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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 1, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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bear>>.ndar l>>ikat ll on'tbearish, it'aar snoozerigh 'tbeist'a owzegh >>rend jon you pricti. >> p war beandnon bouy prti >> p war bn ipad a i that sony m i p next yr. that >>rendny whado y say n>> y y ou'v>>e nd gha yo ayit orng dner not y'vo it ap dning.ot brea: nl ist ne p. re n is>> nnel: wl,ook who i s nl: raing cal,ooho hma rain he fmeodth hma ndf usuallyodthapns o. to tho su ly rgg apnsttinras, the t ef, wheth beef? in ra d as tt shends to f, w sthheef? as gus whos meillion inas gufoodho c mtie sayil that as caod ctiay t me sideish an bom th mn crseecse o m si codese,h he b has gernmeenec o exp ieconce, eas if those w d goer hen't readxpync f b tsed wwn dohe h en tc he andad tycono d wn aeady. i tcgrhes,ndla tdo haveno you withs, i na. lacavutoo veou who ayths ihat cainan cvu bec sehoe'sshaeotcahesu ec
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licaelotdishsu ben eilin,cadi chles pae, bagen mcdow l d chle adasm aagcdl dashminski. a chaes. >> y canshaysk a roct ha. yscianenayst wor a rdt s acienor psint aook onron si ssespnd a aeroota gcen aboutim a i t hi aesrend a esent in e seboe, i a n't iink e'dreak any es t amn ic anseeele,ad i about t k d ny thse amlvan. l realut belve his ' a legimatcalvidat and ad alel h that'eoplare taking gat hcaatd d se ouatslyplre tow h. >> nl: nd tse crenyals, ow30year >>nd nl: tres,wa-- agenyehat do u thk of this wa-- ene'sot d fromo hethof sise p ri sotrom sh aesour p governs, c gres sm a, prouent,r past ve nce,e dot le you? ces sm ihit, ipafst e,do le tre'su?ver a i hi ti i in f cotr hisry rerece'sntve ha toryo rnk heti n co noti t ht our ce hry r nk hemm r- -chiti nee t oo havextensive pol al r-expehienceeetheo t ve iensi ptoy. pe ceconeess h t11% to appval
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onratsg, near roc bot11%pp lel. oplere c pletaty ea rdissocfiotedith e wathat shinleon i and lets cfet sswos andedh hinkwahaat one in id thef r eans ha tosnd younk aha o seei ng h pl n behe rha jou li ke ty e.ei h p tbeackf jeg li exe.rience i s ctacually exenctlly hethy. >>he se thg th po lihecath eernce say i>> sthth ad atetting po eleed eer e s nninamer an i ol. a etng that wha eit'slebouted it's iner inot . bout gaterhang's autndt' t inutirgople.erng a >> nl: gd exame. getintinghe dg gone tngop. done n i gexam etng don t m pul and i ne caget ected adaise ul a m iey . bee cat tetein. a >>ai love them. b keeethatte. . >>caheha ptimisticand lo hisovef ariptis lo contstg sha hrply whov oeerf peop in fice hi ntst haghthlyjob u neh aoter of op n expceiee, dhi't thi you can st sthp inb vennerom o bein gxphe c dir t ohifou an s finneralm serv regiinnalgba cnkir f a thi y f haal to ve rv gi nolere theba whe sre and hi y haat todo t g thing nos hedohene.s and thi w e've t ce tng gefdo th h as sevhier wl tveim w havi gef psint s who h dsev tim w
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ha peen cevi i resilntre wly would pre r pe enromcey,r a rerelyouperr py,whor doe s om ha grov aent rrpeenho ioe like mr.ha govtencain's eeli aboker. meri vy much, cat i's hinkbo wnd expe rien. v y >>mueil:dam? i >>nkll s a erexpeen >> l:imprm?esve m orll arters. er is eerie e iprn t mor corpate rldarrss e actieua iyn fa m rpe dmpsivend ay fale mnt tn mroeyiv nd peencen he c tpo mte wld ey ' use tt rpenece wasn ahe teivatequi gu wld g al h 'ee id rn' aasct ally natuiu bu nees h other tidhan a bks. ne es hean thca t-- >> ll you bno. w wt anhek -- pital do> tllt' ou esseiallttaki ove aan butanesscleang it' sselingll iki uvepn wle or bussea i parndou hav so hang a i upn litt bitf a owledge ar to fnd uou buses andha mak e ttney it it,a wl wgele you're f us esoingitndake >> wl hey ost, impleta y'r th g is he kngwledge for w thathe jos ishe kwledge this kedor of athe k wlinange, wheas ofca h an wh sowledgof operatis wh a h ain vy prsidg. f ora vingaid at, w ld n y argu thatyou prowsi. he's ngd , w gua ratsoun whyow peoerehe's a
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gove no f rstso o wr aen pate f astheve don s ethive f wher awe'venbeenat aouab f he ve theonvotershi erd h've ensn. that oesn 'thevoteea n tha t hh sn. atsn n't,but iea mnakes t i hvery veryif fi cut, fortim i mes ryo, ryif thk, fcuorim t convincthe f peopleitho havg de it at aoweron ncleeve pe le> i reshoctav ad i oou ot a er lean you, am i es a wveoneo ot at ell nd poisoned iam at w thve welona le ofome l nd p've soen rdardedt ow a th elthenl ffro tho were the e r ridetersoowat a t he rht en f t ti, bui ternk t riso t thawee tibut madenougmistes wh the wh tad hede typugicstal w th wh edenaladhehoypaveoofe d up en al li ghoho cavane mfee up fortune li sellin zz aho c qsteble ftu ll zztas i ahtoi outbl (lau ghaser)ht oi>>ut y're sayin gat au r) >> and thi s sethi i do sknowinboug ys >>nd tpizza.hi d ao i tel l owouyszz you. a >> the g me a ftu a yt. >> g m iet ahe guy pkedtuo a t resint. d chiles, a'm hesayi gng, allo kiing si. chs, siyi, , go to t ki me he ssi, gto
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re sume', andbackou nd, nothinre wsung', th tdckou been backou, ththeried that d id tteou ee a t. and heed d dagen mada in a het. amerndanubc,eoagpl me inhe tereopl e sysmon thepandr ysmoonhend rthe syem a benadehe poinino myin d forsy aenein i e sse tin fortin a fut in e lile dfere e t ft nuancut li dre of whouayou weau wse lm do yea, in wse the an ru n ilme d busiss aea, ak ie int th aanountrule i. e becae ifou l k arbund, aak ilooktt hi antweek w. e ca sawif l aarnd persokonirhi fro hewle w awpackrd rsonir few rht ? ckrd and 's cledccntabilit ryht d c edrywherelsenccntily e whmerier se ri eptember whingto teereto eem iwashgton acuntalityand dfatr's zza ill rkineat pllurshon actatyd t re ats a l ldn' be ain p tdiffreerce n'>> g aahd. >>hat'the diffen?ff theiffence , an d g thi >> t' e jt tffen d?iffence bwe
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he fe poe ticanand tbusiess t ho t dfe e pl s dipo't gic a dte . ss t hothe coulday wt they thouhtdi. g th couho heoundld w t sea mou an d thouater >>nd bleavg, you don't ankenameer youle e.>> bav ouyouonot b y in na >>mend dage yn, do you-- ou ot >> bndyhe dea t>>ha ge ogovernyo is -a- >> nd heagen, dodeou hue tst t ve ids ea ta-tov nm enentsdo h st incribly c omplid tnd t ov nmfficent tht expsienc cr iibs lypl ormo pl ? icthxp nc doou qstiosomeing at i asic >> domoplue stio th do qiomeg ic >>ouest aolutth ely. i dot thk th youeed haveorke aut dply in y. wadothingtth forouecadd vendke go d plininnd wa agtlloryad mo ifference. a ll yndow much mxpieeid fepre.idenobam owucavhe i eid whing toenam >> n vermuchand 're av pang f it w ng thas tto poin t. nerch d >> ae ben o opa f reasons ha thyinovnm i s c aomplenex is eacausso pitia h aveenm cit pl is uscoitmpleiax, b hecavaue youenow what th've ied d p upcoleo b oumanw thi tat he the d payopffs, loo ok at s ynandrhiscandal.e yos, ty' m adloe at tsyndr tngan much t m eoreompl thans i n tuco h be. ybe nee a po ticie tplon cl tn ito e le jclt veit comex.
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youerioly tnk tt up he anaine s joingveoom. ou io dr tti tlly angeheatur of gvernnnt? ngo i me drouany ge surerioly be gevernnt? th at. me ju i s jioust bee bogglthes. he u i j mtd. >>'d loge to pim upt md. e >>la l ae l him p swiim upt fo it >> a b y ewa ar. limei sn, h hopeor am aic ba. >> havr.hopeor eiamica, h too hbuop ne romic ca>>.avpe >>am ic oorealmly erca. ka>> ho youonalave anymor e zz a inhoouou onac av ym 'reoi t ain bra he. re rusho ath am's ru . h e f bessh athng am'sad fs ng da for aasndastehaadn yo u can y shda for th's cing at ase boom ofhe ur yofit,n r em r ththis cd, ig tt bo of cur ndement r beca e ise w ihi hou cald p a c en vett. cae w hi wou alreport you adede. >> iasn't goi touy w othertarouhadedeas baid in'toiouy t by he gornmehant. bd i s gog touy f m a by go manumefa. urer tt'standg i go theto owwi fn, aose or nu drerw, t thast'nd w t hew awimerica isos e o dr autha i ttinghe cnc aerio is ccee and under aandi whe yofail chat ncu'veeoot eepind uouerfdihe yoilt ndveoac k work. fo ishat mpanfor . nd
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ack or foist anr knowou'r worr d abt mang yr sas la ow'rrr anabhavima eno yh insamela en y rete. anvi noinat'shy i her y-- et to hp co up th alan d geyou the ightath.'s ier hcop an geu he hth.haveore an ahousd deli expts wkingith vee aus lixp wngh sohat can rk o-on-e th y. sot n on- y's y r grn li. t i' be ere ygrli everstepf thway. i'e e erepthy. ll ocomen antalkith tod. ome anlkh od
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pihrt sa h he heust d id n' g theowd r entilt spi toosaeus d ate. i'mamheieeilt oolby, e. k t'mam o k ftox >> ge me ame,ou f op gimmemdiel >> wl, i noteady touo swer tt mequestion. no, w iotea yu're no tquti >>. and o,our 'r wod-- >> mndy rl >>wod--grdm srl a dmwhy? >>ha do u mea aouy? a > all natur v meo coy. wh doe touhat lmeur. co w e only howhoe glshat ven'tad la wicenlsuyrgery.g >> hha do w own'.t la wic hsuaverehe u uc h w and w wn h >>ourucrrl, dav utnl you acl,e to nd onx, you ac woerlo withei ol cax,to y! >> e'vewo h w aeicato >> lve ofun over e yes, tse wen't ofun xaerct t yeest tampl w of 't, bu we'valsoad sf xa tt pl f bu 'vessot s nam inf b ins es am litin the pt 15 yrs anti hope toul p share 15 w h an op e chiclo, sonre 4 p . o, on aste timand connue foxusins atur.
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teimd on10e 00 oxinat ownoxbusiness hin10g ot ofun, a ndopneox y'lsine injoin us. it's ooon,d t ae i yn'l inchusag. o, 's ar t of chica sle chliagtics cinut oarf ofca sle w hing to andcs t binlo autd o as ple aerlim owf ngtond whit ahouspresre. to m per a t l minirati denngit, buittuses. a et roit m a ns ni ctiolennist, ays a s critibleouet fo is st ckinto it aayet's j crle ou sayfo tre is stin s it aet c'surious j saecedt tre is s c forio it. ed askor i s and skb. nd overit er bavio dg ltoub bndavhe onlneg knk t ndhe ore tknrati dkown. chlie spero is lki to . tti dow ino che erisouki a isag iouit ah ishis,agnd withoi to say s, sosmoke,oi toayre. sook ire wa by tha b ticture of chon >> bictu o n.
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ion g>> bn.ny f my g ny f orkos fr hi were w st point out ord kos frhi is nyweg. w p oi> evybodut i denyidngit. is >> andg. evodlienen en dpi a his,hink is true. li en nthintheyot aal l ros,mnk i . me e n tineyre aasy dertmero, wheversaid w en' tt le trehias andecause de methwhy'rere aid h whly regula d, l t yohind ecknowse in ighl'ry a h hl gu related dust eyon t ugowh inighly hehey idren'latd tstake tn tug he baeyoune they tve a tt's ba tne problheem you'v a bsiggoveme a pbl tohe ythisany bin esse s bgo a tois binses yohave tcomp witthei wi hes. yoha >> nl: i ton'tmpnow itw loei thetv wis.d w n i't rw lo and hetvd jry rs ndsang neilostts j ry n isn tsang teieeltonts cycle no itn titeo tee t three acl a hnof wteekeo t cyes ree a h wnd t ad ihias acy esefftive ad nd t t adminasisatn rlly at fve thisointhere r nitng am washngton rikell tmpt from is ntre r nipire bodw al one i romean >> rebodwal , anet good. >
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>> allyheyikenet ginduoory- >> d 't klyw whheou'rikeen lin duy- d kwhabt.ou'r >> i do. l >> donabkot.eo. i>> t t'.a ftaic dsh, t fyou ve tsee at sw. tsidof cavuyecond favoite.u te s >> here ou g id >> lcat wyseec onit-- vo >'tee n>> oren 1 g5 lyetars, w hait >it'tee n 1e see tes, sff wha solarit p els,e theeere sll wol shovling bilons dol rsp tha even wll toutrage ov lioverilsos ndolra. have we saw t touageresident dess sond do a ud stes s reaw cot inrontf evreybodsiinnt thworl do uwe' sstee snhere h vycoinntevod th rlhandness. ' hei hanheare anes. r un nghi gornme theay-- >> cledrong hipili. go me strheg ar--m cdro t paicalis,. trar t memb uga mb elndorf? >>nd oyo chenel ndor teinbu w>>hen y he a l oy ofncidts leen inthbu w inta l doesse ofidey lroe doest do not >>t' extme d sfoune. ot the's o do>>txthat e whe.e hoe buied em theth wstedo hout whhoullibuedd heem heou
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brdli of directo obf gm to of dec ofm take t oout rickhey had nkeo o gal thory. ri th're bull hiend u t o gal pushorin people aro undthnde ll nfortu ute tng a t goe shexacy toeoreede of roe d ress it' stu t aoe actoedxtf me ss t' anti-tituonalove d i'm ver cceedbout it nt and rll glatudale y 'ri'emer cce ed brinutgit it aan rlllahadie y y'r nled i o in thehe a cie y n i gperi ononail itig on th ad. g theriroblno thoilh wthen u're bigusin s andouad . rely ohenblovhoer wenn toail ou reiginnd o ly o hav tovorxpol the othesi the otho sid oav txp he the co inothehisi is gheerenthtid pls a le i e co whayo gu er.ent >> lplten,a thi iiswh >> eve i wu . ln,hi you'rnobaed >> ve t? >> lov jieoued dimon o >>ov jie orgaim as tking abo utga ho bad dodd fasnk a t kibo guess what the ho b badan d t f mo froesm w tthe bvement. t for didn get baouro t di theve bmelo. ope he or dnet doorsouor he son g ahe b lo o tactan per plays yors son aainisation, bauseagai ct pne c pld gyswayy with i wit
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a is ioe bankssendai t c gautoke w >>nd am. eks tat dyou inkf au.that >> am . >> tnke' re du rofte stingth litt bitoo m h he te' n,roheteing ttit m r k go thing was apefic tuion,t go t ngas no d iffesre thanfihattuiohp di t dt fearle rercedhat ealier thnewnv esto wasle rercedicki eaer out the thldwtoas o. >> ticki newou invheestorasheo. un tedtates gernm nt nv to thr's wt ma it dierent. un te >>t waa we gd sinmation. th >> whey mad not egalightdio ert. dot. >>wa we thsi didiot han. theegal >> y ghtnoo daloht th. do th iderha washeoalhare hold votte d.o theas n shareho er .asoha >>ldt'so nueio n ohef n sho lel .gh >>s ntheyere boming ohe mor le ineyor at bthome meg he>> along as y a gr it th di'tavet leg aalng gh y a di thav's neeg. >>wnin a lead invesr and tn theneta >>in a ling, i r dictin gan t c tpoteta pocy. in i me i t dising--te i n pocysang i >> it't sn extraordina tiim moving >> eradi in that t decon vi >>et mfini my pot, iat chaie .>> m ni>> iys wh govnmen contls biness a haheiey . i dowht ovmaen ntev besyone--s or theovhenm en t getdoutt ma ev theovneernmt iet
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ng t nmouten ofettnvesen as astheovnm i sng ttnves ica and fars treury ica in d arha n to dourebtomody call fd a ha n saiou this is om od pr lld s taste t as ips p out >> nl: aittl bit tte m ps than t th. n abut tlen wit ceba w ilanl he b t wuys le wyoill a b you tot?uy whit mht b e ing litt hotn th whitu hous t?thiseeke. wh m bg ttotthitus iske
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cong u foow t mony. on of wl st etco u foop ton dog on mifgh wbel utti casbehetd a new e fo tog psint o mi e unted tiatesasnd ceh ald havew he wfote hse r pningsint o und es cld ve w h rng
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♪♪ > whe t♪he♪ mey goes byeye d>oe whe t b j m gey g oes bye- ye d e pr biden jwppin u a fue-raero. prenin at e ureaso fura $10,0 plate. ur ea ssoal cpa 0,plat to the 36al pagrand a ace theo e 36daniel ana e orheust daniel? at w a f months agodael and t thatni's? a w r fepor mtth tstgond jp mo an at bo jamie rorimton its cli i jan quitithboamhe nation's bsimonli i and et uingt cozhy wheh miti's?s >> ah i nk h e'det ozy ifmiou kw nyth g aut ah i nkjami hmon, fou kwth a mimo he's for lioinee'bel.or i iklie himo ae t,ut he' l.left the iiken hrndt,utev h give ft any tboonenr aboev ve nyspecall >> hcan' a ewpe ykllfe hn' bute dec h bank and y hisple teec h to raaniskmondy and s he vad abo dodd f traan d dsnhe't likehead a general f diction ofe eco my adnd i lhe toldenou tals fore thidi io o f at w el stetmy wit a i70o ld t
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oba lasthi te a nd whisstit o baastimee and s lea spl if mneyets the or ght e ait re. eapl f >>eyeil:s en s in, at dheo r t a you ink? tha hpen? > thil: r sne, y do u ha hin hade n? >> hihim rlf tne daryng of w all e simeet. tar o hes a ll seet wl st.y. hend ia d s'tt seenyean hy wal stet s uld ke i am s i me, obna i s a li aballe, st sd epleantam meob isliab, ea g, t his cte dow hdall street every c cnc he owca hn. alwallst stetethodveeaze whoc the r frcands e, oba is ll st t onofdeazeho emthfrs e, oba s i'mot s on ty derny em fendsbut cemrtaiy,y ny. obamas n fhedst ce riends >> nl: iobant as dagrehe wi beno th enredsga h n h iet ag remig b wiouenththembugat a he r asinanal r ormg houe'sem a cove d heasan rm hni hes and m eved h frniienynhe rhe atoice wod suest. >>fr comenetely agrnh hehec yo wo>> nsul: reslly? let >> chaomeelgrhath (lauter) yo n r>> y? ok t ghao e ahad.aur) wha did h g it.onnue hae bidush nition i
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licion andnu t he t bnguss th on cind t hey tpauln starte ma he yuld gth r havear niedma you mea gnthrilavclto n a ni boedb rin oustarted. to a>> okboay rin ne >>arndd. iot bigokay fanne >> otig palson b t ftigayr on walstre et wpaon b aihitld.igay on nei i tnk wt alre wda iaihi . yi teihe tha wve little asoda howbout odd ank, her t heha it is t in g. o ow >>uteil:d inisk,thateroint quicly. is >>, as bee>>nl: aisatnt icadic. s h the's a asrepueeican primaryng t ic ght sw, n a democ arac pu oca.riry t>> uer st oo t n d donoc go th ocma o2. u >> ono omadage ll s tr>>t was toet o a wier, rend sidalee. if strheywaeeto the o tide wi, ovg le . awayro fyheide theredeg. >> n l: iays aro tsndeapsh.ot a n ia apsn insh the me it' a sate otbut t n tne t' s gats t he re tblians. >> anydy w wants to s the ma miore s.neyulbe ady w listanning. theyad t mubleellie outy be is ent trai m list . cks ey tyeahleliut warre e t ibuff t an mliobama, wre n s ahffethimlfar je ff gotan am .6 iletlimon just gng teo
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otlunch wh him. ilthali juntrscos t t thing nc w h ghhit there. ha >> nl: gaheas t t >>hiall reetas ce to gh d f nk n i gsea >> l etue ctoing profi a t rmsre e go fg tonke ilasffs and ue ofitgs arefioingo d go fotoa lo latimeff. a nei guyitarhaeng you ver dy foch. lo mechare andage we' hav eiuy hamoou, coerng unexte d't . ne toarellange youe' youaviv cothro uxt a d horreousonnendolou ou quarter for ro stocor, s there nd isope d wuaveer gorot hopef, l t re cks roisour e tha hopel gu h cksr ha pegu
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ery me aocalusins ops itdoor y aalin opitor or cates anher ptopag ces anr oropires noth empyee, or es's nth jusmpgoode, fobusiss. n's gusd food foe ensire c.muni. gat bfok ofmeri, we now ene c ni impa thalocabusisses bofriwew paha casi haes on mmunies. at'shy wexteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte to.8mallliusin ses ross thcouny soar ts ye. tollins ss thunso tye beuse e mo we lp tm, thmoree he mak portbeity e ssibmo. e t threheak rty ib
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