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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 2, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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n ckwr to . ilhe ryutriwork >> hey e th percto tem. >>rkre >>y tthpayeerrs gttingte >> scam >>id y g feein diy dng it? >> f newams >> yeereirting, d gre it jo help few reinrentedfrom estjo hp oran newerser isedom btret bar. an >> amtandewgsere inset thos ba >> misonndgenhoaboror comex now rt f one naonalar or n re i th grenaalarntre enesy. i invethed oremproduponoree ma of e ve o tecologsroonnd dustes tt omaver f eeaecog geratemillns o st job tndr ea illis of do arsgetell oorob li amofica. e liots ama. lilb, ono aph, , rayon mhinetoch, ticroeks y mne pictoces. wehougic it uld ks gat stting lacecto l.ok at we ug t d esidt goba'sla for stngce lt id equay tnsformob tivs wavlaor of novauaon t ofoe he pivmiseavs wlf crte t job vand the w oalthhe pse w ofhe next cr t obnturhe wth ean enofgy nxtchlog thresentur nn baed his visng withestiion ofaxpara isis llar th wherhasll ofnf your mnepa gone
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d whe re thear ers jobf is yr m ne onppos to cwhreatehe the obpr iident'sreen obsoso canat a v ionhery goapren osren as a pontial von oaghtm oe? a begin poiaith t stm slar deln atast ts b sght r d pspe as t predes bt clai >>ou bh s wear trehat t mberou a autoivai >>s b are whetr th and no inger b a e trivh soelp ou whndd? o g b ye s.trso >>lpiday tost? dratic mome yetay t in et sndalrac meet sun oundg sallind msu thend sol nel mker who gotndheol l mrhoot ha milln inelpnda tn wt bell llinp. >>ou meur t t wet the llif ats >> meur tfit.he if the s invtigorfi heeo pry annvg haisonndeorynill haonl stobrg th arp estis. >>hat thelanob p ti t >>t heay bnk xpays? b >> werthey dayup b >>erey dup blynd.
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washis a violaton o fedel ndla.w? as>> ts iat o de ecutis i tok tir rits n to etincrinat iok t emseries. n o wilyou inve yrriat 5th se. amenilent ught allnv y qestish day? s. en t >> tt ll q stiry o y? t s osolyra goe ba to 26 whhely comny oe pliefor hebao deptmenof 2wh ener forom over entieoar ep guenante uer a eruorert mini ratigute u au pro am nio retice eenhse gas. ro ilere nh esolyraas aitin a lydecion tn cdida a bainck ob a waci t p cmidang tapend en obwa pmiigge t thand on reen technology >> m engyge phanonen chlogyill m invtn pn 15billn tostabsh alnvreen engypect 15 tllttoab w al cenree en 5 miction b ov ts thnext w t cre dedes. aft tmikin ov ofthficextis t minirati movdes. ft tkifcequkly. put nitiov quy. utsondra slled loasora apicat snedn thfasoa tra.
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>>apoeat bden wasthastr annnced >> bnas $535illinnedoan guantee 35li for n guaee sodra eorirstuch ant derhe oba soa sth tadmi istr ion. r itill s oerveba funtio for amitrn. str gertmerlan sve funio foonom a >> intrreray 201the esidtom n highghte01e idsongra as ghte ahing amplofrsotingras job for t ain turepl >> t trung enobneorf t eonom re owth ill t aruays benompaes li eom thl as bpa lisondra >> h doe aompa g frosora hvinghe dreoedent othe apa g ro uned stes vis ed o hangngnt oe un th sfbsisa conscat his fis? >>as i th fraonatis 123> thfi >> i ra vestatinthe ime sne ta and23th stine e taktag itndn th ildi. >>ou bievet is aakitmok th scen tohiel hedi >> bveisok sc tel minirati's gss neigen. >>hat niti g itecti did hene en ha wit>>ththiteou durg is itetiidpress? ha witeedoteutouur our prs? edur
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vestatiointospes. the futurwille lg st to ioto thsp. he furll coury t ltgnves io th cln enouergy t t>> bithe iore hancl 14 migyion bameranh outf ewok,n 2 mlionmi nmorehan en persideutf oamawo m on ok oreice,n me pricade ao oa need a wther t u . oe,ca a gornme reelly c a wer tra tfo u e gome etire ry.s c econy asra i ere.s eonas wies. i ecomic disio wi.o c 300 milln amrica. thisour deioill g beyond t00 ll amheadcanes e t isr hlman g feend t of pside ads t hnama' gre pde ener lici. fora' the lreast ten montere ha ci treled rheoast lot enasnthaisit tredst buling as ftori andithter buplanng and frind lisned rales annd of despisr and hope. we dn'tesetfhanco tal span to pside. dt oba orncalny e i phisdebaradmist tion ia s rpeat inteieweestsad wmieon nied rat but didalk totewts num wr o ed sut orteidkoum o of e suprteesidt's gree job picy iludf g two n wh gotids eeob p pyside iialudghou
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t inwh tots ar's sta of e p de unln ou addrins. t s >> robt ar'ta gf y lleunare drothe w >>ob a run amallee chig r oof ghe wunompa tt a haal ig ha rof ofheirpa t ha ftory wthaofir unus and the f rryce wionit em nd theheound rncen psi to ed. he doturnith bndssisi fr o th amecan do rnh bsitaxper >> t fy wi t elthp othemen govementoanxp t t twi t etyel spa o e bei ve untse tn t mufac ererpa ei sorse shingleingol m allacr ross heso cotry. h gl whedidngheolll g rnm t ss fir stargettg coy. hevolvd? frothe g vmyireginng ar tt teing how wcalv ma? ro a e busiss out ofinth and te hg pingow wuscaa to tha t asiuofthnd hsingng o ha a tir ng reurceto pd ualg. >>hen the tr llen rece b pro uersoundal >> nthemhelvesow o caen f brosnd em sueslies o u cle famashere es whewe we inre o n.our f he w inneed tnedo th g oerentr and i ed sd havdth to ve a gert artedr milon savo dol ars or ete il bathin are gintoppen.ol o ey fnd a wayo gbaeinre us ginen a f aw weay es alo.
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for w us it s a. rust dsen >>owanyeneopl a youny beenpl aba to ouhir >> thela ie abo o hi 1rut wehe ha hir la ihi 16. eouldou hair bn le thier6. fos wildouthe gernm btn ter fowit sistce? g nm i ertaly wou hav bee lot st? rdetalyouav eemayb to. >>his sumde ybart? it s aigo. >>s umt? t ahelp owe >>hrisnew me ione the n th didire. he i hlpeo ha e t job he>> is w ist oe he my e. h >>e hishaob t isob s till on oey pporli not >>ly dis ts gernmt p slln for h c pany or to t d t cvert gtsnm p r h pructi cineny it also pa cngrt consprers tie buytlsheallen brnsher's soruyen brr'o ngle >> iasatchghe esidt's eechnd ile ichhoug 's w thed me lo kingids ch iinto >>i aug m e w ofedelo newngerseinto disceredhe gov anmen gras m fdoansewiveseo cpaes sc
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ed li theoven allra roths arensveonly cpa li he e walltaxpersrethayinreg f theyreen waxpsin f eenonom instl soromehingl o tir ho stso alled tem t writeglff o t e-thd of heholl0,0 t t dllte co onheir thofeder0 dxesll. focothemnirharmistnder sta at hees mom fo iemwasrmtta hom is 100050 doardectio 10 50w jeeyewable do eneydeio mandes me the djelblvenne swndter. m he woun issu tm swr. ou isu tmolare rewablener cerifites eachonth eeryar mon t reblerereris mpanch wthl puras e theymndon t pa theosts n to thean w olerurhe pahesttohe o stoms. oh on eragwe we geing 7-peommont ohbac we cn ld wagk wgeg awaith pentc 15000 c w dolls in awa prhit. we suld art50 geing ches ll inin 3pr mon.thsut sd thete wilg bkhes in te irom were 3heons sysmhe il co bs on i >>mhee fysirst che co wilbeon betw n>>24nd fst50he il twdoars. wou the hav50 itald thedos.
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lenouheav bther sar ialhehing syst witnut tir beller sax yerngickin the stit ttab?ll >> . r wioutin hee ba itb? w ldn't ke a sen wit tdo. a thet to w usn' wi out aheseen t bsid.s pay g fhe theoswitse inallaon i wou n't id meay f heany nseor the tdo inla iout.e y youe aghee wh tat? at .isint. thue's illg w l o wrko ? do t gett. to eths l l o w busine o eto to be une suicie se sufcien >> ty sao they re catin su ie bs ahat wat'soodor se uf ene tsaey cin aat w'sod ecouny. >>et offherucndut it un pla>>o thffuc contcto ttt holaed iptho th cnt gtod tnd ho ieno thth g th utity cpany tha has to re morti c pnysonnoha hao orspecthese sol pnnstem it'sjo bs ec esjobols, jobsem 's bseb, bs bs. to ur o meucce st.ies w haveo en to o mece reinst o sts w evergyto poli .in o >> the ey govnmen mons li >>heke >>oventonsshaoverent ould
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be kein >> enyo ttnkoert ld inn atioin rougyo t o history wnnn tio ug oisry w t vernntetsehin is a go thi ng. rn is s rineal i al ysgo aiad. s ' r al nk tasl eson nev gadow tere loa trom e enev ggovement o ax payereroam fded vent oye retes fr itdconsers. probly wld b res ittunnnsurs. xtstry.roy w b aininn proamsor eenst. js ni that donros n exis aton agn, y are pickgphe b. is ag yre pck we'r amera's turagas anhere wh we d toy: suppted 'rarlyer mils on raseadyobs anre whe to ppd lyacilss o coury..dy s ... ientts, chnians, enneer macnist .. ac oou.. . nt, nis,ener ac..staddi neay 40billn dolls tour enomy. ..diea40ll llto ewe'rmyat w k pridinpowe tolmosa quter 'r wofprur hines awe bus esseto.. osqur ..and vings clner des to w k anofscho h... a usse ..d ngcl r anstomoow w anwe chold d.evenore. eane domtic,bundt d crantingmoobs w. c dene. neomc,nd crngs wee amica'natul ga wee smamter a'wer,tuodayga len mo at ga.u smr r,ay
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lemot .u [ juor ] plad pressial baskballor 1year ju ]todla i opr si65 w dy'sskestallants 1arod o and w get'sy fitancints om capal. b i so g stund etthfi goeinway yondm ankiap.. b g tu notthnly oend py ple ndney,ki we hp th savit. ot y pjunie ] gy,engiers h fothd waav to .t mynerguse. ni ggi chesl ]fo wamoro effimyent rgghtie. hel uniostaypen ter. he] rfijunit ] tiand elrve re ciotomeay.n r. o yore n jusgettg nan al citalni. d e cme [ chyoyl ] nou'rusalsottetti huann ca nochjust ]oney'rknowsodge.ti hucal. junr ] capal. there n jusbank s...nosteyowe. un] e'reapuild.s.e n[ juusor ] heed ild busess reld ju ]aneyhe d uss [ urie] thamazg sty wheer bine art ssue c akit fm aurali to a u.[ labiethazst he be t ue a ctienak finautimelior s gerytou.ab y se lika trped- hoywooa premene. inme sry seiktrd- ho♪ oo♪em t ifou te ay e draticcore. if t a dr icreake ay t dizing 360egrecame mov e tizg0remeov nd te aw th ovethe-p
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stt, taw thvee-st ou'rstilleftith a rettremaableale. b'r, okil, mafte keh thea ttindmagentleupere.del meo.bokmakehednterl o. thk yo [ ma annncer innotiveedic solions th yo dex. lutimas thnn materr. noveicolns x. tithat
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>> teld u abt the govement gving yr m ey t td ub helar ergy vent gngcomp yies.r m t anthenoref r youoney ey tomps. peop whoanenuyeoueyheiro subidied opho prodts. e goalirubi t crte gen od. jobs go d gusrwh? g ebsover ent gu alswh train e rkertoil ert ev if trase ob eril dom.t evf tt, leao not yet.
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scr eaotdriv. the mulyet. i cr ginto cchiv e mrighulhe ire in>> in c 201gh the.s. dreartment i of lor gaveearl01he. d3 mtmliont l ofaxpaerve mrleyo thork m onrce coect onofper m thnonprkit e orconizacton tt i pnotnerprhip th t c legeor oza tt ntra fl piderp t cge o etraut t trafl the unemoyedor nreen rahejo. >> emed sol nen nelinstjolatn, >>ol l atheatiosttlandapg, cotruc on rel edheioilnd. >> coucelhomarustkinnil is the>> ma sto ofheork fornn ie coecti. >> hoseofere l opkons orat e parcints ccoingti i to>>hesee ops progm haed. ars c ogvethe ito nt 8 m thsog worha d. fo e cntiove awaeed n msor traing fo cioerticesowa ai 2 tco uden. >> iearno nst l en olar>>rn pals a allstbout hare shld ablo pa i atallllut the thgs a givsh erblaco ithe llwer he comthpany aiv >> rertac wsonho e lrt h mb asny rtarehse wn l h mager as rnedehorehanalf d mozeer
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ed egreenjob f dzecerticat. >>t toke eeb anyere fcemrtat >>6 t mae 7nye f6 ma7nth i go insllatn and sarth go thmalnsat nndstalltion s >> ban wiliam th earldbout allon bzen ceficails.m itard tooutim 8 mths to nceca. >>itooonyhrou mhso fiday you-5 ettyuch ery fayy. >> nitr5 wtysonh nory >> nilliits nor e vast wnorlis maj ity r vt wk foe cajney ion w foradues cneotngot e jo the tined dufor. >>ardt to ljokhe a t youed wifend y i idn'>> fddo l job aouiy. >> ork orcein' cnectnelob us o rean t>>irkce cctnraelduat co dn't gri o jeas ts that?aat co'tri j2010he frida ste th? gislure sto10ed fda writi batesl echks ttoo homowne and w tisine es w technsta ted solomnend sy w flidata taxayeol us toayp sy s. to50 perflnta otheax cet ofus othosane when tha to50er oe s csidyf osneheha nish sdy demdrast al sh
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drpeem reazing thetudenst alwereheeeihe drea jngs thehe enogra re traedei h f jhe rraustyra hskinrd fecid to ometying th may in surise yid. mo ono thategn a thayure moynt. mon ha rst is m says wat happed imo.we t cali may w florida isppa ieni aundhe untrli it ilid cosng ishei andax pertr i dely. os use to high r pking de. seo partignt olabo r ofngfial in thbush rt adm oistrboion ffin wnt th shto wkdmtrn or e ste's w nt mmun y w coegesyem. we sts unyoegre toidesy. weis intitreo so hecoul tl us how he iit pursd millis f hul tsoweolls of rs mlis fedel grts to tintuntslof fogree jobe deaidgr dn'to t s ex ee >>obd dt wt re the ex >>creria >> y had to wt hedentycr aia y ad orticarecr ont fin da thathowewherth job icec >> youre aatngweid yer not ob thaous yotrrec se os>> ty wen't bs? haeec? >> they were nt the. grt wersouldake >> loy n th .gr theata w wn'tshereldke tolosupp t
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thgran eaplictiore >> wot diyoupp telour thrantan itericio to wdiuel r tointd th ero o dooithhe i td tho do the bdoest thecould i tkingp t thdohember bt >> mheinul the ng tup >> tert's mheght. wha didhey do ts >>heyriedt. t haidigur oy theido >> aylesed t tur o akeei the aual as t mainreamob t fendhe a al een inam t j f nddefition >> w e yo n effts j succsffi?on di you wt thyoffndin >> t colgecc i diu th word atinas tol very i scesfulnd wonor mant rygran. >>ow seslonnan >> 5 or 6 grann js >> grnt n >>ow m h m 5eyr a we gr ta jlkingrnt >>out? m m arobaeyain aou t? 10-ba2 mylion allarou >>0-mon0-12illi ofour ary. >>id y feeirt doi12 lifr ? no >>the yeertoi fdera no deptmen of ebor dn'tave dfitioofhara areenobepen f r id'te d fi itioas ltomple up taen u to it lt dideplep w tt a u greob was de or w asn'tre >> d othas colege ds the me 't th dinth ol>>e dhe
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thi eve body isoing itthin i th k itsaenin allhi ve d acisss tng it s >>finllour clege ac g tst >>fr0-1 cge mill gn dollar is a cmon 1 acti lluoar i a mulplyhat cn itti ul styts ttbecoeal motey >> is in e st t hcodred ol moey i milln ns ifot h bedlion o of dolllls. i >>fe reiv bdonofespoe fm theptmenof lor. ll >> rantiv todopo f th asthemfen l abt oto sistlemlowes crs ab al ogati butls f tlwes alnyti ut grn jotraing scess f sties. wand t grjo aai ssshembouthe sts. an t exaord aarm styutusty skin rd oextherd wktorcety conntionold us. in oe sk wnekce sys h wasnntond . skilli toake e mon sey hnd asun. ineadli toe ony hen cou. notla the instdajory oreenn ouotla tr neese n gen jobs heor cal oden uphe govnment tresnd g tiedobeo al rern t taxupoven yer dne >> wreare t hoaxnestopleer we a not gin to weost slependou a ot ney st bausein we ve snd g y b seit.e areoingoiv theoney g ba. wean't ake. t s rewngk.iv he th saiey to us wha
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ba we'te twill? he aysthheaiosha d artent lar siedn wl? es poposl drt t thatould ut glaensin obs on e ba p burosr ndat world gs to n t hi ba ur grs anyobsor a all.o hi gran sismont lat a robt l. wiln stl do not si hnteatob ilb.n grn ostdoot h gr o otrwise. >> isind ardettiotis trai ing a the trad inindsti suosedo beor aiobs ahera sinpose to b avaable suut edbesthere. s >>seextt wahoma bvale edis'ser pr>>testtidwa. lma to e creionisf prst ge ral leltrico cren aentuater ge tlreenelic atu veerion ans t lhtsen o ven fors ls oor
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thers on e bole lt ! ve g to ll sie ! eron bo l! the ndinmache onlm is a gost o pty. s ! e inm oncht, bons. at y. w poon b sorr! po were on r buness rr we o buss t's routgreg toresn gring sinees u maine--macne t hnols y utegtosn grg ne u mae- acfr t verolon w eles sie frer w es e ndg maine. ale ady lled ndmae.
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>>n 19 thas eson >> pateed t 1th en fir comrcia llyte t vile lht lb. cnged t woriromiay
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vi l b. c fedev t or cret cread miionsf jo and f evunch ediso et general eamins jo ndectr .ch e so n thenal tr govern nt day cr eate th gree jobyovanrnng yrteison eeob ghtyulbanndorciononsers buy t abore ccitlyss alte ativuy it'se cy brng qstioin teiv 's ncheer brn qio hevgini. >> for5 yes thvni genal >> elecic lmpla inoryethen wi hestec vir lnialan pvide hundds omerins ithwi gostodir a gh p payinde nd ojos.ri hohend i p finstot hirednjos. n fst therwere 9 plued pli. evybodwantadd erre 9lu i b.evod nt >>d due wkedent for most >> 14 ua wrs.d tor ma st30 1n ur. th t pay i sma mingt waur tay o inmes baical my.g >>wan otr wos, y wer doin. >> yeinh,s bae weal dng ea>>lotwo yer in go. >> >>oingyeh,we deaealood until go >>ng prlidengeor w. dshigned il energ iepedenc andpren or . curine a ofrg i 200pencnd ri af (appuse)00 >> t l i efct ppe)
3:24 pm
>>a ted the l if incaesce liathe bb gradllytartgn caceijanuy, b ad y 20.rt g thmainndeaasonueduc e20 th ingreeaouseas. t oe oftheuceasus eeseas oofe -spoorssuonesmanred up n sa ipowoulsdreat bsnd to the chigupsa iulat rublin wte to e ig in a pess rease rli sayguotn psee aytodasot icaesnt bul contdan th iulbscas tomasuldis ntth crtedbs 120ears this cmmon s crse bd20rs parsan. apoach is con s b ptnsarnith eric ap ch dust to savnerg awell ptn as hph oicsterhe stoavcreaon rg all h newoomeeri manacting jo.ea n priden oba we pcted moranetg jo jo prentoo. oba p whed demorcra beed upjo t o. lit ulbwh emabl,ee yearnd p t ha libr. >>odaybe ar yr ha annncing actis th wl c ate>>ayarobsnnnin the ort run tindth sav w cesoneand e tunav ducemissens indthe ng n. >>ithi a cess ionthe ge old >> wihesthi empyeesth tirge js ld wod be sppedo wi stmpes txic j
3:25 pm
>> w t wawobe sed the eaio froic w wowaershenheou rore lold wothe sant snclosg? >>e t wan'tdood e t in it i ve aos gd >> thiwat whed you e toin youre i g going o hi hese yr u tooujo ge held oog o one y last rson fo hlpjo ged oneas rn t fo hlp psibityf troftinghe t pbiihest fa ory oofngake nst fayeind bl d bus th conrmedo th b natiallyandate buthon ed thquirents ti>> tlyy ditestunstend checd th ir martseso teedistf s ey cld r ecththm. >>ar in e ef ge c r clod thethm. >>ant en tugh n e employs clo th fere tot t sghsh the wgesmoy and bene ts t savere theo she wsjond. >>whatid heyne tel t veheu? >>e wod hajo >>atyel o wo for >>woha thin butore ey wld twonk or conderi . >> to addinute w t onri iult youreo ddry g offeto dkeep s iet oouth soon g fe dep o tbemp loyeonunemoyed on r a tye extrcoup weenlyfemedheyn ainetheiexic trupee y placentsyo doheir neeiicbs. did y vol teeraco tsdoir? >> ..
3:26 pm
goid yol dowerand ai oomedyowd t nowob wn iamosin me job, coun't to ow w i. in m onehing see b,ou tcert n, weve if t nengee igrt bb ban ve f do t catig bewan do cjobs itbs lots as tugh wilreate tm o terseh . il >>haletat tashut wn the sergin pla >>le geillt coniderhe inlal on maerfacting t comct mactg t uoreentbulbom mad repretet irvie lb ques toadenal ectric tep get ieir siee othe esoor th eri t dt linerd sur o ef.or >>ha do thu tnk t dneesson to leard >>o t t? >>soon ess s ouldo uerstedar at psing uc>>sld ust egi pating haucuninndednquenies.ti tehaxasinedepuican ted en.p oe eass leduaned phe argf agnst e ldgh bulb rgrovionagf tht lt. lb >>he oth tngfvonth nseqnce e th ame cans>> oth t eqe th me ns e ot of r >> w to yo sayo oofeop o
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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