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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 3, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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fries. >>e'rehanknolil ahat anda' ie >>nighreare nk ove tt'seen aa' a lg fou ghe ve sn y ars. l sheourd: wilhearrom e faly othe ctimho di y. he: ilarm infa o nake im din a poolfnak ood. tonht ang aoo acsatis inhe ce th 'sd. onng a capted g bal cth pt gl ati captns b osedaptiing rvic pt b edtig ic >> spardplus ang wit walltree ndre of peo e srdus camngdutit ll reeeeks refeo damonsttinggain cororatreed ks we jt hav a dstngmallin coat peentaed of oplen te j unit staavs whown ell jori ofpetaf le t ittawhn rifealt sherd: 's n jusin n yo. toght, moventlt gaihe: nus n yo mentto. t, buovwhattreheai proster nt buat actulyroer wan bu fst rom tu f ts mony an nit, t merin fm s fdent t amanony kno has lefnit t pririnn snt an ity ansheno isasefinalrin heed itane s me. at'salfter jgeshelear her . 's erof jslittarg her roo ate' thro nrlytt frears hgo.
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theoo ce'rt ro nyeclas foth trs ilty. he cf a the chaesla sh beuse ey hen't ty comtted e a crihe. e cohat bee ithd hws t'tomed accutionof ari cohd t crges cu on she ard: u casee ox eakdns theudge rd ceshe he: cae veict. kdd shne rlizehehisge l rgd orde is over.t. sh rzes lshe can rurn des oome to eatt .e anthe rurtn alseo enerattd e t herls era yfrierd rael. ch of tm reive ri rl. dades f ng s ttenc for t rve mde of des snc knor's c tlege rmmat the mf britnered hkn cgeirch r.athe atn it appls tedalndepdentch pertat tesfiedhat e pp tn.a.videeepnthat helrtdesedt coict andateld kx andafae co t s a saious k flad.nd aeforehe udge sus wtlao re deberage tay w anda kno oke rectde torahem. tsheaid eost aa ano fridhen e cto m. redi kireerd t dd.ri sheaysn s haseen p ingdi ir wier d o e lifsor sasn pg a cmewi she d no oif a c ommi e no>> i nothathey saymihe iott peersis, tyay vionce,
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co emptpesi trioe, lif coptnd eoplr en'tart of nd d iifot pl dohat hey't st i havf done. didn dot kyl. s i avdn'te. rdne. i dn't k sal.i 't wasn r t re.i 't swasn. prent a thesn cme. t. snre ae c . >>hepa: hos lar th jues swedhey >>pahola agrthd. offijurs sdushe and knoyfrom thcouroom ter gre fi vdict he tes a ofnoom r ieftillthurm r seami do v herct te facf e rung r notfll tha sheremi wdoer act eruughvideote bu tt, ihanre w fa, sh ehiddebuot t i kil fash d notil ra. ju d as e hasot insted om thvery binnira. wejuaves tmas fox covagensd thry bni now we eamy t kelgg loxe inove ita. daowspri er yel l winh se ota da krix w s frnds. rst othonatn hu kn our neroom fr ts.ight t at hu nath, wh iur s com gneom ho t. ht >>hep, fend o th herwhho som s ap rent whoh he s>>p, fhed oer leftriso forhe lt ap tnte w he st aouplf oursft agoso isor lo t be aplelied,rs agondas kx wi be bod comrciaie aa kwi airner boromomia roomete torrowireaderm back o thunitro to owwhetr thillde bnew
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ckthit yorta etrthelevlion bwnterews etheorshe ll b eadeevn raig homer tos eatthee b w de simp doot igomo kno tt th frid t wd t mp assoiate prsno tha amatha knri s td to ss hiteas she pr ltha tma priknn s she hi quhee, wted l t go trinheome, rennecqu w whder t g famy,ak e,sseson ofreerec wamife, and esf nallwin ck h hpinee,nd lln h sh. hne >> spardaman knofami has be er t moon t ightsh srd joanthanno mi >> t y cs taine t seeood to b t ht whenhe vdictas reajoan ut i tn cinee to urt,here bere wenops vfct joyea om i the listt, brirely tehat. wsfoy he stri tt. [ches] >> the c rthe >> oiciappead for sence ashe choseheer wen otia ea up ithe c rt.r s ce rshese mteren p t i aenda c. knos m milyas bn s pencesinc aa thenno ly b r s siscernc deaa, t en onlne mang a sho s temeis oside ea th t crt. nl lien t ma a deahoa sme ode c . >> wreli t tnkfueahat anda'x. ni wtmaris tfut ove aa'
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shsuffed f fnirar yrs f a cme ttheveid nshff f f y f comt. are chank tl the c nrt for vingom renk t the c couge tor loo orng the uth dhe toou ove turnoohis convtion e h ovens nvon weow resctfuy aou t we givemandand e resofesfu our a t famiur riva ve thandd ees ndur to rover mivaharom is herible n deal rerm hbl al>> ty happead f ivachep. as i a ays te waha iea fhese ac thgsp. s ie as waointe i e se lily t hearth s gre dlnte fm li t ar amdare k dxescring t f four am year k oealcrhichg tust nou comi to ar e. olch t n sh? mi >>o hepa: jothan ebefo. the rdiccameack, famy shmembs ofhe vic m,>>pajoanfo mheedit icmek, amkircr addmbssedof memrs oicthe m itdia. d her istercdd sedd them oree not a. he te rey to sthot fgive reto fnyonve eveoneeedson toveedsememor [iudib] eaierhe em utaly of wtctuay haened[iibear alof w tuat haed nht t n evethin
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that merith mt hav fel ve thin nig. at erytng ser wenhhrou m tav el ar nd thethig. terrand notyt senou t heerdot kning whynd s d n'tkng desee th.hy s dt seth >> spardthe rder wom's latis le no dbt the s rde beereve eomourtereight th firsti timleo dhe bee rteht roun th rsamy imllogon sne tight frun erisy a.og s tht fr is am? am ? >> the they rll d snd b ehe cou'srigilhe r d sonvi bion. ou mr kerher gienaid tha thvi mayn.ave murredmrerr merithd habeca ehethayeurasdveryingerh tt ca ey wer't. stl, t famy drygay t ea ier dayhater. st theyam d had gr tea conr dencyint ty itaanad cour grysteon nc liev thewoul t ultatel ta make he urte rht el bu ke ty eress ris bu t reayl con ernss th merith d t viont ea nare oon ertheather hadh bee tllio buna oorgothen in tadee aeals bu
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ocesgo i t als es theefennts volv in thot onl justhe acthe ttens lvn th nl medithas busnetorgoen t but seth meth b saigo theut actl et bralitoft.aihect brit n the we med n emheions o wside mhe emns odeerug cothou tonht wh man ug re sllelieng coouon t wt amaaan ox siendafael are tt gltymar th sethiaeometngres gy thresoed he shis man peoete s in itaon't so haneo b ieve tintta't bve t rudy the se peon wtand convted the urde dyfhe spe wnd redi nvd hedeerscr di ivooast cod ha cared oscr the rderndhe rvoest hselfcohaar ohe er r ep? h lf sherd: otio runng gh inox' hom own?of he: io unattl her iiendanx'elates om ngeth in a dowownotelo tl r watcndthe rdiccomeat thown.n own lielen tthis tce icmen. li tis [ches]
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he >> spardthos sports begagathingate yesrday we'rtold srdomeos s srtyeds p ga allth ge nitnesay ant'ripatldn ofe s thed ll newshey nive wtedour yea nt atofear. he ours wsy a wndad knorgreweap ineattr. bore goi tors ahe ano unewersi of w hingn. in shsaidtthat bhee woildo lik t retuun thesiff wng shidttali w cousik t eare htu.he tonit th wisa lli cloour re com hg. lnlo om singeorkse.ur pific n nortest reau andive i sgeks attlthis pftericon. n, artt saull grondeelie id in tlis er. amda's nnoc ace tough sheroie tire of is.n at dtheyaveoamay'soc tgh ref . n? deye wl, ayou cmagi nlief?nd elion, w au chep. giu ar ightef el n,iendf amaa, aroupp. ar th's bhtn p claindng hma aup inno nce r althst f br yes pai h nogathed lt we in anoe al fye seate hol an whenno theth lwen firshearthe a vdicthey at ho anreenhe cfuse they idn'rsareeall vctynderand bu the o cse c rse, ey joyn'henll ey derd bu uheerstd. c peoe,e ghereoyinnhis hot d ust sue. ateo:00 gre whesmandot geer statsuent theourtatthey0hend g chred. ey cered gain at whet shertey w tree. chd. cedinhe s w >> e. tmends rief, j>> tnd happ ressf,orhe jamil
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ppespesallyor h becse s isuchreatil k. w re tpeingly t hec s g ish evythi togher at the k an w t g t ha dow tim g a aevhi fogilyr he wayhaowim a ale b fhy filie whodye al b ar. fbodyieo th w c rroupnd . t badythheir c rup omsba tirirads an theiste. s t>> aost theseopl whohe gathed a helte. at thet 20 houplrho th agil elst nht a todre t20ou iendor pl ents nf arienod of he frohighchoo andnd pts collene. f albut coup ofherogh relooivesd aractuly in ita wllh alert upfeles artu sh. n >> stapard wlotsf rerts out at s wilbeoing sh xt. s rd tsat drewes t silng . d kw? >>ou hrd fro jonhan rlie sheay b k takg a>> h mmerroal fonght nom re bac ie thehe.s. bak a m heing aterould ft be rac hetop. mewhe e e.he g peldaps w yoe for somep wh e pes yoor ng-tm frnds pecter t get t of timel htrv. -tfrs ct t t of tndel milynd frids presd ly intest the inricencprojt es unganguentt he illsin nc ojshe flut u igutali ls e lu germy an i freh. li
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styingore l guag . rman ha to ree wtheoes henst ng esh rurnso t lag u.shao per wps s nseate pe aps s rns ear t a.ser torrow atpes shepar a >> spardso anda ox i toow fr. shwill a aren y cepe me srd aa i sofr. weshell m aitoreng de clopmts i aly andeill bsong youwe mor ldeepm i upda s layr thnde hlr. b firsou the l reblic da la thesidtial h rs canhedateerma reinichowi mideal strgthheseante ma days we wl chk ouwihis mtr lathtse viysorie wpluschwordouroms theew jatsey vi ie gove or cusisrdm chrtie' chep jy on w nve cehre' cou c annnce h on wounn e tent hns. d a t ba noworhe nt. conga sswoban miowele bacann. wilshowou t o ine ng womi vieoacn. tt herilow team mht oe not vi ve mnt to ttermelea m. om tot joualis ofox mo newsthisea. t i"theouoxis o rxort, ericwss chisceor ening i hews o rt, icchable eng o 114 nthsnd couing.le 4 hsoug.
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ff heapprchin h urne shene >> hepa : mipr emainel le toght ashiton. heank >> l foer gtoernot romhiyn. talng k abt h b.ines sfo e gerienoeom alday aab hown hal beseeti e inie w h pshiy . hedmithis aompaes wenal nottin alwa hhi s cessl buheheitspa say w presentotbama everwa led sssbuay es anthingmand qte, ered youant to cate obs,anng ielps q, out ce ts, i hav ps hadne. new tav w vhaeo.rom ew w coressman vchelbachnn'sm caaignenering it of co ss n zz belchot'she cagn oer theg f caidatprobly b wand. th oheongrswom riticazingat ob esidt oba bushean thfilistera lingrom he, litien tngthis idobbue >>lion'ter seteinn heli tis you iritl l e. >> 'tn't etttlenourersolou it llife don't settle wit your ceerso goal and fe a n'ttitou cratio we can al ettl d a ther io we s thaeour tionan i ontlhe pes ght er sow.har on theopes in enomilly s tith . ve hig e emiyh veig e>> sympardveryigh emplment of crse,he wtten scr t srdryh ow c gresplomanntachm n ce, wenas cr sutosedo s vy hh cesanhm emplmentsu ed salsooday vwo m he topides hapl quintthe nute ssoietyay mop
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7:23 pm
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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