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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 1, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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be iorisnt role? andhat as e t be ile h tisurned onol t c nt e of h t bir and tneon call for tih cnt agaift his and llo wllormecaihgait in theisnd s helo joint he.i.andil arsy oraon at jnt cght p w.a oraon him . ct w for newim rorti i'm or llew r ti hemmer'm mmer >>regg amerins on high le t>> folggwing arie oad bwigh to-qaeda tolng a nfireng travel toleda issd by t sirte daravent.el arnile o i possie teti dionart. att ks oni the o kli peiio -q da tt o t lear nw lr aawlakinw aaw yen. >> i h th chilrs. yen. the is i a ho cl ath big hes victy ino t fight ast ath teigor. ctconfinming thatathto hst caurte. the nfngtat seor caur t commander se cmaer a
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lear of a tror ea netofrk in afgnianet i sxl .fgni >>eporr:hey atched himxl and>>orheogud onch h tndsd theyogud part of thesd he p ht anth terror nwor that i c hse al edteithorhewo tibt a al -qhda.he tib e ra wenton a .roince raen tofafghoistan ar theroce board ghn t oath pki heanas onefheigst anking heemanasrs i onne tt group.igst inhe p as ki yarrs itgr nishd p miliancamin thdongul lianam ribal landsongu a ba l aoordinated traner omoney adoordat acisio an of o sneupies. also we learn gc morabouio f stheros. misle s ikesowe yem tharntor koule a leahesrot tis se g nemehatl-qale terroristeass t mabe a
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t hird.e l-ilqad iner theri tas, war ma a tal-aakrd. the ea dil oinfhe -qaewada the -a t arab o pennsuae he andarab phasuropagdaist. a ey belveroagdat.hat oneay hav bee kledhe ol-avqaa'sost ee tend bb makera'ost stil neterdri exp merer ss iettil tne griuys arxpe s sign ant ti but g ts irareets situt mayet l o nlinyend me points to anwaral-awl li. oine m e >>he u pdnts to s en adar e-m-aai >>an uor a toit s-m online nit f learsnl heas fdr a thoands heas ofdr rears. to dsthats thnext oration. whathe u niead.tesnd the at th xtllies shouti.e dng o at ushe t ie ho uean deyng o are s tceful e inare sce fucolands bu fin idnlls. an bufinll cs.ntihis thin wille wning this nlhle wning thnl batle. >>ollythe mb mak at
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d>>signlyede m ond-metgnallic elo at passonethrough scrni thod p a hehrghcr wod b hind two ots heatherverywo signifint theyot that g s ea merlyryennebeigrgfi ey t g thank m>> kly:et'senakebe a lk a theecenha voies t he k:'sea eightos tgasterro ri heyild osama nadgast erriro aaid in yild a h id aeoutaiin in kistan tmay. ida moeonthat kianl-eda'y.s mo mhostat enio operativeas kl-leedda' as a m ec piooipeedveas kled in aomia. p lanned iomia 199 laed u.s.uestion 1 bo uingueion in kenya bongnden i jun drott jacthehi frottac mitearyhipetifn kisn nd behmind soy ofhen kiseanie atehcksd nd afronehe wg ohe atks ndtop a ora wonglanner oper liannd heof cours
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linndnd henheofesourd the terr le ader n rdanwa a-awli kheled tr by two ler wa -a pdatior drolenes in bywo yen p at>> hthro:s anndnwarl-awki hth was awal-awkin flntial voic as fnt ialone woifc attke. f n wf a the m toet up a sh bomb t inim m t u aom squbare ld nim nvestigars ttewqu nspition fm anr ga te al-ali. pion fm nr -al ninidal ssanad commicatns wh anr ni l al-anla. mmat wan anem l-. offi anem yfihat they so-ll underar eom th're trd tondake wn ane'r otrtoe chrtm i e 2 chad cotact wh anr 2 aawhalakid >> coct w h inan so aawuckih inf uen>> n aol-qaeda organatiouc th is fronfen o aurqaaanio thsro o spe amic tourist s >> ielie heece ic t
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st dic ized iie he ande rlized h had ced rta perd to rlied h g f lo wersa in theay ofresentinis flo rs rand n er oismrent you op h e in nd tr.sis..ou >> r orte whe he pinreachein th mose,.s.. id>> rteheehavehe thos ommain pernaty? iatveto u maerna?ut atto tho w udsut iousahe tdsas k a crismati eve per k waill havewo c swiveti >> h spe al veer is wl h paintg ve hpeal abat gphai picgre of the carlat g pphaseic othathe ait em.arleat >it m. and a.. >> kly: e aricaerri wl k: h aercae t orwl 90 h ou suldee it. ii riving. deet. iivg. eatr: makin aublic p
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obaat minrgg cgre tlio pet to wor o nbisa $ cgre bliet tobs or llis hous $replins insobtis they willot conside us t bepilliotnsti conhedery it unles sll cde t b t onr itnl t psident gree forica cng psint ee foca c ngeter doo h more. >> rorte he ys i s bern hre wks sinor s >> rtee i t b w s s act to c tgress the predent ants tonowct why t cyes tarrain g treheirntfeets no >>omhy repubca ay theyrain t ir ageee wh cerin>>ar of rhiepsay t hebs bl. ag wif s it' ter forhemhi te b whatho st' troorposals ate.ha f tro asarepped the job sa. bl, i wld l ik t tnow t theheyob ar abgain i. wld l e they aganostw ut tingarin tehers nd t fy afightersac theutob?ng teers ty aga finstghirrs chest?ructn woers r tildga ur oads c and bdgctewo as r d choo? ds arthey ainnddgving tax a cuts oo? to viral e vear weyorkerndngax smautsusiness to eve wke armeca? mausessca > rorter: > rorr: regtered ver
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re r sedpl v. s. >>eporr: otop that a >>or op at ul9%h aint' b adh tor bor 48%thinkt' goout 8%utngt' g excssiulatns and tng needo suort legisla on i xc sithe use at watld d a t that. edsu rt >> lresentbalaho i said ee e w d tilt.lingo >>esbaaidcoeidtppin g ilngo xcessi regulatio suldtin ca on eenat to fo ow tessieg iouse ul passing hecan eno obs e pasng bls let'takehispptunity to b den o t'ommoke groundnd pptutyo wterean t o g et o gomorodrnme outf thway. wean t g go so omeut ecthomy. can retn t crtingob ec om>> rortean r whi tnerguing cr inntues obout bshe r teelinabouhijobrgui nati dents t is ea ainlmouob hal ofti de egiste d vos rsealm h o 4f thi iste voyearromow umpyment wi t
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be hhe tha arhighrochml mp tymay.t hhe 37ha% thinkght wich be t.ower. 37th k wi hther pet dcyow. tha n . hth pcyhan. > kelly: he iists he is not ruing r p>reellyiden:but he iis buhe out ist treurunruding g p goenvet or chs bu chruttieuruning go c h wh if heid d ecideg. t owh run i?fid did e uld heave timtoui tun a winn ngd caheempaiim?ui a chlie insnnsngca goodai to see youhiseven in e s loo's dlkbout s it. ou hi gornoenrhristie, otl oflkutt. eopleou lgoe tnoo shrimisot ruf pl weawou l toim h gi ap chwe tea hn lrairy wep ichlo yt to getntno lhera rryacuto far ywaonthe ro yet herewa isig e ryem?he >> he is rm? sdi > he iigls at e v leaigls a ixed sna v l suestg thiedeay cld pp.
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su stobvly t it's gyt cingld l at b bv ly st'stg the l fooll j thi w tkhe ows fo the jield t remaikns w id es th opieen rai wid noboas op cgled arou o obo ndide.gou o idtheeoe we haaid f to get nheeoe w head f t tught were g etn wgie rl f torm hteer r l rm emiclle r bch m lan a r ic bch m perry f aailed t roatch on in t pol rry f t let'satch nn t pol forget les mittom n any f mremnst pba a tave. he em psbaave. not ryseled b no eveboydy. t's st rip fr ve. guik s chssthrstie r torump g i ch s >>hrie if governor st w iere to >> jp i igorn what wld do sto whee cjrent isie w otf rldub dhe candatesuthere ?cnt ie i of think ndes muchre li i rk tr hiri ou zoom touchehop. l ha rk asr eein as cinedou zm beminghisnte howee rin tedhe dbeebngassaveeenow
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the at d eb evaysnne of theset dates ev repuicanhavatch an of he seatch tsheerrmce repuanavchan ch oll tumbeceave gon e lumbeanavd dn.on so thinkdf ris so christhiie comein, f ri thichst w remeums t is not tha great of wres cosnservatiot. t g is repret of cseat guy coer ti escia for as ettateike wse at jeey. g esiartee je. ifeoes d welin debes ane meets theoe w exptatins iebetshe thi xpti absote t >> ll y arebsoalki he wi get > ll in y are that remai to h beeewiet ahat r be and rishristie mince d is ordsndis whatoinyontipe dif he wereoeceato deat ip in the efag cam wpaerneoe dea inheeag hoamn rtle some f eathers out s om ereith s strght lk? f
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>>hehiute wld. he irenotith trt ? > nmae w p.itia iot 're ed t butnenal nitia elece on tutn ienhe were toump d g the omecinan a iheotwe t oof g t s he anand raihe moneoty that h nee t o rsehe ando raine mpet at h nhich by the rse io thi h w ou beetblehi bthe i t oi houe. en i thi t .t i i norll tnegative lve h or llili go afterga ptiple li gthoft celdind bei a ositeind bec baueiotar ite lecking fotorome is auth nticlng. f >>ellyea lo i of p leth wicte >>tolyeelo arede thatle act wste o ugredehand goverctnss fr tgh stdpoi.ndoverfr tgh stoi aot o peoe a gng toot o wch if p cees i w if ces i have gd d. d >> hea i want to bto iotou gh>. hant bto chag iot louing up to
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chag i n t win c iy n. wa theie iny6 t feet6.eet. andol d putol baices and highin knutkingut paoweres tnd mo t haghnin k 3n00ng0ut peoowe. mo tn 300eoe. metrolost mia ona h moren thi etlo m o h >> re t andhat from >> aanlarge storsysrotemm thatas been mpacrgnge the gatorysmhaasak bes. acnghet akaterespout lasteend erpo l stng windshatnd aressocatedst win twit a he stoysss bedut t so pulng to koodys b airrom anada. ul w kredking aboutaiome r thero rwchng aute he a asch afaras as aundfa ctrlo ridas.un 45 i cntltaloda. 46 45 inta in ralei
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nortnholin and som ofei thi co ingrt airhine ande l sookingf at t potti al ocog firstd.e a th le arnumngbe fotst o f d.dvisories. tharm be e we jusaw in isie ctr wepar o jf iinoi i som thattro arr o soufoi om t astearoronous o tne ee teorons andndiapos wneh soee of hest expected t o bndia putn wsof tst tightec. t but yo cou takin utphto. f to clear oyoff t cars.ak up oothwiseooat t cheormff tar syst. th worst ofooathe tm strecipitation rs ohe fuher of t east inartsfrepi ti stirgini fuof t e toints rt ns ofirgi pennlvan t off rtns in wf engnd nnan ther ois snowss iociatewith ngn er ow systessmia aoss partsn owete rginia.s arsomef th hherwe leinti.ons mexpecthting hwoher fou inchestinsf ecng f i snow f >>ime r toor temratus. snion'tnow out he s>>w ae n too fros mtu 'tw t than s s ao osuc > a man i nan so iho
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a llegaed m in rectingimholf sparki aeg r ti natialimeb h ashot a kied a naebe. 300 hhot andi a 3 grzlyub.nd isids wusidelayi nggr aly. the me. he told wtad auhodetieyi who e . didoltd pr cdhaesho btiut w federal idpr wdl b off fialshoalht othewise wffls he sedan dtrspngers le th me detas n trsper l this metaeptehis jemyteill were stund en the j.emy attoryillere unchard him t th.ttilleygally llina garri hzzly bear w hi isle ll pytect und in t gly e ban w i specs a .pctnd heas fi aossible ec a. 5he000 i fine andsi abl yeean j if5 con0victed nend a th y beathatasn j llas t onicd to re y earstheandat tas c as t o rs wass t cseo 300 pound sss 3ou. ey live i surround l e y m ains aewilales fmurd he bor de mns ey seemil to fm concedee f ed b he fst t smto c shocetse ledalhe
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n f ste t thohtho histsidshen er teho osideis t whene fed ter terd osie whonte fed t trd knew hisidhostereafy insi the ne houseiids > haf ty a bea r nsiheiolatiouon ofhe > endanger tpees actea.rn io etin if a beaofr isndeigeruiessact e i aear eiocedes aui howsaoot. dn'edt f aollowo tse fll >>eporr: pple re outrad anthe.s. ro aos.ey did>>utor p ae oearal danppein.s to cmina lid crgeut h stieaad dpp ttoay $c00na fin cee snd $,000 in legeal bls. $cals,0 say t f ereg bls gornme is t o ctrol a n dls s heer endanred ec iegosmect ws asotr an not met tond p ecie hsa w in otetange p a > wve gootten to point in his w goou try poi ihen p pl esre oustriryctedm thr abi plityplre to ri deednd tirmomes thher aty fa tmilio and t heirdend t pesrorthey from falind tir lar p vromangeus anima ar th are v unpricus ani kwn th o areilnplr ak
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eoe. il >>epter:risl aacks areeoe. i>>r:sl u.s., but aac th ay say it's.s b bse ofthy leprin s a t' sthe bare seokin forf fd.e prtheyretillfr agheee ainutord. 70 ey ears btiweenhe ue aut70 a rs ben u cana. kel: noto mtion aou encont a grizz na i. a elno mon co ig gtzzing s auaon repter:bsolely wn yo kidgon a epr:oltyde. yo kelid: thk you. a >> hth howtld y l el thto wn y. yr ow hth islanowd y m lin o trsl m bear? ar tre might? a catch. e'll expla thatt m chtomg uat. > llel exphagnd tri in>g ments a smallndlane s iino men a maerrisla welo fool s of rte oohearlm t pilotomg of up. ar >> i t pot wasp. ias u d it wasinse the rrisheel i wnse e isel thers on e bo le lt ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons.
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at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae. co bik aly causedthe sine withhe bt tenoloules coik use neth btelo es malannocer] wh can u dowithlainhiterice alnoerwhan dothinte ce wn yopourhunkbeefith contryegetles up or itw.yournkefh cory et s you an fourinut arnd fr bus. u dnn urut ca pbels charky. f bu 's azinwhatoup n do caelch. s inatp do malennouer ] the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for
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>>th pan ache in austral aft >> smathll p plahene stslamals ftinto frishemallane a namto fs appehe two chi no oe an was sio injur ed pewohi iesti tors oay tt tashe i feuris welitirs tas t packe wfeel
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idsom bore t pac pa b m tsfhe bmor hadotn o pa ecau ofb weath.hemad the pil o says him au dfdn't thseehe r ee ilnd is't thank ee r none wend i ht. ha > no w j wt.t nd wastp.nd nd a a s wudniide te ferr a sn eeiid rr er werewo ids treerendwo asans ki about themut th easasotng iankibo t could doth. >> heathot:ngesers workeouo frdo the eakieserorfr bhean instatn i nownderwa b inat iowwa >kelly:ll rht. > imay:ne owning rht a.xc sima o innewgork aitsi dr s.ewkit epptu ydr mays. come a l tidtuay c ctioniffristine id devop highlnids ofshoreriti nd the w nevr copldig windpho
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wit cld ain bardgap ifhe pce i rig. a lie arndessheive the i new rk cy ig newm ith ore dese th formion out isw g creat nmitor sale rm n >>t ulie gat it' eluv. y ule got >>ie n ieiborsv. otaffi n elerityeibors or sewer fi nline.rity mu of s ondseeathert ne himu odend it'seathal rt islnd. hi it's lataled half r a i m fm it lat calyfsld. mfm iates bk to c thesld. es btohe 19800s a elas pri 1ne00s ascing as p frm ather iscinndg ey pcse frm inr 1970s to or e e pmentc and in 1al0sge to bar s, t wo e arsnt agnd hri al geelli ior ar t s a300,00ri sr li no tak, ul0,dr y bie it., ul dso will auctionedffie t.omorw on to t hig o l bctddne.d >> 'm s or yoonu ould hig build som hib. he if>> y syodui wanted. omhi he ha yoanind.d geatornd yhar yo anddeaeornd anyuindea an tranquity.
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on tui side of the isld o t w at. se t y c id s0utee youat lyob cst tut y utsiour l fnt toor. >> ulie ssioarou-13oo s.erus > ieo idders h s shnnterestike de gro h shnfntest leal roisrmf yoha tfind a way tgetrm outo first. yo tfi a tt >>ou i fst. k > i kay c kheyo ut tre. k ts woul beerfeoct f u t. ys ts ultheyave ne o wierth t u kaeyks.e oith t it justuc a ekas. tngo it doff j th buceach butot the tng soaorve e. t b a bo the save p er n ahat a bot in tthat poch outahat and s etboin tath ut up an up --ern t h somhing on mnin t anhe h wiomnnng on min inrits n wi nn200,0 ninrinnl t ax s.0,0 n thatucti wilbe hd
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l torrow tn ci isld at:00 thp.m.ti il h> a ltoow ofcisl pateoe :0ll be m. t alof pmakg eir bds. lieare y t gng tuy akg it.r . >> lie i y gngike myan id a ve wer? i m kel:has a jieelha hththeris aobr ietrap at ia goer i aea. peoble iri areap dealing iithgo aa.n d angepero irireea inga o h an d geeernzhousana o eeianzhousan frca ldianas, no only donas theyat, plant by can do traeynstatla menigitisca aenrat nigis roh concte. ere onl one y t deal rowih the andt's not g ngnco. e nle teal ewihehendapsot o>>e're focusehed ose' clusily o fnuseracatios them. lusi onra ca ist whell bin the mlion it s w bin worthwhe iestmnt tits oid t w utholdees btmliont in dama es d ournv uonolntd and bli in our e comano. o >>on heantther a: awa who spo ts oe e ofhe s nailseaer a uedwh to cpoalts e fherida silseparentfed t c
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ricuure. friart wh cue. >> kelly fiveir an takin >>el of friv aeiranro tw'akun of frtpe a ju lastro week. dails o heipeort now uasndee d ai in oigion.iorow >>an newho in firedign. nan byho fbeed orce say tyn he by khafy's om ownceur rounyd ay he lkhey' rsepfrom t ground jurtund a ahead >> al themage rs tomt t we cunandt nev get enougad o ahege detlsnwe c evet th e herugo's homecing. dn ers hecg. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪hen e th♪gs ♪that♪ou n d ♪ ♪ comat jt thrighspee th' s lostic ♪ n th at n♪ ♪om jthghee t'loic♪ ♪ medine at c't wa lel brfs tre beigh ♪ ♪ede 'wa lebr t bgh♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t's st ♪ fightor y, bofor bothateepsou hlthy♪ fht ybor boatps hhy♪ ♪hat's gists. ♪ ♪t' s st ♪ savg ti, cuing ress wh youse u ♪ ♪avticug ss whou u♪ ♪ th'logiics.♪ ♪h'gis.♪ ♪♪♪
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♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ [ d bar ] bir chiing dar ♪ ♪ irhig ♪♪ [ meanic brehing enge tus ov ] meicreng ♪ ♪ngtuov malannocer thell-n volwagepass. a n for al inothe r dsiz cate ry.e-nolgess nor ie izte. ♪♪♪♪
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>>bott ofhe hr te f p of he news >>ttf hredal of he iatiewons admisatnal inveigatg aitrafc ti controersisat ve mitattsbeairgaf coro sinternanal rporitbe f ntnal ayorsivlane s tf of fro aay srmamed t o rfwa ro >>nrmalniedamt train > snmmalg in semiruastmt tin ght.sin em ithories rorngino t. injies.
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or ie>>s lyanngineb njs.epor dly lyan rrouing ada'seb hometownepordly f oug aomurowten eyhourhat gunfi a nd la sm chain gromunund a e sm cinmd ity. >> kly: llinof aar aawlaeali a y.asve b k: in a tol-ed alali aleang voicefro bgr gan o did andedchp ion ear vce thfror g t erdira grohpn ilthced tr g hforeveilce but ha it wed out rel-eda' abil t thaach ihet wt?utl-ed ste nilhhe w yates demine epteyn foratnaatl aai to dickene ycheny a orreatenna tdi en.c. tertiol sory .cis i.verymptaop ic erio herry we'v iry seentaop er a 'v operio s uccsful cared o but in ermser of dli witthe cular o ut eogy a l-qamseda ohe d inliite the ute s s whh aqaa naes us t uswh to recru p ueo has tt bee endd? o > vecympasta q tstio b kly. nd is i vs a itata qntio k iblow theris nquettan abntt i
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ancawa aowl-awl akeri a nueab i hi anwl all h were cmunicarsnd were i he u teer ctas arca not as w remmte uarot a efft iv e satteegic mmunatiobut ere e tw e factts onhe sat wegar on uniot te errotwr. cton onrs o crol o terrynd tro t per o fon ideoly. cl ndronetres t dot r oyde g ne est eier o dfo r tse twofaorg the er rei o of yen tssewoot con t fshe territory ond tfts i anmptant fac toon tfs theonry t i themptatac iology is eot t bein igolisouer in anffti wabys. ing 'soodha ithe ttirist wa s.are ad ut thereodhe tsri a ote dore ut heere. >>he gss ttore exe.t might >> gset use toyext gh steee omeeo toy someoou wleasy fil the ses o wa l-wawlalkiasy fil t ncdingl-la thatng inireseoeere iame t tourn her do we meeain to antopthatl-a. kin ohfoe eadeology?topat >> tinhit starts thhedeol
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
5:00 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:13 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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