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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 2, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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hu, la n mtney b m se u, pp es s?ney b ye >>fo frnds"ppes yetas ght w. frnd ♪ t ♪ >> ood moing. >> hybody. > oo topg. of e uf hno yb y.ou. >> elcoop to oeufn the s ho. >> co o topf thheufno opthyou. >> s that anuf insido e yojo? > th >> iid se fe. and will meyye pfeer . he snd weekend oniltwitlte p lso,oo wkeoityo o, oo wderful to hend ha youisseme. >> t king abo wutdeulo t chr is haouse . chie bo thr me tere. >>hr i n jus ach f . hre >> i e>> b i s jing all alnuons. i livee singke new jealey ivhristy wee tke n wayew hat is e ere t saight taykheha dnn coul ter, saitoto.k > no dkiddg. >>nd wcowillule' sr,rtittoo. th adnones. dd wor>>es wtall s wrt theeven gethadne atac f olorng w the kenilling ofatar f kli -aarwlaki.
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he state depent iued a-aaki. rltadw deral i uedalt, w nra thl trot,rist may tryn to th t rorikeay ary tohe kewod, clin embases a or clin e toast a o sptoot a spicus pkage was s a ic pge as tohe home of soe he hbiomn's oe bther pdery stceb aernd not pclearyrfstce aot ea trhe bfroh. pre tmi bryesho it was no hareful. es ho s iwaen psple during e lates ha fuccup yal stet sprot pt,e dine at th veo inupcredibalest. etpr en w theas time s veoin edsomhi le wheis te tak a loom. l aklo. owhe despi w itin of looks le e, d w ievtythi was of l l relateiv y yt hiacasul uil ratyroster uarildhe boklynrostbrge ar heshutngow traff f
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brours not eas atut. ow ff olic e s ed rsotrrti eng at pele f disor de rlyicondu sed and erostrrsting h bpeee f dor y dugoing o n td pas two wee on b a mhma iner o t p scalewond w mhma ralinagacasthisike corporate grald,ga siahil equali acoor pe ple n sow wia therethere. li si al pe protestsopng u p whe renthe. ther sil psrost osthengou untry a n ell. er capt pn ma kelthoury is hl.anng ptmaisel wis. h yeeay is kelly's fal ye day inhe .s.ll n f andal y aronanut he .s hes han nnd spend me anaut timheeel hpingan his pefee im cgreselswompiisabellefe giffdsfter t sotin gc esom rampabgel. thff hava meerir d tue s outingn mpg nember. th av thmee ar dthe latutest adles. n be >> ood ck t thareattm. > t >>d t the sreme cour tconves f a tew sre urnvs ewte ey he tir work cut te forthem. h on theor kdoetuthe fothempridt's on landar health carehe w. >> pert'oocyiv in nd h ltshcainon d. ww.h m t p ivorni. od m ning pete youin d c wome h m t
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ba t wk and yniou o f m ngte ou want coe ase in l ayba tlond you of kn h e ont hovy in lay ftg.ou kn no h suceho l hkvy f t sre ftg. court h? nouc h>> is inkrest fg, aot t o at y hr ou tsh? e ct ininst aot yrrom yepubcansrnd t conservatis inngres and y remblics ruing ubr ns esidt, icothaterhe tiin goveesmentnds tobig and reeicrug idedo i sat venttogitnde com ety dioert leslate bo tha ngre . om die suereme urt liky le goatg tobond uhahavi aay inre tha t efsuore at nyikdy e egoto u vi anderha minehatory eesubstant ia d erha aneorebsntubanal anwaorhe al overcnghe i about t edal gernmt's ve inlvemt inhingheand mebo sesre oi to edbe r gnmllsy inem in ngbig,d ositio the re oiesoi too be rked the a fforg,dablieiohe rect heto e prd idenhes a orheblth cee la coticttuonalhe ois ihet no ct?la als cantitual stes enfce t oir ino o hsh ls immanigraonawte and e tir shod thogove hmentshe abmmig to kawp an endn t ho awathveventab to m kur ae en t badst awa e oid meinncy, theadeasth carehallge h too winnc t ea h the i ndivreidll hl m tadateo wnd the ctrov ereals iivrizona ma te and tbae and o copov ofer
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thrienaes t cndourt mbahtnd f u looki thte sees oer crt m ug h ssue likooet e o er firmate ac on he h rightsssik e f rmaconhe rht psen w do ptids d peonal pcy in wdos a peal hen i thnogyakesricy some thin ndieren thogcase aake gngo stir up meinen act isth osenoth s gidesng of setir aie a a b ct pott s iess t oo gete ai aeyusces fromheth t i te o tet i ol tusoce recomusth them elve ot'soing i olon t. rec a emotve ofsng on aot o lerals ntusce clence tmal walano rusece clhimclf b tecse w han wous im b virginia wks fhem orgn ine w f herid andhe oele kagan om terhe heath acargent le kan unless shean xp h tow hh ca vorglvened s w unsselng how prvoidt oba' legal tng defend i wprle sa' weg t t solir feral. le it an ectn t y ali l. pect aitnot thins onve a si ngle t ing ct doothisn sile tf theyng d cider dot dede thear e ce that is tyecidf ey hea wde bdoede tkeard a
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t c tt tid deear w ve bey a c loseey miosce, y gu. >> cte tnk vy much misc y itgu .remark l sn'tit vy mu guy y've git this resel sn th hith rease i thuye'v g tmidds thh reasehiha hea tedd eltionseason?hiha ea >> elonght, it' onheas?et. >> aot peoplghe iing coulbe aetn-win i fa iott'eoe ul a vo h iow innd own onstutna it' anlbaos off sack o rst it'f the aupmeba cot f ac sta os approva i t ahendme say co ta a fppindva i a slel. the r ublins c ld f sday 'sle l.wiwin i he ylipns cld s th . >> a spewiinwi of thwin-win, or apein o f inni who is going tn-ben, the g ni replicaoi candate? tbe big esti. o iseoing go be in rep tca nde? g tiunni is ng be and iontiing thi ror mil cti es tniowi nd ttigshi r moinas t oil wtherr no t wi ri tchrisie wl geinhemoin to er noace. yo thourit thrium wgeerhee ing e. syoaiouth noum, dheer ing s ddennolyde'heeang r or
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eneang vernhtthatamign adsorsre tryg to fin rn at ut hamown adsorsrygin q huilyhecan pu tother predentl ru utti tethean operaonn pu intoeriorent nru h pstire andhe orap an runn a n only h10ps d a punti l we s rtanunn anlyting. d >> ou he tha stiff we red,ll theseti .op >> hall tha t she pple w are d, he in t volun erl tir tim e a to ump n lot of polple ir im wod obab d i tto qpuily ljust oikfe wohed ab itrop stik hathe andro sma pple gateh nd the s gmaund pple swell g suppoinehg e chris rist s.ll >>t's upear lot money is sting nri thest >>s r t on silis. s ng >>s th t car ough. n siuestlin abs.t. >>th >arallfouhesegh th in--stab >> a l o.fig d>onsl ginseg ththeir mone a>> othe oidelesig and ds lotin ofei thomo folith he o me eyel esnd erotin ofhohrol cisith t get , burt i thiouri c is up a l arger tpo int,, but twa srith a lpot, sth arola,ew hamhirecan u gethe structure a ol thea,amren gee orniztrion.tu andhes s ss
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age orresoizte n. th sameday. w knows s sse so h her ewnd nto hea from he pple op ar h theiddl o couny. o h weatfom hpr f you fro mhe dlco uniowy. wtonerka y dyorou wman t hiow in is this hadneka w an no heast thhig. is is veradgoodointy th not we'ltalkoy. 'llkyror in a miteor ayin it's only t elis int's olis o wa thi aniteehere wa sitioninhith selvan agast hieeor t theest heware t detiribeinhis,f helv getgas inthi the es t he racu, h wdeldbes, t h ets ntdescribe rhim. aybelde t dsn hav ascsbe him. xperbeiee,enly d govsnernorav s ar a a hf, te a eriee, ylisovn.nor >> thi i f a h t a chris chr tisen. >>hides i tfount'soi to c is have t s e ffs aun whet'ns vecoizan s riceperrff got hen n. the ediailanlicrrot be awe f or e ia two eeks >> ihinke c ais fhr tie h o ks ien ank gernoor yeaand ais hr hati andelentof port aitie gand erces wn eae road a if h eha wndntsnto g rtie d s nvol r>> hds a iod gerno h itso g
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h wants t o olom and ha gnoay han toom nd'll b glado ayha him b la dcom o ha hd i ink at om run ng ori k presiden isor esorene than run for vern. an inteorstthg rin err marnn. ain, a iinitg in gng tbeerman ho nen,ymoo eect beal rick hooo eec tper? buperris sll u rpnhe pos er? d-burr s >> nxacy. >> gpoernohuckee sd th bestay wn you 'r>> runni ac fo predent s th gdayno ck s th fo stou wnn yououe becauun en yfore bntthomeyike r m t nne mouentbouau aua t hrow y b youre he intt mthe uari. t ow ur h it he l 'sri. ri i byron lri york. yr ce tsee ou thi yrmo in te yron >>ood rning. t youro an nterted pi e hoonthe >>d in etes are ouhen er d ly nepisho curherelyun eyte re wi the cur rent lyronepur g.o. candatey ba thaup.wihe c ur >>nt o.ante baha. >>ll thole case for th christiell bo tleheas'sfo thsome gundwehr otife opio twantg hi to e erme rac we of anunhapp wit nthehi to errepuican rwho e cu entl an theaceha pp w
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a puanceo aicunltl tre a rehe scee opin ioanershorenl tre a e uappy in wves hhore bill upy cryslalk ailotl aut c hryslal chrotti hean mitch danis toun a paulya hr ran mchnd t heniretore aauya ctaly r there sombi dons in n rkom on i rebliconors who wt n chrichrirkie tget reicin. on orsho tdo t votrierchesri tt want to see. thim ots an ti c talod u spou im mh cd u polte sco lco rasss o. >>av'teenss nyoone >> nhappy ee ansameny ionmpreessionn ioap, sou caranina,mealke i treoionn lot ofioot, and did n'outareea, ke ch widesead lohaofin aott a id l ant fal p wlid ind nhaeinw at an hpshi flir i ne,e h hi8% s t fheirer e sised wi the s tel sis edonl wihe said they nl were very disditaid t tfield. w e ry so ybe r pubiscadnsitren' at hppy. d. parculay th ste f o e ub neca hnspsn'hire w re h ty.y ar la th rolyup rt mitt
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mnneeypshi t i yn tell ou i s notlyup mt mney scntic, b i ever tlou i n of tscti be-mailers, twtsebf oo tssag w ge- hilere ntw ttsseb agco wh g ay h we tant h palin, a we li chstiend huckee tse e pele ith middl ef chst iethe cohuuntry, n tse it pe i dlopelefn th mid f e the cotr counry. it th ques on fop youbythroidn, fhe ishat r fo tun. olal thes foubyro couist e?fo is tre aays alme dissisctiont this int?oue? we' t s atills way ssio wt is t? stwhat e' monthlls o w fm the w atec month om >>well th cple o thgs on >>we cple onehe mos ecenfox ws poll tha swe aneos fsten x ti in the ll t ra with ro mneyti t r w peryrondeyman ca. o 5% masa id rately at's hig o 5%numb . sa yr atel aolutel y ' he are lwayypeop a olnhapel wityh ingst. reayop apit inrtalythinbacko th lastepubcan ce, lot rep ublians dlyn'tlikjohn in ck thcain stubn , t t al epli dt ik thnre w a in lhoid al like mt t w l roey , dikedn lte
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e chces. it kindf aroeydi common hi chs.n itind lital a cndom predentl n ras fo peoe toayboy, iital a dre'tiknte any f rafotheoo ay >> ay,avend d kik ofnyf gave ac>> oth a ltlendlak for k a o sond avthee, afa r as th raisinelamone f es, aot o fsd e, do anorsfa oas th is net ta kinges abo, uta a o tf dors odon s,e'al ng tangutbo a t of on wlte' donors h a gi tir mo y a eadyofo candate d ors taldgioirmo ady ante fu ndra iserl ao publan fdrair whofu hraaser been apngbl i fpeodrplaie f wffent ca hndidat . en e le theield indeople'e enff tapt ng fca sideby lse,le ahe pldeoe ae' saprtin f givebgir mey e, a p eout lot t se folk asiniv maybe meyot som et t f tseheoplk tier yb bil sonaire but lf ofop ier pele h given ilmoainerey.ut f chr istidecpees h gen e'mogog get cn thracetiis tecere going to be' enogoh mgeytill etth ce le t fore hi >> tt's inoo bquesnoti mney ytill eed monle forhi aund e tsoo counesy nojusthe nthea d on nd may f add tiflt unnost t m d taiseifhe amoltt heeeds a he dsn t he mh mese moheds one ing talked heabout, the he m deci io b e fgloda t tkeodoveou t it ciriry january f t 31sovte
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which w movell try oth anry nes, 1s icwa wnew mov tthhash s, uth roli, nedae ne l ofhose sheay, bent oh li neheae fst w eeofksef benunty,o st w kchrifs christie as aonnuthy, lefthan had jus a cple ri ofrieeieks a aon tthoun fftn adus a cple ofee predent. un and ttinverythin geth forn ia reca. us d in thatve ithth fir ee thorfi us janury atndewir h hi imnuy th fndlowsewrtly ter at. hi gettg a ce t ethenoth wsrt ot t alkir ng. 13 tt mona th t fheno the esen t wkire tking on few wee o th first w re onte tki s ot's p blewem o foirr m. te >>t's sounlisabblem bafoca100 dsnt w>>s ab art vobati. 100 ron rk w greatoee you. vo u c rea h n ierk on gatoyo cea ie on foxnewsom. than. >>hankfor vin m xn ws int. esti he' talking an abt >>nkr in m ornta.tie'alng abhere i rumblingorheru pliin a chstie the'sot a chst t t timeot toorgani. t t ie t ion the fgalace behi iio i n tmpshe, lace th e' shi not a nmpshote,
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thmee' n a and ery is gng ot moveuna i s nd ery iiksel venuarthra ithhree ik nths nuway, frlodath, ghr on ths balthe for thewa f, g pima t ials octobhe fhe p maadlie, i south cobolinis the ry nt day. herelis ou v cin l ittl e nda re v t lme tget structe. andhes what'r e tlookg tatt ru th e arndthe srrenha dt'r e d flida bumokpet up thar e jaenar st flaumup lot of the ja fth thought tha l othe ftes tuld auall b fpushthedurth t bug a it'ha e s goind a to fllthernto shth a i febr uainry, o eyerere oping >> yh,ecause of theen br no e, rybody ieys ie nng the y ecse f rrcrop, butno eairydy i in byheronutai d and as sttoptai raus n had b een sauyi, aind as stt ra uspolnteadr, b you sa, knoweo se like theoly jt yreou kn re yt. sehey lavik'teehey enougtt. it notyha t y' y ee ssugatised a e' s it ot whha ppen t y't, yeah misor ae' s wh en p gr ah ifhris decores t jump in hep h a h igifheisr ec and he l of g hliigan folksand a s ornd t o g licaledar, thoughowfa ksd sobvisly t
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nle hpy itouh lori's vi decyio herpyeit is ri ecearty aian. er eays airaianrrogce s ir showogn, not ow sprisg. thot conquce bsis. th cloda inans ins gent, wou mbeen w swift and seve,nd rbeus sw thend rus he rtoof ora's r pridenal pma da. o f an seora' o pren pdafl. ida' del ane ts m n count ifflid d the mrn n cou y tun them frn th. un nd m ty i f tonitio sa w. e ve t t he m fst onitio primy a wcaucus t. t he w a remem bere din pry ththe st campan dcan us were, aheemre hla camp th se or cpa d ofup in ie, backnd h laam pfort a sho w ofin g ingacko rtppor at ohof letes. gngo d kar l ro or w o onur slehote yestday a h e al aarboutro whaturt sldean f thestda a salft aut >> t chae by attloda tea f
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he ve itss pftrimary ar thaby lo dain tg toa use tvehe i rt of p ma thri ma riesnd ta cseau tcusehest to m e to arthanryri ses cses we me gng to havean tryee s mths,ou rwe mth gsng bo etwee te nmows, andou ts b thae tte nta a tte t y thinkbo hat ta at te friends@fo yxnewhico ha the mpai tra c tied yfrterdnday. fo co gornorick rrye uaira itied n yrd. gomporshk e tyryg t gn s n tracon a he w tki ng mpsh t ryab tt inegal ac i ammigeraon a tking pr lemsnt m iexegic wh af i ig thdrugrobls do there prmsn m a fand heai dth sugblhingdo t tt hre he wced t o d d s at ngleas tt h ba wtrk ace littlet ast at leas tbatr a ater i ln ttlheeday. ta a alest. >> er the he w e wta ablsto. sto t dg w w carte als in comb w to wh a g cortedi itedn effort. co it way req re oordid mfoar y i exic working r in o concertarith ic tormngoill these drug onrt cartelando k p ttheil off he d of o rteldo bor kde t andff d oestroy ortheiksnd d dtron kno l theidifrecenaos at douldone ou k er thfre but inahinkt is ver
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ld ouportt fous t wk ith bu inkiser the rtfo toeep tkhat cnt omhe >> c vernt opene s t g. > er s oding.s.e t sroops to mexico and lit tle stngat.n ttho day,meco sposp ndittatn y, sorhe peyamp ho w alpekhat ba st ho a wovknor p ry is o bat to allovnotirs. p>> i ian tto tllo kw whattis. > you thin t about k atwh i don'thinkt's ych a th a batad ar .d'tnk s a it'a waon o borrs and mig arue has m t'wa o b im t nd igbya.ue h> or m ghanta w the im t rror oma. o t he o b orde t and drug cte l vorle d oow t b tre. certannly de bogertates v le d know t altoo el dtow. thrterey ndbo hsigtes about owalo c dombia. the ys igknbo uer presi ntcbi y uribender t p amoton we entnd t atcombon on e sevten or eig difre milary o nses d wkingitevh eif reil y ordi nati s awacngith t o s the diugtiac to s e cartels. >> me dlang cael r?>>me
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i coness oi t giv e apova ion s rd toiimage civgres givi thias awar,oes heapva pre dent trderagthatc?es and dviohi ar,oes themeca nreubnter at ha thend do smao t iub anotr haheo i ot wa >> t uld asur ari ca tha aarot d urliched r,ca t the totypal wlich thi . r, ki ofhehing are dfent w no hi . >>eanwle t s mokiing,f ng a bi dqueson fyo is itno >>monenwy tmorg,ou y ou rbiatheesr f be s just happynd g ne sleep andou y rher st pysatindsf gie le nd es meyuy your ppines s?tisf m uyll yo se e enpp ies ppears s.o e >>en turnsut heeas ew >>study.ur >heew gahd.sty. >> w t>oes t me >>oud. a happy pe wt. ery ppy rs. >> thoouht y c ald h hpyandl e . is.y y rs he is sam e>> hoqu yesti conld hdl . he s 80,0m00e l 'squ ttihrow t t. ,00,0000 a lea's t jobowt t. permit you 00ea ob.5 hrs of plemieptou a night, hrs of $14 a0,0 a ynirt, job whnly 14 si0,x hours aep anighr ob hwhatnl wou you do?sihos >> a a thegh spa hn datoun't mouos
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t? ty>>pi allhepa d mptos f t f lat tr. rath hav the 140 kith s oursatf sleep. thav he i t40nk t kt's viits. s >> es. rsf >> tt qutionp.eed t t s grters. >>. dispari ty tqu andon theeed grr hoof slee d srindpl tty >> f r hours o ho slofee-sl >> i tnk t questio sul f h rs ove bn fo orsl five.>> t t y q sioai setng b fo inrres, sive y sours a lentiny,s butsie'ou aard. nt slut dto ath uarnder sl sve and ath hal you uodery s deriondalrate >> w ynody is the ltim dioteou w ishe l t seven and a ha. >>ou c cch u o n tev a weendha.. no, ou c>>an c. cch u >> yn ou can! ee . w ha o, sle c docto on ye shwou at thatn! tl u s w youhaleoc n can' sh t andthll rht,lpeople u bouack n' ff. ndano rert, speplle qu bti e, sal. ryof noer s h e, tis it. e, do yal lika salyf h20 t . less you y mik t the syfit y20 where yssouri m heli or whe lisalary of 10%morebut mean to he c it ylahe y don'tmo mow nanod y?tohe city 'm s yti dll't sang %, y?see,
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at's t sti %, thie,nghoh. 's i aee tt's no b engh thi nc ati t tono forge en gh yo iends. you rtili theridsor resoyote f youies. ioul takehe ri th 10 %so c fanouall m fdsl ak the phe. % c an anal glds theew heci e. i ann't ow anyone.he ew youan me n i n't ri dsyo . >> d i goouo th mrotan ds ub dgoth ta dchou for ub %. > fsorr %. >on 't ave y. >> ey csoor meono ey cor ien.o >>h >> h ou n can ma>>s or seexnndcom ou twternd n lsownd does twoneruyou s haineson >> o sta limingou the numb er ohafesno me orgentaimcyin vits t tohe e.r .mb of no mes then pting v pitsts ri? e.r wepo yth tideci. >> a mri o spp suddey y hasde a hrt ta . a m o heappfrothe tud qcky assponr topsta t oave ea hroeck le. on t andomenps tako moron h than el in nden theak m rkace ndan e in getnghe dtorates tt et wve ner seen dtotesbere
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does tt eanner wom sen suld articreking up t c ck oen t teaom datdes? no, it'tsic wngho dif tfent c on thins. at s? lo o,t' w thore'sifean i in is floe he. >>reep treean i fhe >>ep ♪♪ ♪ ile me fer a ussupemode tamul us sup hardorki psyium ber, e f auspede muusuprdkisym r,whicgelso reve uexy ste d rece clestol. iclsre u y kingsylle m firer c stwo.t ma you mod ngllfi wobut mau should fodl a ttleore per. t sh ftamu l.a ledoe witr.choltero mu doitolro
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vingith e pa ofodere toever rhmato artitis. ngh pa coulmean ivinof erwito joier dam e. rhtortis
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ulanin wihelpoitop ame da ge foret sts yo lpp da restyo withumir for ny alts th dera to verea, thir r as ra o mirar' prov toelp lievpain r'ov top d stev joiin dame. stoiam miraan ler yr abity to fht iectis, ra l yaby f iincltiing bercosis seous,ometes fal ents can cur,uch inftion clg rcis ses,et f esn r,h nfon lyhomaor her pes canr, bloo liv , anly marvou syst pror ems,s an ooivan ouserists alrorgics,eactns annew worning het faure. rialicct befo staing mirayour andoctw shoord teng you or the fae.fotag raurctho teasouyour tocto if y li or ve bn to regn asurto y wherlicertr n btongalegnfec ons e coon. ertellrtour ctor alif yec havs had co . pati s b,llre r orone inf ytionav d hav sympms stih asb,ever fae gue,nfoughonor s es. avmp saser fae,gh s. yoshou nottartumirif you ve a kinof iecti. yoouotrtir u ain iti ask ur rumatogis hoyou n dend ainst k rat is d heho stou furtder astint mageith mira hetort t geh ra
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6:26 am
>> de: lk, t pro em i ha f pele a going ergcy tom tsihe d l t roerge i roompe f aoitupi t easo ge at'shy womhing fn ste tu halimid it so a say, ok 's wngstou c hami oit go ay, t tokmergency rou cthre g oimes shout peoe bemergcy tre t es go rnoumeeo b h manyes th're all edo v itgo trnhe me emygey roes. unr moth cases,ell o vitno t, come emro on,uneomoplcaes, ghere f tno, ome flu >>n,ulieeo people, lk whas he re theis here u a >>ieeo l l wha o he 700nomecy s lymptom from shinon ste. 00cy s pt kay,ome ofhe in sys. msot emerge y an peoy,ome m o f acallyysmsot er banpeeoenng m. diacicully breathin enngdi uldizznesslyeath zzsslyegyypregnay, cht pas no ratpr to chpa no het ta. >> claon: d to docto s he ta. reaso therelaet: ti d suea, ey'rsuingetti ste su'rin shgt, teon't want peop at om e'tant op aome elf-nose themselv. >> de: wm.d. w m. f- se> clayto lthse m pl d wd. out.
6:27 am
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6:28 am
e veri ed>>aiytan cosatts arend innk o all ursethis . rilets kaiw wost a ynd l isin t wt yfries@foews.m. ere'the ttt addres youie havfoen'ts. lo e'eus drth ffouav't wkelohe b itr accouhe f n. it cc>> ve: t on there. jult: ten. > : othe. i ru inulou tt foa chstianasruinacout fo thch deatithaltynir. aac theatutying turirn. f en rert are thattu hinllurnf lely e aerrtre the s hll he lasel a er nvicted sexl aault and tortn. he w orinall icd ex alt cvi edd brty wrill iran sup crtvied b convng musli tano s rirtstianind theatrf nv two usporlidlyon r enourinc ni t he hiat chrtianrai i front o or ofonhe crt a rouo w whihehr anai f hint execution d eof i cs aoset. w a mhisi ecu mononth leg mhuse a ensiithon a fitgiveled by uthotiesurin a en shtouit inh fe leca fornia's by rhoedesin shoun odwa recafo rn's r aron odwa bass leiscc o on kiing cssitcc cocilman from ki gfortrag he heas onhe c corucinanheron an s .a.trtteage he
6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
iger f c tldanesume tir amer aner leae meum 6th er leme th inow canoow ykees g oto w3. ge t yto gda ow autevan ge t tova s ix aut an inngs in relfnd hwas va s utst andi. in ngthe iokien rf hpitcsher, astdi gre e ie ffor tcr, or o ay? he c dil ? pl ed.l >>philes >> rn hord. claon w in.he stand to waesh rho. thlaat w. i he snd wa w in deckthth upp w ide rit. pp almo dovout omyeat to grit. moovtth. ea thito ath two run hi ahotht t run byibanezho nd piesin amtwo, howan a ut psn rtwowhalladayy ltl ea ag teammate r rirha ad21 y ltl e stight at rsagft theate stht cainalrs tftook 3-0 le >> andca hal tisoo ok3-single le oo als h>> and ballis o upheng
6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
me mashe ent irne datatr ouc a bo threlaonsp t maheuynt d shld o aay pay. thlans >> cyton tno. jult: io noagre whshld aay nay.t al >> cave:onook,. ul w ias fnolaret w brok whe n na walifend >>e:k, wtart fedat i tokhihen t w nd asbout /5 0.rt is iathe t tuion? ut e gu sti/50.xpectedo s fhet thetu ion?ll gufitit,xp tedcond f t ma ehida te fi t, claon: ybe wn the co lineot s mumachhidaanymor e, slaort: e t ofaybe m orne smu uality. or>> jiet: sou etabli a of ay belati mshipith metng uaty. th's one jtht:g, e bliut fir tiip h etat - if thu knne t y'threg, ir sitng a h a nd d't- f kn m t nowy'his w an she's it a h act mows or wwhatanev sndoue not king ar matuchou money t ng er mhe's g meyhe doheor'se,g ltalhe norhidoftorg.e, >> ulie doelt't iwan youor to sw mhi youft'rg. a >>anie oe inou and s m >>o, iou tnkinanhe nd king>> more i tn i t.nk >>ave:e'dike tng me iea. >> fre:omd youik efolk he g is frunmemplouoy lalkes g i les pic u t blunpl la es he's outf leicwo u. b and lethe outnof- a iould argith nd l ynoou ou at i touhis aou. it
6:35 am
hadn exper ynce here y ou tknowsh? ou. foet i i s uladnont ter e re y about my ow experien. fo i s >> de: o ty fo ho s, ou m yliexri >> jiet:hank ou. d o davfo andhoet us,knowt ff weend o n jt:twnktte. avnd uow ff >>layt: cong uon t shee, ts ha o'eeaned e u. b efor>>eyt aco u t shtha ira'nea sd u. itorla i s cc sion and some ofheccavsiy s ahi nrome cofsthe theav nion the brink sr o nuclar teclohe ne.he bnk >> jult: plo ncledallo rijuan up iuln rmplsedal jupf, f, col to ba o,l firrms s to eyant se funso s peop faisanod bala op dete cing . ♪ faianba de cg ♪
6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
or n. ir gives thas les stje etor thahe uat e o nn veatthituati ther uat on >> u h r datfeitreti timas. th ybe e ye m aybe t hhree dre arsha verma i gh t,e ye mbe t th'reeeclose,nd so sher i ghrldeeds to dtho w'rhaveclre, i ke bau tha trl wdsou boe wve e wst o ptio nke bauha tf w atheg is hstavin ogio an cou ntry ahator is hing itouryrris ahandor threatens the .s. a itsisl aie havinghrte nuclr apeon. jultst: yl mentioninedg o clliry napoton rlly fli ul y like tenon li t neaof hin fgli thkeenavy ships fro i hin th avsica s falg, i s pre nce ca alghe bdeg,rith t east p oastalgot readellit chcern e foour stottary. ea rndacally for ta. pendiacngal pss srety george pdi pss l itstle etsa g irge uldn rea toouc w came lut oe ira n dntoeaday.oo whats aimedut and can be i donetoy. arewo datifsfere aiingsnd an bolksn t eas dtoae ar ehearwog ab dt thif migre b egs nervkss ab tt thas. t ll uwhy shoardn'tabeth anig ise rvabth tal ng ubouty ho h'tinegn crue is e miiles alllut 124es anebw esll24 u
6:42 am
a anu.s. war sh. >> lik ua 'm s you l tst me he u. s mioun. >>ulie i tst tstmore thanran. it'n.scary hat a>>ie c tount trym or th w ldan tn.eateu l et'a a aid, cntled f o w tte struti, which all d, d fth o rrorists irulutinwhh ll even alae daould brrayistsg ningsike ishi en is da ou tr bng to d elgsope aucars tr d welpoop we us cucan'taret tt hpen. >> uliew doe ira wn we t'tet betnown as a shn.po r?>>ieoera w >>he ty be ownbvio aussan to. po r?>> hetheyy may be ty oio ban. cser ey m be if tyhey hanuclr weons. c seey ar he' losg ow ty icl we e le e st a me'aybe ty l ge heeaus of tke e mbe these roheeaus of what' pp gese thero nhaeighboring cntrhes, b lie nghrisaid c re blie worstsa thiidnghat uld e haen ithey succe wsthihed ha q isteyorucar weonucs. >>n yr timation iqs tt ar weonited.tateand orld d>>oing y r engh tmaensuon tt t t n't seducceteedd ildnhong en tsut t aspir tatio s?ce >>t's t dohog engh sancons ains iransphairt io e u>>s donden illie s hncs nsan u impnd hav i been efiect he,
6:43 am
t mo e anmp beav neee.n ef jctuliee, lik at f or moe insannc ne>> wl, enatorieik at f ecnsennc w en lledenthe ama mistti o sedancte n ta cenalan s octft ir t hinkenalan of ir teynkhouldo tt rit away. jult: walwa hein ey ul tncritions da't y.wo hulav wen'twa he donenythg an oh -- ncons >> e nwo i h sai'td the nethanoh sa etinons work iait thd nhe to bsuffernde o satihes rk th n u. bufndallies >> wdon u.elieve wt in sliays. the are wrkinon elve w ybett's teo o i ran s. suffheinge orein thanhe eseo in ffgehanhe rege,ut isomef th u.s.llies inurop ege, imeth s.eriee into op crk dn othrere omes cr de o of thedir cnomnir are esingbuness if ha o t thhe u c h e gbunef don b a. th h saa cpany i thi d cantry saulknowhe cpa business t th inhey would e ow toheherndayin s it' i in hey ou eie ier totr chae s i i n crse. jult: naan c wee aria c pe.lee oin s ul na an ain. w aia p lete gn toave
6:44 am
nd n.clayn et gey'r ino tavoncloln room. >> 'r dav than yo if y'reol a medroal mua seavhaof you'r cann own m n. ua feralnd state yaws nnwn clas hin. ove t f alcontndvers sl drte, buhas s th gernmt go eas tfave t ntrsrepodrbut,s y th gnmgoedefa . >>layt: fopoetspanis y fnch,de t.erma i>>nyt higfoh an sool grogup. fh, t rgoterbouthatnow,ig one sl og. school act uall wottsuttutnts neandcing tm oea holl wtus d andacin.moea dav of urse >> cyton that rigda, mang imandory. avf se con at ighat c ma iominndup. y. ♪♪ tin. ♪ ♪♪ ♪
6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:49 am
upldept.tedlared asontwd, t the beverly il otelep laste a nig. th ev eru maremeer hot pelpoasd thseas fin oigf t ma me p repoitd show t hethasini omonsf mi jewerelsit. sh tcongtulaons the ins nd i t'smiotwe j t out m ngh las he and engl s ituntsot a one m sh repchoo ld nen ettunt ne mpt newp rkchlnowt requ ired ttoakew andaowtory ndar qu fedoadantedas. ry e s oo laradte ays t chinese languaayge ts wi mak chenem more mpetive ngua somewiarenakheorrge that sppeistihve i nor meen rgefhat sph i cytor? >> w g oing to say c >> w gng to s connichua connhua. dave if ou v medinnlhuarijuana yocan' nna. ve o wnif a vdiguaruahanat atyofn' sa in o a ha atmef. sa ithis fair? jning to us d. atehis iis i ir jng mio sliva and shive x, vement slind ratns forx,he nt medilat mnsar fijuana li. meice see both mf uayo wellime t. the show
6:50 am
>>ood e rng, bothayfn.yo claelon: teve,e et mshw art >>ith d you.rn y doayou hn.e a obleith la: e, m it h u. oh,dohere ha lebegiit i me whave siiatio h, whreehe atmef wvesi is mwhakinheg t decion, is aorng m pat tnts t mak a crible oieng aticis i either setheak rile meci tha t he yicisd eheohe meallecivi teha t tir po lal un rlevi ste l o andon unr thrte sond andnt rigs to bndeaon a a th prortectir andnt r s amils. b th is a aroct cice tha noth il pati nt a reths fced makeic t no andt's ti anfrehatak mal rianpatientsre beihat fo ed toanaktietsit b. >> cytonmike wt abo fo thentakhatnit other c onke asituboio whe m icth i tn thadnisted tpatits ty tun't havhe t moicakehe c st be ttweetin o tin a t favearm andak he tang the irbe eeo feadindne >>tawengll the tt' exactly ne truewe t, t poi tha e stectve is ue akin s toiha stegestshat ins sge a i pti them i t a sition i tlshe atis followi t theun ti i co rot, i ndicates fhatlo
6:51 am
ybodunhos counlat,ul iic t usingr odhos add teintognyr contlledubstce as ny ro bite f romntedsturching a te mfirem. e la tim in a re. oklaed, mariana sti lisd as ctrleokedub stce ri ba yti tishe a tw crinclesagenesce t twrinclesag f.a.nd f.nd d a d a a is compliance wi a ihe g corol t anrespdingoomiae gquies counl danlespng that they hea mend s un dpartlershiand halattns ey h th. megun ndalerwant o knw wt rthid at dons ts . he don erhentnkn womebody do essts ae edalomody ts amarijua. andhe gun dealers are p riinn wk rdnd s gti don ars re p hang n to make t s dectiio on ha cas by cas o bakes. herone is c bhayt c they' to er ilicenshaeenyerso tn wy'ho us or atoic tlinsedalerso w us omarrua ricegdless wheer ed al notis ohe ste ar heges pahesse l gisotti o ahorizingte maruana
6:52 am
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6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
>> od mning pele ndayoctor mng 2nd. pele mul ie ayto huddynd in for is sul isyn udmerota. or is e g.o. fie ld abouto g mereta owde g.o f ieumor aflutyingo ctt all ovower tehe ac a orflngtt allhris ov t a cise's ais rambling t possiblyul coghesr a ais rali 22 bitd. osblyhe dav who n has2 hbiis av homicrne .as h dav revge aacks o the y. cr . newarn gs t t aavmeevcans aks coulbe aarget fte y. t ne rn t a meadns ulro aget strikfte t adyemeron. s ik >eclayn: a fort facoohis gyeuymes going > ayold a orschool. c ve oldssc ghooluy. s gng
7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
jult: ela that g, ul tha go t on dav cuterardup. co aon: ank oli. meri .av ut >>ave:ecauar of urseheup $ f s hat b: k of omeri isriow >>e:austf sein $ s char $5 bofrive ryisnt youin use tarse$5nthings yfor mesein othetthan caswithawal his an ppline heanfuasouthal >>layt: rit. yoansee at ltleeacne the, >>heseyt mrihi s when you yoe l e it heckneut at the he groceseryhi wnou t sckreutos at peoheeo g dceit card sos pancteno dwhity? ca tefaultoth that's n wh the rst hing theef ltothre tent' dee ultt tng aebhed ard a tre ccel to m akdeettdar aredit t ca cean tcto mn. et and en youret ca won't g d y arg. but 's icy, w't if ou t t grgroce srend pt iicny, ou urt n, $5 ctrg gece at sthnd in th m th onour crgt stame. >> ulie herhis what ou senar dick dbi n hta >>ieerayshat boutna dthk the h w l tem. utafte yearthof r tinheg in l ce m. tepraroc rs, u infairnd pr uair an-compitive intchan syem ank ameca is ancomp iv i nttryianngo find ws to
7:10 am
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7:11 am
>>ytno , tothos it. t mut w don ow jult: b auseof the it on cr kdos, the are l o ul bse tfees w dn'tno abo crnddo he rel wew esabt,ut aytays ew andouut know, ytay sdaveisre up. nd kaybew,he tveransisparency i n tberahensrent as oould tns i ike. ca we a ee t orannts oouthat? >> eree. are te eecas autat eherere l riutt? soiti basic ck inre $1ri0 soit a bicck moh. $1 elow a mo. 5 owmimu a e, $15 a mths ifmu yo u'rea bowe,he $1 mthif yo re mim bumow. he$1 yodon'keepnougmonein the counthey e himing im u. yo n' epok, uge boneomlive t hee uneyhi g b, an he are a cou e , bo ve oth fee tandhe t banks b ane ar a ce getti ng thseeondey bksnd th doddra gnkti sgionateyn, they ethtinges moneyra and githiathaven, sha horz mak the nghappesand ve tey pasnd off hive ha orme o m thepp cosd ts tndast uff to b free oheck cckingand heit'sos not l uger fre beeecckkicing nd 'sfol nosge fnot. kit's reality. ol >> ayto we' debe yo do es wt ialsy. o > toe'ebth yo e i thba sidof ito yr
7:12 am
pntloheyake the cd. id i y cpts thelo mey a fraak t otec on ac hav to keep c tcallheenreyor a p fpl toall ec a avup, k so thapos ney.llor p pl s t woe'll debate p,ohaos y.ecse s wit'sll d atefainin >>ulie ! 's allrigh wee besk >>you,ieou llu chghseoney or webesk appissu, raer h e mo y, chmoney,on r monr r atpir be happy? ra hmo a nne sury ys on rwe rat be pp w e'll n tel s wyt yoysut sawe y w lltweets and temls are wt yout cing up,eehaouav to slsay arebout ts. cin p,av t s aut mey, t moy, mey. dav sayhat ain. firhe m, mo m. whi te havouay t n. ircktrkingn thjobsill, fsthi h, thpresent ys w trhaveng tthobsl,ass it ndfthowest w ne tiveat tnpprs, th inde litil pal wehs i nenext pprsthe tipawe i xt ♪♪ ♪ mae no v-fion ice ves em a ll sving f vetablma no -fn e s a sng plve a fbll se ing fru.
7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:23 am
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7:24 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
me gewitt i. abole >>layt: se davace messe in bo le tt. if y pas h>>mytnse tavtre ss in chu btle a ytas m.n t are comg upere o hu the btl t sh two mm.aj toaes c iomn upe the war terro insh j t m twoes i tar er ays.n j t ong em t arin aar s. awla i,g il t the facthant ar was rn i t.s. la ireile t f chs o s om iero .s e aack. >> j iet:hen,omen oreome minati ngak.he w p lace j mt:oren,en th evenow. miandtiha wy wugge pt wcehee thvew. we d w talkiugngge abo w t w m teyki bo t an everhi. >> cytonwhat nugt. >>ulie whe brinng he .the g bus, conat dugoes t ha>>ie mhenin h that nee r should d t tn ladats? ne sul ienxnewcom. cla on: add te us at u thk ofhe n cuticles oewnm. la : ete s thofha.utle s>> dav a message i n ottl and-- d av so mynsaical, hatul. ♪♪ . tl and-- oalat. ♪ . wow! 's en bier th i tught w! welce to erogrbisive
7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
right. ihink-ae akha t a nn e ese rinds t. warnings otink e ha t beca tren thin ge s wainot specafic,ut beusninhere pec, a t lea r ofl-qausa th h been he ll. t ea aofqaedqawas ot a tth h b . ataeds atafte athe death o osa n latan anal-qatdatee dth has n b a bl tlaan-q ha n a realia aft9/11, aeia ftig9/ d, reama o am b ig damladen. we sho d tust forge out dee t eatrhi o fho themts a usapor ti r. t tt hif ty vehe possi bi tyema or he th ctiapabr.ilityo ty psi ttack,hey on't heedth cabity reon to actay t'thedwi re t atckithta a taki oitut at aaki. a ak i andignicanthat it wut a i. kled. >> bsolndely,nibsolntelyt w >> tnk y foroin kininleus app>>reolciaty,eol yit t y >>orn pro testers ry in ttoppp reate cooratere mo>> otherro st thin t andhey wen't co atttinethe spon themow oeer lo ingin ndyfor. en in e rallones aheinw wl stet lo tangki a tfo nd wllel ll a yoinu ere whast was.ta ki t w alllelreou rooti yooru e s. chris hrisale toake the rooun
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
tsom eefe may p omef u andow womayen singay p u u'rendeangom youray eai a ndu twe s aeuthe ngdisparou r and 'll gewes i at spright. "fox & l ies" hou tthrgh arts r ightox noie ou t ts ♪ht♪ no ♪♪ . >> de: h, go moing, ery, wcomeo fo x & f dends hgomog, was fghtene wdme fo wh fdsheig wht'clock fghounerd wharted weave airhetorffight'cck cama wh asteebwel b aendto ff oks ke a jsey guyamahah aseb b a mht-- s >> ahat'that muy likhae a jersmey--uy >>t' batau meeike a rseyuy hasae bate >> de: a wha somody. jult:er hseyeoe ate- d a ha om ay. ointulto theerseye cara. a h hent o epot. >> wt's cathatra? whhdo hwe meyo.t. w clason: ve, at've got a wh m eyentao. is atght? la: , ei thotnke' g ot taa-s -gh th e' lauger) g >> ve woc-king our ss ug) a b e d wocki o earl r, t i thi this a e me dal mht he j rrivrl, ihihi. >>ulie if
8:02 am
u'remeunin m h j in, e haa g on iveiv >> inie cf anreadinand h e, hasha a g lot iv f t im n c hanesend ht as l by s di fng out t mntalsnse t bottse' sby srediceivedut a nt o 5, 0tts ae'sreed hs o 5,received a3,00 hs >clayn: ohce leted e read 3,>ay itet ad le read it it says le ad leme s whatheesitge tys, saetys see wha the le s ha tssage says t msage , ys, ee w must bee agysld m ige , says w mldt siese world s ierie ysld sprediectns, wd so s phliesmustave comin ed w, so mths phessteo. c aug w) . th dav gare. o. >> ulie if ur ks regivedne o)thosat t . beac aav tareou r k>>ie outf k re ed to ohe bosch i tn conneic ac ae and ouke y krs t tut ery to b ishor ionf they had ltl e d y t meage y theottl or i ty hed ltl bemerie >>ave: all ridt. juet: nd ari ledittle >>man.e: a >davehopelly at s ry ju: is an th lthe tlpast. >>n.layt: mo to me o n>vepe y t st. is th dave thestumor.hat ll >> ytt dimo o on t r ort tha we' ve haveahe forort dinths w, and thattil rlor te' h goea f ay i hsw,nd chrhaist lristie go goin toayunorhrriprstidt? in ho sadunor 0 times.
8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
thes thing eletheandno h th's nohere p ne in iess hanghend opion enouth nimre t get i in i h do. op n ou claon: ran et i esidtialampan fobill dointo justhe t enoug h la: an me. id al pa hadfoyronllor o nto tuse hoewug h e li ae. hrote a ad on in orestng pie, h esaysli a hte l k, theinst wpile h corys l t c pelecrs thcouny, llinfor m crth un t sms t rein ar rethst n. ite he m seyms fol tksre stllinfor m to n. e te a molkslien in>> tr reto ctan.inlyre s t a bi d or tsre inewlyork scity repu icanonor whoeworci rlly, realpu want an seeorhohris chriie g rll alant eeis ri. g t questn, d. the ters wanto sethem iny iressio nst inst de rs nt seemora, in ireions n io thiasteek and talkea,d to a l o fioote tedidn't see and tked a wesprotd unhaedppn'ests. jult: y menoned dave abouthe wney.prun anrighnow, ss. l e n ul y ened gamve oue y. lot fan pghplnowhodona you ow heam little eo eot f ppl andodoig p pleave giu ven he ltle theimone to ad cig o prplee given tir meioneyn t teval a cse, t'say ve tir m yey'real c, 's ifor pawntey, he's ond iivfoe r
8:06 am
ur mon tawntomeby el hse. nd and l ot of t h mone tped el . eig ado lno of tpeded izedig ddoll nor don'tnowiz tre d enor le dfton >> d e: i on't krew i theno e engh dleorse' d ion k i ne. eneb dtes cled in-t deeb wtele isheost-t w isost lelo ta t o.p.ominion,nd clhris rist behdom tney an pe yp. winhon, c gti ng inhi s stehom y tng. pe >> cytonplacyour gtib its.n >> dav pple at itest . heut ures conf ace uro.p.b. nomeeav. e it he alr dy trd.utes >>laytp.: the's oy ome a hheundrlred td. days u il>>yt tthsy e vong baegin h idromeays t praries d n tt f rivodangin ovedomhe dep to j uaprryar s n t 3 ft,ri l's tak e aed aetp t j theua urre nt3 t,ma l. take tt is whe arehe dhees rrenretly sit ight n nd t is heat'sll autesochan ge enyit ht otic flondrida anuary 's31ut ch e he four st esicloda nevadary31 e heiowou sou carina d ne va mpshe a a ow s eareca dne t go bshor ae ad t flo s o b tha flida ll b fifth f i s t t li a bth and tha ps right a t
8:07 am
afr ne yrs day. p s > ju rliht: an flori k afd one bued t ruly. andther ju arlinot anppy loout riit o and erbue ts mulnd sertrong a art y t whe haitto say about isd. m stheonrrgoganhowny whha s flodaut eiscted leadersp herran iswn ysappointin ut nlo e ct lderpring ap csequence fsant n rilori ada'sseenf ri's trsgceusbe wiftcendbeclea fthe c coeneswhere? in c eneswhtamp a. n >th bucthe les om e rncndmp t >thuce cs ve io n ernde and t thnical cou veion isal som e oerf t a dndegatesal outo al sotat the t con degntesn in o thr at otandathehinkonhat some i stas thhavet inheat con stitutn nd thnk havhato moveomeefta vefloin ion titnknio nthav me lo i t n amps andoutharola al fl tohe tha psndthol tegoal. >>layt: toefenflora,l to thher kihaislook igoa >> yt todoesenn'tor repsent thkiok ameri ian estepnt thatay. theyay tt flida me much re repre seatat. e o f teyhe tfla
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
roe onth tigebuhe ilbuou h ieryhe onoble t inrestg diussi. h >> jiet: i leis instdisi l rit, b ast jncert: awaress nth id yoll sis itll or t fooall eld ri b t derhere a arots oh yo sood it o tool d caus , pi on ree fo aball ofiel i hed tay and gd uspin foll caus toelonat hto b aotfnd g scs as b the ahole pk scasphomen pnk. rieons d plek pphen p t s anrithats p we'ltellou wt to wch o for. tan at>> cyton and 'lu sallthe wto w o ll pping u r. c oonnd saoure reen png uswipg yo dbi cd wl or soonost uen ipyo dbi c w$5, if u a ont bank f amica stom, bu 5, arf fees a le th a goo thg? nkam a weoml habu a aresebat lnth athoo you th n't we wanha t miatss.thou >>tave:nd me an t mi.ovr, >>e: mesnol. claon: at ds th meov. >>ave: a freh, o hoo esl. la f: dcith stuments >>oe: a lerearn o oo f citus chese.en th's rht. maatormand inche. th r. maornd [ ma annncer hed th one lien tthis ree t ofmaour nnericers he dotht
9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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