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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 6, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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. >> sean: that's all the time we have. greta is next. we'll be back tomorrow night. >> greta: here is the verdict. >> will the defendant rise along with counsel. madame clerk, you may publish the verdicts. >> state of florida versus casey marie and the in. as to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we(,-bz all. orange county, florida on this 5th day of july 2011.
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signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we the jury find the defendant not guilty many so say we all. orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child, verdict as to count three, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all, orange county, florida this 5th day of july 2011. signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer verdict as to count four, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july, 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to law enforcement officer verdict as to count five, we the jury
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find the defendant guiltive providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer, verdict as to count six, we the jury find the defendant not -- sorry, we the defendant find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. so say we all, dated orlando, orange county, florida this 5th day of july 2011, signed foreperson. as to the charge of providing false information to a law enforcement officer, verdict as to count seven, we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer charged in the indictment so say we all dated orlando, orange county florida, this 5th day of july 2011. signed foreperson.
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>> madame clerk, you may poll the jury. >> juror number one, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 2, were these your true and correct verdict >> yes. >> juror number 3, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 4, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 5 were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 6 were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 7, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 8, were these your true and correct vers? >> yes. >> juror number 9, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> juror number 10, were these your true and correct
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verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number left -- 11, were these your true and correct verdicts? >> yes. >> juror number 12, were these your true and correct vers? >> yes. >> will the counsel and defendant approach the podium. not all just a representive sample. casey marie, and any a jury of your peers have found you not guilty as to the charge contained in count one of the indictment, murder in the first degree. at this time, i will adjudge you to be not guilty. as to count two, the crime of aggravated child abuse, a jury of your peers having found you to be not guilty. the court will adjudge you to be not guilty of the crime contained in count two. as to count three, aggravated
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manslaughter of a child, a jury of your peers having found you not guilty, i will adjudge you to be not guilty of that count. as to counts four, five, six and seven, providing false information to a law enforcement officer, i will adjudge you to be guilty of those counts. and order that you be fingerprinted in open court at this time. >> greta: casey anthony tears earlier today after the seven women and five men decided the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is a murderer. a murderer of her child. the verdict saved casey from the possibility of execution by the state of florida. as soon as the judge dismissed the jury, casey and the her defense team hugged and held each other. at one point casey was seen giggling. her parents were noticeably
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absent. they quickly and quietly left right after the verdict was read. likewise, 12 unidentified jurors hightailed it back home without saying a word. >> an at this time, there are no jurors interested in speaking to any members of the media. -- they do however have your packets and they've asked for their privacy. they will contact you, if they are interested in speaking to you. >> greta: defense attorney jose baez says he's happy for casey and quick to point out he had stiff competition in the courtroom. >> while we're happy for casey, there are no-winners in this case. caylee has passed on far, far too soon. and what my driving force has been for the last three years has been all to make sure that
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there has been justice for caylee and casey. because casey did not murder caylee. it is that simple. and today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. i want to thank everyone who stood behind me and who supported me throughout this time. and especially the man who took me under his wing and made sure that i stayed focused and that we continued to work hard and that we continued to fight and battle. it really is -- i really do
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have mixed feelings over the whole situation, for those facts. this case has brought on new challenges for all of us. challenges in the criminal justice system. challenges in the media. and i think we should all take this as an opportunity to learn and realize that you cannot convict someone until they've had their day in court. we have the greatest constitution in the world. if the media and other members of the public do not respect it, it will become meaningless. today, and yesterday on the 4th of july, there was a breath of life.
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i want to also acknowledge the prosecutors who worked hard for justice as well. i think they are a fine group of prosecutors. linda drane-burdick is an incredible adversary. i think that she certainly one of the best lawyers i've ever seen. frank george also was a very important member of that team that really held them together and made them very -- a cohesive unit. mr. ashton is a fierce
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opponent. and i think that the state of florida, all three of them served the state of florida very well. as i said, i'm not as -- i'm very happy for casey. i'm ecstatic for her. and i want her to be able to grieve and grow and somehow get her life back together. >> . i think this case is a perfect example of why the -- of why the death penalty does not work. and why we all need to stop and look and think twice about a country that decides to kill its own citizens.
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murder is not right, no matter who does it. whether it's a ritual killing or someone becoming a victim in a drive-by shooting. it is disgusting. and i think if this case gets any attention it should focus on that issue. that we need to top trying to kill our people. -- to stapp trying to kill our people. the best feeling that i have today is think that know i can go home and my daughter will ask me, what did you do today? and i can say, i saved a life. >> greta: jurors did find casey guilty of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers. those are all misdemeanors. casey returns to court thursday morning for sentencing. she could get up to a year on each count since she has already been in jail for
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nearly two years already she can also walk free. here's the prosecution. >> about 34 months ago, october of 2008, i stood in the courtyard behind us, after the grand jury indicted casey anthony for the murder of her daughter and i said we would not discuss this case outside of the courtroom. and i'm pleased to say that we have not, until this time. at that time, i also said the indictment was not a conviction. and the defendant is always cloaked with the presumption of innocence. i promised we would do our talking in court. we did. for us, the case has never been about the defendant in particular. it is always -- it has always been about seeking justice for caylee and speaking on her behalf. some have exploited the case for personal gain.
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ad revenues for 15 minutes of fame. since day one we have kept our promise we would be focusing on finding and proving the truth about this child's homicide. the pretrial publicity generated by others has led to the great expense of having to seek a jury outside of our media market. we've avoided making any statements that would see the publicity and only released what florida public records law requires us to release that is, whatever documents we furnish in discovery. some of the angst and taxpayer expense in this case could have been an individualed, if others had not succombed to the temptation provided by quick notoriety. we think justice is best served when counsel does not render public opinions on matters in litigation. we have always tried to prevent the issuance of any statements that were not relevant and that all
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relevance statements be made in the courtroom. we're disappointed with the verdict today. and surprised. because we know the facts. and we put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed. our team did an exemplary job. i'm proud of them and i stand by their work. i never, ever criticize a jury. theirs is the task of deciding what to believe. reasonable doubt as to each and every element in a case, especially a case like this, which is a mosaic to prove with no smoking gun and a tiny victim reduced by time in the elements to skeletal remains, those remains lacking in any chemical evidence that can be brought forward. this was a dry bones case. very, very difficult to prove. the delay in recovering little caylee's remains worked to our considerable disadvantage.
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our mountain of evidence did not eliminate in the jury's view, every reasonable doubt. the investigators, the scientists and the prosecutors did their job, so did the jury. we do not criticize them. so did the defense. they did a good job. we go back to work tomorrow to prosecute the 101,000 cases that come to us each year. the 140 pending murders and 11 remaining child murders. >> greta: the jury in the casey anthony murder trial may not be talking. but one of the alternates is. juror number 14 is here to go on the record, next. our own geraldo rivera gets the inside scope. hear from baez and mason after the verdict. geraldo and judge jeanine are geraldo and judge jeanine are here ♪
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[ talking over each other ] >> because you don't excite the media at rest of the country like this case does, that's what it is all about. >> jose! jose! [ talking over each other ] >> greta: chaos. that was the scene earlier today as protester swarmed the orlando courthouse. inside casey anthony was learning of her fate.
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the jury found her not guilty of murdering her daughter. the 12 jurors are zipping their lips. they left after the verdict was read and headed home without saying a word. there were five alternates in the courtroom. russell known as juror number 14 was one. he joins us on the phone. russell, thank you for joining us. russell, after listening to all the evidence on all those days and weeks, did the prosecution convince you, beyond a reasonable doubt as to how caylee died? >> no, they did not. >> greta: what did you think happened to caylee, when you left the courtroom, at the end? >> i personally thought it was a horrific accident that happened. the family knows more obviously than what has been said. [ unintelligible ] >> greta: why did you think it
1:21 am
was an accident? was it something the defense said or something the prosecution failed to do? >> [ unintelligible ] they didn't show any evidence of how caylee decide -- caylee died. [ unintelligible ] horrific accident. that's my opinion. >> greta: in terms of trying to piece this case together, did you have -- come to some conclusion as to how the duct tape came to be around that child's remains? >> well, one explanation that was brought out was, how the anthonys had buried their pets. george was very -- [ unintelligible ]
1:22 am
cindy said [ unintelligible ] lee said no we buried our pets in garbage bags and we used duck tape. i think that's how they disposed of caylee's body. >> greta: in opening baez said george molested casey anthony, do you think that happened? >> you that remember, opening statements are not evidence. there was no discussions of that, no presentation. for me i didn't even consider that at all. >> greta: that didn't mean anything as to how the child died or did not die? that was something that sort of collateral, is that a fair way to describe it? >> i wouldn't say collateral that was speculation on other
1:23 am
parts, but not on myself. >> greta: were you surprised that casey didn't testify and did you want to hear from her? >> no, i wasn't surprised. [ unintelligible ] you are not required to testify you. i would have been real surprised if the defense would have put her up there. yes there was a large amount of lies. you have to remember, lies started two years prior to caylee's death. [ unintelligible ] i didn't expect to hear from her. >> greta: what did you think about the fact between june 16, 2008 and sometime in august when -- sometime in july when the 911 call was placed, what did you think about casey's behavior?
1:24 am
what impact did that have on your thinking? >> behavior was -- [ unintelligible ] the evidence that did come out that this family is dysfunctional. [ unintelligible ] it didn't show how caylee died the prosecution didn't show it. [ unintelligible ] they didn't present motive to us until the end when they said casey was a party girl. i don't think that is motive to kill your child. especially since she had the grandparents, as support for whenever she did want to go out. casey's behavior bizarre.
1:25 am
but personally the whole family was bizarre. >> greta: how difficult was it to be sequestered? >> it was tough. [ unintelligible ] my daughter left for europe, my son left for wrestling camp. by the time this was over with, i would not have seen them for 2 1/2 months. it was tough. >> greta: why do you think the jurors left and didn't want to talk, the 12 who reached the verdict? >> i don't want to speculate why they did. i can speak for myself. i didn't expect the amount of media attention this case brought. i'm still baffled by the sensationalism of this case. it blew me away. >> greta: i realize it was
1:26 am
tough to be sequestered. do you walk away from being a juror and thinking that the system works or doesn't work, are you proud of it, not proud of it? >> i'm very proud of the system. it proves that we are innocent until proven guilty. [ unintelligible ] the system did work. as a government teacher i got a lot of lessons to teach in the upcoming years about how our court systems work. >> greta: russell, thank you. i know it is hard because you all were sequestered. thank very much. coming up, behind the scenes of the murder trial. casey's defense lawyers are talking to geraldo, moments after today's verdict was read. what did are the lawyers saying? geraldo is here with judge pirro, next. >> the legal panel is here.
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>> greta: casey anthony's defense team is celebrating tonight. raising eyebrows of the appropriateness of it. geraldo caught up with the attorneys moments after the verdict was read. >> your reaction in court spoke for itself, counsel. you now have a situation where the biggest question among people that you know and in this community and across the country and the world is, if casey anthony didn't kill this child, who did kill this child? >> i think that all came out in the trial. that this was a horrible tragedy. an accident that snowballed out of control. it didn't get any more clearer
1:31 am
than that. >> i want to ask cheney mason veteran litigator here. it was a shocking verdict. i think that even you fellows with were surprised. what do you think -- we can't interview the jury, what do you think your most powerful presentation was in this case? was it no dna? was it no fingerprints? was it no cause of death that made sense to people? >> i don't think the science necessarily was the biggest problem. they never had evidence to prove her guilty of killing this child by whatever description. it should never had been charged as a death penalty case that was totally inappropriate. they waived it then reinstated it to get an advantage. the fact of the matter is, it was never there. >> greta: joining us geraldo rivera with long with judge jeanine pirro. geraldo, first to you. the idea that the defense team
1:32 am
has pretty much of a tin ear celebrating the reports that they were tipping champagne. i got to give them credit for tipping his hat to the prosecutors at the press conference. you agree it was in bad taste? >> i absolutely do not greta. these people are not accused of a crime many they are litigators, professionals. they are advocates that four side. they have won what they perceived to be a victory for truth, justice and the american way. it is not as if they were murderers and they are going out to the disco. these are lawyers. they are allowed to be human. for three years jose baez has worked for a total amount of $90,000. in other words his entire office expense, his printing, his own salary, paying the rent of his office, associates, other people, their expenses, this and that, he has lost business. he has had enormous stress. he's had every other lawyer in
1:33 am
this community be rating him and disparaging him. -- >> greta: i don't begrudge him celebrating. i be him doing it across the courthouse visible to the world when people are thinking about a poor child who is dead. jeanine you have been critical of this jury. we just had on someone who teaches in the high school was in an alternate who said he listened to the evidence and the prosecution did not convince him beyond a reasonable doubt that a murder occurred. are you still critical of the jury? >> no, i haven't been critical of the jury that. what i said is once the jury -- jury speaks that the end of it. what happened to a little girl who was thrown away like garbage. if it was an ask why didn't she raise her hand and say it was accident? [ talking over each other ]
1:34 am
>> why would her own father frame her for murder? >> greta: trials are not about good manners. they are not about good taste, new are about evidence and whether the prosecution proves beyond a reasonable doubt every element of the crime. whether people who watch on tv and only see parts and driven by emotion. she may have murdered that child, beyond that the prosecution has its burden. >> there's no question the prosecution has its burr. thank god for name and you welcome that burr, because you don't want to be in a country where people convict based on emotion. the problem we are living in a csi society. if there is no dna. if a body decomposes, all fingerprints and everything else decomposes it is as though you are scott free. circumstantial evidence today is not what it used to be. so, the time honored criteria of murder, -- of motive, means and o'opportunity and whether
1:35 am
this defend -- committed kraoeupt is giving way to where is the forensics? if you don't have it, that's the end of it. you can get away with murder. >> greta: this is a death qualified jury. which is the toughest jury a defense lawyer can fay. now for people to say they -- can face. now -- [ unintelligible ] geraldo, you want to defend this jury? >> i think the jury weighed the evidence rather than emotion. they listened to baez's brilliant closing argument. they separated the shots, hot body contest and the way she behaved after the child died. and they -- they weighed the evidence. what does the evidence say? jeanine, judge jeanine, polishes over the lack of dna. the lack of fingerprints.
1:36 am
>> i said there wasn't any. >> fact of the matter is, the state's forensic case was incredibly weak this judge, every single ruling, judge perry, i thought his decorum was excellent. i thought his legal research on the , very impressive. yet, every -- every ruling he left in evidence -- >> greta: i gotta go you guys both know about breaks. >> okay we do, thanks. >> greta: thank you both. coming up, emotional day in court. casey anthony in tears. her defense team smiling. prosecution fuming. how did casey escape conviction of murder and that risk of execution? our legal panel is back, that's next. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the death toll rising in the wake of tropical storm arlene. the government in mexico now saying at least 22 people are dead. the storm packed maximum sustained winds of 62 miles per
1:40 am
hour when it it made landfall last week on the east coast of mexico. check out these pictures, of a massive dust storm rolling into phoenix. it was close to 50 miles wide. the blowing sand reduced visibility, as you can see, look at this! creating travel problems. high winds and moisture feeling that storm. and dominique strauss-kahn could be facing rape charges in france. a former officer has filed sex charges saying he tried to rape her 8 years ago. he is also accused of sexual assault on a nade a hotel in new york. go to for the latest information. now back to greta. >> greta: prosecution going head-to-head with the defense during closing arguments. here's how it all went down. >> casey is smart, casey is
1:41 am
quick. it is absolutely amazing how nimble casey anthony's mind is in the ability to come up with an appropriate and believable lie in an instant. she is impressive. she actually got an amazing memory. imagine being able to remember the lies you told a year ago and incorporate that into a new lie. really impressive. a trip down a rabbit hold into a bizarre world where men who love their granddaughters find them drowned and do nothing. where men who love their grand daughters take an accident, completely innocent act and make it look like a murder, for no reason. she now wants her freedom? is that what you do to get
1:42 am
freedom, you kill somebody? that's outrageous that's nonsense. nobody is going to look for little caylee she is going to get to party everyday and night. that's nonsense. that's complete and total nonsense. >> if you hate her. if you think she is a lying no good slut, then you will start look at this evidence in a different light many you will start to, well wait a minute, maybe i've seen something that is not there. and start to discrimination against her. rather than give her the standard that is afforded to each and every citizen in our country. that the government prove their case beyond and to the exclusion i have every reasonable doubt. you can get away with that if we can get a jury to hate her. >> greta: casey's defense team came out on top. jurors declared her not guilty of murdering her daughter. how did the prosecution lose the jury? let's ask our legal panel.
1:43 am
diana tennis, jim hammer and bernie grimm and told williams. ted rep -- represents the son of the man who found caylee's remains. this was a highly technical case on elements of murder. you have a situation where the remains have been out in the elements for six months, destroying lots of the opportunity to determine cause of death. your thoughts on this verdict? >> what ended with is where i would start. i've prosecuted a bunch of murder cases and investigated a bunch. when you have a bed that decomposed the crime scene is 0 -- have a body that is that decomposed, the crime scene is obliterated, juries want if they are going to vote guilty say i feel like i know how it happened. i feel like i know the motive and i believe he or she did i. the best evidence they had is
1:44 am
liar, liar. >> greta: it is not a question of wanting. it is whether the prosecution has proven every almost of the charge, one she was killed by the hands of someone else. if the evidence isn't there the jury doesn't have a choice, if the jury is not convinced. >> the jury is going to say to the state i'm if the going to make up evidence that you don't have. when a great discussion with dr. baden regarding cause of death. they couldn't provide the doctor the medical examiner could not provide a cause of death. you are throwing into the jury box she is a slut, liar, bum, a liar, a liar and i want you to conclude that she has to be a murderer. i was smart for jose baez to take that on closing. >> greta: it doesn't moon she is innocent, does it diana? >> i totally agree.
1:45 am
but i gotta say, the more and more i hear from the alternate juror that has come forward, the more it sounds like i was wrong, wrong all the way what long and the defense was doing a great job and the jury was buying what the defense was selling. it didn't sound like this was just a we don't quite believe. it sounds like they actually believed the defense's theory. i got to i go credit where due they did an amazing job i did not see coming. -- >> greta: listening to jury, i agree in part. ted, in these cases the jury really does take the jury instructions seriously. you can walk out of the courtroom and think she is the worst murderer there is. but i don't know how she died. >> that's right. let's be candid if the jury
1:46 am
would have made a decision here pursuant and based on emotions, she would have been found guilty many the evidence was not there. we need to learn to respect the jury system. there's been a lot of outrage about how the jury ruled. i think that they were there. they listened. by the way i was in that courtroom. i observed that jury. that jury was listening to the evidence. >> greta: we see a different trial. we see the argument when the jury is out of the room. the jury saw a different trial than we did even if you watched the entire trial on television. >> jury didn't see, there were rulings that kept evidence out that the jury didn't see. the jury doesn't get to analyze it the way we do. when they go back there everything on the news and newspapers was kept away from them. 12 people could not be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. for that matter, they don't have to prove it. >> we should take our hat off
1:47 am
to jose baez, he did an excellent job. >> absolutely right. >> greta: you the verdict. casey is off the hook. jury says prosecutors did not convince them casey is the murderer of her own child many is it now over? is it now over? maybe not. can getting enough vegetables is it now over? maybe not. make you feel good? oh, yeah. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings of vegetables. v8. what's your number? a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster.
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>> greta: the jury finds casey anthony not guilty of killing her daughter. but is this case really over? her mother took the stand admitting she made those searches for chloroform. the searches the d.a. claims were made 84 times on the anthony home computer. records show cindy was at work during the time those searches were made.
1:51 am
could cindy be facing perjury charges? our legal panel is back. jim, would you charge cindy? >> boy, listen, perjury really sends me through the roof. it happens all the time. defendants lie, done get mad bernie, but it is true. witnesses lie for defendants. if the prosecutor did it would look like sour grapes. they lost the big case they ought to think twice. >> greta: while tell you why i would not. the fact that cindy said that car smelled like death showed this was not a mother trying to protect her child, because she wouldn't have said that and repeated it and tried to soften it. i think cindy was mistaken, i don't think she was lying. >> she was all over the place. honestly, this was not the piece of evidence that lost the case. why take more from this woman? her life is bad enough. i don't think they are going to do it and i don't think they should.
1:52 am
>> greta: bernie, sentencing is thursday, what would you give casey anthony and why? >> everything you can give her. she lied in a homicide investigation. it didn't get any more important. it was her daughter. she should have stood up and said this is what happened. whatever this was. and admitted to the police. throw the book at her, give her everyday you can. >> greta: and you are a defense lawyer. >> absolutely. i'm not her defense lawyer, but i'm a defense lawyer. >> greta: ted? >> i would throw the book at her. but she will walk out thursday. she has served close to three years. i think for time served, she will be able to walk out of there. by the way, on cindy anthony, they would be stuck on stupid if they tried to charge her with perjury. >> greta: jim, i would give her the maximum. she cost taxpayers a lot of money in the state florida with her stupid lies.
1:53 am
>> it is more than stupid. her daughter is dead. and she is lying about it. and she is leading them off to disney world and the rest. there's a real evil that went on. she is lying and partying at night while her baby is dead. something is seriously rotten here. she might have killed this girl. prosecutors just can't prove it. >> greta: i agree. there's nothing that says she is that's not what the jury said. it is more than just stupid, it is evil the way she lied. i agree. diana, what do you think that -- [ unintelligible ] >> they didn't look on the same page. they really didn't. she looked relieved. she actually smiled a little bit. i think she was more than relieved. he feels the way you would feel if you were wrongly accused by your daughter's team of doing those things. i think it is going to be harder to stick together with
1:54 am
her out of prison than it would be if she were in prison. i predict that family is more splintered in the future, not less. >> greta: a statement was released by mark lippman the attorney for george and cindy anthony. it said despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony, if that isn't a shot at their daughter -- >> it is one thing to be accused of a crime that nasty of a sexual assault but have it be by your own daughter. >> greta: parents are now saying despite the baseless defense chosen. >> what happens thursday, knock on the door, i'm home! >> greta: does it moon they think she murdered her -- does it mean they think she murdered their granddaughter? >> of a sexual -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: it says the parents do not buy the defense at all. i'm going to take the last word on that.
1:55 am
thank you all very much. coming up the courtroom fell sigh:after the not guilty ver was read. it was different outside the -- courthouse. swarms were gathering wonder wag the jury was thinking. much more on the [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive...
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1:58 am
where is the justice for caylee? her mother is the primary care giver. the child was gone 30 days, they're found her innocent of any type of neglect.
1:59 am
at all. she was the last one with the child. i'm not saying she should have gotten murder one or two, but that was ignored. >> i don't know what trial they were in. i was in there five times. i want to know what trial the jurors were watching. >> she was not found innocent by the way but that was the scene earlier today outside of the court house after the not guilty verdict was read. it was a different scene inside of the courtroom. the courtroom was nearly silent, casey in tears and the defense team was hugging. there have been a lot of twists and turns in this case. a lot of conflicting testimony for the jury to sort there through. jurors have been sequestered and tonight they're back home, and casey is back in protective custody. she'll return to court thursday to be sentenced on four counts of lying to law enforcement officers. thanks for joining us tonight. go to greta we have an open thread. you can write about this verdict. we'll see you again tomorrow. and make sure you go to greta let us know what you think