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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 4, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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thenpresreentgbamaevme new as t croutto enest re-ectima. ew dcusshe sutatege nes to wine-ti dssn 22. s eg e fi tneto monyin ofn 2 fitonctob.f the prem cou jtice are ba toobork. werevi the be emou j iceuesreba o ruli onk. o mawevihe car bo is illel immliratin. o anwe'l realarheesul lemm ti y h oanob'l a rl ec'sulet om f day. y o ao is theig winr? es "t fe" sta s r ht fy. now ishein "t ♪♪ fta row ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>imbey: rht t breang nsut o ita toda >>amanbe r k tx, a feae wom n o ta tonit afr an da ita anan k a f om apals urt has hrowniaf outanta herurdeaps tas conctioowut rdeonio the 2yearld h bee in pris forour yea ande 2 ar h nteneed t 2n yea isorreand igin ly fen the t 2eabrut athin o fhe sdent merithut rchewither roo ateh i s ntperuera.h tereing hethtory we hooe send i comg o ruf re thgryourt om i h ita s let' o tak thrt i ataod t'ak lisn. >> treimrsellheis
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exnse timesexe an b theefennt ohe arge"a," "" b "c"hend "en" o ge," "c" "" thevidee is not reli le hedeisot .li [naudle ] [ud ] suortrders immiatesuter rease mm amatea and rafreele ma soecitndaf. so kimitrly:o amda kno freet l.t. ur y rs.imy:am grno, doou tnk ee jus lce w y . rved gr do >>reg: t w wh i wasatchg t t,ed >>oughg:she onsuiltw. bause iwhon't uaserstdch t ita an. gh e ihouglt she bsewas h,i s't usts ta .obvisly ing jaiughe si reazed s n s'sot gng vi y to jg eatotady n cfuse s ghere i j tahe cse re ihing nody kws wt ctuaysoin haen a i d'tpe kwfno k w ua
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ere an innhaent aartyf d is kut trose tion e n nnt tyempled a s ateg o tseon sat pl aic seg o ritu oaty. th nev wor. thinabou the mtuarti o pr choocasethev or when procuti inou inteduce mti sanicproose ruals enro itisntcelmossac rls i coosleteade up and ridilousnd co dtesn'tork.e p nd kimrly: bad di us osecion d'tk.heoro c vict imy:ad and en wn ec aneal.or c >>ctreg:es. >> kd berl w shes fr abecal.e ofhat. wh do>>oug:hink. >> e kc: krl yhefr can caproboflyt. hel u morwho nk at w r ed kr y hrdans t obel u oraliacour a w rduch h t mor iaur ah ornien e go a aeal aft bei en conv ted.go a she t 2 yrs. alft ei the appl asnvd.eard e 2 y. wodtappe neerepp i amerrda? kimworly:hey ve apee i dierensyst tha we d er heim, shy:wasy ent aleddi toenstaveha d imdiatappehe. shs nt wordd terdvangeoe becae th gotimat newpe or dna tan tein acathoteworenc ttna ct dotet onna on a tnifeen and tt c br thatdoon w parn o the truci fe evndencehat ey lked erbr to tat war oheci crievcet ld t sce. ri sh mntaid ine ce
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diffent rsioshe shs incentnd wn't mairese i. e al d affuset ioe s eoneinnt w t elsesef comttin al d ae the sne sefominrime.he theonviionme stas f slap derth she dvihreentaears f t ft an shap gotrredi e eeo trse f t see wh h ha isan sysotm tdi ouryste t a feas se whha ssess.ys t gre sheade arteot f ss tuffrehee righ n't at arobl he?ff >> ec: h gh ftpri n t a bl hood s fod. he eshoe h bas o f theri foprin in bd bobhe letoe meas ohe unrsta onfothinin gre b w. talng obet eabou thisuntorytaad oninre w aal ou otisry of a dru d yo clef sanicruitua yo m caveeen my sic liftyleua one moint eere s aot ofny stuifle at - inenton't say e af tu titiatin - gre rig't.ay >> b: i ink hat c ghttiin themagition f t reig bi kttali ct egion tli alia. a t o sries arod he. yo can get a ciange fa o ses veroe.he yo haveyo a ce 's aut ve druyovetond alcoh and ivesru i'm ture sid goh ir td donm kwe if she did gr d
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tnot . it. on k e dfisiohas beeid mad d t on of t thot. ita an dorieioseehatad cture on faginionhota f iet cre inn ople soany aspts to le it. soy >> da: o ofsphe tngso i thk th ist. intesti d o f abt h. ts we i wil earththromsntti her she asab h we immeilatelrelere anm obab on errhe wayack he. me elshlean abn mntaiay theknnocce h th ente maiheoc th timnt althgh, e ha vyingim orie wethhoul, waihantil we vearng om h . ie thisasweulaioil beervery p ent' h ghtme. is if y sene yrry c pldt' overas tm to tten anif yen y intestinuniv csityhere ertheyave o oortuenty tn be on tteir oiniv fortyrehe fst eye o titu. te ifheres d gs t oor fnvoldti ifre dolt hatoeonceed th it ha wte couce hapn. th i diffent acesave diffent wles e poudheap pri f fou fft esars.e fft insrestg to ear promri fou insttorm morr. kimrly: auminshe is inrrcentwithheir im finy:ng aine not gsltyn the cinrgesntthir in gre i'm not se ot gy he spdingwo y crs ies i lian re'mot s
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won's isonould e spng y i ghtme fome. ian >>woimbes y: yon would like it tmfo . >>ric: >>be t youik it pro em >>c:s -- t i don'knowfro is a pblem or t--ay sietys. n' owf sh i a p wemlly tack, s mtyber sh y no b wne ofhebck, m jets whnoknow f go thrgh a whiwindf ts beg boed owhowvery sho y gohr a cahithinndof. who be goibo oo gryho the y fst in rvieand cae sinond .e. at i o oihe g gnghe foinie sayd s d pr ablyo a i bknd may gayprlya b moeay. a mo weahy pson.. a >>ob:ea you pn. >>: kw, i d'tou ow. lot o ptyin kg a i d driing . d drtging she pes tin a jaior frrig ars. drng did t same thing andai i f nt t wors.or jmy caridr tam ng ndur y irs is here j tice tnorheorld jarr >> kberl hop yfo iseryore. j ce w yo sitld her am king.rlop >>reg: ho iyo goi to yoiter am g.ay >>g: i hoi?o n thowy? h >> da: tk myoke.owy? >> kberl sto it. sen nce du tye. iliantyle krl too. t. no we me en one i tan 20le ecau no mn t20au usu n dma misd ts
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we, th weesund. n lotf sff d fis t rk wethee. pert s f rer get o hitfterheext. hean't get a t bre oith theiter t.migrion d serity hewe'tet hav areh shendalhathe ashigrtonn seost"ty is reptingav s al.t ople ith hifferntt"pinissepng on leh ernit. on nothe tid i tning someoming tnoeid s iportick tng rrymein t sing srt itk sho dn'te y tan wi reg sd tgtt itho't >> da: one tawieg t tngim i leing to the dace, asne tsoons y getn, y'releg ohee,s ont-nner on yremeer tet fir yeebatnd evert-neerttac d h ?me tir you n'tatet itrom the er acfell can hdate you t it f mu hett miamhe ll aanste u it f m awell i dlingith dfere mia ov thellears i th "waingt pos d havng a h d reory mer t wkendovhers th qwackgtosav y t wnd quicy q aut a ic rchamil a th he hadealis wh a r ilinapoprie an othensieadli w a word"n" ord aprianbout osi bla rd"dut ople lainteon tock but tn le esti s ift w te paied t k overutoverime. t
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24 ano moustiif w souaies he er erashie.ton pt" s ry. 24 nous remberhenou wasress hi nsecr pary s the.hite h seem rn the waasass cry bighete hth twang autig thbig nspaps t wen't a gog to usethg nap anymo sries w't ymor goyouto hseeoork har admoo s ges or u hnonyuskarourc. g >> b: th is anyrcunti ranc his btherthsease itorti nc s er se t-acrranc >> kberl in83. >> ec: htook ver hecr nc le e an put k hisrlname on.t e h ok 200r6leanutis asen 00 gernos head takumbe of gno peoe er tre. thhestorhadak bn hisbefatheeoe inte over the. thord o bensiis he wo. teopleerown ereit hs o si gove or rort wodome on len e htheecor now tyid s ve rt thenamen was eorow t sll s thmeas the. e of s two conusio. eierhe ty're notofwoelli theonio trutor heis n tre telng tot li heuth. eith eveut wil get him n in ael t lot h. fthveiletn a t trole. iss gng t kp gng. ro . dan i d't t nkt g t getsim k i g.roub. heanan c dn t it tnk ade thets i ubwron decionhe c snakin iefor t he kwehe the
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onecn sinholeor kwhe sto.leto notheyre ting t backrack inoey t ghe h t runor gov norckckour i mes t as hndoun o eveovr rcomepith ? s t all a o sdenve4 meph anymo l urce a s ne conrvate, amo incding shce imbah o o theon at laestadioncngudiee -- ba o o>> kberlhe a l toaylatio ie-- abtt. k rl l o dan saiit wrong abandmear anai do w anye bngieveerry d thkshat y?ar dony b >>veob: ryt yo hav t th at wh he>>: pyoplav t who are h wh frnds d suorte sing p hoashere h >> da: mfrbe is sute sg wasre d m i bobif i washerend tang pple h tt. tha ob ideseasesretariti psme htha se gre wha abotheti meli? wh w hereha rbokeaint or li wh w tued rntr ovetu st lk aisve tture. he h app nted l aore tnorirees i the o hicefpped e y gernoin riisto. ihe o hienemi gno aersatoesome hi arblac saygmiheres n a saa risteone i is bary.acayre
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if t noint of rele ing rhete i bory toay ts uy t intfleg ray sto t i is rarong >> da: i defded byng t whit defdyouse t tay. it eri iayinse we hav tto p.nt o. rithis isn't h ran.ineav is i a lea p h o is't h i on weaming his. accoing mr.erryat camrp or m per wng dir.tlye saicog r.ry wham heas me areorf m er irsawy ieai td hiswh feher m abou ait.f the wther i paied tis o frrt ou and. me pnt e erurne it oveai at me d oou wtt hnd to p ne dotve >> b m: he did s. wt h at io n accing himdo o bhe singacis i nwe sdcctgappeimd in o '83gis his me w s othepe linse83 i s w l 20. i >>ric:he rk wn't the -- bob20but opleho have >>c: r w tenhere whth-- per i n obt le theav 2000 conrend t w rocnder i th worhe w the. 00 someondy i tnot telocng t trthh.or whe >> da: i remmeds m itfel t e "whingtrn pt" wt d i afemr bo m m"wng p w afbodold m. nowoverrdo of.irgia. w eren h was gduate has gat apoprie. an the beatdehat hseo
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deatin tapriwash gton an hest." ea ert has at t aoshheonurre ." candate for govnor a ire virg ia.nd e orhelpeov witr i his rg. lpitame. goveisor grgellen rning fo-- ne. he i unni ve for geen rsenang fo ne i agani.or th "wa ingtna pos was ga riskg thwagtosas sk dradi furer eirepution. >> b: dot yo dthindiurf r saw tut sign. a knew i bdo yo init was i pproawiate to taig a ne ople ihere eri youre masing iroteta leap thou. le re bobif h awri itou m dong u th kap ious ipproiate ob h >>ana:thatfont w th i inte ioverro te bobthey e>>a:t w sayg teer it obeyay tsn't >> da: cap sts hpen in'tolits. weave o d c s res hndn oin chp wee >> bes: n chech hot ashut th b wor n he t >> areg:f thas athor demoat >>g:th ishis mosstory? bobryof crse. >>imbey: itheyre gointo r thi obtory ce. >>be ipoweeyul sry a s teme in r hiand accryatio of rac m we s a agai st amean runng f
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dccio f esidt, sactingoverr, aia ow uun a f id p stonger u. p let'seehe evince. >>ob: l rit. gepeop on tt'e recd wvie. id t>>y: ri ent tgere.opn t ec w th hes in ome t tuble it t don. wt him t bethenn e tr tble.le wantim t b aonund. w im's g tdor ue tre. nt t >> bimbe ay: yd. lik m. g u you ntim toin a o >>be yik oba, rht u o>> b: ye a kimrly: figed tt ob r out. ming bp,ye ms im proy:st oig t ll seet ontit.e. ng w donst mtionbreangro o out acrs stti the dstonea tcrsount.he wil tk abohat nex nt on "e fi." do t foilet t tkbotex-mai us "fit dofo t s ♪ ♪♪ the@ewm. ♪♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >>reg:elco bacto "tive. >>700 g:oplecoereac "trresde. o th bro lyn0 leeridg thi es weend ich o is 00 mtherohan wedghirres dtwed hl the ts m pay eveweses comdned.t e bdgehead to bpa i d'tomd. kw ow be my b biionaloe banrs w e d usi k tha m dbinaan b w the wsie haeatl onumbed d b the b c he w drers ying o m etl omb b vingor the c famies.drs ng at g m s h the edia ng t
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cuams. pro gster sla. hhe ia ke tir cureatnt of troer la goy te fmadell the sseo m egote wn ti iaw o de s was m wnrresd. portasataseseona rt wa't jt cerinthe mar as for e "w yorna tim." washe js cartin ofe d itr f "vor horim e teporfng?t. she itescr fedr hhe parreor ? moods ecr lebrory. pre bral foes od csed in, brhey. br wroes a feweet ayrom m cd n,iaw t youwr ahildewn nt am m olr t tn eigoulingldg t n eir motr. ol oh, ar theigng t c ldrerot at wld the, olic do cre t th w? he ybeico thed a mom w th she? e woulbrinherhe kid to aom w he otes ulonarin desribedid it t a ndom es aarressese.edt a antiliceias t tomet t ass age r futtieces t ptest t agai t poce b talie . ut anhingor t c psest rig aipo bli anng t nasha? c ig whe istoing the a ptiernaa?erewhisng mked e rcil psly er theediae buthey flowethe mdaw a il y he thia sto on bueyrincle. fwee sotime a weang . thnewsomeea ptests s prer s. coront ion dthwltimely pstrer
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aoscont.n imo gyupsf srote.ers gs. one tnks,tehes oth snks. ess o th ediae ts,th lik ss. s thia st? lovthatik >> kberl youike i ? ght? ov at bobthat as a k frlrou ande i ba ncediew ghtt? the . obat a >> freg:t wand bob ba edbob,w et mthesk y thi >>g:waob beuse youb,e m aeady yalkihi do yhinkbee shuouingown ady ki idgeins ynk conrts, hug esncial whepeop whose ge s eons, bdgesesalheophoren'ich e pele b es>> b: t pole men'th ape na onaltory hey bidn' tol m ha t makit. noyou wilnal galry moryen'eople ha prestiak. . in fac i nouoingil gorpl dowprti inac i >>imbey: gd lu.ow dan the pol e drrn't ke a>> itbetory glu ey'v beenryin t an getheol dt atenttn frry it. onthin th'veninappe td oveet e weend nt twifrert. oninthpe isdve wepeopd comaini thawi i to so lons f med topomniha i ver tooon f ted t rtory. t >>ric:hat ory it?ry catali is b? >> c:t y rport?ions are b? cali s>> b b: th isnef t ornsre b prlems bith dons he t ufying ssag pr ms >> reg: hey n't onve h a uin prcipl agall ey ant to >>og:y t a is takprpl
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l ket toe, te. s bobthe akbas apoximely t t obe s apimythe priiple ithherile itooktole mon a ty're t inail. >> eokc: n onelefon ahe t kres in knl. thastor they ee nne ptest kg th knestahaishmort. li ey pstth tahm linarcsts,ow z bar miael ore,eorgorosrcs, zar outmil e,rgoshere t theyallt corratere peeyonhol. it'sorte agastnythg ttas pe tohoo wit a orpo'stionga th t mewhil gue who to donedit a pore tonbama thameanyilue othho on caidatin t t hismary ohay th esidtialcaat t ectiois o idals? eio th corratetheall stet. dohe kno hat?thorte el >> b: thst did. i do bauseno eyt? knew h was winng. b that'sid w i bsehey' ntrineting hoasinepub.cans 'sght n w. y' are uiddi me? ring youbdon'ns get t nadne. fro me e die? abt th cporayoons.n'et ne eriro do u thek theye proabstinth a cras. ri holo ng th uptupi ey gnsroin a rlizehe ro bolack amaasuppi tsen rze mo mon than a oth bk a candate t hisry omoonha ath caidat? grend ae o, heris i ohe
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ing.caat it p sreresi antbamaer i n g. pssima a bi. a if hosesbi arica and h huld seesis a bcae.nd h >> kberl goo d b posion. k rlviseooim to stalear ofosn. it se ttaarf it. theolic it' i nrue . e icout t'ey nan't aowhem e ocpy t brklynridg andt 't a m be lless you havoc t t step iryndgndnd do lss u sothinavabou tit.te i o itsoinou. bobspeang o t it fuy sns. obea o t clned the teafu pty s. sncld heea p sgns. >>ana:omeoweet e s. at is abo akin >> thea:eoet vern intboinack.he thoht wel rn fmk. hoel who f fr wha to veho to frha o hat?o gret?heygree wh re erytng tt oba isy w th won to t theyt tichob andis redidoribu. >>ric:the'reono tearihe nhnd dibu >> c:re ronne rrri ove t n weend. chaemoorro nowe . ve
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ge tgeorosee.ympa izes wit aeor ow e prest.geos pampateszes itth a prt. coorat nats a'scoat tt heo pay's morehanther c tporaons. h th botmayine, corrate ren eramera, cras. th capotalism ise,or wtet er ericwasound on.ap iss the ki are the wt kire heereb sayt wit me.ppe. soebalisayite.s. sois maist, comnists.mat,s.omst >>ob: wto y c l>>: whe ko broers ore n y c unr iestitionor dng bukonessroith s ano d ning t un ir?tion d whbussh ha deeng b tbing ompa eshan bng pa overas? x or sen iestition ing a e eron't? cov it or s ition erig a'tov ty're conibut ri toonseative tre caus.onut greseivau i wanoo reo ian ronne. e was o sethi cald ssiaroodaye. if ou'v seenhisas o shi nalwork it'siaay if'vees nrkilarus. 's viviy an-amecan twor you n fd. ar. fied fm vi somanne'smen or
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bau ment f presfing s fidary wiheom's ba ntotesrs a h es s sar fenwi out e es bkers a h sen t . >> fir wou brs allhe guty bkershe bili to>> irou y ba allthin ove gu brslio $100bailli ainve psona 00liealt pna bieven a maxum weflt $ bveax w10milln. he re10 dllfere fro at aunt to dre reerocati ca and a thet i tha doe't olpeeeti bcaeadendhe iha oe >> gg: b eade you lkt bde conrvate gth t b teadearty the ookou l athe aonricaatn rolutn as t ea thetyhek ottlate aca rutas the ft lkso t freh reluti. ofe with the l t heare! ey'rreyourtieopl of thhe wharehey vioeant 'r >>urob: plyay whey ty'reio my >>: pele? tre sanny ? i'm t loong f the ads ockennp. i kingl.or m oo fhe usti. ske juice som o ng the bkersti oulde i jai jue peomle a o o o thehe hous brs ld ibecaaie of a ohe >>oureg:gree w hcaofoum. if you aid mem r o>>g:heee w govementfhouloail
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u odrem o it ve >>ntob: agreull oith it >>: re tt. h th invtigaon rortefor yes, on t thnvga t rter kh yenroths d -- t eri do u k kwho th ve me m ey --o rio k the m m wl o stet f tax ttou ahe llin wout he? rackst fax t a oma int h .ck o eostrcer of weah fromtr- thr mostf tnsfeea o alth .om thst bob tstarfed byeorg bu o. >> e c: hstar d itthut amaobarby finrghed ibu rand eshio har it >> ana:e ha ain tod ind go. io >> a:ha >> gg: ddyaso toay tho. bil. cong p, t gm d obao n th il mpaico sateg t bawe tlou n howhe pside ai an seg aisorsre tlanngow pde a an 20 a winor nn don kw wha tt a mns. 20 in kimrly:ou'r my on k ha tddy? m. im>> gy:g:'ry somimes y? ne ontheive. g ♪omes ♪ne♪nee. ♪ ♪♪ t meell u abt a ry impoant one ll iade. mel ab a wh i gpo myt e
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2:26 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
r eri i agrith greirnt ri carbgrootrint-h re kimrly:t mnsou ha trb havtent wrant im y:at is mhat t ahaumen is. tav wnt th 're w rantssst sea thes, aens. vasi andthe wnteantrus,ve. sind thru. are th >> ec: tckinre kimrly: undstan e t in at. imt ity: bndore an jgeet i sied o . be j otrwis i-- si o bob canotis susciou ob wife- an eri canifeetitn coustou ofe fd out ri wheanaboueit of huscond? >>reg: fold youutarliheou that aseverof gngus?o happ>>.g: d ou bobwhatboutli ceras at er g ourtppoms? >>obric:at futtast. cas en i urts? >>anspc:ency fcrosst the boa . i i le u it. spcy osmhe aoa oyeui l i let.o wch a couroomeu dram l >> da: i wouom tditi alisam iike no d iamer in couroom it f tcetiis ieoern rouorteom t be m fe thghtf and alytil rte te m ing repting thtfnd a ti gre t gepng feengs. e, i re t put seetchs. artt o i of bines tha is tgic.ut shrt o ma e b theeshaupre i cou t c. juicesake ma bterherearou of ju
2:53 am
estheie aearaes. br >>imbefy: is eiscining d aducaraonal. wehoul hav>>be i ing ransdrenc ca anal owenuloorav torimil stemns nc wanto hanr wha o jusrces sayo mid ecate peo eem abo he nt h ha syem oussayjust e so they eteaveeobo a greersy o appstciatson fohet.e danderreand . >>ob: ppose ate gfod argu nts t i' gderd hey >>: e dn't gaveamer in gus hei' g y couroom en i w 'te beferen dge,ecau my mot r wurldm i w haef fou out >> de,a: hauyidot wheketch haou utsterout? d >> hob: dn't. tc e la tng becse i ert? >>: d gett. la teric-ec i eri thi is tou. et >>ob sicportg ks ri his whoue pants ough hem >> re. srt k eri yea whpa ils galsghome erithm ks. .t th os tha riea are- nills e he c kldreborn her e b th o stheyomehaver witreids. n c reey'rrneraugh b e pa nts eyve teroits. bac rry,'rhegh pas t goac y, bac youo wto pkate ac ke i there uouer w8, p tye can ay i wh kidheants t utay i t thn r pents- th partswhid ts ve t goyack. th pts thequiarcallin mopinn th e to arek.ome tha s wel uill m thein s nt athertaremouneha s timel he,hey can he s sta ata un nd parts b k. im h >>yob: u aran puntahing
2:54 am
chilenar b f sethi t >>: ar unrentngdid. th kidsil shod sy f as s lonhi t as ty annt athhedsho s s onlp ty suld t. t u knnd w sho ad p f t s? d yoande a eknrybo w at ho p thtabl f eri we e. yo d >>reg: ahankou f e bo tmaki thethecisbln riore e. >> b>>: yg:'renk f kiheis welme. >> ec: b ng lient s b ye a elgnet. bob ewe h be to l gntut her comiet p, t momobt y h'veto g be wai ng f. er mitheesulf tom ye eribeaind f myet eul friy. ri dot wa to miss m thi ri ♪♪dowao is ♪♪hi ♪♪ ♪
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2:59 am
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