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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 4, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we we sh ing b nn ier,al wnyo os atwateds. t wshig ndice y u thr,at n for whilwe wa we re ms fiodc e mostf h hdaty ir ilear ee fo st aermret terito on es. mr ae hy rteetodinn enythin gnaifict inr thein la- yn tn turnoundor s itic inttellaik sayi rn ndwe're gigtclo t erel yi a yeay?r teo erd rome raders it y? e nalm iadute iofttradinhe we dnt bel ve i whlenwete e ta inhese kin of del iwhn hen.e weseseintrads ftepng i seing tehn. al . sead evethgh finisdhsegherg in t saslion. r evethsay g iis dot expeer t h s tt mrr.on alr eimrtanyto pint ut,do epe ten y dip s mow le tala im an p ntert, 0 - yin dir p oa l t ng ssi 0- ino de of taet oresi optist inve ors o tre tof eep in a uy otecks ato rt st veps ag n, 1n at of t ts h o0d w comps.entsht ti 12 -weekof ost d wday. mp tsmetihs tht aitras he2 wek tentn ofthosb rs y. loing ftirthtaohe ntofosbrs llowg pric.o >>leil:andep tink y ver much justo rendyou fls>>tl: de t yhoer e're chf ol stngre lu tes
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devepmenl heset but hoireis fl haenines veeneebot h shaainmedy you habks ttook like h s tha're e thedbyi un dit haa b t othik ik dthoe heih walli s trneett otes . hi d wlret es th hav bger wrri. whth kin worraie >> ddd wri whinrrie fr a dkicreed reguator rice c sgus,orlu busine moels. l ur n uaiey hne bee on that a moos.s num ber. heen at os >>meilbeyou akbout rrecons the akets,and >> lthesuguy aakut ecs heve a>>d besnuy oa merca lcsas nomr s loked $5.35 h arlod th's pen n5 35stc la hn warth pn st rett. c apensnfunwaca't ow it at$ a sh arnse. n is iaciag ohit aton w$l hstrer.e. th iesae ishare r newting re h r> ne: wh arehey werngi about? what therucd.n er n? ne >>whellrey ifiyu hveab t?o xatithe rta>>n lbusneifes thuv xdodtd-frk as for yta ausene t dfr a or y --
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nei dodfran s h big - nan cial reeiodoanm. s h yegp >>eil: l t noal trehse guysm. dot lk ebpc au it'>>sl: on trous gs do td >> nabmcduaftet' his dodd usand d na tebary fankeh o fd reds te o eve cerrt fainke r e buiness. e theav etinspod o buredesuc. hesk, t a lotof hse o dsinees h ded nuct ng t o, da oo hwitsthe fianneal c hlapsin t 08, tich hla ws ite f nprdica cdpsn . , all h eiesto ar acsorin pr caatd inn l itotare -- a hine stoc k atin riceoftes ftirem--. h ane t heyte cetng ce cru. f rlltell you an t>> ieyset t cu o edlle u i t d istheractin oerdone you lk aut a ls fc apiter a tiese yser hne hu d in a t he arkef c p>> iton'think e ys.hine ke no yo iu'tnks. have qenoben oernke ae prinqingn enkemne >>eil:e's ntedt mo e pr gthat >> rembem nhn >>l:s tedhemoe e dat d rsn'tbe q uahnnitative asitng,e t e fus thedb'tnks witq aaiattale atihey'g, supsed len sositanks hareawillicalom e y'upd eni. k oremell bcamku if hdoes ta i ione bong-te -- urmm ber h es stoc rds, wah nthei ie a te-
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helinemrth y presocthatr d wbutt, buye re el . hetodaneyws buesyaat h ttby r el dae bdu alongt te, ion'teven thi at'snougt deal whed ngtei'tenhi h'sugt e b wks' problem at's ason hy aibs' di amor'sblem h ed 'si on epon ery i vesecods.hd oe ie c. hekows thathe uness enronmt is luy ha he>> nei whassdoesisoenfnmceis ? n eiha esit's chare 's hr gasparia on h on waepa riaron bothh rendly. st rton i w hris butsne w henr y. weidn htvertgy ar. h hes huas af wulln headwe onfgrayhgir a he h fll de idohaeg halayahhad f gay di eal air. h a >>eil:e cod jin the y bineooow r. n d>>oul:coj h ol ne beo urd ni nou od ebeingur ni you cheailieg in t mntim thecomy o strglin so dhn'tie s t r tmimheco oat messad nfrtos th fera serv chitoati not mesam rse t nextfe ues rvhi a ants t so nxtes hee oktslhom eor o tocobu ee kom e ptouobhung or p
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billgn utsr oe h e bll us decade hif y ego t cra on hs artiulardede w yyo m tghtra n regrh st i yu ti aroow a ht i' gr t ia arasi b o ecarul a wh you o awhaat si oubsa r htwh? ou >> hnkeodo n't kn oa butousa ht >> all tnke fedteralkn govnmen b proamsthat don cco lish l anytng owfe dhalatov enw e rosntoat don recournshf or nyt th eederh overnent's ren f3r0nillithonerwrth ofwa e ereryt' er i wo3uld 0llli ywurha i ouldwa ryuld veaeprosi ewoectd n thecoomy,a no lmal d ethatapsit $3th5 cilony, onoe 10m l year thatate culd$ eilasildoe annobo wou aratcmdiss t iwas a denerswltdoh anboouaanm s eenpan a ies k deforr wstt d hesaid the lst theng yon a wanteo kooris saise hesi thexes th yoc se t ntod ea sefr moe netiveesn th e donomey th m cueing snevetheendi. on soistha dve icucutgspesndg, dot raeteaxdis soisav hiinktpetnde 's dora tixesgent fe hnk t theer he alsdidn saynntfect eth er sahe ya lsudn ayed n od otli de an sayou yt it due ya mecdrta ino i iare t sau t itoud wousatart ut slercbutta int icnreinuetawwsutert
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slt tuetwse $3 bilon aearbthe deragovementhat'pur wastor$3il arfbadtre rave ntdut'puritio st th's n ing aed r anytng uu aio th n g oiave efect wytelinateu att. i neict his agmenitte n eiis genn ithsndig,and democrt crics' ru enhs notdind eocrt s'uenot staning, culesag, f t llntpu li debad noon e ill. wh w uf tyollu nd po hat ba nothey e noe il onwh u>> o gosh. t think teyhat'noa grea uosn on. rst all whothi.he in kprobtm?t're us. t anllthet ibl ob eil anste bl here el wa we t ou f s this ule sre eadres ah de eouth ofthe probem isv leh longe a estermh det ofeobvhg rm al kno sht-te nterst al nhte er rat, vn lo-terintest ras wi be low orte nx tat vyean yealoand herate. raaftewithetlwwh the stert x eepi up -ea-eaid hyoa . k at te tht nuheber s h eon lpiy py-r untat r over nulery ish tht r we t er ul it mk e weeseiffit
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chces thawe c funthe bt th we hve mdky edfi ot chs ha c une d n tohere dy dt $1 rillnover n thernx$ llyrea e or vr % s that wre ying a see srt g about yearnd a s latw f o ng wse i nrtabt ar a l e --n tnhwiitest ates thaturgoer en --tpayt threte willatbegp y16 biio lleya. what congr es1didbiiioags .pl whath 're woating ctngresid oi wih thse sp rplcommhateeth ise noon goi o wive nh cvrrmm2e%is n iein i he lg-te nt estcs2 d weee t- we' at bo l ate nt thtd ocf swha ower h-istrica tbo inrest ststh aroe h nw sohe snow tcat's ing o in st sup.are 're t goningw osow ts g a e .w-inrest re agoes,ng h ownse in st5%1r-yeas,rnds o erwsnsfo 1-ea s now e r>> nl: u'reayinfcut oile e cut ing' gowo en no: ughreint e yore o uoing'ra ticly i e un oghyoeofoint,raic i bcuu nvr polie, e loborowinfocss 've bc ubeen v plie, lorincseej oyi eenazro't st, eigjht?yi e rght. wecontzuertoad , hgt?ace rg t.wee adng enontw-- u kaod ngrhs inaauegust told twehad
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oeric pe oplehey ut grin st stndind t th didn cuticny elehe pendin. sin th discthretidary dnudutgets stpindl in things to tiisey aldst eta triion llarov he txt 1 e rs.g toe whal h ey idnd wa sar ovypic waxingt 1 seak s. wre ingwhto hey rease twahs atic wa ofgtrwthak hat whw g ee tln ed therhofnctuathy c h w sphding nand edwe erua c spng have $ 50 d biion at ian docmentians doa eita0 nbibndyi a imer aoadnti s sh y odo hei youaould ctiaera sh y50 oilli an ounobo wldld know t0 li a nh n webowhav e owtha llow tttdcretnary endiwe tohv ha ris i owt dhetnkry s dio crinal. >> eil:ll rsg iht. na r, tsnk y vermuch gori u>> l:ag ragn.t nao td to yersche goeeg youu. g >>.eil:om c orn ookhoma toin wshsineon. ank u, siru. we t>>old l:y cou t ohoktma e 'd whin.k eek p sr y toud yu upat o whate hadeni n kthe est rer rht now. y uall veupato atha tnihtn e r r h nelw.icoe al e beenoescd ritt now.hlcoeae enscri nw. ea fea s ctuay till in afas erahell o . i iske hr. e thre wo. on oiseredith r rdiath warrest. sepateonroepoedsh o ia raeot.t r prpwsith o
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reiratory arraesto. twt thiresahryp enedrrst ttaiout0p ed minusag. ght w ey'rstilln to a othtis. nu hoaeeone'g ng t o b'rllto okay h swe' keeyou o epoese'eg o >> inthe mntimno ayl ve e'eeou oe >>in ef moim thee gov hrhechitie oots wn apresinti ohrie ts r n p eso ii ppinun f er i inhm an fueess o'givi the ppero ge he a iesanuss o'vihe er ge thheugh. a noireplica. decrat h. noepca deat you uld ve aundlwith geics mui-pocy dcounu d adlthicmupo dun geo, sing opleoneyn re tn ju carnsurce. ge sg leey tjuar ur. ♪ ♪ geo, sing opleoneyn re tn ju carnsurce. ge sg leey tjuarur.
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>>eil:ell,his rt o thindoest haen ery d sohen doe it >>gl:l,ts s a olot ofinesha e d folk ason enoeon, espeally en g ps pens otnefthe bulkest itieon , thepelyp a e p ns we'rlokineinto isbu t ie oheli pterherasha ennw 'rlino y rs li eaer rishver abo annw hourr earie agobo.n ere rea talo fie hu pele boaa othis e fie pe e bioaopte hone sy'retill loin or ght notew. e meonere whll appantl owetown t with o. onewh patl then thcpterwasver ae e to get ot
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dpoer nowathat treeer of a th passetgersand the pot hav d ttenwoatte fth d n'tss krsnd hheir pha tat . en d k w at w 'to ktn uirt ettytucht. d o o th iu otywnh. we don' now thet tto ofnhe dn henwbtteeretf getting he tetitterepoes ttmye etng te tehadpo etspimtoryye arre st, dep ornoher one th ardect, nr ree.d to menzi n t phone e rit w. sir,hatan y telutos? zi >> w tl hn ri w.s rr, atyo yuelsuat? pr ty wl mu whas gogo.s r o know ere prre fivemuha go perns n or h e epw e we'restil r snacng forr h n. 'rereil wascgfr e a45-fo cat inlvedn4-o het ined serh. 're engadiae srce e nga a arch coa gua rmma nternew y orchhoasua if rmeda me tey'eercsedw yrhtiefrt rimeer' ecd totaf fodivtresaty rthisoernt toad wet aafen iv insarmaty n be nd hatis oin t e sonw'esintiatlbe ttint worfrom oe ncene o'esiinorom ne
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>> nl: thmas, tt n: , t tpers has n ent kn rs hanni et, thky'nveeen thewari , velonn heiwear if none es e >> w 're till ncndteg a s nrch e or at pe ron, ire. ll nei i sa therss noh way of k noweg n, wh her iat. e sei m sal oernoy f kow femalwh cr uld ve sms maobc o fe al cshuore,imo sr hrelf? c>> t heroe's l ase,thaot posbili. f? i' not tferme'liarithasta t eosli i'tmar h onsce weer athis i e th terteperaretheonwein wde a isdictioior weathr teget.ra ew nthers alwasdi io wa osibity gat t pern co d tn up er s ajustwas fine. sbi ythas hy t er're cot ttupere st seahingor ie. hem. a all e it. re th wa corp ateea ngeriter, hm. tllmas? i i d't thknowa th at hirpe eir,ts? me, dir .owtht >> nl: oy. ank u ve muce, rwe'lstayn toof nt oi k theveeauc ime 'lneayto eso the ill nnot ehee nees thhat l rsonotooktemsves o shr.t at tha doe not onlkokotodeses rihs . e. ha aloert ht ilthe oeodantim r the's is gng o oy. alr ie enim he go > in the en, h
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tetold igothvecnau d y soemepu an imtrouesle e'r hris hrislde ha hhe didedct r or p resioent.e ou isisha dedt rorsit. b if you'reittrm e yo fareyu' reptoabl appy that hs rsortmfeyo c leaed othble ap hae hks hrtrfc hfo yo .e h ar foy a aferjoin s rig now aer ji art, fo chs chise, ado yoigthinowkti pnts in t,foh cis yointi s forrd? n yohear me? >>o h or? yoaryse?>>o sorry. >neilsit'oky. it'seen ne sofy.tose h>wil. ' >> 'sin ft hw >>poze. >> nei no. it'sll rht. ahe. >>p'm sow to.y. i ink ris >>ristei is o.real 'same. r . thin we sheuld veall>>the s to caidati ik s hstrs e alad ty e. ouldinb stled ile outca atea e hr th t lde s uhreaast trathing grou in th old. h wour gaesst it'srag a ooungn hth threofol. heou es 'sey all thra hoegago s otre toe t peedentf t unitl stahrsandte 're all to thte rlly palifedntto td o ittaaid. e ll nei thearguthnt irasy jift d yingefre is io.o eihegu i foj mi rom yng becse ciis o oristfi miombe cn t
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st youri er taiy clsic ynserutiven a lorai isclsuesc . erve ana o hat he woisles avean liky h tblehe otesfwrom a eolekory e oefooe ony. >>ll o hs adidaes onw l l srtd ostguisng adda thewselvlssdstis wi eir leadship achdent lv by with eirdipacnt bytme etthugh w h hashirandhr sae es e u'lhlee ch ar innershanir thne fra ey'rall reall c it us pend reaaly o w'rhl al gets thoedbst stsit ndea i. w me nt i thrmmber s hat hy m hougreerga n wah't tthe ght h yy in 196 and r ugwwan e t thin in8 h9e6 n wrn, n evwern thid 8ge t'sntevoor a busg asn' t ntomisat eusteohe' a u eletabl and n'ea nnmiatwesn'e' an of cose ea nlebl nd weass'anf co eeleaabl i sk chs chstie ould eveblma d e a eat esidt of e uned stes. chthinchthe ieher ldree e a a t id eofeptial oodun sts.o. ini e ver e ht eti odt --.
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iraly do. - nei- you.e t alkg aout heanral o a in 's eipouantlk he ans demrats ar sousing thesm vaemests. a ta a lk athis s >>ngt ehsmva pl netai linatats tasx >> h lphols th prarilpgo toi atta xe ellolhieth taprayilrs at bigst cpatio. >>e'reloingeo tals ate u rodgtit tac loopioles t>> re nghaveallows om of hu todrtilyta op swealy to ve aowvid aoin oftir tr fairshar to aa id-cla irfhmrl.s shoul't p hiherdlafmltsx shan ul pi illiaire an bilsnonais. >>o yothinthe mllnae oulito breean ila moreai i n>>tyoxinee th e lna bu driv orou b lsa m oei toxe! h >> w rebuivrblfsfetssecr ary shldn'pay !h g e wrbfettcry shn'y ratg e an wrent bufe >> nrl: ltt ou n t want ltle spietheris be fefct t h at n l roould r gan nsta e ieer ael ingab tth lowerotaxe rforn esverydy ut ingsab lowexereero doingt removg a t of in slooples dbnfi thao d ig reprevt tovhoa sofw o sops lddbn tpaay tax froev ptayinog axes. t hat e ithaxrroheinnor xe the. th 're ting thet ethhgepre oth st
4:21 pm
th e ungy vhtes. wt doou tnk aboue oht? >> ui 'ss. wdo t aou? is dcitfuland riates me noruy. c thtftax bia ofd198r6ies me nrum biatf hapned 1 the8tabil of 1986im wn apld werheedabf ta ra e86iw oert r 2e neil,fr the hges inco earers2 utc osel,hef te loooleg thco's aactlwhatse shldutc do al orlet flatht tl attashx, wt nodone aof loe ltohfolesayou p aay, frot no delar o too edolr o ines yu thero ondr otitg olr hat ioba an verhe ment ns in g hhat,t b h earg tualnt rai id the axht, ratesh i the westalaib tahke i na aes i e18st6. aey we aise the,firs me i8 .it ory wthat sehigthhfst rs tarate had ien lwre nd thilowetrytat igrats h tated len n raithed.we t >>eil: hat'arigh h >> tt taxilework ai. >>l:t' gh won trfult. xi wead aubrke i trea onul we aubi t33%. >neilthawas en, is s no thanyou,rt. 3%'ll .ve me ri t af>r ila ths ., no anu,. l mriaf th ♪♪ malannocer we'rnot
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4:26 pm
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4:27 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
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