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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 8, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. sean welcome to hannity. the gop field is done instantly expanding. a few weeks ago romney threw his hat into the ring. i sat down with the presidential hopeful in new hampshire on the day he officially announced his candidacy. >> barack obama has failed america. you said that >> no question about it. he came into office there. was one job that was front and center. to keep the economy from going off a cliff to make sure that americans got back to work. home values came back. we are in his third year of his presidency. we are seeing continuing high levels of unemployment. home values declining. foreclosures at record levels. he has failed in the job he was elected to do.
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that's why, in my opinion, he's not going to be reelected. >> sean: i was reading an article yesterday, a financial adviser made the statement it became the front page of the drudge report, the coming depression. do you think it can get that bad? >> if it is terribly managed. if you have an economy where leaders do everything wrong, anything is possible. the right course for america is to basically reverse almost every single action he's taken as president. everything he did was what the faculty lounge members have been talking about for years. what you hear europeans doing. what europeans has done has lead to stagnation, high levels of unemployment in this country we have a different course. we believe in individual initiative. personal responsibility. opportunity, freedom, small government, constitution. these principle, these american principle are key to getting our economy back to being successful and leading the world.
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>> sean: you say we are inches from not being a free market economy. what did you mean by that? would you define america now as on the verge of socialism? >> look where we are. we are almost 40% of all economic activity in america is accounted for by government. government is taking 40% of the gdp. that's at the state, local and federal level. president obama has taken government spending at the federal level from 20% to 25%. at some point you cease being a free economy and become a government economy. we gotta stop that. america ceases being america. we cease being able to provide to our people, high incomes and good job opportunities and rising standard of living, if we have government running our lives. we have to shrink the scale of government. i would cap the amount the federal government can spend at 20% of the economy. bring it back to 20% or lower.
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and say we are not going to spend above that level. democrats want to raise your taxes more and turn us into an economy that is no longer driven by the private sector. >> sean: you talk about kicking the can down the road and passing the bill on to future generations. >> reporter: this is a fox news alert. former first lady betty ford has died at the age of 93. ford was the wife of former president jarrell ford. also co-founder -- of gerald for. also co-founder of the betty ford addiction center. >> in august 1974 when nixon resigned the presidency, betty ford knew she had her work cut out for her. >> just the thought of being first lady can be very challenging. and it was. it was a demanding job. but it comes with no job description. >> from the beginning, betty ford was an unconventional and
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independent first lady. >> i told my husband if we have to go to the white house, okay i will go. but, i'm going as myself and it is too late to change my pattern. if they don't like it they will have to throw me out. >> elizabeth ann bloomer born april 8th, 1918 in chicago, illinois. three years later the family moved to grand rapids michigan. her passion for dance brought her to study in vermont where she met martha graham and joined her dance company. >> i always treasured my time dedicated to the graham dance company who i was with for 2 1/2 years in new york. >> after a brief flirt with modeling betty returned to michigan in 1941 and worked at a local department store. after an unsuccessful marriage to william warren she met the
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war veteran who would change her life, gerald ford. they were married october 15th, 1948. two weeks after walking down the aisle, gerald was elected to his first term in congress. beginning the fords' road to the white house. her outspokenness in trying circumstances endeared her to the nation. one month after her husband took office, betty was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> got hundreds of thousands of women to their doctors and to clinics for breast exams. >> her candidness was not limited to her personal life. she actively supported controversial issues, including the passage of the equal rights amendment and freedom of choice. >> she was on the phones working the state legislatures and everyone for the era. she was very unhappy when it didn't pass. >> when the supreme court voted to legalize abortion, and in my words, bring it out
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of the back wood withs and put it in hospitals, where it -- i thought it was a great decision. >> her influence not lost on the president who respected and valued her opinion. >> betty's contribution to history during our time in the white house and afterwards, was her total dedication to openness, frankness. >> she had her own right to her own opinions. >> betty lobbied him to appoint more women to top posts in washington. >> a lot of it had to do with perhaps putting a woman in the cabinet. >> you won that one? >> yes. and i'm working on another. >> there was also a lighter side to mrs. ford. >> she had a really funny, funny senseability.
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kind of a mischievous quality. there's a famous quote, barefoot, dancing -- famous photograph of her barefoot, dancing on the cabinet table. to painkillers prescribed for a pinched nerve and arthritis. she began drinking heavily after her husband lost the 1976 election to jimmy carter. >> my family came to me with an intervention. helped me see the light. and said they wanted to help. >> betty entered rehab in 1978. once again openly discussed her problem in public. she received thousands of letters in support and opened the betty ford center in california, four years later. in her later years she cherished the time she went with her husband until his death in december 2006. mrs. ford is survived by her children, michael, john, steven and susan as well as
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numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> reporter: if you are just joining us, fox news confirming, former first lady betty ford has died at the age of 93. she was the wife of former president gerald ford and co-founder of the betty ford center in california. want to read a statement we just received from former president george h.w. bush: barbara and i betty ford very much she was a wonderful wife, mother, great friend and courageous first lady. no one confronted lives struggles with more fortitude and honesty. as a result we all learned from the challenges she faced. the betzy ford center which changed the lives of thousands -- will be her lasting leggy of care and concern. we were proud to know her. proud to call her a friend. we will miss her very much. more about her life. in 1973 the fords were
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planning retirement from congress. of course, there was a turn of political events which shook the nation. and reshaped their own future. they ended up in the white house. she did a lot for women's rights and a lot of other things in this country. we'll have more, after this break. ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. for a drinkso i takeust the way one a day men's 50+ advantage. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ]
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that's a hit. one a day men's.
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our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> sean: welcome back. zi former massachusetts governor, mitt romney.
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you have to win a republican primary to get that opportunity to debate president obama. the one issue that you know keeps coming up is the issue of what they call romneycare. your health care bill in massachusetts. i want to give you an opportunity today to address the conservatives, the tea party movement and explain to them, because that keeps coming up again and again. what happened? what the bill was about? how you differentiate that from obamacare? when you went to iowa, the democratic party lovingly welcomed you to the state and said because you paved the way for health care reform in massachusetts, we were able to pass the affordable care act, obamacare. it seems to be their strategy to say the same thing. to explain to conservatives that is their big area of skepticism for you, because it
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is one issue that comes up. in your own words, what do you want to tell them about it? it does not seem to go away >> first, if i were president, i will repeal obamacare. the first day of my administration i will say to the secretary of health and human services, i want a waiver for all 50 states from obamacare. we had a bill that is 70 pages in length. he has a bill 2,700 pages. >> you have to pass it to find out what is in it. >> nancy pelosi said it. >> i didn't mean to interrupt. >> in those extra 2,630 pages he does a lot of stuff we didn't do. he takes over health care. basically had the federal government manage health care not just for the uninsured but for everybody. that's one reason why the american people are saying no way for obamacare. why do we take on this issue? a lot of people were worried
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if they changed jobs they would lose their insurance or didn't have insurance. we had people gaming the system. who could afford to care for themselves. instead showing up at hospitals expecting government to pay. we said, we are not going to let that go on. we are going to insist on personal responsibility. we worked with the heritage foundation, a great conservative group. we looked at great conservative thinkers in the past. we said personal responsibility in health care is the way to go. we fashioned a plan which met a state need. i would never take what we did for our state and say let's impose that on every state in the country. that's wrong. it violates the principle of federalism, a bedrock principle of our constitution. each state should craft their own solutions. one thing i can tell you, obamacare is out. if i get the chance to debate president obama, i'm looking forward to saying, thank you mr. president for all the compliments you sent my way. i know what they are intended to do. izd= have one question, why didn't you call me?
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why didn't you ask me, whether the massachusetts plan was working or not? what parts didn't work? what things you shouldn't do? i know, obamacare would bankrupt the nation. obamacare will severely impact the quality of health care for the american people. it will be repealed. >> sean: what about the mandate aspect? the constitutionality of it, government mandating health care, has been a big issue. in romney care bill it was mandated. there was a state mandate. what is the distinction considering republicans arguing wait a minute, there's no constitutional authority to put a mandate on people they must have insurance? >> federal constitution does not allow for man dates to be provided by the government. state constitution have mandates of many kinds. we mandate kids go to school. if you drive you have to have insurance. states provide mandates within the rights of their constitution. in our state, we say we've got
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people looking at health care like welfare. they can afford to care for themselves, but they don't want to pay. we said these free riders are abusing the system. we are going to insist they get insurance or pay their own wait a minute no more showing up at the hospital and expecting government to pay for them is, in my view, a conservative point of view. insist on personal responsibility. say we are not going to let government grow and grow. we are spending over a billion dollars a year. giving out free care to people many many of whom could care for themselves. that is wrong. >> sean: one last question on this. i d
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do you think it was a success, the bill you passed in massachusetts? >> there are a number of things in the bill i would have changed. i continue to think those changes would have been better. you learn from experience. a lot of things i would change. it is not perfect. there are a lot of things in that bill that don't work. the nice thing about a state solution to a state problem it is relatively easy to make changes and improve it. if i were governor of massachusetts, the problems people point out, i would fix. but i'm not running for governor. i'm running for president of the united states. that's why it is important to make cheer, i would repeal obamacare. i will grant a waiver to all 50 states immediately upon taking office. i will go to work to make sure the american people understand that it is at the state level that we care for those that don't have insurance. >> sean: coming up, she almost dethroned senator reid. now sharron angle is holding
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>> sean: during the 2010 midterm election, h l face -- harry reid faced one of the toughest battles of his career. sharron angle was a tea party favorite. with the election behind her, she has penned a new book, right angle, one woman's journey to reclaim the constitution. you lost a tough election. that was, for me, one of the harder ones. i wanted him beaten so bad. >> everybody did. i had a 7-year-old boy say to me, i'm so sorry you lost. i have lots of people coming up. all i can say is, i'm sorry
9:22 pm
too. life isn't about winning or losing it is about doing your best. that's what we have to continue to do as people who want to get back to the constitution. we can't quit. we have to keep in the game even if we lose one. >> sean: do you think harry reid stole votes in this election? >> in my book i dust that a bit. we have a lawsuit about harass -- harrah's casino and their involvement and what we feel was not legitimate. >> sean: they sent out an e-mail from the head of harrah's remind everybody what happened. >> they sent out an e-mail saying put those people in a choke hold. but then they bused people in to the polls. i think that our lawsuit --
9:23 pm
i'm saying i think, because i'm not an attorney. i want to make that disclaimer right up front. i'm not the attorney. >> sean: every time i hire a lawyer i say that's your job, i don't want to hear it. let me know when it is over. >> that's what i know, we have the lawsuit and we are pursuing it. >> sean: you had a terrific line. i've never said it, this succinctly, i was jealous i didn't think of it myself. you said reagan was a tea partier. people forget ronald reagan challenged a sitting president in a primary in 1976. that was gerald ford. in many ways that is taking on the establishment, isn't it? >> it is. when we talk about this, what we're doing is challenging a paradigm. you've seen this happen, people watch it happen when they are looking at washington, d.c.. they see people come in, they are challenging that paradigm. somehow they get sucked in or
9:24 pm
seduced. pretty soon they are establishment. we need outsiders to come in with the constitution on their mind and determined to make a difference with that constitution on their minds. >> sean: some people think if the republicans don't get harder, done take a stronger stand, they -- don't take a stronger stan, i didn't like the 11 budget deal, i didn't like the lame duck leading into christmas. i want these guys to stand firm. reagan interestingly raised the question is it a third party we need? he said no revitalized second party. recently, the tea party has said no, we are gonna unite behind whoever the winner of this nomination is. i think if they don't do that, you will split the anti-obama vote, in goes barack obama again. do you agree? >> certainly, we have to be careful of that. we saw that with the perot election. things happened and perot
9:25 pm
split the vote and we go someone we didn't want. we need to be very careful how we put our -- >> sean: do you agree with reagan's principle revitalized second party, not a third party? >> i do. when we look at the principles of the republican party, they are right. the problem is, it is who runs. i talk about this in my book i talk about how they run right and vote left. they say all the right things to us. and you may know think that started a new pact, it is our voice pact. and the reason that we're working with pact this time is we think people need to be informed voters. they need to look more at the record not just in what people are saying. we definitely think this is important, because harry reid is now exporting what he did in nevada to the whole nation.
9:26 pm
>> sean: i still can't believe he won. as you look back on the campaign i'm not asking to you monday morning quarterback. were there things you would do differently? i know you turned down an opportunity to run for congress. what would you do differently? >> i'll set the record straight on that i turned down an opportunity, if you call it an opportunity to be in a special he that is going to be -- special election mess. one of the things we are anxious to get rid of [ unintelligible ] going back to your question, i do go into that a lot in my book as far as what we need to do going forward that we didn't do in the last election. part of it has to do with money that's why i'm putting the proceeds of this book into this pact so we'll have the money to fight the fight at the ground zero point.
9:27 pm
>> sean: at the grassroots. >> not just at the grassroots. 24 hours after i won the primary harry reid was up on the air with his pact talking about the things -- the name calling, the personal attack. we didn't have the money to fight back that's what this pact is about, we are going to have the money when they start that. >> sean: are you happy with the candies that have announced or will announce for president? are you happy with the congress and how they've governed so far? >> i think we are all waiting. we are all waiting to see who is going to get in this race before we say we are happy with someone. >> sean: any one or two people that you would like to support? >> there are some conservatives -- >> sean: names, i'm trying to get out of you. >> surely. i guess the reason i'm avoiding that is because this pact is a pact that cannot endorse candidates so i'm being very careful about that.
9:28 pm
>> sean: you can speak as an individual separate from the pact, anybody that stands out in your mind? >> not yes. i'm waiting to see. >> sean: are you happy with how the 2011 congress is acting? since they won in 2010 that is not a smile. that was a -- >> you know, i'm a little -- >> sean: facial expression no. >> it is not no. it is just that, i love what paul ryan is trying to do. he says we knee reforms. we do. let's do -- we need reforms. we do. let's -- i see republicans waffling on what reform looks like. i want them to be strong. >> sean: right angle the name of the book your new pac they can find out about that. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me.
9:29 pm
>> sean: he describes himself as a former liberal who woke up. david mamet tells us what caused his transformation. >> cincinnati bengals safety roy williams helping our troops. now he may be thinking of running for public officers. that and more straight ahead on hannity. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪
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what's in your wallet? >> sean: welcome back. david mamet world renowned playwright and director. he made some waves in hollywood in 2008 when he panned an op-ed titled: why i am no longer a brain dead liberal. he has written a new book. you speak as a reformed liberal. >> that's right. >> sean: by the way, nice to meet you. your work speaks for itself.
9:33 pm
renowned playwright. you have been in some of the biggest movies in the country, in history. how did you get into that? >> i started out i was a failed actor. i loved being around the theater. i didn't want to leave. so, if you don't want to leave and you can't act you better learn how to do something else. my tendancy as an actor was to correct people, what if we tried it this way, that way? terrible actor -- terrible for actor, but good for director. so i became a director. >> sean: you remind me a little of david horowitz. he grew up with parents that were communist. then evolved into a strong consistent conservative. you had a political transformation. >> yeah. i think it started around 2004. i to the polling place in the morning. -- i went to the polling place in the morning in an ultra liberal community to vote democratic.
9:34 pm
there was a feeling of violence at the polling place. whom i couldn't tell it was a bunch of fairly well to do jews like myself whose idea of diversity was god knows what. we pay our taxes to have them preach this nonsense to our kids in school. there was a feeling of violence. there was this rage against george bush. then i out, i was decking a television show on cbs called "the unit." i realized there's 200 people on the set, 15 actors, 185 other people, we don't know each other's politics but we get along perfectly am i said this is the vision of america. he said he was in conservation corp everybody who wants to work get on the truck.
9:35 pm
took him outside los angeles said here's a map, here's where you are. we want the road there in three months. those people on the truck, between us we figured out how to build that road many that's the feeling on a set. >> sean: how did you make a transformation? >> i wrote a play, a comedy. "new york times" gave it a close this play review twice. they sent another guy back to make sure. so, it is like coming to grips like a homosexual comes out of the closet late in life. or a person changes their religion late in life, a big if word to become aware of what you are -- a big f word. to become aware of what you are thinking. >> sean: i thought prime minister netanyahu gave one of the finest speeches in front of congress what did you
9:36 pm
think? >> i thought that's a leader. that is a guy calling it like it is. i've asked and you asked people who agree with our points about conservatism then why do you vote democratic? they respond, because i'm a democrat that's not enough. when the three branches of government have failed to represent the citizen and the mass of the media has failed, then the citizenry better represent the citizenry. >> sean: it drives me crazy. you know what i really fear? we could live through a modern day holocaust. i believe people when they say they want to annihilate a country and wipe it off a map. i believe a charter that says destroy israel and kill the jews, they are serious.
9:37 pm
i think evil exists in ahmadinejad. i think evil exists in the muslim brotherhood, hamas, hezbollah. i believe if you look at this peace of land of israel, surrounded on all sides, including syria and shifting egypt towards the brotherhood, i fear that small nation is in more danger than it has ever been. i don't know why more people don't see it? >> i don't know either. but i did know one thing it says in the bible. it says of israel, it says the people who blessed you, will be blessed -- [ inaudible ] i do know that has been true for 2,000 years. as israel goes so goes the west. >> sean: i've known netanyahu for years i've been friends with him for years. he said we are the lilsa tan, it is america -- we are the little satan.
9:38 pm
it is america. then i turn it into politics, why would people not vote in their best interests and see that evil exists? you deal with this. you say your interest in politics began when you noticed you acted differently and spoke differently about the government. that was interesting, explain that. >> however liberal anyone is, when they get an envelope in the mail that has the return address of any government and they weren't expecting, they are filled with apprehension. >> sean: irs? >> whoever it is. doesn't matter whether it is the city council, state of new york or their federal government if you get something that has a government return address and you weren't expecting it, your first reaction is oh god, not me. please let this cup pass me by. we understand that government is terrible. we hate paying taxes we know taxes are all waste. >> sean: ever go to the dmv?
9:39 pm
>> exactly so. i said in my book at that time federal government is the zoning board mark twain said before god created the fool he created the school board for practice. [ laughing ] >> sean: very good. perfect line-up. why are conservatives in hollywood scared to death to identify themselves as conservatives? are they going to be punished in your profession? >> yes. >> sean: you have seen it? >> it depends on how far up the pecking order one is. if you're in a position to do something for the corporate structure they will leave you alone. if you aren't, it is likely that -- the least you are going to get shunned. you may get fired. it is just true. >> sean: unbelievable in is an excellent book. i just got into reading it today. i'm going to finish it tonight that's how good a reader i am.
9:40 pm
continue the great work and i admire all you've done. >> thank you so much. >> sean: roy williams is here to talk about how he's helping our brave men and women in uniform. he was nervous to sit down with me. why did i make his hands a little sweaty? >> plus, brad paisley is here to talk about his latest album. also his take on what makes country music so unique from every other music genre? you don't want to miss it, straight ahead. risks when i was young. but i was still taking a risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more, and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patits who have heart diase
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>> sean: welcome back. roy williams is a force to be reckoned with on the feel. it is his good work off field that he does for our troops that has many talking. he's the co-founder of pros for vets an organization that helps vets when they return home. how are you? good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: so who did you vote for?
9:44 pm
kidding. you said you are afraid of me. >> i wouldn't say afraid, nervous. >> sean: why? >> my family when i told them i'm coming to your show they are like uh-oh watch out. >> sean: they must be talking about some other show. i have this reputation. >> yeah. hands sweaty a bit. >> sean: the reason you are here is for something wonderful. that's pros the -- you are helping veterans out. i'm in total support and agreement with what you are doing. i love what you are doing and i admire you. >> i appreciate that >> sean: now your family can send me some roses. tell us what you are doing. >> pros for votes a non-profit we go to the va's and help the troops, spend time with them. when i was in cincinnati, my first trip on an off day i spent about three, four hours going to 's -- to everyone's
9:45 pm
room to spend quality time with them. one thing that stood out was when i to every room, the lady that was helping she would go in the room and ask the vets would they mind having a visitor? one continuing that stuck to my heart was them all excited saying yes, because i haven't soon my family in four, five months, nobody has come to visit me. i go in and just spend time with them. >> sean: it is hard. >> very hard. >> sean: i've been to walter reed and bethesda, i need to go become. it changes your life. i was meeting kids that had their legs broken off. >> yes, sir. >> sean: i don't know if you had the same feeling many when i would leave, meeting these guys, we've been doing concerts for years, and i meet guys, i walk away embarrassed that i think i have a problem in life. you get that same feeling? >> i feel that here in the states we are enjoying our
9:46 pm
freedom they are fighting for us. we can sometimes forget about what is going on outside our beautiful united states of america. and not know what stress they are going through. a lot of people talk about football, we're going to war. no we're not, we're playing a game. when our troops are out there -- >> sean: when you are playing my jets, it is war. >> even if we do play 'em, we are not ducking and dodging bullets. >> sean: i agree, it is true. it does put perspective, which is your point. you got musicians, athletes. we had gary sinise. how many guys have had you that are supporting you? >> tommy harris, chicago bears. toby keith. i love him amazing guy. >> sean: ever hang with him? >> yeah. can't wait to go hunting with him. he has a lot of land on the
9:47 pm
border of texas. >> sean: you are going hunting with him? >> yes. >> sean: you sing with him? >> i can't sing. >> sean: who else you got? >> myself, we have curtis lofton, mccoy. roy miller. >> sean: what is your goal? >> just trying to raise awareness. raise money for our troops. and you know one of the good things that we have going for us, we have the oklahoma bar association as well as the texas bar association. the texas bar association is talking to the new york bar association. to offer free representation for our troops when they get back that's awesome that's one of the biggest things they have a problem with, not being able to get the right legal services. we are trying to raise awareness, raise money. and let them know we
9:48 pm
appreciate them. when they come home and the airport is full of people clapping them on. once that is over with, -- >> sean: listen, post-traumatic stress disorder is real. these guys are living because they have multiple tours living in difficult conditions, stress every second they are awake and asleep. it is very hard on them. i think this is great what are doing. now the political debate we planned. i'm teasing. you are not political? did you like politics? >> no i kind of just -- i don't know. >> sean: because i love sports but i do politics everyday. >> i see that. you do a great job. >> sean: thank you. >> there might be a future for me in politics. i'm thinking about doing some stuff in oklahoma. >> sean: running as, for? no you are not going to open that door now. >> to be determined. i haven't decided yet. >> sean: one of my closest friends is jc.
9:49 pm
>> i love mr. watts. >> sean: awesome had a former football background. would you run as republican or democrat? i'm not going to beat you up either way, i don't care. i'm a registered conservative. >> trust me, i know. >> sean: all right, i'm just checking. that red tie means, you are going to run maybe one day as a conservative? >> maybe a democrat. >> sean: you said red. >> democrat. i'll be a democrat. i'm a california boy. >> sean: when you come back the next time -- >> you are going to change my mind. >> sean: putting that aside what you are doing is magnificent. it is tremendous that you take all this time that you spend with the troops, raising money, awareness. i want to thank you for what you are trying. i appreciate it. >> coming up our friend brad pays -- brad paisley shares
9:50 pm
his secret for staying grounded amid his massive fame. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: that was a clip of the new music video for "old alabama" from a good friend of ours brad paisley. it is the country singer's 19th, number one single many release from his new album. now available everywhere music is sold. the man himself.
9:54 pm
so good to see you. you know, i'm honored that you talk to me. that we are still friends. great to see you. >> the right wingnut job like yourself. >> sean: your father is as conservative as me. >> i got a right wingnut job father. >> sean: i didn't enjoy any more that sitting on the bus with you, your wife and your dad and i agree totally and your wife saying i don't totally agree. what was cool for me, i'm a big fan of yours. you've been very kind you invited me on your bus outside david letterman's studio. you played this first song about what i love about country music. >> that's right. we had just finished a mix. before i was going on the cma wards. >> sean: you said i'm going to play this and you did. >> we did. it over great. the first single off this album which was a good six
9:55 pm
months too early for our first single. it ended up being a presingle, the second to number one the same day the album came out. >> sean: you really captured -- i'm not good at remembering the words -- that's the hardest thing about being a singer, how do you remember the words to these songs? >> there's a melody so it makes it easier. >> sean: do you have an earpiece? >> that would be harder than trying to remember. >> sean: what i love about country music, it is the heart and soul. you captured it in that first single. >> you know, i really wanted to write a song that paid tribute to some of the things that i felt like were unique to country. there's a few things. that's where the base for the
9:56 pm
album came from. we sing about patriotism, religion, divorce. i was trying to think of a song from any other format that used the word divorce. i don't know if i heard the word divorce in a pop song or rap song or anything. i think it is because country is lyrically specific. >> sean: first of all i'm a big alabama fan. >> nobody is a bigger fan than me. >> sean: i love them. the fact that you did this with them, that just -- i just loved it. >> to me, it became something that took on this life of its on. i wrote this little song with a couple friends. this fun look at a young girl that falls in love with their music. we realized the perfect for our song is the bridge for mountain music. we wrote this and brought in the guys. they came up to new york -- >> sean: i got to meet him.
9:57 pm
interviewing him was a lot of fun. >> those guys, when you get to know them are cooler in person. >> sean: i agree. i was like so -- really humble, nice, down-to-earth. the other thing, there's one other song on the album think that liked a lot. >> just one sean? >> sean: no i just mentioned three. >> i'm teasing. >> sean: the with carrie underwood. i've never met her but i watched her from the idol years. she has grown into such a huge artist. her voice really comes in on that cut is amazing. >> it is. i think she the best sinner we have, maybe ever had. when she came into the studio and sang her parts for this song she nailed it. every time she sang it, it sounded like what is on that record. we did it several times to make sure we had takes we need.
9:58 pm
she just never sings badly. believable her talent. >> sean: i've gotten to know you and -- spend time with you. i've interviewed a lot of people over the years you are probably one of the most down-to-earth people i've met many you do stadium shows with 70,000 people and it doesn't impact you. i know don't -- i don't know how you do it. you are very rooted. how did that happen? >> i have a down-to-earth father. my wife is an actress and famous herself is more down-to-earth than anyone i know. >> sean: she is awesome. you married way above your pay grade. >> both of them us did. >> sean: that's true. it is realizing what it all means. randy said something, i met him at a st. jude event. randy said all these things
9:59 pm
that you might win, all of these concerts, all these records won't matter what will matter in the end is what did for people. did you do something good? did you help out some people that less fortunate? that will determine whether or not you are happy. >> sean: and you are doing that. >> i hope so. >> sean: love the cd. i'm putting it on my website. brad paisley, you are a great american. god bless. >> thank you. >> sean: thank you for being with us. monday was the 4th of july. millions of us celebrated with our families. thousands of men and women in our armed forces overseas, far from their loved ones. one way to honor them is go to right on the bottom of the screen. people providing funds for serve dogs to assist military personnel who have been wounded in the global war on terrorism. you can help them help our soldiers. we