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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 4, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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tnkou ay. >> happy imp ve y offic ay. day. i h>>e sttedap bve y inalicng aoot bath. y. >> i tha htstd why ial h aea bat ihahy hani in the? >> iputse i aen i its i i wast talki a bout the t al i wki talng aututhe ssage tst wal aut id sse he manua >> heasid thereory hean he direre y >>an re gves tanheested. ges t the ishingike. he isngike manny f a pedi. what re younnf dnged -- w t ateoung u dog tompro yr fice w >> don havan dofftoice.ror ce>> o yeah,>>onav fort.ffe. to o oeah, >> st.e. start your tu s sho hasty itmprove your tuofce s day don' tnk so. ha iroveofay do to. sto reading t t prpterlee wato stolk rdi t ihoug it prs oerr.lewa i apologi. i ho ugshe i so t ot ohe sneez i apogi
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va. e o hene a he th t attory . d foer ctestan "thth teor fo ap centicest th and is so ichapenece bch dgold. siche bch an go.ches havheou spyefor him chit i hmyou sidekk, illspyer schu . i anifokesere ts, hek, il woulbe cer w ithscdoble anes e s,sqe rrel ul c>> ternk y wou. becse his feled th nu.el t yu. ec h f>> id m voting fnuick perry. >> o ou ie, youot a.ic p ry. th's a n oe eoundrse yntou.. and he is th t'skie sepublatiothat c sesan his ag tavatkin. od tblsee iou,at pinch >> at breaking. te p ch acrdin to t repretein er lipon and acin tatew r w alt,erip aew wt, ther are ear wte house worrieabou er a e hseyl dr ieou and j den accidtayriyldr a his nmails anid t sjeri h header. ils ni kidjehe je. hde ♪ll the kewsidhashe fo prt ♪♪ thess fo pr tt wasnnesry. >> you'rennec saryasesry count it.>>ou >>nn decidn'saeeha one
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un t mingt. i d>>n't de yon'seeigha o at o comg. ng dt yoei i' tir ed >> okay, ty o tiro oc ocuy,py wly seeutow o th hav00 tieour h earts.oc wow -- hey hthavavier hrt oupiedur --y h hearts. the am p oie wdaveeen ar. pre otes ptingometng huiav ee weekend pres ng satetday her 7 ofui thselv arr weske od aty 7f th lvbroorryn -rresdd onhe ookl bridg a dg eoon -rres nbrooklyn kl thprotristerdgsay ey werdg tricd in cro oo tynhe th ot erady wa wand then ch ged ithicinro te disordly c adwadhechd h -- condudi.rd c boy,rehytupid. ont . sdayhe y,rehtud. re asedt his ideo s tyt show othwise. reeds eot owthse
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>> l ov t he omanho>> l t covers ha ofer f witom a sw cterer lsik the y aha theer f w ploik the issw ar h lehe a threhe. plis iik thes ye re thiss th bokly b ri idge. you e li 5 yards fmis athokly be. u li 5ar crrery. i t tsoulle if thei ts pteerslle e h a d f t hh-wete perr fm hke t ahe w the evil h-we co poratns d wai t the w dheo. evil wooucoseat dubci t ai dheoes d wowork forou fashion wk h tass ke nrk it uorpon fhehiels tok h he out they enttut u anheel e t-mol t oheut ast e ey mutembe ars of t e t medi t theyay wkh morsebe wil t di que, publize heey m wsakhgese w as qu pli m tsaarch asonties anthenhere i t tares anenre t lightful reae bar who talks abo wt oughldul happen b ar to rh peopl tasbo >> iould aouow taphe reo i gldui ayow t nkershe gbiliy to p back10 0nk msilonsonabili t o weth. i be eve ack maximum100 m we onaf we $1. mil lion bee m
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umif ty ar ublee t l oiv n$1 m ilon th aun he y tarbl t l shod go tno th thuneheyre-ucionhod t am ps and ie-fucio that dsn't hp, b a headed. i t nk iatas o't mar hp,ed b hern th 8 0sad. t>> ie o aarer erth e a >> aua youere rht befo me w hich w>> a aiguaetou r htdownor h. fo m w wet wn h. won'tay why sherrod, yonou lk w the owd,nd are t seerd,eo y lk he u h anythind,g i an cre eo withhen u se the u h a >>thome the im. c thn se ttheyhe le get>> he hhetm. leas ey gt as firstfll y aig abouoc ng tfit armf yig wh loc your aocngms trm doe't enor k owhoc y a ckof oe th canreaknor rht tou ofthat my bthf iansak wh the tou nd, nd at no b j i o fac tal.d, nd i'blac no wh oare fu loing 7al. peop and cosi'ngac t wh tae aylog s moy? op ndwe h ce toake ar tof tse tapeopayle, femo theeoen h tojaile ar t why? op i tfenk thehe hthor il a uple oursy? but thi t t that's theth jor. a leesrse utys a trehiakin g t at he laan j tre.spasng .es e aeyressinti tly closi ngla re
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spdown brie wchs use eyyresstily csi hundwnreriwofho uan ofy pele w neeto g to work. ndre fthey ahore nanotfur ngpe t wheee g tor r ey aey a hurti turng t carive andhe diver iver and ati sebody cavend der erd elseouebod uldame.lse t cdam te.ake one o any c te othe sne bdg. >> iyou rennyhabr geot you uld ve f btdg di eren iy ifu ou we onhabr youray t s ayu d f b uyng diurenif w o ur t s ay ug b >>irstg ioulde liring ug >> ell,>> wst it ildf y delive ryling man oora>> gel t y ir ydeve ap art counldn't g tra y gryr aparen >>eapivest ou on'n g ty y forr m aren >>ildie.esyor di >> there aremaer ptest gog o t re a it im t staerrt p tteakin gothis oeriously or it shista rt juinstark b is berchusr ihis juar lif instedoss?if >> i lve tinstrgumenoshas?t theyer trick>> to go te therg m ge. ere oneeyuy onri the oer g the de o the idge ith . illee cheene and b oun o mush oms oe gendh the aleee wenndt b runnmuing hter smnd t a geten
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the oth nn se.g r et 24ssthes o m s te.hisisses me 24 of thi a g whoas o a m hippi e d tned nt goho a o wl atr hguy.pi t dey qntt thor jo andovedltr neb ene y.- ov qthjond fed ebe pa i nrask-a aarkn panhatta n ra sk thea is ter lifnhan nhta nebrka he s >> iis ttee, b l i i so an brkatimeri . i th te pe ble a jeaus a ey sannk.tiri thpe aea a itlo my md. lo goldymad.sack and morgan werence ldpamaesck withnd t mga d tee p reeople ting o pake iesith theyade ems elve t and nowpl t g otheyre el. i ey the emslovey andll n ofowhe ey e peop's fhersnd th elo gr adfatllrs af nowhey at em a go aopst frs >> cgr we att a aowy poi nt ao a cou nt ce pot.oiou th was g re . but w ca w t to hpie th as gtt? t cahip tat thaotay you of the ptes? p haay y of th p >> i tus ac ingai thughurop acac king thrthoughhop eop n.. i'acacoonghrghy woph a nice
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col i'e, mooy w a n andow m favrite ge, what m in e pe? nd m fit ge, atn pe? nrl. i nr-ou a a hip-pie-cre. a >> a i did stink at ttip e- in and w j ea lo of i d s nkeryb ty ete. nd w j y idyb e looke y werelous of ath ooyoukiyn't re lusoof le yg. uin' le y knew whyou wer >> hmakea gat point k. u w the fact t htke cgpoonoi are mely pple hat getet ttoge cer vpountarion to akeme pet et moy to rovi forge vta emsees a the famies, mothestpeop donvi wanort that se aeyheanamt to g t oget heresopndonan t ke tt aw. an >>t don thi g the tknowetr whathey nt. taw >>onhihe ow or rilyat ly ovt.hen peopl get volv in d emraorndlyovneo t otlves, yono davnd purpe. bubefoyo youo andav bck rpe.fic d y p 7bufoou new a casento tc rimina yl stewe sysm, you s sed o t ha a priposenal sys y ha psose aoing it f sial inst e. aoi iherstre sing ey are sia ing becse ointhestealt
3:09 am sg a theyaveo p pog ec oheea i kno p.he t ar eye sort ppo oulike thai k t>> tar t p sartirtes we m kedouke t an cled t t t pti bers. an cd t bs. i is nunny. >> y sul cl he i gsuyun ny e fl ber y she g fl ber >> captas wh two ople >>s wh two th 'sow velethin evil arts >>th'shasve hin eryvithlgood ts stts. >>s h eryth . atome .ou haveo rela the p eo aet beseou ave th canoet out ofon .relahe areeou s bing c orporatithonan o e ke. nis? re s g >> som c arepotiot. e d y>> komnoreot whasis ce lost hisig yn konda w sghistootbl byos hnomonparing ghobamtoootbitler? >>irstfompang am ao, do hleavr? a>>st gf >> ce doe. h g >>e. >> bou got arrtedve e weend,u it ad>> ou no gintrr doit tvehe we d, prtotest. do noouineeolithe gltfo pr es oc cuindo the walloueeteel
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folklts? i l e thideoca ofhe wlt lk lthde ofil law eng th rh. ca you imaneaw j enth r sh.ckg ca ou itt mccall'siryittle g ck io onof tse tt tngals and itavtlgt s li idpon a t ng you c thr ow ad f theontdp yoc t the on theeckol wh hek h thatovie -- >>herrod, how ny t t dov -- iave to >>heodho tl d i youp l taing out e mov. >> wanto mouaketp car ta g at wt here moot. end>>orsean mt car wreoot ese lang. te pties, not a singl e. re. te ev perybesy mano funtfheinm. th wernev ereste and ev th cleybed uma wunrehm. th erwentevtend rosenethle uh bar rea nne nt aold, se whaver h ber ne snny aol a - -haer h y a t she peacist ad a - a t ftis padvociting a violenc an eftmisis avore dngect pe vlelehatea t heir hommi a de daand tarat s ndpe ea evybod tthinir theomare ev. da itd s t levt odatinheree t ev it most vlentnd y can't atny tt.
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st b voth ntside yan a'tiont t gr. h dent sgr u >> rea is s cia >>nd theeaay iislm lo a eye w ith o>>f heose lmha. thloe pele m ee quk. w of e >>th dpeo w m wqu toonnue n th ts? >> w w tonk wshou move a . t o, i h an idea. wou ov ewe suld. g d n toi a inde di suisend tdoickn u t girl andnhen i itehemdi tose t icniceriyin r, andrlndhe i them go, doou ecehis?inr, nd is ihow worksth. gs? iw wks . yo g a nic mea >> how a m ipo a n t d this howpo is hav a tea of me up a av a t of u a -- aists > now to a sry sca areiss dea of n downg.o s eaf caou obsure caoure sr? ll a lay ofaint get rid ofhe lfai?aintet r th are of fighthegackgainstai? the eportthtre hisunting fgacga st mp c
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ontae inoraisunocngk w amp ctain n w n "n"-wo acrs fr it. theyaid it pnt o wocrfrt. arly0 y rseyaigoit nt otheyaid,he worrien ly ygo hers i seynsaisid,tivehe wndhen fe rs tif if --ns asindve ohffsi. at'shy ty tk a tctifn-- t a ver d obffuresi. i 's tt bu aternry's t veron f r obre event dibuers rom erth's r eclectn ofever peovee nterviewed dis bym he pt, mostec rcteq stedofereonerew anby p at,nonymiost weq rstaln eing nam whian aomi perry ngam hi wasociad wi the prop pty.ry onunday h cans wghiawihe . op. thas jontda v hyan innsit e.. ha j that s inansit mor vl, neg ivates rd than m t n wd and for ivhim leave itha tnred a f ms ng lve itre as d b is ngearhey as fina dy paintver i ea plainnstio a otna o pfnt blk pele i thisoupln.ns o >>a motnwlef on monblype t iis. nwle onon y tcackrs ontheiew" discusd ckrs th andie whi sc bbara walte ndandhi whoopi gol bdbbagaal taldnd
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aoobout olit theg too tssdue. >>he w a youutaid it it w the ne. en i eardou s>> it, wout it dn't le the w.ay y s idrd st, it >> fgive e i lf t did wtay its sa w it fve i d t >>ve n iitf yosa wid y wodn'tave id ithe rit wa>>ven yo noing y you barbara .wo'te ie riwanog ou bbara. >>hat isne of t most am ing d>>ebathat er.f t oscrtib. am dat >> so will he a oa s bl wock for rkeerry b t o the p? blk or asked goat bo toheomment skedoatoomme irala thio t prlerala t ttoeior t the prle asmptis racm ihe t uth. as ti s i to r youachamas go h. a fox n stoou ctrutoro a fs ctrut sherrod, gto y f no
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er pad,rticul reatoso y f n pauleaso yo wted voteor pry yo>> iove toteolr. p i t >>o he ishe thing al o t f>>rehes thi cti haveomeut andre sd is t ract. ve e peutle w knondw himd hse is n r ris youpehi w inot has a r hock n th paiisntedvernd it ou i as adn't ret de. >> iidn't sth taiedr problnd i th i 't dthatas t imen' c s tp iro nt t ifor ree yea .at tme c i tr e y. >> i iad plity. u don wan t t i hav aadoc plity . ouid a propeurty onuanwn tavoc ou proy u th somody head. it i s hd. iaduck. dhen wad tak ak. paind ov. n w tak inov >> whaighbhoods ts? w 30 yhbrsodgot w oka to have y trshi whertis t ws? o 1950 in vehi ts are the herad t 95e0hi a t h bck erso n out ohe berso 3,ut500
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>>nd he wascad. 0 >> heas hecaasd. a whi g andis na w roger eckas. ahindis na w er you kno whatheyal thatlack ud y kn tyal at ck ne hbornod? geecsehereas onl onneof theor? perhere h oasppnted orone t minories to teerwide pos ppnted th anyoroverr i texmiri t hitey.deos th ny erourldt hex aio athi mo thathis w eirdldh ratk, mo ha tist w pt the probl is r k, ate dn' tar t pt tro eug at >> n aarctually toet t n ua stortrght,re ty t cored . t th secord henetrw at,uthisy horrle scon thd coved i thec he that a theut e osf the to ryrr sthov i don'thintheris at anhehingbout oick rry teto havi n' stuindiederim anngut rk yen anvihavi evethintu yedt r id, anerevisvein y notngbo m th is cist , e ishi w nyou are a w ths st soutrn ionurv aiveale, this iseallyut b ponrv bive ial n't thiisseayp i bs actist.hi i std aginst iac "n"t.-wd stag asstnye inhorld. >>n"ere id how we as can seveh or . >>whateid h blaow f wendse s an
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about? doe s h eat h hla o fneds? >>ouhas a gd one . d h h wastne h?isla >> a gdri end as-- h frie, at does he s >>ri remd ber -- ie t, ds tee >>emr rk t rryeas demt a ron wilskerved wit h pryy wn a r was demra and s lss heveith doest han a ristone in as em his nddy. h >>'m wh hi he esha rton i s . >> whihe medy cos i nee e of c ee to of cosine and a oy. >>haostin we ynd view the o vi "?hat y i wl sw thisith a "? much scety w is tit a chan. shry shephd, y girl. an i d't shike howhephouaid y thir. >>arebaraowaidd t wor witthh. th arra e-r t and w w nhhe ath and end sherhe didt l that. a >> tt's w a hite pson er id l wod sait a t thet.n mit. ts a ten wosa ahemi t f it wai that way wou be a record labt itaihaay oue rordab >> mt, thi gngour rr >>t,ur >> d 't t nk irris aig thg atll. keep n mi>> t t i eve an thothughat.
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it w epmi tvenhoh w called tre w ke a a rivd clehi ws. is w t is a nam t rhat wa usedrevehi va wntisamrowa th ed arevea. not at i wasvant rroht th ire wonde i f tt re ireas any r houses foral ever i treon? t >>hereres a a bgerto es or herer tre >>rea ge ertod is goi to be mhere abouthis it iover it i dere.isoi o yodon' mhavet a re .ouis wake ip eervery i d mni t yon'vet . mr. ta eakeery t hav toeal it . ta hat eavvery it moin that thend. >>ha bef ee ivenswe tt. moin atrthe o. sout i>>laefins bau i don'talk he rt n oorth.ut ila > p e ow dn'tk there n bthuddy.. w pee hav toovehen. bdy. > omg uav areov homeln.yen auisa nc > om t u socrety? hely we dis ss haersaew b "stop s gg inmewe yisss hepsi b " op je." in y at issi je thi."s? atorybout oohi you ightatorybo call tsedoo e's yo whlhtou.allsed wh.
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>>s taxnut for the tter>> tax n nmar a p fce o tr tre somewh e th peoereon't ca abo thiars s po. o t th uniowh vtheosity'tount ry hascabohi s troduc whaunis bie vvedoty ou benthe h wasld's first f ooducha b ieed ta o rabe w witldh me f tst food tara m e3% tatated f. why.3? 3%atated. y.3 apparely tan don't ke t d ish. pare tanon t dh. stil they hrded on foo fore w til into a hffedect, on f an se eren s wtock ig o anfft, an s ebutt inn s trips to other tt i ri cotroie i doringyutth other tps. saidhe hcod ofiehe e urdoeangnutth bl hpseah llia iidn hof e 10 den rk wil hotnl ia in crea g ener hlthilmongnl eea g pulltion,mo bngtillas e the burden p tulion, publicas al thcaeurystenm. t stedub ca stehu st u spid s je. we havan u to cment.
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han tont >> sha srr w sha srr d wou ma of ts? ma f >> i s tiray of us epin the m out i osthei u uny. an we wl bring ouhem out oei buer a r nt. an w br>> tout's a gdnt .bu maybit ithei way o t a g yingntif y l butte yb i doeit coay her o and thas yi yeryby. l ut theyave eir n pcedo.coerndha ouldheyb eye r ovnernmente y wh you an aldnd c'tovnm een? abswhutou and not c't eiall wh it s mil k adutheesot e li youiaai d iswh pteopl milk dare t evesn f li ouw4 fir reaisdsplto i e ev f id fatireadsto i thout artheyutin a tax fat ppl b tt' souareyut ae nt step, tha bshou t havt' bees the nte gg. haouav ee rstte we aw t t tittes ofour bo weaw.
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>>eing tat itaxis oour n>>ng ixi itlf. wilbe rht bk.n we' go t att.. il r b w 2004 gt. deark de illealor00 4 anyoo t h av mehak neor yoo han fats.ha are eseolicie e i f at theyork, isn't i te werong?ol eyk,sn i wng? basilly ey aaxing inert sst s.siy in er t whoss.hoosing wt e taxe d? wshoinge xe i w sck in dmark f a week when what wholeol dnoma t. ekenha wle ery y brought he? y bug >>ex-- i mea theyad so s-- o i m andhe nowy t nt t tso o rndinedow t rboh tydras and foo with r ino mu sal it inothe w leohatraan t fhi. w hbu wha tmuheal a ry it t wle at pu t b. whe i ndha? t iteeps b shenowballing.nd gee dpsowohe s nwbbelirs. de iwi go nbes 40 extra wicents a hrg 40 xt
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you aot getnttihargednrg extra u aotethaedn tra 20% o the her. me it 20% troub. t andhe rerson. w i i m it oublg ts itroubsth is nd rnot ntax w theich. bl itits a axst i the poor. t x he whoic es ita at mheonalds p?r. >> iwht i t maxon odsn?ich oo d, i ifou will.icood, if wl. at you ler. at y >> thinkheew fat tax shld >> tenk youewave toat t sxep sh ld witht mouall.e t wi th gls m halel. broht hom ar bon in b ecau of the gls h e hoonrr ying bauf >> wt d ri. horrenngrk meha t wt at. rancen sairk n morhautr ounc baie n le, m wt'gor on? t wou b don l'te,at an ? foo d.w d >> wt do they ean i f at w d t e ianhsve that'odhsve t' i thiheood crus anthat why theyanheood cs th.anat w
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hetheyyon'tnow w tooo th ey'tw tooo >>he have a great comedn, dane>>ook.he h gat c know we are unnenik. o of timehen chi ono were o of >>hen thin of d mamen ihi o th k s. wisco>>nsn inf das a un try.thisf as y. that's pttyoo ybi like t an tt'soo ybe i b cha lngedyinand abou is yb ihaedyinab do ouave cment nhe sh? doou e- cilmet snt r yesh atox r at ne 2-2-50. stilto ce, t hal te re rt fm 2-50 tv's an ilev cy. t h is d isgure fg ts umevy. be g. s d tonguight'salfgimeepum is snsor bbeyg. onig's mfattressees,ep sor the rectangul p madtrse e otanul c pled rings. anks onates cs. ng ksplapatess. ap
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> wcomeack. les ndut we ot wme anaching wro sles nd fe an tngo anev w f t >> evreg, wt's u notuch. reg, ws >> c anoth.eta? >> d n't an c tonterupt ?u. >> hat'fine d i t d toigent orupt wha ias ha>>ng ft' dnene afi ttohee o sh.i >>anta ic.ha f neaf >> o t wall >>grta, . didt k w inhe>> alls we youarrit. t did k roinannear . we ou it ris brf. itas pasonat e.rone
3:30 am
t br it pason i w'tget those moments >>ure.'t ge>> s bro t msey heand m meny >>fue.n. sro heand my >> welllad,ir wir >>herrodou aed why the heod ed wmd is t locki up ser pele. i sm su l allocf thkie peleper we bookepeand el.sed. su boolld anthrelpesed? webut keyou d ve tpay omebyd. do ooeanld? paperwo. t its a u ste ty onebeyy. o ifouut p terhem ba whe you it a e grbeonhe.mun if m ba>> aheouou sg grbeheyhoulun ve been t osse a off heidgeho by itn ismeseca, eff arell ge about pittes, a >> b they bcked the ab ou tbrtege. key an't ur bnhehe bckwhohe un erbrty io ey'tur univhesi, caho we? >>eserwe i kan. ivsi ca e? i han. b wating hheatin ory chael.he >> i hoyughte sha >>hoht ce't s unsityike aethor. c 't'm ureun ytyreelermaetnhor.
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doesresi nturh r--eloeersman essi -h s doesn't precteou sayg est --ec >> hlov shout oous. sayg -- hov ut he o ts. somebods at the door n i sheay his ne o snod s .he >>att, ou or ti s story oisfe o th prot.t >>t,isses yo o o an i ima gineth itotould iss coider og yoand your mapartners icrimtou hldelped costroeryod t yheour eno o rt ihiims hped eatro atn t with eounoedge hi fus anback asset yt ol w h ouur centsgeouy ndhatfuanck aufet c ts oimaginehis etto y. and when try t get omane s woet i h ye t s.mell tse ndhen ry guysetnd ioakon gerwoo h t s set a cfee. ys iongero a cfe youer a btepeon enou yerere aippie,on sir. ener aipe, s >> b the wayi f lik the protesrs a brehe p wdonai l ite.he pr es>> t at's something that w e. ofte psnted a the setnghat t ofrtteed >> thes isometng whad t lo at. >> d youee a b c tis et w dop? lot. som bla peo dplouent dcn tohe p testut we av tomla eo goplo wo after d cpl eto p st
3:32 am
ys. gowoftpl wean g a drwo d t wn we hav tanoet b d tororwo twav b b l, ouor sd y ouddm y rosean's ideaof gee tngdm thic an i a fi tnkeeng100 m lionth i s t t most pple mhoul honav ess o h t a net worth ofmo pe ul h $1 million? s h >> ahe n isth r och h ip$1ilon ? in >> rybe che capay hreg back rinhe futn. e ca>> aay you sreaiaceon ge t f prot.ters a aou the sre theeon longoumphi zeot withrs t he te. im or h er ng mp hi i awithitou oh tha i orer >> athnk oou. >>ou >>ou k w likes prottshma >> jfe won. les >> bsol ely.oth jfe. >>oly. >> wt unt the fstro >> kicks int tstro ck >> the crentmellike thomas j>>fehersonntmee >>om lasikejowon tmas jeffeon smells r lhteow.ow tmasef
3:33 am
el row. >> pry hunting lge. >> yo mtied myunng criti. haveom o uto maytihieds my storriis c veom outohi or iss cp. >>ouroht u ha it democrathoked ith per>>ryroht u andaierry sn'tmo racatst.diterry dry'tac. ile it iefrs who was appoteto be the f iritrs w was potek c befhe jus fticehe ntrove y is q cuoefte musce a abo nhi .ntve is q heuoays p ry abo a nciieshe hes ro he playsnur staryte andeshe tionro a h qeuoteys tonmp turta a governdo neond e aithe qrte tmp t e ofheord go thern do nentim et iherind false . ofhedhe >>hi im i rickin pry oal likethosword l>>ehhiic k restryf us oike . keosrdeh astuse nt.esng eno famil ud tng w e f thomas u t omfeon >>hat' a gdoi. >> ha >> fstdfoi althkou for >> stavelfcomi outk aouga fst t avel nmiorutgast t n
3:34 am
do forakg t stand org t sta >> our nn ndsore peop likthat on nor opikat sendly perry's d painted ov tselyeror'sdsend of paitoed" ov tt it? en othefashington"ost sites i t? seveleoplsaw he e wordasnngton itaq wl aer p erryveplwheaysord hn dad p nted o wve ar it i pry h da pnt ohe i i eay 8 anymo peoe aike ea ose eoe wh g n alogsmoeoeik you ane ceeowh cre gt then lo thre anony uancere the th orekay. a you knowhy tnk t yy. ar anomousecse they noy t arno us weecnt o ty tunting we ounng tps butherare stories of tm ing tkeps bueretoesm thi g sn fuy. >> ididt h tp r pry it w i aiduntingp lodge. pry it wunng lge. >> saw tt movie b ore>>awnd t mie
3:35 am
icor t was in i it wa a g reatic m tie. w i >>atouaid you d i'twa a g reink is s.ry will h av a>>nyatouaid y gativeffeco perk . s wl avm no asure igr ga regaverdecss o wheth i. noshoure or it. it mht. gard o >> tthhi i is ptty muc hour over lrea m.. >> t i pyuc erea then w a w talng abouit? he w a >>atealews there. ou? --ightew s d>>ay.ew tre. --htews >> danhat tax d greg asked ifheov terent shou telyouha you gr aedouldnd sfuldnheover eattia oueluou ta ald you sdnaidatinely no if i s mk a cheouese.inely f mk hee. w if itshose tng >>hat'all e atw iit andy.seng >> >> tt'hils is endy. princip > t and u ar take ?g. staaway pnc fm my daid ryar.e ? >>he i taay lactom iolanairy >> iac att, yeretu i dearkur t heolnot,tudek i icanandou'tnow wherthe in dis girls ic an darw
3:36 am
er e i' dm guess ggls tyer a ll ar sy n goi home with y. i' g ter a noiomwi. >> i thinkhe aome bi ned wom>> tnk aome . d om >> fm theresrchou he done f tesho he ne >>ndowhougful h li ry w>>nhis.owugful h whis. you know, heone som ou kw,eone sties. >> a you poo -poostgiey a ou rear. >>ou aoowhaootgy fooredsar >> ahaanoo ve tt weat? >> d tanis wat? >> d >> d anis>>h pson hn't me >> a dleas like p 10rn' e meing. a >>as am ikone0r tg.nk god. >> m i men grtob t g od .>> comin g p,megrtob davideckham omp, is dea d taved of pecple kingun ohow t ks d ted t ffe wt' sng n ow f famandano
3:37 am
prably getting b k tdao thout murdeng anyonlyetng t ou mngny
3:38 am
3:39 am
3:40 am
> s was tot f prison s wot f pronhycl speakinc sh s wakonvied murderi r romate r yeash agoed mde roate yea a ie n killed, iavnot n raped ias not tre kile i was no pei p nreenthei said. w no pntheaid. so whadidheery differeny th timaro d? w ha d kno oer g who m he ffen thim throansw. noo g w me thsw it te for anoeris om oor former now ork chief fme wmeca exaner and cef " d xa ne aey'sorrespdonde. di she it not?orspde. die t ot
3:41 am
>>he case w n he pasroenn italy. shhas en f pnd notn gnuilty no sh s f>>otight, ltino no >>heilel l heig, iealno indenche inheil blockbustelerlhe bo aboea to lmeut. innc >>nour t tells bckoust w s bobo o volved > ir hink the wls invved. s thinthe wasvi dee ovoed ink wnv hed.rlood yinheooastprintvi adeth o ene. he horlor, ty didn'oottpient h a to t hee. m shopecifica tlly. dn't t scica remr, en t cotrless han 15%emofas e t co trinsshe rhaea 1orf iolve r d rder iasol. al of the involve er d o nalf t ive i. jusbec ose tnna esn'matc usec d tsnnaea the pe on n' inntcoct. bu ceaar they d idn't peonenn it. bu so uldhe tave j dusn'--e . the bloody o fdtpntav se j could hav jt onetami bnaoddy ntthe sime ene,ight? ul av>> y, ifhet won wmialkina are nde e, whtho shoes o yif w wki ecau se sar w - w-hoho she aid shecwasau trend - he claimed e wa't the . sh s she tave numr o diffaid ent waorieincling am inhee aumern fft ieclg
3:42 am
am wnho wn't wet all. anthenhey d a ot of isvideee tha a sllhe dn' taneny a o beve right de t s beigftrds. e waoiart wheels inftrd the po ce dwaeparent. shearid?hes yes w t hey werthpo dart. he? qu tioning r or s womethi ong or som hi bu thatsn'tro she d anytng. >>but prhaest set'tngro s p ts s ytan d a c t>>pr s etwhee s a tother thha t, see's guilty jie. bter thayour i heth hat, >> s hav g'tonyeart wel e. b r hainu a is. >> avtheris o timear in las. ta e. er oimn tae. whonites enougna to whnvictsuitlyno na >>o i has thohat t ict dsuly >> ias t tof vic dm i onhe vcm ohe rpettorhe peetrar'sdnas etn the ct. th wasratsouna.s t the dna t yct fnd was o n athas. ifththat das iy fndas onifre ata iartmt in aifre builng atm tnha atasreith hiler yf trid th herasnaould o that. >> h dnari wthasernna theouldni
3:43 am
o in tlved in he m de r? hna w n >>ell,hehe mic inedn xaminerr? >>stl,iedhatnifeic d n xausne ther njie sdtfe the he dedent so tasn'tel londeent f so aast ientic pntonfeiew. f>> l m a a you nt t p howfie l lo ang -ifouchouomhing a rm, h how l m lo d - ch thomerengnd l ref ht undisrb? it thuld eend there loref uhundds oyear? >> rll t d >> ty che getre d nd oar f m rll tpost cett stps andap ndmreyearago fro stst ndpo oic o rear boau f if i pupot m hicanownere i i manown yer table a nobodsnyin fo y arundr bl a yobea mynyin fofingdrerprts a mynaill yea sty here. heris tpr thi ay ts iill stothereaser why havo er thi tgeiid o t pta sheerashyo o p j s don't nd stamp ng g ou j the.on >> iias start nd pploue the say am >> ii s a i wnd pple y akmeh -- w >>oure vak smaert aht nht e. i the>> daytime ire a vmmart at a i he pe dme i
3:44 am
wodn'tarry b d the ndwo'tarryan't d i leave ite nd at crime sce?an tha is be doneaeveefore. i a gu t criedme soet of jai habeon efby morlingome of his gu tedetfaiem m ngom to oisf gisir fend w theem toted g somepce w t n a d s omep e an the tyiged it n a ou anhe hoy coued i be heou ser ialhoou mu beer if ihe inail aer mu er f ill he mder a ocurd? they igl ed i out yesur heig i i wld t hinkesing you a hand ful w car tetnkg butsut a an a tr ndl rom c aararet andts ut you can u a tnse andtr phemro aar nd everywhe. c i ed to do tseha aa l.m erhe i t do l. i wld to ope hous. >>t wl cfu t w police. tpe >>ut i h e>>hawedlhat. t pice. ut iha ed ha>>t.g of pice, what yomakef thsill lueof pice,t betsyokethll luene italis supseto bebe fashn foard? i supseto b e >> theea avshefoerd?etoo riht? >> tesbutheyerave noter als. rit? >>ne>> ltty qerstnot bore s. wanto mo to eex t>>ne l
3:45 am
ttopi did then broorcuon se ntmoo e say t n piidheituaon e srgy nit thing -- whe erhat pys yintoourtou s i wh in--he r mchama pin cyse, t toasrto s w h tip ou o. mc ma c it i toto rea p ou t emit thr re kia whoust gotut t thr kihoust saniul wh thego io saniul satanic whhe ri is yokno the evidee s isanot song. >> trit shld hyoe bnoeen the e e po rig theis. sg. t shybe he wa bthernpar ting and tpoig dheri.eruy did it e waerarg teruy d it buthenhey dhe hypothetal tnyat orgy hyet peopon't do tt. orgy op theon do sat tant. orgy t -- e wa, s wa,plerg dyha - a,a,pl >> h do u kw? >> denma c hick s. h do k en >> hrd c ickt on th see >> wanto tk aut t hi>>rd i tilliis mth who see pleuilt y>>an t a t li mho totr piaintouiillisife th a pfe rtoinlisif fis h. a p fehe wrtedollect $20 milln on lise iur an wte ol ctlicy $ how d lleon l gehistu? froa
3:46 am
cy ho dstu? scientific ro armautic comny p senfic nt inuima heicom was -- p pretendinge waa uie woc -r.- et he gng awaugr. g a and setimes i ha a where somndnerometim i coluia nive ityied wre om caus a japmane luveyd usaptudee w trd t make hiode w trd t mhiacme d h incde tiv ich sme ldedh hi hde t poon h u.lded h hibut f hpo au.nother but siificce h theris aumbeof a athles in bookssi hic fug uer abefle poisoni sinoo at cugauusedhe hatians pso to image th z cbiauesder hia t oou. ag th >> rember >> thinkhat hreat>>emr . cialnica e.>>nk h and preen for goo al caweend. ndenor g w com whed.uf cswalw thehey'tierom thr owpoin? al >> that'veryyoodro thowoi pposed puffer>> ft'hryd osedufr eat ctia tt ha aoi eand eyevelop i mmunit ct thaoi and d op iun ctainen
3:47 am
d eymes. ele ccttariencelsre etes. elecletroced.el thais te.t >>e devel celin kdsoc o.f ha t >>eev k endszy o orf chemicahat otecus. en evzy if ru coohek tmi ec. ufevf oo t fi it dsn't doy posfi. i >>t is dike stin't person ke bl wh cpo'tmell his >> is e own inencherecsene bwh 'tmunemeo it h n ch >> tha t'nesitig. whydo yayhat' s ha s ght?ig . th's n hyoigayhat's that's ott? en clo tth n rit.ig atot elo ri >>o, >>o, d b ifoi from a puder fisoi f puis kille methere any nd of a kmalean kilthler anwithy my spit. a ma do iaveheanil afflt of th puer s fpih? ieheff o ur wasre. th gtromurasre tht pntro rari and wen knt tha evenhougthe he ya canen k tison tm. enug e theare i chem on
3:48 am
on t eir lo hee ip o ifher clooo the anil it ipulestroy heif c aluri soesoy ma can ehe ckedi s animal. ma an peleeahe akeutd s poi im sons. g peleeaut soi ns gesoyed b fes an se pesi d't.esoy b you nin a way ssi d't u inay kil mebodyying the take k bi outfou dyin thee biutou if i wer to p setng inill iof ifee l wikro pmhe setng pu ffer finllould itof bfe l mfoun erld i un>>nly ifheyoofort. you can fin d heyoxoofor >> c hindo w fin toxt ain?>> w t >>in d't worryabot,ill. >> bhe k>>iller't toronobowt, il .in aan ce to>>kheor. ler it no >>t i t l e, b ay t tayo.or. it >> i enjoyingour ter?ay. . lways a pleur e jo ng rhavi you?n th sw. . lws pe vi yoouethxpanyind a ili my heayort iann shocky.inli >> f lyizeazy sck >>.ou shoul >> in alut fiz hou wil>> s
3:49 am
ben thfloowitht. in f teou to takile bakbe.thootht. t t t ake alys pur al comingp, tol ic alng ap,d, is there any oth kinolic hethin
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3:53 am
fin a canda w ales tmportae o in c al torta o 4* de met * met anyay nre taking nyme ton a flen tinregd me e" favore. heid t croress e e" f psum ha dieid t aro eoo psuermany .haie
3:54 am
thioo isaviterny ani. of al tim i i t's ke aomen tni of remberaler t. s aen reer > you kneha s w lookin at, ut> youomowha you okfeltin shet,as sringut y int the lthe ey sngf god. >> t eyeof iodhend cro ey odes m b t lyeinf todoynd herot. mi remberhen first l fouinnd toy ou was akin a p y fre aern irstou ou s in pbig-yd a denmark gl. gr, was og-psetd almenost di't he se wit her., soetlmost di hseiter.
3:55 am
ow. ha d aow-- p agn-- momgnennd ad to bringit dn om> weillrap tri wh dn wel post gam wra uph w andy lest gam ra pnd /redlee. oxwsom
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>> s you back at:00 p.m. stn fo "th>>ivou" bk:0 p.m. fo "th" retu appranc fro pau mccutuppncorondia p ma cu -- cedondai wns -tein do wns >>ime g backo dy vy f t peostamera o dy up. f>> im tod t pdios itsn'tead. up
3:59 am
sh.esus t p ilayitong possudi i'tea she s us you k pw,yihatoseart ls. ouea artls. >> masa,tlhy i your hr pi? ma, octer ibreahyanourr arens moh, a i ampi ct idoineag my pt toet the wor enmo a t, and in >> et t>> i wm tt te ofl. nd goo for y>>el. i t t ol. >> ooor t yhe stock mrket ist a >> t twweekow ato y mre e iagst ck .twek a y hois y er li?s >> mlife sks and myho yli m giferlfrie bro up sth mkse a st wk. it h beea trglgirlie ro p w m tnk o f w dying m y hee haglink t o cngehing ospyi to hain to >>'mhigursepouaited t requit fou>>r hou bouoreaid jump n reou h b-e jum mp i nnhe sa wh ath- j cck? he sherrodsa w wht oi o in y life?heod >> iis oire cance in awaresseeifo'm i re ganiving frarees'm mmograms. ging yofran c me its mmogr s. city yofree ce ts ty mammies fny onee who nes them. mminyho ul


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