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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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at 6% upo nows,ou wal arenk the atpier ang whpow therewo ofhe emer inse a the wargi ofhe eor f anlook t nslori, whhee yogi f e r ening aan sokong t secd tori wh yott r mney r wngl ahe a sgecdof r k rey w he rry. at'soingn? >>wo rhing firsof a it y. 'sng s>>ws tha theng rsvoicof t ateop is muc shaorehe poicrful thanps theoicef tuce me a. po asulou knw, se ofheheceedia t outlmes ha beetryias to k sofak theiaepubcan onte tlhaeeyioa ntes betw n tweubovernrs. te e ppleay somhing estwtw erffer.tly. t th psecole mai thiom thngat me o ery. o thcoaihi tthat mes oge is mo powful o tn tt mon. thes i nt amootowl of m teyryinon thnflucehat a str pllf min te. lu rend atus,tr pntrounthe st e, h. somenas, rales met unwitheeopland st hom isalet eson pl detherhing i di staedong. spkingerng iita frida ltspng iall. f da i dn't st sw uphe weekf thl. d ate. d t s>> aup rig. yo say ekssagthis me impoan d thae.n aig mon .yo y agmone m is stil pompornt.ha don'haveo teon yous a nes silor. n'veteoua
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busissma it's vltioto ganition t' ur cpaig vioays the lt ni on coup of wee yds. are cigs akheg l in eve lupf heedred yrehousdsak g llar ave day hin ted secduartus the ar prevusay uart t yecrt tohe ev inrt y 2.1oilln. ththirquar ir end o fr1ay. at'she nber ling e? thir >>arheenumbe o i gng tfr be. mo's tha n ther g umbewe tned>> be in i g tefore we dmo'thahe knobe td inor dno by w mu. buyou e rht. ry muund-isingas buu picd u r. d-in ic ubstaiallas aesulof at wt haenedn tall aulrida i thk itent a mes wgeha thaed ida th itam atiables canhadate the i oer hing a thamadeblhis oneante m e e o sigfica, th pngpleha de hos v ing e the migcath pe str phol vg he we degato th wertrmuch p mo iormewe andriti dlatbou tho th areerch gng tomo ve imendtior.ou is i whythre i g belve aoot v of .peop ttri itedyt isel ae df at topre irid ally subance he. e d inou sayore t i tha lyubce $2. he e in miayion,eha2. mllio $4min, mlion >> ion'tnow. t itill m norio of $ mon i't
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millw.n. >>itkay.l or sidefyou, the $ llther >>y.ig sry deu, inhehe sace in inew jsey g. verncehri iwhrise. jy rn sport--ri becse pple e liskingt h recd or e srt yrs, ec peas lnguppoed a hec o n onssau y, wponspo a suonorteauciviunio f wns sameex c ples su tehe svisio bei f inhis c ntry me ces with stein dumentionss n cry a thcrim andhatloba denon war nng i al a i queson: s he a ie. t libal t be t es: he republan ninee for tib t esid t? t >>es. e blbeli ne thee a lorf id >> .consvati s, olie thth kno l his siti on tse nshingti o ththatno ys tin t deleate the areng noattoing yo be ablo suort hiel te hei threk nong thabeisbl absutelsu at hiabil y fo hithm,k ifeha getin thbsel re. >> hy dilyou foink iey wf't be ablet tho sport r im >> d>> bu ausek ost t bebl cons svatirts beeve tt e bse t shou tnfor nsti ourbee t bders theyou dorot bieveur pple oulde he brs ey ditho bve pe ld he domention. they don bieveholoba wming is a risisdo ontn. eyon b w ngs tmht b e o asi the o, bu th don seet a t at. csis o tm b a ohehreabu th on
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ee you goight aown a the cs o a linea he'soingo tu ouofhtawn lothe o nsertivewithin tho'sngtufot o sitis. >> erveantth t aho y as titrou ing ory >> thet f tnt a pa y of s eashi ton oug y poshe ftodabout rckpaf ehin posry. da thgoveor outf rexas itndic pes t.t orthve o yrs hisas milyitic tad at hunngamp ynis st ly axas andunhepame it, itte snd oe t, te a o sneas sn-he. obousl tsn'tusthe obsl t't-thead he w parof ttampad eve wn ar t as govnor. yomp reaion,ir? mveeact nas is,hat'ovr yoean, v?y mcts,t' sensive. v yereisn'-- tre i't nse. e ren' t ve, iegate wo tn e "nord. d fo vhim toat lwovet t the as "n ng ahe dd. fomo befe -- lear at tyhes a daint oref-- i--r t it jus pntain onsentiveo i lo it ousblac pplen pnen thives lo couny. >> oou kacw pehat? t's lkhi aut un >> k 9-t?9. >>s aes iight uhen. i-now you>> d. ht at'sourn.
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dea. wou les fa dyour 's risrin tea. lefa posur ces aisthe tme te th youome t wha po spific c ae tlan, thoue wha spic 9-9n,. 9%lat corrateax-9 ad nin 9%t incoor taxte ad adin 9 nat nal alecoax ad tax. ere e mo queionsboutatlle et'sig i x. e moeuens chruttian sence mon or's i di anhr aanlysi of sceon what vious di a inme a gsiupsf wou pha somne vus in ma gng $s,000 youeaom who,ow ma $ 00 pa y 13ho, pa wld3ay7%. w soone ming $5000%. wou g soe from 17 tomg$50 18%ou g soone king om7 t $0,00a yr8% soe wongd go from 2 $00 y to wogo fm 2 16%. o is i thenalys of t chri6ian%. i scihecelyof t onit . rin thpoorndciheiddle cla payit mothre.or e ri paydl ala l yo l.ess. ri>>ay oka i dot kn thes. a umpt ns th the us. ka le me w k ydoknhe thr aghpt mth he analis wushy le w yshrmptis. m t's keal w they $,000 asti medm s he
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come $at00 $50ed00, ve you toake any me acunt e50, prollouo taxeny eota taxact pid pllax staeoneax $5 p000 ear, i you asse s ne stdard educons$50 ndr,ake iheou ssemptns f a filyst orducsoe th w lpt p f fy o aroxitely $1 000 th taxes.w p axi ly now,% $10 ofax.50,0 w,sf,0 $45. ha you a $55 g45 rig haou ther a w, i55 the gig p er 9on ihe the s pes taof evethin 9g thehave lehe, th s tavein wldhe svell leth he $200 lft w s ove hso ion't kno$2 t lft assptio -- ve >> but i'tno l tk -- aost erybossio woul>>ut say t ln--me tax a it e thebo mostulay t pgresaxve iheax st, at phises int causit tax peoe who me latss at a t usax ler raceo than o tose m l who aaka mor l re sacles x an te ishehoor m st ss s regrsiveaxecae ifhe m chespers in e wor grvecaifuys esrsn or a $ dut hayshe sam s $ e doore pers in hhe nessary, i you re f pttenrshen
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ormost pro essi tnear indou fen trode thmost strosi t rresse, is t thod goith to strk tthe benet ofhe ricandhe rss isth deoiimeno of t te poo >> neof no.icd . yo adeen s tll basgoo i oo. som yo a s asasmptis. iok, ttom o lome, astit , $50om00 a ye tatamilwille50 a $200 ye tat il ahlld. sohe2 ce ou a headah thso's auminthathey snd cou ever adimead hey hthe ain lefatty or. the ermey hbjecveef o thasec mak thole x coaireak t for evelebody leve cohere plang fieornd gvedy ri of tve loooles a ila gsie th g gernmt o ofheri tooes a i buness gf thryin gnmo p oickf winns an lers bu andssfinryin t pk nncidean l whassnd regssivandin whde's n.ha theeregivgd cricisms wh n .thatas oheosedother pplerism thho reatalhe oedncomeer pe tax hou'reeepi thee iomeom x at aax lreerpiheate,ut y ie are a a intrucina n l fedal taxe, y are natronalin sal nedax. ax naalal yes.. how you grant eye aske u thes in he d ate w d iou a g nttyeur ake got
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hn a de fui a a wer. ur hodo yot guanteehatu ar. ho yuaee 9-9t don't come-912-112? in edot meegistioni wt-1? n twisthiron vot ruire wt byhe sena in der r hem ttwirot r rechan b nan r it.m t atan wil iedt. avalrlyil i isin secoallyy theact athe t in te cohet t -9-9s soisib the-9 ericso puicillold theib fe to ehe fe and theiculdhe o-thds m oritin tfeo f ndnateill heneay try t th mit ma t surtheyon't rtesel it. t t d as pside , i amaurey gng t 't rbe wkingt.n bngin as pdeni t a g t de so areot wng gnng t binave t at de to dencreto connue g t raisit bausee spenng s o tncon e con ol this b wse its s nen. o wilget s ndinonth wndert n cont l atilhe ste ti we ow s in this enomyer. >>ou sd the ntat o sertie is d tha emy you >>liev sthatth i y o run dha agnst rack bama you evat i cld y un get agt ckmane-thirdf th c t ricaameran ve. t th mt of-therdth oth caer v th m ofo-thdsths -- yr wor -- th --
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ainwrhed.or- evyone nwd. fm jeeve janeson . onhe lto micelteel fjeja n form chaonman l the reblicic par sayel tha irmshan he insuing ndreicar demaynintoha sug afrin-amicanem in >> fst oall, belve i am gointo g a th d riaman b ause f ol,el mird thelack eopl iin gh this bseount -- d heckpleast- ar is inkint- forst thearelve w, t fac tha tkiy sayhathe ve th word tacha t isaynsenttivehat' th ort ien asvensentives tht' esidt ofsenvethhe uted ates andi in fro ofhe idof coressnal ack ud alkues a dinrof scolng tm beuse iscoss l kpolies hkue a faidhe ol t be ecouny. hili h piciehaveai fled ack un peop. thhi's morieve insting to fd me,k ther han op thorusgnsng a toerme, ern us brnwasd. tm it'sheirnl weaon chr to tbras 'sir t silceea m becsehr t'm il meconseativ it inot ing 'm ork. coun't seiv it g ek. tt out e t ricaamerans therhan ingrainshed ty hav de t ir mcad,erles ern gined taveade t as mou melep urin aoutde as mwhats bt fo theount a.t
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>> at bfohe aneoteay, intunn >> pele a the te an i share neea th in pe ahe tan 9-9 sre th pgram. so 9 bck pplehat pam iun to, soey won't b pe takty i , w 9't-9ak ochu becse i tt 9 consvati, th huec replica i ti ca tha bng nstithepca ca bhaai bashe how n tyakepheir min baihe w t agaiket sothinwhenhey n't irow wt itins. th 's waisoineny a t wit sayg th som thof w tm he bn a binwaedayth om not c side an t h b aernave bwa pot of t ciew,def tny a anare poreputicanfr aw, tre puanonseativ a notll. t se. >>heseiv replica partdidnno have a. sngle s b>>ckep ncaberrt dn co ressve a sle b fm nr coss 200 to f 201 notherre twolack m00berso 01 of cnogreser--ck rep mlicars, and ces docra. hoepdocaanyouespo tohe w dra hou poestio -- estih w wheer t publan p ty wtild- tieverhe t nomite a bl p w afric-amecaner mi a for aicmen esidt? >>y resnse uld hortory
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not a id >>esredie er od the hry ot a ture di se ondlyethe od ohe re untr the selye oitizs movent, ey a trhe rewtingheizovt, la a toew ng the poticalla lancape t if i w ethpoca n for theanpe c izen i w teaarty nor memen if he cen w e a ty nofor e per o the menf inrneti w woun' benonr t ps ohe race makg th einet mov tha i aoue tmaki rig n .ce akth th'sovha i a fferce. ki goeigbac to whath sd errlie. the v ce ooetheaco peopha, th areot s lokin atiehe v oe hiory d woptth there rep llicain tparts hiy wheepcaeput ion rtightave en, ey aooki at tutsnhte , gu tim a kne iskit t putngeal guim ksut l sotionon soonhe -erma - cn is putng rlma soluonsn the c is taute. r >> slu isust nt t ahe yl ta >> quic iy,t tut a t elain coue of thi s. ic le ts go einou hi thrgh. lego ron pa -- wt, waihr.ait ni'llay ia and- wouanai expinit ll i itnd ron ulxp gmpan.
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>> it t oldn ay a i gm tn.llg >> you, k tw itldas aoing t i g me tnll t ubleu, kthisits hohe cngs ac tsso g lot fmeeopl t le this s whis i hhoe cac hrd. twaslayipl bac some f thiswh h mmen h tha. s hve -yiacmeth enha gmpy h - old m. it end thi endhat, gndy d m thisitennd tha hiyouavendt,to f tuffisha ut ene f erythg. >>ffick en sanrum. eth st>>ssed >> ikyou ok a hisace, anm. dunghe dstatesed iu a mist ofhee, timeduhe h des thi moftresul lk on me h h fe.hi at'syes l wor on hi l fke 's rkor stom, b is l rsonity r one shattoook b andppeas toe oreony strneesse t thok s mdeato pesonaty, trichse mor th selax m. >> pna, h morttax omne>> od rely? at'she fst tng y can say r.outim? re the? ser us's thi f t yan y is,this ? beeen hett rneyer chiimin to y tos, bes he ben r busyessm in chein o raceshat toe hussm busness pericece iin wtl h seet. ussusin sri i e weriee ha bee in st. str t. i ew wint as eieha pizeeooke l e tr befo it i s co wed aaizerve
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kei h le gotn myfot co aandsve dty heot n rkinyon mn reetdsnd d rkin bines s, rinher man joett wad seet. inow b fesally rr as jou wewa st. waing her tod f, i lyas s kiweing oundit y ou awag ier staroddi ingi ail ki tg ndit y a ief. u sa to mare,gil t if if. sa becoe m present i tfnk y sai i wheneceecom pre dent we aest t gog to y haive a en momchrent a ippergoto ng. at'she pblem wit m haito e hpeve? it's . radi'sonal pndemit tat'sai al wele and h? t' go. dit ial hpen telie's alhatelnd therocome aime heni houn neeie ctnge the m oo justerme ltle aen bit not ceherastallybut oost chge l ite jusa lile b .t ot 'sstiklyt in chtusli marting ikn peodicly comnies tha haveareenng scessl at peicomesha ve n andi, th sssat mltodif the di th lo to ve i a mreshifook. he loo ihinkail sh the chiek. nds ankl ittithe cie fsher n s ounda >>ttip-h? >> fter son'tnd e-h >> h-hop 't iightut so hopospeeat s ht inut it. >> iant tonkpe yat. itasn'int. it tnk pnned y b iit ln'e
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thatou ce onur ped sw, i b a i l yo tou at conuesturns, u s a iwe th a ithyo graou andoodst, hor. a th i hshthatra a tnd otherd hcand.atesn t s rai atcted t thway eru sirnd es >> tnk y t. ra i keed hatthy s ir c tplim yt. yoi knowthe aricat peoe, c im beeve,yoow aereci ae mcaeottite towas nswingbehee, a touci m it qutionand ingo waswg be honout out w yoquond go fl. e thatonesones whhe t peoyoe. >>ll rht. fant o atonote watouaveeo >>w b rk. ut >> y.e >> l's pet ohe bku y l p o seen. s n in. campgnra. alys aleaseo s ou .mp . al aas sou alws a easu to e yo >> tnk y. >>p ne, bibusiss a the esidt. lw wea sk tsu meno yo t y heth>>nebi president a he id we ten a'polithes are hntpinor huing e ecomy.a'li a hin hug ecy.
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what inhe ml? ll, ju atightnsurp mse y . , u ht brpause ythis s ho peoe an busess nne. bseisho eeli safeo andanecurusthas
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e portnt ltersnd linforaftionnddon'ur a g lo in rtin a lr. rs oronn' glon a dippeawith clk. di eaut ath delclere fm pson pern. aelre and, ometes,f p n evenerace.o fa. d,ets, h e aenreatceay.fa y too or se othe st wys h toaonneatt an.prott.. yoo s oe w toneanot. its alin t ma. lea morat us.c/mai ital ta aor u.cai [ le aounc ] inlindasteests evenagu s che pr o. pr o?! t i'[ bee abuyinc ra forinearsnd tets enu chpr pr! i'eeyi raorrs [ inki ] iondewhatther qutionle cices've de? [ ki ideaterquon cese ? '80sanceusiclays sigh ] 0sceicys [ le aounc ] chse tte. ooserego gh [ anc ch t. se godlesshriisur mt polar omotn at r lober. here so ny c ices estri gues lois it. mpor ot r ob . malannocer it'srendleo c eshr p totay alnor 's le mu as hru lito a ednybsay y. lik li newmu s sweeliand icy rimpny yik all r $199. liew eed y mp mnames anla tpp l $1 .and sea od dferely.mmean t d a dre.
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chr: wi theoble recory t thrt ofnoth re ssiohrand wie sthek maleet endi i co throfthor ua reeriod sstincema di i >>uace man in t pri>>te stor e nospeang o agast priden oba'san tri p slicir. no eafor oga ore prom tenba bines p cirld, w welrmerede t bes sth airm and eod,eldf s fed rmnd fremps and rertedohns fofrder blapsnd rtnterinmens levion afor lahairn ofheerme r.j. vi a cirpaniof i floda. r. gentmen,et's srt w chni ihe ate lo the. ecomy. ntn,'s s w mr. ith,owee e ahe in . h,eee? ol is was ngto maki i ber ororse isastoki i>> wel b i or thihese enomy el ihi i e my ow. r i ecomistand our . formion wocouldstotd shothat urwere rmnnring aodhoecesaton. buthe polieshat nges. a bueolst rsui at e feral lvel a
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e uit erta fly nal ll catin a siatio whita n cin wld ceate siiohi grow in e enomy eitr. >>hen w cte you own emyay tt --it hat is>>nou hurtg gwthhat cing t -- ouofts rt was gingth?t cg ouasgt ll, econo i dided intowo par, no i iestmt d aed to consptioar iandntm a nsio dn - and iestmts00% -nd rreled iittm js catio andur i%estmt levels el are j cio d siifictly w w iretmheyev s ve bren inhe siic pasy w soury binorpote t codas our ergypo t policyod oururrad gyolicocy anurtheremeouadic anemencreen relatis are impinghere econy's ilit toreti growre amp g reasableevel >>ons itr. jnsonyou roid ahis asle elek t t yo don' thi tha jon u ths lea trshiyon'hiha th eitr inhe wheea houhir conessillit ern wh at y calouonsl ehe yal zoum ge ntaly, a tha zis t i ga,
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obousl tha ial aha tne se i winsthe o erobideslha iecesrily s s to ns lose oe thpresent weveesly ts we ys htoos ss athes dift rentve twe h oble slet' aifnt lisn. >> tles i y t'now,is t i yw,reat greacountry atadatottea eauny ttleoftndouno wete didn he thaletameno e co etit e eddn thawe n hded overhahee lt cple ofcoitedha nd dec l cpl m johfon has arica ecsines. gotn mohoft? as or i aca wnehingnot ptin up ot? i ma roa w bngck to pinp bus ess? ma oa b chro temerin bines uss nos? hr gten tri bes no sof g n ameran binesisilleithof er besle invato andhntreeneu who nt tgrow tcono in ptond pele treeuho w k. tow tno p th pe t w pblem is, i hink beten pbothems,heous andnket the thusndhite hehous we ha a policalolte usea war. a is rt ool theal ool s way ohe o notiang whas minus
6:22 pm
y o min a nia whashain youe' talkbout it. in a the replica areha sing,ou taxe are lkut mint. but heepe'llcaalre sg, abou youxereinutllal eitle nts. ou oud thdemoats e sayg ele ens.tlemts a thmos e ours aay we' entalkem a abo yous a taxee' lk bo anouthissay ets u a t xelitil feze, anis impy tings o u abily a to ti fe,mpngombe o ilo glolly. onef ththinthis thabe gous tnkin abo tlosy. neth suinect is thehaommes romgo the tinbo t o ofsut he tmeomhe ca-ca coan who said it'sof t eier ing-ccousinsho in hinaid w'sicheomp eedr og ain inna wh ll-magedompa andeaidp at ithe us.igh xes -medpa andid the liti l di ide ae uurti s bu anessndurti e tidi ati iestmt. bu ssmr. ith,ou dtiusins al iertmhe . h, dinal wrl. h rig? >> wrl we we veeen. i h cada for ig >>ee yrs.n i ur ca r secr, y.rans rtatn, the arplen ofec chaenge ns atin chthina,ar canen sfhat forha ge sure ha,an stor rewe he had aremeous h grth spurad the a. whme is wsh iould sr is tha
6:23 pm
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
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6:26 pm
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6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:58 pm
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