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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 4, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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th o e xptedro ger a hri chngs c istieth momts w fr e the atro hse. peed toch sc ttit home fr e is. ed to n h nnin for psint t uned nnteors destell t t inunnse psse hsecei d es tcilyvethe astewin p wesss. hs ei'sarne escilyvee t n iol retati on asar a pl ugnacirestihi aefs execute wh has rlly taken on t pna publisef unionuts whreas rllak in onw pli reyni scicay t iw achers union dling witsomey t theenits that plic acrsning it meployee s heveecitve hat he h t clo oyecve an he$11 biion deficiherend h cented sn 1 amighere in nefiwcireer en and h admin issatioamn oign he n alg wiw the anere a in nancl o a getwi tsss t eris ger nmnctlac. ge tat hassar t hat ional nm helis aoss the as cntar. st lattna wl h shepokesn os pershe athe ral deaga nt w ske nesidenti alrsibtry ihe rald gan cafornia. >> ie b nidti aibmarybo the faca thaia i. would n ot iun born presen bo my tanage was thaleouunor pr andmyane as rect nattehow man tim w aas asked ct theteho muestn. t fo e w t aweedr was ner tything stn. fo be awe w n nero.
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myhi jobere i jerse by is m i ssion. j seis i've alwayea tt io in. idi' flwike tt fik lekit guif t wl to he this t b,gu i'ml doi tngo ae j t i love in etate i ioi grew u ap inn bal ifovin som e otaf the toureest a up in ea bal peoplen some he un ty. ait wn' t unt p reneys i pa ed won't uea rlect oy my decion . pa whoou rlesk sious my p pl ecroonm ou ross thesk s sctiom, not t mentron fro all cr ss thectm, n t nt coun f pllassionatel calli on t you to doometng un psiatli o coyonseqtouentl aomsetunng for pridenof t uted s teco eqnt i f aunng f pr aenn tte o sbligteatio ni f to an oig eaes consideroheir advi. da eaes wonsiarry patir and o urvi chilen i belie h warn p nd obgati o oilenel sus consir nwhat eoplob wtiere ao mtouson r . at i'eo apllways be a gte mto f thi' cayonfi bdeen me.te er the f l th few cfien wee i er thght l and hdew authisee cision e exp llod ahed ut ophion'veis ne tono e manyxpdhe ppl op a csireis tethe this was somnyetng tha p
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pli neededo csi hehiasom takeha do bu i take end buhat've always fe w the right e dndecion hat ma'ves th arighay fe t dheisn rht toioy. nowmas nthghn m to te. ws h ne comtmt mo nee.w ersey tehat i c stimyillo ne n se t ha i abdon. sat'smhey promilse me to t n pele of histabatn.e wn i'she tmike t t offipehistaten mon ithgoko f a fi on brenew jersey. a andhen i look athat brewe' j se acmpanlihe s io lar itroud but k now weac a neaarrly iroud bu ne k w i' m thisrlomtm to my i'hisomtm to m ste fstndoros peoeent tost tent fstnd geos job one,ndeen'mus tto n epargeed to wobkonnd a ny. i arno wwk erygr with i my decis en,ry butgr my woyty tomy d th state b is wyt to th ste itt is. abham l itlnaid, i lik to abee a l manln pud theai place in w lch to heee mivhe i p lcee toin wch see a he man liveiv so ie tha his s a pce will m be pivude of t him. h
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that h pce fee lll pud in mim hrt at hout neweeler iy. m i'm prtroud of t hiou stanetew and its peop aernd i' i k pud ore t is statillnd i mu m orope a nd kto d trehe i sll to nsmuor t fure nd we wan f al of t fure o w chire thi os is n time to c leave hi i s unnied bins tim to forea m unnied binor theta are t h a the he constaueesre areoo h rl. a , nehew jy, w heth er ynsueese itl. n ou snetuckw withy, wth y it m n toueayck ts. m teraayfu'm grateful th m an m pe, b i'mnew ra furs a round m toury wh hepon i tneo m e ove tse aun ladeeksry when t a m o tonses. la i' gksratel fheir confencene. i'i' g grateful f fhe the fai thnfen tcehatn e.eyla gte mhee. ai it that la m b nit unbelievay huminng d inspiring ui cel oy hopy hhaumt iin ble o vep to i tpiri c con ofincope ibleo t andon to do t jeed to do he a nd at he. do jee d d quotis.e e. >>overr, youave ner relyqulo
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>>err, y ner reyhelo doo--oo -- naudib] ytiave na] yti som intest? >> s have ieresin bng empledn e futur teanst i not >>av goi inges b tpledn reeudute anany e ilootent the future,oi u kw, whetherhaudt be e t esidhet,ut oe, worng kth a btbc idt, w ngbria i'm not goi at eclu deiany'm c nhances g ludeny c jonc jo naib i dn't wo. bu yibou w, w d youtav we buw, w aous ma bh rll serioeo co t yo u aelhl rer y teohat uea co nded aoel y tha rtec sir,ea ndedo d tn a kds r o rar n a fos. i mn, r w gotfos.ed ex o vehen, weena om from a ged o fmer we ro in fme neas se cre in anskin my ldnereasno se down and re a
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ll me t t myit wasldren ooka tow mndiss ei me gamt as a o the m crt am an tir a ehes bau o rt untryan needee more, asnd they d tree tt,haetheory wo aul be embed ith tis bos haas the pwoeo w ho cbehang be ith coue of o bo cnt's peo w c histouy. of o we cnt's lital d enstsy. ltersiteh homour lmer asre feh pple hll oov t cry an pplhill a thisll srt an to accumule erh pt t uple srt toccumh p le mths mary * and thout bterary rlly *hindnk ou t this b.te r did. r hi in tndy commitm enist.o t atshatid. tvendode com evtmytng e te. isk fsorhisobve fouodgh ev rd t t hiihiobob andouob t he tsnonnd hesn don iust neverustelt ight toea n. so n ieretug ht it ecse woean n so many iterio peopl we rea lly mrnes comtoou a aer io pyopl to e it teahink yav ees a cn
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liga aon a o to thietnkav it. gaonetnk so w ie didut we camou tso did we the se ctop. >> no theeto t ? >> >>o,orry youew aroun a n? yo>>reor yo oewut a yo next. o ex chli ch [inaudle] nale >>o,one ohemer faor. iean, i av>>o, aonerater fa pital i ten, andheyer readyr to atever ianald tm tend der rdy oi at h idom tpletm e cfinc den th none of that w aacr. omet ine the e thee th f toner, o the tt r. cidingin facheto er tas it did not ftohe fe rht di tacr me, i iidnot feht m tye, g to leavnowhenhe j h is
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t to av fishend. andou is never gy f tist, anouev chliy ani h lotst, o peoe tki man hry lg toet m pe bekit, cod nerg get bo i m bt, at'scod whyer i g b madhe disio i di 's no w il g m bk disioevin indi hadun withkevim hun naib . >>bvioly ty wen't that ib io t w 'todt no it reallysn iou ld s in gl a ibo o rlly the w e aot old s traordinary oeoe. the traootinarily accomisd ao perdlein andy lotfe. aoinilyccis reallpeyndotf gre rregullymericans g w w gumecand w ll a tweednd you ow a llin a tndtuffou a no tre i'tne ptuticula rs k in. t tnd yne k pnoticu ts de ksiin i s nd dec yision, kt'ss no deboec elsioe'desindt' s ernoe w nonehobo cld ls coin mend it. wit's n g to beneho yr c deccoision, m dt.ay t hi's g teceiois myyrecio
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ay cisioneciois m y >>overnor, huch fhis si cision is b ed>>ernon y hh commitment to yr si ised f yy mmoppome t too yourr cmient poe p teo ye.ou r leten m dpl tt. p i' s n omete realildp reportin tabt.out i'n ts.eald ry ppoatrt a theteres. comptely eh pin m rnihef thater's wt i wteto mptelyeh df at an wd uitono tee d weeks an u a m tee t wok wkse a up m 60n whe rninge aai if you wt tohe ing run, f y it. t t foro it. n, f n't wry aboute a t ort. ds e't b wery fute.e a t so ary p you k fw,e.n t he latumber oarf weeksou hasotn be a tn isslauebe oee aasot bessue allor m chdr were all gat. i talllke to all o f them abouer a it i al obviou ay wealhekeabd otut togr vi filyy, and al keeyerut--he t were aays filnd like listen, der--heere tt'ays what y ke wt iso,tet wi b tt' s fun. at yyout kwinow my s sd it woul b n. a u gtdvtu for us k iw foud i wo decide t do it tuso tor wsere all de gredeat.
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reall was ot t w fam aillly cision re inhe e the ryllaiasdt a onam sin in ehe y .d a o d told i hado .ecid so itoadoid sid id [iudle] [iudle >> oo, ltehat i care most a oboha care st a tha the country etr. i thi t thehe countryill et bi hi beer t mingilure president obamisbe aurprid one-tme amis don't worrybohat at al o i don think ou c dorry w about tthatu at inal t ndi ionhi have cor aou g tattu jo th indav reallyomtt go, jo an whe th wveeaye ttgreat progss and ian'mhe gng to w ve coin t de oeahattob . og sswhat aer i the fut te h t co fure hol.o t i.on t hinkat anyhef f y've vefure hme g on thenknyf c yign'v din c ign 09 problyid tnk t 0 9ar later in p oobid o11nk t yod sitti lerer ask oob m i11hought i isd ity osk ance ohounht f psint oy e uceted sote p sifent takesou
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n d uifterednt direakio. rs difre reo.ara. na ibleara. naib >>o, i m youan mak es dec io>> iit mh y a m eg t, dmars ithowould a regretft, bng go rnorrsf t s tef wld rsey? egireave a go gorf , iey? l a doing in, i'm dng some eat ing thingser i a tnre'm is dng aotom oef re t tngngs sti all t i a coli and songti don't flcolinyen do reet d'tlll. ny enyou kw, el t le etit wasyll obli tiu aceaidel le as borye, gi nli tti aerusss bor ae, nhe t amntf pusplsseho were com ag to mhee nd askamine pplhoere c regnsid o mnd rskecsir,end i d, a i thoreugs l aout r is nd ii snt aot ofhoime. l bu atutn t he s e a iamfeimk bu the snamela t tt ie w iasame in t heth same ol teiastearhe wn everyone i t aske, wch ase i t don'he wantve tono leea
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thissk jb ie, madeom mitm enn't tano tt p leaehis i of n er de t fixomtm tenhettate t d deo t n jerndix t itte just d t ne felt rh to it mus tto ne lee.el t anhso io le d n'tan dt ma. naudle] ma. ud] >> lisn,ny aice i hav f e peop w are r ni l'l agiveic d iecy to theeo epehoop w a arni running. i kvew d ieciky e mto t to see yho asarunng kcoui itikut m i y rt the mpta ti. ut the asont's importat he beusehe retasident h e ilons ed. i or youant k whybe isohere nt imrtan y were. there roudt k thhy speechso geimrt aterhe reand th pe libr ie athi t is, y roun know, j t br ani e txale i y kw,omtodyho an h iled theod learsp test. and rehan aednythinhelse l thespe teso wd hareha i've ath lea ed th is theo is w n've subite f ea owg ow to l sd.e f erythi ng ege uand. taht . hi ngyo can'tue tau how lea an d ho t mtaake. an tow l dis nho. me
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and unfortunalyevhoug n the ararea a y ou kanw, thatnf itu supporthohiug tharea psi knt at iuprt olle's p faisilent t erican pplecllaue'ai h failicecau hhatbsolute il lmu tt bs utto eeredent ofhe uted l mu atesndt that' so oenownt h he le a esndecid ahaasn'otno don h le a ec hat as n' youaid dere sti wk o t oud e be s dk o.. [iudle] >> notng has cnged. listt' s jus[it aou p nple h as chavenghoedwn. p stodayt'nd j i gusett t ha p tplo p ress ve conferepe. aynd no ginha chang .ha to ed patssrefo c ife sretiy no nuinerha one cringity f.or edhe refo la-duc sk ssiy nu atevne we an g fonthe he ll blaeuck top pri itevye or g the onth net s si btheop p leslur t so, yone k s allhe thehings that i talled aut osoyo ll tihe t nnghis h haatnged i in t dthatut o artid. an y khaw,edhi isn at has been, yoaru no aan keaw,hi ieresting timeas f b yono a me. and iertionnu e -- i wmeil fl ntinue t speak oe. w he d i onfenu-- w cll tino o tnpe isss w te i matter f o i ts cou nttt a the onlyhing i t feel ouou kno aw, t
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yousk i fly thireas aeenyno yogruetskar i t trenly regret a i hav i tt, y ougrno tnlyeg've h tvent, y sh gat'v n exposure to h some ohe lal rorrs who isxpurng t t oavsoe o c lal o tvorowrs ho th i'misut ongf t race,av bodys toivng th iave t cac o ndy tv.s oi yo w't be abl to g o o new.s 1 w beorbl gs g sakes. atewbo he1 onlegst have is ses. tt. bo o x.t ha ist. m x m. [inaib] >> i notrepare make any[i ] enrs ment iotrere tay. ake yony noenw, aen i sai before i tay yo aalay kinnod o suy ef i i i fl l e tre i saleoay k o theuy i l fldtho s givhees us theldhoest chancs g to uefst th t prident,es it'l c endse t thao t peonnd t i'l l workid ht,d ior thse tern, utpe'mnd notn a i or poktidor odth tern,utake t'mn po tjudgnt. dg . gerr,eo are gng gerr,eo ang ask
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ou-ou naudle] fstff w d idudle t st drumatffs wet d loude t d't k umou havet to ask theou ople bti'the d kmsou h aviouslhey iot edle theyhe g dms loour. ou thslat whyot ied dheecidy to rensloerecio n. th t fhy a i did m. reagan i hre a eceaiot t w it h aer m. lreantueay a athe ea t w h library it s on l oft the gat h onoratshe ea my life lrae t on i onvitedhe by horser to mpeaky tifhe. e d we h iityatin toak t to th we wheveronveatioi hadatin with natoy reaga n iwherveio betadwe m we and na nc rgaeann. th's w iet tnkll thend portinbo t has bee thnk all t rtttle bit t c h bess, because i ow w was a lehe bab t ces bau mit. yb some w ofheasm orea trd in hamithe w asybmeayfin t oor ionea't kno w, buthe w wveayr ocorr etenon andnout mrs.veea ga iocs bwe mene a and mrs. r eaga n s.ead nobylswe m eve the mr rga nobyls bac k. e heack.
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naudle] udle] >>isten, know, myiew o th >>tes tt not evenno releva quest nnyth tt n en ue bestus ie m the decision not run. an iadbee the deceis mn nheecion t n becunause anad t iecelienve in my het t bt thseis ihe ielie in het t it th i benghat i mad a comtmt he the eoplofbehis i m dste. c i teltl heoupl mhiyat a ae.rew t and wer out to dnerny frid nhtnd a ire hwad a wd leer o dbunch on p eopl eid come nd io wanle sayyouno nch really h peple omu runoro psi nt if t shat's no wh youaneato heo, b ut iru'lnl re ily tt' mss ywhouano, b i'l reerse. y an thatid aote.oeior at washat alrdy fling oei orself , beusehen ouasetdy fto tlihis whi rlnd lfit, tleeitn etuego, y t wndittle uno not le ur brinong a littleitnd ople inewe jery g bri b a l crsitovnd theim t tle i nethisweras g bee b ubclyrsovhe t co id eris. gerub cclhrise yohave an coecti com.ingp
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in cis 2yo01ve ti to comg in 2 w hato dre this an oppoun f worrhious t aondv ce po yo f aa foroudvce yo wt you've ado f in state sar. i don'tw st y ts e in ste a d't rerendums ob i ry rend ry don' is is r byac n' ishi w ha se gandas the w ha baote f g our sid tt ida s tryiheng to hp as muchba ai ur s ca t to t e enyit theoyp auc gheti elect ca ey wilto hel m ee teno mt our ag gdaetleor w h more t map oid t ag da it mingow. onorhe oaperid hd,ou inow know, n i' fnd a way to getomoue kw, th gs di'one, endve anayho t g we om n't avehe legistu .thgs de, e , yohou kw, w wee avt e seheeg tool 'leeow eyo d kw, w ein the s ol d b t. [inaib]. naib] >>sai t stent ex or a l osfai oio a i t liened to a lot oexfeo opl io
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i a i madli the t f ainal l oeopl i m dishen st fal nitst nit [iudle] [i >>either. u kw, i dn'tlly te t >> tthimehiin g kbow,ut i it t atll wtay. i who i teboutm.t w i thi nkiouho know, treot aihino lot a ofrt lisere. oopleou hudge m bae.dpo nophat theou see. h whatudhey see is what t g.d po haew j tsey hee. rned tathat. y e tohe w txtenha.t had jom he apedal f tt. eotoe heou thext untry iadhinktas papro fbably bae d ouonhe tr i thihat.t probly bad t t.naan . naudle] na o the first pt ofha i he ir dott thi onkf iha i s thdo it hi rtularbout the field
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i'd liketho tnk it s arsomeutthheg outie likeo d, s you metno tre are fks o eelouikehat we' donnoe tre aere fks i w o jereeseinik aehat don e bwlueer ste, bng peo toget br e d gting things don i st bsomethg ateo the td letikeo g ngsee hi theng couonnty and thimenk that' thaheit lase re ly lle he aouut j nd hi ithaasn'yitasrm re andood a utlooks, youno w tasha y sorm i tnk a wasdhe oks,ou ccomplishmentshaha tso wnkasav ere newerse tha o mliadmes tople wxcitavha t may e ewseha le viitha gov merayent cld work, mae lding in ov c vlderyor bol dmae ldi andn vol nddirect wayouldorge mpromieand i hire w that's ou what t wasor allbo. anro i'ved ihihas at tnsaswellred. aut vice've pridt a bch timesns awere d e aacuttic ie pra bch don t tnkes tre acnytbody i amecahoonould t re nony necdyessarihi carshoalou is bes tnoecuisa to bein ig bumestui to inwoum naudiblewo] udle] >> se w.
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su it ws lis en it' ss a. ito. s lisat's it' aso uilt's sat'so u yes. augher] s. gh] >> int's a nontt' a s. i m whatt' a i n soai was i'd re ns mer w no, and i d iid s butas i the reerev n a cngi d b as you c th ll from staing rhtev cng he as c toda ll aromin rht i saygeo. i t' thedaamae kf answ. ay gou know, ihe k l tean k know,w it's ur gs jteske t k t'estison le,ou w, g as den e di ter ws, ti aou'lw,lnswe d iten a di ws, denif ant'l ns wa it a which ihnt wahih ifuriesy stf,ut in the i answer iys thest sa i as i alwys t h awer t as a bseen. [iudib] >> wweren bn. the[iud] wre midhet of t m rensiderationhen wte wt to the reeanserionn w w to
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e lry. os arengs i f for se ti and i ang i f tug fht it we a i a apopri forumo s takugut i t ou them. ape speriec iorts o sr theut re on t thehe sm.echeay dn spe ohe re hav t aheny sffhty mdny decion hin p acess.t it w gre to there i enj oyciedin pce the wreo heveng nj troyendous. t thoug homempngornt thintrgsdo t.ay wc i w hyho iome id tinhem,gsut i wc ihe w end you towm, itidn' itave any eec et on myecou o how i itasn't av agoin eg o do on myec hashi in dhi how d you kw we w't be hereow teeonth ksw rowe't nix b moehsrom re teeon now osn t e n th epmolihsroatnal n o n nv etionitpe leromep theli repuatblicnaanlarty c innvgti bacto le rou ohenc again t opuicarty cin ronde >>ecau o i sd ain n onde i've s poke n t>>o aauot s peoplehis moing nnd told them'v t ske ansnwe as nopo. mongnd td em t nss ty uld near i from m rs al. lotfeo havea encourad and the eoeal .er tf serusav e aou ihink t y ahendste tha th was s a thanhionghot f stthemoha chang eythinas in the harsntlaceho f ut
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em to c ingey ftn t la an t i t ligation givce said fo bhhe gaon g sceerioaiusnedss a b e heount oeoe t were king sio tneo nt reconsir,e t to w erens erng t ot inhe e tyid ron chge my m ind becau in i ey ch fl i mn m ec heart what i ioi right fd th iso stayn w hrt ha tjers toio s r comhtmi tted t tth s ojota thaythew peo e o frshis t stateomavemied m johatndhe a o ihis at e catmpsi thinoh.nd a y're lki f omcahitmpsi t else it' s yote tre. hi j dset f teereig j tot m toea fef the j toasefhe jas ne naudle >> don kno i t hink i udeslens e >>on tno na tannk'sueioit' tesns name tanhisuet' t -- [iudib] >> y've t toet me ansr first u[iib ye to m anor you'r rs new here yodon't knonowheouul pele t front wilewl h t yo yn' thanos nw auled herpee. the f fntil ils i thi t'ys ahaut n at wedeccplerhee.d he re i thee stat i t th's w. aut ey w eren'teaplrchehinghe. i he cate right tth w wer't oearcng tar.get,
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cd it wasige, and it'seen me foart, litgtase. nd i ink t''s bsausefeeha mte fo we'veccishe he.e. ani ik p budsehat tt. bu'v tere is aheot h me.or e to udt. herebu. e ataot was pretottesd en re. i t ook itatas orer. andwe ad ak g iatro oesr.s ward s fndix a it, but weakre gtatheeset rdando f ink i tt'uts what re wa atbouthe. d 'tdohi t it't'ssha aut. a refion i on other f onth moca. [inaudle mo naud wel you know, i fou t th advice i grom el youno i ththdver i g oplero to r fredentther was le to ryreepdedentpo whethhey w won or osde po the ohes w ostwo o typical call it somthhing os wik os nitm taricndhe ll i otom whong w ty callni saitmd asnd rhell ful. w sot w a slighcataiifrence, rll l. but nso w a slificant o iifnre e, term ofakg out n decision. sfint one rmfg ec mioe ne endorsedheoy of meingor p esidentsed in o my
1:24 pm
exorrien p.sint bodyealltalk abo at. evyonealke ex about the sen dy ll dlkutbo aevneblkeatio andbo t ablatnd hor, axcement about i but,ou kw,hoobr, said,emen hboey this ould bt,eoueayoodob sthd,to i hf you h e ishiouey oo else to i d yo. itehi w not cseraeredhat d itot waedha [inale] nale >> i ihinkanda wouldn't sa sethi lehihahink da thouann'tt shie mehi th thik kandly f em. hink t t erenned em th w ouhi held tir er ere noneed o thethm sdhat to m he. eli d t'tir think i w ash knein of s m e he d'teonkpleh who ofbjectisevely okede aheteaweopl thishobjtily ed ate was nhi s sothghat i w so ske
1:25 pm
is was i somethi tha pisusd of bomutet tece more p thand ul pof outithout giving osece rehan p folksit autiv eal serious renserat fn,ks whi ach is w ea didl s ioand i'v madere t jergmat hi iandshatsha t. id d iade dtt. [iudle ud >>ookt he rganpeec i mn, t >>t r eagan sgapeecnh peec miy t stement on r tga snte sec my our co trstyemott h atomte androurun dcotry athtom world ahe tngs w a ne tdo f it.or iho thtngonsg and har d aut at s fpeech. t. wrte m t oi ihtton aard speh. r m mel o t dt's h i flboutel wre drt' csnt isndhe i lallgesut that w e f acr c rntht i s nohend w we n eel tesohahangewe f r it. sono con wtinu w to n spe t outo as iaidef e iit thi nk iso'l oncontuenu too speakpe outut onassue ef th ieahiy m ite nt tueo t sak ons th m andy m te where t tnk voi can be eful m. nd so i oierng to contioiean tolay a rul. i n the ise toiing ttoo tonhe ttent tla i ca be ihesengto t h
1:26 pm
pfntuli c bi' veir muc the hpf rga e i'ir buc lking t fga i' rubcan l ng gurnat flantes around theuboucary over t n t ygur nd a kanrtorte sar and eoouherery ver wi bt a y lotr f e ao, aor s a d thereothreer thingwis tt otop wan me to do, a i conserre dthoinghiheas tontas op aney ae not nser ionsingstt whon me b ng a aeootea perfoirm si myt diehs h ameeea pfo he.myie h he. chli li. [iudle [ile >> you wry lotor than i do crl y lot relyhae'n got todoet yrl me hel you' g oioet or
1:27 pm
hel wug itu' gat tor k crl wug iits g at toored about k me cndrl futu. co dn't tl it fedrom aut rding his c oltu.ns co't lat's fro rdifrng i asay csol thought you had o ne's kindf ideafrbout aay whathoht fyour he ohoned k be,f i bout are.wh f ur, tt naudle] ud] matou know, i dn'tark i dn i n y atou kw,ry in'ar in inyokay.ry 'sn elv thing iad loka f pplen a eslv you tng all nolo u kf pwplbo l as ofou the a differencoacts adund k wfolks ttspp oroachehe m i cdi't ser there wts aadnd lk tomt.pp ache ma c s phere and w i a one pntomt. n'ma rembe p wn ndit a w o had pnt aon versat rioemhee s wn d, yoknow wwead b sta onveat s rlly yoinkiowng autheerta need toecsi kihisheereed deciston. itecsihi ctalyas wit dhinishe l it fewksut c't pointo ata ly pa wicularn de. s,few c'toio s irpa ul [inaudle] s nale
1:28 pm
that such ack pe le n hanet w s jerucsey,h peightn neer y, i dvennow h aress igthathat' s d crazyno h that's arare rateallt's.razy tt' s lien rea that's when i kneliwen t i c tt'shen i k t actllyin e t star--n all theseineo t stted soting a t m ear befe i ll t evse got i t stted a mee t t'sevhe gn iou rynow re. yove gtsometng specialy inos whyove they gtahoin a you beetrengoupe galet in.s whhey in lite y'v e sbereoull g a li sll a priipd coervative but rond r pganaidd you ha co toti comprom e ot on ret young ha ne. tha cpre dosn meanetomngom .urri iphas, thateaot ea genin erythinomyouom anips,ha t sebod yalgelsinhaut liber in sgebyomprisg,heha the l e de wrong. in einnd you know,ouis lg,khe de ralrod. r ea gan se rndor y no that's lhakt tked about a rtal rthes ror lib ry roatld rgan tadke a bo cord t hae was lld rgan rd tep wte withep
1:29 pm
prinpled com womis iner move oouryorwa rd in plsomee omntsis accnus m e oveou orywa methat sreccthanap to wea th at haaneap l tike ro wna rtheaga die lro r shdi naudib] ud] no, tt's a sffo be sen o, the a fur o b thi iset'sn very iornthe f thur rubca nhiarn er y jeeynt t f th playar andn je importa laley determindni whemp le d erminemie ofurhety isoingo be an il c tineee t givtye is anl ti advi -ivdvee tol in m virty -he stateeboutow wol i shld con ose es iy n thehe te presboenuttiowal pro and sh c pefuyse b iy tdvhee will b eseen ti p
1:30 pm
followed andnd we' s how itydve ll b go . fo leows a g sow i go le tey. [iudle] te [ile n i c't s tt. iav e o st. deia.ave o i he't begun to tnk about de th. i ne y beteg toidyhr m tynk aut teth. a u y kw, thereyhrl m y come t whete i haveo kaw,e here th dlisn. om onof thehi i ho'vae lrnth n.u noonw, is ttou d'tak yecio n bef orue y is ablutlyee dl l'teak y h e y. ecio donef feeel lik i haveab makeee l thy decionow o i onot lgoikgav mee thateec ionth nowecno iot nog m tt n nger. naudible] er ud] sur not to respond -- urlist -oti thi tnk you g kwesnd th. st not thi y garcuwrly usboutothis. 'sot new flacuorl me t ha se i'scmveusrwutghs.t, you k w,nd noo m ti si'verwgh ynd ltean's t 10 sis
1:31 pm
i thoug lhtte'sis pba eigiho o of theen perbae rigyun thi s tha saw some oenf terhe ruf tytomof the th s t lk dawom e yo t khew, l ten, ytoueof g t the know w y a yow, t lten, le, e u t k w, ndow a t tnke, uw,nd fore thr jobtoun and ief thone rhehings theant to un akeun o f ie s myhieingt, t then it 'sairam'm i a mubli t, fire s the an mit funrf 'm it a.ub lfi t ceut i tunhaf tyit acal ree fun tny sohatt y c anac ateastaugh about fun s iot whiha c threocking me,atoust knoauw. bo iho iughtthi threoc letngte manainodom e i nnhohttu. th guy tett w s off toomo andomp iththok ges that w sren't obouteo d bpitok fthatt n' wute really gd,ounow,t do t r wllasy lot ofood ot thatnow, do theyid w tast l i o ffound hanny.t iached them.he y so oft t stu f indidt iitaed tm. initialsolyf ttundre wouldt co s to e ithnial his comterre w ldying eyco d yitouee this c ng one? so he' ds yeen throdedne? soe's b -- [laute de b, yo kw, - g geau i byo
1:32 pm
relyw,- not sgeomet ing that re is -- t-haot s betrs me. ns telcoci bs aboute. i' nelwa co itci is s wout it is. pell y theyel jwat -- it w i s.contue be fllny t. y yo knontw,behas tos t yo portan thi. ifhey arenooing tookse t fun at rt t yo. let's makyereuroi you laughok unin t a yo p lro'sss m.eurouau t p ian >> y'r advisersut tether a y'rdviss tet shenarri sna of o h y [iudle y [ile >> madhe dision last ght. iade he>> mecision la disign htst a t. iheecaln d figolksht a ts moingndd fkss t dmoinghem, andd em i wted announced it thhe a aerond iyou o ite wnntnce t--thent ton u o d stt night for t fst en ti i a f d stigay fs kwi st titlyhat w aanted toay kwio. and then it c wleand everybo t
1:33 pm
moing d lo. tanm t i k cnole what ve weryere doing and thamot wg l i m t a k w v erwe cerpl datngednd w proce . a for t vhe politicpls,at aedint was nerro. fonordeti. olic itas abo m eetwangs toheti. it po at wreetng to belveit w ay f or mpoe tto wre leave. band nerot w there f torian eai. m ean,nd nerot tre it'ri ust n, i never i co justify tust de ia n oer leavgheta tidear legta d beforeheob wasone. d at's kindefob won of wre i at at. ind eett is kdf w i a eet i k dirreflevant. [inareibvale naib >> lteon igi i ing be l aed. i jus d in't tnk i g he be the a peon ittoi beus'tnk ieskhe peonittoe riously. n yosk i maouney. yo? the ine gou rrobly w? eetouru ttebl w er e, i mean donru tte now. erriously. i onanont, a gainw.
1:34 pm
ouy. it'st, n ain leva it reayt' is't n. nd i don't see i tvaapni i ea youy don'tun f tha t j iobon s not lnioong f tuhaton tha j job . n l afr e tthhag i said toda younow,hisob i. the obafrg i d w t.da ou thinw, thiobheobant to w dt. anin'mob going keean doitong it d b tanuy cano gng it orhe oiurse o iftheim ehet peopluyean th ste i gtiv mrehe op oportfunitto dso.he pple ste th's wophartt iit d. fusn. th w m n fusoced tn.he restf it .med t rtf lisa. [iudible] >>ow cld iave vern nt sa ev [iudle >> c ie rn ev i [iudle] i [iudle] >>ee, i have toint out to of you >>, hoave aew hointuthato li o y i geting vhoy, ver ay good, h behause s ntliipated m g ngswer v wy,ernyegoo o int serrunt iped he mr and s heer wowosnt theeg montoronter he und s so iow hosavhe n othmoor answe li that was mysons i h i n owothdust getns n. li hathist ias'tyns iard. i'vedun get cn.ig is i b'tefore, ie ar n ot svefunamigig bor b yorouteed to et iotnsouf'd
1:35 pm
amgetig in. or and a t you get t io r in th e ret psesn. aan a t y go theinesse toa yoandaines o iave ner eeyon forny caaniddae a p avnd n cereeisnt porut ca gether where phendere a cllis p pr a th wreons. er a ner h appenspr youecide tono g in t' er someing u ge i h pe th 'sheyo wayecdt tot' meorksg ge i thayt ma. [iudle] ma. le >> nss. iave complet cfi nc ne in all tse folks.. m tuy tomhaettot i ealct fks th. isn 't tuy tt. athut ithis isbo eoment madto the thoplef t state it oteac of cadfitonchee i n le fanyb ty el. ta i' the e whitmadeheot of fi nccomm iitmennt i'mybheelne who ai'ske whdeor the jond c pammigmene or tm ahe neho as ake ftornd tha ijonhe cpa ig en wt t aas a aasboutast mha i nmmit trow tm.en it dass a n a rutlect any mack itconfdencewn tnym.f the piteoes n rthatlect nfen wn wnyhe p at aat. 's jus abo myommitmen wo .
1:36 pm
the fksusho ved m fomortmmeo wh eleected m aho evened to fe thewh le edlkshove dn'tote fe bhe oow u kho hn' meote a fse vernor. o it's m commitment to mhe a th 's wor.t i r'sea my c atm tout.he it'sot th aut i r a ly of ou coid ce in's tothem. aut a l of marscoid ce n[ina tudm.le] rs na] >>, kno i'm not a >> , poti kl iot aly. poon'tlet paid to b. one on onet pd netv. on .lpern does at a t time. ern oe it's not t myob dhat. i te. havit n ptilardvic forha t. y t rublican c hdite the prratedvayor f t rubcan nv te t aice toygetn thphonwithhemndalk th dec ayicnd noy tethrough allth tonhethmamas thf i heynd n toudvghice, i fl tavheeam as observat io ins o tettu il dv e,ve i tofheav direcyut i se att giooi ong tototut iut ioheircy gootutere. er
1:37 pm
>>overor [inaible >>err [inale takin yut the equaon . ak [lutaughr] >> takin tgou o uaon t [l ghuation is >> takt aairue osti puto t a ti candidate, aaraie yue ti o opurweighoto be psint? c di da, t yt aai r ostrwgh to a t t na isto iot. gier aede bor authe cogidi aan ae bhior that aut hetheye great acohediy hi ve fharetei t o deyoehat the g at want dhe the pl fe who d haeten td to b ent d t seriopl w encommtotato brsw wro aut eris aio ang t mmmttato iorroan aut apeop a i'vnge tver hrd in mt li. i or to say tha t ecopse y'vou'ree h rd i ovweig oulir. t herefoto tse y'r ovr t rediscli you kw, ion thinscli yndciined people intond aciinvereeoe pions in vere p ounsr in siety a so, that kd of stuffous sieusto, t ignor kandt.
1:38 pm
sandff peopl whorore i ornorant d peoho pplre d, y ou ra kw, lst t y comedison l tstryo p ttend to be sus . me ths aon try coed pnstend mak g bun of it,usha th fe. me of cednsakheg f ksofho have wr fe.n t o sftuff in w ks prend ave swrusn tolns sff i nunohey areprusd t jolokesns. anu what theheyre do jes. i sha they d fery stig teple a wayhat is ig t relle y a w itelevan toeople' abily do rll ielan ptilaeore' obil. d d, so,ou know, tosereti tla ople tha wehodnow,se tea le haoke dow upon arehoea folks oke dpo cnedns ahehoy get paid olto do haet sff. li i shed, g as longd s the y ado funnyha t h el dlio i sd,lo the a nnha h do care. naudible]ar udle]
1:39 pm
>>ti think tt et sa t>> ts tnket sa wayt sllhis t teb has to g o w the s rlllly t portantebss s. s g o i think tt,llou rtnot the ink bl toxtents reayhe ng ein gxtentsy hin u.n.erg fo that. g to uhe.nss.ues we all knower g e t he rthlly iorta nt go ises. w ho aw dllo we k dl t ior ota shortis teho do deicitl ouronger omho debt . ho d diturefm ona taxer cmeha t bt putting a wet bnkefm r ax ouecomy ut nghow w a ietvemerica's st dingn tou world if we w n' have oveoume icaner astngtor wme. ho do you h int od ouo i aner hothat y? nt telong apl the truth abt,ou k w, atov ngplheru abr kmw, ovan entitlentocty tor portunntityoc t tryi to ke shat t sepo un thgs a ailabl f oryio s t se kith. a ailbl f i d'tr a lot . o convtion aibout that.r hot t hear i nv tianonone of a theut rsoha t i h ga tearpe tha g aveon o he the t rn library apend i thi i thid this t tnime w l tora a i t hi toimsp wacy moore o ttto ac
1:40 pm
mscusorsi to i sai t at uso she q nd a isry to sp dcuion o thisndtu i toryry nudge eocu aiolo t his o tha t. to anrydgeeo a tat's ha wilha con tiean d to t to do, becse tnk tht''s whainonehe b t o o,inte brests onk countryth. andin that ishe m b y ktenow,s f orstou ry .obli ti aans a t citt izen is to k no spkstut the thilingti ahat a it ink arin t hespk but interheeshi ng ofur country ar n th's khe o u b kntw, ofur cnt th k u kw,now, whereitnhatnonew,. er it uitp hen cdidas emslvha tt decene tir caitaign hethey c gdi tas decid es wlvthe dy e thirk th wantcagno c ve aeynd tecid e tathehey wte dth tthan co cunat a m vie t yho d bhee wted cocounain-- i'm ak vin y u oud are bn' i- incoyain v'm we oure-hoy b ecomwenitngnd nveyin tengomonhet rndll impo eyt iues, and i dng'ton he thinkllheve d po tt yet t a i s,nd la ext nt. k josh tmegy ietis t asday la e t.tober 4tsh nd gy tsd gernor cis cisti of bewerse ind ficiallyot gunernirng c f cti w se eiden ciad motun init clearimend
1:41 pm
tie aenin hat h me d i nle tendo ti h d n ndou f presideid want tounu f f psisint id idn'anhinkte waso reao r f rrede nt now e hn' aitnk tasha r heido r give tr recon.deti w e h it tnt bk a csiidde d i t ve agtn a r ain after h ll t bse a csi de iav weighagtsan a tinft tseli wghn pay, bigonli donors,egar amerpaicany,ig citizens ued hon s, eadit heran him begd cm iizn ued h s e tancdito recimsir, b d so meth iinhe sd s htaeco d r, at didsothin r sonder iioly with h damy,ut sayinongde hre aioolymitm thy, tut swingery, sang toeotmpl st me to ento tnowet aer joby, sa t done,eo andt t i'm j tono aob not ponpad a to wal k jotd t al aw an png i this way ier the aw t im g of a o ifhisay ts. hesten to t theg a g oerrents en to tren o. >>'vthout long a nd out his dio >> 'v thi'veou l exp arenddhe ptnst s i've listedioo so m anveyeo ehend pt considered'v we er t hist wedaso so sothinthat need tond coerake t hi on. t insoinateetoak t
1:42 pm
. innd what've aays lt t was the rhtnd disiont ins e rht decision ltas t toda ht d noissn not s recion my tda noiavseot cmieno w rs ey thaav ie simy wenw not rs ha andon. s meyn:heovernorayg he diotd neeit asdo r ightmeoheovno r leave h b efe n heeitas r jobhto in ne av erse w beinished. so wobt ds ofn his e weanin isd. fo r wovtno dchs stie afsor theaeepubca racfororno ch esidieent g thepubca ideng forward brebaie is t fwanc reie o ifs ec report. he isithnc me no o. f i ec was ror he iit dhramatic poli mcal no theatei evenasheovno admitd i dn mac rent ds h giveaente i en heov nocoiddmatiod the warea bnt ofs questioivn ma a toha te watldio o. th waat b doesue iion meaman nowoha ftorese o reatoes i this m re,owav fe sedeclared t oy a t race t andae se,ntav milli s cl of t adolls tace da a sntil te,s e oor a nd ll stime of tirwn in ary to nd rsua deme a omefca town v ienforry them. t meg ynua cple oca int testivnge or thin . em onwas at ov noegchrist o ntid hmadeti the in ons ovnori ec hioden la tst ghafr this recoeratn. i oughecthatioasla aftis co vyerat
1:43 pm
intei stghatg point. theigy te donstors, tgig p poihe. he tigepublicaaradon s, taed toim b theepliad adbe antare in imw b mpshe heor ia,ad o soh n carelina i so twt sh ae incaa,on t thihas gngca na to hap tpen. at d s itin mean?on t t it mnsng tap b mey ou dld it b me n? on t mns move, t that se eyfouheld b bi on dolla tt t h bee mn one,ha see fhe s idebiinesolt h b fonze wti for s thiesin oicial dis may wti r actu t ov int oo tiaslopay ra .tu and thinknt iotlsso mns top er hira aelat es and tnk it l mtlnse t aelat f ar. the ctlenr comesses we start geing he int y cno w late stt i oerno te novembe er repuic consuantark ma ovki w puuo assu sayaninar ma ea m d atings or w wh tuo as ay desion q teea dimate tgo o lr th one deon y'reim t lit an d i hinehat thats'rit reaanllyi hi dicahavet ohaftheres tar is whilehere aeare se plcaeve wfhore arare sllis c alli ngil onhe aoverno plpali to wet in. the i ss lll c andli lessikover t li haoen n. a nowtht' ls tind t l lov theik you'r ithah. meaow ti t l tel tl tt the'r farmeitr me in nra w hell gtovnoher ar
1:44 pm
rist ecinnt ira w an h exaordinary sty d tst fontow ig,isn t a tnhe xrd gostve dor t >> ifo mn,ist te go gotor edex ove irn, the weene gt hed frovemr a farmeher wet hro in fme r braska se cld inn aing kamychieren sit dow a n a teinll m t hat hi wkaity to mis their gamte t and their c mrts, eidramnd the t eirntsecse crt our untry neede mor t a tt ec se the d oid ttrt ndhaet they wod t be rem emhered thet hhaistory t y bookds as tbeeoeme w cd haheed eoue o hto our okas cnt'se w ca eou histy.ur we got lital doz ens sty. of we glettrs l l tha dozs home,o o oufr h tt add lreharom people he, a ov touhe hou antry. eg:eohe pressure he aas ov t unr,oury rehess w hasasnc die.un r, it not suc h about g wnor cisti a ts pnt itot wh doe i s aboutbo t norm cti t pnt whoe aut nebraa,erps mrs. rga n perpsps oer t s. reblan fling pabouertheps fielaser i n tas?re an f rorngteou oneehat ey hadel isome crns,ndta ts? ultemanelyt y tadhe me crn republicandn t
1:45 pm
pa w anul to fly tomne w rhoubca n can bt es wident oma f thais t wltate goa n b t anesd tent saw i nhaltovateoa rist thataw perso no tha e' out they' h ste ha totooerkt t eo t who are i nut he th fie . to ooaskte'vealeod w about g overnothr f . romn asvedadbo ger mn aad ceiling from to 26% an caslin'eally broroken thro h6% i aasmanyll bkeoln. may some m a.ivit ern ns si hnge' kind ay ofla m aivpon, simisir t hoov kernrris oe ifn at w inpon,is dsiery ar tovrnr isswer t io qst ns w.n isbut the b auestio nsw to i t bueion mey i dport d whenhat meyll s rtds to move poit cld m dhe qnuicklyt ll ethe srrt gov ternooovre r comldney m--e is q ckll posit dheoovnoake ry eost adosntd perhaps ofos adhehr pha oristfie phemenand o hreocus st meg p: letend aou o oneui ck e quti bore l eteg yet go.e ou one o tui hi hat p bple e l loveo. auton cishristie hi ate's ppllu ntvee's pin cis sphren ae he s dsnlu t pake ina otsp ofe guff from anybo.
1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
, ca is, har. crad i mury, s , cdhysian, aimsurhe ca tha jaconsi i, ectems caha hiacelf theightf hi ite deh? anhithatf urrahey rhtusedhi to ide anat sorahy red an'toicha i jack n'sso f agerptnts hathe als of cksedicion frp s that se sfrue? ininmeow, icxn ats newe? in , legaanaltis welewnd mike gaal w arg rsh,ke pan, thk yofor ing re, whyrgh,an th les juyo setr g , thehycenao. t the sin lejureaethe --na enar, ma .th s thdefeelaima-icha ja son arjectma himlf o thfeeim somewha iested ja pn pofoctim o that nht. me the osec iion teaimst's pfo t at n t.e. e ecn ms s. muay dt. fr t titne tesmony we'vseen mu do fr tarne wheesny t 'ven ramecs wked he t a saw me wd on mhael jac aonrounaw miael ckso the m elnditn ofis bacy aun whis emidencl sohe a howitof b a e spion ing buis eatnc se. a lisn, iowlefenng thspguy n rg puruisesf . is i keeny's urtoday thso iy ill y turts'mot kes t ay ther at il byl t ts last relatn, en
2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
alel suosed wase'al injtingabnpr ol t to hselfnd putngis sued maasnjng on hlfut i dot kn how hat wmaks. gyn:et maskoun sothin that ou mdo notkn ow tow t w ans.r n: mko. so inmichatl ja mson ots sa t o tns ve sferefromki chjan sa t dees >> -- sreom disse rig. >> es hich - --hichsisig hy>> hisch - in cchor cngedois amat cally c ed mightheyrguet di someing therint >> n meg, i' atlyorry gh ey ueve bdin i olve inmeg hent n eghundi'ds oasery -- b ivees! th e yo gond oe m-k! >>hank! thyo y. men: you me >>nkelco! >> y me thaout a't goi to fco >> absotelyhaot aoio f yo finrpri is e on sothinlyreal on urse thatsyoistiint anris on inaln niquse om a thinatelsendti nan at cnot qu hang ainse n sho of - ct yea y'vng hrd oho -ooksoppi offheirea y h ofing, buothethanhat, kspiff irno. gyn: l m ng setbuhe tant, sce . n: lokay m hereet whawe l trnedce chaejackn haon a ay re suhaery lp lied you hav when ou gaeck in har a suy liurgeou head aav .v.en gooken up t him,gee ha dhe an t m,ha extnal thet hoond upo h heas ling xtlhe et oo upspited. h
2:50 pm
thhe wan lusg to it belve tha. th an didll ofohatoelha hielf,ight id putheft i., the hi catf,ter,ht pu e the i surcalheatr, ath, ee d ur allthatoimse andvenh, d thou he ald at docr se ndtsidnwho was oue pocing 50,0 a mth t ido as tha peg ,0 m t gaveimse theharopol, ev thoh head veomebseyhe po raine to doevhohe tt. >>ebbjecon! rneo t ject>>n! ishat ecat t! defse i claing, at hput l the thgs ct on? isdon't thin tk sef i megy ai, ht thhyth wldn? n'in s gy d mury do tt on to wive him n ddicauron o a mus teonoeim n laxe ca o>> n he'usonceng h ve h a tin xe moun o nfe'ce h profols my hin dersunndin o buthat ountas n eno h tprolmy cause h rsinutt dea. nt n no tthathe cse o dea us wh hh ishe oyea rele ntat c o iseae herwhis o n howany lewomehe islept witerhich n owy aprent see to the mept reitvantssuef toy,ch apsed nt todee'so heestiny rebutntuetopecicall d owodeti t di. cill th wasicha jacone aprent, acrdinto t di th deasnse.ha ac but marapnt wact tin t pros utiois pdetinge. ut togeer taray a haseen w t r ahileows aosio png
2:51 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
reat ve s ain,he s pectledan w edth aw, we teg aiffent n, sctd eewa pulawd upweext t anmbulce afe ain h waulupt op ed fe ananthenulled a a e sne, e h feway we op f shan dowen thed uspe s, f ay w clrlyot showhewaypeesteay. herecl oneyf tse w wasy ot.te. rene t w aslist: . stwhenooke or, iaw the rsoni hrdenheke o iop. wasike only nee on hhot. i'm inki nberne.'m ase ly glad dn't. he m m ki nr dahterith . i oppe her fad a d h m schl. da er h i w hap aboi per a thach. w repapter:boe shld notehe mha whoas st in. ep thr:legshs tught o be te mho sin ok. he on ethg men thtbe poce bokieve heyhen e he then n whs bind po bhosevehreey freaay h shothings i sanwh bd egoseee eaesteay.ho gs gyn:ll r ihtn tce ank u. o >>we'lbe rht bacte. n: r t k >>'l r ac alst ttes ke e ofack's. ber ts
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fort jaof ck'eal. r [ ja ] what forreakst?orja cl. um.ja atorak? tr theumbeone!. trhe bee! [ ack eah,s prey go. [ ma annncerala da s woh ofiber fibe[ one.k h,s rego manneralda woofer bee. [ale nounr ] 's aact: younutrionaneed can up [whene ou'runon t] roa ato rt:over ou trna pedper trit n can helppou ge backenn yo'r fee toa rer pr itcalp geck yoee tee o of ur dtors commd thensu bra t of drs mmthsura r exa nuitio surelinil stngth hasexevignu io and irte gra of otei renistth tsprotigt, p serv d teand raomotf muscei heah. tot prv d ot sc eaand munealan to lp suort ur iune stem d neano sut ie em surelinil stngth. hereing niu tostouncthback sureheg toncck nuriti in arge re nutin ge
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2:59 pm
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