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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 2, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>>udgeeani: toght "jtice the bi a sta dertme iss new arni s>>ge ni to t r a "jcacenshe. ata de thmessewni il ang ocafs th aak couldilng o sparreveettks a c ou us - ar ve >>heidttksf case aho - e j ge >>idn'wanthe juryf ho to see. j whatn'oesnt jury shoee. atand.s >> san h a vy tub d. s hildh vd. t e wauicida dh mis singom s an wa powelsuida faern l aw isusngd. s ow s wh was going o n nfaer law thad. om wh as oi did hn sethi d t th d us han'shi disaparus's pl -- >>'m jistonme d. pl- >> jnsum witmed.eabrea k. umit
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jud jeane: rdern eassacsettea an lleg immrantith rudea: er eeac statts an aegusmmed.nth r whwasn he ta depord? ausd. whmingsn ue tonig ojuice.ep ng uonige. llondcome "justice." oi'm dge aninmejuic pirro. it w om ee innthnkabro. an w eeric out to dhestraboy a uns but ic ut th is dtr ect ulys b thshat ectnwnw alwliow to. >>hen n ad wasal brohtow o.downe wathe nt o n t>>hen nadas b st wnwa e t co oider t al-eqaeda's st co er l-idedlogial lder. man o ploed or i nsidpigid lder. n p o bomb iome the bdigst attas onhe.sin the l as tbombe he test yea ludita t l od stehooteaing,heluit hw ted sotg, chrimas y boing the planbounfor hwtroiteind ri s bo g he20. an un it r cleoi thathisas a20 te orist leloha aised amurding teis arins. >> nd t 201 rdgttpt bomb g o t>>es t s01are.
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bumbt unl searosterror tge bu onhenitestat moseos er ro rwant l onheteatos awlaki nttas out l causee aakasi h grown. out us e 11, h is gwn. bor inewexico, 1 h i sraisy bne yexemo,eniartsho isy yem artualts med bhoac tothe ho coury. al b tohe hoou. 19 al-awla r ur 19 sty at col aado awate univsity ev tual st becatominol po ace iv ty an slam enevtealec ininac falls n am urch vngini f ls>> aricaodays on b dch vni acaayon kneed >>udgeeani: afr ptemr 11 , th fbiee >>geniaf em11thi dioveral-aaki s ti to at lst t of e ijackeerrs-ai ti o t no l tf charges a eveij fkeiled d t crg fed t followingear he move f lo20 yngemen. he me put ysen h. fir sermons uts eronlins tpi aacks and usinthe b t o lipi aksnd recitew
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ine to teoris. r fo yr a aw kiteis remaid y usiv aw ki rumo rd toe ind yenut ner fivnd uil tee w ksmotoin en ut o. w dinewe g f him u t w was his di gim w hkillgeg ll ail author. >>aseyarndikeut al iaov >>eyarnde operaon s al iaov ficere wh al righ guy ce w ke, ormeonhtia ov alghuy , meia ofovcer. whats haenin hodid is g of dowr. at ha>> winl, b thod im gehe-- d th wgree bn tim lhe--he drone, dee nd ttp,he trome, ous amou of trkt hlready been do and youou cf krghalrdy theeen ha rdes partdof thjob ndou rg doneha he u ha to enti the esrt th b targ, fi t of llne. nd hha on o e grtind ahe ue rgsourfis, ofhaver e src es hn gr a are,echnic ur intr ersptor hue,nechnervices. nt
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rnin people wit hin ohur snomeerce ere hisrbit illi tinoeoe it n repo s oomim . e is it thli a tble totart poim. vling th a toandevelrt aatternf vli tivi and erst anddelhatat f is iall out nd the yo uvi a nd st mad thetecisn wereoi il t t he yoake is i ndivmauaheisweoi akute is i iv thdronstri itsf as falouss ttut thnogy is th on anrits as asport t a s fa iuss tig thnogy s w in he w nanerros yourt a i n't want tino f wge there hroasou been t retndou wstmount of fge he h wo l eadi u toenha tou mo t jud eani : tawo us l thmome. ha o is irecng t ope tionud whe isnit betag dis cted thme is ec tpeon om? wh is be>> wdil, edis ia cole o dierencommd ar s. ?ere the p la w ico o he dienmmhear e he dr pe acallyiftsff fm air bas drdaclsolyts ret fur ns tir b d th t r do is et-- jud jea ne: uld at b th r inemen or? i i on't wudt teao: d o bnt inen o nver tion s like't w to that.ont t's us say t haiterson le t t.clos to the act l s aytrike oszoneohan hee ac aualomnd. tr ites th hande or to nen ac om nd .rsonho iflyi an itth hde oncont illinyi thenronence tsp to cerin -- ntinhe rone e jud jeane: ke t ts to de csionnd dall e inteigen ork. ud ea: t
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ap rentde traoning dm fol tereen wksor. they ap outntrag foro . es h knoweyt th momt ut at ihapproing?. >> n andhat the howthom iscppating?part n nd t hehe dsn'tear . he oesn ee scinrt d'tr i he sn >> jgeeani: he jus go. i jusgone hen ey a juall ge ni he hiushim. what oes at d go usnen jud a jeallne: u do t him. hearathe ds ne d o theeludireae: do ar dsse? o he sitng i taar. >> jge jssnine whats e itunds iike. >> sartingn a ar j jneat dse. snga having a convsati andhe it's hing ov. nv tiit'sndightoutt'.s not if u t hi nkov what i'sshtut tht , yof t knohiw.hat i jud jeane: at d s th yo is dnothenall e otr rrorudtea: d denl otannabe s, t se or nnecd to him ty htoanbe s, thk ee fecheto canim fdy h to m, t yth can feed mf an i wodt b abl o g o a tan celd phonwoor bheblo g a ier ct. jud jeaonne: u thhek it has detreer eec t not onl y udea : thit s der of eecotnly the l- ed er o opatiobut termsfhehel- op iot erfutuf. theongrs rohes tu hegrros cockroaes
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w scat >> iant ask y w as at r. so ar d i tt getsk thiuy. w you did ho o study o tet tim. u d>> yid, i an i tnk reaytu o itasec. of ere yi i w tas ry it w hitd tof e gin ad w hd t anitad wilbe har d ano w h get g zwiri. thin weeofetngin zw den ey g clo se tinee gti ng him d itas r y a at n g lo t ofust erong c ar m it r atando ce tha hofapt nedrong c i d thinio ce bec tamhacl hearis d rein numbeeced.ris d >> jge jnine and,f urseumwe aarend.y kn abt himor hr j jned,ee se aen kn uld w e ab hime hhr gund ntat in y em wdhoouav he sist us a tinck yinm wav h st s ck rig. jud jeane: oplen th grnd? >> m e lily tn noig uds, weawent: leacthto gr? mli tno l e 09 wnt acto en wstard u the fir09 waru t f
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efrt against l-la ke ief a in om t groun campaign.l-la on thinint es ti t gun aboutamig onintesti aut yen an autriti autriti is e on yean ut tiagaioff gaperationut intis on the r on t ro ai f >> jpege jtininethisnuy i eric bor e on ameran dute j j neis i why d he tur nicor erte n y heurn u wl, tt isn ver ntrorsia u iss w tis er think i f ou roiassook a t --hi >>ud jeane: t coroveial a me.-- turn on . >> ud eaucat: er eco avel we.e rn gn imate g holahipsnd n he wts to kl us andlaot tps onl nemericats kat wusts tdo tt i' nd tnlca af ra w. t t i' s bagrou evein t eaier ys whe n w ra baouve t ear w conside wred morateonde his terptati o islam as te s rpti i am prlemac. r hi isl wasot a pr ligi butathema p ithialslas a gi ut heeolo and wal o le.
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loce ynd sta loong a w isl likehat u ar gng d a y ta oopath ahislch can d 'tket arlws a but n leth toiolechnce aand in't his se a h dev el edt holeolee i ids tn h e t s k arwarsomeev t id m tore tk earreme t m inrerptatis. heecamit inot tuay that arindtio gure o hheam it ay me e bemes ike hiats.o gu a t ofeoplwhoav h bes e hi view beg an a aofsplhoav h nvien t eweg islasts t we a n laaduas d toe t violee a eruato tlong piencwithhe io epolicaler pce lo >> pou anc agrthing. li >>le isot a nly cve ed >> agr is mi >>is. a haseen ve thied sce the is as n hisol bbicenghe si e ptem r 1 h.sol b bi>> jgeeani: heas sipreae ing em a m 1que jnge nihe rgin eag m oqunle >>ight . in jud jeane: ouldnle visithe rst endmtht gi ving theudeaio: ntld hetori c sie t dm that t g uy wgiasnghenvntheri ic >>at'm n t sur g wouasan t g i ere.>> n sur >>udgeeani: i . >> w l, b thee.ore portt ing whe was>>higenii guy w bhee rt preag ingheas ihi g jud jeane: thenite st es.ea g >> b onle.
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and e reudon heawas : rehete st. bpowenlul a whye.e r re ntd re hs e fure o aqaedwas e we ahy re nts inyber sfuce o. aqaeds in er thk abo binad. he was the thaboin. heasouer b d an d guin it bir dloth an gun i tcirng mrn mies d th vide of mse tc m>> t ms nks, wil have hard de f setimeetinthatmage o ut f ts,ilvear my eadmeinhiatsgeveni o.f jud jeane: ybe at i d hi howe suld. r em beudrea h: ime i ho s d whewe ceack, r was thi hs he cac asll t lal? and t jus r ea d y anony tus videohe jgeidy an y nt t jurto s v we het her tur t sig. h pl, at h. pplromiasirad killed y dru pnkmi dveheil ru he findut w theamilsay thgovenor olemaacy.sett s nd whe il ay shar somof t bla . thvermaacses arom tla. tionde iuran lk tme. ould bune almy picie th nionwe inranc ? on ian t. ldunal pie nnwinnc tch is. on o han youave ur he surae wi oneompa.
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h . oanoue h rawi anneon apather and,ou haveour to wh anher. an aerd, ver wanr. d on anher ha you ve yr li wi ano er.on anrha buwhenou bdle em u l to ytherli wino. th nionwe inranc the alworkbuogetenr pe bectle toer nnwinnche alrket peantlyou uld ve 2. anw...u d it's 2ll i the ists ..'s ie ts ♪ natnwid isn yo sid♪♪ ♪atid isyoid♪
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>>udgeeani: wee ba wi kt d mi ande ar joed bcrim al d ense >> ge ni we atbatorn a foxwiewst legmialndar jo bim dse an yst atrn aoxseg ant ahurr aal the fthmeme fbihe e h me gomentrombi depriheving a pers of fe r go libernttym dri vi tht du pce ss rsf e r l waerth killing o f is thdu pce wailng o eric ic citizl-la gal? >> ct walega ese e cizens ho we l? >> wabasigally ste ed tdea th e ci ns wthoua trl toeeit siy ste t ea si le a ter ptemr 11t prid si a os sh ae. his tea m putr em 1prut t he r ais a p plaorm dyheseal p lactiom ofthe uty stas -- alused sti on o f th uio.fhet ta s charr whh is ed s stiimploneth a.s earwhis blyn e hool y spleard wheryou ve aight to n e fendouoleld anertheru is aht basoicly t hree ndel er as emen. tee is -was e that tamera
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the aenca citiz -s th ter im nenthe a whcah heit it was. s t ndidual fntht whhetas algsid t al-ndaeduaht ich ey a anedd is tre- there w ah . wato an arr iest t tre i- ndiveual bewades klingim a therr t i nd swers no. be s sot is lngegal a bhe you r er n ques on wso regisding lheal firs y a ndnt es weg ng >> jge j nine a virsatio of j jneviio t constutionut you t stl sayt iseg. on >> ts is newutind ou war. st theyayis decre r n u s. tisew d ar . we st declare deyar o dn uthems.. it s a sffet nt kinecdred of em it a e indare. it d osn'tespe bouars. he d sn't ear ue.nirm . d'tpe b herave all ove dr't trhe world. >> jhege jveninellis han ve r tnemy wld. c ba jnt j?ne h my >>bsolely. >> j cge jbaninentlega mik >> o i care?>>oly. j j>>neou sgauld ikare s >>i arin ce? we s ho d ar>> sd e jud jeanne: re ithe s i g ss udea: ie prm. gss ihoul b-- >>obodshouhoe. >>udge--eani: were >>odou lkinabouhis ing a ge ni we im nent inous nghrt.
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im nt at edenc wt pof hr t. pl dev's adv at e, e dncow w have f plisevei a ae, dmmoen wt ve thfat? >>e wammen th? activy e ag i >>wa andis pmary responsctityyag i wa dstra pgizemand p rn fopo y tackagait wa traze pfo w ckai ericand w icd it' aie i >>udgeeani: ner pulle th ri er.>>geni ne ul st fed pple . th resnsib forerhe f pe plning >> udgeeseaniib: thore isn er t act ou s inhis?plng >>genithis tct sn s? >> aoluty. jud jeane: cowee ou s a aut ud ovea the: owct? >> don havthat k ovhect? o f >>onavat acce. o f >>'m aumg preside ce thenitestat and he >> a um g ghesleve pofsi he oteatnd gov ermen t es ve ve dwn ttoven con dus tn. thetook viesimir to onthe lu sayin g that heokiemito e tus sinth killg of a.s.itiz was ll g fnot.sitiz legas >> h res nsibt wld t uned stes l if ey l h esibhi wcontue tdo w tt he as un ss f l
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doin >>udgehieanint: i tree wth he u bui'meing l awyeinr >>ge nii e he. bu m >>ngere is l ayer quest ion, he too. >> e is i tha my undstanding q ostfn, theoo. ishay undstnghe unseranse the relation the issese t ovionsor ane w re on he skes arm a inst t ov ns a un wed stes ameca o s rm a inve tir cizsh un s rs ok aed t c now,f a rbodyoknec hiory w, adyec qualified. hi y >>udgeeani: reke h qcitilinshi whoares >> w oun'>>t geu dni tret hd ti hi ho esavoi t t w ricououn'st d adgumt oi abtas ts whoic thioungumt leabl? tho hi jud jeane: d th kil hi le ok. it a econ udea : th >>ilt as hi lokph ole. aon >> wou d >>as that. l ph jude. jeane: d noworr ab>>t hioubeinan aricaha ud ciea: zen,nos thrr wha t yo aabrehiin a sing ? ci n,u arthsayiha revt e hi a ci ze hip ds thegn kill h aryi ev hi anwe don'tav e ci worzep he ki aboukilling a n me ann.on or i tnk tey h eroue ilng t awome n. uned s tes esid ts he t t ey hlooker i athi e mi dun s ts s,id h had oko diffentd s, miniraons rom two d dif dieren pitic par esnd nira s m wobothgree t dien ps icar >>udge eani : ththqueseeon
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nothe per othe ex ecut e too igenithes the ueotion p os,e there utto i proo i se tuehennys,eviehe of s be g a oo is thrt.ev o f theottomin be a theistof t heto wld heto tse-defse. in aimplmurd casyou e allod w i s apl rdas u mingn yo hou to ill lotolom w is ng yoyoouo l jud jeane: olatn of inteatiol aws. yo udea: at of loote if ioe l ts. aua ece leg tionoo if l the, fuad itget i me akegti th fitt i it m >> jge jninei lo. u aradmiing e lais it not t he j jndneowlo w have t armig la crea t i tnd ow av ehe yo havetro m ea the h yo te hifice pan.tmhe eat o have you teuysicaner th anks t o heous mh. er >> tnk. ks o jud jeane: d cong mh. , th strae ca ofissi ng t. udutaheaom: coan ow l.thraca fsi liceake isahrbing scovery the ome hercee isthern laing do he ally now ovaty hee er happed t er hla do e lydw theideo he udppge t hn > t the sey eothonhetriauddidt n wa theur to se y oniad we waavheeur t h tonht weon
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>>the ot tcks inhe sturng dappeance f ut>> mome usan tin ur dpeowcel. but ute omolican anyloseto l. soing tt hiicnyse case? it h bee n asolmosg t tas years hsincee utan wifos and totr ysusars powell d is appencarta wndr with t a sa towceel. d pe poli sayerusnd jostha tces. thli onlayer perusnnd j intess >> tthy donlt wa to ok a iany her eory xc ept tthdowao a poy ibilr y orryhat ey tnk xc thet robl for poilort t heblor robabilityhater huand kle d balier her. hud >> jge jninebut r hthern lais n the ocus of i es jti jtonet er la nstevhe hasuseentt ki hertito ev ascharnterttincekiheer visd. arrce ys tt sd. pbayan off
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wi t anoer m. y hehreaned o plish h erwino m he ea ped onalourns oinsh her a tv inter ew l pealrnugt, stev t dppnt bombheugt, aimi he evd aex dppomb relaonsh wit his ught mi e in la.ex la sh susit wass hter er y lexua wi me. us as er eery w very wie. frt io us er yi me i'm her fatr in law frt io dhe w ld d ameot'm o hf f in l d w d ot oingsfhat ean sheas ju -- e d t,gs it didea it, iheas an w eju i- deracd it,n i dott, xual iac iot al waysecseusanays joys doi us >>he d thenterew as, ys oilice aid t.e he ste ve >> dhe er a shes wh jo hnd h is ced hete grsh wjoandsnd. h at ty fi i grds tfi dtuin imag and videos of young ag wondn a childn teve vneoaou seetly r ecor de d ovwo t a cld ve yeara including phograp of sely r or ovsun. evenars ancrrditedhoapfnd j h' ssu ch drenen a aaken int jh' en a prottiveakus i. >>heres otve a er
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us t>>earetf abstaial rm tthe ildus. teat sten isleadg no ta l guil t toe chaldrges ofosss io teisadno il o ofha ceshildosss p aof v coyldeurism b now ny a wonringha p w a v ri goin on iid the pow ell hw aonng dhadoes s teinn iidheowl powl ha knes abo s whatn ryappened p l to kn sbousan w?tapned ining san m?e ann in bmnere nn unseto t coxamil a bmn dr. arp, psychtr seand toxil profsor the . p,syd ofr he pigusigus haar mic soo thha wee sanic pen g thee cuody the childre have hey gges d or cuy he dicad t cy knld anying ab t wh hapvened y theesor camom? tknnyg >> t re w oneabuotewhhaaptd he saidm? mom is n a t m wine.netet they hav b eeidoms mepe.t eyav awa >>udgeeani: moepy isn a minewa y. an in f t th >>genimoisa p ichane an fen lthkingn an a tt voes a m in lng an a >>tincethat me tre h as vo a be notng. min ey he be kep awa from>>cet t h e gr dma bendot. gnd it hhbeepwaom restinin ord ersgrnda
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itotheise. st indfinasy th thehavbeen hee. kennt p te ivenausthdyhev en we wl se t y s tan yingusdy se wsehitng s ng jud jeane: et's sume thathe ks dohiayngomhing. ud ea: s meuld ds t s at y koungdo ngundetandr ev rember d tat ty we see thde werndtwo evd foem atrhe t we eetimef t ispe an thero fot noteall me tth may b apeean toomnt on ot ll so thin whicthseemayso e bizae tomtnt t oy nst hav soin icem acallyeen zaard t t t y some hing d thstrae its e mo liky aclyn is.d me g thrait jud jeamone: ikremeer i a imici a tee-yr-ol id ddy w aud meast: erme ind h e a ci t-yol dinte wmomm he she her fat r s b temm r her. mo er te dth. h f r b >> wou folw th as er jor t d . i t otal a>>eeouitolh yths . r .i'm ying t i n io tpletalyit y. li le.m ng i nwe a woredoet abouthat t li. ds a a aorbsorbi aamuty t vaes g ang a uorp whhe thernd gvafaer. ng up h thhee arreass whthey er mod awfaer tharas owheyginall mo aw i' hap tt e children e ona in sep at e i'nvapirment.t hire e andhy d inepatehenv jirgemeiv.e nd d cuody to sivan cuy pen t s an ste is jail or
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te s vouris j a voishe attorne geral id jh is susct ahett getol . jisus ct in e chd to orgr ap .n ch >> tre w bther whoorgr p ered he d tr w bth w n ed ed d a ose theouse 15ompurs. ed and,f cose, e a. sto a e he se up a sai we15pu.elve id,sco, invoed a was nv olve adai inelve i s susanox vo aasnvve pdwl's sahomidm jge jninedoc, a nse a ked run jng aneundc, answ aing e do, i an y ha gota hildd orn d al un ki as ofd swung acy.doi y ha otat ildgoinn on alin t kiof he?uny. eit r ju a k id ofinn t h e? tremper itju kof emreron or methg teibler iteron or thterse.le it coulbe en so kinof eak th rlity hardoe. ul eso knoinw. k r ty jud jea ne: therdarto sten o jnoos o budh?ea: het te >> oefinjely theart o sten. >>iny hear ist h.aven't examid m nd i 'mi hen xa m gl. jud jeane: at kd of fath in w sa i h a
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xualglelat nshiwith y ud ea : daug ker ioflaw d sh was thn sa h al at hi th suidal nd p bablugran iwaw shas th a ther su manal. pbln whats ths gu tnk g? aer an .>> h has p atthgu tnkg? jgmen a nd has j gmbodari a. ve precupi withis n sexu nboeerids a pjes it o verepiits h .xu n a je s itshe y ha iocently no ed h somhinge isayin and e ha i oc istlno s yeah, somheng iissinnd s rticatinin aexeaual s counicionith icin al me. icn h >> jud jeane: tha m jdeudsionea? : ha d thhusbd mod aw fro th fath bec ausef th deon prob m.thsbmoaw ro she th wthecse athaiof h .ob >> a strees me w as san aaiof h .at jh wod ta theid atr me s ba to e e onme whe j hewogreetawithhe we me bao emehe he eethay. w ethatoesn hone er . atsnon ntimen >>ge jninedoeshat tellou h knowshe not im encomi bac >> >>nd h jdoene'tes ctar a bo ll how e ot her shes miac >> he c ar thats r es andtly car at >>udgeeani: wh youave goin t houar is l ofhe >>geniwh ou e craz es go t outhe s andpofentsave en trng tget e tw chi reazn. y wee dpts te c ld re ntr t st tatwngiren. with t heweather law a s th t
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coun sheff tnks a b mnyounman uld ill e a ve> unhe ts todaif nlunman ssd hulsees ave vern duvl paick ad da ss dohu hisseob. he s spking onigrn tuvopak do is . "j ticehe sp ng ig >> tand ost reasevideof case anthy th is s"jce >> d rsepldeive e jge i her se thth i s triarefud tollow t j ple j i toeree it. ia bufuyoutoeowng to see i t to it. buu h tereee i toght. takeff a houplof mutes gesome ing dri a nd cometot. ke apl mes gemeg ri a ome knoa ple whe ssinand rnin ha giv way o sl ping noplwh ind in hawhive slayplesslnighng yid toestf sle. whslesgh yitotfle anlunea cahelpou t the, anne calilp it s fo thso any opleefor lit fo so why takleg luorsta, on'trive or orateachiry whaklua,'tve otehi untiyou el fly ake. walkg, eing,rivi engtiing u oth f act aitie. lk eg, viwhil asle, wingoutg thremecterinieit t nexday, illewitmein texy, ha beerepoed. norm behiorsay ilude aggrsivess, itatn, haeepo. rmehrs idegrve, at llucatio or nfusn. depssedatie s, worsucing io depr ssious ep edinieudin riskrsf sug ide,ep iomay cur. inalinhol sky sue,crea they risr..
4:29 am
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4:31 am
4:32 am
araune ar w, bk tojuste," th jue jeine. btost" h jujee >>udgeeani: cong uon usti," elosi v ideo f>>ge ni cocas u antny j t ti esi reased. veof fi out hyas tnt judge wldt r ead. lethe ur s fiut t iud t but first lee a young san killed t by a fstru y dngriver. k le hid famy says s aur d ve at cld hav e en hiams sreventured. cavrent receolle gradatthew nises r is celera mattorthcle just wo mse res f home wn or e 23ear- d is it bsta m fome n trk. hindhe w23elr-is b nho
4:33 am
tr nd wel guamho whoasy, vy drk,rivi withoamhoy, cens drisriviit 6eaold in the ns ba sist.eaol in he afte hti bath sewt. he dra te m ndneattheth pkup h fe a d quarr of a mil m ndathe p aneighborrun utnd j umaronof a the od igor stonput j the tru ck e ttheto ips t tru is lodgedhe but tisloed drer bacp,unngut ove tr ma hew adrin kilacligim ver >> eopl were angimaw ainilhe m door or h to s to >>pl regi i d't likhe toee t hi nkor ho s sayi a d liden o t th washi murr. >> 'm yiusten cthonasmeur >> coumedith c heartbr k. coedh >judgjeane: mthew mom h rtis devtad. > dg matanew w m theewigom m y d at whe m yfe a he bught so muc happennesso a f aise bug s m haenssfis iend >> jge jnineshe als ou aged nd tus o the drive s j jnee ls ou ed lega itummigonthe f dms ecuador ga thig lengthy amest ror e or cludhome i io n andenhy r or asulti a p ic o icud ameionnd
4:34 am
fifiter, nd a asti p paramed. fi mar,hew' a fil sayhiseaam. uld mave bw'nil sreeavented if d brent guam had been depted aer hi f stamadrree wnhich dwould a have hped ifrr wedcherould ve progm cpeled i sure commitiewas in og pmce.d se ru by i igraonmmndies cusms ru ira nd enfoement c a l l fo en tforcent che the fingprin of rc at esheeshe agai t a atio nalfinginf dabe ofes ille laia mmioigralnts. e o>> ione theacrsad le be dimmerenram sou ie he be di en ill heroue. if whad e sere commu l act erisere. w ld h wavd eseom o t w de hrt.ave butuvalpatrickefes to edeoll .e state i nhe utal atck prram,alli it p efil ng. ste >>e ne cprprenm,velit pfing . im migrion r ef>>ne but i thiprenve welso ed t o im bgrnef cef bul not t paio t tooo cef badot a bru . ai oo >> jge jninebthe vern a sa bu a.assachuset ts ri's j j ne e appern t r ethi nksa h pit aaschet is a pe rhiit ub licity s tu antven thfacef serub rcien sttun
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thceer ren cris. wednday,rali natio na ri wa ed b dny,mmraon nat auth itieruns ove r wa bonan th ie ns-yeaveold rlithisarn ich e was earid ngitharitut a heas ut a moay lie. mo marceolame an ilgal immig mracentroomrallame a n is arresd orilltabb igig hrara isex-grrlfrid todeath.ortab g and st surda pole -g ri to eaarre.ed ieg d sda iolmmra reeg eduaora torre f is suathre d.u. f hadeen ving snth ar o u. r yadean rsng for mewo's mom j ti is y makir se wh mapewne md i to her nki s nevwherne r evapns ainap ns thas hgson i t a bst coty s ri thff h on alrighst she ri co s triheff algh masshuses gornoduva he paick id t tt yoand me of t ss osethergoova pak tyod of t sri off'ser are grandsndinand at y sri a'sre a ing and t ing tdso gind y aes a
4:36 am
to infor ma ong indng t g t iatoras is aublicity sntat as >>hiss a a govnorub whoci snt >>doesst unrstas the a gho di eren b weenes pubunlicitatyhe d puic set di en were teningub tcio grab cpumi sls we of tthegtree g ra it is t cmilsamoath h ofeooeek it isamoa to oohold the lawsfhe ldheshe stateta an >>udgeeani: whis h agnst portg ilgal an >> ge alniwh hns. ag>> wt t elrttedill official would al . t wa waweld eorce oedic lamontou waaworceed lont nfcent to haore nt t haoreesrc jud jeane: saythat sere cmunies wrcch ia progudm teat: ayat a llow sse l cocni l w i ogtt aows l enemenlikeou to giv formion omenanenke t g curi or c.e. rmepn an rir e. crimals hepe ilegally. heays at i pimfisl al ly ist? >> hat he a rs ifierng . is ev ybod>>thatt omes ro th priser woung beunheer ev odates
4:37 am
ths. cizen or f eign borisnoue tin yo w l c renun thr fgheignorn thsyst intthe fbi atiyo r bued over to t thelstntebi secu tybu d oabr eelhias out acuiloneoee. >> jge j nineif t y pu t evybodons na in ee. da base ou c't b j jne tpu ev prodilinnan g. >> tdat issexact c the boint anif y prinse anyg. o er tis sctyshemnt an y li theoverr wa ausi 2 s g here re offliicerheerswa that havesi toake decio wthre orffer t ha nosomedy i tell g th to e ec trutor n or no me itechllcallth u armaki a ut n desionore ich.ell taroki whet r or ot tdey wione.e r tieow the et peoorple. twi jud r jeaiene: wu we to d. wite oereoe. she ris audea: we o st ck ad. diteaer whatheas t deaslhat y st a d stru to ve y theoo at tea ha thatou d't he n? ru o >> ye wohedaveurff icer sat d h n aineto b ome peci>>wo e ffentsernd tsy wod ha to ne the bnteerewsci whi is ts tlabowointhasios henterspphioseds to bosecuntomsniti whi we pp edneed to ha in pceow cu om ti hibeuse ssacsettunde the edha n vern's pceicieowhas come abeage net.acttdee so trn mor p pies ple omat a a ag t.ming in, t sore terorhee a pr lems ill ng an, t mer he opleill eeprmsl t leilikeee matthew
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oas sadly klebyik ae m dew drer w aadlrdyombyecr as the w seral im esdr. w alr >>onvicred oa felony and e se l im breskingndnt er andvi o fely d br ngasult a picent oerffcerndnd go on ad oast pe o er >> w t th gove or igodoinn ise isctuay ore tere ed i wprothctinveg ithein isis ua y re peop whore er i llre ilyoin e thane ishe p eopl whoopho er elecd hi toly anis p pteplcto heecm.hi t >> jge jnine pin yter ste sn'therehe womm. whoille so jon j a dnenk ystve rnd 't reomho le didn ser one ay i n jaisol.on d ve e wandsimy dneperortened. inai does twahamty p theeptelleg es t p migrt inhe sheuati ll whege th havthe nd of ju ste thgr ainmeri sns dti't whth ave o ge shgets o go ome?stth ri d andhat theessa ge ingshtsgo oe?ut t ndt hesa t peo pl g oom t pom rellal mass doe't c a nd ifoullal comm ssoe cme c we a ionven mm gi uheme s weusceon ve nu wi be re atedgi l esshesusce wifavo bbly ean seonerehoed l mes re ivolly al juds jeane: youad . sered omni ti udea: wouchith u we to c. se gd do yti
4:39 am
ch itthinyou ouldave eenble weo . y toreve a tgedy ikehe in u ld e deatn oeatew tove tdy deene? at >> iwoulewdeif abodye? alrey ar es d iceulnd get deif em io th ys rear fd orcendet iportthioneang ays pvent f theskind of t ngshat grtonea a p onve wn sobody s ca ht b esnd s ha th glaw odoetw o and onhr wsody ca b tis a thw oetw endventually esl a mebo. e nt judll jeane: at ithe argunt bng ade that the bo ud eavern: cou i sayeyou kno w,gu b e t evenhougthe ole unt rn ou ay uis gng tnob under ure enuge e nt commitie in t yea g, yo tnd ur ow, don'want t do i t mmie teayo now? , n' >>ntook,his vern i has ve leral w? >> pk,olics yrn aasund ve l al legalien noueio pnicy d abou i ga lid thnoact tt oue continue s th sayac ttt eyre sdie nt ue s e pnt s loayngo eateyre he nows hat t te i nlong o e cure cmuni es a we a hewst t t geing e kds o re mu prniot atione w suld b e f geg k o thpeop of ur protond f s teth.opf >> rorte sheff, ay wh . te nex we ll hr fr two ex rpertte whohe, s w s e ex e comm hitiefris awo rtho ismmteie a > and thcaseanthy vio the dge uldn all the an th sejurytho sviee
4:40 am
e at de s idnll sheaybo er ry s guil t d i iernnocence? ilay wh us iocce wus
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>> jge jninewe'rback withheri tomodgs. al joi ng u jab jelne'rck thriomgs aloi u el comao, brd prede of lanma b ari p immigrant ornizaon, ard mberf ri thmmig aclu f zass, hud seertt thndclu krief sshuretz ind an
4:44 am
i kigraetion re counit an i weraome.on why sece coomitnies wee. y ecofilg? es youake at. >> iis pfili ecseil ourst e all.we hr th i pli gumesehat i is t ll hth ame dataha arin program in wch all d t knowhat om teinrsro aream colchll ow te rs rehowe cr, wneedo unrsta wh is dng t rrtingd. i we w ed un thta fir p cewh. d t rrti ere e to o th pce sdi a nde to docuntatn of pdiolic dng a whats cuatofical at ptextual ops. al >> jgeeani: ifou a p te ua l sang ty ararre ing e s. ong y th is j totgelyniif a sa t ar direfferg t g ths tss t n dier sending ss inrmatn ofveryndy ia sdi da base. >> aciainprofating of ary i dase >> ia of g phenena hat exis inaw en forcent.ena t e xi>> j ige jnninehow it raisl prilinif i arr esentrct. j ni j peonee aw sent all o f isprin irrest thei recos tnioeo w aasennglln. o >> iwillot eicotasngn. illlinaacl ofilgnd mayacvenl eniluragndt?ayven en ag >> jge jt?ninehow? >> theollw reay wos is
4:45 am
a tr jfic jficenemakew?a sto >> he reglwar seapwo fis an tr ic llegcealke to la chae an then ayegs wa sit isecoeg the is an acc t lahaanenay wa he . cohe s at inyountersrinat stus ithe he iunrsna - w st ise your statunhe u.s.? - s th ur the pertann u.? gs. th he p jud jeanne: y do not beeve u wh udea: doot bee whent tou am a alada tres. pele dortecomi t bacou th r ords a la t s. havpeop wit h elpeie dstemiac wharen d repds d. av op it whatelre yie wored about when d thais at yorbo ha selective jni. s ec>>ve jud jeane: dge. j ni>> jge, cusee, i sryud.ea: e. j, se i >> jud jeane: at'skay. ry thais n a p no naudea: 's y. rict r estrhaic nd tohenona imgranctt cmuni r ortrd the latin iman cni r commity. l jud jeane: t th are mm y. killg peo e. udea: thre as matt of ct ll paddrsinghe iues crinaly isometng tt s tt neef to dbutec e drng is cr al isetmmun ties es n get uee dte the. jud jeaunne: s it a n et nute go head th >>ecur y co unituds doea : a ge us tre. te go ad st t wi the act >>heseur co it dopeop are lleg .ge t . theyon'telon here andsthatwihet se
4:46 am
is t opreeg ey'tonotrendtin t >>udgeeani: whdon'you otwanto car >>ge or ni--whn'u w d on't nt ar u wa tootr w d't iegs? wa >> yo cano deport 13ilonegs? pe yanle. >> wn iept as d. pe a. . if i aid whaveioo d much a. i d vet de witit, wilo muc me. de it>> b, youlriorize.o theuy w h a fony.ho bouore. he w asulteaonolhoice officer. as te >> cminaolalieic pgr oic >> c naportie400,0 pele a year and rt int0,iepes apeopealer in dies op jls i.n >> judgeeani: weave peop whoere nvicd andls spen jtimegen jani andwe theen op ho e icwhen ahey haverotihat en meja nd henppen washey wer e enyllavegest d th y w en stiaslly ollegs prthat wn. ti ey c't fure is sff pr at ou t. c f thee yste sis tmends gh n .ou hepeopte tnd g into wn.atan op geidenfieds dertab an ithe dortian es geeneddeabo. aneor ti jud jeane: u ar es teing abo cas thaare workg. ud eaat a: youarorri abo i fteg boas ha e we s d thrk iorma on tthe a ou rifbi?bo i at ithe p sblthe?ma te >>i?ou wte r ourc on e ie
4:47 am
visa oersta th guy o ju ed>> t whe rrcden sa nta thy yjuea t a. jud jeane: ste y reurce . yowanto ta abo udea: e resoceces yonttaheboff. >>f w d n' tsoeas anything ff po 9/1one ing lea rn>>ed w ea a this tgt weeedeto do po /1 e g eveaythirn we du get a s twede d o mu inf mati shaevnghie be geen ate,ocalsnd dera a ges amunfhetiha bm ben e, al line s th if ragu aets a puthe inhere nethf aet hute rs ye d hinisre vi i suld know heharsye h absotely sho d k novi i sdnow tt. >> j ge jsoninelyof chorse, k theyhoul brl, y wan toalk out j jne ce, ey ulsour yobrknow yow many amicanarek t livi in ov tyur. yoow m am milanon oethem vimanynloymt oovvetyr%. il oem nyymhoul this oblewhen t is j tulol t s crinal bur n, i tle iens aisn jt onom b ur cralur i ipeop a havbeenayinthei om taxe baren going to get op av en in eici s ity. xeenng t >> immrantpay heir t es sy. mmso.nty ires jud jeane: thefile a taretu ? . at ds th meathey ay udeireaaxes: ?hele ta tu >> xcus me, dntheaey res? i >> havuse, a s i ere?ave a >> ao uncumeedmmrant pay yrol te?esnd aunmemmnt also
4:48 am
g ety ol a number withhe iols foil ge ta nbewi rurns.o f jud jeane: will et ta yo$100 rhatur.uamanev ai dudea: ll any tax esyo00t ua n>> ii mafinish taieoint. y ax we d't kw th and ou ima inh n'tnontw eitr. d k th nd jud jeane: at i whatt no thi wi betou a iler.ay i ud eaxt: iat ale i >>s a tterf fac he iseeometng cledhe a er f rnin sus nse nd iisnet ched soal s ury tr t f d.inuse i he thats althe ney at i ssoal surtrf duct f at ualoce umeny te ct imgr uts toct denraw y cs d patheitaxe. imgr t d w that c meys stahe . pa eixe its up atta. ito up$520 bilon a th wilnevesee ato 20 b thilveone . >>f the 113il p. >> tas. he if u leg pizh milon i ata f om lehsih ilim igratn reforehsi >> udgeeani : im gratimn atn forms amefsty. >> geanywniimathe ff g ab rirmamy. ca y, t nkyw you.he g weot aet oen. >> hankcaou toou m.h, j gewe. aen . >udgenkeani: anouwhats h, theideo jf cagey anony thater lyers idn' want>>ge ni an atany e toee? heeocaan y we'r gatng l srshon'ntou. y to ? but y havto come
4:49 am
ack. 'r gng s bu yavok.
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jud jeane: wly releed veo ocaseanthy ows e yo g moer i jai udea: y le vre otingseo ath tel evis ios n ryoormot iai that h an r aireng a tis h r boreen at fo hdan n fo her n parent' he. the dge t trialerefed p en alle. the ide e t tri bed shown ll helingt wato infla smmwnor ster y thngjudgwareleed e vio anwenfilla s t er thdg le to ou tig . viant thurto tig a i a cmil ur defensattoey a dr.ohnl arp psyia is tfe witnsto a the p sy w the presgis harvaedic schesl. gi ar t's ll uthe eddeo cd i' gog tosk a hur ahech s u e o i' ctor o lgoootok at aheer heree see aseyorntho in look waingoom watching ror treeeeyhon
4:53 am
wag oo atthatin rgai r hador beenou ose her amil s hate. rai ad b asou canee s is c rossin e er il h her ms l kingasp c at s i css r lngp ahe and w it looks lehe is hyr d it ventila lksngnde y i are hy ing e thasheensla yre trying to g tha e eathsnd then t s toues th ovnd ahendn it apprsou teshahe i sovtpprs t cryin d s rp w t goiinng on with aseyrp wt ahooiny on >>thheeyiffereial res aho whetr sheis woe>>fuifrrel s woetied and ss oiousoer wod sndouldus be both. wh we e se sng aoueike be b a otnic aac wh e se th akind oefik orwhe lmin g a c xietthatappe whe ythnd oare rwrprid bing netewats.pehe i not e ke iriis b sadness. nto mit isor e lik e ist iadss. morik ncer >>udgeeani: li stsore arer lier at at pnt t >> wgelenilitse errld houg tlihat the p baby t wleas d wasug kid tnahae byaby zi the sid
4:54 am
nny. zsee iows e bahe i tre. one y ofy. loongt i te s oh,ba my g ess,e he gof ioo up.t ih, >> w ored a ut h self gnds, g p. r siatio wdoesort lo a l he lfe is jus si saio the way an i tesloe otsus uld sa.heay i >> jge jninewhato yo thk? i t nk id on'tnow darn j jne at yoing out e ca y anthony tr tl. i't w rn i g it a ro theg wt hocaany tr time g a i trohinkhe w sso attorne y n me t nk argueso thatapett enehern way. its no an darehape eheay itno v aeo d >>udgeeani: th didt y itas ahild theyaid e ma >>genithid it ald eyd mauman rains thaiumheyou r tais a th aing te anghehe way oou the t s a inveigatn. y ist he t tha athehe oheo ve at eake isuthe.hahe >>he aoumenwoulbehe ows keat hpeneut t o t he>> aenul s hchilne >>udgeeani t: anyou ll gue at. you e thdefee atilrney >> ge ni >>an'mu oing s l e adie.and u th featgenteymen,f cose, e i>>sng s l iegoind t freak ut.ntn,co , its noconfmd tt he in t ak chd is.ea it no >>nfudge teanihe: shdoest know er cchld iisdeadt tea >> ge ponit?shes >> sow may ce a iad t spousct say a jud jeane: e kns it leme te itack.
4:55 am
sheudade eae: aknssumitptio n le t tittk. is hehe ce hi aumio dnyi.t har to s ha tisshi di. her ar s nds wityou h but i i situ sgeive.ut >>udgeeani: i ink anher deo sere geter ivat da sey>> agehoninyi k a tt or yanr o e r day aho ay se bz ets wit h here s th v .z et w inhe veo h hhas ee ta ing re h hth f.wh ainnd v hs ee now you eetag i ht. gre ahen:is by lan ag ew ou i adsistrs a he p utsisren: by headnis d.strae p ar urad nr. disensed. ane holdarn. den >> oy, g anehead. ld jud jeane: m su you have oad m gents aikead. ts. ud seeas t: msuheou i ea ngve mts e t s.sothinhe rll y doesesnt m wanto he . soin r at dyou ink,oe nthe rt r? du k, >> wt cos toind a ce tenrtr? y ears a w re a wscoheto jd y c n was bout y torsal i w as they roo hs eut to telou sethinghe r yeah >> didhe turour. setng what s kd oahf >>id w-- at k d of >>udgeeani: i st m ca. he uld so b upse >>genii m ab t. ca u do t kn whae she d ld bse m. u cat juab to -- do kn hae jud jeane: w ab t thca
4:56 am
ju mont ocono ssn? ho am i oiudngea t: oabeathl w it mo i on ho>> s i mayave saidea m wy iarents ar o ut sayfe monai adnd m you havaren to oar t of mon a y h r t tothe cehe probo. may sheeas her ntiling out e ob ch kboo ay he h wh do u th k it s abilt g t e ca andrthu and rych oo icklwh to hath tithe jabud ge d n' candhud wanthe j y to klee t?ha judn' ifou c ld antue jtoee? ifld aue bot ways at ithe oblewith ot leing we jus see it? i ie leth. i len't g ndjuee i? . ii tt o predial. theefen didt wa the i juryoo se her. he enidwa he >>t do loo ary lseeither. incr inat>>g.dooo e rely ds toomeo whos trai d incrhe lat. you reow, dhat to thieokindhof actiai andinhat ls he d oiu , t hind ere. tind t h ites nothe inke doi at ia ore.ed anitnoe ke >> the dge isedhe woredan infl mato , jue gee. he w i dot thk th is fl to injuamma. th th s>> jge jninedo y thi it ould ave inde ama. j jne yhi itld e a ffence >>o. >> jge jninei wahed e ole ffial.ce i do t th k it>>ouldave jmade j difnerencwa eitd he e l.
4:57 am
but thurdondth slde tnk s deif nc it fobeinwiths. t ur r. th is fors tnkig fo in thanksor js.ning ths or t e-ma usour ks jng comnt majustse @r f c seyou xt wk, s te,st @ fewo seu w s sa p tlae, sam m sa la caione sby csed ptiong seices minc. cane cd io seesc. metis li cane we a lile uomfo able tilianwe buwhent's ha or rts to gto t batlioom, u fole bue'har sere's glcol t atool m,ften. lcol sto sofner doe'make ou ge' s ol l en oltoofr it jest m's itke g sier too. lcol sto sofner. jmait erto ma youelf mforble. oltoofr.maouf ore.
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