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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 1, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> rorte it s th typ pera.on t c.i . hed r teto pt fectthn inyp ra theriba t .i h eas pakisctn.inhe ba don conncti wits is mitarypeci onti thitsamemi conryguracion tt carrd oura the. bin aden raithme onnusra theroun rrouheinenroopai suns.op th tim hign the s thtwoimroneig armhe wh s msile onerm stck cvoy0-mis wmilerom m le th sau ordest cy mi kiing ur pple, leem thrgetaunwarde aawla tkig pe, eric -boretar ala cle tc ic or praganstndlene opran -qaeotorus lders o >>arli thi aeornior, anr l rsal-aaki ader f al- eda>>lihi inheni aranianenin la w -ai er l-killa in yem. in e dearh ofnl-awki iin w llmajonblowemo de aofqaeds moaw i tive joow oratial ailia a.edmo >>eporr: t predent ve whoigne the oti cap are oia kil >>ordeorfor trent onehe al-lakiap oil i der ril 10, l-de tki nounment it aetirent l cere, ny f t chaman of unhentt int iefsirt admal mree fhan f llen bin ladt fs is deadm m alwlaki en in iad iea alakead. id.
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-qae is mh dimishe aes m twor repter:imhe aawla had es t theor und wear epr: a blaberad thendar an t br bomr i tim an sq tre. omhe m iim and excnged eailssq . with mndhe forxcedood e slsoter th cordg tohe f.i.or d salsoerille a ther merirdnto bo f. sole aerri jihdist 20-yr-olbod fromharlte, rth roli. eihst web-ysterolnd pomlishrl, h li o ebonlier jaddi psh magine tt o li jowsdil-qaaage rruit tow to maombs. >> his s aqaad yr ritoro mabs >>rrors ts. >> yn thtep ofhe or. >>th peagonpdefee sfreta leonanet thaed yempeon fe s tagove ment nd ionellinceethaem seice. vent ilie >>he yenishemsvesseonge. coopated w>>h yismssghe ited oped w stes ed insthis eort at es bac t befe tn s e trmoi awe heeen ac tef t tre th eoi he relnionsp in shang tellence t th >>eporr: telnsinha predent of llce genemenrriv ack in>> or t sre ntuntr fro sauofrabienen iv
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th weeknd aern nar wly capitr a trororau aackbihat th eearly aary illepi tr akt ly himle la haw had bn kild im sevel tis bere. walalaneaw neaady bnil mis d h veti inbe. deceer, wa09, neoundeahe ti ofhehrisisas hn day ce, , nd btibfisay b boer. may fe bo.ays ay af fr b den sille theslmos kill himaf b n aga sleikinhe the os hiclhe ll wasim tralingn, butgaomeh s hein hhe ime t cl as thisimee idn'tehe h eet t >>ret: ennicar grfin is lie onhen' pengon. re o thi ith>> tt: n ank lin yen.n. o hipublan phside tial p . ndid e rik per y congtula d th> prebldent pdel idong rith till terirnd ngla inthlligrecent c munies f g t l t th sucinssfuigstri cnni a far th al-aakiucfuri. a wilalk e-alusiily wh gornorerry ive il ak mome. esi bu wfirs chigoorry pe itic a me cobuesporsent hirl ceron portthis w pk,ic govnor co poperrt f cdson h selfof rt theis w p spov inrhe rac fhe rr f fi htlf timheince spnac
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>> rorte i grgia rickerry t ted rteis rord gia as tck govnory td ofexas rd a tov accudfasomne a sringhe cupresent' leralm. ne >> knewhen sngot i es hadt' lal my and'>>sne fulen fhtin iad ama'gove mentgendd' ul iust d fn'tinhink itould be na' thevent rndublin pr ary.i t d t>> rnkortet perld be trihe rolipry. and rmneyteerbamaikenri healcareopin tod ey ma dieuali romy wi repualicanrein i'moonfinte'll c osdili om wia ninee hat gpuerneand wh 'mfi ll c coervave pncip s, neetot gne w onecova pip wse heahcar polies ifedhe w fe w omacaea.arols ed w f >>omne unlshedew web oca tackryin to ali >>nenled ebvern per w hckinresintoli obam nan posi, rner har w resi and theormer pside aman pof mi,icohoar s portrendhe gingme pde ilgal iigras m accos srt gg toill iracc olleg eg pubcly cogne gerno perrandhe ste f uby gn gno tas rr d by h singaken that hg steen fotard. >> rorte in te intview fod. th me hkabe a r btetern romnnt rivew in008, rney m hbe br
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emphizedisusins mn ivn8, exrien r, soythinperry cks phter edin lifime in exensoinrr vern nt ss vicer ife n theact ipent m lif rn s ce t inolitsut in het tint m if prate ctor shat inifit n rentes h tin thepre ort mos-- d nt h renchetes inheost signicanway osom oth ds runng fo offinc. s n t repter: or t res ofgnany th e fi d, n nnfo camfiigni for epr: t esf busissmaherm caitoda fi n heill doamniheor en si shomarmaida lo toght.ho ron ul toampat.ningn new n hashirtoda rick sanrumaisi monpanng ew nneccut a miclehairda ckbachannn rmsingsit inon nth caeclinat a ic shreleed a w ch r vngeoingain n cana at ckinrickshle a w per vin fatinckeris f suort of in-ate itio we'r sut jnedfy then-e io gov nor. 'r weome jdhe tov gr.nitetate. >> gato beweeere. t >> r gortete whyteo y g eink a ngry rte hy y out u aut t iegal kon at a imgratn pitiory we he t a t ial songimat pio e h recd on sgec migrion n tex. it psed leglati t grn ex s pit pyonedavindriveg's ltiense tex se've neiniv lse exve had vot i.
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paed iad texnd ot $4 mil ion wput tpa iex boer. h$4eil wt teenbo. str hg ainstntr ast th iegalmmigtionn ste ofexas th but iealrobl isheigonfedenl stvernofnt fasls tsuppt t the blrdersnd tassde hing rnto d fl t itppith. e i'm er govnor. t hg don he any dptio othth. thanm oov dr.lit thi son hithnyio th e ha an we' deenhih gen. ha whate ae' snte deced to g . do i001, we atere a gngo sec ock t pplever t i the1,ee g curbore're goi o t per the edate rbreoiede thehe t th beartf the w kthe rce. av attrong rordnhe w legal e. mmigtionon rdn the ga ate tas iig wont w hav alady ne. he t g tinge hat t i borr w wecurav is tal reay l. g ingue.t e foreralr govnmenur wil t ea t do tha i. en w f naldovenil newresint do th wilha i'm w tha n guyewsi repthter:ilerma cai i' hant s fuyo s he coun' ep r:ma aipporyou y wer he s f s nomiee.ou is i iffent f orouu to yeer odd wmih conrvates?
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i fe it feems likohere i dd w sconsorsatew m?ico e itms ik rereblic par i and- sism sc rsin t mo replica par.reic arnd ur pitio sism caung i t epca >> ts iar a sta i s pteioau i verenty sue. tu do it heo gtao it i s lahore ory e. rizo , ordo a h g otr stte. i buin the ste fhor tas thezoor a peop votot andst hebuhe ved s the opot nd ovwhelngly vi reect e ten ovelly ret amementen thatmesnt wt it gsown t at we h a song rec wd tt mak g n tre tt tasstron h a sg agecnst tlegaakmmigtion t tday ayut.on ag>> rt ortega youentiedig on the dera govey ment . day e rteouti oba e ravent ainis atioy youredid tm wh theba spee earer in m aningisnio u di torgi wforhe aassition feear i m ng yetnoth terrist gir uld u c atinusitheon oba tth er stlici as elat to d cnu eba fighng terrism >> i hinkcis iatso the ghersmresint ink i epinheguannamo bay opesi en a insthe in wisans omoisay pese i sti pay g ast is ovides. weon'tnow r itiay sur b prob ly ideorma onrwe'tw ur po bibly ob imar iormaonhatpo clye fromhe ierrotionin gutana bay iouldmae t t casonhat we omble i toroon gu na aytakeldut tne of heont hh-vae weo rget kef hva
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et w hav w bn davaging to arica and arica oops b d in repter:o yoagre aca nd awithcaheresint d isiopsno epr: yowithreawal0,00 sthgesi tros dio om ahani an thal00y s012?ro a ni iy2? disree you oug t e ven tetab witiseou anytugng d tlingith e mi taryn t abshouit wery to g yt the dngoungh memiandry womom oueo ghesngoo amedom as se a we c? absotely a ignal a s a teleraph co bad so lyys w n nae'll do aelt,ph pad th w in jeollrdyond p undeineshe msion th n repter:he psideeo y saidmerins a etti de es m onft. at d youephinkr: of pde tha idri a >> ition't . dnowunkf abohaim but i't ere ewlent ofboeoplutut therwho ave te oughntf plcausof t predent. ther's wot ie morgh us torrirent th w ior ri abou how wou get arica rkin ain andw wetave aca digty in a a jond te car oe tir ig faly? amican jaren sof t ar o had tolicn tfa? andam anen reoflati in shin on, c. ad ic kickg pele o t of jnds evrey datin in , th is he r lckpe of j rageevdaths
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wh we' g. isoft present. he nds twhe' sta g u i andet ugh es isst.s le n t tatiota u and ndtting rf the h healsscare l tio p n d in r andikehe pualing reck pegulions ndif heants toreatpug js, thatulsnshe w to ho itso that predenteeds t j get at to wh.o o th iameran p plereth prentynt ds >> rorte whetoit ces ther to pettie tou poury btle h. th mt r rteneyhet c t top o to titheour p blse has een mough r y this torni youop r opedim u e for pha hingn polghieshatre is niou rry mdh le uhe r hpresgent'ol st earer i w k m le sd tha t es t' you in ar ionveatio wiad s hath h that u yn havveio pr lem th t tru h.ha yes iav boi dn toontepr m t ofruharaer n bweenhe i oi do ofouo doteouhink ofra n>> i bon'tenno abo tha i jt reaofzed wot thenk fts are. i't wh heboha jtead whe tks f e. whe aut t tt aromncaretheasis for t obamare,hat uld mnre gedisor fomesh in h boo am he,t d g fit bo he wte fosh "n hoo h olog ande talfidboboute w in "heard ck. og nd thene tkal it out in hend . pape en tkt on peback. im juselli the facck re.
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m no oingiuslihe anyacingxcep . beg fnotualng uerstds tnyt heg hep be be on lot f oalf ses f t ust the h sa iss. be whnher wasot gun o con sol o t ethesass wh it'r asunon o eing he ft' obamare/ngmneyre a now f he is ame/ey aow heot.s cialssue been bh sis of. hose alue ee mi nee b toet posionsi of d stk wh it sehe'slippg mormieehanohatosn st wit gr'stpp moriestrnt "flper." repter:grou he madst aflr. roh pah a er a epr: coue of h deba a a a en your wef sa hereba was p rm s. psibi ty y cou y h wesareas prare lit e p bbi you h betr. whapped an wt wilpr de ite b yotoet prerewh inhepean wt futile? d >> amyoothe bretn deber ut ton the sta >>m tt's b vioueb t th sotheto pheiticns.ta t ts hes wt ameoucans d th sknowhe p aicut m. h know w wt imenselie in. d ow evy da a i'm m gngo go o no w wo iieryn. t makev wdahing'mn go awo tak inn wngonseenci inheir lis and ben t rein cutngse cin irxes doing wha wliavean b t ne i staut o tex s ngha w e regution ita o eexcete guono etehe viroent creeo sall
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rot busissmeand men owore sk cital sndl he a csincemed n foretur on cal h i aestmt ce .r ur thatshe itm sgleost. at imrtanissuin ts ca saigne pele an't tlkinabou itiman su t engh? hocaaregne gngope g at peoineout woing enain?? we hhoe ae gre g g pneo and itwo g n?work in tex h ae'llre p ndplemt ittnhe nion ndrknex llve crageoay emite'll sto nn exssiv spenng a cut cge tas anpull tlltoexiven r aulatutnstaanll t rbackat we wlet of yr hr. ck >> r orte w evebodys o talkg ab yt h the rtevedy n lk jeraby goveor cis cheisti h gngo n meertandd ve be c for cheti par ? g m nd he' beor aar go govnor. wked hare' t g him goecteovnr. 2 9, wdar t g a bobim te 2 dona. aey a dobngood b. i' pud fna the rep lica a d goveor aossd he cntry oi' p ke t stesheoreepca ve ampetsive. cry wel in t m seseoverrshi ete. we in merhi in012. ericwille a bter pla 2. wi rep licaicgovellor a tt b rdrawla a briwit le betenepcave poli tes tt back oma p aw price. let
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an som ofli tbaur o o per p. mine. omf >> r oorte texoverr ri p ry, ner. thkou. r te ex >>ood er be witri p, th y. br>>her.d e it >> rorte bre the you y ha it. brttlir. forhe ront runnetere he oustat acr s that.ount in li thor rublinntne natinatn. cr t ri pntry. n ck t th bre gre get n atthan you ry mrih. p. tankso t gerno. re rewe'lethave ther an canu date mon as wksl. t gno all t oth'lveer candateante we l inte whem. thk l touarl.thante wein willl. h d idil hhe presenti priryn nuar31. e desionhat s estiri exp t ar. ed deont to hether stesove upxp thcontt. naonal epub hcaneadeer sse p diourad ththnt movnaalub nde ofcialin n hamhiredirath iowasout carovina id ty ofal wi n chaame threrates to waut ar a stay thead wi ohathesolori. ay ad > me strm m oiased to yri ttnwar aawla s ametr m dettyood oy. we'l tremeter larer a inla ahe tyd apeve. bu up'lme l nexnresint oma meri ev gtingbu litexesi so. o ri gngitso
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bre as alled t rlieand xasoverr rry res entilled t ctics re ied ser vingresint o ma a haryti ctimecsor sing ame cang hsi o aar goan l tleme soft b soregeme h tookgo leofffic be chf whe hoe okcorrpondt edenryellsic usow thech prewhdenthoot in rrndedryls thisusherent suati i. >>resint oma hds b k is on t rdo s stil. his >> jsis o h b pl nex t t rsdayn sisalla j >> wplh thex fedal teseray esidtla tlsox wthedusins er he itill idt taitiorhein ill cove. >> ati very slo ve a paiullylow er og.lo emicai ly w thaslow rowt f ls. the ic esid t's sh fhaowwt fctiohe >> ps th jobs bilids f >>n thiooad t s plingthhebsil ll, is >> hthtinglldind t s ng ofothos, , s htartngg whd tervofw thhosdayith orlao tvtatirt thagt w re blics ar bounrvng othnayh beca e helaaidtv thiti iha re icgreaar greun cou ory tha h cahed hi i goan ltle ft. ea reu kouw, wha dn't h hehat go le .me com titi k edg w w dt h neted or th lt cpl ofomti dg w decas. we nned t othet l bkn crackf >>ca thi itas the n t b dgerck of vring n t t>> chiegorthe ttin dr vng on tt cor a
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inardinndn goinimmy cteralaidin rout in my>> b the crai replicas are n ut bhe nong tt thresint sd ep cahes woun'tre t nde no t amethca's si s siti whoutny t oer untrme's d totiy on w a s owe tr streed o imisto n >> t ae a t s o re ois ta meri o. we ha incdibl worrsri here. we th're reha proctivncthanbl ortheyavever re beethe roiv an >>ven slly diceyerurbi iseet su h >>n hasyicbi t ve tissu h passheobs bilasn the t vnate >> don thi wesso.sil he t we can or on it.te >> on hi theetheris wren we buanett otheallyn tt.t is he erkewa wnn t psidebu's t he lyan t to p fors he jobwaill t pde iminingo por itezed dobucti forl amilinsgted dti r makgil $0,00 ak >> t pubc iplit onhe ecomiclan $00 t tub iitn lattecicn fo new t pol at % tnkhelan w lfo creeweol bs, % s ttn willre meo di, eren s. 18% inst itl will c mt dienob %ns iil cs. en aed i h has de mor
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h p a or hurtas the dor h ecormyt he ly 2 say h hped. co reblics dot ave muc t 2ay h celeate. hd. 50% here piclidot thie tucy t hu itlende. oy 1 % tnk p hithey thelp .hut o the 1umbe on te ecomy ey r rublins wse tlpn ey ahe forben co t rli w t aor predent t at i why senr advreors nt ihy mrobamthinenepubcans cadvots affd t domrothiaminub ns d th are ca betngff tre t o willhie se poron o t thre etesidt's tan tt wil llss b sore eornd o tf he ids t ilyear b>> be t: eenry lerom th norar law than byou. e rycome lfell f themirst thor tiaw in wo yanrs.u. me collerce feparent heysst eaingstiroppn a t yth.fco cear t perctage poi. eags ppconser t speing s u.2 frcgeoi poin ns peat dg notit wl u o nin dotall wl o stet.l the wst. fl40 e pnts. f s& dn 29. pnasds. s&ell d65.9. sd grk cillers vtsl tk. ov the buiingn gr acienser v toda tthat ford ov resheeduluig g of t as mting dea ngda wathor moes ecoulmic refofms. t m ng rkereaall er whe ountmococef.
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are se wit erl ustentty asur aim to e ecurit condnstamenttef urimo baiur ndtantou ai fundsou freec ndfedel jgen wasngto f steinedecong hore de u jon asto artemill n doars stred g taics re a uabor telldos dpute tas has ao warordha the invidu dte proster ersas a fmard thehe naonalinong duor androer s wa fhoushenion cou bna alg pelizend f futewaus olatns oonhisou bperderze f ut illhead- at os wher dser aqaed in yem > lad go f m he? er d s ter e d athednf iemeade f h and nr t, dhe i invtigaonde inohe d sol ndra affrnvga in ntins to expd.ola ff intoxp
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ntsa ooutbiaak inow . at ll ppl inis 1a tb iw tate hav pcomellnfter 1 eingteav ntal pes heth d eartmgt in als worming d ksashe s d thetmin are wng k s s vestatinheaddional athshat mayre bonneed. >>stwein havdi nal nforhstiontay b toght out othene. aect >>av n oforheon.b.itot t nveshegati in a t thfail olar pan.i makestin th il ak thisomess the oba nd . adnisttionnvolment is esth syndrisheominba uer adst oncreaolngnt scr iny. sdr inief u ongr sionea cry. rresnden mikemanu f brgs u upogron esenkenu datbr up the areew qstio abouaerie oatour wte hehousremeet qgs wioh of t ou chieie iresto w inolyna uset w o gege kai tr w ie i itonlsyn majoge bunaieeror whe oma i mpaijo. un karer pmanee vited e o ofces kdmintratn ai offials ka the pnevi weed eforofs k lyndin becate t fis heeeirstor ndec tst cipit of gen eney loan wha t pi tofk gne pcen thean mehaing, te're pot pvyohe thatmeg, we they msive critaree p iden? i on'tat thi so. wehe m ve c sustactther this c eenp i 'thi
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theo.eeti tha ususterhi c aritle ctrib ion.he tiain,nforhationet desve it knoabou cibn. n, or on repter:eshiteouse ess nocretouy ja cary arac rizeepther:te kseser s et jameetgs iar ts w. >>acezee was knvolrd in aot of et i t warit le >>as effoltinf its. ff it our uerstding whi hav'titur lood u istng to eryhi avmeetgoond i thao h e mhtave hahere tha she etocus ha h his me hareha c versions usneray spkingt he is whe hse. crsns ra aspng day wh aft h. ergy crety stayen cookft respsiblfor ekingyhe fi l deetsionsto a cowk lynd conspnue blr ngecei fide on a ta dolrs aer t ndone tenicaeiy deulted o hetaol a te35 mcaliondeteeder o loahe whit hse expsseduppo m fooneroa chu it >> hecreryxpedpo hufohu ds hav the >>re esidt's ll cfidee. nowhe f d.i. avhe portly lking n thids cde cura ofow f. the rt lngth fanci ra fprestati thasolyhera de tthe gernmt an fci ssib estihaly ccou ing te gnman ib fra.oug ficily t f.b.ra . spesmasaide coun't ci t.b coent thesp invmatigaidon tou fortrnsid saytcot he nvkesga sse. >>oraxpars a out oveiday
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$5s mil son.. it'slear he>> mpaey autasve bei $5 ilmiss.nt a lear'sar tre m wasn orgizedei bines an. ss a ar t repter:ouse snmocrrgiced lderancy b pesosi. and e depeptmenr:ofse eney cr le puring cyck pni d epen rortsne her rothpu-in-g w held r tsneva sol pow p jectrthn- reiveel vaol737 owlliofede plct loanree grant. 7 ioloside teted anin gnto a si t ed "san fncishronle" sty wi theoeadle an f"pelision b"thern-la stwiothe dltied t olar el berlaroje." to y, ted tar deptmenjef to tergynnouedepen $ 0 miion gy ou lo guanteeor sol $ pow plmit nonh of l louaee aeles ol whicwill reqowre conspluctino worofrs l aeso iclleq nstioruild bu cticsote wilnly ld fu 2 pernent bu js. c cs ineilashiton,ikey fu enueler nt x j new in hi n,>> bet: aemoctic eel se tor es n wewto b b a bledocc for ase tr n deb ward b e. weillbl getisor aeactn inebd e grevin wel etwe'ltellouhat sectainin reamgr medin utle 'lllse tot sn say out he t roramed lealer olledarli y t trodayea edliay
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4:30 am
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4:31 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:51 am
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