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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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h b crityft t ot grp foadop on.s o rit tunti you hr c whoty hhe grfoop. tiou hho h ba w. >> pbaple don lik it ould end pe theonik cleestessa to t ban aake thetmone ldd he to betr banletsar cre ttan a e to>> getgg: ll, anere re n. custer o rage gight: ow., e eatiost bigstank nounng st ogeht.rannew feio foig ky cuomer un mingan a pwchas f th tfoir debcuerard. m gnkf p asericays t iaseb no d.choi, so we'r goi t icalks too y abo whaoiso'roi you tlk y cicesbo ha ght bou nw. >> ahel:irst cp,es t b tstat n depament ssui a a nl:strave t at al t fopant amecansui nveollong th alfomenseath oflo keyth a-qae gureth fthiss amica'ey aae eneesuffe yereanot r isama' setneck. nafe yeotayinet has. nab dna sior meer oinasab sr me o hakietwo. onofak the mo rhlesserrowo onoupss belvedheo res resnsibro for cent ighps proleeld atack onesib r nthromeri ansck in afgnist inudinlastmontsdeadrin
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tackfgn ste .s.ininstnt eassyadn kal. mo yck hen bergs. liv n esy romka moyenrg iv n waingt. fit up whmas th g'swagt rofiuph i tthakan g ro tanetwo? >> h cann wasne ohe -wo kah waone hhe nn hashest oanki -ah mewaers,e ccorng t no, whicalsoaid hthisst aboki h in a tatements,or t n odayicsodis bo qu he. in he ateastay yeaqu kah in tablhed ilittteaah cam bld it i am eriba lan. i codinad thtraner fbaan moneyor i urgeconathanperaons d acil atednehe igeras acqsiti ofiled supies. cqhn wti saito b e eavi ard athe te, upt ds. not wai b puupnyvi raristaate wh t he dsot pu ptur. al r sweta upwhne thi ourerat n,alwep hn'seputhind oat boyiend- 's utrry, bo gua. oy sondyabou y,hat.o >>rthe youot luae nourso ou art. 's at. go. >>heou le >> ir gueo. t. ao i artl: lue's tkbout th dre miile rike in rt l tyeme ut e u.h mayavetake ndr outmie keme
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th du.igaye nam akeqaedut opativ th d rit?am aed yes u.op offivialsren' cometely sure ri yet. est th belveu.fflsn'l-qomda'selop rebombetmakemay haveen thelille-q's mb ketoo.y av ey'vnsaidhat a-awli,le the he ofo.l-qaa 'vid it awlhe t hefqarabi i tninsa, a kaher kild. bi buthe misles aso m ns aahil bueiss ha a m tan ou the manehindha the derwr b b plta oou2009heaninnd ehe rw bpl c ogo09 prier bomplot out year cater rione rrormxperom otys t ar geingheseer e guor iser ge g gnifseant,ut ctionthat gus thr wosnd metds m if livt, conat thwoet miv oline >> t unid stas aheir one alli sho d be toingnin theta a ire hd, ve li shocessbelngnhe elimatin hthose sss coimandein, onos e otr ha fin alls, fd code coonte ot jihaddisin. the arthe one w willl f co wiing atjiis tharene o wlineil wig bate. o nenotats t. >>f al-ri i dd, i >> wld be al- s ibackfor dl-qa ia. head werfeed a usi sckrqa he
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nofeetalc expsivesihat eve trnoitioallxpve aportt evtrio curi. >> a ahel:rtll rht. ank yovery ri muc a l: >> rregg.thisuy kory aawlauc >> gg iss a v ary ilaluenal vce for so-cled ne wf v ien vor at-cckerd w for ampl theanaccud of yingo s oater a r bplbhe in tis sqcure laf yrold ng s o bin ti sqinveigatas yde dr inspatiofrom veat adr-awl i. sp io omthe rt hd shoer, dal lik san,ad awl cmuni tion e h wi himefore aho, l attk kn, tat cni on left3 pewileimeador a inttovemr t ft pe ofad009. andinemr yen of9. odicia saymar yroukbdultall, th so-cled derwr boer o whoiaayr trieukto bulrdllth -cd rwbolanehoith ie b ploses aon chrtmasayne h had ntacwith aawla andos me o ahras the d ac 9-th alandhijaers e o beeved the hav- h advcedja s ntac withbeedhimefo thaavt hdvd acth terrmleday. fo >>harthe foxews rectly ok a rrloselook howy. >>heoxsecy al awlak aseok ameowcan bo ericwable alako a gaiso mhme n oinflnce nice the aqaedai mh or nizaflon.e is i frourhe a sedcial the or za .eric iro salerrost.he
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ic ro li.en. >> belve h rlizehe h li . >>el h ctain rze per h thahe cld c indevep fllows wi psha cay of ve freseowing,wiis bnd o of exemistooung peoeseg,ere b o in thenite exis stas. ngeo >> wn heereacd hetenta the wheacd squedid haveheommaing ued rsonveity? >> hat tse plad omag ony? wos, b >>at tla o y. he wo b was y he crismic. >> ery passon ong tm csm. wl ha two e pn gives t hispecity ipainng a w hawo ryes isci iin a ebora, gr hic ctur thearna easus ehatragrc ur awt th heartyna and sut awth ttyirnd t paraes. >>rthe it'a fcinang ra. sp>>ial.he t' fne inahemerin trori sp l. tomo ow i a 9: p.m eternri tonlyriereon themo a f9:.m e newrn lye anne he > afan fewresint, mid ne ka ai, ving p onaf tkswith si th, d taban. ka, ng onhe's t calng cthrent than. ne tiat
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ns'suoteal usess c nt d sa hount neeedsat tote sehave sa hnt tal witdstoeighring kistvenste. a rectal speith, karghing yingst histe.iews echang aftpe aar ng isbombwsngft ping mb as pg talan eoy a kiedabat who haken aal e ki leadg ro in e pea tatks.ho hen mo ly t taladan lrodersn ps ea thout to t.e ling in paktanmo t al lwithrselpromhe outo lginakn p inst ithpm pst gornme. >> ggg: to mbe singhe nishine gome g: m sgibya sh e eility mison isya larly it coleteis and eresay be a briar lup inhe cote d fehtinon te gro ad.ri l in figh frs fin t roe inrim vernnt sing ey wl ca a gh f inm twrnday suce,g wca all inga civians leatwy e,llgsirt the vi hos towneaf momar gadfi ichrthes hownmorad h cometel sround byhe forromel sun byebel davipipeis seamiiveor fromel vipe smive tpoli om revutiory cmands la tchedli t at evio cnd 4-hou laed uni ttera ceasfire thats sohey can 4ou allnira
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asre civiatans soill yughtanp in tll ghti inadha's vis l ht hominown t of tinsirtha to gut o tomn rto g o t voluon rolutnary lu coande sayf th r dut'try gicode up ayenh d th intd tgio attethep twn. alady hey'vnt t tee ft t. a rte op so at aly 'vivilns n cape rhe opo il fig ing. ere peseenots igg. carse s n stked s ars the reb std chkpois toet tmutof aheeb choito t to. the ha bnigors ecks to maketo su nthha b wponsors or ks hh valuke taruts a nn the wnsrars. h ere s on inciluntar aarlihe toy, doors e faonlyci o fourli todos werfa klled on t irurar. porton t grod suest er at ked the tmilyere. kled rt trosuty rtarheire romlye ghafi kd trps. t we areman't gfi onfitr. e thaat 't th tim relommders sfilso ty haplan othinkim repmm betrsen t s easso t an antheketest t theas tnight ane in thet cheter. t thehtomeadha inhe cr. loy istsheme holdbout tee-mhae setch oy
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tsin t ldut cenr o t-mtown s butch rel t commenders o a expting iwn theut r h e to ommrs axpng i inhefter hto thi 48-hnr cee fi tn ther wi fachieavy -hcefi f thtinth wi gaacafivy fce fin sll olgai my pas of f tigh s m gound highpaiseof tgh gnd b ldin , inghudine snips ha bee ringn bininin voluiponarha feecess the veng nen phing in or luar fshe the p t png n we o. r itoes em n tt thehe p is awe its ch nce tt mo tthivilns c geout ofs ahis ch tmoil c geighttgof bores evenallyhe relorceht bery to te enly g rhafi hceetow ck t t gfi you gre: da hd piowr stamin live rom t trouoli. re dapi thstks viny vemtri. th v mh. >> ahel:t is fo lter rd, frette m wor hat a l: ispeopo in lrhe ort, ast a fteor skt opn heang. gre: th's nrt thetne i a s sthin ngea. f.reth n he >> irthe you ust tch in ddy. >> >>hereggouokayt h artl: is ra y . y. wead >>ggay s mert i earraer h yre we in w york sodayfterar so h cies s thein wtest rkay serptemrs onsoci s
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re rd. ei wothestslowmovi sysm semison re. he owspreviingyshowerom ine rechigg. we thsyst not lely tm e get o of tig thstot ly arentil t tomrowet o t nit. maa relinaare uil omllinwme i' got oni pma theat nan,e the in in sli eri'ot put phehe theli raiut ots, rry e heai u rells, are u y erio? yesmult ull tas e an somimest wlleio sun ring he omes so wou'l nee theun ngunglses. . so ju gea so'leehegls. up. ju ea >>rthe yesma'a andasicly tperares e al ver. c l>>he wies'a t is nd ic t vera sams sto aler sysm. c wiit's t veamtoys slo 'srea of w pssure brgingnlo a. loaf at p sure tperares 'll brng be a ooki atlot s tras l heangbe ito tonikit. t lon chagoea at i 39 gree ni thatlo in eity.ho you loo atome 9 ee e mper uresatn y. ctuaouy inoohe ae eres surbs,hey'ua dipinelowthat nearfreeng. are loo ng a tsus,y'ip potowtial at aree. reoo a t auallotsee alost ross rts thereat lak dn a ll thre ght assasas s farhe satthak as d hrtennsee. a ere ar a s nuerof fsts adviries n nnffece. acrs in
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e u f reon a vies frze wecningcr in rossentr porons the re ate a mhiga heres afr wng lo at sshetr storm s he syem bre ging i mga rai areossa partotof wtst sybrng virnia, inorthai a swn t new engrtndand w gue ir a,what rt theris twlsong somdue sno at er wisoom thistorm snostem two fou ines exptei y is rmearlmond s acrems thetwou hignr xp elevionsf we rlnd vcrgini he otheise atig lgeri evnswe vni raihee lwillrieehing unstled acro the noreastai not jllt ngfor tnsighted but irooheundaandor st e firot p jt r of t monhtyutor ida d part of n engirnd. p fars hi temfratuons fo torrow nortt n vyng. wararhiemtufo wil l b ytorowighno in v areveld. 63n il bhica y. hcompnteppose to whwe'r eel 63 lookg acareas mprtheosff ttoh 're we ok wre 9 awilleas the he t high wen rad w 9llhe cit gh artl: il ta thera fallike mperuresver tit 92 f rt itahesure lle er esria,rhank t fre yo gre: thyankand a,nk tigyos go to grethnkd thign go gheih ge nigh thtriaeiof t docr cha ged micel gh thacks'sia toceath hamples itvery irstic weeks rorsesteayth le heaitngry fstomee . coer rsteeaow. f
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e ishe ergen roodoct co who eatethe p sger. isn een ooct th o tee hostal. she s srsr. nrad thmurr tolosl. re s t. at had hivenrrol t h hen dehyatedicha jkson hyed aha sedave. t sa mury ver jon meione da .the werf saury rnesetic epropnehol hich e rf t corer rud lar onesic pyed a oplch maj t orle i michlrulaon pd cksosaj ich so dea. >> we yoeverold any pot in timboutea any wyoerd ny poin mecatisim butconrny mury meti otsr th the bnrur lorapamot?thhe >> n whawas mr.acksor'sam condion on n arrhaal asr.ks unda?n rr a >> h u contionasas deribeby the honon debehe paredic he waslinilly dd. heid naric asniy h de he n a plse. he e rhhmn pe. t carac monir wa rh whaiould tcallar as ni wawidehaldllslo deeart rhym. whadoeshat mn? >> snrthy haesoft m a ying seart gre: miael cksodied
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a ang dg ovdosenrt remil soed je 25 2009 dov se drmurr cou tour j25year 09 inriso anddrrrou los raris indicaso ndliceeos i ca ce cvict. i artl: sllad. cct okay a rt sexasizedusto.attl inay the ne srasedto sta. tl a therinightg fo e usto sfta a erhis n winghtfo couto bate agait th s w cgholiou critiat. >> g gg: aius tth bgest c blik c intimeri tak g a gn: tven bst b b ger in rite o ofak you ar wenlet. thneweethat br i ofou w st.rkin thwat widereadutra i and sin what mes fo your botdemadrand lin comihap mefourotmin miextt. >>eah. 's kd of hao aid ung >> h.your kof deba a u carur ere'onlyeb onbott lef! i' goto te sus ! ar e'lyonttef e veing chinon e i' almott emtey. us ve i'g on iin bos e lmem nei'pony i os rry neny we a ope fobusiss. y ape fosi. les reute
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gre: geing ady sta ying meust for spereinggeg y taur ownng mtoroneype g ye. nk o amican aouncg it ey plningo yearge oma 5-dlar a ancit pl ng nth e t geustors f-d usir a eir h ebit tto f carayintsi nes th moner to mep forit lossarint elwherne th nethe ove mparkgor ssel majer e rk backsh. aj >>f iniallwhen sigd up r the counhey tol ck m. >>in thll i wenn'tig goiup tave anyhe unyol m th w tes, oien ion't tthine theny shou be le t at ., i't >> gingg: heould oue tank a meri
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fit lo for g: fficldncie i ek way ri it dsfiusinlosor befeic ie ihittg it ayt cus dmersinef tt itr me doug us rsat's domic wre lking t m ug ere. fina'sialom a wisor l ang prese.en o fnal dirsif ad or fincia a cnsulnts. od t es odiif fiia culs. see t you th sai we' dng thiee becae ofoddou fra thai thee' d infahiusegis tion thaca wofdrahe pposfa toisonha welpustors. w os iopto. urns iut i ts tns uninndedonseence of i t t wheverheoverent b t ined nosee yoceofives >>t's wherxact -- 'veert b taldno yo out is fes >>sct- e yea, th dod alfrancame t f alo a strtly ealimithd sood of e hinanme ttlo a nkstry c ld misof in. t th orchaes higs ieres ct tes,eingate neth d ohehaig i doesle bilng s,nge cles, d do a now il e swe cs, fee is aow swthe ipeeeee e use be over0 ces yo udours ecar, erceyo uthe pty rid tank. nk oamera isr, ing,e loste ll ty s t rk.enuewe hav oer toisake g, itst t u rueav to gree: iny wnit jus blt u
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arein braus-new b fay ban ra ewteraay blksan fmhe oth rabl f thof a bk wch ty're epin o n. b w nee tre aothe in b oof a bks wiin bcks anoeeer o a he like nee a hol i m b wi b hs o keheseee a bksolver i m lk ht. thr se br ficicies l of th opatio instd of sange'll ci jesst keepfoinghese thopgs aio charstofall j ustoeprs?ng se >>thhe p ablem s ar tha th partularourcofto? >> pem resnues ha soth rt hare,rcee soover h 500illi dit cas in thi couerry.00 li d've allyone acaingoodhi j of ou .achi the onsue r dolytneodse th cret j caf. hi he sudon'dopay ese inrest th reuseca n'y einst ebe ditard. the nsum got d the e um huothees venusour forank fhu amica. thinhuger nuurorkista. >> reggit mam be a.caustake in gelookt is. ta 'll t it p>> oggthe me us skeeen. okiss . l it oe sn. no cienfic ll on-le by e "whingn o poen."c -ly "w ngok athis willou chaepo youmone bitso the new ais
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ll polhay?oune ts 70 t i wl noewolonge ban 70 wit w no bf agean it%, i l stk wib the b a use sh mre f quen iy.stwi dhe b e m foen n. mit beheyeost ctome themibeeyt cigro's cainme becse e citioup ys hey cwe'rrootnec gogo imse his tip fe. ey'r >> cy goank, an iim thsk i f cbrilant k, movan home th ri it ou andaid, e ailt ovot h imesinghis fri. ound al we lkedbout thid, t a past im nggo tsoour f loc caldite eduthi t unn. ur lstal s tingsr andoc ctoan. nese nks a l muc m segsnd nsite ton. e s y ar ownuc minanal si atioito a ihinkhe y wlwn be mean siio helul. a i nk >>regg wwere mall m bas in el .diti to editnion the >>isggre anll on-neain b k catiedo erkitonhe nreet.n- stoms ea b 2%ca cshkack thei detbit omea% pur casesknd ty ei dt haveur500es ttms ve0atioide.s rdon me,7,00 atm iothroe.hout tonee,00 cntry >>tmook,nd il ust ro comut t cryack >> k,to t i dodfrant ameomment theris aosite tok thi let' mayb tclosodanment oer aittohi th . t' noybthe osrchas arot oayin
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thesugeth f snoe ha arhe bksin es geght, may the fcanower sts bs, the t, caysumehe n ermaybtheyan u som fs tha taxhesavis cme t ybey hir u pomple hasteaof xvi tir pectuay ea pingthe fe fro theua p bgnks.e >>reggfesoveroign banhe deb cardolde g bs. up >>ggven toan 2 caseb rdde g upck o pchaso atore 2as th 1200 o pasateh 00 retlers if serei bank can d thi d gi monetrs seianan dhio gion cuomeror beg thr goodustourser w be thr caoot b of a dto w ca it? >>t's b bei aof smaer d nsum, yoneedo use yrt? >>s feei, wa ouma toor of um byoked ofse ameca. y go ta fewaou trof comtito b do litt shopmeng. t onine. steno yr gomattoo tt a ice, op grg. yoonknowe. wt? en y ey'lchan the g aunee, gr yoow w 'lan thhe'll ange thene tne. >>reggvoteithour th feel ge he walout e t. doo >> gregg: altehuright eewhilwe'r e alt oo pic ngrealnht il'r b. th ico wil b th ake 50,0 il laryhi yr. th ese ot,0 inclrye y th th 9 miion 's getngcln --nd th lov min thiet pase --
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ov hi peormae-bad p ste k pe amard.bat peormae? i loed it up a. coue o hurs pema et ualueou o h s b o. of a tockue dropd inalfofince moyhan ck s hid in anua op if010. f'sce troyingn a r pgtry and quarr. yo g 9 m alion f py d ling valu forar yo yo g monomp fy? whe do s lng lurop? >> tse sck ompions wh wildobe s exersed a giv pre. t i sn't oow wnst thil ut i erd n privtyr i mt h gu wanteth i y pr th there wryle m at guis te pot inheame. ye pre sck eallthhe tel wleout po alinthat goi oe. wit prha sll mpanel gre: doalnic,atood oi seit you. >>ave greaan d . re>> adohel:c, wrod itse u. dow >> e youea d aid over agnl:rot ban ow gre : so reigubank cashack,ider u an 0%. re so artigl: inkot i . sh wek,ant telyou abo u a %. foll -up rt i i srywet hatelubo prpted ll hp eiewe satespoe la wee pred yo may rell hwe counepo hunr,la ee the yoayreou tasadun wse e ex-glfrid ga up t w the son r ad tion -g ariinstgap hisheon ad wisons. a stcourrecoshowis ttcathic charies okisusto of ur tco ow
6:22 pm
chil tthin a ust. ars tof t mrhunt , th fatilr, h bee fi atingt.o g mr cnttodythat hee er fing sie. g th paseek, the cdyase h e si takethask,ome hearp serns. h rertersaia c ey ke of fe p s. affi ate,reeria c kriof i fousn, h fie, thri ius test h youe the blogil th st outhfath bgil? >> iwas st wkthhene sa do wit c rtne is w hunr, aann sa fighng cdoholiit ch cityinefor un acusty ofiswo-m th-o gh cli h yison. r >> t'sstverwoflmin it's a-m-oot n. >> pais it'rwin 's a otait' of -image nobein abl see -agnoinbl you k aga fore n reon. at yr kiis jtou kgaor gon n it's har re . he ys o ye heki j dison 's exarirlfend oke e ouphe in brua , shex plfomisd e tonive theiunbo suashp pis fo adoion ainshie eibo s whes. acrdin fdo tonourt ns rords tha wa ws. donacino inrt agust rdsha tholwa crition toin cusdy ast ofhe ol c cld.ti once atime,us ofuntehas en c .fighng t e ge ltlee, urtldtes backgh t th caolicge crch ledeim tl o ck teinat histhcaarenicl ch rigs. th's aer h prov heteatsenas ig
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
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