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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 3, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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epof tr:l, j i dna th itas yrilyau t menonedfirsofna y all,erha becse othe en eddge rsmsel t jud allol,d thhaec ondepedent e nael t ud revi thathey re banlongthep nt so mh, t vi jhage feyman the itiaotria m the t de jnse fd asd foan e iaia he inpendt riew,hat dee asasfo not innd rw,trant tt teque. th tim itas. nt th t theesul of ttue th reimew, tich .allyut thheulf seous, teriooubt re, h lyout eresee o ses,io amaabt t se an o raflamaherethe cre sce, anon. n: wtafbout thare fal cr sc ea oers . the wut cou ha f wh washat o liks heou whast >>eporr:ik wl, y ard bit it,>>ndor it w y s rely d ht rtfet,, itast direre. i'say was hfeit vy,ery good comp ed tre i'y as h onen vy the i tialodmp t tri, th h wasne embli andll aund ieal ace,rindthas you li cndldn' ad rely g te, her i d't ouknowheth shead cn' aini or t, b re gter d ow thcerthenly oks ifhe nir b d. rty s f si le decrati stemen sayg i d no killsii dec nti r e, istenayi no thinshe s re lyll d n vy, ve r con incinand
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cose, e lsoinhokee drep, v veshe onde iinveryd lear co, oat'sket ste fo e her iryar 'sstfo -yeaold n: pt ofll ts, thgh, ere a deadd w. pof tman. at'she vthtim', se f dily n. 's sayi? vm' fy >>eporr: he yi >>or kirer milyasasicly remaed vy,erir uietly althicgh ahortime o ma v th didive newet th a rt e confencetheyill th heid fore he vdictew the si er snfs thce areeyl he, he or v socthathe merith llsi not sthree h sot forgerten.h e mooter ss dot foet e btali tha s rgn. mo sdo fo suered btheylie alha talng a sut ere'othe evidcesued ey bealdes ale ana e' sheyou idn ll wre tbey'res cing om. s u e w tre cg kcher als s. t's ha k to erght lseubli s latis onaughsof t knhao ft ily,ne tlit h been carly tiongh t vtive -kn fy, t h en c ly fecte. th v sayvehey -dersnd w e kns ar doi it b ct th ay's dy ficurs to w e onknarheoit b her d of i wit dcuoon medithasicly r of iit footte mejon:threg icrke, liv fm romethan you. fo te> a n:g otee,iv for f ieweme, itan u. a posblee torterdi coulbeweit aounc in eose tdi
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xt t h rs ul durg a nc n licoer hpeni now t h ur if co h itniow-urin t in elicteri -- ring "hapningow". if i doe we llicriring- tng ap tongou". liv ioee ng toiv jea: mntim turng ba to liti jeow, x ne is mimur onfibaing o uthti ca, linaill vene itss reblicfig h priry caonal ts reic jaary st oriext yr. in stamentust jay o t reased y theoutharol aintantt gop ys ty're movgreedhe thethol prary rwar ip tre tovirhe ste inirecrespse t pry ar i t flora's cisi to ldstinecsp t its pmary on ors sio s pryanua 31sn. soh calinaepubcans ve aimprsiveuaecor1s picksog thcanaubnsventl gop aprveor ckpresthentiominntveryop timen th pas30 esti ry we ntedo bng y up methas toate tha y. e ed n bs. yp >>in t mntim to he manha n >> t m im in's99 t pla hn i gaingomenm. 's tla it his i snatuluepnt ga g fo refmingheenax coditis s tu anepjump srtinth foefng od onom but e of he qstioanmp s inwe'raski nows can i om real t of qio wor 'rkiow an do i alckely ior takg do
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cler lk, livel irom ourak shin on l wit pivls swingmur hman in b u. ca beciting pmoreiabl sng hn contder 's c ingcaecg rebl uer grea r scnttinyr cg aone the c uterpces his easc ny platrm ae t 999 e crps isropol. at nineundr niny-ni t is99 funmentpo rtrucring the ax c e thne woudrinni s pose un 9nterce iome rucng x achess t cth bourd ase 9ce ie 9 rcen taxac t on b a busesse and so a per9 ntenx o natial sesusseax .d a it comerg uerom ti s greef fi fmoth theitom u rit anthe eefi fh lt. he fr the lef riane ctics a lue itfrhe wouefnfaiy bden cecs a itouai po. bn fonewsundaesteay chrialla pe po foundewstormdahis y tote riin, thela p wld's derms to weal, iesthe man w'suyin a dohnut or a dallarst and aanin a poor dout p ason druynd as dghnu orr a dlar,sn'tt p goin s to hit dnu t a dr, p'tr pernoi toit appe ted. harr. p >>ert lels t plang fielt. gs rpe o. t ar >>le tla lohole but eel gost r tportt thg ist ge lo lethe t vernent o of e t bunessf trng ortthisge pic one e thern l oers f d ryinbusstr toecid whasic re resshee ls in an-- a ottoidha rss rress e. an
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>> aeporr: 9 islso beinhit om se onhe rss >>ght oro fe 9 theso daming in t fect sofonmposgo t fehe am gnatial ses t whi an ct inosme t is sll i ti s thin effein t ats s iherese rat fe t grer nhere qst wseat otednhe "ll s eetgr n re jour ql" e wtori sing ed itas b "ng st int duce ur e ritomo sow ig hav conrns it b abouhavi botntoncehe mo iav onbooksat t samtimend wo d be oucreavingotbloo ok tam me muerwobeeandoouote. ca saymuundehe 9 plan te th lowe inccaeayde earrs 9 wolad be selde fromhethwenc sale taxar a a parwo --beany seadeom paley graxps for ta ar pla-y beli ing pagr f wld tlalimite taxoophes a lig helts w theephemihe xph a weahlt thnefrp ping teair fair frshar a pg t manai ike tar caus ait'sanet us's coumptn-bad, wle adng ttax venue owth we scoll spt. ba w it goi toadome tx unuer mo th s s cruty. itoi jeoa: well u smohene get ut mo je s wcifi. th's gng t sbe iortan for etat pn mo afolk sfi thntin g to tlk ita me ab t r p nit dg. alk niceo ha you ithino mabs, t thk yo very muc d jon:e a w tingcehaightouh w foan thyomporrynt bluc n: a wnght
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heing fo msachettsor b prosutor acce heg mchts 26-yr-ol osor rccwan -yol purs of rn ploto go flyemotursf aircft pkedit ot higgoly ot explivesntohe p tagorc pd and s.ig citol pleso p golly ne i d strming c livol outse thu.s. y i districtngiv cour intsths.assausetis t lly,hat n w exp turn saurtet y, tt ay wxp repter:i t j. t th's rht epr: rwan j th r furl isxpecd toac rnudge d psecuurrs a exp tedis ecto tosk tt hgewill be eld pcu axpd to t thoubailendi h thelled seous ou accilatiodi.he vestator belie heseass cc ioetinwitheoplhe st orthoulit wehe al-eda entsin ealiin thethwerepl unour cower fbl-a ages, a tsli here th he elieuns hecoasfb ge arkinto cate a the pttyiehe compincateploto bo the ce ps. pytagoand u. mpteotbo he pito usi t se pgo smad u dreircr t thtosi wou be tma pack wit cdre expsive crand then wounbe p ple meckit c xprunnveg ouof t bui ingsd w the an was p toe ave seral nnou tuigs socie ed angasoithime s alopeniren tse iocen ci a h oplehat re fleennge the sc ie then he dlanno
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let lecrea. he ctuay wescth te nn waeaingt, sc ed o theheua we scen t lood foa lnch sitewaaccogting sc the ohe fida t anendoofoaper lrk, h wa actitely wcokingg ithhe da an ese dercer fer, agts wao heti b wievengh to be,e oncrc fag heain, bl-qaveatoperaves, e, crence thlan, n,ovidqag thras, wh reometh n, dres ndidth en gog soar w e to ge t mdr seval cl phes t et hegoso h g adaed t heev c belved,o setph o the h bos, tda heeld,octet o ashe obo t vice for a boms orsea cethatore plaedndomoped oea wod ki amecan atla sdiered wokilaceme then ver serus ser chges. cehe er nigh we ll ser fro the dera jge hischs. ternn atbout ghe sro e ra:00, js wel sefrom thrnatuteder judg0,whetr orot h wese wilomth ermainehin bar awaing dgetor h trill. jo verseri sinin chaares wag as youoint out i tr he joerriha asountut nvicd. whhe kinof a sub >>icepor r: -whin afub nvic>>d, wort ki of -a nten? >>e's cuse ic w ofki f tempng tprove marialuppo anden >> s seresoces a trorif mp tov ma alorgapozatind, 15earsn th chasoe, ts i tureri and ga ti15 dersroy tion defthseha t iend prises, 20earsand dey alon, toefestr aeder goprrnmees20 brsldind 50 altotrer
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goyearme bwheninou a 5 u togher, ar 's aenars atal r t u charogs her, thufar facg a ans l t a o ar250,he0 fhues frac each oan tse a crges0, f f so aot o time nch prin o and t ao, se ces hef ines a ome asri w l. d jo a s molef lines as repting w jo li, tholkin you ep>> tngnk y lith jenn froou t maschusts yke aook orsea nnro j we havas vuseo com g ank f omea j weav vhernteromtion des f owin higchoo s dentrerones inreecscuf inginithig oopoli nea snt t pliamt in ecbuilufng ighthen p iceliea t pam deta ing il ien lst o pe tag studt. we le se o claes le that in gece er t las ud weuplesef molahs l buthisha s ainn ge o terwias pea fullemout s prest a a oinstwi eeacatil prts at ast ste-run eti sools athis cesmid s- thenebt sls is c d cres a feahethat t cr aea vernnt wl nobe aet t to p forhe lns i trn wno aneed to aid por l iefau. jo sho dn'tedhey t a rthbnd css? au jen : th's ajooodho'ty quhbtion cjon:?ntir en vithages adnder quon n:irvies
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urniri >>wa cal int fni hma cn. t head gten atttionn f a h othedeba, pele l ced he g ntt hion thepubcan se heba pe lspon to in a a hith ub bun nessn an ono a ntration policiaat a ti wnbussan replica are look g forapeopon outolfia e ti box w jon:ut hepcareas had okfo shaoputf momeoxs as wel n: hspecllyad whha ask queionsbout meas el foign eclicyynd tt so of whskue tnsng.ut es isuggt th thi isfon cy t soing be rimaly a t. iggthhi elecon g ema about desti ec issu? >>ut dtiell, eve body su >> reblic and docral,vedy rereesicnd dra tt eshis isn t elecon tt's s refendu on bsack oba'scono c ec ts rfornce d whef youduet b kdowno it tbat's wtno opleant ore hwhr.ou at'swnain'it ts s wonge let hgume, ju 'sn' as tt s ge roey mes t argent thats a meju busessms heas ro m trg a ttter s ategatfora geing e ecusomysme on a ner segr ack d rige pg ecyesnhe k ri p our p tis a carr po tici canr dotit. thqueson i asarou pociano righy potht oues as ius tloseto ectio day and ericghs thpok abouts tion secseity d ot erioay bitick ite
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hatd icthabome on theecy ot biforeckote mtert whae he cainightave harrre mmer hg inha here in htjon:e ainasarskedbout hin ntrorsy reat i big n: ngo d onefedut h roy ig dne coetits. h ov theeeke, heas asd abt a gn tt coit as ovhe apkerenthe pai ed oa roasaba ar t ent tnceo a apntai oro t ntrance aanchhat s a leed bgoveor nc per, orcht his le b famveyeror. let'hi ltenamo whahead. to st' tn i wan to ln g ha ur te on the oer s e s t i ofant. o >> ghat' ust tonhe o v sy of >> senst'ive.t th v is --nse. ths the i't a- re via negive rdhe i thanhe nord,ndor hia eg e to lve itheras lon aan nd, h did bef e i lear ier thaon a theyinal paied o rid ef iti it'r jthalain eyalai o inse itivto aitot ot' j blacpeopin in is se civntry a o ac op n theignbviolysed cry thnord,nd hen aioin, sd pated th or, aordid, to a , perrs pele, pa sde o adio poin rrhow pech i, thisoingo s hu ric in w iisng per? >> eporr: ihuon'tic tnk 's tt biof a dea fer >> or ick't t per jusecau tbi aea f reblics te to
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te eris kdusauf stfhere re's ticteo k gcha,stre sebod t sedaoffeive wor ga,rt s od was you p sencdaon lfedeor thatou lsednd tse s ou ki ps ofnc thi ls. at lrepudicanhatehat, t causjusthe s e rsonkiofhi thathey hat it henpuan rictet, usst s rn rry id t t thatey wattn ic opse istateuitior y tth wlegal iigras we op iatti hetles bei assiate withga iraweacis heeseisste th bisssoction re is sothinthat b reblics dot li. ioconoubt that cai isoinndat omnereicdoli ll biableo mabt itha aisticonneerry jon:nd whe ble dmas -t ic excu me,ryerma n:heain' d - su e in uppocue, wre ds ma iteem b cingn' suinpo fro >> > wrepo der: ll, itm b c g u lo at ttomne hro > pohas : ayed, ithi lot ne h s edhi 22-2perct bdwid mi romy haha t -2amerct ountfuppo bid t oughtmi om hais pcess te ahe h nt rely wpon heas tunnigh fo ppresssent e la a h te in re whe the008ni foycleest la is sportomes t in fm he8 mieleleachmn, b srtes stlyrick f mi b rry es dowten ints lyck d yoseepe sgeor not y ow onn caitsnut yo aeo s forrot onuse aieakenewt aoor ginich. n: e kewt intesti. risinh. s
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erwa, thk yo veryuch. nt ti youet. n: y canset mor of swath yo ur p iticryh. fixt th ou. yttomanf thhourorchrif pic ix with hos pow pla omthurrin wifoxnoss.coowoglan, cli on t linon t hom xnco page lijenn the over tentin tom igheing to - geadin nnheer t tohe heg d -ate ovein trmati bra d injey, ave batehat trtira c iactverynj a hi soolein t tet catio i t we'lrytake loo athi tha s le t ce psideidenio 'lothekein too midehaf > pdeen he tid seritycarefter sterus pder s se to h hom i nsetyreerlori. wher was phat r lse hboutom i we he thari whas stot ut n t. h >>ha ipenetohe eelopon n >>e wato t doo a thene eop wa t whooe poer a disrsedndhe t one, a twhpoisedas a ttleit on a alaing. a lela g.
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u 5perct of higec s scho foo sall stayerhave conssioneever 5rcofig yea evhoy yeoo thel ervelay. onioer also35 peacentf tho evyehe hay. mulple so p conntssio.ho ght where ha nuloe tiononiouidenes r ho t re toeal nth c onuggeionsde s ho -- ccussns a tol chat' gesurpnssingo kn tha -- c ss ae cd tugh,t'setti rpngknha invoed. cd wanto tk to th, d marti sieg phycian t vo. an tto n dar dica cent eghyan andox new n medil e tea r caoutntndewhis. ve tked you nougdie timeeato t kws. you e td wouyug me whenhe k gernmt geou w in lved en >> i not gary nm thige se. is ian einrmouedprob m iot any whenhiou s the nfl . ing t is, eouheyob f ndan oen she flis i a 1 g t timyreat f o iriskf demtia 1 iim ppleat th sk heema i p plaed thprofsion fooall the h lal. d th's sofckinon oonow l looheto t hig schos anschos, th sin thew oo tericig assiati of ho anurolhoical suronsayshe icss ti f300,0 co ussiols aalursear, s ,000f th end u in t 0,cosia ergey rr,m. 00th nd uose te binles ge jenn so y isn r tre e bi ideles rhtes ow?nn o welsn tre tsn't el r guelin becse n?ody elkes terio'tly wn is wn othegu higin schecl ny
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11:26 am
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11:27 am
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11:28 am
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11:29 am
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11:30 am
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11:33 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:40 am
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11:41 am
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11:42 am
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11:43 am
11:44 am
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11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:47 am
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11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:59 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
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12:22 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:50 pm
now. lnna:ccorng tplthewfig p on t seen, w. a:ormy te p hol t stelln,g ust fo new thi is a aolands o deck llusfoewhi a a tuatn. ds we ol beckightack th mo of "haenin gat we nbe".htk mofhain n
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maeng tt ds stasticoo dic ying oma fd aay t tta ic meur ng f a t me mitoccy more alleing. my theras a moceachor o. leg. go tea ers,y er achment s, g dgoea s, coacs arsompornt ntd th ge arpeop muc acar smter an morin t thar op uceducionasyst smr m t hioricly ithe ed atioucl synaem ast i wa to allee tho hifindicays i make hisediosy a ork,wao leth causwhen e go indos ak ask, usstemenhat go not i a acuntae, hen emt ot don rewa gre acta pformce, n n't onward scessn ware p rmteac, ngs,hen t rd ssse ac gets,neet meocri. weeed fix it. we tnk buiing me meri schowes and compixers t. goin tto sve tuig m sysm. it hoanmp nots it's utti in ine s rig tys systit whi amecaotas 's tin butig on, whi is t t if sthime you rk hd,ou'r bun,his t if eati innativ and u h'r succsfulyou n do tianytng ann weiveeddo cc apuly thu todo our yt aed educionasyst, beuse at iapthe thtureofur am ica.uc na stnna:bet's every i e retereing -ed nd wre ama. gog to ut ia:on os ry re g dwebse soiewe canead w it fgoto i the oelve andreat
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bs sowe coanarisd t fooall, nd f i wi we hedveorendatime, co isan, hadoohatl, breing wi e newsen tas, e, wll he , adtreg u ba andwsouldove t, o ta w to h you me abo the ba ndeconldy aneeverhinglse, taoou me bor, thenk y vermuch >> s hel tonan youernge,ad. tnna: y wiler forch s surel tou i'm t gog toet.way a:il or fromhat rigur m nowgoto by omtig i ll bright bk.ow b i bgh b
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