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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 4, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ff t i waink w?at t andahat welwayknew i k t i a stiat ther weayew grt istngthti great er integrigen, shwas equenstth gin tat finddre to e cot. teenshs een tin she okere fo m the hecot. thatas aays e amae aehat fhehe we kw. at as >> ve y hmaantppor nity k to sak t her aren , to y horty s terento >> ve sponothe relaves. ve po spon to ahe lancles. nd po grtodmotr anvey,le ver son grotan vew, theer s gro of frids a d milyhat re ihen ro ori ad rugalyt i w l beeachg a locionhe we'lall ablga to tal w t bechaocnerhe 'll bl anohearore outal what wt on. an ar thae s grtt.ha w it . aid hagrhathe amilitspen a t ofidtilen a of mon i hefen ov thea fouron hears inen ovttinheto ts poat. fr homuchf arsininanal tll h is inal t plapod ohe hochmilyaan t h >> st aremelaous oountly ames nt granothehasersollyse he fe's anhes sosayngs. sebothfalies bot hhe sid o the's
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fami havsas. snt an thfammenes otid o amhent. did omemi av snfuraiss ovenhe la fouam yea. butidt wae jus a fuopisnov t buc t relallyouorea thutwaegaus e ensea s a theucre y trel e ensethga ese gog aack d foh. tr ese >>and o inderand k fo wareadg intheeatt >>d ierd time thimorng, to m,waadine itt saidha everinc she asmehirnto i inrcered f rid yrsrnche aghe fami and friindser fr y ofag am damind ri ich ueldpea of balfm ofas eh sure tre'sea o bf ur eitr t's fami membe oit miem abe o close frie the eve vitin hourrigh cse ieheve vin >>urthatghbsolely coect. onof t pleesha >>atoly co tt. on t milyade lery braelyt th ve begningas t the wer 't ly e gointorayth aan nveegnghe theer aughinr ev and aan the wou aaysehe somee the foghr. evnd antimehehereouas a asisitg methfo ur, ere uld s eonanemere a fromhe fily treitoold , r hae andd o sfeon h eomtion fy tld supp t.ha nd >> ohat'fe hamazg. e it onally is. pp >>t' az th. fam y hast blyn r lly . tremdouspullg tother th amstayg beasnd h b and rynow ey'rall emoingusllto toer c ebraaybe hnd her wturnoget r. 'rl ng to lo me c askraou r
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th to le itaanskudicry ithmagi th wh i s te ttards iic gi ve tget ur wh f sst r tctio t to tt.ds i tt f rio t we iould hav to say we th eve coury a ild eavryo systay hasts o th veouflaw a i e ow stas oweness a aw i owwess a i o stngth and thinin ts paicul i ca, th oe waa ca f st th ongf prd ecutinon tpa ulin t com gcathwa dayca aweek gfpr utwe'lonfindut h t iomappeayd a thipartekularin ance'lnd >> a h sen i of wrepe h fir hirtar inteieince wl be nd w at shenf will wo? hir te no w be wwhatshev. ll andee no at anoingorwa to havi her meghesewaoecisns fohers f ivier a se m eviroseent ter e'sis fors i s reed rot r s up >> se. whatboute merdikeher, up wh do u s atuthinkerdi hpene toke r, her? who >> wellf nkcour hhat'nes t ther? eat tralldyhaturt' is at e art he tthisrat an i bieve i tt y had the t is an ki ber avethe thaeryhe begiing, he'see conct aki a he'esy servg ti andgi ig,hink i 'son ct a ere e'n beny rvtind ilosunk for
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i the e be rche fasulyort's tha hhe hefasha h kill isehinars a llsins amand d thothe he enet go ndsomeeasuf rel fthhe h c be go me su d. i n't ink elyonean cdersend t dep of eir ss. it' an azing i t stork ne rs tepf r four . t' ang earsor in isonur d shs nomin hom onrs i fligon rig now ith r sh n rent intom omightonyo wored a lt of ig igurs owh make t snt ham en.htor a l thk yo oso mh fogett g up s theiddlakof t nig t ha. to thyo m fospeattwithup s.hedl tig >>thanoyo >> teay'vethlrea dona mov onhis. >>anyo tve ea itonent t abt sov m thsons. ago,yeah itshe't got itb a s msory, it o, wl benterahting- hat e'st grt quy,tiontwrehe'l w beve ter firng -t s integriew.quon w ybe eer'l . e r u ner kn. >>ew tyour hereline he' ne cuseknof ting blo>> t upurhenee' planwith bbn h se tg lo unuprwea thisorni, th anthase badin h to crt. unea isnith juryelece oninor c. umafaro ablmutlab ts u er wry inec ma derooit. abeutigerb n n uion w in aused ofderyint. to b ng derow nn a i nortest rlined flit f mofino bng d ow ster am toetro wit aomb rt t in hislifmundeear on
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ertoroit cistmb day isder o2009 c tmabduutalb wl be y acting as09 s owtorny. du al a wizarbe sto fmc bngtains oww. rn thbodyf a aarto f hom bess inn w wa th obsdysed aithenom s elizeth wund on wa tybsdh iand near izh d bucnghanpace. it i dliev rob tar mooruchapa. it d ieev ob abt thoeearso, pce die abth lascap fours hisonesnd p sspo andla aapouisiles ofmpty dka ttle pondilfty a le moe se hunedsfackas tohe que ovethe ars.moseuns ka it a s ciatol electuenve de ays.n westirgia. it it's t siaac ect f gernoeen stgi as a 's tac f refendu g onnoresint n aama. tingef gduernonearsiay a. ng g nombliar the docra wit a zor in lead lihever draheit publ an bur ness ln.d o.p.opinroinheirhird spblial ectibuss inhree eks, th winirnerrd wil spl tinees,re acthinrheil form demrat yoroe rmemt r nchi hee w t seahowi him hi ooti aolen whe tea wipresiment'cap tindere es t'licyp present orge. bu are firslady lura
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cy besht gebu aisitg e s ersfdy hisa libry a b it priden al c ter sisibteas. a la conprructenn b cm nor in ace.te. laonct bno ite. awe insping. mean i it eeedwe exctatns. sp g. is goi t be mean i eed fulousexats. adstionoiohesm fouaus a ad on o toll. thesmhallen is te youe a entoresint toll ma s urethllen s you' stiou conructe. si tae u' ti thonct grg wush esidtialente set opeth g in t w spngf 20h3. idaltet pe t pand ose20reour heline >> iaw iwo d e weeksr ag ithene real i a b iutif wobuilng.esagt gantal. bif ilanwh.e, yeerda the pr iden of tnt unid stes wh sat wn wyehda geoehe pren t ni st ephapoul and t weot w a we ha ulrangndg inrvieand it' w a wintestin onef th estis th geoe as d.ngin ie hedaid,t' y ow chr teinneth titheoas risthe hadd, y throughpee -- ugh r yo t list stadto mr. tghee- pr iden at e roh alyo tst r ga m braryestday, lt prweent roeal sa the rresint dn't hav are costage y, l wele. he as asay hestansi d'taver n th oval co e offi . andle he aanerthal fi chr anhriieaid wha hrhapped tthattaterienat oba, auy wd prosedoha pp tatteat
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unitobe a w pele?rodo t dide ople beituse ris ristpet wa? diid, s brleght peoe be e tosthern nst rseywa th pside , espobredt thieo w to erto tt qu ntion ey pdepohi w tqu on yoknowi'm not se tat fos inew jsey necyosariowm swoul agree w th th fo herins jyecri th ulroadg poie. w i thn't ink ater tth aricanadoi i t k pele wldispu ttt t aca ev y spetep wf thpu tway, have do evethin ev spth can tav t do tvein get theepubcanan tartyo w trk t heth mtoubnty dea w wit what is the m biest isisf oureait wts hefetis and ch bit llisoue've ti d ll gotnve fromhem iot that omm u w't iet toouch diste out at. at the is me di wute.oo hnumb one theis t . he $82s die. bilion mb ne he imul bil wamme thugh82 wiout ilynepubcan pu ulil w inact,mehach in wit ubn pu 2009inwhent,heac n-- wn replicaleads who 09 en we askbo wndepca wenadt upho to t prewedentskaidbo tho hten uyou pre gng tbrioth t re sints todthernd iho thou ht g w te ri hre gng t havsitoomeer iinpu onho w this ghe s td i avn, i te pun esidt. >>lectns h eis csequ ces si i t
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id >>ct h cqus buthe other thg tt i ink so portt this bu ediscsionersh rig n wit ti t k o rt t erics jobact,irst of sconig nalitl, t itook weeicksobort,stfnyonto en inaloducit ithe hse a it k weeee tkingor abo aon l e o inuc i e hmocr as. we tngbo filly, lne p oson s n cr intruced . butobod elsefis y, pn nco-snsorg thistriled rig todsenow. -sand orat saks lume isigw. d s s meso, ere e -- along wh e decratsho , e --ave comgp wh de atpublly t saye ttom theare so a instbl t thiay job tbl.hee so t's ast sghtl hi job dingen us's re ty ar srightlhere and thedemsdiengain t j s t ar gh bire s it'd notheus ms reblicins th t js heas bi sakint'ot us tos faas sayg reicth noe inhat sin tofaay inrvieont it' pple in inieis own part >> ht' wenon pe nvacaonomes ba andn ayere'rt the h jens caes biba.nd i nte'het psed jight away. we nt obi and i aid wa p dthisasseht rig ay.away a e o nowndd wa thhoussaid t'sisseig ay aow theadusidsn riva we wt toake rtaidpiec oft a pusit fward va wtoe aiec di of a durusbi frd sdn friynd
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di urharrbireidaid s earlrierhey rrid d dn'tave e vo s inherly sete to pass 'te vo in. seo wherisaseacngcros the sle ernd whacos hhe e jt? ha >> hay re said ts aut j thjobs ll>>t sms areai i t a ththebs pside i illl s a i mpai mode. e pde e pside says pas m bilaio. its tire a pde iaid ayom asthe mouet,il thi a ots nhingre a i d proa is t e accoutablt,ehi a o nng oa ands cc bl aprent inie of e esidndt's bs bl, t hse apntn ie isryinf to idasss b o ter heasus tois sinro js gwth iludi s so fre oradesu togree snts th j gh sout idi sokorea,d coleebias nd pan autko as well. stold aan. >>epuican andemocts llep asid. st ere'a ban he>> bpuannd aoc thatidaby e'ba cing b ove a at y llsbough holouds t by crsbing?gh eg >> o holoud t b crgrg?chen >> i doe 't matt bloies crgren ie la timoett b isch ked,crll laim baes. i it s a ud cching d,by aggratedus drivba.. >> y tht a wa cy,g aman, i gr ed sn'tivust guy >>th aggvateway,y n, e crs. 'tt y gg dotet kn if is byriv
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cr is mom d has hrd hosedorieknsf b iv befo.s ap rentm it hat hevery hse ie itat tohe pint herefohe ap nt ast d thhemom ryd taby t atgeo offhe pt bre in e da. asthm ty t f so e bn mazidahin t me is o the actizi froin theth t e oplen thsbus. e ti liroen tthisheth leths. >>lisome teoplisaroue were sayi it'not botring >>usmeplou whis i weotheng you?yit't anoti spnge up andus wh isaidhe tou? the anspu drnder tt it'sid aby.o hebieson'tork tt dr ty. syou n't jt tu. tm es'tk toff. u >>t juyea t appartly afr theof woma>>busrive kicked ae aary momfhe ma sand veric kidd of the wasom se grumd ing rid t of bheckasnd some peopum prog bly cludg th t won wh bwasust inrvieed ri t thope,roy heudusth dri r wowh s id, twell, in yoieon't li rith , yocan triffhe s, , , yo too,'tnd tiyll got off theyo n bus. theo,oman tays 've t sootffhe compints we td th bus ds.ver i aheans e so siatiolikehat en ymp'rets tabouthto usap dour i c al th siioket ye ou cpervor a pulthver. thostwo t of othe peop werrve aul aravar.dnd saidosringo eof heoperme a>> tva dridro the idng spater wt haened this ts whri sheaid. he wast ju yingit w at w hascreeding l th wiswh frohed. asjung w reg th wro
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avern aniinal eran stoed thalbus and sd w he toto getths the by t sp nd sscre wing. hto i cat dre wiet it e t sscamin redid g.e bu drir d ocadr thewitscinigh d bu rithinor dhe t?gh in >> on't sund like s had ncerfor e babyt it snds ke t sdik sad err by ss t shrks we therg he r tirst hr we erhe t psidest oba dendi theoan moy, he wha h sd abou pde ob ddihenmo lynd. he >>ha h sre aheou wa stre's ndprotts t lef>>sttem toare builtheiown a pay. ot tat iefit wks?emo ilstuaein vpaneys p ixt. w? >>wo i r embeua vyhi. . he'comi on . >>wo r be >>hi. woe'ermin f hehang. >>oheng eded e cod doeighwatcrs nlinedtogeer. itas ey, iwas exib anit wcoked.doghtc e iok s i'vibgot oundanurke w t be peprs k 'vt he'ndplugket
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intoe he rbeipe epilde a it st lls e' ugons f retope o rionse deat t s s lrera's oery nsmpetive, whever was atinher in ightoss mber-- l'sy ete,her s inr ihtlways was ernnin iperctage am aittl impetayive.s in ircge togeer wlost 162 unds atl ete. ge i wn't stow iyou'2 notdsed bulookt th guyi t i u'ot [ malebunnouoker ]th uy in f fretoda hur, ofr en oct er 1h.[ leou ] freda ightatchs onne. urofen ct 1nal, long wightlick htchon. llo whtck my ne's ff. i'a da coa... and quitmoki witchan nx.s . i'daoa .knowg th i cld ske ringhe f st wd kitkiitanowth c s ng f w waseallimpoant me. [ ale nounr ] longith pporsll po t hane.x iprov toelp [ ople quitunmoki]. ngh or ch tix nduceimy uove op smo -- plitki d peonal thas at ichnew x needce. u mo- pemalealnnouhaer ] ome ople i w had edangein bavio thin ng olemoodou ] e hostleity, gitad onge bio depr sed od ain sui odalod oughst or y,tionta
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pr d whil atakiui l or a er sghppinr chanonx. ilki if you tice any o sthesinan stopakinchanx ancall youroctorighaway ifu ce oes optelinyouranoctoan ll ab ut aur history oghdepraysion l uror otoer abnta aheaish pr olemspron whiccoulget rse ile king hant o. ta eapr doms't te chtix you e haica seulous t lerge e ngnt do tch x or s n re tionouo ithases rg if yevop tse op ting anti s re onand ite yo docr rht ay yev t tg ti d yo oc r so a ca be fe-teateng. yohave hisry ohear or b od vsosel roblcamse -tte . ll yr door iyou ve yo neveor wisrse omptars. b vl bl ydo iu t menecal wlp re ht apty. if y havsympms of hea attk. me l use rutio awhenrivi or pera ng m ofeatt e io coenon svie ef ctsor raincl me naneea trubleleepg an unu al eamsco sefs clna th e artrthe leasonep i it sankingnu ms thar [ e le aonounc ] i s asngyouroctoif cntix rig forou. [ anc asurto cix igor. heahy sce f babstar bere y're egna. my ctorecomnded one day men'preneaal s fabar be ye nacompte mtivi minoromede y n'th enlic id ps dh mp mvin suprt mbaby hea hy h c ain pd eydhdevepmen up mbyea n eyveen foreduri d afr myregncy. reri onaf a dmy womgn's p.nata on dom pta [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm
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malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouved .
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>>welce baeverne. as y know huneds f>> peolceba haer bee. ptest g on yknowall unreetsn thlasteooupleof haee wes. pst onnow,t's e8thl etdathy.stpl t dohey have anywe w, is deae wha ey'ractuly m abo ?doy veny iaha 'rtu mbo >>why e yo ohere? th is ere e emy >>y yo .re th ths e e ene th of e wrkinne and f po wpeinle. l th piticns a ndpupp s.po >>pehy a. you oth pic are? noppquit r>> aou t it oustee ms le?his noit e fit tim wher iit'vet h l ith thes uma racefi. im er eve ibodyeeems hrey unh ppy heght mano soceeah. vedyms - >> nody owsuny wt no there soh here ->> tt's ny sk. w uhe d 'tee t re kw t ws u're happ d sotime k w yo can ill el reunappypp some ght? >> y is yor.n l un pyith ablo w n t? u ne ism? is th s alo w g wing ne taovent o a g ngtempary temer tarum. estua o vary i a fresh offhe mpyem ca. ta m. at dyou ke ouaar ithisrhff it'spreang aoss e ca untr du ohardo isnore 's>> ieas ha to as ig re. tr therrdare re pplere i phatestog
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t it stiig. num red ern te pe pstg itti ndre. um thd is tt a ssovemt. the's t thsandofeopl re t th e.ths a ss emdon'thinit'seen numthreds th nd thehousplds. th n'in'sn umandd i s b nheus.ery wel recved t d i b eablimentediayelhichec kinddf li s t eitlintiaou knoch b nd noliwell recvedy the cooerva bve mia bno llloecd he the pele cova mprostin b i lo thinth arepebama basoin i in re mad tasy ar raling r oba's se. e i ues t aaralg obs . pre iselyshe a me. ey'railigain the fat re ly t . 'rliinnkerhehat's he exessi thapresent ama th wanto sead e weth exsihaest a us ex tly the saan as sd we predent obam theyant taxhe rh. sa as exy saama.srent am th heyatet ax r sa was stre.a. thinpresent ama es nthe have sof spa forre wal inest a n veof preetor theyate g oial they hate ty wa o doet ey e oi sothinabouglob eyrminat th twaoo isss a soin theouobin thsame thss a ishe pside oba's ba .me i uld t bethsurpssed p idebaba didn in me wayi d eberacrpd em. i actulyoue usdnn speeday e act wh there d. t re tuouepe prot ting or bwhter hean a d onof t tm h do i t ot
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nginte biewsr hat ave sn uton t ho tbesis th pont let me teustwst s sath. dosithpoet youehint ts is saheth lef versn ofhe t partouin tis >> oks nd o lefe rsof titrt the numrs a nots o lere bu theemay num he a sote iluenre on the buhe y h s iendecrat s. ey mhe keeresint oma y out tre othe ft.deats. meesi o in hatou t oe .sens mayhey' ha sominfl nce.intnsay bu in ty'erm haomfl oe. nbers ndbun rea trm po or, oanizion ross t nrs ea co try,poot e oniz pn alsse t shaw of t teapart >> dcoy, eou r pembealduri theha bushearsroun teart d rberihe 24, 2 shrs unwithhenarcstshat ould showp a 2 all 2 t thg-7rctsmeett gsld lot ow all t you peg-opleet most t eupean ouey wld s w peleup st thisooksikeeu taname t ng w s anthe meroup of peoe is whokse t havenee t tng in ane mmon troyf eochoose t tohohowemuch. ve t ion t o e oktowech look tse peoe are ok ok act tllyeore ilingaincty capiinlism theyinre vy mu- >>hy an'heyhe?pism whdon' theyey vlemue? >> a ian'tynswe tt whn'eyle qution >> gid th'tg yodon' awe t them qu on>> ty're gthyon' a emyou treouthl
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oplehat ere'sortf an u ime, mirrth im let e'rtn imir ige of whas happing ere. fac therefha ptestg ppg e. acraidhegain the ownpolies. me pst thewantorebs. id inwellhewe'rwntrylig. t gme morhe ntjobseith verns.nt acti. ll'r ryare ey a tinsthat? gor bsh rn it'stiard s e astt?xact wha theyre f. 'sd sctha eywe k fw wh. there agnst. buwe d'tnow wha ty're kwhhe t. for. bu dwha tre vyntertingpoin r. >> s vaey,e'llheckou v erout ngter oinhe f susinsvay,llck t tworr o>> tnk y. f >>hankinfor jningus. or t y >> nk20, r jng.cose. on vaey & , mpan"co. n vaanwh &e, saigh head han ore telthe uth. wh tur s ough eriad h hol r ay e ele h. ve ld. uru e-masrieveangaolranlew l storaboufastnd maeariouanl thatuncand orounst wt tou torn genatal rlly ew.nd n>> d w it't no cret rnen ry . cadtalit' is w nt ma ameca buur n tca gueli sss w tmame t. ite use akinbu n cue spi tlism thin of t pas e e in cpism in tas
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malennouer ]veryay ousas ofeopl aroosi adv® [ gis weleove ou pla ]tennry. saofpl an wit it ces sidvme a®es a pai.[ s wee lann d onway relve tanm alt c a aai too rit tohe a il®.ony el
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tal teis i our metorito a® d ail® hasecom rt oour me!te ir [ ale nounr ] take actio® takasadviom® or ! [ e un] keioakvi ® ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ multle snds maki melic te ] lt sskiel t] ♪♪ ♪♪ malennouer ] norrop umma ery lenovaouon ] ever soluoronp ma y vacometoge er er lur a ngleurpo -- mege a toleake poe wo-d a fer ace. toe wo a r e. th's t val oferfoance th tal offoce nortop gmman 0 rt glcoman kr tin. kay. om krcomen.n in ka kase kas!mein sey,hat out e needge dr youo itseas
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6:23 am
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:36 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
dohe sdod prthty mwih rit off yo n'e bor, weill work th yus spr t mseriff its. b we l bri: whk the y predent said t wanmyt jbs bil brickwhhere nt actl like hanidd ian to yu, j wherilis t com bomis tlkean ion y th ? er t omis anthe stilu paage w ramm thrthgh a o f hian e quot wtia we w'm mm thr a o hi pres ent.ot w en aed a we ing wo ge an t inp in es thit. aso t at de sn'tgeallge annp seenms hi thgh u n fu her t d'tll revw, h waees loong o cothromi u evefur evep o hthe y.oo co >> is oelear isust a cpaig >>h. ve. thoarht iwas iing hel t him c theigampan . ho i ts il.g el m e prheidenpa c'thavever beevedhat en t t. docra pr enwoulhave cacceveeder the beedt bi tin itentity b dausera lot f ul thvece decrathe anhapi aut itti so b ofse thote th taxredi he'de at aoffeng anap it. a loso, itfthaxdie' w fe anreastic andt. thlok itit fai wyobvisea toicnd everthne wit hasai ev avio most tereer in wericas polics at'svoing an hermo >> teverethe n eat icura ols inahamher dio's ngower stas >> veine t a in aamut 4r o mines acrossta a 4 in th aos cntry we hankou fth joing u li. >> tnks. >>teve chavery gre day we nk f greoihen: uominup, woma li who t dids. >>hevevere uaythin ble re wn:nin, ma bioblacid br a uckedine he w biacog
8:13 am
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8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
rie- s crnedtohe p sidet so dirtly withf wve dors,on't geted pde behdiry th this dmr.s,' is cld b emrrasng. is isomp.y iest. t c boinemas w.l! wh doemp tha i mntoour in w whoeha m urinveigatn? >> aint mns tat thiveat nd a rec messn ts an thihi beis a ive whate'refolling, andecsnanhi be ave reatmberrellg,ndner --liff tern re erhas en dng aoodobn frt aner- helffdrn a ots d m aed heargs a wking on tsfranel aily,ut wt wee m ar a wngn loong tat is wre y, w looweng hhe prossoo allo d w viotionf thoolaw h en iro ca to loioonthw iahe t sub dinaon o tub d o unde speer jn b tehne eac d mmit e hasde ovpesigh j a b innestigacion,o itmyas tamovgh is a re tn ev in bigore,n,ryin to pporthe he ts tev b come,tteein o 'cau we e ting oroe dohe rit thg asom ceegres whi aue tg aft weo autrize trith as mo cy, fesdhi ou iit ft esut zeent t morigh f ou bri i: fa and furus, knt th att ney energh mad itrifandlea heur, knew not ng autkn thisthtty pergramad he w jus leaingea aeutew itot a a we w eislear pngam abo wusea ig a whatito awe w kwowar abobowhat i
8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
itstic. thse it pssuric fr r, sth justse pur rularfreep s ryerst rarp >>teveit slls erood. >> f 18 20 m nute>>ve ss com od. f8 0 o m otehese om e re o thgnd o ose ne o reh tse isot. give t .t ve a tte. a >>tevemy d alws use buy t. >>ve dlwse this y on at ttes leentuy frnday ts letufrd chicn. >> o you g fvo b us. ic e sk oou gth a the f b badin. sk ahe b ingood suff. >> teveodi cat tlhe sf. >>veca diffence theye idtica t thas wh we yto dffce a eyw daid onca t howhawh ande ring th to me d j gesanda daon s twndng tho jsdf s i n pa theasteest. >>teveso ts neshow artshis idayni pahetet. >> tmve tneow tss ay yes cmt9:00 olocktm8:00 cloc cen firsmt one00 ste: ve o ckce.00
8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:45 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
hool sceroachhatt? >> wasuggtedt. ua myhe thughtthat ol had srcht t rig swin forggd t thtnd tatt i ould ad st ge it t sigt a inr cidewhyt not ti ld so git tald to s t a coa a he de ysaidhat coulot trysoal ito t oa >>rianany ae idt ulry i ristae >>any rta? noteall >> gtche howas t otuysll o e t m gheoweact t toysou? o assu wel wh t youickcto nninfiel? gsuls.el whou buink geral inel wt ha bee g th.r re onserombu tuy gal whaee thresem t ammas? >> ty'relwayso ne. ev wh i mskick the ma n't re. t re'sayike, n i me oevwh the i eld m ck heand ey sy ian t get. t nexe,t o e ahe t y'redeall d s i supptiveethe w tle enreex a me. trell ppve w en ste: ye. i ders nd w.h fiinut 34econeft teye the ti rdrs wfi ut arte you34coaconcallt ou ov andhe taid, o y.te ouac yollgot do ovndhis. d,at w o it,yot o 31-rderhat u s.d wt, to a1-omplerh?t >> a31 yplds fm the >>h.lastash. y >> fretcmn: sethi haphened. dn'tstometng hpenithh. the >> tcpers s whohias hol'tetnd teup t b hlnh forhe rsho g yu? ol >> iwas ateuall t bor anapp y.
8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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