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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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cinbon. ie koolid a savinn ol a preavel. applse ] thare. pl ] ha you wrotou othat. >> bt: tnks r intings to yr hom tight t. th 's i b ts inngor "eciarepo ," yom fairbala tedht ath i "iapolyly lyly lylyirlylylalylylylylyly alylylylylylylylylyly takethe age heoeslylyow.lylylylylylylylylyly kee e es. bil "tho'rely ftor" on,onig. >>hat' jus iltheryre fr" n,ig >>t'usy inctive thatore via wor tn nncve ateiaor trd. >> bl: atherontrersy rrouing ck pry. this ne h. to do bith aertrsy racm. isouheg p c b d lis h ao dhogusac isun c dtuatn? a br at brumllly [chaing the hagorld iheld iatchg]ch >>ill:nti-pitasm preste connue toun wd in>>ew yl:k cii- costang prteoneheo w taayerbig meyin y ciwhatoshoulbe donithhese ta erpeopg? m wel atulon hava sphialse rept. >> a tops ime we haveen av
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spid tlo shaep i n a m te av md.n yo don' t s get any i m lucer i mlifehan yon'etnyhat.uc i fen >>ill:as ay roie gd t. for ericr jt >>l: a atherroeft g ngr ic iralog? j beie a gerdbert as se i ogthouts. be dogar ner g thaer pple. s ou. og nha p>> be.l: ao toght,he aman kno ce. b ato cat,ion,ou a abo to anno eer thno s cn zo, th facr can, a boginsoightow. e th s zo thcaptns bac osedaptiing rvic nsht. pt b edtig ic bil hi,'m bl o'rlly. anksor wchin u tonht. thiltalki,g po btslemo'r oy.ow ks win th udemoats eon s.nnin hethlkpo onommowill oe inhe nt th mos seen s whein bri hum w lomllin n anseyze. heit wril alum comntn wick rry' rece w alalinomwith re. k fit, t lea sry y'ce cov inth tonht r 24fiear- tdea son aamda kx 24r-ree isveni. itaanam k applse crt ni ovturn her appltapp c coicti . ov msrnknoxerad bnppenteedo 26earsn th coti d th o amsox bte itisexchge 26rs sthdent d on
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isch srugint ily. she d beencarratefour yegis an iaine. we ldwiee arte aturntio withsyean nne fox wwi ns chiatio dicith a nlystox jge a nrewhi napotanoho h ci bn ast cloly j a wllowg th c e. pono h r the w b hav'teenlo ow th c clely llowg it. th w picktavn up. grue mecly owt. cri t s ck womt hp. ueher roat cu rick i t upromom tre. h ama a kr xatascuharg wit i p me t. cme. the ctim mas k herrgit rmmat theco-d cenda. ie im amaaer kn's rat b frie . e sh-dpoinda to a i bmatenda in knrhoad bie notng tshdoino wit b nd shen b ical in tot t 5hit he bal hon, 56hour t of 5 inrrogion,ellsheolic ho56 ur wellif if hpene here i in og n,w itls hpeneicnd he ll was i m hneer i it hne h invoemenas m on t baiffs tha shes voen tais ha he connted. >>ill:et'stop w. the waituaon wnnred. >>l:'sp thbritwah ehangua sdentho ws it ms. ox's eng rmmatwas volv s nt inome kinf par? . >>'s rates.s lv a inrtye thainhearover ent say>> . wa a a yhaex parerndtay w fue dwa a ar dgs. wue d bil oka so s was kled, d. ilka w s?as >>he kd,overent w >> dn'tert off.
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bil no dtivet >> crect >>ust wffndp ilo ve w chct >>ter w fat cut. w >>lood foorint fs aey evid cet. whi w >>odiscoted oont so the a govidnmens owhi wcod sohe ov enpertow bil youre gtinghead oursf. e won rt get hilou t goatngad cut aftersa pay inhe woet h ttut hou . te pa inion ox wasn thhouswith ou boyiend omebn yas elsthusth was >> tre ao prent ioyndeb ls msknox bos theas guy hat t a re i ow the bar a anmsher oxmiosheuyt boyf end o tuowsheut tbe aar a an drr dle rom yfd tu t afra aort of dr floa dng hmfrtf oa w h. >> bl: w wasonvied f slitng t wom's w toat. b was vi f>> anda kno it tom ander tt. oyfr nd aanond faelslitoefr wer concted ofolicin her eliter thrt. on ed bil theoftheric twoer wen't coicte hr >> o of e o er ilhe oneerwo w w't nvicd ofcossisteng i the of o rderne he w sen wnced toix icofis ieearsn er wened ojail bil thetalirs gernmt coul't s hot nife il wie er il heli wa w ghnm a ul sotfe ctainie? >> hat'corrwat. w >>o th she aetsenteed c toin >>t' rr . >> shthis phe insail. te anheo applroce
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sh pnl. aneginppce whic culnatetodawith tin italn gornme s ing,ic whaul teda >>thhe tppea pcess ialgome unl seg, ha anytng w>>have heea pssill. i itsnlasicly econyt w tvealhe befo j geit andic anoeron t ju iwhich t gov nmenfono j mu prond itsno ce gainjut i theic t d ofov thien econmurots t calhein ihe ofhi fod noon gltyf t mder. i e is fou not fono guiy g oyf re. m r.she foisd noouotui gui oy o rying e the sh is onlui ooundng he guiy p oe. shs nlandeng tndolic f whi ui shis sen oncedo de timeic f seed.hi sh en edand, ase spe ses bngse. set d,sree. pe >> sill:ow aut t b yfrid? he ets tf,oo? >>e. >>es.l: a t so t y arriboth tnhe fs nd n ? gu ty o k>>linghis man. tarhoth t f nhad r hroa cutgu out kng ts yn n't ow wut er d oaut toat? t>> is likt ny wrimil ca whe tt?he gov inmenik saimicahis wh fendt diit aoven t jur aiys w d'ts bieve ndoudi w a tur ner fi out who wid d bve i w >> ill:gainnei difi't futlowho e ca cloly a i iur so>> of l:uin ddi fw n calo aithe ithe n.a.videe tt wsof d n inoduc inhehe e t wniti in coucictin washaky >> y i wou nev heti bn co ti astroded ian akyrica y iouev h couroom. b
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becae th sodndar i aorca intrucin iurm. the ca metthds tt sar haveo be trin demstrad tohe iheet t judg s s isfaveionbe aotemrato andas tt extn dg sfan a da ita t.ex bil whawas e mo mpelng pce ota evinc ilainshas mo the aandanox hatel p ot thvinifen h ns hdrhe ada xt wheverhat u s ? th >>feer own h h whert s >> wor.wn ter hou o ierrotion the psor sd to r hou, te os iroon a e sto pothicalboutow i h migte ha a thalut i hapigned. ha >>ill:6 hrs. is wan cld haveenapd. >> l: hdeli.ous tha poin w c >> tt's avenoint >>ill: oes e hali ans hain torn wit ts er. >>nt n >> l:she s dn'than hav n rnit. attney. n coue sh is n ente led'toav onender itattany. ou lsh. n nt dagaioinnmeri nonerta l stem. aiwhatomeby sari aft 56 ars sying sm. atebsa awa. ft 6 >>ill:he wn't lowes to sng eep. no. iswa i 56>> cl:tinu wst we p. o. ours i c nu bil thas riculo. >>hat s th evincerssed ag nstilharilo >> hert th bil i dvi't kew wh d happed a youon'tagnow tat haened you ert th who p zleil d kwh pp a outoge'ter, w u ha to t heha ed go u th>> yho put p theehole pzle ge, ha o gethhe, sh wasrobagoy yuthe ere.le p e d shprobly kw wh thshsba haened e.but e gornme cou notshob kwh pre tha yedd nd
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t gomeoouot pr y -- yond a asonle douutco- nd a on iou justco one it bter tha iomeby prstablyuiltne oesitree br thaneb pr ly soltonese t unissod --e >>ill:ny kd ofxplation r hebehaor tt eveng?is -- no. >> l: kt shofwaslaoniven heha the ve ?portity addo.sshe sh csrten witht bng rty rossddxamid by e crosetor. th al b unhrd of iurssmiby sysm. se r.d al she al snhdf iastasn'ys al mehei di't d s it. don'known'ho d it. medi d dot pishet. fn'owomet dng i t.dn'to. do thjuro ph aeptethat fet i 't gume . th ro>> bl: s did at satei waat't inhe rm ornythg li me th . be buse seidsawa f tpris thin you ror meioneth elilier th behee blo fyrithou me foneprin e dideratchhat s lowasy i pximi ofoinhisidcht wom s's dy.s i thas pmiamnisvidee om agait . hanier adeonig ais unexaine a ig bil okaso. appi thiwholthin u exne ther wasnilka e.ughn pihiolinour u inioto kp th woma er isn e h jailr for6 io kthma iears bu we dil't kwor whoillers bu d k thritiho wan andle knon yothtipini washere w andno ds
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knowhatyoniasapped? re >>ut t are wast dnoug evowenceto conct hpe. >> you t belve tast she dugs evce kn whaon hapned? h y , iouel do. t hei b dievehe knnowshahat apppend? becse o th yi o.volv ent the bveoyfrndwst enndec o her lvt forher bsfr who oed the r wh rasor bho cvict. ohe >>ill: o towhght shodn't hpybout cct athin >> ell,>>el: shotodt hoe h'tpy t t h ut no o w ain >>l,hoonvi h t whout o equa w evince. we d't knowhatvi t wut uavie. doutce --no at >>ill: this or wan idead th h hroatc-- cut >>l:s w and iadmand ox, bieve hikoautoundnd belie, , bve kws wt haplined. ank u weppreatet s k w yoon t foxigapd. k weree s yo t -oxusins chanl. ri per's -ewaciain contvers faraneft rier ptestia osti newnt rs rk c y mirionstf dlars pst upte y on at atiew the cmi facnsr d corss rit bac up yn aheac coriac
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bil as allnow e u. econy is badil s llpresw ent u.ama he on aisroacs ree ars ad est a e aac e s offe. speang tchri wlace sterffy. th ea teori o wce fexas er eryth phy finy p alysiof t eco my. our invtmen asi tevel aco. ur sinvificently w whe th haveeen el the a pas our c porasiaxicy whth ve cn e,heas our ergyur crapoliurrade cur pgyicy, li andde theremeous ireas p iny,
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d reguhetion are ames imp iingas tn onom s ab ityguonre a tompg t gw a om aby reonab levs. t gw >> b al: tt's reheabev bes anysis ou a b goi t toses s. anr. s th ianis aoioorre. the ivat s. anarkelace s i h losre conf encee nat thebamakece hos minirati 's e nominfce i rembeas niti tha emi li. rbe erefe --implhaas tt. the mocrs ha a hug ef--pl probm. hocan tey ele e crhaugr. oma if ob e ecomyhos sn le tribl of eakiecy o s tbl cbsarti ki o'maly bsati uremoctalaid out u sttegy oc >> tre a td goi tout b two econic pstns tgyt he t a cntry t oiwillohoos bwo fm. onon tha pwas t t fai cdrylan prllenosoave f fleonhas und tain geprge w buse whi f brohtnds noge o wy recdushi defitsro but wonoe, r oordobecosse inefs out couny. wo r andthenou wlavese then olan at h un eenanen adv wced le then priden onc aga h renned dvd wi h t dri f the prennc amegacan en jo act ttwi hri wil f crehee jsmen injoct turilre j coury. >>ill:o gornor'maly is sicay sangou. >> mr.l:bamagoorillal s
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coinue ca tsa demr.izemal co foruer pridenbushutti t for emthate meederor spepring enllshti or eateobs d th heat evi m erepuericanare ockipehatg job tes puane ki t b repren. misssipoverr ep halebarorroisaniper ube repuicanaid ts. le r>>robe pu mantin'd t amn ia a ut t fa tt mn'mn a t omafaa h the t o ggesdemoatic hajorheiesn congss sin lynn joh ones mo ictheyors pas d engrythg heinyn ntedohincling eyas ethhe edclgammi heah re, am car down the mi coeatry'thro andow the , ar owcompin wl,he g we dn'tcoy'ro nd t evheythi we mpante w t gse e an dt ev rephilicae? billlintte nev did t hat. ep canaldeaga nev dll thantevid.t. ld ga >>evill: domeshaown thi you,hemerin. vot wl >>l: esn evhitual hav to mu,e tri cl otbetwn whe t evalav m s tategs. c lkinpoin doe nottwelie t e decratare a song seg posi on binauseinheoetentie deate sg si bse-t debts toouge alami bushs t bt oldoo e i uld aemirong b ause heresh t onether tng inldlay i d her areng bsere ecomneg aeratio tn ofyer reoma io excu-maks. f yoger erics espiall
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have cuak yor ic tdenc tsp accllt ve exse f b baviond tnc t faure cc m terex f b h b outiond difae tse m eruses hut di are t cot ha eeshift froersol rerespsibity t cohaomeby'sftro el's fsoltf i on't deaspbi tooebs wellel f whiliadmiing stak is'tea ha, it nec sary f yollwant il solmig aks ec ry faryont heol oma ainisatio hanotdmitrods. t ar man o aisio hatit an miakes so the youave mies it.oheoue t. comi hin how mh rlity amerans e wiing a ept.mi in owthat m the rty mo. er s wiw fog the p sty at. ton he actuly n theop m sto. foe westid havon.he tu nophe sry n tofor e torynwe the bavlock s nvern ric r ryhe b per, iseck rnic fangnotherisontrersy appantly faunti cp thth nd his fattrrsy lea dpalyad ati cth is at raal sear pated o aock tsidthe fro ra spad ok idero gat mr. rry w h toea wit that joing urom . y w hhingon fonewsit senrolit althoi um walysngbrit humfosowsen tit "th washgtonost"rokehis oryn ysit see to t ith rea shont"hiskes s ryy thatunheockas eeo i paiedeaver s
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and saybef yo h aatk ai marifyi gla you ould d seebeyo h thbjeconab wor onmayi ilaouldee th it kecdabfor i setchg, it k rht? >> idoes st sech to mto be big a r? tory i asessehe "oe waingt pos m plade ig aryst. " wa gtos aflar altheropeies u inteout s lead. afe pealyepe fs ily didt o te thit ea nd tt wa usedpes f ay plaid oohi hunt t wa edd alaventlly,uess tnt exactimeft wn senty,ss t ac mesputf w the fendg wo t st was i ess,art the ame ut he e nd wo t prertyr nase ofhe s,t hee prty nofre w intever. you n'tee i w anyre. te r.e sty wa basu tn a i lotny. of st waanonous asurce ahich alwsot isesuestns.f just thi ionss ncechlw hpfulo es perrstfor .is rstson,hi i n bil evy da hulou spe talng rrabour someing riken, thi wilh ev dagard t ppery isal d ou tmetgehi wh weverlse pry isrd t p i sing dr t wh doerg doen't pts sghrour. >> bl: ts is he w thedodo t tdia opetes. is soury b tis whe apeas 1s.3 s sry t. >>t's 1 old itoesack l sg t >>say. ld bilit yousrek l bical -- . and il yououorre me i a bal-
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d ong,ecauou youreive a in washgton g, i'm aut slouminghe "e n waingt pos herbut ybe ey derve o be shon slm ng "ey a loong awagtosuntier ft e dvebe sl d.anytng. a oore i ati a funti suati wh e thyt. pry amil i lea as thland soti ty sti cwhth go pil shoea stufthndo t o cy? anoon aho rk uf oside the ge o an a r ishis odehe gbjeconabord is s diaraggecabdlack mebo pai sdiag it or,ck bo oaiy? itt oapped 27ears o it ago28 yespe27 agors anherets o tgo fro ye ge ogo anre t "th owashgton t st"ro iicatg, ohat? t th shat ponry i " iatacis tht?e i p i noacku foris ioo. ku th's rorht. and t.e otr thg abthis, billit wn't asth i r. s ebodd ot thab pated s,at o thell as wt raci i s sluod pa d aprent thiwasheords hat ci waslused. it w the namof tapnthisdt pce. name f th sd. a a. whe tham t ne of p. meth a thhe. n bilof thadoest maer beuse at'sacia slu a. an ody ilhaesman 19 wldbee hav's kwnialu a th . an >>y undstan tha19 w buavthe kint w itth >>ndanha asn'bue t w >> bl: ty shld he t pated ovebut loo li then'id. yea b tshhey h paid.d vet oo
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i lihe. ea tynk.he i hernain, t felw repuericanwhn,eln "f new suay" id puan heas"few d appred su" ofhis. ouagedyhe it,ndhoug dtpr ofs. waa si ouedft,ug wasinsentivi o perrs pa may hav mad aenvi o stakrr pa ayan aul lav ofad rublin ters ak who don a lavef r tli rial rsne i theodies thoson esomeing d t t rlast ihe underveie tur o erry me ag t histentintsnd ve anwill o nry ais appciattis ermaanll nin ainguel tppatma fla. a g bil i aee wl h you t i di't tnk tt wa ala we il a wmovey mr.ouain ecau hedi t twa a sh wld b givg p ry vehe r. nnefiauofe the doush and bivere' p e reonhat fihe caiouhas bndne' ret caed ery kdais b of vileame thecaook e k by ltfil winrse a hek b lnows t paihat thain a ws brin t. soai tha htmanha inhis ce, in ght vesoha sd, y hn knon wt?s m n c reay se wh t s y happnoed. wm nogointo t e aress nea swh porthats pp. no obvinusly t a desied tss denrate artt bvcandlyate. sim go tg to- ieente was
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seri s ab t inde.erma go caito ie as wou have cald riab ierry.maai woulhave got n hiouav sidofal d thstorbefo hry me any ulveothiid thorfo h m ndfny plic rark. wl ge youhe lt w d on pc r. k. >> w g welyo ion't lt dagre with n thill. >>thinel tha thi i't drehe khd fth l. ing in expienchaolithiia i oks k a sry lehis and g hasxpo manc aitudgmt as s s losnd etheto try smao ut asgmasno portity not heryo. u i tsnkore rty ot expienc liti tan thaermae caind xpnc mae hean c n atier aha whima ai isooki atometng lik ma thhe wou c hav aa dferehi iskitet ikreacon. th >>ouill:ave wia try do gere herm caionhis eek. ac. wead a ittl>> prol:emwiry wgeh his rm ai aff sst wee k. hewe atlro was sup wsed beis f on. ee ey a a liteasup chad ic.e wiltrn. get her n acain onite anwe wl taha. ailut itet brier in n lwayan wta a ahe, wat strtri ay preste runhewa wtrd he inew rk cit at shod bprdoneteith theun whe iw it peop? ho b bune nexhhe css warreuan op wiiamsbuhinkexit m c wk for tharresint.n backn juwi a fmsnk m womenor. thsi. ckju fen
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bil unrolveprobm seent nigh cla warre nouestn pridenobam the ilnr ve obmocr ic ptyset ghlaeeinar no st prvanteneam the divcring pmerinsin ong ney nt lin. wollyivg thethe rishinon po" a who g syin hlpinghehee in po aveshond he h nnges? 47sofmeri hns s the n? publ ans the47ongrs dri she moreo hphe havbl ts nhegr do morereo h hphe heav t not .re hp h just5%ay oma adnistottions dog me to lp t staveshan o hav adstondo mto t not.esnav quitaotgap. ma kat rine am hit the nig fp.nd jnmaatne hheig jnillis. herm caieactg to he waingt pos on eli rmaicto wagtosn thi. i tughtr. cn shldave behi i thtore cshe cirmspe. >>beidn' thout yoknowe wha guesi'mirpe sayg th>> asn' ouyoow blk pehaon tyou, es bilm ay ththidea a thanybo wld h e bl peat k tdu,fil theahabo w h lanage ound kim
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foa lo piodf te and ante hinkndyou knofolo pdhat? twe seuldetndhis thi outf tnk u nore rht now wt? is his sdshi ut fre? is i a d rplyow w osensis. it not repsent ive?f m i dy chacte osir myitot bepief,nthyeid m jus etchtteayy tre andhy bf, did us tnd sta d treta ric per to trrow he l ittaicer the. i n't ow ttoow lthe det l. i t qui tlearet jua uiar ua murk aut wn itas pnted rk er b itas pai aed w oitr way p edy wa bac btai oay andwaowongac the rry mily h aess hendghe y ly h as prerty bore prty it wouave b e en twoours aft the got t thleasouto thae prorty uldwo rshaveomeutft withhe aot saythas tngha ro yd aintd ove t, veeit a s warboaing. t wanto dntve waoag. nt jua i thkt wasua thkas miske unt healke tois per. ve mnt tha hekeoer m crtesha ces.
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at isayi t y as. t iyi w rerted tn th"theashi ytons st" dicas itas pnted w erre stied visthle ahehihen " cait pdeaed ishat p rynd htiis f ail did noing out a for lonist p peri h of fid tim bnol.g t or thaons nothat he ri sryfim says b it ss it haott mur s abo wid ys sit at.urbo w itoesn say ty dn'to anhingor a l g pe.od of it sn ayme. t the ddidnt roove anng a lpe ot. . hedn r e>> bl: rovinand painng i ove i dot kn howig t roc wa or a bthin rlikein thad in>> iveeah, eah,doknow toc wa aineah.keha >> bh,l: l's gh, to elass waarh.eal. yothin b l g thao -- ieon'thinkss th goi twa wor forl. heyoin mocrhas ne i'tnk thoioror yr. i n't ink oplecrre gneng g exct f y i t k le ghe olid gyouxc f owiber wot t chae thysteid it'uot er f wr,hose tha th fotes, it'you a goio fseote r back o ma nmattfo iu aoi wha e inpendt meded peobae, i o n ttn't ink ey le th chass innd m d rfar stueo i jn. t k lth c >>ell,ou kw artu w jt? firsof a ook>>tl, kw tse - w ers akccupwalltree movent tat y - areeein rig treupll ee fithanovin nt y in it nowig sprding aund t t fian n cotry is w ykend isitnowprng ad t
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
th are sa tee yea tooeo iate.nk th>> brel: wwent tea ooo e. msjohn n, lt we and b wnt o talk to me othes pple. msand hn lwend he to dlkagreo with ooues p e. ey w t tod dtroyhe h sysm.o ey w dtreth wto d aoyys qsiso alis wc stemike eure oeal q so iscialt syem le emeur ouba. at wl almt unirm t alsy l evybodwe tkea. t w lm ey d'tni tike evod t citalm. th t thi it e dloithee cpeopal th ahi, yot kw, eit wn amicanhear hat ophey rejt ayo k it >> i whink tre amanartyej are seit ink tar s sentent ge o tre. u wiind, n anyntovemt t o t. yo a goi towi fdd,nyectoem at eyoousi aoio som fe vy eremeto esiom vy e idmes. >> bl: a thextrests. we e thain t teaid b p atyhe rerands. e haaul. tea >> pill:xtresm iever ndveme. evybodwe tkl. to was>>l:ownre ier me evod t withheoas pign whaver was aot th oighar symasthizs dn ereho jtare a out the ympropizty v dues ght nowe j th careabou a gtingackhe to op vs tow th arrk.ou g >>ngill:k don belove tt foa sond. . >>l: onel 4. t umplofoent the sd. clege ucat. i ep bk to ulot hehat u cge
5:34 am
kn. at go headi g bto tobt . >>ill, kn a ingo theadea par they cobld lrn>>l, somhingrom a e tehearty ar if hey ere eying c l sayforomngm te tystan , wh iif ryde g ayhatrhis is about how an monwh h rdts co aupte govutnmenowon h th a utcote00 movesen t farth if ty atook dn m k ttree tnar we ould tave okssue d th k is ee trgan ed stweldfe ue ths an s f mayh bohian don'have jo toda iyhill oh dn nn've a ng o. 'sjoda disl poinng. d have aeen tterhing at o. hoey ge. isin >>.f coress hadve bn nerng arde f anciho g ref m. >> coif tssyad b h auallde fciakenef up t h allenp deris. asd thtoo g to faianks tori t e dowastho toaiortges.ks soluly w twoul't bow sing tgat k.d o lu wul b ergy. sg bil tha ks pr oiden obams fat thgh. no,t's ey. not il bilha youprant en har r am linfa th. on theo,s dotive anks tiltout ar didin on he is b fudnd de'm wksh ttid y on tt. b th f was worrie. pridenobamhas d the y year tto g ofterthas tse gsrind prenams th sn't ar g>>er think the ghall ge.'t nk he
5:35 am
bil wai present ama s hallthre. yearand hast. >> i ilai est a hare hinkard tastongr s>>nk and tgrshe adnisttionndears sponbili for thisompl ely agrad andstonrs on li orll b hispyoply cgrtiqundeim fr the b h lt. o >> bl: y c havqugot be frir.he i do. l nothat e ar b y savingt ehe . o. esid tialacenoatar hapning s g we a seeg tsxpection aidillialeolla bngapng a ee trais andecheon f adrailingla bn isngrend hpeni, threal f aisu i goi re t hnithal e i coipaig fince d t polics. c >>igill: ery terefiinge dete. bin, iyou n solts. >> il:10y re g cond say ? de. >> wit n, iu all sue rpectthey i needoet ndy ette>>oachitll dn th re, actey edo rigte? ch >> bl: a rig, gu d. ththks v ay muc en wcomeightig b bk, aig andgus th v uconeyone w fmemht t b ishat andood o b eye f t ist thi? d be oieoldb bg hasome thghtspcomhig. bedbgase thts om
5:36 am
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5:40 am
d acowleing isn s amecant in. iseacleg elov byme milnons o i isovy amerans. il st i saw a er ws.knes in hhat idon'thinisaw attra n you hant knothet n'in sto? ra e. >>ill: bsolouely.t no e my rstookiasto ce >>l:ol oy. 10y t yrsks ago c d ias on o eveadio y andgov i now. veu kn howiohatndorks >>ill:ure. . i w n't kn larow kint le. ks i >>l:e. wt avearino l c stitionairigh or a othighto be o hae show c it nai hagh no robl a. th thhtbookbeas oumbea o wowhout ha laoy sobl ithokasbeool. o lay ha w aut numrlasof hh l.ofil joualisla onhaumalki abouthe mia i h geralnd il ouout isn boo iki oueartilar. m i g al lesust t sayoo iti ther. werle'ts thtlledith eay boo it whe aboiber bers in hethedh oo ne. head ay wboer b rinneyn, andnee he a askeandy r ryney at hend ough kedyf ry h "bi" t boogh and thtopi ofbi tias oo the newnd andy sdth berpiefass lwayhe had greaew nca dy serayad - ea kckcaoreing a jk. - i k havno >> bl: tt's jue. ilauger ]av p em nothnly itt. te, i b t hs e.
5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
r ice t mtou. ts, th washe fstnd t m tim i. th easr f t h. im i was eightr d n't h mak it atasht dt cbak here am whit gul ahe hk out cb hi remhi ul >>ave u ev noted h h t pele ehiorn lake>>e ev theot h pe edays n >> bl: ikectuay lahed enhe he sd ithe gys he b i reauanlad i s reect dy ie g rneyeand 6 mites,rehet two ry 6 i mis,hat wo nuteis an ionesroadst.t te rign, ites is. ad . >>ill: ndy ason i tnk igit an hont guys. >> b l,>>l: iy on tgree n cpletony. heasuy ones be iaidee c et methg. he >> bl: tn heesackeaway d beuse ty puteat o th b ay were pbeing eu hf tyutillit o cks ear. . >> ou awe pg ool hithli tt? s >>r.ill: hat'not >>at i ao tlh inderand. t >> ias i a>>l:t't tou i spoat t terd. i itimeou po we t. >> bl: hcoulhaveelpe you t. hemeidn'careboutou a ewe esn' care bbout hulvepe me. u mehe on' yre knout a hat.n' re ut theharke. ieste wor o yno of t. nhes, hrk man i peotee ceor aboueachf n haneo cther ouch th isn upithereoplere, you ow wtht isnp talngh abo? >>pl thi ie,
5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:49 am
vee on tng tt we ave, ece tce i serate us fonm t twe theare t baro , ifhingsete fhe don addp ke ithentho and roifng.j. onmpsoddcaseit i fin iehondo .rbor strg iere ain rig and a orrongtr in ni is we ld.igndngn w. eck o,peakg on the abc ough castk his ek jeakonhe tappbcaid ghsts jhis. >> o pppnt abod rneyhichs. o ise ishe onl p onbo otage r y chen iatchhese isis dnlatesho on runng a oenergelect n i chse caaign d aeseady he iunthe aer oyct cane wgn is t aingdy i e toppea o t ws iepen tnts gd decrattowhoea t a iens de peratadabo. anwhen i aent tnew rk ci for theerab u.n anen genal i t assely a t fw weeciorgohe i.n haden me se a finne weeh iad frids beranedemo wats o livn neri ramos yivk, n nehat the a a loof tmp tre. y n>>any. t he>> y can hea a hem lo t takin. theipeacy.with yaneamin romy. ei>> bacl: othcour thear lt wi ner acctnyepubomcan bst a otheurhe l f rigwi nillcctostubn alikee not aept foverriglt mney chec keot ater tee ey sinecr guy ray t
5:50 am
evennot a b fanf in priden oba. uy re iaythe lest ennt b ran prenba. ie l >> w r got rord evoreccosure w♪olksotre rd losgecre t ir ♪ks homos ♪ bks g t mon om♪ ty wot m e b goans ♪ brioning sll two m binestohens ♪rig s ees ♪ bes o our soulso the our chise ♪lshe m predent ♪hi m pre dent ♪ ♪ wt aryou goi to m drent ♪akeff m mrentoat a w rolaruoiop d my ♪eleev ♪t tur anol o t teproterevnd ♪ ve anourer o t speh t ror ♪ act r lno cl ♪ andpe tal ill♪ctoft r ♪nd t cn g ond andallaylt ♪ an ther und g o ofnd gfy ♪ tow a p ty aanr he wdtef g thous ae p a ♪ w sw brd aorce usne ♪ and ay i s wil b a goce ♪ u♪nd to w aork il ♪ tako mhell to a ♪ u po y ♪ tkn sot ak mewll hops a and p callt t s day h bil of ndursether is ll mu maye. ilf seer stevmus, aays caung tuble m eck fou evedic asau advcemes t lee cong quikly f theouic ere a ncoeviccallui fhe
5:51 am
h. e the nicll teemhe ilant shean w is em near dea swi ihed nt ohe ws areawi-d deafwitcd it onor the rs te. >> t hnic ly yafrtcitn dicehes t on>> tic y de on ah? it' eitin ? t' ein dot cr docr yocan ar me? u cayohearn oure? caarroice doour voi snd pttyce doroi loud s >> n not py ud not reay. >>ou wl getsed t allf ea th>> wetverd tll te. th >>ill:ongrulatns t r sloaand r faly a t env >>l: megrcal atich tvelo d th oad fa a nv devi. ch k fi. mel thh e arloplenth ofecor arnd t w ld. vi onof tchm wfi brothnarenfnor ar t straa w r.entl onthe t w wld'sro larst ra rtlikin e wpara's spoored bar gnnes at ain sho. rapoed b ges
5:52 am
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5:56 am
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5:57 am
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