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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 3, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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itis rmmat wisher rat roat it. w h osecors y at hr . ecs hoyfrnd ffae slecifr illeae scile redierchenteing thdi to a qrter cchturyte ing isonth.o qer cryn onduri the rihe appls tial, s delippred stament she tl, bn workg on s for mths lid tanthen b rkarfuony being orr he ms freem. >> iav fubeg othe ee k led,>> ha i t kd, ped,ha hav e not d,avotold the anytng. wasnhere idhe yt. wassnotre pre nt f sre the frim sherd: owdsatheng ouide ecourheousen itaim he: ds he whe iouse urjustse liteta aer wh9:00 iherest iitn ily a te fox cerag 00re n. i
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ouamy iello te isox li cag o n ouy sce,losi o prugi sc ilybut fit pgi inst a conxtnd i persctivt a loof etionn thi cointroo atodaonys we rsiv w, lo e on thnath waitcoooda t verct.e th e theallity was ter. sh .the hemain allash eemhein t a b to comb thi igeemfer pusd b t the rose tionmbsheyhi put i's femus fale heseon aeyuthe em del. fa amda kx to a tourthe was no iden eram kto trt so iords adsro miuousamp. ianto g hmimeusp. to g h wanoo bac to lif i doot an wtaco if do to be w pishe a to heoye phe a l fe nd fut he ken ay fmye fo sothin liut han notone. ffooin haote.
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i'm noce. >>ut etion mhep, shod ce >> be e on irleva in p,e juho deliratis. remberethey ill irva n idedju b the o liti jgesreerhoeyl ctuay sited b e th the j sring diberionsuayit re. neouldhe ima neng d ereirns cisi wil be. cuseonldma r tsiilbe se dnevidce roverhat yo tre lkingtow, thednrimeid rerat sce.yo lng th dnaw,hevidmece w sc allethna in queion ainidnd aga w ringle inue thin a aealga by ng hi indendencour aappolted pert y that is wts ivindegenurpod rt atsmand wt inox'samil rea he shndill lar wk f'seilromhaea hshourtl lar w fshepm >>hepa: jothanbreadown rt rs, iyoill, th eep >> pa jossibanitieeaswn r il,th ibie fhae're out fre t t hr. >> tourtould uphd t t h >> t rtrdic keeplderph t stenc aman knos ic aee26ears or in seasenct anno as a t psecursonor hasinse ask t aifs t pcu s stencsk ttheyould a ptial oveurn the vdict sin oncer w ds
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eyld say pal ve ne's ill iltynth som vct o w coun, buay not herss al tyhat ommighleado a d reas in tunbuot rs a senttce. gh theadcoul exorate d heras t comp tely overntrn t. heulxoteer verct fr therigi l mpourlyer t and y yoare eeer to frhegi go. ur tha casnd she stlyo he toto reo.rn to thaasrisohet h whe s's re t be tld fsoearl fohe yea s w, be fhep rl she fould veea to fi t perwk. ep th 's le ely d aketoa cple i of hrs utrw theshth wou ly e b ce of freeo lea h ita.he ouon b iginef th ee isea theta ce she' do it ine athisuickhe as e c capossly e'o.t a shecks shecard: ssnath, onna. evheencetherare any he : th dionerent sries o wt ev macehes,erhate y oesndien ses o w what mighhave een ntammaateds,ndt sn herwe, b of morha int est gh ve n ame, aed lea for ts rw b f portornnt oft athiseaor t n scasrtref so ofheistatentshich anda nasnox ncesofte msechnd dax tence m chand? >> y. sh t mad a lan >> ytate nts sh th itialad stes o l ttes olic th ial vestatiost whi o led lot t ic peoe stiohitoedot qution ethe sh waseingeoruthl. inquonact wheheshe w
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gasingng evidceth in acthenithele w tri gg e s med ido a fsterit ri freqntlyseem sd cngeer fer ory neqlyem ce cro-exanati. th is w t lyany pele to ro xaestiti her th isocen. w l yw, saspeo tierrepeedly iaiden sie th s tt i tha ipetiallyd sith qu ttiong byheolicha she ial was siqulyonbyic hehausd. shwas shocsd,siecau her ommaus, he riensh hads beeocauer mamurdheed. en ade waeeundepresre fm the liceho que ione d hrd. h urwade es faftethr hou af rce hritho anuene h htorn. te outhat isfr why h s yshonthatome rn of tse hingatishehy s ate of ini tallyng id smed usualt thnily tme. ere s al theuestn o sd be uvioral sheth t. e realmberheshe s sstenoing be orhe cawhee jt inhe reere ca sng afte herca arreet as jin wel aat l a l of p pleteerorras qutionhethel shewas leal lf as p ieocens quonthhesshealow ss heas ien ise s she sherd: nath, weehe ardro ou c resp dent inhe: th we ity th m hdouf puic c opspion ntthinnhatount asitth m chpuged. me oopit sn msin tnt hve happed wh wh pear tchd. o s be h aocal
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ppeali wtionwhha thear t osecor ithisbe casaal fli on lackhef a betr phr e, ecd i iis as out r thi fsoman ck>>a th ie psecur has t hehi pas an ha d .uestns th ove pcurs hwnas behavior lallystpeakg,veshep h he'sbeor bee lly iakestitedor ep alged 's ceeruptn. th isti cdmeut al mod and mo in t las cpt earrth co. mo ndso tre ao tho que tionsasr hangg ov him t a hoi thk thuens i lian ngaveov probly ten aeconimlook andthth sa iane obell, there was a somonhingok d a sa hatet jl,rewaomng don a ains aman knoinat tes of j hon ns an no charter.te ef desipti h, whh wa fst claid by the ar br.tish estiwh tabwaids f ai dy hehe bsh aoxyabs knohe. th ahexytali procuto patingnoer thshis sheliroto pangisevihe e feevi fale. theye altake fe aeconlook aat. ey thal lockeion ere e st alon meho queion okanda kn 's arachrocn e stl altethe uen dan ac sltp.he onof ttali repters in urt day ss taoning t to olieprs own gr bur als tt rey ta gearlor, a o ts eporgrrurls t deribeaman rl anox ple t orday the debean crtasoxle pey ormahee, singhe's c ver
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od acess. pema so sheregre s'sllhoseer she co hs.e sore s gve dbtssebout heandanox' h cractnd g d evs meut mpordantlyx' gra cct ubtsabouer ev mnnocceorlyra tsou sh? >> spardoca lile bkgrod onmand kn, sh w dat gsh this srdli man braffrole on sondecit knshe shs the wat stuing i istalyanffso it corr t?e th astug ilywas her rr rooate redis rche frogreaert btain >>oo ye . di medith k cherherowasea bin fro great itai ama ya kn frommeth kersroea aima kn roattl whingn. bo o tesetudy abrd tl wng pr rams bo oonlyivin ttogeeer f adyfewbr nths amanpr knoms aysly-inge and f h swd agai hs tanay -no tt medithys kercndr h was sd a aireat t - tmerienth merercthas a kerer'satamil haven acreallyuestnedhat sayerg's th wer't tiltav cloaclyst datatay th er t medithislid so ohelo ascts livi ith meandath liso kn whohey saias--s w thevi h say das kn verhoyntidai acc wdinghe the y ser dauter, a theid wereroblccsng beee the tw auamanr, knosays ahathe i reblbeimpl t wt rue,anheynoadys motd i inpl togeer, ey we hang t e,rt oymossuen tha a ge, oung wha t peop livg o tetheueight ha haven tes o angwho eans opiv up the wh andht
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vetehere o b to t thns upwere esswhtialnd ver gdre b iend t th shep ressaler g >>hepa: jothan thannd. step witus. wanto brg i >> opajoan an corrpondsttit. amy ntbrello o rrnd londmy-bas corsponnt w todaislo th us ndas froron w erug .da y, iyououl giv u afr sensof tug m iduulniv it uy a nsven, tight m mutesastit 9: at nn, mest: n. >> wl,thers a lot o >> weraot o mmotn sh rig behd m the urthse whe t ot sh igverdeht wi m be ann ncede vthry he ton. thin as j athardwaswieayinn ed an vd gg brkewould ack. me upin jha onsthisyi the oodan g b hee, ulckasmep on chge qistehed a h it. thearly ch day qs borehe t. apal phecesstherlyasay be apsense p thss amaera kn w guil. sh d be nsonvi inhmakn w the il shbevinourt theediaou ulayheut th has shirted. heia aloughhereas a thas pol onhi. alghre a soln s alia yterd. stl tsstors plang ve ia hi hre ytrd st the tor t oflahee hi hhe tf
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wsca. pre mister bea husnd ca prmiereaus scon in onn tublewithot o ople. tleth o le th clectn ofthena wa e mo imptant artth of thi csctof ese ihewa orinal mo cmpvictntntofhi i re she ri shelrd: uld cu gict us a he rthe: d gis a ofreakwn of whe i was at t opifon ban takof he chan on t s tattepir b t fann t dn te i gus tenicay speing e wayofhysaldn gutecapevideg e, iwa mighhaveeenys the st imrtande i ghvenhe iman >> i was aoluty the mo im rtan i as the aa,ut sp, ttwasheoundno th kife,imhichanas eliee d to s tsnd be tth murr ke,chieeapotohis lar ttchenurnife apoishear dna f ndhefe on ana f e casp f medith keher's bra therhave een clotp omethtori in tker' pre ara t'serllven vert o mpleri but o reak t itre asdowner the's estileutakaboutt wheerwn
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atas i actths ti t mouder he ife. e fens icts sang i t was mr t large.e ns ilictsa iheas sort of t unds n mergditherch's ictor f dy. so tdst tmethchwa the evince s .olleed t t t dwashevie llecled, w so t d awedsot u to the ght ec wo ed anda us, andtohe thertore 's t eve cledad ethe mereerth ke cher dna ve lewas here kerna on elade aman snox's waon tandlutn tha deuldanx' be,wa t ep bdlausetasha kidhen ife edine,er bse he, thathe wkild hn ee haned. en wn it com h to t e b at w h an .asp,hat appa wntlyitad bomn lo t for six t b wksbecaet ha p,t fpalenly b ffloorix the wcabra ha fn t he strulea tha t medit rundernt thnighshe whaurded. mit d iterurns outthgh the the w w ntamatiotherde itns touthhe w it appeam itioaser clect soo lateitnpet t cctgamesohatt was te ultitely tmeat diredid. as so ha en tilyuggeed tt thpoli piantedi soa tha ebit ge t th liiden p. te the wadna parelyhaft tw her en on en tha thwaa re cla. tw we don r kw wthatonha dnala
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longon t k w so hatesuggtedna itould ve bn the pongce. tt so ag hn,gg ndhingitasld bthpo. bn g n dengnitily pven. b thbott lin deti pn. thttin ishat e a matcng rfael sleciost th b tctrap relnd anda kno sxci thath b ife sap aaeenno diredid by tindenden ha expe s whe were aointny di ditheby tdeen pewhre ant crt ad it as aethat pot, sp,hathe ita can ait blic aeganatoay, po s h, wa atta mi te, ic'reany,actulyuite h wa diress abo mi, theeact at tu the wate shodiy possce bork ne ithishet thwa cselthoh ofho po cose o has i tisbearef not toay cehoof lamecon oas the p ticeefot hereto bec se ty we earlmey doinhethe p bese wh t t ls reec th t w had orrl o ineouldresues w th t, bu t t thadointr is o wn thldsu was dithredibud, t tre wa bitnt smoreocus w th h thesdidi t w polebi reus h wee orati ratrol an whetr inwe facaman ox h otiat carrd ou tha rime etso minh ofachean h evince, rrouha sheme mof ciumsttial viand e,ere'a loofhe it. and cistal d e'lo peoe ct. d pie geth eostorthat cmakeie her th guiy or or at innont, t ainkeerui it ot
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no, at a a porizes it alia are sayg is iareay i tter relseer he d noter el comm e aot cme. >>hepa: wee wking mmo relv t c. >>pa auweo wng dif t shs seami viau intnetiflt sh from smiiantt omutsi. acinsateite uckssias ovinto b dficu. iin wtete tkssk jonhan nt in o b dcu qu tion i wwe tked t aouonhen o i msquon td a contning the i a ntngf rfaelhe sollito a amaa rel k x. llo the wa ama ahird pson, kho's th waalrey beonvied, d ard p n,om's rebe evythi i'vreadegarving, the ial and blic onion evhi th've'sadar e olnd qution gic oson ths ilty is ttquon aurat >> yea this ty t aat isea r y
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is gue, ans r iigra gu afrom t ivooastescred i asra a omdrif tr. vo laestcr as a amots oisnaif wer ela und themorime o sceer. d 'sheme svingce6year actlly app sledngar agast hctyppd inial theuilterdi gaagait hi h ais sennceinl he lt wadi rduce aiti to a yea. ene bu he' wa rrvincehose6o ea yea. bue' the ar in no applsse6endi as r ase uerstead rthar him. o anhepp wi rdiains asn ust prin fim an ithos16 yrs rnri snp. f th na os y evince ains h s th fa fvie strnsger h ery evelfa it f htrverr bee e ainsamanel it h ox orrer peevent nsan r pnt bfrie. sh? >> myn: ain,e'rexpecng bie thverdt to be sh r d. m : n, are ecrdic hthrdow toeneeach in t ce of r thea ic ame hcan udenchaman kno con tcted cme ofur yrs ahefmen muer ienan no onan iedlian y aour unow man i ianuestns abo thur w an coicti. thappes trl hstboh ti thethpetr hrdic i i it tapd. b eeadhory iic i
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ital i in a itioit i' bdorust bee al a ioven finive w'd thathe ee famies oraffle s lecin ni w th arehahen boyiendand o aman knomi are onff sci threnheoyndd o anno re cotroo aman knohas en med fm therisoto the urth secooo an noitses a m f n wthsowaitforhe the th decion. se awill the n w ericitromanhe co ci. me o lle lheke up r theic an st o herco lif or methg o l p el? he oucovege ctinu aft o er thisifr th el ouve cnuft is
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sherd: eaki newon f newshann. mines pt 9:00 nhe th: ki ew f ev ing twsnnrowd gat rin p arnd t00ourtusthn evg t rugiwd ilyndatrhe ar wai tng ofrtth reang oa ver ctgi i whicai of hea a oeadyer be reaed ic ains the the h ady aricabe eacolle stent andanox. nshehe aca e llasstt da conx.ctedf arime ich oned ame w h alged wald to ve bee mmitd fo yeago. o a yngee brish itfoea wom. w ille y ri insi an ilianom wlepartnt. italsin prnecuts cimed i ian ppen durg art. d g-fualedprut c edsex i gam tha tensuraoman aman dfu kx, xndamha her t bfrie anraff le s lecian wer respsibl kfor e muer. at ty arer dna was b atie t
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ff scrimciercene spblr mu and. tarthatnatastas t im neliev thekill thindat wan. noevtherhes bllnhianppea trl, wch h hapned w. no iner b aea way th woutr not w hapdn ha aen i ythhe ouot unedtate simiarly ie trl haened i un a wayte it uld n as mi y ll.trhaed i to bng ay ust p todate ns o .ow we'vreactod ts b pnthe us todetaes of thi o cme 'vac t p l's taof hi brin i c jgendrew l poliinno, e of j treohos of li, of t "ose fiof" a ahors "fi "freom a atch"rson the f burenessetwo. h" he we've b fn bussrelywogn you for is 'v bor of ingly fg mnyouor year if t unifd stes tog get f m a ap al, armeth g se ous tnistasoet to a haapen., thse yoso ha. yo hveo pro eorsade weren h crtr brond-n e evsences avelabl re c b-n evce unavr thblepartular rcumances theould eun noth apals rtial ar thenite umce heates >> ldryenusuno in th eurapeans l hete co inenes thiss t secd jysurialn th urshe'n h. coeengot is t theececon jjuryy alial e' h simp by fil g at nicefheon ry molon for a
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mpy g a the nnitee stes,hen oumo or fi th a nicef al. moheonte s yous, n tean fih app nlatee crtmohatou erters t judadppte c inourat er tud tria in t i connentnot igrear brit n, b ia i tranconndntt iea geany d sin nd it b ita i, yo nc tan ge enty ely s n taleforta yo a new t jgentnd ny n turoror that exaaly wewt hpene j n isime,or atxa w hxcene th e,ime,ot kning atceheerdih is,e,we kn dog tknowdit mo ths, anye el ds, eepthe do jurow tmo th nycase oes tel d e atear he urgones wl fo t t ses t gernm at.r he ne wfo t ge conmt-apinteindenden pertslliscnted mucof thevidce cosedaptedeoen conct her rt st tsceeduc thidround is teonhe goer to spe t t theun juds thersefgoo witpeut bng t unrath enduds whoutrseingit b crosunexamred, hingshat n'tappein the wniteutdng st es. os am >>, hepags: antin aitio thet keuppefhete tho wst. >>paan aiohe wuplho w adjucate wer iliffent tn anhing wd fd in t e un edjute i stes afe t t way heyanrring w fin at v tdictun nst a tayyrihisrial oesat vct not cludsalsnanous cisi. wel t ud geintoheansetai of si we ge
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tothatwhathe psibitiesaif aheafor r ar and atat pbi whes thi meanfrany ear arnd forntertion relaons. wh hianda knoananyorer wheoner s wil la s.walkree dano spe theestf helifen ja forhe s ail cri lke fromhichpehe dayst one hefe sjae'sora riinsied s didot aythatne just aad ss aer this sin sid atus a ais fowsnn#@mm
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sherd: eaki new covege ctinun fonews anne he : 23 mkiutesewast ve c 9nu0 p. infowsthe ne itian c rtro m onesthe le-han 9sidep. on yre sc en. it nthe man cron at te boleom oanyourde o reen yn tc. ighte n i n tbo our hopien to t be sht fr n uer pionye s ciumstces e wi rurnfro u th psonwherhe speci thests wi r ntter path of the pn lter fpehe ye s toerithe gnpafndheet l f r thgsnd yeto chehe g o aer co lethhe o of a hrs o fhe co res heraturornf h o da f o ates let th erurrna ot nt 25or oleth yes. one tereing ing abo n25 ts trias, yeere' n
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e reustg ghebo t ssibiaity at ts e' ntjudg aiby t ju cdguphoheente ae a it iow whiju sta cshot 26te a ye is, or dmissall hiheta chges a26 ye sar she d notss gltyl d lech hes a g theansalsoheot gy dleheears subact gheso yrs. drs ub tit's iinit wthi yudg.e anjuryan dcide 's iit were. dgheor than'rery ddebasinone ofe. oris othetheult ofsineof pernali o e at'suiltltp arndhisf ca, in ilyn grterli br ain,'she ulttedaris tateca forin i grat attearoubr then,orld u d but ttevidorce at te hanouheld t t idme h beeataniscrited heesome s bncred ueld. ace glaghme has the dails b ud. e ggh as tre, rheus dlshat hav wh tr r t e jurs he beavh nsiding. t'smpoan to rember ju hbe portt as idg. the dspooeer iin ts rt asse a it ishe the d lnchp in is ce, the i's t iden t at sdefee wohed pot y lhp nward c thatheoes t e st.en t th defe efe hwopot y saiover andrd aters e. agathfe hremeeraiou'vernd ot ga amdame'v k oxamccus of rapg an k hpingousill ofrediap
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keher,nd yat he cmean h scnge tre'sl otdi ker, y c sc t's ngleit of anda ox'sna ahe cre sne. le noa aa 's a cr s. air,nootnyela. r,enlyna tat itonoxla yis cme a all isn t i tx alged urde c allis t wealondde the kitcn kne iraffle we sollito'hehome hednaassupped t betc okn iff e llandlo' mermeith kerer'she a onhepp t knie. the pert tha came idlerhaider's the ona wasni at e hertha veram be id e flawas vy wor itwaere aw vnonestenor andtf crsehey oveheechnue. ere s aneennd c fooerinty t ve prosutiohnsays.hey fe ndatoo nt the ime t osioysy f e e sce at tche amannox' aheyprayce he an x' it ayay wilumil,hati wh it inractwithmi btodtwht glo andinctth ty b sd thas andalo ox's the fensd sai waia tinut sth aa ifou 's e pnsaiaitut on d ergen p ru, onfruitn j dcege it aso ruon uiglow so t sayhat j is i a bodsery faow re thingay.t
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the sy bhererys fa thereng a lysi e res hefrom thi indende a csincil sayi youanno tst ts omhi nd dedna, c andil t yiounoueson t t f a,nd wheer am tda kox'sestatents whe shsaidheashe tam k t's critesh scshe, tidn cangeer min tri yinghe w ottsc t therime cge ene,andin at ng t wnd oheme it e,dat t otll sang s wasnderures only talng ther motsar saser wn es e aid elyal t was trer a ot commts we ta wn ou d ntexan leadas by th t a osec or f themm worldtaou to me ex eadyheirth min ec f aheut andaldto kno m fa befo airofhiin evinc a aa s prenteinno fafoourt avi prte rtep >> spardtracgallherive fo us. wel ge back to y s.rdacllre livefon yrs. s reenmerewethgeck o ykercr's ther iseat the ve y s en re theeft-nd srce. s er yo can i sat theutli o her het- asse sther yoappeans toe s t bnett ilinhiser sepictere. hepefamitos now btt i thse. furt r i' ct tol therhe wmi owactity itheth crtro jus rt i'mentoler a w tind ie tha craffroleus ntlleco's fam ay, aga hshaff th ecsman o waamga concted alo h wi amaanox, isth fn ilywaanoned lo the osecwiion mae nx,n fy cour
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:50 pm
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3:51 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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3:58 pm
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3:59 pm
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