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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 1, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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gseer shrooms pl change aingso personaty hrr thoobette ch a soe pna shockin gto ythetnd th git rabbi n sexckt toou w ynd th to s. d we enttilabch othtoou w reet o se e sow we pente le brat etwesenyow ptr'se birthday. at sayny hetr's didot grt hayit ysa >>hankou, hdyit j. hyap tionucal m pack day >> nk, i love haphem. on mac an dar lheammy davan ni. am >>o, geg,hawaav the rat pa. ni >>g, wa t the r mudpa w emilio es t ud tau vars an w d eemmi mre a e tauaran dllring a -- ng ringwal >> ttashe btk. rgw >>he bt n t t nou ct f beer f cesti fval. it is a diery iss ueer ftil. iryss n suret y a lkinabou noktoberfurt iseroun t y a co er a i noinw yoouu a a torf isn.un t >> a pologizeco f a i jnopiyou t n.concsi s.>> alo ze i gss i jm a pittley.
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nc >>si is.t isat io g ia leudack y.>> i iatio i till don't knohat at i >>ave grea sho llon k >> mhaeleersll mes se id >> e up.eaho > let wco mel ourrsllueesd . shi s l h tcotheurfrican plaish are now hnohefran aire nvanas. is th rvaeps.ter r fox 11 l.a. laur sthiv.epr ox d brain cls l.a.urer cats. hi hearad ulde f oatfs tsead f o ken williamso his bk, ts "t pit allykencorrenctilsois b k, ok t "tly sncocreli is t avbl amazon, tli bse, n the f man, -- bs n f fost. an o rulsiveidick, fo. obill s idic anwe fnd this g ndering ll aroundenral p arkan f hi sllin nacches j eres tgo aundalar inaces j t -- kck-knockok kckno pigeons. its comedian joeera. ges. its cediaera. hisideos aiablen hi azoneo.s anhe i a bile irrition
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on with anec ining bircularrti.n thodo s od sou . >> d to the religus holiday th is dsho t hashanaelh, therliwilly e noths asna saturday erll no pe ansund's magaz sinur will pe ha h an and cro wor m andazil l dude ha a corndooesou de onhe ou herens hopinghe choos ted. peoprele wl rur to wkin g soon cos op wr plse c teo back. >> wont is your bacround? pl cack. >> wisrorte bstanact, wrohiunte an g rotean w -- an alo axon--. >> interesng >> y are antloeresaxting.. >> >> hank ou f y beirentes . inrest i me.>> >> am >>t renkly. f ei allight >>inste.henoon ge>>m re.ns llht >> anksoeaheno hl firon kso hir his dth t arica dning habeenilcedit ahi d t adroncae.ning haenilced on friday, day the week, esent ama alleri they, ay kill tg of w theeeadalus t a lehe clreir s eellof hheere,alus maybe cl not -- cleee seee, he,ay maybnot. it s on of tno-- mlet aiveee he, oper ioyblt. a ilatiton t t
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iven t terri w n' erio a plotng mhe h wte t ferorn' ot al-qm'sagaze "insp fe" and wasille b he -q ciaaz " ssil s treand as yemle b clongside e ilem onide ubsher. whoouldave predictubsher is jt d sholde earli?re obab jly se rsll g guyar ? i recko ab s r g i r >> b theay the l est b t sue ay tinir isnly 20 e i howany nl the20 sta is ad? s. i w love o knowy thahet.tas they m?ust be l os g wtaovknha no dyey g mla b off. lg ta eyustet bwn u b g laronwhffh i. aso .t bwn nwhiso. sryir heak s howir he dangeus w h w a sioran oicl wsa h the amicanorn a -h se ul sa t am an nwmd's a killes. d helaye a rol i s mbil inc ng he ye a th rundeear bombe rnmb o ttac ch ists da 009.thdearom be randn ty d ecidedch ist idas00 iniratn dyike d theided in fatoroo ik
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eoohetcpt timeque f boooer. some cpuestn thimusee ofe bo .sainatn whout d ueme stth seoces o e go c didate atwut donmn ed es goth c odibatema admintratn fo onmn kiing e crp wiout tr ol. baa th a wnedat aforicans kiuog tecrwit t totr cas uathy acc ari ns viencegain.s. toas acc citie, ev thoviceitinh.s. stng ts toerrosm. tie ev twhil the ciast tontoroes. toun owilnhe trost in c on to trost in n. ty a doing areatob ere. a doi viobust r ur ng fe.rom t tu , i ca see.ust rur f la t yea y wrote tt hisca. ameran claitizensheaip y w wte a h er concn ciz fsh as llinhim. youtill aeelhatay ?
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ncn f>>s yin, mihi. oulllovnmenay at kls i o cizenhis withovt trnml annue pross k i o cd wiouten asepio o thtran ue ppower audia lwi prutceedg we lerslateuthoty oiarprce ythi elsis basical a le laatessho gov oernmt. hii thlsk bodic mke ad laovnm setng th od li m thekendd ofhe rwfl law thenitestat. li>> rhelly? he >> rtwf ilasw last heteat ig ry? >>t ieasf o las the mhineand n no ea loer he toth m pnetend it n o ythi othlo hhan t arbra por a hithn aitry v alee. i upo a this exmpleitn "ryth fi uhi esarlier ixn cle " you peop you fi eli c -ou- we opouatching. al othos thisre- suendeduriat aninct of al o osviolhientsreme. en t re iansu aderi rnbe aop oloetsn g.o thr ou t i tbe tia g shoos thhrguy. t how this any d fere?ro . yo are hotth gy. t cat chw tsnyre is gyoe t >>heatolicdepamentoes not lk aund ith ist of >>opleheo shict.pants wht we ad wadmadeh a hisitt li o lemeshcan citizen swhe wade h two lledy th c.limeca cizs o edth . ey weren killen cba theyere not killed in wgenle n meba violentpi nildin meiont
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soits notshoh ty we kill i t mdlof aitsotsho t w fireght in tllhe mdle oof a firet n t tora o-ba. ifhat's th ce, you chos the raong -bdeou a if t'killth. ce, y c e thg w d aone itllh emeditat w d waseot aombatit heath it as aednat an.ssasinat ioas aba tha s whthi dot itders and t oba assin ministtionas l e, thawhdo is w t rs d tba. miyst theon l tctikit was wt d a he miakctikit w a wo mi we re gngutor one actie. ifwot ise n gng accidt, hes e tiill dd, ae on'tift cc th hs l d a't th trial. >> wt mast m t alrr.ome the y p wshedmast m stnd the ye ead he tyoed the ew yk tis" t make ndre erybohe kney d we treoi to oute yoti tke ethisbone we hereoire t gouysnde a this u c itenhere t s >>he west tng autt, th the cist was o tov o>> w t t, enteaient w kley.t o it wov theot l o c teoun't tliev wit.kl whe l out ev. >> i d't care he wasan erican. even he f it he'tas ce wn am icanakes mice l. it mor een fhe at he s k ledamanes l iecseore atel ate o kdse eneese
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don' oare.nee n' tnk tt's a gd marsa righ >> igreeith tusreg.d msa gh kevi i u erst id yeerh pntreg. but w if ke usty a b w if america isngreent w wan h me cade the misbe inis okant w an yo knowha ean? t i whs if oka reyoll kn tameae wh f page?re n >> ion'think00%ame geajit y i't nk %say youet klajomitod ay ythiss a guy notcced ofomod is be ag gder ed o hefas n somodyirtly be rnked- as. >>hehe d nectlominykeirtly >>ed e >> dtlkeas t.>> he as p onheis f thin he d wrten d a he fi p mnis f m ine wrn a fi >>elhe m film wa awf. >> this is uyhe fm tar aged. tecs ifallyor tuyngs h didnd d and tifughtly. it has not forav gar riid d a t ouhta boing oit n fgarri assaouatiobong in t w ar t resa wioere nfederate gi tto wrs bre at w ast ey g a m itedatygi tors trl. >>he fled plots et as g a coec tr e >> f tdo looncted co ec ne othe e operative ts won ct
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art eugh t o carry oehem orave s out, tyere alltoiled t cry bute n't k nowt, h te ll conntionleo thplot we h e iutmatin' cing kw fr theame e xenntionthot char hd wiiakti c a dgecisio nfrhe e of cryintiit ond arwiak dis a g cin ond asxeti aonerg have yxetiheon listi brch a theudicl b ncvehhe andor malbr c ackshendicl lanc. you ve t exeantivedn poorwma cs powe t onc anyth u txe ve pothaneclare we tarony witut ngss. ecre antheyan wesna any body. an theeyorld emyna any dy mbatan he eismy an inse. is >> don thi its inse.ns its ameca >>on joe,hi wanttos b iring ynt oit a ca this. yo are ale,fan ept bn,rind atpe for itsisel yoefptn,nd rtsel these a two greatxales ofeoe ming se in my t gre mixa.le but agreofwith lgren. imy mi t rethn. se of eritisms tord oma werofe -- wtil,s to oma whe knghisuy didn'er do u any good, hawhse sridiculoid y can pose t uny gd, gumentelle ildiloth yan pe but did
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n'met ll tle righguy. th 'sutid t s lygh.y. th i ave a pblemithhe wholterr sismly date. i e ado w p hatbleem pheople thatre i n olrr m dagatue wher st w andat ppl at ally terrorist wst nd we n? lyerst i d'tar?e ifheyive h d 'tornyarwhe e ief in wivor h theyre o emy. ny wh ean snr ws theon'tut ey o trtomy silwl t'tu artr ver. eyill lf srm ilf srm trpers >>nd ao usgour star trpers >> awaus analoou whi s isr a faasc movy lohis a the as w --ov y i nerawt. he buthis a new kd of war nawt. e ts n o w e befld- >> wt a cond bil ian to askefld y- aueio w a nd th insts you b ore yi tsk swert.ueio thnsoue y er this ghat s kle is guyas ding hi csti ghat s ster. uyas din cti st. are y spredve terristset bter ance ar y th youo?edve >> h was rrts d br ce a thou
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hs strp? gn tha queion a retrondo ? if you can gn ha q rembernhat u red i y a cbout tore ert sauy. >> he i t issue a whbout . hwheni ou s oh,sse khd t ofto top ers,en y soureh,ed ofto foetng tt top ts,se yrm troors we cnero mfo t oo w cns -ne notro hansol but - nans b boet's father. they clones 's f th rebe and thi wlo can kl thlot the theyre be cndnehid froanm k ol thact alhe bount heyter. cnerom r.ou b h didte y k ty were clones wn yo s heiridst ty re movie? on w i dyo not ir itstas sethi i fnd o in tmo sece?dine dot it shi f o eq ls. t ec andaybeinee w find out thisuy was ndbe that'inmyutoi. isuy >>asou kw wt,ne ib m w th t' wi >> k w f mind -- mbe w wi will find out y are fd cilnel. nd >>ut yre let tnsion to the liticarealm ri>>ly a lnsn he thenetn to caal trily "ar enetto wars" " ar acss >> alongs yoar
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bring i t ang yo ck t wre ian talk abt bng it. it >>aure will t ts i helpab . >>re illama? t or ielit ipsucthe clar whe a? d ioe i'tcthe c mtewh erewhe its. d mtewhe it feeli m why gng to -- i f leeike lii mm woing getet - i f l ie m siormry ctinu et>> t ecomy iin sucad s shehatnubama c ld k tilco i a s thsash ofhahese c k thsa se g is.i a nice dtrti a ne. >> i he t- i know that. ivin h you dise wh m- ino w t ihat n y d w m iike w obamas dog. therbamays be rsoe sdog. dog th. doe 't w tero bynge thesoe guys bactodohe uthtedtas oe wd det w bhng the t cystracer udta a t alde. whe and give termheor um. t al. whheyre i t t al gem or .they get onwh tyre i trandstan >> i't tro g tha he hrast chen m iortesroti te pa, rit? ischen mhaes ironitic? pari isha ini >> you wt ait >>ouitla
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alanis anoris s te. >>illing osaor binad ne.e. llinthe her ys i>> ngalsaaedainadin i am ood .thha ine r i d ev if u aridaing em bamack,d youhaon't he to evf ari puinthemghr a bk, c yivilian't h to puemhr a t yocanoilary tr .l. yo>> wnl thoey wer't goi to. >> t re iatrean wther goi t t in can' u ca t t or crge th w ithn' thing cas. t the ar othin youe c thhng tharinou othr th sen pdar drthesthut m aen r >>hey arempss es if ty ge andende nt>>y a tellent ohts a t ge totallnd scrdeed. llt s a toll cr . amoi to get tonow some the is tovet towith jami me foxxhereha the versy se thitgjaapns. xx>> tret iha lerieye ere e nothovieapns wh jami e ti iefoxxr* innyre .e noie wh mie x*nnyre. >> boreove on, we haven' tald a ut " binorspe"e o w etheag azinhaen'he her aare " the odirs which ithag edtedere e dirshi i tir dead. d.
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do i remin y ofhe time i s fid fro mdo i semffnd weim tchei tfi f min nd co wmptely dislve? he t min ycomplyiste? dissoed srt ter wasirtis d thnttartrted dir ssasolng. yomigh sayth het itasrey di od wolh. yoghy d headleines.y w ddles. >>an eating nu gus >>an eakineg yo - g fungu me yr iminion o sun s?er it is theim actne ireo s i fohect magic musoo a can lead t a lg-rmaghaic for a cyo perso nali .ad anit contrhaols t for kin d p ofli tt ou a manontr t mostor 6ind oub ctofshot a reiva de of dstrugaw 6 oub boossin tiren ofreiv dof opss.gaw os ten o is eropnali c.ngeasd a eaisrerndli comimesongeas lt a earomomesimgeeson ger.imesonr.
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ase pu it, tstudy shsasput,stu sh it cng one domaif ipersaly ttneom stronyf reted srsai ttrndy abstd ct iasnd it is nsided conststctnd it derlg c reidativy inon nera the transti, irl c aivin ra e.ra e ra bu griff ss a buff ss poib -- y do i pronoce itifferely? ib - it cdld i h p othceer it fe erapeu?cff. cth apeu ist tt rigir dog is t rig writin dog am itin?m? >>hawas asome laen, yo saiin t g en>>haas aso youme a ayslaakeyo sai t ou sakms
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foreou go air doou f tes earerc astifie t hdo? f esea t woun't ake sieen cae i sll ] b tepou [.t sen i tllnke areotkingt e the arebvnkusre ngbenets t hav in p plehe abv buse ne tre onav minde od, b giving eryo mdehroo ghoinseg pers alityo y don't jvehroo withho ty rsilitl art y d'tatineg thy crayons. ar don'knowf that is ine answ to e jes. ay areous.o arn'ow mthindes . swo je rear mde ou theovnmenputt in o drinking wer l heovenutt oriing l flde? shod thgovementut itn oudrining w likfle it d?s wi f luhothe?vent it ou>>ing w yesikes and dwi fes. yesnd. think thi w anmang study. t it nkan t ud t engat --longe t affectsofhe r that'-- tlohe met t ff impofant rt tme. tha tt pot t.
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thepenns nt away. yowereeallyop e anthd tpenn s nt it anded. thatyo whyre still hyav aan t stacof fithed alumsiev er athyti hav a lienedo. ac fals ed real gdea at theime d al ghe--de t e >> ag mhrooms exp--la t he entiag mhrmsuccessxp ohera tteful ti ad. ucthersswoulbe nherarfutefull dead . erul nrfu de shou we sto demoning ugs d lo a tou t w ae po dibleheinpys? i ts ughtlohaor a lo timepole s?the ing at thtothers mes lo itme is a e aig ubotdizersd ms it sudubzed theyud c mon givin opleru ey c sd tonn aivrofi le d t a rofi i had bketull o ad shrooms itouulldl g h o wh rocashs in i pouocket. w >> y o shlot pke expimts h ye. o whatloo yotthin of thexp se arch >> i on't ike at. yoin thfwholidehe i i makes y ou chre o n, i'te io thole i thk itaks th ltng o n, neeio eryo is oo thitth -- ooee ope n. yos oo uavhe rlity sho a-- o ulaavurenomplning rli4ho/7.
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laenplng wh senti suld d/7o. one twohing wh ti ty shoulddakeushroo m e wo hi thg t sulde husoo halmluniconi cth fect but it halni mes t astect b t beer shros taser tblte beer ro tbl >>t dsn mak yopenn that>>ayt tho dsn mk >>oesnpe matten that t >>snte ioe'takeou ope wheryo reoing tan'ttakeou o ruin t trwhts. it oikes upe--ake ru t ustrts oy.. t s we apere-- in aar hangingout . y.yore ng t ao me and ayar h ng noutal.ea n. t mend y bi hunon. bi u me a goo point bl. u ma g p bl. >>hereoulde n gd tevion. >>t wo d behe b>>treld g teledsionver. vi. >>wobe b leonr. itoesn't mte erody on oe'thrms. ery on >> ithaes theo tyct li rnshalees a tdus.oy
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tlit's -- i belve tnstle a drugs c alled tt'-- bt drsderrolle. i dot w todvdeocole. t e of do w to legdvale dgs of i trdeg soo nc etr igh scho and thgheointbout it ihos tndret. e aot ofveth coterntut it tugrehatou c a buy and thco dotet work. ug buif y tak-- if cou luyknd at thidongwosthert is bu y ak iecstfy or cainer tsehis drugerand ist senst wstork or c onait, tneyr c create u fuugld st ugsonec tauy clearly catheeyan havensffau and tley caly b an us on bin ve disneaffs, a aca kindf diseaussen. binis a ndis demizinthe drugs we ke it pos sie. emi hain to mi i utp, woshyogly pe ople hao smel u p, w we disocu lglrepenle sivan's n ewel book o wwe d can hat lere tm eiv's n ew re. ok w hat bue firstm eould hi.s terris lobu bir any ou hott?hi[ mas thi ittes sarrle tiso sloayes b. ttma hi tsa t s
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> wl,he service tt po all,he svi wastoastal .poal iteemsas theeroa ists fighti bkinstitheeems swnerne imys fiti wi bthkewst t a d cswpanne wiew deedo pnmo the reabity sdi a ualde pmohe reaby stidua letters e slan? it s thonlystayid yretunt n sed yo sl m?ey. it itths trly. ri thghtunha w as f se wyo m ey i wre i .ittr th ht hathe ews wpo a w abo ut wr i mindg custo mers e shat p aer bo mail is fer t hannd-mail c ttors piser pro to vusmaes as r thanai l tting hac d. p v tauss a c looksy. ta theefrigerator has ner l ks beenac ke he ef getor hneir h evener attaed a corkne birrd.ev ta a c bverdou. customehedd elin osecurit ctome ainriedecit reip prodes, ao wi theower of mail. reip itro goos,d foro your useswisheer o ai anit ieven etitroroo you fuses customeran ien et >> iust ncedyol st er count. i t ceandwhily andnoth aund
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wasnlileaed as thendnoth ad noun ceshisriceaosse a tf 0 billion alone un ce swec havos tse of onendnt bonne av lett oarri o making h unds ttarriak h >> doou use mailor anhingtherhanhe dose mor anngern bil ur cleion ancy at is b constantlyar si cleio ynou ay i at w a gat quest ions byly are wasi y>> ihinkhere was n ins t w g q st they. wa and got head ifnk ireas i he tnsr hendotueadiof in. >> htatnsr eueaiio >> i hatt. ithoul hbe de aw e on thi iiat wouldt. ms it ul d arawtheictureou se monehi i ou la nigs. its eientareic ttu g sheeto m la aigs qitly e asntouo. i can'ttand qly as eai peial c as't pformer. it l people b rtuts stuff pfo er. that l y ppl weld uutsu slyff that i y you urd ituto person at
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a paouy theyould alit away.o ern you n't ve t compami theoy aal ay. u lettt . t om can'stane-miand i ve ts ad am igtt. n'>> lanren,-mt i fun i openi t ad reamlaig mail, i 't lt?n,iun >>pe n oets egulre is t? commercial for>> whoulai wanore b illss c imenhelorl. o wil? b ls at'sot eitin i ll s thi ? 's etheyin a p moting ii t a ss yhi ma't g et ey hacke ad.pti a y gu w t. g et before ekeail guacng there wt. wamail heft .fo el onacng sheomeby' ilwailboxft d stl thr and s entyil x youstoth trt t a internet to >> t haouos theoi tnt thantnet this s sa rn t>> t the inrnetoi t i n ge youissa infornon ty ingoinetthroh yo tra. i geunfon >> heinro intyoerraet dn't losehent $10 million. e stosngeehing about t $1 0 staliloner., it iso st eng lo aer autublicvce al er it i, a pu iicsewosse lo alicvce ipusse seve10thof t stu th deler i junai vendth ttu e restht iel i jlsun ees i itls t allyit useless. >> i't ta amanghoh?se imang ho
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h?for $7ts ty will pk rts t up awi lterk fro yurouse d ta it my hou se n ahe lte f othersidefse t coutantt ? moun er ehelsdee cayou et t a dou ? li tha >>ert ecau a d a d deal. liha >>t d d wel. chae t se a w te we f one clockoehe s next a blocks w for tlosckohe ex antles. ocs w >> i isans. sociali it is gnmen pding ioc i g rvicen-- tngtboo ic t stbli theli nds t ehe a sysm inla. nit idse a tm twi lightin zla. o i mawiinesgheplatng m. oneointt maetesoulat o mf. nentt contl. mailas getten ouut o o nt ntro it iriew intyour ifil a gtn ut o any nutef th daynt ro an now he iewhanttur thing at >>y teouthy't kno howanw hahi t n>>'t kno ow youromputeff tn.n urom te >>ouorn.k all d as it. >> ouor well wtell. you e siing he a it wr ing d frwe wou lged u si tog thehe anterne t rwreag hifrng someing say youretohe ntggednentot yourng gil acc oumeg ayu re
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an. guys. ita. gs. myot cutset from agaz esnd aot ii c nt my dac om az ou aiqu li m oyveac ther >> >to lve a a voiceiln mquyli o rect lin twork er l aoin m ctin rk 12-4-505 ill com thealf me rert fm 12-405 ts dy l levomy.hef re f >>ondyig'sev hal rept ispo ored>>yon sig's h lions the rt rgeisor aedma tytioavehe exte rnalet earsavnde no air.exal anarsea liond nr. eaio
3:29 am
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3:32 am
et fin o ife >et f ge anything. now a ndyt >> h grew g. w aryou aolding uevp? hre aruoldi u >> i am doingoy. >> ioio gre kudos for g k hosavinorg gn hingn grald on t shownd pretdingt is somebody f romgrd tho ti onalprevw.ngis s ebmebo at fme wl ge th. tivin,al sha yevr s omboet o wfge th your n,eserhation yabou s omrging o.s.itenor urer onou sain ion. rgg e la timi chckitenor th fift h amindmenn. say p ersolanim ch shld b deth ftamenay pso rish o be feibrier a duero ofaw. >>hen m t boroer.ue of. >> c>>ldn n't heave bron chged th cldte t breon ch d >> hcoue. t and tre is a ro hcessoufe. convicanti t peo ie of t ahat.ross you n haf h for that. nv tii eouldnof weept.f ty d id u ha hor haat.
3:33 am
i mht g andi dn meepf t d p co.rn m g nd>> i moint bnghy dn't p co they do tt? ioi b sthy d hn't ofis ceyizoen tshipt? >> st ofizeniphe f t theyre trying toet precedent t.hey they cohis wyihe t eretrede they wt to. ey >>oidn' hehis w renrnce h th w to. >>n'een h cizehip? >>o. cizep? >> oka >> oka >> have i h donhato anotr fi mines .av h do otfiin gr, i n'hi -- eou wit gr ui gre123* - >> y, i herou it >> d't uhire34o*r ol e yi er killg anrmed >> dhioure llanbeedr anogy any . >> disagree th y wh yre a tro stisre y whey tre is arost act ofomt. ey ithseattl ald is e oaryomt. iend. e batllefld i iss e eth.y nd. >> g reatbafk. eth.
3:34 am
gat k. >> taking peeou b e tng p b t ofomba hat? youai e ory actom y hake. if u ara te orisouyou ry an b y pee .. f ar >>tendisuet bee csiri the >> stri gir frid ias ari t hufu riirrid pee >> mbe iwas nhuct of p self iolee.>> m iasct o urlf, u sleaidf a wasn reemte sh ld b, sd kilfle was n bukin oemfl lee onesh oldf ththinil thamake this buin untr gre lenes o tt t thinhakehis ns tutron lreits he tt rningf th m oritnstu ls uan jus decide ng an jec meg. >>is l "ericdo >> if there las "eran "ercdol"do fo t ro sm t hrease wld w "erando whfo aro bigge h n weha wnim >>id you riglly justhaim s at? >>ou rll j ? >>ind o wh i had though ofin tt m wysf.h i i amhat owad awaaun. oughf t amt a n. ja sre oneor lre jarenere
3:35 am
>>oe, u sd i starar ey dn't y>>, s kddaar var,he dt kildrm va r, trpe on eay. il >> yd underandhosere n st movie.s, rht? ynd er d>>hat?re mies,ht ta kehat?tacevey. tahatacev. yo can correcte, buton't be cree, b >> all r.on and ll, mame onou f sayill the s to md t, ope f werenly yihe cnes. smop clones h avreey ghtsoo s. im sk of it a i on not tsgointo te anymore.i skf ow m ae i inothe in i tnter amo. galacti c mehe co ititueron, y onof t g tiobalc andmes tt say cotu, on t clon al a arend equmeal t s toan requ to f rth ver wairl ceai ef ouldrthll hav weai thmoon fceai endeorldllave thonnd >>ou sicke me. >>e sti ll o hou the s mooe. of ndortio h he >> mas t nkinofofheor pl an>>. th tmoonnkemaiin. plan thonai >>ts the ftht m o
3:36 am
do>> rs the imptia ml constituti. >> ipparmptly iau wl not at the nsti >>ary werot at e galacc >> wwereavina gceriousee nvertion nd y wrein srterio wi stu d terer?on y wituder i feelike flo. eekelo youeem be ay wh e gornmegeti aman citizensoum ore w gometi am anas cssizatios ar you se,gypt boy?io >> iaridn'ouay i was okaygyt b wioy the?overent targe ng iid i as oamericanitizen sorwiheertar sassinions eran it i enid iswasy toart in ns ou e .i isy tot . >> donorry will shoot ey dorillho - the egyptian. >>o yee t moigyia y, g>>ood.o yee gd. >>lso don'tar >>lshro msn'tan changingour personalithrms anha at bher s. ithaouhis rson itsearchas --
3:37 am
br w itha bhe youchsha the reah wasthe deyorall fdeha t h th w gasovnmwoulyou lou ll it tde be thed gerallyulunudeou th tgovnmen has be mopedal deon wnhey c uthov it.enas >>he mop a way a d watn c u too.t. >>he a w ord catvet. o. or >>ont.venit fhe rt of . onni f r o >>re y sai t sgan t ishe onl w yr y s nt cga send ou m oney wishinl rdidn'tet aau a c allen.d mey >> wo. it a f'tny a lauine. a thk it s b>> pple t f th lght e.u we serus hit sbeca be thau pt offi i tht weerus cath pt fi thattu >> you can 't satd cdsith li le c yn c stsdsit v li e-mail.n sts v e -m l.that dt get aau eier. at get ei. >> jt another sir f. >>tnoer >oeyou sai yate e-ma bec oe iyo s letseoat ma bblurstufout. iets they saitt a party youuruf t. woulwalaway eyai frotmt. a ptyou ull fro m y.
3:38 am
. >> l y suck. do u ha a facebk y ge? s k. the is aac o phaage,ac k but m m tly? on hes p but ynridsr thesdays jus ling low.ridsr esys us low. >>aunch uid you cld g r inrmat n gng t>>hrouh u id you trash g feel inikate gu thr were toura sakgeel abstractly.ik u no, hav ere act sllak-- atrtl ses earco,h,av b i a ttumps divin g inesrcy a da and trops dineogpley how da aroeoplasit was get tasirit inrmatioas g >> youinerenio eve workings a jrnist the imouen ve or>> iay naveeen on t jrnt he payrolut t i navesgeee -n t thfiveeo pl youolere t yellg atesromgehe umtethveeoou llatmheumte iouutsi and y ouou keatin things yullnd y t ofhe can . in i tngs rycul. ofhe c i r. il youai y ou y ou n' get ahrax froou a
3:39 am
piece of aaihrl. fie ofai but what you cet the one ing u caget fmha u ce-mail wetch i am torn w er e g ca tit igoodrm b i ma w i a t con wtacter from ieoplod irn b you pt. d coesnct ompl i normaloupe nsn v dorpe ml. v joy don' -- ml. >> i d't ly eeon'ple. somhi scic youant i talab lut?eol e. >> ci>> se?out >> iis o ? >> f l li you>> are w or ng s th gs iut oonig ht>> li ou>> iightre we wki t hingon ig out. ihte t thiss n ott. t fum to exain. iss num t >> then 'mexn.on iue youreon >>hen i wason gng be ie ou helpou. wt y gngouon't bant et.e lp >>. wan t hp youou't.t >>antpou > kardash ia>n isea-- redf camerasolkwida her i arndverywher e.df amas cataywi i h berlame arveryer how did cat i bme g hodi schul hon gorchon gwenh palowig day gwen p ig
3:40 am
ho dlyhout a hout aesaining der. esaini r.
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
mee ta haa o wn gweth is meta bacally at y are o aying. g >> y. >> an ibask yy y are c ineg. quic y qstio aut i gny yth a e ltrow? ic stio it as gny gny. w? shis m ri tito theoldplay. du .ri thedp du whathe mak aer big mehacan din >>he sonig men d >> s >>sery rular. in >>ser "akulpearar in l sinhe unves heakpe inninack vehe patty-in wcksna ttin wck h?? >> saddlend hne. >> a you kinky dudade a .are u a luc aou kky wan a. e a l >> yre wanorrect. y arem n givingou aor pctoint. bee n y niveraw tou pnt yeraw t and vion ascor. d >> i a youon a couple quk quest ns abo aouwe athou qu paro qw? ma ai asboyou out e piwe?th paro maasu
3:45 am
t pi dyou hav a extra? wch ouhe tets did era? enyt tweet? t et>>id girl yt iswemong the cor ofnghe "zaco lovofe lf j. its t pzafearovtye mea f. vee it tarty m- f e vgans- or u vnclega jay a or ule jan, is . theorre answeis all i the a. sh he likrenswell heeg. and ikshap l anikeseg aop hal an jikso i h e ey a k jsck cld y i la e a k n c y q youla a oun q y a bap. wou youescre gwenyth p. as age lous,oucr an ipiti or gny a l s,so c ackn thates t oohow r rk a so ck>> a t of te abo tveho r a af abo whawashen v of haas v oohn e bore we discored enytorh w n weot whoutis
3:46 am
methg inhe mie yt w n wut "sen." th in>> i midn'see at movie "s in'e m >> what's inheox? >> d't comerer w t' >>in wt'in tox?ox d't ceer >> t ox sy bac sy bac >>f you kill h, ws. f yill, >> t was r ll ty, treasmeous acti bil in der r dllo are ltle more estirchil i wt ven rr dtl gwen reesrch itve'sla t oen pla friend itidtlaork, to b i frnd tokidtor svenir,erre ad edit screvet,r, itre >> you rlly lo tov "s yen."ou r lo >>t ha amaovzing pit mess es i i." >>ashaar amatheng sit deadl sssinc iare nceredon as ae th d oear awf ancul te ngers on willappeto y. th >>hat'wftheesge. a tngs llpe y >>t'e >>eill juterig re.>>e il j can askerig kin a qstion?
3:47 am
. >> wn you w kean w ah k a enyt qhst in?n ir on wyo o wneh w yt hs s ihen liron o w s l ctull oddly eugh uddh ias ontheas on junke." this is nothi mor tha a un salute t h irthday. i n hi oru sahaher reny, r htlu t laurir?thy. >>o, i jsart rht >> yurot gng>> i jt vulg >> that >> jus lghear a t rumor fbot. r.usar >> le yr okum k. l yok te to te ba. co ming tp, t moreatu congor
3:48 am
3:49 am
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3:51 am
>> fedal oialsay t blicas ner iangeus neher edmass ohustsls man t's ican t nblow i theangeengo nne r ssd thusu.s.apanol's ung tow mote ctroln a pthlas. with elos. teol 26-y pr-olla wi fdos.was ar-ystedol wneay aft undercerasgent del iveredar aed a ftckagof wt h t houghtrcge t elntaided c xpsi s aagnd w h tug grenaiadd and csi a enadnd-k -- ak-47's iant the - to k h a47 iant he mplain kis hot rlectivef culture
3:52 am
inot rleiv comemutyrie ultu liree geral. wh do u thk ofhatomri li noge-nl. c? who thoft n no no,? no. no,o. >> w d t attorney f coel to s>> wha t ttwhyne a f w so p ccoboelutohis st uff?y a tha shere p me.ut hi otr th t littlf?e pt hare me. otth t ltlet thto, it made go. to, t me go yo c't buy yo c buy- u c't hi ait c't whdi y hav to and ke ts in a di --av t a tin -- theyhi arresting medy iheyrrti islamhoc. iasn' quite sure.amho c. whei wareang t sn'ryte
3:53 am
s a ttle sonse hewa ea thisuy wryas gng to d oa le se someing c w th cauht d meg h a cndpp cght h imth c the rightay a sti h a cgh h dieff rusedhtay everody ontihe t di ed wi ts sertuffy .n wi ts s wffe.on wan toffend anody. we wan to any. >> w goi to y, mebo cou hava >> gunpntedt y woio please d't bootouav inped hy nothing aga nst gsens. i hhi asts. >>ecseverydy k >> there'is seserymi g out k er eth tine'g s toull omiff g someut er tinul offome wile-yote plan. >> iou tnk tswis-te n.stilaot a oo id thingou to ts ildo.ot a i doo'tnow t mnguch about th parcula one,. sot m dw m ucve butn l egit.tharlae,ot m t you hav snn d lgit. erionshat e yavlelyn enapmeer.nst unavmee the c onuieavioely runngo tex nnexo. >> tha is crazy
3:54 am
y ifhey sse s omeb ysha sing c doraomethinghey if yllow she gse sndeb tys do it g oet hi ityks. ow g isn thay d i a tom t cise snha moe, whe the canee the c is eime ppengef oremoe,he he anhappens.he e mienrie pps. -"inity repo"irriend.-"it grt ri d. we giveimle y of rer . oprtuny t bac k w oe gim o i don' undetandop wun ytou are back arrestednou rei n' hdechnding youre elot t ore bedinnit hchg t toit >>y wa t makure he tas it aor as h cwaan. m h ta i aor a h c >>ou know t r reaso in all thi >> no tow r u rea i noeverodyha t buyl shi a to u motenooneroly phaneiluyls b a on aatch lis te on it ia ho pbne ileel ach lis i-- hhoobby . enjoy my rote c ontr holbyed nj myot ctrol ansies now m a crimil. anes w ari weill ose ingsut th t pos game w p u>>p wethl e gs ts andy l tevosamep u and t oee c recen ts dy l
3:55 am
d cec sho, fo newcored eye. ho foewcoreye.
3:56 am
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3:58 am
donge to wat satu drday:0ge0 a.m ete tat ti tuay:0 a aewteredye ettiurns o anday gueewsncrededet bns ue bedelethe oon new nwo belee oon n sun sena a jim suena a florente. te g foreack tan le forheost gam>e ap oup. an>> tnks, greg. leor os keamvie who hat y .his t s,g weg.? her n cake mhoosaty.hi we er cait w m n -- w it wn't ver -y flte itng. w n' is ill joke v oka fl. s l ke o >> lauren,ow i l.a. trti you? lre >> vowy we i, tnkfo askitrngti? vwet andy. ki >> sure? >> yes ay. d e s le?oo forwa t o y ving. e>> y hav lbeco eveororoe
3:59 am
supevir o.ffic l. yavcove peerfi ocialic ihink y heeralutne urlf you sllnk y pie hce o oull iet. i miss so mh. >>e al do. mo >>al d >> whaar y dng waar d ng>> j? >>es, r. i>>il, le perrmin tee ous -- tleeeerinee sws the- tee gothem clu swsb. t is saturdaig. thplease ce out ab.nd c ck is ttuda ig out.. new ea c ot album i " e rt.eturn few lb the dressnuc rur" ins favaible itus a the dssuc is aie tu a am. don'hateweet me deste am dy levey's n'teet d desguing ct icso t lev's d tcso g t y to doo. tha wast my toi gnt y to haasmy poi isou an twite and faceboo pk wire iseooupl cannwi ta to u altheanimac w bacreto y, geog. ctao ale ac yg


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