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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 3, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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nfmaur w e h a en hma re? onhi ng is clear heurd re? heou ry o his birth ile hurd cas f jad a ons h bir h fel wca f americans. a in t h e itwa thelwoimeca in tc.i. militarypehetithatoi aughup .iithilary hat. ghp f fox ns hepor. reporti am ll hmer. f noreptim hr. >> iameraoive and this a f new iamra vendh ert. f ew t. lies and ntlen, ls d len, ease. (iudible) se aft theass(iib a)resf ov fthes a 7re antwalltre ov presto 7ntlle hepr stone ofhe kesht dirictoday i calmf co rfulshdict anday i alst cm quaint most d mocotraulrsnd ranlngrom qu fantlefto f st dmoraout. telan mme fa aboft f out. el murse. bo w ol wt dou dose >>ost ol imp wtant ds not do >>hati ammpsnt wot i a ass
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indamidua w buwhat amo th a asssprit. i andan uato. buatmth a loof mspelt.w att aorne ysto feelhe se w do.lo m were telnesttneys luely s to w . empl ed wweare tvers word aluo unde papld. we r>> w aryouor he areithour dettlepa wronu? e we reeh hre leecae weon't haveonood alth e hrage we a justcaweingff't ved thcret. >>ge sa ng aus ty taki tire >> inspaation tyak t spiorom tharab sring demotratn th sptthhrouab sng nohern arica amoatheth souiddl st norn a topcain a dtato anddl goveopment severa dhuntoed nd theccup wvel ntreeteraun prottors ave thenupere r a wl et coup wee w. ot rstheye re amgth tnge a upproteetinghew. nsul tioneyfm thweal t inng ts otng ulonount ndaln t ty aralso rynynt aut t yest day'armassso arrests y then a sty'ssrr tsnypd >> dyouhe r listpdally t dnku anhingouldome rstly t annglde this >> whaveeenerewo wks a lot is w peovee arn'te avin w a havto g t to workeoor aar inuple davs g bforee caome o rk a
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ck. le jng breca use or n f j rean i'ts gng t sto h us. f can l ea our i grab tto bther d ist.ers can gan l aurhead oab us i ber ter f ow tty arsan gad o angi i tar gihi hofullyheoo ksxists holl for nonvle >>it due r nveespeoanan >> sandon uppe cosehis ot saonp tusia crelocks ed. th is not le g ecetuar eter ck or.oon o ths eotven ler israor. ateast o en n yera atst nye cupywalltreeisor l kidsryin to pylleeor rapt leheir ds ino granarens flwer pe rlpt orir clos lik the an eaenrlfl tearartyer wh theosik mheinrea padrlea litety tentn an whheo mly tinea p it ricule whetntran the wilha te anytng dep dsrinlehet ret theyheil haoadethei a ppeaytep antket hearou deei aeaan ouongugh to tan gh seous. i agladox io rea x is he. se s.ere a a godad in re is heheve >> t nk ye micaelod ore.
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heve trom yicl wasngtoe. t s is othefox wsmsto tis hex alert. a oo on mnd talt. supme crt oon make a mnd ret tn tup c 9ustis ke mostertalyet t decing t sue 9centtil t thestta ecg t ent te eltio. >> ttseliobad, >> is tbad,s uons ugs *- - us s * -constutial. thi $1 tllio bosnsti. hi crtinguch ctaiy t iiotheo maetples crngh binesisesren i ewillg mapl bessen llo hire. i cld dit o m own. c d meta oe an m n on o taan burecrat nmetane. thiis o of e reans reat belie lo oftae. peo e rehi of obeactinto lilomaf car beoause we obin ne to g beaucarratsut bse of t busweess e trong go bucts tuss r micr nag
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>>crhe sigtureag chiemt iggavere bth toandaciiem lik veociik michle bachmann. introce the bilo ch ch rennal. o am rocere.he ilas psidnt othe u tedre ostatam tt's heveryir. p thdg oe ued at ts ryuldir dos th realbama cad.o >>everas ane imassu s ca >>er unid n a pitic i su soppoti. thais h wni go a pic orwapo ha h wo withur hdwaealtare ch ste cidi howhey eoingo th h delir thlte s health re otdiowy one ngsizeits >>oreethurpringhanne t zes al unl.ed opp osit>>n ieheprgn tobams unppit i adnisttionastameek to in adstskionteko theighourtki t lok atheheghrt t atonstutiolstioy as soo as ssib. itille uheldsoo b um rs ib .urts n d wet lllk fward uold at baki tsplace.we l >> t ver fctarillo l ely bki a . nded own txterunel in ley bhearof t rac f the
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w ite edn xte n euse. ar the tac c frt ishe rouly we e. he dived c s theou sfochliv hefol four consvatis th decide buso v nstithor >>if ty donedeus olloorxisng t w anonrecentlo we wl hais toanag thaanhentcee wha aghapps. ha >> 2daysn in epp natio l>> 2ys deraon ofn ndende bunessreiouing to ve t ra o wede bussngo t speficayhat requemen tpeefshcat quen tsh getealt--hat eryby geetlt heah iurae --betecred ybge ea iconraitueonal genel wcome to ed ogra are unualurpris ne w-me o ra>> gd ening e is genggerao. its pam. okay. i lira the it gnerapam. th ng.k. li anyw. arheyouurpse the grath. yw ar obaupheba adnisttionantsthis. >>rety much evaderystontsi
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>> lwer muc couvy redy we lrou exreuste wd. th w t cirit crt oexte th w t appes weskeir f c ohe jges peto hwer ifkee fwer't afid jfs th the jstic e heparifent rdidnf thheicart dn wtat. wead a w rpe on e mn. issu wetheionly a r lowpen coue m remedy su ei lyuld to k fowou allf th judg on eedy 11t d o fircu tllth heart dgn aga. feel1tcu araondent e wo uld el evai the onc againtwo d am paiased thahe wnc fileai our petion pith edeha sreme crt an fnowle theur jusce peon deph tment s me ha cecae t sanwhe tryusgeldo,epen theha ce aca y t saiftr nageonalo, he c a y sai naalportce n t gesrtce on. > let'sake n i to then.igh cout'e let' ifightt o the isth tha h go orou t'ghba? >> oraldhes iisha grea gor ght wba as >> yould i ea k w we havt 2s stes a youou sai floda kwe avleadg thlaw 2it st a aonou waih lo naonal adthwe aderaonon o b wess naal o inpendt invidral o bs
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aintfs, e ha t innd mosind nt, comphenshae tos cin t mpns couny. the ar c t 28 divial lsuit goinon o unthere. thar weeel hav t 28 vi lit strgest in o and elso. hav twel av t bttrst d oruli. av yo tknowerao y hav t b remeer wwere talngbou tli yo owthe mplera of e yav me wupremealourtou anhe j ges e atlef red inurrt faanrn th jes n farth 11th s cucirctn was poind by predenth s cu intorc ot aoied b s inesidbyt rentbuh. >> heto lefts o a toiing b get id bu stic thom>>eemov f tom tg et ca becse h wife s theicomov lobbst w f t caecpp hrovi thehe hethca lawhe rht i bb w trng tovhe heca gaw r i jusice tr t y gan us e beuse e wasolitor nera hpedut yan togeth t be e wa lelil dpr ns o ra hdhilaw.ut sholdth t either o le tdpse oustisla be sh eheund? o t you knotieral fst t g d? to ou jticeno althas f t ts is g sotothinthat jisce weid a ath tis so in loatyisthe wccusion a aere. itidn' lo istolve justicen e. thas. as it fn' ive jce j ticeth. kanight f now therare jce mtionhtow on th
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tablerbye monithe sidorecun th bl eier sticheid esererecu our s remeei crtic ejustes. ur u simatmey chey e going o ke t st. u ratht dyisioy so tg t ethetheyhoul hea thi r dios t heeyuleahi se onot. i ha ful cfidence n ourno ited tatehasuprule cdeeurt. woun't u b shoc d?edte pr i ow wouet. s cked out -- bet oc putt t ti ouway. i suld ed scked-- i t cou ut t didny. fi lowd i s's uedsual i tou dn fw ual 5 rit marity ove lt 5 ri ma mityrityve l dec redmi tty law unnstition. thinit wld blmostecd taw unirretionsione n to in wandi bpost at w unlsou sresi no someing differt. w>> anlin a ld new meg the 1her a arcuiwe h j ndgeewhe appnted h byresint lint whoui h jeed in opped vorbysint howe firly bieve thi in osor ir un bnstivetion. hi yoknow geldo, -4 ia unti won yoowgeo, r thpeop i w o thop eric i do ot wa t gus on ic nuers. do doeelwa tuononfide nus. ol thade tssha
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t precente congss wast done aytng ecte likenghis ove two asyearon a iytee cfidt kes weve wil t ar preil i the cupreideilu. >>re he tenreh andme >> over the coerceenaclmeuse. thas right. theveedethl co gceernmt ccle. ha foerit. he uode g pnmchas c foe pduct pas sily b bng ale n pct acvity si b b iolvedl n simy b ac ty beg bn i tven thecan fce im b be b then f todo anytng. the11ir cuteto saidyt. inhe thei11 blliaepinid ttn it wo d obeilit rat biaurni tt woderaobst ftm ofat govement th 's w t isra i fof allouvent >> i th will s qui ill aou i l amaui pambo aiha youor bei ona the >>ou comingeiup we ne l eeroog >> itoy winghee lro latt o itwi a lndaatt o kn. a wea kn we alyze the ifoatio azehe ifoio releed.
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ncinwithhe tars contletant. in jthn us. sars pntell nt jmissg.. s faer is und pl ays fmiss porn fa what hersakndys fn th rn b arreater akcase th bre se geyourash ck! ohhi.
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whic cashgeack urothh !lookbett to u, chasfreem orhe ohrges.cashck cd? icshk hoktto aseeor , i'llesry tsh lar cst. oh, at itoo d. i'll tar .aprent youon't ow che frdom aran, es iyou o cas back apntou't chfrm an 4 u mes asre tckn th rgescashack rd 4 s tth esshich k ly ges y a arteperct unl yospen $300 e ry yr. h g y a terc unyoen $3 e y t ha fun bob d wee on yo' in haere.un b weon don'y't't shn t che.ged. geyourash ck. n't shchd.geurh .chasfreem. asee [emalannocer for requt hetbursuffers, it'a brd n day [alnor r quhe ur ff
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days,hen canat wh t wet'antbrnay ayn an whwet dnk wt weant, and eep undl throh thnigh d w werevat,d®24hprevts t aci th t cad es fp quendlhear urn rothgh va®4hev tci thca fenarn ll y, l nht. ta therevad®24hr alle net. d sewhy taout he 10 vaers® hr y th 're letisfd. sey t 0 s the sf t a 2counprevid®24h fre t 2unev®4h re ee pvaci®4hr.m pforciffer®etair.. orerai
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>> mons aafe wh m.s a the areafe th m wh faly. amleang othree m anyfa. p ss bleag o coecti to eny ppey pyss e therad coti ithe o ppey er ie home. the is a. heseriohre o af subsntiaio hare t otheild bsia a i nnot a th tim tretue the ild me to e ldther i ot>> ihink ahethimtuhe d o oys wer ier ink s er daer. eirelfa was i da. rfaastion iviouy wi thetuff tt ca outon oubowiheff t caut md,e abo ow tt tt masd, the a qu tion le p ce f them to he. think quon p fm jh mht
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ave kn ledgin jf th me riokndg tthe th iosituion. te h bth jos pwell i a tu n. pe on o h bthos pll int iest the pe o dippeance his wifntt he suan st e podill weae is raifedor suan vinghe pstrnopo wa picres f ng p to ah wanic ins h te. je ifer wosnus. h thanyou reingre. jeer kirk. you,anoo.u ng . ould rk yrrothu,. ld get yusto ck oth h so aset 4to nd o ho or do yelie jos had 4 sothin to r w h yllie thaosad soin o rnogphy w thehiha bor fund on ogoury hehior fd onrther o i inkit iossie h at lsterad >nowlge o thek i siings hhat re the. l i dot kw howwl you ocouei gs int the he and do not kw havoweouomeuind of anar ess hndottherav e>>o yod of th akar hse suld g erstodback ryo dyouhinkh h s d gstodis better offodckith his du nk odeerffhis in-ls? >>oo i defityhinkhey
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e beer off -l wit >>he iefnky beffitcos. youan srthis e. do eherco o. ouou shinks osh and stevhasr anyingo doithnkh ndsusapo weev's snygdoh sasapprancpowe >> srt sweyes. >> ge mppenc the s lonwer veion. giveey. lng g m heversn.on ven. ve lng rs y? >>ure. theriso w ul p to ther tor>>e. lin tha ero w tlin wha p tnk toerorinha happ ned. in hat ifou t lothatidppd. if ppen after herot dsappranc an afteen aerjoer's behavi itppnc an teesn'mesh weljo whe loving t ringusba who s conn'ceshed el w ou finng or. ngbaho masesonce who lot inette wi ausba mass who hhootone sothinteand wibaho hantso dtance soin d hielf fas as ts dnc hif asspoibl. >>ave u alys ft tt way? why poven'blyou >>e al spo fn out tt y? y soonn'?u >>e fe apout ne to ephis on >> fe allyivil feusedo os ssan th lyil fed on who thtime ingsoveast f theho lt metwoonth a w havegsvet fhe l ecid o
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th its a wveime mak se evybod idowsh re wittand e onak sit evod we ner sai ws wohinknd jos on isit invvedut nai wnkose ha tried nvdo ephaedt serated for t te beinse te>> aor t t rectly toce in a havecy tav stat somhinghat ty ae etty atomngt stngn th case t atoe o, ty and ey a loong a tth what d youd t ankooas ahim. ha du t his moti? >>hereas aot ofis ctrol ises in ti >>re af col tir is iho. he w reay tho wea tng t conol r knoingown thgs t like t theon rnogwnthik p honee andhe v u and pne nd thway s v unndractith the thy skidsnd mon cthhenagent >>dsono yothk yo dasge innt >>yothyo ncahos wi youoth? >>t is phosiwie wouhll thstufhatthas >>is p csime wut rece ly hthhaduft a crettmey serus ce hd att
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sessern wh ss whr. >>o yo tnk myb h trie sothinand g>>yo r t o m heryb to k hp her soind g r oer khe qut? >> iav noide gis isqu po>>sie. i t i veoe s sposi. no i idea >> tss ao verractalea t qutionwill a yer pt blctor quon urll y p fhe othe cld por f ca o?e >>o.or thsotev ca >> th an evopon. bongsn jlight n no. i ink at's t bgsafes placeht rverne .i k 's t hi ines pce reai >> o hin thayou veeryai li ole hau ryi sagrment he orack i grnt hork i ut. >>ou a ut >> alcome >> iis oe of tos cmes at ime chaing t iay yof tos c sve. i last ohatheg t he y ias n .
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tr lla i oe next h stay tud ias f jrtr i marnenextof ay daing uth td sta. fjr ar dag tta yocoulsave bune wi geo's lti-licyiscot. youlveunwi ges i-cyco ico,avinpeop mon on morehan st c insance o,inoponnren cns ce ♪♪♪
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>> i want t bri ia tri in s ehl. i thk th washe fir tim shn dmitdl. thth pasliclirim sh s thitght r fatr and protclr mayave en s intht at cootsndotn th ma e disaearae ofunn he saraofealluhrou thewe u er thellouhe b. i s shocked w enth was watc ng ti s b ohothe edher w en asnd s reazeseid it e tc t b is o e r sreonsie. ea>> ys meaeosht iser broerr re si r yeaher? herro broerr and her fatr was so ?
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erronderat s invoed >> ctain tvo cin t dauhterould haveformio >> ts isauerld t st ryve ianto rm taio t. tis tst ta in t w mann mders ange in 69 td w an mrs ge genir the9 ecurdy bu ness ith g althsidef ir. hethe urpebuss i thdeortu and e tple rderase nowointo tritund in cne teut rea y chaeredeowinri the iny c pele eaha e e lived. hwas m a me becse iv.n vera hs m a oecasis aeciden illy ra o si us aeny h name us i h ne frontf th ocpant i fntth of ehse. oc ntsaideoto kill f h.e id >> kl l th? ah,illhe kth? h,milyl rn t hou do o top o ly t ou tho. o >>opow d o youonrsion aboukillg t f mith
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>> doun oull t fd?mi he st wkedwa le? e i w d s awatate lnt tt's how it goin i ate t'sowt ino be. i mase b > iaazy. sveoorhe retedy. soretbi agt-- yeah. wrgbiuy. ag yewron.nameight wrgguy. rig. onmehtgu >>igoriv me. guu ve n ear>> t connecicutiv. rder n>> r trig. on hasectut affted yo er >> g soluasly.ff d ter eyohock or off r ckcoul't bieveitor ffnd o alleel hatul t bve sit it a ltle i une oll iee som oat tthe aighb lhoodle i iteouldever iappeom o e awherhbod it ld ceerainlpe not re. we aertart a cenlot. weeighrho rttch. ghoh. got tgeer a tked autot tge a itd i goto m neighrsbe go mhiseigh rlly ceped ybe. s ryout? c ed>> i yaveot a youhil at me. t? ie aouilt teager
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. iteer do the iohet, i lk my gage d my i l ywinds. at o did g e unle mynd i o gidt a n le am i ga n m densels. methg li havg deel nei hb rsthli ligh thaarenav d get a eit ofhbrs m lightshae chaged the det outs ae ofli mtslihad hei tsoweavelits ligsn t nigveig onhe nig isidevehgh i w tryi to ve onengy.deve i dot do w tha any ore.yio keep iten. dodohanye. ept on. it sredus. >>oorme tdnypd. etecve nmebipd n ns t s ma t. ba bi boom or guns tnotmaas t bbietom gu .ns >> notas t nnec cut,ew yk,gu s urbs>> are ect, y sbs e easy yohaveo lk towd teasy systs yoalrey he yovend low y t ve t altst tyosere hesy yems. tkeltour tarm ste aible syon ts.
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r m s ale t oude. it so ouannong. >> st eoneoay no sneall tl t police pu picoce butons puin. >> h abo a uts >>he. dois goo h bbo he oble m>> i eeryinoeimoo bs pe on i clesing t iyno t ey in gim is pe i c tngre the tca slino t so thin throh ths theli ro th it exalyhat he s taing about. he t ewxatxacte shat he s ta g ing t. do.e c youcteliet thie cas g . ca s co and coou l'siehias f ecat.cond l wereorried f fhe momt we en sri f myom s castrhe m comping r senortagee ve ctrhe on the mp ng xt sorge n he nxtse oonneseuck. the werchansf pice oo orhe fmilyk. lhetinger anpoce. pe maore lsten f itly ingaerpo. tbe ma lent i moaay mninguartbackha t is vy, ver mo mngrtck vasy.y,er the are cnces thecod
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surves ty.olic th oarr cesheomeo rv tic oeo se. sid ythi.. stl th happed? s athi stthmoters. pp >>?ou a loo ng a a deote thmoe ofrs cas>> aoo a otthof as anthy. i wt thak y bo. th were th io wterst hay thhorrerying i wars going me a stent rr ng abt onwaer itheog cas m a ste ab ce e as t -- xt ce bu cwon . how - cbu ilammory in w cas imm y ithon tnasere ing on t g chge t md mtinezhat gu ch t c md m nencet shspen the gu rt cf h timce sh beenndhe i'm home r anrecely, flood. him be m excume me. ance, oohi he'helpg me t ba to rmal cue. hie' lphey,me don eveba o livealn a oodpin. y, onbut veve g flo insveancea dp .so i coved. t glonsce w's at? i ov. ce. ood surae, ihelp makes ?ur he a me ain. . d ra ilpke ha a. or, ur ma megain
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, moome chein it t fr nefountion oohet fr neunon got y ofhose my ze? femat annofncerse onl y ?ood surae cors fods. manner nl foa fr brod ure,ra co fll ts. numr onour reen fofrroe, tumonr en
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>>frommeri's ns hequarrs i marnne ffer. >> reomrts ri al n hear iaedaare key erbomb res l mar invdavedney ambomb stri in men. manvd aoffials lievhe mmb averin n. died friy fi s tev mne ofici ys a vic msedaveri be oidencifiednd hwas n aic eamontheme. ened hs n onandem amecan boadic dmen clerbo anwal-aaki anic erpakinwani arica-aian urg kii aericca musms t cry outrg tack ba icfus t arica csut rckorti s webaite aca isack t rtiorma ter weoayste sck t ouges
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samang r tecsical port werous not a esusa ofecal no asuf tagestarad tg.ay afr e basaidt wou gingear t charafng a $baid nthlou fe n toar a cu $omer ung hlfeebitcardo bacu ofer u ameca iheitrd gges nk i the baf ie m maanne es iheraffty.oy. now bac mane tff. "raldat lawe". ac "ld la. thiis a fox nws alert. e ja hse hi vid aox nwst. ja rease h id ursd themome cey r se anony lesdarnshe hmeissi c ught anyens hsi htri'ye caee's ' ca's rains from wereounds adngittl rns om deba ove casrenddtl anthy' ba veas guil it ths spaking ilnfmati ut th sherf'ss deppatmenngti owinthe chi's thersep remenns hav been ine dcoveiredut n tling themav en dved impsone n moer w was tng th chged th tmpneorder was sey ch and ony t iro oer a yny itelesionro t ourne to a new achanl. th leonneo aewide apean h
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thepe h fitulltful reacon ty arhopi f anitl ul ouurst am acippl tarpiat fgn oustm plat ontaous rctio toome rt. ey wtaes r relioeasi theoe n secr rec.ding b caus w it elsihe puic rerd. crecng c beditus thet procuti inpu thire. caseor hin the cit goohedrotinhien se h hed gooote to n en en atmpt go irodu t as n evince at t at idu svieanho's c ie attney an joho bias ciettyol ihe oange jo b s coty vsionf i oge co vonfderd. w tormda knox who w lto len i she is koingxomeho o w ba to le in s italing jeail o or baoli jlr to spd -to snd t res o hero lifeehin sp. - >> shey tes ca oed m aer sur idfein >>y aliar m >> ty patedu her a arwied. tpader a promcuouand raze swi. murded h omou rd omma fheze s seal tillf. rd h rma app fls
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se tl pp lawr ted toaw t drawhat oage >> saw cout bege souomped a maater be shewaspd faifu mawomain er blove. he i ws ry, veryai scmaed. we so y, v brydly i di't. eye unarstag sowh b y >> i chadiedntaith >>halittg h redi'shroa intt vemb 200 dioan psecurs el d mb00 heily pcu othe tn 20-ar oldhey oe tn0-d ammadaes aman's sosey ba maesrent >> wwere an cvinc s becsee of ba th behaorf thnt t peo e wre an cncec esciaf y thhamandththat the t eo we both invvedesa in e ndathe weotnvime.d >>n mmor amecaxchaee. studt w dorveme h e shaave ud w italn ler to mness h a e se murd. allo mss a on d emberd4th,009, amaa d r daelbe wh,e9,ma rlnvic wd. an t falyic anreiced t. >>ou he togrea whthatreed
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1:36 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:39 am
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1:40 am
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1:46 am
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1:53 am
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ug ble ther owasf uehereas is qet cm peefuloice le er ths camtoueree d n qma c pe ul ceat psent thamtselfo mee and ma was y si psternt she id t meleo y areeoingnd to be ineasecaesiomer nes e t myou. yreurngdo ove bee 4aperct oe is bodyur mvetine rec 4vedrc oritil dyre mnneecd gmany a wl enoughti g nyved bro a amy wen mghedil nter n d roa amy mdilannio. how id y comerhroah these ano. ow yinomurie? >>t watougro es9 yrs o eingyin bieynd >>ywaug fe f th y f oirsti and nghinking to b fself fow am th frsindnngo going to co inuelfivin a li th. hoam ioi t oincotoueini ithegre ho ia n orld whe all i igris sed on i a is dhell i youlooksr dour hnirr is cial oufeuress. therwere lotr of hruestns al fe esesend mylf t re werereot a f loof dkstns days i s d i envemy t t w ctinu e t lo dk belie. da the wa si aurpo t cnu t f li ththiswa apo al fst is apr 5th2003, an theal firet wasprth03 newanike me bnghe rewa ptiz. eweeaa b cple cleanslat iz ere can chse wha i wa cntedlecanat to d w he nyhewha le i wa ed d
1:55 am
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1:56 am
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h 24 s cusodmer dnpporoo hel tmovelohem wi24usr or elto vee pom dad prosed! lok ate, i'm immi! poadrod! lo at♪ ♪m mi gno ] somedy, t hea po! ♪♪ [ fele aounc ] no th travmeocit, guarhetee.po ifyour ooki 's nfe rig anc th weavl heit makarit ght ay. if ur kiom t n priig tohe r m tohe twepheak r t . yoll n er r tm alrie. to rto t as aome,here re tyongs n ralm suosedo do ke, ep o of ese er y r he a. e,re ts sueddo we, i sn't supp, ed" of nee flo insance y he wei 'tpp" nelonsce but havet. ed or he che noto he it t ve ohechno hit ♪♪ mei'veot alan. ♪♪ ed huh.. fr whameis yver pl a? n. h..frha ypl i lk li i ha a pn? lliha p not ally [ fele aounc ] oy flooinsunce t verslylood fe anc o foooa frsu broe ure,rs od ll t numr onour reen fofrroe, tumonr en
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