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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 1, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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igne wh tiban and -qai. >>e ase ne wh l trninangnd ai >>ore a about lin the msil stkeneutemen e kill milt inen the ll attk anhett a war al-aakndamirar -a woha wo alayria maye kied. lahe iaay a tend ki. bb mker. he ten dgnedxplo bve mr. tt i ca ps t roheh dedlo t airrt t i casecuty p tro screninetho and t ir bend cuhe uerwecr binblohond an dbe t uwe b cgolo pinte boman a t ar ler. c w pte appenomyille n t l. miile rike w ppu.s.le officls totnow mie ke f s.sureut sffic it iookitw at f wa re s t on iterrismxpekiai the wa misse stke mayonrrm bpeethe bk ss fostal-qdaay butot atal fo bl-q.ut >> w he to a remembr ttl the bl w h t negaveemb tesseshe connue tga s riven the on leone
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vehen l jidi foms tha is ai l atesfoha i publicatn and date aack to les east blatecadnd dte weavek son a n ber otad ewediae s arums nrhat opreahisa ms rratte of hatea as atof intorencat a dhatas from foxtonc and > d tiendarier tday.roxnd nd >>r ty. sti akin>> dowl-awlatiin anow alrilan onetta anould benel ohene mtat sldcessful be one orike >> m tnk sssl yo e dke nws >> t sprdsbou theo > nprouhe caure the learshi ofhe cae heeahif haqqi neork. stery's on qqnek.trik ers iik hail upo i wh doehis eanilpo ohe wh oegoinwars on ter or. jo us inr hos of th foxer jos ox caycfa la. eat h e y .c. hre. ca >>reatfa ta.e t er h yma..
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>>at t >> lst ns aa.ut the capre l of ns aheap m kahnof whois rvere m ohn theaqqaho cla rre at o ieactqa wl cla it w tsave in ghantan. >> gting h te andnaptung him ann. is >> gng h bndtueal im e isuestn i b wtill tyal e get fstm iim? wl t wi the g him to f tk abo? e hwiqanihe net grkim in tabostan d th hniet conctn beneen thean th haan nworonbennd thehe ha nor pakiani tellheence svice whic admal mul nkii ll jceust sce iceekdm o saul ty jt weoineek i e t ll w hnowne i e . aut ratial h tailwand ings tha w ae plandtinhe il dad ysgs and whaks ah wd. anand w ah we don kwhat weill g we ouofonim.t thfactel ge ouas c.ture and thctot kiedheres crend kire anppornity toleann mes d daors anty onntio.
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an o i s daayinan thathenio ca ure iasade psiblin bhay t cae efrt oe pbl b tfgha cliti foes. ef e o we ming hhaday cti fo. ithe mtting h ahan fce onh bard on tin w a on terr. f itn bd i t whe oer fst goo t sn. i t las tree weeoo i s t teibleas teewseeecau i the telesau qqanth nworkttke the u. embsy a an nrkhe cia u.mb a adqutersnd c asssinad a chie negoquatorrsssnaa d iegoor the bomd t lea ng d tel and aackheom t theeaeadn attalnd i ak kab. anhe sod ta i i labooke an likeo na and ike afan n lionae fceserenandn eir hels. af n naybe fse thisitit r tep hs. of e ny. it ihit gd ns aep ifrta t . ve i happ ged w. n a ia hpd eaki ol-awlaithin
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la n ki ool-aakilahhoas la seen asa ai futef the ens f utmovent.he wh wil thi veave. onhe whrecrtingfforil?hie hugn crngor uginee oer ionay tss omoreerna i tortahan t b ladekill. rehe w the itanath of t al- bqaa dell and pte er w1th,he bth wn fthey gotl-qaime wd teh, a bld wn man ey ot siin wnir ald cthesan insiir ces windlessoomnatchgo and nd vidsstapem of mselch o heas theast ad idportpent asf el hea syolhet a but rt osraonal alwlak sy andut parculay oraal thealak othend tarla gu.he he tu sukahn andhe cyber g andsuhnnd cer g asirnd t bom y mans hat ir tcruientomill mset com icatuit futul attks wl b om atmplite tu othtteopl who wome an b te the lithplho plas.e an bu t withe aawla hisla rts bu git back to a tla sisteer th
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boers d h's pt cko t of ste eve bo mas r atck i h p the lasecaf whherve i ma iat iheheasnderarca whr i ir tis sqerre bber. he wil b ti disqffic bltr. to b i >>ic tla al-laki >> he seche were l-inspkiatiol. h at sheer spio mad h s crismic. ad h hould s csmc. hul pekngli. thk abt if yre pek a aligr th ab yoifg y mlim. a al aaidane tha yo los lik mm.n alda its elshaosikndrabpng s srrate. y nbor oe in the at en but tha s n tor o place uantnhe to b en t anha tle bt len sai b an if bomeb ly ai ha thse beeenf aeakebnd ha then rong a hor?k they choehetrg ngorsor ey alhoaidaoesnrs lk amor >>aldae arecisne i >> and l aorow a ciehe i>>nd heront dheumr e ise h hadg inhet umr 201is hadin pridenal eectin, t01
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pren ec eomy.ti t iday prent ecy.fte t ay p residt witte kl tamen id wiyinghat e k presint w meoffe wn mengcat esi w had f wmeottad so ecomicay. >>tt aerans aot oftsococa >> aerns a weaveft badolics onax a we reelati in shinon dad. ic th aren kicng pople aut of retin in d jobsvery ay.threic p lethatsf tgedy. bs ry.av aof atresent >> tnddy ean ile t psint dsnt hoe epubca connue nto gle tt i psi or toubcaoneest way gt i o to bolter t eomy.t ay e psideo islt t ey. demding t ptde congss ps ths emb'sng tt b l ang p th th gop s is b c aerin forth lsop vernnt as cinr red t lpe. rn a per? >>ed u t. pside oba sd pe it is tre wee pdeinceb set st is treee eric jceob act to congress sdte wtso k wic j whaob t ato onholdes p is? woha t ldis publans ongrs aee wi ctainars blfs the jobgr a bill wi cin
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if s it i timeoheob tell m ll s whatt t tsee proosal a.el m and at troal i a tdy epposhatre th i aganst? tey eosthey aittutti thgat te hers nd piceey ai offersnd tifireghte bac on t ters pob?eff sor aga st hreringteacn t?conructn rkergaand hngebui roa andnct brges d erdchoo?ui oaeheynd ainst g vingbrs taxd coo? y ast gngax c to ery small binend work in ame rica e? s >>ll bne cgres carktnetme bcahindhe >> c espresent'atax an. nd bu nitr es cant'x . bu the nitan regted he vors. peregnt say godnd vo. er peent d anay 6 god a pet an med. 6 d 39 aerct thk m. 9 iakec nh diffencend pcent tnk ike n itffillce postnt tobngs. repuicansay hav itl tt stts. by ettipuany av rid tt of exc sivebytiid fregutionandmtxcve g highghts hou bill th eygu on dmnto geaw and imeghortsouheilth sena and predentondeive i nand reant> esidt oma w sed i
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he wil> ngid to o w s conde stping heilxossivon rulio shld cl stngiv on temo ratiulio sh c le seneo ssnhe totiob lls. leen t's kehis o ortu nits. to s wideourommos orountu andito do whater w can tdermo gun ndgovement out oothe w at woan our t g ec omyventut oe w caneturur t ecreatyg jo.anur >> t atheratoll, jo fn pcent d alf aerfl, registed f p ntres thk th alf year fr nw.egtes unem oymeth wilthr br nw. hher. ju 3 pemcentme thiil i b wil be hr. lo r aju 3ear p fntmhiow. iil >>e numlors tare tr fhink.bout um t t >>nk putt ofheresint's pla fo pof asi's dlaiciteducon fo ilude d it ucuet re. i itdeould increas the r tax re itld onhencasheax r ric onnsur the don ayic lourr tha midehe oron ler.o haffetid farsr hiki itn l.he ri et butan hkit app tohe ri perutealt >>n iidtppoay r wltlthyhoul
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>> y i mid why ul t ulaweahy that m a ul loweaha ta rashou paymore. aow ta 0asouayre taxpers andarne 2 tps ndllio aecene wer ping 21 ioperc at ien aer pg cbiday roll rc ta i and inomeax cbid whil tas in elow at a of thehieop i my ofi pw . a oheop i >> tningo ofi lib pa,ord >> f tmng bel rcesibhatrdadda f'some town o tl est sdartese wn o t surund s e as hvy fightg continu wthur ashis huorthts.onnu w pipehashea stsromt ipol on tpes tee situaton.a mvid, wt an ol teiouat. tl d, wt t >>rerter:es reva es areerighting their gr on onladown va afhtghe sigre.nnl theywn havapredi eyth aavport d d mitaryase the. th a sayrt miry gadefihe suppoers th a pushayo witadhin treeuppos mil aes o thesh towit cnente te o eow
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deite ete t.nciredme. de e th havlouivilnsirme t thave e aravndanouil he t ch e t e eavearithan hdred of h ch t cave cue uho g h ouedofhef toca.ue u g the oninciunt i whi a to fami of fthronci i werhi kieds mif f th trio espe ter tow ia tm frothri thes t gupow docrs tro hewitht border tried tocnte th rteo aer ford ba ted tteecau of e a heavorba fghaung.f netiatns wh av gdafi f loghlistg.o neat w gfi losturreer colpse now treol revelutnary comwnder plano ph frohe t west aev teastry aomer an p lrohos wst t awoide st a co tether inhe loside o thedeown. co ey theindmi thoh the o eillen. miheavhofighnghe stillad witl avghll gaafi'itforc sti hding gai'rc soistited tiaponand rge h ng ppli sotid ond e of li ammitio thforcf hold mnymmioigise thrc builolngs m thende depye sn s d thhesnothepajo
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sns. th gaddi stng hd.s th the isotjo s m ucdd fsthtin h erer thethis paseek. m f inther eheask.asffense b er the fiterso kese t bownhend fiyingrso g noer tri tn ke tt pl e. ng it g is dficu ari t i tpl cou bes dcu a waingnt iou sire f lswagntefore theyire f maj forors on. ey and soajorsn. hunigh d atc dearedhatu tnyregh ccern aboutc the deedt prioner ty c brnng ou captedhe andrier b pt trtrednd byhe mitaryrouper trtd thyay tha t nmiryuper rege th shldha not tfoll t exoitseg sh of t ootll t gdafi rimxts ck t y ou. t o tha gfi r yimu, did t y f. b ngin ha us u yo f dat on bin tt uiati. >> tng tatn ti t ttaly mt wch trl. the verctlyn m t aeals w tr trl e of aernda kox t i a elsectr on nday aa k i e ctosecor sd shennd
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ayer ecyfri sd mueredhe her ri rmummated ox'erttoryaidhe poce rat inve'igatnoryd was flawo veheat has as be cruwfied i t mia. >>as f rsberued i tmergcyespoer m. t frs reacmichlrgpo jacson' he the acchl da heaciedn' t ht thigs didt daem hd tighthiid drconrht murrayever tol himdrnrur yheer jacolonimas giv p pofo beacreiv h pfo dr. rrayouldd.face frrs in prin f. ayldce con fvicted ok we arioioonelct u k aebout a aoimaziel st ory inlvinaut pne and azi a fertsy inwheeinlate p ind oer show. eete cont iversaftea oan sotsh . ankill ntrste ss a grianlyll bar why e fe a are nri so bay y abt theight aerre the no brea stayith . abthhthe ea ayh
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the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul
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[ malennouer ] youhinkour ds a gettg engh vetabs? [ leou ma ]e no ounkr a tt en v-f vion abice ves em a ll sving f vetablma no -fn e s a sng plve a fbll se ing fru. t it ust stesplike g ru malennouer ] get ve dlars itt ese t. inoneyavincoups leou ] t d rs v8jce.c. ineyinup 8j.c ♪ ooh by, oks ke u nd a ttleelp ere ♪ ♪h , s na lep e ♪ h ba (wh) can do r yotoda ♪ ba wh ano yoda [ fe nounr ] ed hp eepi youdigeive lanc fe un] h piougee nc algn c hel ly ign s bintis al cel a p ente proby ticn biis at nural hel maiain youriges ve b ance pteobc nalelain ur es tr b alice to lp rain balced geste sy. trlio rn ald stsy. try e #1astrnterogis recoendeprobtic. y #1treris codeobc. lign gn
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>> aftumme tha seeme like i w not gftngomend, wha sme ke i ware elina toth of gd, fall i e e in coury. tofal i me orolist riaou.olinha the ds f ecasmeolt ainha e d fas d so temratusre starti
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to ro soemtun the regnt ati tollrohe thks t aeg a trop and a th trea o roleropnd aira o erroma ada areas soutmas aanta wil a flas ut atail f coer tperaresnd eve co fl tida rall lsook at coveer air flhigha only l ikn thet 5 ioir part ghly i ofhicahend 5 als i inalevend ofca e lopresre stemls i isve brinng i loes smnseted wsther w in i hatheirstlayo gam foret wer w hae steyo ykeeamsoret postnednd y y leeoko astd selli y r lar imet i a n irove sli im are lookingt i n i bvechesf herey raoong i new b eeslandnd hera teri i prgsew end of torthst centril ps andf teern nnsythaniast ntndn syia it is i west viinia itsesviia
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dt is sying nowy t rougut ts regnnd sngwy headugg in suny. t egand mt o adtinun shod he aind m and morroolho hn tpeture d rrin tlreaakes har to t belpeve tret teaes fl ar ioel t aladyere. thanyou fry mch. i youalye.ay anuanto ch.k o the ou frendt looohor ohe fre ltuceoo anher od rcall l isce anr ma rngll tr lea farsa trea isecalliarsli lette due to n inesse tt reuertedo n iss reed it is its lind t tin a gery t thillpott a grizzlyer bea h elltt s trng ptect hrily ea ildr. h didt ow
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htr pct h act nsdr wou idt of a h fig i thectou ofng-rning bale iign thetate d fedal govnmen ove the-rnga i tte ed danged sovciesenvee act da sprger has ng sesct da morprras wh tha stor >> feralor waw doehallow or pele fto kall doendangowede amal if k hun li ing aalf t rehueneli remyil ind eryo else trenne my eyoe idaheretunn whe hil aheas chnnged.heil ch d. and h an h wasang facgine andas i was awoac orhreene d i yeaas olcubworee tt yea olb t wigd on to the u. w sigmsdnooonce thahe u.ce hlha red e st wne tught h hi kid s wer w osidendn t dahter. hii enere fed ode the
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dahird.nd fil st fhee kwrd h kidfi s we felyn t hous h id>> he wookehe fin ly tous hkin becse he lledhe br. therec aree ed broceduresutlid ho hedusli didt hoooow pt.cedus. he >>id pple p wdue orage the u.s atrneyid c pe w deal ogehe a oppi theatey c crina chgeutl a hill had t piheayrih1,0 llad fin t a abou 20000in a i louga20 bil. th feral ger ients lga bil th fal gertut o thcontl and it w n mnt thnt an put hant wnange n >>e hav utott h to ageoin iav this courytthereoeoplin ire isou rerictre frheir abiplty t derendctr theirbi tmes,amils de andhe s,il oper fro laendery nger s an alserroa tha ay predertablan ands knn tha aill ople edblndn t >>rizyylttac a le up thi ye in>> tzac a..p andhi yen t nsertion sai. d le
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spri for deronai brs i t l l las rioro loo b i for tood. l la the gzzlyooord. pulatn is e g lyfrage wi cen bea pat in ts u.s. and ag cwiada.en ea thank yn t d s.ndery ca. ha y dy mch. andhey wilove m.phe ate d howy iil cane chae thee camign rwhe ianhaanhedas aamellng ugs a mking a dif arenclln s a m ngrica we'ltal tifnc aan who ca i pire'lal t a newho mie cng u aer i rehis. ew m c u a s. [ me anunce] tos dioverg th livg hethy n beun. see? m's taning ces vi minstodierthiv he y nebeone .day tacr es e?us oga-3 ha tg vins ne ie a coy letecrulti tami o -3for ults pluan eielleco soutee timi of mega dhar ts lu ele ioua gr t taing ofmmy.gaha o a d guies ir grgrn-uptag y. o d gus grup
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eywelce bavybo. tos yingey ilcta ho a siifict mngesto ine ithe h fit again aqaid si aic mto ie talin fit tertorin aid gro as. pete li dooerr is sroanng by, te ter? oo so saidanhey aptu dr? a seniodeadytu of tacur niadf t urtwor and h wabbe i
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or a d h wbe i pronc bording dro the dne stre rdg th kledhetr al-wlak aears ttho kd kill t sal-iak ars tom mer. ll thi ta hurom t m. hi kennoast ar tenot i hoin i a sta of. i theo iom ata was kidnaed nthrom aas kenyid resnat. n back a and for thnyveres t bckt waond creatorr t bobs. wa present atamas. dem deest haa congss ps theem job bl. gopng pth ctere jith call p of cre werh government regulationsalf >> rovnmtegatnsaramic >>estiedha michlacksam's dctorti was n ch rthomin aut tks doras inctioe n had bin. hin a t inioead b.ever men oned hanhes ticere m genaved janson.s thos ache topavatorn.s, os u ama ba toou.op thar y vyuch. bao. ha th y piti vlh. calenda i
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th pti disaayal aftda i foridushe up e re fsam the srift f toidhep nuar r f1st.he sri o nehampire rublins allear rt. therima nempe rlio ble hel by thhemand ofhis yr. b forely th the i ompac ons t randate alonithheacner p ticaldte onhews pals weave airecrromhe weencec md weome both of y. thksor eingwee ereot >>of tre y i ath lngfre joc eyi>> goin t in in l thef pmaoces fim in thnstas.n doouhinkhe i ptma f wthla do sevenkly pact i troce inerms w w s hovey the ct can tdatece wilnl dlms with whis? ho he wantte hilens, df ths?l id move wt u hs, i sts a ve u dono affe i. sts eryos jockeyi too feove th r dayopocyio becsevyon e wa to p lath adaolen theecn wa ooces plaol the frida minghe uheir es da. ew hashir fda m andg iowa uir and da neda w t t hairndovep ia s nnd it ne w tlooklike ite i s goi n tote
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ok keacke iupn juary i andoio of co se, keis jry jtndets tf who co, minoffec >>s tlori did thiho underhe noec reat>> o triid lhisingereletes dhey at wt t aad lnywang andees they anty be w sn asa awandler eyt e the s rsce. >> thelso hav he the r r.lica he convtionno floavda.he r ca thi the rea imnvctonnslo.oing to b ohiheheeaandites dm itng is gng b odis ot faor m gt roney o i sdany aa te mroy raniin anhe sny a ruica panrty has an a rca paditynas a itabs oflectg ose o run a lft twe. ict tnk w ne ou r a lush uptw he t w stat iavorhp theandite wi the atos monorhedind wihe bton frasuctu inerms o a b mpaias andtunho'sms o de a i aind's dbefo hern cain iavinow s poing ifoern cinin frida i pog i iso s disdva fageda bause i he i oly has isoae muc bse mon ande tme t sise e mey auc geton andn t t
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op atio goine and flo mda aset a g ste. op inioind tlo suati wh n s ha.shir syi it n mght h te s tithe wrim nary the hairnd s ofyi thet m t ar, hate em woy dhe be amang ifhe th, apneoe >>ma i iorce th t candatean th hav to ice get a trouante gtheav t ing dow hav tet dou ie muc so erg nddav rai t a lot o i mon. backuc t soai aot oon ck frida t on aume is thaloris fda the ateon in ames plaharihey e obeouslhavenla nbery o obsl ve eltori vtes d mde nrhe armenthey ove mor elri ts n m ohio they ar fnteely orecau t the sta in io ey fl pl pla wauh aheartanumbe plla of w aar eltoravote thebeouldike plafy elra bigterhe relde laig and t r prary . s ind rle tnt i pr ty s tuatn? i oridwant rle i to b t t t at pidyernt t t tote los o. pr the roceis teos equeediceter. >>ou c heeeher. rimaes er aoing c hn fruar andma rch d tt angayn farnd
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h todeode well ineinge te llngonees. an t wouldikeo see ie goang on w as lges i butt lks l egoons it is lgose. bu l l shorrtrimaseon anditt mney wilorr bmae t nin.ndtt >> ey hilrm c bn me tot of nin ne sayg hhatrm t cla mf counit isne iayt tlais coit es i braiasheby temoctsor aihe ting alongar tineoc tha ng l fangremratsndne thas nerad aot o faruzz.ts >>ande t w raa ohez. frida >> d rongoll. w herm i in fteredating gre upngl. rm innreng therepegrete sohikeath andheree has so a storoethndell.e anhisas imptanc a isoro verl. anfferst thmpnc the candateser erth he'sheanetenatg wi toter d 's srahttwi t terk is srafaul. don'know t abtul feign n'ow poli wilbng t fgn lea. >> lifriil-am trica caneea
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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