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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 2, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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progaedai. d wre earointhatheai thchiomb mereainat w thothiom kerle and ficils ogilly saot he hk m htave end ci akengill sa out a hwell, but todaye en enop t ayemlli ofbucialt sayg heayas not ong e dead. em lotof raleactayiohen tay t g de . inro t othnolog rtoct t taet o en ts.ologo > th isro ta o tbe weapens. t thwasrowo tbe ap uccess, the pre tdenthavwae wo ed iand probayee n heceth pnt v engle mos t ian idacroul thing we ha de le cripposlet iac ul tngal-qae wda >>has isha cenpp fro -qae th w >> havisxtmehaenewro no all o fth w areav musliew ll f thatree ve tusefte n ate t efeapartf it kn neti al . eaarf zonetrik are kn ou arenalbut havtito walin ou argneenikreound ouer ar al naatt e aved w tbe much oug ster a beretterorde na at e winedhis t marme. >> aar agu bnte ther u.sde is ins ill yingmeo wi. weold ounhees uterd osnox rl ort.ngwi thstat we dd tm hasrd oox issued art.arng fthorat all tm asamicsor ldwiis aedft a t ng frone llattack s t re ares norwi a concerns bo utnetas tre ntaliio onrn
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s r ste ceuttanni l in washgtonith lie thionews tostght.cenn land eve, ihat shonh iththwse latest to t. retion o thd e,tstke? ithlast reonthhaisonst tke hehaisonun t swsunnnircraft ms t be ken 0 nsew momnnentumirt wi a nwo rk o fe orenrd n basoromtumlanes cwioupled nwo of wi an rebas tsnes c approedh acanng nd t targetiurpph ngems ndand t forgemerur vi-predentppuded the em s vedndorr votes vihere ontbamauded adnirati i nd voresehe oma adti i roacve. >> rch poi w reac. th'vegree ty nd tbe ptougand areiv i defendeeing tthe nd ugd natreioiv a us infeomg eef e same n us techniquesf at beam e minirati did. >>nd teni cesney als says t heniti di p>>sinddent's whinis a s auoritto l tnch stike pntme wcann cize l ikaueit lh e awliife's clearciarze l ike of al-qae rr. wl >>iell,steve' ilear ae k>>nol,w evlo i of mitarleads, experts, k analys are l marngadt wex s, impahe pos sialbleys stre l ng w ghve on al pada?heos e>> itrs neot a dth
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ghblbunt al itdail ham pe i-q naeda th ange accoing tobuxpts it tham talkda ge co gtheusoce dxptstmen rethportedraaledk m be rehe tushe d strenke aro ngre art hitn a a ricabecireze t i se heroas pngtt a attks nhihe aca u i., a the wheas n ptto way a n arre himndso u ahehe w n w decisi wre madimendsostke ci>> iw aad be de. ke h b w car ly onef key h leader i wn cl-arqaedlyane and k le therersnly aerin num iber l-ed a nd ers lyeadeer tin num is tn ldenfite itt hushem a hurtsnfit their opatsnalbili a and itur he nds snalnd m akesour op na liunndt me sece a nd s na safnd mesur d it isun a m sec m aajornd s ac mpl t ent. in e me mtimeorthe ste deart mentacas iplued eirt. wa ing n u.sme. cmeizhe travel ng errtsent i sd ayrg wa g c couiz b e el eretsealiato sry g nti-ther can tas,et alto anwhe i hei- world ie tas, wa of awki deathhe and the wld e t veledv edwaf alwaysoawki dth a regterithe .st.lembased a ay whs youoe in a egteroreignmbas cou rywh ouhais a. >>teventorniei thank you veryoumuch hais ho>>wasve anniha a ymericaorn rych clic
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bleho tas gain smu ari influencnhe aqaa clice g ganition we l tafl a cncser ok a toqaght a fox news cnn ni onan be weeta s cr t tot ox ewsth. oxe nse poinhe th. amic an errost hsted by billmmhe t t'son htictanro h9.m b. st n,bi don't t mt'isss. vice-pridenn,joeonbin's m brother.owut of t ice- pr enspoeal tht fther re oceiv tina pge f led withhite wd. reivin a fncge b fidenled sayingha tthte en. lo ce in e m ailf at ben ss flinidag home er y.lo c i ansome mf thlpowd ar g on fl datoomise erhey.n h ope edanmethwd gn t. o nd we'reheolhd od he e'ce-preredent broer imdiaty caed ahoti -p re whntevrocud th areimaatndca osed dowti the re s.whu th >>re wndhe weoet edow tres. >> w weoet sething of suspiousatur pecily flowi the0t set ng anversary 9sp1usur re ci f wigoinheto tt s aniousrs y d brg i ereverybo to mineto t re t st tus ri ents bri eryboe o f tt his iighbtsorho aresafe frais oidept i s n hbe ho re hofeitalvernht a the raep i fbin ho al srning ae poheer aears t be rmssbi ev y amsicang hopoas a hrslt t care r mae wh dssnot, evam ancoul be hlt aecte breymawh d wt, ulppes the a u.sec supre b y
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cot. w e ti's highe st ourtppets he.s toreac a r anco i uesti hhe whenrt the beg toac newes rsion i ue smorrow and argenbly ohef tew bgeesonor rrowndrg t om f twhher e cot wi get volv inecidin t im the whr co wiesietnt h ealt h calv nid overul icons ttution. if ey tint u hplt tca issuere, ins tion y v erdif ct t cld uake teah care keysuacrnc egain vdi in a psiialeah elec onreeyrnc gamelin in a12. l elr snn bre w hl iore 12 now fro sh inonre h an n?no fro >> ton new supremeouann? urt>>erm nic off sreonday termic on wadaingt witeverhingn thdock andlmost ave wa t juscegtsitilerlng t thckpndost the ve pretusnt'seailh cal t oprhl a twell. seral. re jifr's toopartean tca o a ll . adnal rseedl.ass ofrnoounrty t he eacyearefor the l rstedt ofashe termnndyray heacareforhe stof twiserdom who tsera wor in the jud icisrynd whe weedn ithis ear j a jndusticehes wdil hi ha to decid wtihether w hao pice d w can terra spes with gpsic ca tra ssit wiout rst a waant. and ckle triymmigtion wiout t wat. d leispu t yig tiif lon eor me should
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pudeci i illegal l immignt esorme sd veci iere iroegug hermme as ch dr it norouger dis os ei wnitef n depisti the and the most epattiio whe er ohenot ey'l accep d heoneheio apal s,he ot 'l ccchalepinthe e apnsaltutialitof t aline esidt's althare w. >> anstu ntiit t ids th ye he bo>> n stes cllenng t law a wl e thebo dmintratn st cllinenthe tpremawcou y ed tdeci thi issuw l nohew.inat th likeinye emf ouupre cou t civiewhias isureas ano i thinth allke ofhe seupreacours ew i as t aethe maket a pinll o he acfficrsttet iheitkeiotn ic f t sueme iourt turdown >> gups havll for justsuee t urwn g es k hannd for ar stce tmas ruse thanmsees fny ar tberas ons er t heaus thcareeaw b fausef penyonal rannecs tion ttoea t ise,ut re b sesope alr, n econ ise,ut iiatior,n either onis csideng i iion th hars. on c thade you i shannon bam nar ha ou wahin. snn wa fonew is era's eleion foew is hdqrter nda' a son ed ra pl her f or rubli
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pridenal cldidate fern cai li geing % of theen cotetetern the ai nageonag led oerthatioe of t publan wen'she conntio inansa citynawe hnae hedrder iof om ke a oth ersbl l wt's onio innighsaon tty fox h reort w k a thweshet gh toxkc. w inhe s ame sawpoll tex . veor ricnk serawpo a t veorickisn seco wit14% d mt n mn and ewcoit% inicht ndew ic unng out t topfour at org oaniz topiofonuray i t' rg41iztasioere rayrese ied i th straw ll 1 saomeran rrese i n rothwly saw sclles a fiycras cer fsces hd fi tooe whasflames. er f hat hrod the p wto rham. toward t he terheing en w r rking their wnto lrdes t to in sa thaten mom nd rng iraughwnter. les to saha tpluom our ghr.naon fan al lu o het mahed by prosters. f an ha you hrd hemabod y t roer cupy haaloust hre bo demrati? tonit tan tipyalstet re preste sayemghetire ni tan et be miprngteoreay organheizreednd mi congngeayan toyour stilate thlate o thecongovayent a toou ashe withtiolic. te thte ou'rhe watchg t aost
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to edex 'cse aot otheipacking contns wetccyclto matexials'c a oeickg nttell hem at ecle atlsdex es. we we' nowsing mo eleric ucksll m e x . d lor emsion planwe. e'owngmolec ks eveoffe reusle eelop lo emnow,onan'te ataneast rint onhe bk sis ofsed per? vefe us eop w,'tat stntat'sonhe e bcutisi ofcod ensar?on lt... 's eti cosa l.. malennouer ] staible lutis. dex. lutis th matler. ou ] aie ti x. tithat
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>>a frntce aa hh chl foballame aer a >>fr cheeeadecolapses hnh he fid a folledi aes at h pe eedeles inn fi asout losdi anletffpeicials sang sden arac ut aes ltosanle killffhels 16-year-old a tsa sn ar acidayight a gameset a llhe-yr- a accoayrdhtg toamspokem aro e scool districtpeoe ncordto oke sndri toav erscl diri eoe d m san t toriavly reverive he on the d mrily ridin and she he o he ter dd atidinhendhesp al >> w dhidngto a high hool jushe allike any h wh hihotool high ol scho ius share o fik any h unfortuolte ih iden ho gardin syoutreande pre pare fo tuforte th iaten, tou an evga inut dreal pre prere irefou kno w orth t wh i mn. ev , alahre it'souno wh mde sting, ah is 'sderagistin couelorset be athe chool togimorr touoor ht ele at ce he wi t he ooloto. rr pr teste in hw yo takin c e
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ntaxpalar's ngy. >> ou jent h o m woneyit a ndpas yo>>d j'ttol pple o mey a ccouableyou syouldn beol p e rprid th theey di ouearsndlehius s dondn e t d rprith andhe di trers nothi on en ough p dtendki i there ot ghte ge. >> rorte ec cties g rteecto inaltil ese chaing staonsoinl ha dtaharply ruc their gl dha rpand t o rerucs ohe there d most all ondf tharg o he omet ni stt.ll of >> jie: hey' srp e t ducenid thei al j: y' >> hris:hey' not g to bceldd ei hs:14y',000 n o gf th. b hat mnshere wil be m14ey00 th . leftver,here is the on t mnshere ilnowb mey psu mablftyr,n s th bkon coowt dhe will p suevenblallyyo thugh lln ok itnd entua ll etosthell enly ththosh charng o stion p it e ua ull but lotf pele a saosng, aru owon why pon u ut l th puthem pe a all ove rsa, he ow hy acendiv e lthutm awihe bu oy tondiv smers if thewiee thbuuo oherehemre i t mo liky o theowim irenhe mo de water l ayannxie de w er aro ablem foran peoe w ie eyo rouyblor p eect o
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:50 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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