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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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llrutiou now knowhat is. than for ruou atch g uw owt s. anor tight. easechlway uememr th the in sps t herht we a defseitelayy lokemg othhe for s youer aefel lok o rou >> wcomeo "haity. the fting i mchin w in mew yo cithay. oue camesng i merinn hereyoit to pturouall mes tis madress. o eve url ask the t haey thout ofad. veittldskhe m a ke a ou loo o >>tteall i c m't stomach a h.oo it'soo mh. it'slloo ctorazych he h h ts 's m 's mdle-asseopltoo zy mu . >>ow ds he hurt me-splo iddlmuclas >> d pele?e i tnk t poltiesre s dlas fato t ightpe t?t t tols theave s thin too wifa tht t tlat at mheand allef tinsewi peoe li t in. >> i mdll act tllymeoha lin. i pern.ct y ll elainoreaterer 'll ve mh meatern th einrogre. ther ainte l m m oser th fraicalgr trng tth elain ate his o comete
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anraal utttr t eailuin tturnis aromnde an thttmerin ecluomy as t trnowar oppe thriec ovey 240s toint the pe biest quaerlyropve40 scent thehe finaial biisistf latualyp she 200 acconaing l theisresintathe obleliesith you00 cog thehe si eric pople n le wesh anh oou hehis licy ic ple nropols. wan now,ere'what s hecyoll apo. w, e' atfloraelevione stionustl a yeerda >> tor way tnkevn sontboutt ye isda you tay t kw, tsuts... ys u kw, k t.. y a k eatedes moisount tt tehads gotn aoint t liteoft dnd you kw, weotaitidn'havefthat me u kweompetivedg thae n'needve ovetr t ast cple ofpeveha ed ve tcade we nd totet cackenrack >> y knoh de ntock anontedckne's yno starng tsoun mo ad mnoed's ke jmy artear tuno a als m bamed t jmerin te peop for ls h polical bed tri fa uresop or for ampl remberolal thi >> t fahrees i r plemrhi nea y te ieay visienrdiry ws, i si isdi a cris w i o isris oonfince
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it i arisi tha sikesfi ae the ry h irt a sl andsi ha iritf ses o ure atiol h a snd it wil o io canl s ts cris i theil growang tr dou i abohehe mning owurwn les ad inouhebo lss mng wn a uty o a pinposefor lour u na oon. p se whor kwsraybe t esidt is ryintonaake. i ho easy kbe o t asas id aisin psiblefo i on of sy h osas r aublin p bl alle ersono h unst rli h. mile romsy andic uns pry sm h to emiomholdndgic their pla ps s fr ttoe rldnershirinnetala fr coress rman rschelbachnn hanenot ven theight. shjoi ucossn elchonig livhat wn hhe r tah on eshoi ueryigiv wh tan lest om thpresyent. ngrewoma welmeac goodo l seet th yesout. >> tnk ou.rema el od tacsee od yeee. you you t kno, we. te hav a y csis ou noconfweence you owav what? c s evybodwatcng ts prram nfce u thisrida wt?ight you 'reevodtc t sprt. m ha youiven isdap. ht yoouareeoo s haouen sof yoe .2 mlion aricaof in porty, s mt. on 18 milon aca anrica poy, s 18ilnempyed.
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a ca ey a st.mpd. der- aploy, th're sft. thinto dith oba .r- oyth hee . ri d it'sllh oba flt.hei 's righ >> wl, hs ohe maer ft. of gh w ha f netivi. bui ha aery posivetor to ordbu tohaet reyose corpetion ba intourl. erdnomyo and to get a cti bant pr-groh emyndocono, thet is aa sime qution poro sol. weavenoth tos a repimlquonol. weeo omaca aep sty cam o fro o ucabs las stweekam t ot saro thas t ubs asnumb-1 r son ek w tsaha tmplors ar 't mb rn hirg. w th's sple. avelo tart bioir th se. repl e t bi obacar the her ingeep neeto do i cl nobar u thee r g fincialeeo i cl serces uheinal ctor do fra doeto ters fanci or dora oe t seicesecto fcihatbamare se eses ttoo hlthtare,n otr wosma tderoys t hh cpetion.e, ot ama s ha wondeysne cti.mpulse a ha monolizand cenaliz moref tul ecomy onizndreniz hireelf, tco und t adnist tion hi f,so wee tnd hav t a adston
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w cpeti tve av ta co g r of h cti tao g rf h noposticolics. e pblemsis ppoicieic >> wt isic i -- p iem'mryin to pie dersnd wis thi i m anhisinoife, they fly rshin seanrates pnese, t andhe f sete ps t frond mart's veyar mo goloutis tnro rt varany mogolfol ttit i tnow. helaysy bketbl. lf ti eyw.ot heonceyss. b tb th tak tse fcyce vac ions th aki'm inki t, yo kw, i feems littac outns m kiyo of tuc k iere, witms ttut mae, yf tnow,uc lite bie, oit spe ma of y arrancew, aitbi o sp tachfnt. rr youceee tt? a wh doet tl you boutch. ou t him wh>>oe wl,very tou dayut i im some ere sen wry plaay etin ipeop all crosmee his la greaount. in i opst clleos fronortsarol a. ea i ment withi c gro orort busess ol ople imenortcarona w ait ro o loing r auss way ut slee irtanro w a losee g e a enomyayrow sgain ey tel me 90% o efmy twir probinmsre elome om t ms
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fe0%ral o govnmen t let obo bko te t feralfeloven goveetmentnd sve b tho t fal vent sho prlems theye enrelyolvae. we cld prms eyen leglyize amecanva ergywe c proldctio we cld pas tegeme nread gy ro ionego ated creeradeas t agr mentad weould p s agoed mheredefllgrnt pealldills pnd a mrepea t alls job-llinearegu ttionthatre costg $1 b-in triguion onatearl stor sp putng1utherin bilonsr ofolla fro she dutartmt eney fo ailfs predentoflaro dtm obam sne bigfo a piticonorrent a am ig stop p cicnyor aapitism. ere ope a ct oflacewe uld sta, buthe psideitm. e a so oftce dtabu tech pde h's lo ing in tarall un hersehile l tghe re of eric is wtingalun tosele t pruce reain.f ere' theics wngice-esidot, jo bpridene n. e'he the- gotid tojouy h bimen a thot o teprom her. somedy n ads t getim t teom. spmed. n t i gn't etame theeopl tfor beinad. 're sp i hargt ehepl r t me ay t s finor a d.u e et urrg reaion. the is e lo t o f au peoe iean. he s flor oa tt haoodeoeasoto i orta uet booause thso he
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os e job u bseh h en tug ob0-so pernt o t e amicaneopl tnk the so onomertank o amecauan of ple la the ainis atioomnk that notauf revanla what rel aantisios, w reatotn ran ch ge. at ght elw, wtare e nesn chge a is ch. got nt we betr,s buitchasn' a gotnooot eoughet n.bun' stes liotnlori e it'ghs even een ssi morerit'tagnt becense n of theeal e mstategn mart. ecso i dof'the bmel theor eat bingar d. i d b hewe'rinharg b g>> ion't bme tm fo 'rrg bei i't d, wre i b cha we g youei her y w ian ahaays cou on e g ou ce-psideer toel he y trut a s thatou whan he sd -pdeoel autbout athae solyra.ut say thas wh the ly . imul isayor. ha whkehe nan elosul saise had. to paan the bill to owosai whas inad o. th havpafailhe theimerino haoplein here t gre thews.avilheri agn, i ale o re tre eve pe le acrags i the a o coury. ve th have mait u hepecrheouind,. th avobamwillea a une-tm d,present. w th issuamll is, a we-toin esto st.tle r a
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thsus, candatehat ae is lsin than se aan ctestittiona l haconsvati? th's wt we nd to citnaa a nsti th wwe n to stro bd cs a conitutna nser tive ho iro g bng to co whonut nee to de, er wveh i go repeing e teiblewhaw aeeo dttine, wh intolace peg tele a pernent in ntprive-seceor sutio to gow therntcono. th's wt i im tivose sioo d g >> athightno. thu us wthei tords d a"weht. can useds sele." eve y a nan w se." y n a wd out a tha ys wan'tettlnutha w 't immitlatio is yr potionhat e otr ndides ithisace, if the miio ypo on t n thotominion, id ihatise,fhe we ulde thinn, sttlin >> se,e we duld stlin i we s donin b sild ae d fen onhe s in so ihern weordeon weaved t buienn thaence nsorn de ev y ih ofwehee t suioutrnhace boever. i of hav a sut nar-terborism.hrea avand thre a of pentiarersmea d terrreistscros tft ptiorde and it' k ling rrts ouros t enomy thde dt' blion kofng dolrsnur cos e my to t eco my a c btingonsol jobsos >> s teco a canidatupp ctngour id f abs
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s u'repr id f a f. reot thenly o. th is bigssue for gernohely o rry d hiths ositnig onueor gno in-steosi on.y hi t aitot onanditesuppo -s ur isia on.he a oence but u sm toedispo say igono, no cesue o, t hav seto the strgayest sitio on e immavrati.he w istrt tinours difmmrentti >> wt i isayin ithatrs wi buiif thent f wce.i in iat wl mwie suiehe tte f.ave th bor wrl sec mity. swill t hte tire bac or wecl hay. ll the h t.c.eac ages wha backhe we wlnd.ege ck t wpayel subdy for illel tyeub immrant we wl haor a whosale lehang imm bntieve whahat a enghoshle nds tng be t b offveial lanage t the derang govnmen n t >> wre are tff youl oane tohe ra nt? oven yo have wnyimereou off o o>> i wl n be iyovee iowff i wi beit we mhusbd toowght, w ch iwian'tea. weill m bacsbto td tot, w i't wonrful ste of we il t >> aightonul stof i a ngrewomamiche bahtmann thanyou r beg wi u >> trenks,mach seabann >> caninu up,bewi the u riden>>s ow ts,ea cam ign cp,he teas lenking a ow thamn ector mapeand gting lng a
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nervs. th wo is,hey e eorap gngoing bac torv eworawis,y oardndhartgng ac onew wi stregy. rd willooktrt tir w pl w fowhatheytry. tilinokill bring t e vi orpl rfoaty 2012. t neinlrg wk, hevi f rewscnnel01 ne th wnnivsary felebtionscel contues. hithe rd, aivryebon vypeci nts. auence it r ahow, aantacieorg. au tuce i nextw,hursy a ntaht ocberrg 6 tu if y i are nt inrs n octlanr, yocan 6 y jore us fromnanyonenteial pk.josrote l we p wlnnoue we wou
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capal o's n sh rardsard gies y a 5perct nualonus p o n r dsd youarn pergint y 5re crch. alus yooure nn saterfied ith % cmoreash,end bac yo natedh reh,d ac ll brighhere waing r it bgh rewho uldnwa wang moreitash?o dnanre h?[ sectchirng ] i'l ta it. i'll[ ake ct raiirup i ]here i'tat. malannocer the w lle caaital ie care rewds cd. alno r e e ca foreoplca l whcawantew0% m ce ca. caorpl whnt mca at'in yr waet? rry'll ean is ut' ywa? sho dn'tryave l de in rain uo 'te iin
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t pside's re lectn isoingo be titic stggle acco ting the pew ydek tis, threct resint'sisngbe citpaig stle te iscog he y ti taki a hthd lksi's athe ciges el torakimap hd lk ae chaing enelrelyraew cp rse tohag enly ceo -eleion. hi arova r atinlens .plumting withhi ava rinlue-llar tersumng in whe-ar rs oo,n pnsylnia d michan, l whh ha h w o pinyla 200 chcord, g towhheha t hes w he00 ama rdto cpaig t i itead fosing i tsa atttion cig on i iad fong aditnallreputticanon sntes ke corad noritllarolpua,an ss virgia. c wiladthatorol sategallohim rg .to pl il aat vicryn seg012?lom re's phe rctioicf kar2? 's rio harty,orme aran camig mager dorke hay,orme g erno bramn in mar ciforkea. g no andjoebrin cor triy, guy goo to sedeou. gootoeeri you uy>> iooo ou aseoing. oooee wriouff iio and tng pls i wflorria
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ar wful a he thin p i heor wilarul a e n nohin carin ae virilnia d he nooular los a michinira and heul los mwischisin whynds not ts ad up i scyn hy hd? it n t not ad iossie? >>ell, h looit i d't tnk ot th is goosiews r t>>l, oo dpublannomi te at thsooffs t at - bl whayomi havat tor abt is h -haav t rrencng --rom aabis hemoctic int iew rnc -m a retrchinocin tc 10 t atesndew puing erythg in the and havi ttroin win t0 esvery spugle gne e ofth theinhe nd he ill vevi tinore ryney se han tofhe rebliche noml eeor a lotfe yn t reas s. re icu haom the aotfepubcansavin asthis ha donhebroo theyre gngoubnsin spe isthemlvesown onothioo by ey gthe me ty geto thpe em esconvn tion hi yhe dsn'tave do e tha t y heetthas n nvon p mary d'te oha wil n hrd pry hisunds and pilsh h thisutisdsndnto other is stas. >> hav ttratoy. he oaser a bilonta >>av tolla. buhereat t he p ablem- heil can'run hisla bu rreord, t k pen?em he no. n' cann . is yo rd, kno khil?oe an yoalk out is fnoanci ailanta thathe passide wilk hav
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t firs fof aci, he ata won atet pde til$1av rs a he biion. on ere no y h t is$1 gng t geto bin. tt. e weo re hs seeg tt g t tgeresint t weee t ayinclas t wfaresi tyi to t weinthyas ainst wrehe midd tyi clas tand e wey ast m ldder-mdle asd ass,nntertingynam l-me s, dymic tinger e pridendoes ucdyc tg betr ha stes at prenreesucfflut,et bett ss ducad. anheoeslu muc wse intt stasca an wis high numrsuc w ontaslue wiig colrum works, oower eucatn lelse dtateolhat e rkerore eat ls reliteous. t cnote affd tlis. ct cometelff ig trehe rt lt i theomel ho s ttig nther r ihe ho t vgini niser gointo w theay v fni in w himhe- >>hat' f msinghe poi. thim at' not gin m upngnoi o oth aichotan. g ptheyl go iwithverying o ey hav it'sch t. eygo ith dnryg av str'segy t wn d he betrmey w chaman the decrat pare andid t beha n he-sta stregy deat tarpushnd t ganitionndesoues io
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ta tr ythe ates tha teshcrat nion havou i nevee compesed ihaateforav obampick t t up nvemp i 200nd or wentnto amck sta ts liupirgia00 and rth ntrolio and wtali githem- th b ger d h li pblem- nd >> were' i. he emth briggeprob pmem the>>e' iea pty itsfge bobause en yhe loot pevad andts bse yoo adcolodo, ere ndere s tea payandite othe lo, e e allos eaey ejecpad thdi can odateend ntlo or aec dthocra-- >>anutte he's t dea-- >>in b dadra >>cono hs g ts, iea >>in mean b sn, tsno is at i g i an s t thk. wegrees n a i lof th weeea tlongs [ovefappi diague] but y picne ts ra vepiiae] h e --ut ng yn.ica lo--. pu mar rubo on t tict wi alo o the replicapuarubon t ic ndides.wi l aesheepca frida wil h eid a. ry hrd t fmeda in il he pesylvia oh mic tgann a pelvhicn a traoinary bafor sittg predent i ha to aove oartobar anoer tt topi reit sntms t hao o obanos ha bee piread g so of se t pls. assubaheha peeplerounhem. adso f now, j pe,.
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su you p caneickunm.his w, j ou asart anarkert i ys wa. ast buiave io y p a pturewa bu ofe mhell a p obare. the sh i mllba thshgcogtot i taet. w, y kw,og she'sot ta. an y age proems khs has then ero present. as rthahe vinard,olfg, y est. kn haind, bketbfl, y eravant tr s, aotkn o btb dmond eva af th tr a otuff d nd so a ere'herthictu a tget.ff anite'ustr stu at. an hpensst s an ap. phogra her hnspenso be ther in a am ph surrait hasnsbe by er acc ent,mury cc t,righ >> don kwf it w acdent r gh noon b k iit w me acrgetnt no aad blace t e shop >> et nhohere ce t>> op o, too. were a beio mipul orree a heres a beiter wd -- moulre re ahea a kar. b >>r lisn, tre i w-- ao mch ea ggerar >>otis t ihan m micll oba er gog tonicargeba an tha i egotoresint isge anha
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dog so i prlsis dosoit p mile-css vers, it paicully mi-c vs,isseclaswhit paul vors. ey a notoingo tn ut sefor asimit t way the vo t.ned out aot inngt 2 8.r t is nayhe tdoinguto be in tget 28.he s n thusngsm fbem thyoutvotet the y heid i us fthut008.te e enhe aicanmeri in vots, whe t8.y sport a himanriot wh terwhming srt evenim the suppt ha dpped. wh thngpresent not en gng tohe ppget hae d sede th nesberst ot h g gotheno wen t ntoffic nrs h is gotngn t en havoo fightic t s harr th g he did tav oast fht ti. anhe iaroingth teidhave tork t a l hderti to an ing tve t aeal k the l hro mile-css a al helue-llar te mi-c ae-ar vte. he i ling i eery ste vte. i lg i eyt 20here wast ontaten amera wi 20re 5asonrte berlowwi 5 disa brovawof t predent now u he stesith a sava trent w h di ppro sl ofs t phside a. 50r bow.diro of t shcan go to pargede a50 she b. want sh nbut oat isogeot a the foc of
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whnte t at rica i peoe are tght focfow wh t acaeore theye tow absutel-- >> hav o geyive karhebsel lt>>avo gear wor l we le to dohat you beuse 's f n.or m ltoo kdingt ou than you rbee eing f he. by t kng anu ng h tay gdiea wil dropy. buweent ge ouril ophann y"bu t cames toalltreeurfor enn me toleftlingeer ricalroteers n ftg neyork c r al we aedhem atte thesthout neofrk m c at s am heou n t. m ♪ ♪ n malanno cer esce coenti. al♪ no♪r ccoti esc e deniti . ♪ ♪scdeti espe cprome.♪♪ es c♪om♪ expienc th mosfuelfficnt♪♪ xpnc thos el icluxu carvaille. ♪xu ♪aril. he 4mileer glon hyid fm les. ♪♪ 4le gn hy fle ♪ ♪ bak fe ofhe stus o. b fof ss ♪♪♪♪0 c1 o0
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wh's gng ohere y, wts uguys thiss no howitns prectic1 wor! 0 whwh g we ot yoreup with what uttleysardwe st e isno hotnprtior we dn't tend fowhyoure ace yo be erywthre.t ledwst but dex dficet ndmakefoit sureasye e yw. noonly do ty sht stux ceke ssy th pri flys, brocres noly ever thingsh neetu toet mnameuthe. thrily ocs erng eeth 's tto pro he now neeto ge yo thiridenty. th tro.w ee gu'reyoaul thesir. en. anyou' gon run yo busess to t grod. rel es er gusfson woand neu'r doonhat!un youss tro ere er nous t! hethat er gusfson! e oikta. the iso erikusta on!!he! at eruson th [ isle a ouncik ] ta!! sm l bunessolutns. fex. so tionthat[ atte a nc smbussut. fe soonatte tionde iuran lk tme. ould bune almy picie th nionwe inranc ? on ian t. ldunal pie nnwinnc tch is. on o han youave ur he surae wi oneompa. h . oanoue h rawi anneon apather and,ou haveour to wh anher. an aerd, ver wanr. d on anher ha you ve yr li wi ano er.on anrha buwhenou bdle em u l to ytherli wino. th nionwe inranc the alworkbuogetenr pe bectle toer nnwinnche alrket peantlyou uld ve 2. anw...u d it's 2ll i the ists ..'s ie ts ♪ natnwid isn yo sid♪♪ ♪atid isyoid♪
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>> n huneds lib >>prottersave ocketo t stres ofew ykity. n un ths rib otissirs, upe n wake t re ofreet y now heathsiupwattraed thetatte ion laww ea enfoemen the miand ora thte con seaw foenhe m lt-wi o coelebties so tay, wand t lwi fdut exacy hatebses m temen, stanan t ffor,d so e ac senat teato the menan lk t r, theo leraleneahe ptests andpie out thathey ahe lal pthinstng. ant'sieakeutty a in. loo s>>e >>eporr: wt brgs tyou walloo s eet? thiis t >>or w enebr of teu ll workg st? css inhihese t nef buding >> t s is herk begning cnse n the mide. yobuare ng the tis iancyfegng n t s eid yoe he icy tmovent. repter:hat bngs yowalltreetod ? ve >>.m ep hr:e betuse bs yollee our demo>>acy s r hllybeeurneur in
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moy ryne citalnm. >>his ally eds t hpe cthal wor's>>s lyoin tos t hel in h a or handinoelnaske don'even now atndand kebank n's. enw th is e benninofdhats nk pefuy a throwis bein movent.t the are ma difrent fu vias herwi >>ovt.t's here aboa belifvingntnd vi loerng. we e's tying to letbo peoeel ng ow wt's gnglo.own. e >> tngoet aeonot rad wcals gn. revotiony, b i d at belveadl the stem vo neeon to b dine el tud. e em i waseeo orn be he, ghttu now,he oundasgn h fat rs hte be w,ndassi dnheat h t chobe this gensiatioto me d ou t untr greaist ain.en io m>> tre a myou tin to tr eampla a. t a abo mspec tllyin althoare dur labo gernmt'secy th e sours weeedo gnmsse urwe d newae rourc. >>eporr: i waouldtel r rc but>> note, are uor ild rteivi tot reacup ctur >> y, i . rvi th lady n ex toupur m y cami own he inthad nex s mportf tamnaend ishen oerin srt t fre is a opuncinre. hat' hapnings a l fre o anc di.ussi, tr ng t figt'e o ap
12:25 am
whng's g ang l o on. repter:diassitr tig o wh ghe acunctn.e be epr: worng? i d fee anacctnergben myor? ha d. >> feporeer: wt ha you rg en tt doyoumy sport >>ha >>or w wl,haou tak tdoictus ou all s ofrt the sig w overakhere itu o a ofobab agr withig5%ve ofre i tm. >> eporabr: igryou ituldt a f of fe ccern tha t >>peopor hav ie inu tdtark, a f whaf c rnthatouldha ilude op>> tavtin tk,ouldncluha atld ide t ld enluronmtal dradaon, e inusio o ennml cpora dda, olla inio o flueed odemoats d cra publlaans. repter:f yowereo ue se oct amos can datebls.o eepmer:yore sepres aent,s the a nam tha youanouldteivee u? >> est,thaam yhah, ulde u >>mao yseo tung >>oinie i b tilng sultzni and e i bo-hilt stz d ofh "thf fiv" ihinky fathriteas "miv rn tibenkfate her." " t noyou re bn toeert a no u b grtoefulea ccert >> eironnt, altha e,gr ul mocry casrtu ed ito eon, th cr pita ism.
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
eg entnieaseypo policalisnt ol alcoalion? r did is h man alinn? epi de sws id th theharg ofacis hn pi s th hashe srg tal fis wh aimtas sowar l blacpeop i ws aim pitic ar bl geon acop to use igains anyone pic blon whoose annins thny let. ifou a a bla oonseativ nn thyou e paicully gng l toif ala any thseiv l t. u pa >>ul g ectlyo ey lk at heiranth ving l >> ely fte latir vareng tmas. sa tng. butte the havfor en ts. sa his t.ntir ut he reerav r >> bou looatishire t er b ooack mmuny isightow a the t uneloymt i so k un hish. ht a >> eneymthat'o why hhink right>> w, i mn, tt'yhyre gnktinggh hit e i m t harst. the g arnge! t ar. her anwhetr orot ehusim wi be ere. thin it'anetor queionae. >> et'ssi wie e. s in shat'ful havuena >>s esidt ofhe u sted stasha l in ontav o a id gofheri ud ota n t ack ople o a gri w1 o k le afrin-amican umploent and 1llhem to sp riaman u lo tcompinin d m stophinio. s >>pxact
12:39 am
mp exainly. all t>> mect p uxa. ll e p u pol. rishrisol, i ough h answed t. quest n.sisi gh parely, 's h sw t r qonsistring re, r si ng-43,n som he se 3, pl, ommneys heing s pbama ey>> ysh, i tnkg all oma y i tll the-- o chstie rney,erryrehell up tre wchhie oba r a. y, thiry t e k w isba. hat hi dn't aw the que ion. k didstt d rteat,no a egain ue>> hn. sd id lk a rt, my hein h s swer >> b he luld ve a issue ay er b e ushid lyss nucearenia agaihiucwoulr he spped usia al >> w ld iaiul h seds b dvisleal f w him i to do itoon? b yis. heas f toim m e aoitecisn?n. we hav y a heoepor mr, bobis we ctaav a alst ling orobrento trk do c heal lg sculaon.nt istrdo heang tt pbabl snotla . er teeke bstea tas to p beblt tsoonke b peop clo to m thk bet'son op lo/50.o th i tnk hwi clo its o
12:40 am
nexteek. the0. pro em t now h islo ttat oince xt k. romn hero anows tce per eng eere mn tisn pushg up theerng proress swe t isveh rimashesuph staing righ aroer n sew yr's,n thma y tertaewg gh a n yeas. y ths, isth cra. its to eepr h o. at'sne o theea thsra ittoeasop. h nobo o's tkingbout i's ohe keing m fr beiso a le bo tnguto i ke g frrun. ei keeng c aisti out >> be n. h ee cti doe't he thut pa biono an runs hoe heingth pa ncoerand to rs runng, at wld beng a h ge ertoista. >>un don, thi w we be suld a b h peop i. don' thi wta >>onhie sd b shou op. n'hi e wher. ou e r. verlpingialoe] oneastgut cck. exarllynglo exactl ne>> sy ritstt there. c. xa timeoxtl che i sri withe. gre. >>meneak p. he >> ireatmailitre onig. >>ak we she --e >> havatil a hug areig we sh --ofav aeemet. a >>ug krenow. itun belvabl aif ome >> k emaw.ings er g itut el weblre p obabl out ofhismags sine. >>y we t pblutfs ne >> way t- >>ndee likeay sai w e wi>>ot bee kelookg foai yob wjustiot b kding ok
12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:45 am
s wcontue n , al rit. swerareoi wacnt n andal ri fo h.ere oi we debaced othend proamew fo ro eyeb oero ad, attroking govnor pey. ad, istffecve? tt ng wilovask rr peanel islet'rollheapeec? whoilk suprts govnorel t' pllpey's cisi tohoiveupsovn-stre p tuitsn to sioe illalst ittoll immrantsmmnt >> iant to pub cly ito recnize gornorubyerrynecze ttate o goorry
12:46 am
te ts byte hingan teby hg th step tht foard whh you deced fodh toou giveeccceso to exic vees tic mgran in txa m atan nive itie >> iyouay w suld txatot ve ieucat chil en w iuave wome sd inur ste atil f woee iner s reon tn th hav fbeen brght the bre no tault ofth av eneirwn, don'thinbryout heve a bearto lt >> oig f htr o, en'inu aithrt ts>> f suay f whe oeh wldn' t knowdge at su flleghe imgratn wn'xist. heowe saieg at dvest m heai cra. the lige ts.t h sin m apogizra f ehat l t "yo h dotin hav a apiz f hea"t hat cusyo a dotted ofavontrersy eawt b cus a ssuea ised tfsortrsy b in atateueis tuiti? >> thi it'soingo be in te big,igssue ti i rely d>> hi t'i thkng tbet th a isg, verue re d th efctiv t whotherut ahats geth forer rneys v yefivho fectte. ithor t rnkyt vjustakest ct nd ii t
12:47 am
justyoustes kow i ii rig in stu ther kthatow g ing tbe tghiig fn pe reeer o rcom g t teall fs. >> i wilpee t ol whomou i dlls, it g s iil t awhter, i whe derry g vauld int t ar, re, hhe dt ry with ul conrvatntes, t lot of r h th d t nkin heth wasonat, gotuinef th tin coervaasve. is gs rit athat. g ne the way i fi cova. gtriatt. heay iro ic fo thefianho drofo e d rneyce a amace. buhe ryc has a per onhe ac debunsiv asif ty g toern cai thas findeiv t goaihain chma, asong he oves em fm per. >>hat' maas wg e hees " ey f d't erve a >>t' hea"ine w was " d so vast aing. seeead toee clingasis oo stg. eeto cpporngrs o uompaiona or hearess. but upanat'still ely. hink ars. per ut c reverroms ll that e .>> h doe henkecov frotheer crerm suppatt of he h poloey,ovro thoeh? >> i- th 's ppofoloingo beho >> ugh. i th 's gng - heng ibeoingo h. haveo geall -eet i ohereng a doamag cont l onvellt. o hesre goi t a he doag entlainon
12:48 am
s pitio becaeheeoi i h tou on t ein b der,ou piocanow? i t'sou t b lr,e, mt romy ha beenw? ske's a zilon l momha enimeske abtil esmneyre.b has ts t ey. a t vcine t wait mine, if govnor vne itchriie g in,ein sd, treovr is n suc tng ri gn, as iegal s t immi natio uche t has consoveral ial apintmt foa miio jud . he ging as havoner aptm hisfoud he neymn. gg buavit'soingo behe samis-- >> thell hav ym it. bu'sngbeam >>he parav bu thet.robl or pry is itar es rheht tthebleartf p ithe r t e ppor it wrt cservives and or w crticrvarlyes hrd conrvates whicwerelyor h h. th arehe o whos aonat realwhrengry h thisths pereonalo oho ahem. i s aalsonterryting - is pe>> tals ism. emoonal >> pple iough a taterng oka t is romn is emo govalnor f pe gh tka mass huse s, smnappas ntlyas ovr gornorffaschusts y ssse s paly this igoorasus y hi iassauset tha n't popar. sais ietsomehaing at ou dt i tes thop. g es imeg d i teth agast g-ga gs
12:49 am
wi therainn tas tt ca g reatwie aheinedg tmneys w tking t - at>> i amdgoing to utey wng y on -e i spot who tsngo the yn nomatio ot>> w w.o sh. he 's sarly i doomt knio. bui'll w . s tel youly dokn bull smethg, ielou ke nt s ginthich. i cming u in e plse nreleedin hh. conact cng un w ph amera yes rdayle h>> ion knote dficu y f er esay po s ws inoimisin >> i dhinkcue f aspo s peormevery in we . i >>nke habeenhetar t pe demeatesry >> hwehas ben.>> ha enr tverydy k wsdees e's hs. illit i. beryuse k hhe's'sot althe bagge lii. fm, youee h k'sw, aleag f oubagge wre hwas the k 90s. buthey bal ced age w h buds t,he th gs. uty wfareal rd orm.eud >> b isth i gdeasrereat w hres rm. a te ible b iasanditeatxcep b h the y, wtenle hdiep e w h csultts red m. c>> ilton'taven d ansr. i s hong youldt get o i'te . >>uspens t ti ho yldetomneo . w>> pe tgets theominneion? i he n w i ea. ts 'sheinn? ver
12:50 am
h n i v.atil someeill serprisnous vil mel iow [oveappi s diaisgue]us thas fure. >>oldihawnows vepi niat. e] yo don'ha f wane.o miss he>> diwn rit n yon'an mse ri oc1 20
12:51 am
what goi on re? he wha up ys? is inot how tnesprot otion orks 2 atwhenoie sen you ? heth that lip le h?dwarstor itw esoton ks didt innd for enur fsee tou e ev ywhe t. li haror t fex ofidce in kes r so evhe not ly theshipfetuffof s o . theyrintlyer ochus -- t erytheng iipeedff to g my me ohere eynter hu-- yt i dthat the grobly . ore w weeed givyou a ird enti. athebl wed yoivre pul maa esond ti and u'reonnaun yourusins in theroun yo pmaon erikustaon would neveredo tnat! urininheun the isiko ta ik gultafsve. t hey at's erikustaon!! this gfs theris n ik gtafs!!!!y 'sikta!! er[ ma n ann ncer g fs !!smal busiss sutio. fede solu ons at mmater.nn er alsi sio de lus mr.
12:52 am
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12:55 am
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12:56 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
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12:59 am
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