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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  October 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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f bin li. it is werhe vlu ar s w vlur rit. > an gs, tha y a ri aneryha y ay mu. we hav mre nxt. mu we we aavtilumbe o m. n. 15 a yearsil o yrsou. re's dave no >>'s denotorad da for >> gten sh. a foetor aut soldra. . gornme fo aola. i sveli out gome biionsf lo ianand s couli cosut bi ns yof theoandouosaxpar mil ionsyo forhe gree job thaapa wasilnsorfour eeobreen haas welce tr fbesenn lc tox tee f forsex. d rh a teeoricto.a and elabetto a kim elet mols a eve,s tt wtef th m s moy all e, tft the gre wasteth f mo lleen ojec. here i fake y n ec. wt i solke y
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syem the wurrcts oupy.ol th syhe priterc s octory. p u ardsth 16riilli sor p andiske mney uds o theiown. 16li what is tndke myo overnent dng? ein. good ats t f tning bsrnort d?he od jers fhor tng b r tpayet i rsorun s oke. tye >> i w n>> ase sawrom solyra w the ae governmtro pks ly hennerwe a lseovnm p >> d 't aergree a lseith sndin >> moy t d aeeoldra. dh s agrin andot mo t wtea. of monegrtond inst i w solf nen inalla ions ere at ergyol is gng inlas e ey dectl in g therid d weave dtln t bhe edrgy we e depeent natio esp biayy pet niospn lifoia.n >> fo b.ioria lkt trice >>hopend b pyia we lk are t abl toce pe t ou p eergyereblo ou egyro the s. ght w,t ishe not s pri
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t ficit. s onsotri ci $31 f on k31owatour. f thats thericeor katr.nerom ats ahe ce spish mpan tha themumpe a anthen sph anhaegulhe solpe p jectanen isulol pct $10 p $ m pawatt hr. natul g mat is hnly tu g $66 we i ey wting66 ftune he. >>we t numrs wng d't a fne up. t andum d mentio dafora' goal theyeaveio spr al eye she aitration stemhere thi i a w aderfraon piin t semrendhi io w a hav wrf pi to t spend bilon to wetav tre tond b ilthe tllio ce trero tpars e beiouse e grn ce so-ll tpa bee gr o-sustnabl erg is stbl not ergs onomallyustnab. it is notloseo t omlyst cabt of s nnatul ga aseil t ct ifot tuga a reistindhe i tpaye are re ti the hoo >> st t isyere jus
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t he poo in t s y? s >> ion't thisuso. p ngree t s eney is t f tu i'tndhi if y eeo bnecks to f ttu m. y videowan b pople in t t m ar d deorce vers p wlet wen tav ent nard dceenseer w te tlliodolls . t d sethat is hollow ar tgioent.ll. if at yous look f whaoowrgt.he ifouoo cente f haformeranross. o mlionobte t r stertnd. mon t 50t0 spt 10 bllio 50 we spcould ha10 bio 8 miione ulnd gre ha ergy is 8 the fure andi snpre pling e y is out ohe t frouend a s lkt png at t nutt o touquatn is a lere. >> t t facts,atise. 1 0 t fot wer sts 1 rultfer sol yndr a sing nkru r.t ol itdr as g ru th mdel project of t itadmistraon .th th m's wl theroctf triden mi wenra . th w thhee. thirmainen green proect th o th theirtimuins t thas o th themusp big cuna th and itheig c faaedndiserly.t d taayer fa meyer. was spe > taer
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on b mlding a gastsype n fa ory. bin i, gy n to, fa ay. for gen enei,y. we t havo,alke aor a gouttne sin av jimmke carr wn ate waed sino lammchar w la it i casark. flunks a ias instd of f fundinnk a companies st fu researcfh auinom devniopme and ergy secfures irc aowevme d ingyecr i exndites othnnd exit o and rsusheomper and auto d us instd ofundphe aomanie to fund t rearch stofdie we a nd trech incaiti a badompaes thatncti aadpa tyingo all at srts a ongll polical ss dors. >> ch o f flun rslilhat. d ao c oneh. f yealun that.s a aoodo onene ea th oy shaarhatad wilneake a th o s diteren isil spee bsed sar d diens tt ip bdalf ctury sut. are t i fating onlf cryea. o returagas d f tint'son whe w shou o p urras t's iheestent. w ou p cou istt. suprtoverentoan
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to ouup conrtertan to o eet tounnon naral s anhat o outoiv u nal canitictass tou getiv thiu in cstryic gng ass tet conhiservate frnds o thiin thary g all govement suprtonrvsat wted, frs hiha wod s vent tupnrst wed, hhwa syst wond s t govrnmt stnt hwa firsst bilonovmt sn the seminducr en gyrs it iilot tacthatouhe miucen ire ttt spenng oechnogieof t furets en oheronhnie t fuchnogieshathe obaon adnonistestiontas fll fba th saronse e.adston f >>llteve f wou th say t s >>ve i usllygeouithou.ay th. m o yusyith youh. 80 per nt. wh youave o thehou80 gernmter. invoed y whoue hhee g burnmra and vo y litians p hkinginneur andnd lose and hati is potngfficnt watonend do i send >> i isic all wa dwno i to olits anin i terll dwn oo solitnerg an o therg tyaven o cckedol wherg o th t ey sulden cutedesehech mon sisd sragee stip theonun dsn't c e s geroug untitheyo, iphe i d is't a cuge
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ug wasttiof teyoney i ksm, a whaug get m st t iteys b kha enetgh m toastet tax bolla on u.en copaniteut waxlan are u. cni spenng b wlionon arepani encomp by thon got ani30 ml 81 mpthot for30 m 1 a binju pjecor thi we aafteolyndr bju pandec thehie tedr d snis gheernmt cut off. d th u. sis gnms bilin oututne f th o copani.. bin utwhy ee s ndig o mcoey oni y foign mpans li ts? s di e m orependg alffon anli t ndfn dendin o asets oreas. de in wh i o ttts t h olps.s be wh i tt t h mo injy. b >>t i monjilli >>nd i fnkly w hulindd miion. >>t fly is b tterundmin.han speings ber lasss ovn ssndpeg ging mo y ssov to cries s tha hate ugi moo cesha a ut's ergy depeent. >> w it s ey pet. choe wetwe tw i bad opons.
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ho t o thewe o tw thaouadp is o nohe wking oha knos rigt,he no p wblemngs, the igt, we suchreat pem ias.he ifolar weasuc jattrou i the. corn toar b cosuheomp etirntive icho i is b notosououldpive h s i s prateotld invstor foding t s mark preitht govnmennv or fckinin t ie yrkh heoven in ieall yimprsive h investoll nprve esenvto mpans lik golan sches way tey w ldean iik theol ses dealaywith tty t wovereent backg theup aalth t tpers treert ck t stiulat the a aa. >> ts t that tiathe irate a rig . ha wubsicize t iteig oila w sihisze c tntr hvilyndil the narals gas ctr h ly >> hd onhe onet a nalas te. >f hnne i w a t g at>>deahe prate ctor woulde a ove gr a . yo pre or areld a seever itioup andreee bp chevnipnveingndn t prpectsnd wting orev the e gongrnme to me i t and prts wnghe it gomeo i getsirclnd bact to sndin o
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ts loclyistac and t lawo sd sint os lost notnd t law su sosedo hpen,heot pri tesued h n, ctorha get pd offri f oret solyraffefor f tpayers d we he tora itly up.or tye d ina h ito morratusins u fendl than a the i utedortatein fdl an co-cols chf shed it ud ite tr ande h a coolch s plant io p trnd ericback h an pn p t. ic ck cain i o thane. ande tlpin peoeut ca o i oha w.k. dineo are o w jless ben fitseutti peop out oork jssnents wetil op deuttend o yk dece net .e de y ecne.. a i g my nancg froge cital ut ialso et saff gy at gncs wa beyoo ban iso s we n onl glendwaeoplyomonean .weelp em se it nnl nd[ juplor ]nee en neerwe p und sys titcut eney usju ] en[ cerryl d mo te eft ciennelighusng hps junr st opelate.. cl mo ef[ juenor ]gh an hserv moreunustostrs.pete so u'reot jt geing fincialapitju... ]anrvreto. [ o erylre you je alge getgng nman alpitait. [ t juyl monou. knalledget n ta [ jior ge cital thy'reot jt ba ers.juonkndg j r we' c buialers. thre [ jniorba ...s.d th've lped builmy bines.e'uis.[ or..the edil
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ah. o's ady? i'm's o th!. s i'y?so rdy. m y.'sth i' r. fema annncer en y're epar r yo che-up, mayou nnst kerw yo re g yng te ace ar. yohep, adyu kr yo cheyo-up? g te m soeady y yohe p? [ malennouer ] est o-heth sody in gorang c[ an rlese.ou ] t itheinvi rati actn letsou kw it wor ng inra c r. toitightvilaqutict and ngiv is.ts kitor tohtqu d ivd pr.ides althesothebenets. prest eso-heth al eshe can rse. cl n, p tectt he d ingora youway inra c r. betclr de pal cctck-u . inraouy [ ught ] etde c-u [ ht
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>> gd mniverydy kw. i>>m g mniamiry k i col. x nemiolonfi ing hene capfireg of a trorin afanisapn. of tri 's a kafisembe a of t haqni u.s.fficf tay ttaqrou or s behind ts.ic t aack theou
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s. end emb tsy ak he ast onthmb itsayfttth the killifft he -awli. k li weillave much mor on t s. wl stwe tulnedeor fox mhorn t ns st urepoding,heox ameican n terrist tpodayg,me 3an0 pm. o forrt tyusty cd 30 p oron creat gfo a tynger csituaonn thonat midw at. lookt ideeruaonth fro dw chigo. okde monsous vosro lhie.ichin. nss s th logge andhin. be th rders ugli to aygend on b tir et. rrs lio ken tr . it ke her in atri'sern ns hequarrs. i arit m n hear. i m >> ts i t peci on >> t i 15 anvers tyte.cin biggt na15s i bess anrs a gg napoli icing b jo uss for a t celrati .ling
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jos oron mday. lf thoselti m exty.ded jobssfos benets arextvedxtenngob nere theen govementudge. d juhe in ventge.n rest onjuoney nandow the arestnryi toey me d up the careyioye risin taax o rin jocorrtors that o is keing jorrrs at tms fmeg hiri. >> thi t it f i ri >>hi realticio cle d i wt youaven r al fewio e st wes iaoue sittion when waew ar giv gst i mon toitonhe w umploed oplearndakiivontoasie t ulo lekinempyeiend sofenin t tha owmpyend risg tofes oin theha veryeopl w createis t new oobs.he ry plwe c t wlkrteewbous. l 's cree cou new bs a trneoere w areond eatereenobs. teens. d tyill not doirin d >> t t roadolot hloasin paved
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>> ttho gd int henonsorheed g unployntnt benefits and somemeshehave unoy bitnd meservee rumeves? >>hissve somethg th me >> sngre pasd a aroveo thethth tensren ofas thed befs and ave he thstat didtave oney onsofhe bef pa tmnd heythatid borewed feym thee derapa govnmen t whatreyord you f scess geeere?raoven ar at y suggtingou ssseon'e? arave yuggng anbenen'ts f pople et anne f ple o work theygly o all be livg und a rk eyy brid is at wllteou livgnd a ids w are ggesng lt peon wld sayre i col a es lpe hrtls w i y i ol actor. >> she is ght. htl i or >>hes t.
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sh iurth rito shocusthi rgeusinesses veus ch eis s lanc c a t sall buness do not and nc a t they s l crte 7 orbu 85ssootnd pcehefhe bs c ingcr out 785f p rceceion d cgut rheyce aren n. wh you tk to tmt iyre n wall wh oou tto t i unctain and ll t oss bck in talfncinnd t b i t certnty. i syathi wit mars sde. rty. syyou himpatitze f t s. u at f teo an its an a i rularoryndax rary certnty. symth iservee rty. a doymn'telpsve abody ishathat a hpene wit do thetp ady is unploytnt befitt h neit iithe aicio cycle nd tunoy bit i costf aneioloent aidlend t xes estf not a biet ofid at. s ot b you ievef a pce .ikeework anconnticuhat u are phinge ke ct an fornncumplorstre pngand g cng
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toorlo victoda' goin toike oo anicto cifora,in iho.e and ahan ts i cor a iss a io. i notd t iar arssuess a we w t i totookarrtueaxsnd h w t th areokffecngsobs. lo thretec slaing t taxs. lo slag tax tt comen ifhatompy ts not me f ttinttaxeoparsy.ot inxes getso the poi a gheses helpheg ohurtg.oi ase lp ort likea govnmen actns weke me weloven a dng acteadhing meel exte aing e dadnemoymngt nefi syem kee ngteg ore pele outf tm woymk. fi yit ieee bil onpeut twon i itat owe cse t ier 40illi atwe for y t f benits. li we tnkhat r ty w lfens. pay thatoneye t bck?t t w wldn't hav toay atey e?end it fo w twon' yearavifo w e diddurt fownwoear
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w sangin. weught toid hav sain a we taxhtoreeav accot thou a goax t afte 32 coth week >>oold t oft ek gan >> ld and oouon'tep oannhe nd boss linand yn'p oad you ch ce.ssind y ste, wt do y tnk?ou ch . in a st w odo its yf t? it will n a not ots desty js. tt tre illotnemp ymenstfrom j a t i thsandaxik ampen litome thin her a th tndreik a a sudditly yind o iner a t i a dd yd o is hard to i iar to an theompaes f whas andhepa f w the a pding hug buses tohe c asnd pg wug besre toveroki giviaxrks t trki vir t tcompies. ck >arkakeoint mps.
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t >re k woke trillin int ch tha t the coaniehave.rli i chahe coieve iill not hir somne tday. theyirelotot sireeingusomes t y.oppounitin thiey cntryndin ths po aithiacro csuery tt i th ed to aaxesroe and t oveegulion. o wrees tndy veul gn.ivin ig w f bonu ts. gin f wel nueahatnd upext euepe isea gng bttndpowxt a eus g b inrnatnal il o fun a ght hit us inoratl o euntra cast itwhat abos ourwn ea 14as atriion bo llarebt?ur n art?
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lokingood! youost me wght. yonotid! thesloclotngs ard!too g, out i'm wonatt.g th.yoti howes youoto itar o atin righ who'm graat.thw ouit [ maleinnnougher ]hoeoplra who ooseore ole ain te to igh ss [ thle thoou who ]on'tpl o see e n ltigin cteerioo ..h thhoho't ive ole ains 110aloes. ig cio e e ns 10lo.
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grse i tee ring o gr t deil. ieeng o t de. andteve i it tim to cut o d vethe it imfimout o >> etmf san for >>nnityore s anndinor .nte it rew dsin flurend put ew frenut auerie andhe putn auie ndhighut taxevauate gh theax cuency and taughens the belt cucynd unti tthegh t cntryrops deae
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>> i thi tiet crypsea i >> idiot tthi e europeans areailiutot tt ugreepe becnssereli the sh no ee ec gns getngheir houhe inho orr. s etirou whynhoul e?or i tnk it i g reaty onul ppe t t to givt ims. gatn p ke i orotoeiv are.onneed i torene heir enomyir e my in t prcess i t prdss bnk a eose bnk a ese e door mhtrow i streth. do mw i re. anaot of aneopl lt i >>andtf ispl u llear iow >>d much sey a uar expedo mch eur e. a ey axp cuttg ther a expsur cett
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rahedly eure. i thk stexpr i ray ur rig. thte ims iotig sndgor is m sndg f f ilin o coutrie the in oresintavouie esi imfav mey a here thessuemf m a inead o reheue ind omseingoney letther fincehe loagey a no tt uiterin states.oa ad ma no t uitta yous. > ma areou aga rpore ba orbaut and hat i whahey are d >> tre it i sethi thaeyaire r that. i shi tai t. imf pvideoing bac to f stevs pde point.ngaco texico a evoi. c leic a a arntin fai >>ut a ar wintaibou the >>mf.
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w hiory ows.ou he let me fsh w.t hiy s. ete f wt a m poin ca fis wha m wt toay. in its a fisrobham an weo. are flirng it wh a anoberane geatre deessi herir wno gt i ink desier >>nd i k enn wghn? >> >>nn wsbcameut andaid ibce eupe daultandnd we ad i loing at notheu dlt wdrld wide a lo grgt deptssioth i potdid out don thigrepiourop po maers anymorutonhi s,opith aw mon mas fronyor imf i amh awic ofonromfun ngamurndeicf shou bunigenin our bel ou b andtartin crgin eureurel an forrt cin ur ror efen fors a not se thenor imf aaveotny th >> tha .ve ly it i notn. >>ha ly i iurops snd. t tyoop far me s.arm
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t tnar m go.rm st harnghe t patent >> goto bedin t star tie. aten wt com e bac bin tpilep the ieash and ot womac lehehnd pp
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the bt. >>our e .eb we he scks to >> r ba youe out. h s s deois baou howeat downutanks de are. owat leso thainksi se.arni andeshain 1 blionashisni d wa twoeeksnd the bon buy ih wa wo morksn yohe leuy it? i noteall oryoite i at? dow otll trd. i a >>ouow tr >> lihe you lik mn. carets. mke ou saresik a


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