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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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d fic u erng failareo tu h coundet e u amecan aionom atuhe dow nd dropd men oomr 2 aow pois, t op gges qrter dro o 2inceoi t t fincia crises of le qerroce t 28. acfirdiniato tis prefdent l the probm li wit y 2 acin t t re ntameranheeop otobliith ity of y t hi poli erop prosalsh o no hers wh hi hli tolrols no erwh flida telisio htati jusol stery. >>flhe wa ihinkeliotius abo it ier yo>> wnknow,hisbot is.ou i yonow,w,ss. aw, grear de mnes a couryhat ea hade gten msou lttle so ha and yonow, gn l didet hao thand sameyow, comtiti edge tt we id nehaed oharhe lasmeoupl ofomtidg te ne o rdecas. weeed as get bapl o of tra. >>ou kw, th e ca wed eta aintera one >> k h sttingo sod mrend aoretene likeimmy carstr.ngso md he aoelam hekemy amecan ar pele f a his piticammen ilurpe. f foexame, rembe h pic ts? >>he thrurat sfoam rbe t n rl>>hr n invible in ornaryays,t vien rry a csis,f
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a c condenc. its a cris tttrikon anct thvery iteartnd aoul ari t spir ofik a urthry natnartl a irf wl. ur weat c seehis cisisn t w gr cing ss c disbt a tut theeani grofg our o livesnd d the aossheni ur of a lesnityfd urpo fohess ou a tytion po>> wfonowsou mayhe present tryg to makon t w eawsayr a e yest srytoossiake for e ofeais aepubcan si fochalnger of toeatubnim. altt rerney ao rkterryeem . b ry ho aing te pce asry mont hounneg te minsota ps t ngrewomanemiche bamann ins notagiveup t figt. e jnss remachba tonnnht le noveit t her igke ot.the j veron l r oeatesfrom e preriden congsswon, wcome bk. go to sesom pren. >>hank youngwo w megoodo se goo sou sean. >> y>>nk kw, ou odse he arisiine. y k co, iden. yoknow h ahasi eryby wahinghis ogra coen yo thow friyha nig y'r ybwangs oft.ra ve y giv thri up. ig yu ar'r toot. yiv st.p. aroo 46.2illimeri sns i vert mlionri imerins
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rtt. mon uneloye ri theyreoft.neye undeeyempled, ey'rsoftt. nothg too wit o ma.depl , 'r'sft r ght.thto it allitur o.aul rt. itll rit? >>ell,e's the msterl ori >>l,she mer o gatism. t i ve a ver pitiv sty to telti . in o er ti get amoreer pivtompetion tock io ouel ocono t aet t gre peon iouro-gwthno a t ecomy, gis i sple esti to-gh sve havco, t i rseale tio s av tbamare a rl udy ceut fmma a lt wey chat id f tt'she l nuer-1 easowehyt ts empyers en'tnu-1so hing. at'simpl i havmprs hat 'tll to hg. 'spl r eal avt amacoe. thothethin we r nld to ds ean ac p tthheine fanci nto d n svice t fci sect. dd fnk ds to sheceinanal ct f d to rvic secran wha obacare icdoesecoealtha car in her rdsbare tstro esoltompetionar n robamhas d s on tlyro onepeon imp se am s to mopole ann ctralene mo ofhemp esenomy mol unander cal momself emy uerhenr minirati. el soe need uo he a
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niti soeeompetive h a x cdeetid oispeve c o monolist polies. therobl is his noolicsts. >>hat ols. t --e ibl'ms tryisg tic unde>>tandt ts. -- ihim 'md hiry t wif tyly dend t on m parahilaneifo a tylyn rane f am maha'sineyd. re gf oungshan f ma'sey an go gerouhat sn kno plaanaskeall. got theyno got l. ey tehese eyotancyons. vatio. t i'thinng, seunow,tcy see a li vle oio i'in, oohw, her whee li o ybe,ou o kno a ltle ter wf ice oe, aoganno lnde e deta oment ado yan seehat? at ds itell y abotant yee ht?? >> dtell, evel y dbo'm h sowher>>else onl, ave p dne meetg pe le a acrsosersen thi p grt cou ry. et pejust aamecr fm nohih car ina. gr i tou. wh ast geupf fno bines ar a.peop i n noh calinaho wreh g okinfor bes w outopo weno cancana seinthercono w groute they tl seee 9fnoroheir prgalems are ey t comfromhis 9dera
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so l'sprms goreack toomheomseder ra gnm go lrnme andolveo tkseoer gomendve t oble. th're tire solble. ou le the lrealiz aricaol e. ener pductn. weould pshe liz acaalre y er pct ne tiatwe freld tra p aeemere. we cou assneatotherera of all ame we repeou bils andhe replfhell peilnd jokillepg relatis th are coing $.8 joll trelliotiathre yeaful co orgtop pting $ out the tio blioneal dol rs fmorp the peparngentut he of ergy rll b ofon pside ol fheart ob a's e by olitalf dons pdend obs b stitronyon capalis therstare lot ny plas we coul srt, t thresiapntis er e is st outlawe o ful s, thouchsi e's sivint in ach parlel iver's whiinhe in st oamera iaitiarl terhihe oduc agai o >> hers ter iti vicpres tent, e er t eyic gest, t buyimid g t uyleprpterim sobodyeedso himupo prer soeed.dy ds don'blamim t peoe fo beg ma we'rin d. chan' teo fo let m playhisbeornd ayo 'r get yourha rctio >> ttre i ma loaytsfor et pple urn rio t ilo flida hat hve gd p reaen to be fla t hpsetecaud teyeatoave
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lost the js.etau te evenhougosh e j 50-me pcent f enug the eric peoehink t 0- econ py tanted e becicse oeothe stnk t dmin tratonn.ta th's nec oeelev t. wh's revaninat is, we'reth n inev arge wh righ rnow,ane arthe ones, in wren argend it's ge g tenghw,ar be ter,nen t it hasget is gte goo gdnnou br, n. itastate lke g floooda ious ev been.te lorlo is staant bevauseee t reastoreta mtket. b sose on't tlameea tm forstein mt.'t me t wee inor chae. in >> don d.lamehem rweinha b ng>>on mad,e'renme crge.m weot y b he. >> oud,re can clwaye. c nt othewe y viceresi hnt t t l the tranh. ay th c's w ot he said cesi the atrbo th w h sd so andrabo he ss, tt's at t so ra stim us i s for t s like t ncy pelimi s id we hor t ke nss t bll tknowel s wt's e h tit. ey h e fa ted t bll amecan tow wpeops . he'she g at . new hfa tmen ain, opm uthe g ery dayew wh ople a ossn, t cntry e d ey he mdep the irle as t c minry h obea wi be m ahe oneerm in priden now e isobewi ie are wnem gog pr toenettl for w is i cdida tha w
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isesso tn atotlr cdaonsthautiol iss t conervave? at'shat eed stio have cova? 'st d stngoldonsa cstitional cons vati whostsoingd ts do at cit nnads tbe on nstiithong to realinthe rrib lawsnd n t puttg io pla reine ibaw pmane tt i proate-lactorolutns trow pene ecomy. at'shat aimproe-orut to. ow >>ll rigco. you 'se tht imo wor >> "wig c 't u thor ttle "whaveou aew ceb le ve ad o tt sayse can sete ond o t ys an imetgratn. n isour siti thathe her candatesn th rac i tyimat isr ti hawin e er nom atio ndes thathac i t w woul be n omiohaettlg? >>ure, w wulwoulebeettlgf dtl't b>>uile, a wul fce o thetl uthe bor dr. b havil ao b fld o thet fen on he or erynch theav bohern tenn rdery h hewe heorn nco-t rorier thr t h ana that ootenal n-trihr an tethoris acrs ohaten borr. an is illiteis ocrtcono withor an iillis ofli dlars in o ct no to he e nomythndostili usof drsn jo c. >>toome emy cdides suportti yous ea orjo >>e cenceid
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you'uptou ce u' not t onne. is ia b iss fotover trn .perrand s i posion b oss fer intate po tionrr d but os lotnf o candate sup rt in teyourodea on the t ot fen. buyoueem beanteup suringa he no, n enissu no,bu i huem e t song sesg o,posi non o suo, i higraeon. t how sges si o you d iferera? . >>hat am w saygs th iou ll b dld tre >>encet ay ithil ake bure tha wece hav the bder surite i wieaveeheirav b k. th bir sill itve wi teir i.c. b antsl ba t. weil end.c as ba weaxpar ssidynd f ilgalpa s idyigras. weill ve f wlesa il chale. i iraelie wel tha e wlishsaeedshao i behe oieicia lguaghaof t fedel esh gernmt. ds >>here abe o yia lffag t t deext? g nm u ha>> anyre tim a y o? t >> iillt? b i nhanyim ia. o i >>ll b with il b iy huan inigh hichi can bit wait. wilbe bhuk tohe ghchan wderf ate a. ilowa. b to >>ll rig. wrf e a. >> congsswon miele igchma thk yofor ing ths. nghankwomi se nma. >>thominyog ur g t presid t's nnk s c paig>>in u t tm isridookist e ciglectal m t andsettiki
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neous. rd i thearect mndti goi bk tne s. the dra inghee boa and chaingoi a b t ne era sateg oa ndwe wl lo athagheirnew an ne r wh the seg whlokt wil bin ir the ctoryw fo whhe 22. xtil bin eek, thee orox newhann 2's2. 15th annk,ersahe celratiewnn coinue we hth theoad,nnsaelti very speal co ue dien hhed, shotlan vype geoia. ennenexho thudayanight tobeeo.. ifou aex ihuyht atlbeta, u ca if ain u fm itl, ca cennniaark. u fmenia k.ill annnce a incdibl line onlnneonda a ncbl nenda
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fordusiohas w be nam thmostepenble dsizcar jd wer d socies. rd go io kims rly.beam thstene izr d r any ough on ciis n. s?o imy. y ghn n i ve nideahat'goinn. we a out i neat'in aut at w tha theyold it'the st pendle m sizeedan wndha ey r bacintoheirittl boeyd t'e nd mzean ractoir tl bo
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oc1 20 what goi on re? he wha up ys? is inot how tnesprot otion orks 2 atwhenoie sen you ? heth that lip le h?dwarstor itw esoton ks didt innd for enur fsee tou e ev ywhe t. li haror t fex ofidce in kes r so evhe not ly theshipfetuffof s o . theyrintlyer ochus -- t erytheng iipeedff to g my me ohere eynter hu-- yt i dthat the grobly . ore w weeed givyou a ird enti. athebl wed yoivre pul maa esond ti and u'reonnaun yourusins in theroun yo pmaon erikustaon would neveredo tnat! urininheun the isiko ta ik gultafsve. t hey at's erikustaon!! this gfs theris n ik gtafs!!!!y 'sikta!! er[ ma n ann ncer g fs !!smal busiss sutio. fede solu ons at mmater.nn er alsi sio de lus mr. ben d hifami liven th blo.
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>>heresint's -eleion goi to a tanic rugg. acrdinto t newsiork 'smes, elen predent oio tampaicn gg tam iacin tew k s, tang a ardoorentt thpa t i ectotal ma aanddth crtinan tireto newmaoursd t cin reewrs t re-ectio spprol at-egio is plmetiit roats blucoll voteplti iitlull tehio, iennsvaniand miiganall ich veeono, innsnid 28. miaccoaning l theh imes in the 2 obam cog heampanessnstehe cusi i tsam aentipa ote si itradtsionay re ablicti otate like olor o, nadthna carreina,icte ke viinia so worl th nara,traty alw hi viia to ull o wff ath vtory inat 201alhi hereto theleact an vryn of k01en rehect nertf forr kdean cpaign nageand word rt fororoveranr cown ig gedalifornia.or er an jo n if ta.ppy, gs, gd t anejo you >> gd to s ty, y. g >> gf t youre goiou g totote y off >>ohioou andheoiollson flida ff
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e io awfnd hnd thksls hfla w lwf h win rthh colina hnd v wgini and n h co cdineicgan vni a d o wiiconsin-- w a doesothis d upnwi mysi wead? 'ssot ns upy posble? weld? l k, ion'think n is i gdos newe?forhe el l irepu'tican nonee nk i g off.ewr what -pu want yonou he eo worryff out atim wyo hefreorhing- fro t demratipoinof vireng-ro reenchemg intihe 1instat andi mpinverying tre a hangreoch win 1atnd eve inglinone ry tg m. t a wilhavehao w morvemonegl thanehe t publ an nilineeve for l oorneha reons. blyou nve teeor l replica havg re ths. u d tnybrk. th areoing toepcaav snd th thselv dowto d notbrng b th re thngtimeohe g to se thlv coowenti. ot b heoesn hav to dth tmet. he go haso coti rima.hesnav d t he whelasoardma h fun a p wush rd th out hun a psh io oer thuttate >> iave the s iateg he h aillite iehe dlars sbut re'seg the h proem -heli n't n on disrs t rec'sd,he karro? - >>o. he t an'ton youecnow, warile j>> w ashe't tuk abt th finw,cial w advetage j at t w predentill t ave.ab th
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rst in allalhedvgeon't g trent tol $1e. t ll billn. 't th ge iso wa heos goi to get ll tha th iswe awaeeein thaoio the t psideha a inha pling asshe warre pde trying t piplwealg ys agastar t mddlerng ass d th pialga t lowle-mide s th cls, a ieresng damowid cl a dynac is takg ieshape d thpresent es m uchnaisakette pe in sta s ththes at mh aluente in ttertath ecate a and ds aenuch wor nertates ete d dwithigumbehor ofte be thollabe rker lfer edatio levs b an stesla tt ar er l medioev an sligiss. tar he cant mffor togi heanomplelyor ignoo t rus be inheply hope tha no norern tusben peha virnia orn ing winhe dir fora g inim - d tt'sor misng toint they - t aresot givgisp t ont ohi ey or mrechig.iv g ey'lgo in oth erythg hi th orave. m'sig the 'ln dea eth the. tratyhe wheeae becaathehairn ofhe demoaticartynd d the ca irof 50tatetraty moic to tysh dhe ornizaon a rourc int50te at
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e steshat do moats orza aave rrcnt ver stmpet int dmos bore.e ama cked thaup i r etn008 a b e. nt io a edtatehalike i vgini8 a d no h ca ilinand wonteke v niem -the bigr nocana proem - >>on he's i t -eig bger oblero - is he hs t t partsel br beclese whis youook a t naradandelec whouk a n alora, whe the was aea part cdida on e rawhth bwalot. a th r ectertthat cdaandin te a we bt. fth rte dematrat >> bdi a herswe theeal f >> in a bemt e bnomyer guyhe il aan sea thi emys wh iuy ea hithin we aee owhalot of in a o thits -- overlpingialoe] >>ut youick ohi--ace rlnglo er>>-- haou ok oce erlook ha put oarcoubion theicke with anyokfhe epub cantcoi heke ca idat . th heosnyfubn floda. he ill havcaeat heos vea tilo.n helav pennlvanhioveaichiin are nnaniohire exaordarilbad r a ttinresint. haveexo mord on ild anoth in pic. si see. the vemon bamathhaveeen c.adinsome f theehe pol. i sume tmave peone aund tm. inme th w, jool i me toueoan p akd t ts
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o ascpt te p m apa if t you want cp tebut m h aepa tfouut up a pic rent t h tut miclleupicbama thershe is,icema ere iogni a s,targ. no you kno inih as g rg nonou imerobl ano gashe imbl a esidt. maha'sineyd, gfin you id knowma'sey bas gtbalinou extvaga trip a l ow ofasal diands,xtga all o this ip lf sff.ia s, ll o h e's ris pture atart. s. and h js st so pretar d hap jnson a. photraphap hapns tbe ere. .m oture ph wap ty e.ccid t,e w id ght? ion't kno iit was accint o t? ot, i't butno iasean taciet's o nott, but pce to an op. ita'sot s bp tre. p o i . d io sp >> te. are i deing manulat>>red re re i a betngr wor-- ganoatd i ead,aren et>>iste the isor g mu d, bieren pintehe tsnuicheebama bi p in gointo the andhat is, th in psides tt.
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whers. the amethcaneoplre n rihetus now. erhemenpl ey'r ri n.bsolely >> iave to g'rearen toly las ie ten t ord. as liktoo tt toou becae it fu d. i' ik kid ank u fo cait bngu her i' theid. k fo ber whe gole hwnill op b w but stol hwnurl " bnnit t s merato wl seet r th "it ra wft-wg st th radal ptests i -w new rk ask tm wh psthey ough i w me. it thy. i sk twhy gh nex e. th iex pit one new ca rewds cd giv you 50
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rcen anal bus. itneewcaew csoou en 50ercev oumo0 casen an b. ifsoyou' e not50atisceed w h 50mo asre ch, sd itack!ifu'otis w50 c sitk! i' be ght re waitg foit. i'e t o wodn'titant fore c.h? wo'tt c [ incts irpi ] i'ltaket. ll mine its ain pi in re.lke [ ale nounr ] e ne m itcapin l onn cash.ewar car [ e un] thnecard or p plepi onwho shnt 5ar morarcash thrd pe o 5orsh wht's youwall? sory il cln th up.whs oull oulso't h ie macl it thin.p. ul hmat .
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allurapit iism. thi real needoappen. thitem. wld's hial gog ted hl ipe ath w's hao t h i bast. a i dot ev knowhatha a han as baet do is.ev no atis ithe ginng ofan wha is ba hopelly s. gro inge nn mofemenha >> tsre a mny dfere pe y ews hroe. >> men it t a a mut b dievire and s hving > waretryi t l a pple b vi ndknowhat'oing ng dow w >>eyi t i l pm noea rowicat'ngow >> relutiary,ut iono bieve rca thsyst re ntids ty,be i fin b ve ned. thst >> i w n t borto beinere,righ d. no the i fou wingor be, fhersghave en noheoug pasngown the frseorch to th gaseratn toaken hercho couny grthtgain g atto >>eherereany hgs t un grcomptinin >>re auty espiall heal t carand our mp aoverent'spll al ar dresoces neeur toert' use sos ee orenebleesoues. repter:se ne couen' help ou. bu nice, ayouepr:oueceielng bu ne, a acunctue? >>es, am.ei is ly t toacct e>> c, e. dow re i lytouppo of cheow cause and iffergpofaeend cupuerture >> whas hpeni isotf pu rescus on, yingo fhaureut h niat'ssoing o
9:25 pm
>> rorte hasus, ng fe 's theng upun oure en rteas wking >> iohel an un enee y in wng ind. repter:anhat ve y ne seenhat yon uppo? >> . epr:ell,t y i t e ent picresyofll po t>>ose sns ol,r t theicsll probly aee w the s 75% or ohehem. repobter: af yo wcoul lis 5%ew o otheonces ttm. peeple hr:e youlhe par w ot ece th wou tnclu ? pe >> hhate ar wou incde w thoulu >>tou ncviroentaegrationthe trusnf rotaorpoteraone dolrs us inflncedn decratandpo repuolican >> rorte if u we to fl edlectdeatd c didapuan to b rcometef weo prctiden is ere ne tt yo c couda givomes? prens e n teah, yoouiv? mah, tsemaseu. >> joing mesul >>chuloie anthe co-ostul an oeo-t "e o fe." thi my "vori wasi'm f " born o behiy rias he."m rnbe , yowereorn be h at." a yo re n atefe deadonce. t >> anvirmentheal care, ef eademoacy hasce tu rned>>ntoirntalae, moyasu ed capilismto
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
withhe gin i tex tha - noe c atth a g i wdge. roexey i worhang in -- c i a we. gng o pro ior you in th- a ot. o ge g pheouthominion? . whe ge go. it so ely. don'inknown? but llhe go itoell eou. n'ow t sothin il li newoingrinh. >> cong upn th pol h li ewleasgr his ontrt>>opthitol h ericeste is itrnow, hit difcult fox ic te .poll sho w, h h ring. i tifnk hltox h llho hperfmed ry r g.well t>> h hhas en t sr of the h rfdeitd es. he lls e . hs >> t sofhe erybo kno it. h's e e br>>liani. eecaboeno has's h g all e aggabran frooucaas kno g l garo agga whe he s inheno s. >>ut tyalan d thgaehee udgein they got >> t welrean but h ey iotas a gatel he'ef terrle ut h a cdida g eept,ye' e wa wherr his cda et,y waheis conltan fid hi on i dan't he a fihinswe i wahopi you wldn'et t o d h a me >> i spectwe tha wapiou wn' r tney ime who i s ct hatshe n rinatyn? >> hav no iho id. it nat ery>>avod vol
9:50 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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