed her with bella vita, beautiful life.
1:42 am
>> your honor, at this point, the state of florida would rest. >> our legal panel is back with us. all right, guys. we talked about cindy anthony and the fact that she apparently is trying to take responsibility for premeditation by saying that she searched for chlorophyll -- oh, i mean, chloroform. and the question is: does it matter in this case? mark, legally, does it matter if they can get -- if they can get to murder 1, just from child abuse alone? >> it doesn't necessarily matter. obviously, if they can prove aggravated child abuse and get there through felony murder. however, the prosecution was talking about premeditation. and the testimony of cindy, at least on the day that she testified was compelling. she was the one allegedly who made those searches.
1:43 am
we learned in rebuttal that she was absolutely lying. i was very vocal about her being prosecuted for perjury. this is a capitol offense. so she is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. but then, judge, i had a chance encounter with cindy while i was in orlando covering this matter and literally, it was me and her out in the street. i went up to her and i talked to her and i told her i was so sorry for her loss. i pushed aside the perjury for a moment. we looked at each other. all i saw was a mother just looking out for her daughter. you know what? whatever happens >> well, you know, i think everybody feels for her. but perjury? i mean, they have her dead to right on this one. do they go after her? to perjure yourself in a capitol murder case? >> i don't think they will. we want no one to ever perjure themselves, especially in a case of this magnitude. i think tell come down to
1:44 am
compassion for her. she is a mother who had already given such devastating testimony against her mother. that 911 call when she calls and said her granddaughter has been taken, missing 31 days and the car smells like there is a dead body in it. that's some of the most moving, important testimony we heard during this trial. at the end of the day, though the prosecution has her, no question about it, for perjury, i believe they are going to show compassion and know that she has suffered enough. and let her hopefully go on after this trial. >> do you think that cindy helped the prosecution ultimately or the defense? >> that's a great question, your honor. she helped the defense up until she was proven to be a demonstrableliar. now all of a sudden, she almost underscored the lie ago what we heard in the closing and the rebuttal, lies, lies, lies, lies. there are so many lies and now with this lie saying, almost, i know my daughter do did it so i
1:45 am
better help her. i think my daughter might get the death penalty. so i will perjure myself to help her that. underscores, in my mind, guilt. in a way, if i were the prosecutor, i would have talked about that a lot more in the rebuttal. even her family, sitting her every day, they have been here for her. they are trying to save her and they know it. remember, it was basically, i thought she was innocent back then, with the pregnant -- now i think she's guilty. >> and given the fact that she lied about the computer searches, isn't that very telling to the jury that she knows that that is so incriminating that she will fall on the sword for that one? >> exactly, judge. i completely agree with her. her lies, getting up on the stand. she hurt the defense not only by undermining the credibility of jose baez, which was arguably undermined when he made all of those promises in opening statements and he didn't fulfill
1:46 am
any of them. but just as you said, she highlighted and clarified this issue of computer internet searches before, maybe the jury didn't know. now we know that somebody was at the household. it could only be casey. they typed in how to break a neck, how to make chloroform. we know it was not cindy anthony because it's been proven by the prosecution. >> it wasn't -- right. okay. but coming up, we are going to examine what the defense says really happened to two-year-old caylee anthony and how they tried to pin all of this on casey's father, george. stay with us, panel. that's next.
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1:49 am
>> judge jeanine: welcome back. since day one the defense has tried to argue that all the evidence leads right back to one man, george anthony. did they make their case? here are some of those highlights. >> this is not a manslaughter case. this is a sad, tragic accident. >> in his opening statement, baez made wild claims about what really happened to caylee
1:50 am
anthony. it was george anthony who found caylee dead if the family pool. >> george ban began to yell at her, look what you've done! >> george who covered up the accidental downing and disposed of caylee's body. george convinced case see to go along with his -- casey to go along with his scheme, framing her. why would casey agree? baez said because george had been abusing her since she was a young girl. the defense called george to the stand over and over. trying their best to break him. >> you of course would never admit to molesting your child, would you sir? >> sir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. >> baez tried to show the duct tape found at the murder scene belonged to george. >> do you see the double tape there? >> yes. >> that was yours? >> could have been, could have been someone elses, i have no idea. >> they portrayed george as a hot head, liar. the big bombshell involved a
1:51 am
woman who claimed to be his mistress, krystal hole wait a minute >> did you have a romantic relationship with her? >> no, sir. to me that's very funny. >> were you ever intimate with her? >> no, sir. also very funny. >> the defense claimed george told holloway the truth about what really happened to caylee. >> did you, prior to finding your granddaughter, tell krystal holloway or river cruz, that caylee's death was an accident that snowballed out of control? >> never did. >> when baez accused george of attempting suicide out of guilt for what he did to caylee, the endless hammering seemed to have taken its toll. >> you need a break? >> no, sir i need to get through this. >> in the end, did the defense create reasonable doubt by exposing the anthony's secrets and lies or sympathy for a
1:52 am
family clearly devastated? our legal panel is back with reaction. ann, what do you think this jury thinks of the family? >> wow. your honor, i think there is going to be a mix depending on their backgrounds. the fact is, they are going to think is a family that is so dysfunctional. they are going to think there are so many problems in this family, as a defense lawyer what baez did was good, talking about incest, alleged, didn't come through in the testimony and then lies. george has affair and lies about it, holloway testifies. the world is watching this case not because it is a slam-dunk that casey anthony did it. but there's some interesting doubts out there. they are looking at this family trying to figure without is going on. from the prosecution's point of view, they are saying what
1:53 am
a horrible tragedy this family is grieving and will do anything to help casey. we want to make sure everything working out okay for the family, for the grandparents. >> judge jeanine: mark, do you think at the end of the day that anyone thinks that george anthony had anything to do with this? >> unfortunately, yes. i don't personally believe it. the defense did effective job of making him look like he was lying. when he denies having an affair yet went to this volunteer's house several times. texted her saying i need you in my life. i don't say that to anyone, other than my wife. the next day he got there and testified on the stand. you saw a will having george. and it exposed the defense theory as malarkey. that a loving grandfather, knowing if the child accidentally drowned that his daughter wouldn't face any problems, criminally. took a body and disposed of it in a more severe manner than his pets. putting tape on his grand daughter's mouth, double
1:54 am
bagging her and dis her like trash. and then pre-- pretending like he's searching for his granddaughter. it doesn't fit. >> judge jeanine: anna sigga, awe grey? >> absolutely. -- it makes no sense. on its face jose baez did a better job in summation than i expected. both prosecutors did a phenomenal job to remind the jury let's look at the evidence. none of jose baez's assertions make any sense and you can pick them apart, one by one. anyone in this family had anything to do with casey's disappearance it is none sense i don't see anywhere way the injure -- [ unintelligible ] i believe it is only going to come back to one person, casey anthony.
1:55 am
>> judge jeanine: do you think this jury cares if george anthony had an affair with river cruz? >> defense did something smart bringing up this issue of molestation and sexual abuse. even if the jury doesn't believe it, it makes you look at george differentlism it makes you question him. i think throughout this trial, we've seen there have been many different faces of george. i think getting up there, lying about the affair when it is so clear that it happened. krystal holloway's good witness for the defense. i think that hurt his credibility. but i think all of this, the reason for it is to take attention away from the facts that is casey was partying for 31 days. and the dysfunctional family defense does not work. >> judge jeanine: okay. thanks so much to the panel tonight. finally, my thoughts, on the trial that we've watched unfold over the last five weeks, we have been transfixed
1:56 am
by this case. the harsh reality that maybe a precious 2-year-old was actually killed by her own mother. the media has covered this drama like a sporting event. inside the courtroom we've watched the prosecution and defense wagering who is winning and who is not. attorneys have treated this like a jousting match, as the anthony family lives out their nightmare for everyone to see. prosecuting attorney linda drane-burdick was right when she said a trial is the search for the truth. the defense has stitched together a quilt of excuses about why casey anthony is not evil, just pathetic in an effort to convince a jury she not a murderer, she is just a victim. we cannot forget this trial is about a 2-year-old. who spokes to us from the grave, -- who speaks to us from the grave if only by her soul and bones. a little girl thrown away like garbage to rot by the very
1:57 am
people who said they loved her. we can now only hope that the men and women of the jury can bring justice to a little girl named caylee. the jury continues their deliberations here in orlando tomorrow morning. that's all the time we have left for this evening. thanks so much for joining us for this special coverage of the casey anthony murder trial: verdict watch. verdict watch. good night. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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