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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 1, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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he a r s iidnin wo rld t sie until '04id in dwo nd sie theil b ton x ns t he kn howhe o fan fx ns know o ganerions f >> pl: ithatood? >> don't tnk bebal g oulde inhis ns p iatsitid?. >aul: dhat'it f t thi bal wees e dildtionin os theti >>jourl:nal,t' fhi ee e editorionrepohert. tnksurol,y panel and eri espepoally. o al of y tso for pannd pelyal y f wating, aaul atg, git. e yonexteek. jonon f new >> in 'tyoxtk. ha ppen inon few. jon : new jinyovnorhaen chri.ristress ed t onew get yto tov racno >>'mot ch stss trunng. t t ac > jo s cu>>ti ove hisnng. ndid acy jotscuerti tc oh. >> nmore idtoy only er tc nretonlyto ye. >> j: thpush >>he mia t inyego jth sh eate>> m aia oryo te phiory ch ps hirist io thace st lik ehey ch tstth t cate storyhe ski ric tker cat to intohe ski ceick er >>nd herca d win to the f rida>>nd h d s w poll.he
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arfthe dadia noriis s pl. are a sucriss. sto complaining, uc s to colain umingto cryin >>on: gresitont oma gives c ee>>: si oiv d is eort hit ee home or m d toishe eor hitmark. me y o wld m t nevheer s tthe rk je sh omni stoldp evcolain sg abt is traelhe >> d the je med t se to noce. co in abis jonelsolagi dhe ftednd t noce onriolagi tiaitut ads, re othe all rlcaaindut s, plagng t whi use? the hell rednd k tag thie? dheference? a mut dree? esaentut curmudgendeny rney faces rm gehi exnd.y eacneh of u fesace an im ant esti eacacdayhf oulife the a question i im tt s, stiulac wyef clean u w ou fe t he qwestinnh or eat i stulil wle le lat ? h >> on thpanehi week il iter aox n at ? >> th cnetribhioree judky ll . er n naiona reiew ecdiiboicudhy ll. l rie.nana jimw eic pinkern, t le. m competiti mazinend mnkt oomtimane m the an
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colm show oheews radi lm ho o al lmesewra'm j ot xew satlmch is onot r ig ew at ow. i s ♪♪ r . ♪ >> what do i heo do srt uide convi ncehaeopl de i he o i'm t srtot ru in c vii'm t runnieongplor i'es ten ru in i'g.not inm r ni aer cncenewill . i'ot i on'tin anc want to rwiunor i 't preandetont. youeel yr art y rede . ha no oul busins nning. i'm nhaorrogant eus a s nnin e y r 'msrranovt andev yyrs arssnd unitestes y as atrney u runor preneyt. >> r en >> thert felt messe yo ga me so tis n a rson do . hartreelon hme toyo rgae e n rn o in de re home.e >> jon insk awere is me >>heon rug? nd moves uo tweexs t ru opic s he mesrunning? oex d me spif al icjim, he are ruein m ia pushi ng mehim? ifalm, e cae eise althe nia phi hihe w ants to and caheisale ia ec at wivtssties ill ap
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up >> ihinkhe mia a at iv deeratst fors iml o n. >upjon:wh y? ink m a >>wo rsons de atore, theo ln.e > thn:awhentuy? o ital l,>> r tnshe t mohemeie thtut al'v t s for s evmoal he wks the 's a sain withi fn s e maitrm whe sai wit m medmia hasad it wh oba anwant somody,hedowantedic hk wobannt errym oy,r somentic and nbc news l as ry ekme r d cli nef cisty a lt t ek r ag ary, includi tf cis awomatn sing nee o u arsave ihe dicoy. ma s g d teet'o u ed orveial, ny. a n t houspch toedorl, pckn o that a te souond i tso edito orial m tadet by yourd isolagueat etoalnb by y r theyretol cueompletel y arse to himetng ithyre c >> to a h t attention a it. a >> i a ttten on hwaunnior pridt, thepeech w ouhave ne ni or unher alded the ft,pl ac e.eech w the re n wureeralkd he a futpl i a b d lhe a tn medalk wa lat's ahe tquestion m jonwais i a ca 'sjues th m iaonoe i't like the ju curren cropf reblic oe ca'tidat or lere ike he' rr otopre aicnda. caat r e i tnk t republicans don' a lnd. t cro p of t t r
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ubavaicable ndides a the do want t see a t corepfxcitin aie id ahe nt t sheew. ancommxcin cishrtie i sh dinity n otanunmm mohr hasti lefpen a otinit n qutionabouwhe moer oasnotef pe a is nnin ot and ery her y, qutiheonreou's ahe ot s ry a uts win o r nod y r hhee a s i s act c olino cled h th e ict r ceanleibrype hthis rnrypeis rasan speh a hrdth- >> of r easoasns s hehays hrd -'s n un>>ning becau of f r sohis ight he the f st oneunng tauok e f s ht ohehe f himse bneau his f rth.o thqueson hs air fau h othe media t o doh. ? thes ake f look. he mia t cishr? ti offers e methinlog th. s ric kerishr ti oer s d thth sicbakchmannn't. > d k rispy kresba ma>> ln' ak o kspint, t l laatredeine ha tdas pr idlaent ttea adend ye rsdas ago pr id i rtembehim,tea a yrs ded go rbem, im. >> a d tedhey do m a .specl at a for him t becaedeo w mas t f o etec ator imin w >> oket >> ion't hink he country . r ea>> orok a f >> presint'tnk cnt agn. r jonwhato yothinor a f
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re autat chag >>on satopyohiiniced p itic a sook, see i paiicr ame t nas. make fun oim f k,ititam ke f inevtae. weake n of pita caidat in lev wee sor otsf oa waysbut ou'vcaeatotn pe orveryts sioly a rgysngt ec'vseot he fe' ry sunioed to be a seesidt of the u ted he ste'es. you ow, ed he o d an es aidof ud no nest w. ld c u , e an arti alay, b he' no c verwgh a ppartientlyla t bt'e's disalng. >> jrw: algh, if aear wtly liral wouisheyak.eun jalif w im? >> es, 's nralouy aibunca ? cons >>vati, ninvery aingib onhe sws nstiibal vervesuryg on nseativws theyouldo afalr abody er whwas ov erweeigivn the eyldaf awouldy be f issu es, whnds tov we real in ihes aea ulissu f su , he re ito y aeaknsu being h --e don thi he's gtooing t ykn b ngrun. >>--nd anonaihi ie't ngagain,nd n. sps t >>t a kni iain ithte. ag n,oh,e'sot squal tifietni >> ie.idn' t sye h,e sne's al qui. i n'didnt say ythee sn >> a i didn't ayqu he dn aywast-th- >>im, did at i dn't s he asast >>, dt quaed h i t waassn goingo runi dn'tay uath. iwa sn >>heng rhoral unou did mtay .
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>>he menion ou id i n mer std that. >> rlun t tnone ck n sd diat't s th . r you tan ggle a home, di s . ou g e lks he, i noce tt ks micel innoey t dugobsoney and er a gng after hecobauseso nnd he'sfat. ey waldn'gdo t at if here hec se re aib al a's co erva ve a wacken' a tif h li aral for bng cova ake liral fat, ul heet obbered. , ul he obret' a healt issue, a pple h ike at prone tsuo hrt atck apl e pnebe ts,o people n't atnt t a ect abes,eoe t t vice-predentho i gng t eo a beresent,t's cerent i g t fr bees t,isss. >> let's fr ss >> tk out, l hman cn w the strol tl ik nout, hflormaid and tne dc i w ahe s sonolg i owin iornoxnd n tsnedpoll. a s on w out t s winee s ihowshats hell is wuts ween a statistil hes t a thetop.n stdoisheedia t? theretohe pol res,ed b? he y. t p aol whi shows tt mt b
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ahi sws t romnas3%, pey a9 an h patton mn caspea9 anca hg-at thiis csi dise hitheisdea tha ern cain di se uld a cdiblcand atehede and tu'veot ter tn e him d c bl sendouey g end ve the rts h im h car selowing i gnen the his,tsnd a he nar hti c loat tng lib ial pnt ofhe s, aar t ibmedi pofhaveeee buiing up he a rica p eodie d'tveikuig up obaheacthe y vot aedri forca peo d him inhe a firsthe placeotsnor maimer ahhe fstitlael of right ma aingh o ractts in racts embrcing- >> talk autrasm t brng g t k idrasm shouldn g'tuiosqu e teesse imagineayinhodn at aqu a chreisse igiurch.ay apparentl p eopl a dn'thr wa a ur.moue pp tl herple w de tve wa heruen i er wi wing sfraui wipoll frjo eve and is stillpo bacaynvis le a havevend iti ch bachriyie onvningishe a h r. utt obsession vechr hiri ong >> hs ou and ttaineson hi tual ly>sou andused oba,
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pealrhse' thenl ay oed hoa, capen orhflae'ying tnly the rac ca. o la ngpl tayed r the rce card and he no ipled beheuse'black, c a th's the rnacbee'card.ack, >> he r jrdeane garafal >>ho is j >ea g afsometime >>is > (lghmete >> >>nd (lghte janea gaf >> snd that herman ins pblany we s l edat by hommae ofs t pbl we puians bec bause iom hides t th r acistisecse eidme of r tist epublmeic ofpart >> t wblicpaannear afal>> h to any?nearal the a t erey? theal theerye cod use her to smear all co use t libals, wmet oarll lal pps to y, ib w oricuus al>> j: ti for ea tor y, th edopf jtior weeor goooxewswebsopite, a nuer o o seetores e'd oewbse, a l e o s reou tssee,dud miller's tal k te, on an underlyimingeral jrnism o an as whideyiugst les jrnpporisng omf
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had. st a hesig c ontr ersi topor o an judy hha ad.nsw. hig >> cptrsiopxt amuda'y sec ah tosw . ack aders,xt it ham or ta mi witthe dia. adr hr miite a. put o yrarchin oe ut pre ydentbamararch d ivs re ntll tmaacti. eaki toearss o f the t ti kiacokears ohecounit y. ac the dia, dco hisunites ge hethe marksdir d d hisisge fiery hewordar rzzle h ie thrye t ans rd weis nt onews letch. unce] hen com to vinthene tyns we' offweo a nod sonrt.s h. ce n omo nne but ow i'tiff to a s .to e ne lev. t itio ne letev do a lile decti wor eto li dtior pi up at wneed ro outpi.p wed calk.. nd itallrout anpret soo wee seng e f itsf oca lab.. ill anetooese fts oab rightherat o botm li. re vingmore oinggher ootli tht's e por of the e omengeporeng owths cos ingpo otouof atte inseatioo owcog ou isttnly ns.97 ioroll isy 7 ll [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol
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he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er.
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>> ck te f y bedroom ipp put onrf yar binrog pp sho p. utn rtaketinf. st cohompla. ining, ketop f. rumbng, op styi ngcola we'inre gointo p ss w e'mb, yinge'ot in p rk wdo. ot jon presidentbaivg ie s ec h t onre thentiv cbiec, sec t coressiohenal ackau atcb e coarssdsl kau din anet
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arast din weend. ee conessw mine waters oas onswinriticawaltef esidast obam handlg ofricalf id unampl hmentanad chogice oorf herwn. >> fou tunhenthoice lanage a berit. >> ou cuoubecaehe l prensie dea b spe tohe hpani ca usca eand cretalyidt t t spto h ni sp ccausplningnd h e cta d he teveray t tha t t s cplng g and esheaneray t gomndni, o reanly phe himn n't ask, o d 'tre t pl evenim ask d shl e aic,n h wldeverh s ay aic, to t jewldis cevmuty sto s mp tlain jg aut isel. jonsomeeoplin t s medi t htmp tin sapeec h wis. on grmeeapl and tther t ughtdi it ht t wa sechcocndin gr >ndthat truer otherht people wa noced thec hineas >atruth droppeoineg hi sno ceg'she heasain.ropp >> se himp inins >>henain. >>ee'tampininton his >> nlks and wnever oma does in thto, it hoys lk l odr o d peoele. be use th is itnd ofoy l o t ngpe. do tbeoe s th. >> i of those, anned hedome toyes, one of i ourf the, a hes, ne oitef, asked o he go
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befo a jish aay eas d audice a hnd g pote to tal fok j h keheay w ay h t nkausdice t a tal stheeo wpicajewr g t peontalk st it w reacay abwrd d--g >> ndpe lonike the a wpeaab - accur el>>y nd l otedim whouthe g' ts and edgot wut he cud-- tht'sxact wha hnd sot cud- and oer mthediascthaoutlets aed nd other m iag,ou wetchs isedza e. >> ch i jonand hadzae. >> he ond ad tranri ofou tranrifhothaput outor sriesnd rrint d drped e g'hoon tth endap tho, asheyho d ha veut ses r nt t t' wdrhad g'e tnd sa .hoas y >> ahondd ihas tt' we impta. ainfoatioto ksw th, an w i foio c kdethenanng nd ridilouse wawitht th. >>hereenn thng screamow i diuswa th w th >>rethscamgrumbln' wcryin' agr they too k ht f atcr. a >> a t reth aoo h f racis atdetewho ut a in py ac enjoying ts stemeigoht iny n andeeme djo to t meme omaig ki of pnye adndheee red c o thema frkian-amefrica pnyedhe ecommity dnew a s heaxfrean meri nwaersaid mm ky newne h ae wlde
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ge rsway kw w h wh it whhis p aswapp ied toh rhiich as sai another rou r >> you h e unemplo ymenaitno rouou, an you 'r y hupsee u ne lo staen t co laouinan y >> ithinthatse minea ers ta a fa pointslain >> i t hi iineat w tinga ts famotipovatets his be nd i that'se w t inegay mtiivtees hehend t t's base a wives candite ldn't se haon a what he and.ld n' y tel linghemha s htoe d. ywhielng >> a s he hashebity t o i thabaseon a heis rela honip wit t t o base hase >> hon: and laheon res wns tof se mane at: andnd theesesponse ma givin atnd and tev esns e mentioned far s i owivnd shs u me aion ed thicari ow instatn congrs s u a n eic whe she siintsat on >>sll. jonhe h ention whn shesi >>. onnj hctiowien herti cricismn t es ent.ioer ri >>smf t eic tsesgaestionen >> trks of lon tgnoh i eics comeold esws. gaon whatoes hav etr t o donoitnoh t? me d . we you ats knaveo the en't ha manwey memoube of kn ngre who tar- >>'thaanem af pti la rrerihoticism of pridenobamin ts ca alaricismf
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pr en amm tt care oth levae. >> s o asenon ivae. si s appary ocber en one s p i sipp und ocr in pstigion. andveryime e's u ne, ohby t wa e'sig n. ndperyde es ths neoh t veigin.e' >> n eve ti me, but ery ehs no a thi. eve oth tim n.vei, t andy henhis cicefth. ve thordsimama' ndn cadicvisof did dsam xlerodaidadometng ts d ek t t got aittl med er adentionet t l 's st . tgo a >> witdonedave theind tation lour ac inhi ec ti w. nave hewe ve t wintn o r acacnehi caus. theri n pe pl t winn havehe wdnheir uss. eri p apl ve wheso this iss. goi tbe a a tita tnis is strugg, t i fml beli e th ta wrure o in t f gh sliideth of the wre rule t. andghve sbodyeno ohat t ppen tleo.ha t ndvedyshipha ri en to hah o ma cpaipnitri t h omac n cebe? >> 4 o so be? 4 so ithpo ing e wo tac.thpo >> his h t he icg ebwog. >> h c har totic the omaarothema
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whithouse. > anthe eberwins >> erybo niteeds anus edit an.e er ns exactl y. ebo n >>dst's me fn another itbrea if y sexomtlething that y >>s fno er thk shs evence f meeadi yomhi t ias, y e- ilthshsevtcemei s, t new upext,re t meda wchom up t,ignoring thi hou mscadals? fmhe nonghi fou ressc odaf? he legal gun sing g wrong, ga to t goun ingnv gtition inon queg,ionaeun dingto o t go isolyndtindonotrs inuenaun ng arong lis o flycaals irs plaguinghe hiteahoe. ng arthecaaled iia doi heplngte arheueed diligeorheninglind e? at's ext di newgewatc ngli 'st ewtc the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie
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ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul male nnouer ] hearthisne? list to is. the ou of fler amouican ] ardon'isget ?oughegetles. sto . thou faman n't ghet s. so he's ve bks helyou y v8uice hs fi b buc. th's aot ogree elu v8ce fi ucgo t v8jue.cothfor aupon o ee you n cot ons. tjucor on u coon
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ias going to sta on w l ioi sta odrha w haw ldrha w ameca -- pkouelf upnd gmeo bcak -- p fkor ihaelt uompndny bk for . >> fon: new ntroersy omy rrnd ing foat fd comm>>cial: ow iw theroatsyest in andndg ry fist i mmalalga ities ge theeshi te hoe. nd ryist no d roitgatigeewhes c umhost. nielno how d rroept ts ew on cumst tuday said tel hd pulle i tns on reonse t w hitute hayseid qudestiulonand in p remans t w h rp fro mqu rtiivon nd threenedomaekdle the ro r egat e,re iedfcuekdl the assoatiojusthen e pratidene,wantcrefdit for the ositsoeio rstn tsm prennt aedi fhe ite m chrysl a areovinforwd, kingoneyn seing hi cl andou dryistancereinrw ngey se g ms f fr ahiny pndubou d downce side ofis deci sionms. fr a noow t de wfhiteis housecindon f or
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noar bott denying wteouho f rclms b utenng i guho doeclms thess deserve ve ige gu d ich?he >> see bsolutel h? d i an, aum becaubsut i , m they'rece th dyingt, is prablyrue. onef oseind stth'rs,e dng i prly is nef ed if is t wera reblic foatern,a t rereic would bent ss columfonsatn, t reout and ent woord llntss cum t nd ti. e nobory isllayint'srue her an t guyha wtite . obthe isinartise, un na d sr rc te uyha w an both p tiese dear where un is td rc even ?anoth es>> idesomeing heke ts ppen t in e thbush admistr?ion,f yohad e i ameg tegatn. >> h,enn th sh dmbushtr.n,yo d om aat >> n,ndsh >> this is a nl>> hi isolyna, ansto. to you'rnl not ddss m y yn ansto. poin ou n whass my am not in haadesng a m ifnohet bhdministratnesng f bdm intr nd had,o yothinthey dohat ure dd wld l d d, yo ginoeyau tdot hirete hou wld l niedit. the's n ng t go thiri.ou >> he he n torlatiorri. the blsuan ainisatio
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is dorged laillegions of e scaals,llegat aionsisioreoo d dd enoh anegioet o tk to ae-s,-llatns >> the noanpu tblk anto- e- - >>t's doub s tndd w kno o tblan -sh >>s ubox wews no sh wch. andoxewhis wle w. anduto indury wlein theay the a c ysler bail tduasry hdedin he e ofhe c tpani all c le tonildehe a ct ofnd c anill michael to bane coined tha phrase t bane oi way t the o ma aphdmseisat tion wa hdled p tingff the achryerebrs and put hed theinff he un itryed aebors a p w tke head f un thcysleo ndholders, adthatf ggsr erthnmentlend rig tndoer atrer bensuticus the ig t way is tng hdlnd suic usshou t e min vey st tatn.dl >> wndhearala ouismi mssing in at thn.soldra th warla half amiing th llldrioado larsf tpayer alf agovementhat pentl st g nell ors t paes iyet d esve m eveedntt tl g i des meed scriny. >>f cose idesees ruti andhe mea, bcry thy.e >> coay ise thi a re g ivtindg i t mea, scruny b andth wee ha t w hitehi a ghou eai ils hav hruenynd ha wergetebouthe ouls h invo lvemtn hi s agendhiuts is carly aigh vo pfiem
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aisndsuehi a d c agrlyee a wigith ich, an e i t ds wgr aee rubca n in h, the youan t t walk abat i doub stdard whyhe n ou lk t ak bo tt ilons of ubt rd ydoll ns loy i qi lk a ilon pr ofional llloauoryit iy, biions a prnailonsau lorin bins iraq on it s cored,nin the ont agaq of evet cod, n tnepar. on andtt waagsdropd,vear cered nd>> wwa do su sadrthat lyra icsed a wo nssacaandal? ly rad-- is >>t' setnshingca talhatally -- >>nseativ setrengry tg t ealgalyinst thite hou se iv ryen t y app roveedhestteouoan guarppantevee dprrandh approved usi i tartegain nd lynd and aped ithe'sga douinbl stnddan gingheus'sh aou st ginass and a rubca wadhe anubca lo wartee, adandard-- lo >> a gen energaryte andan grden a gen e jorg ty a aintration jo t galed theolicy ain gretrenion jobs w ouldleakhee erying rerk nd oyater wbse wld disceered pryrein on o ayer gadi ascnded td t ari o peop and a a srt o tf $7 a eriry
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one op tndse pro sectrts$7 e t se nderr. p>> j: anctoperion st a furus in er which the jan berurn u af ur i wchhe bu armand tobac a tcking em suppose yrmetdng t used tn thein deagth em ofuppo anyetng er anedhedeear par ool a nagent. hereder iars t agt. creage on t it, rh. and tnt cestag in o t syndrhasro r a nd lntes tn h asngledrss roon a i don'tnderand e neglt ofhe ales f a nd i't erd furious glofg. i fink turay media, a ris ory invoing lli alk gurans di itou a be l ov y ndvo g algunshasn't. it >>ounde oov yow dnd wis cove rha 't un nt l,>> look oyow d t isve r govern nt g es ayuns oknd he-- ve >>nd a g aunnd aing --at >> a directorin wa fox ns dir saytoinr it wa obablyoxoesn hav hhesay it th atob alysnav try hinheg tola ople abothve th ary i'm to qlauoting lea bous guthy. >>nd whaveo'makene qti mo bre hen we c>>e wbaveckene more hendy oney's rtse baome
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to a ny on's rd. ts om a aordi to sear evebody ikes ore sh.adio ar edyese . well alst erybo... ll al ebo. ♪♪ uld u li 50moreash?♪♪ d li !50reh? but t's re mney. [ le at ouncs ] t m newy. pitaone sh rardsard. [ a nche c td foewpeop wta wane 50% rre cdsh.d. cfoop wan% c wh's iyouralle wo !wh iurle [ ggles wo ges o0 2 o at'soingn he? hey,hatsp gu? th is t w wiess otec0 on wks! o 'sen wngset heu up wiy, thatslittgu harare oreth s wis ec w !weidn'inte r yo w fact to bupeverwihereha ttare e ... wen'te yoac berre t on do.hey ip sff ey pnt fers, brhure-- on evdoythiy i n sd gety na outre. p fs,brre evhi n at'she petblemna ut. nowe nd toive u a thd idtity 's pem no n toyou'e pau ty d yore gna r ur binesintohe gund. u'auth .ik gtafs uld yover g tha r besto gd. theris n g fser gusd fsonr ha y th's ik gtafs!!! er n eruson ere no er gus fson!!!th gfs! e maleonnouerer ]us on !all sine solions dex. lutis th matler. ou ] l neolns x. tithat
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