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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thcurrcy..ser the adf theadr fedal pur a servis wningthrr. coness e heout e dedecti of t rv w ngcouny.ons t ief dtif t un cgres onal f coespoent ke enuelas ces ale copot eel sto. to >>eporr: o capol hiedhairn be >>or ornanap broht hirim sessntir ofbehe an u.s.conoro. >>he rmoveris cse t ossf faerin and we eeds. tono m e >>sure rhater c t the cov ry fantinins annddoesetdo m re dtpheov inanes d theow jes w br maet trito mucofhe y, d n 2 he sin j w b earma ttouc tt. dchan 2ng ]in ar beankelso presd cor . an acpts out theebtbekeo ry -esdor ncer abo theebtacs t csishet in eope - erbo chelingt cts ee gnifant urce of strs cng inlobainanal mart a ift ce f sa it'tr havg an inba iactnanar a thunit sta s.sat' av n a rsonhe r ioverts thit ta slow thi yea tha rastn r er ar, havaced inanowalhieahat vola lity, avedan. laty somef tt isomin in t rope sittion me t ts >>inepornr: a ttheracto ockipeitonecovys >>or aerto chi's
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kirrenov manulatn ming thexpor tohi en.s. eape andanat mg e oru.s.oxpor more. pend eensi. ere s.oriparsan suprtor in e sateor a esi bil ha e woard fone thupn a inis satioe a toctil agastwo undfovaluth a isio rren es ttoatin tmga andlu subsiari und the en tin t u. tra bsrindheaw.u.ra. >>heresll kinf pporof wthina is doi >>re inth t curncy. >> very t eor the w connaesssoi spks o and ets tury. >>ry the serusons sp onds er ehine repnd i hehe hseill loot neep th and take u h hloo thet thndak u gislion. >>hinaidhe rpond sayg e u. wod no olvesln. the >>na r ecndomicayrobl andould u woleadnooradeve warhe the iteecouseicasblndld ad notdearake ane ositenseubliynhe ot suee anit liin e hou ou johoehn aed concn.ohhn a it' danrouso me gisl ion roug nc the t'anus m sl n ngreug to fce somne the de wit the vuef t irreo fom t
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currcydeithe v t. th is beyd w trrhe congss oht t.thseye w ng o t dng. thiafteoon dey. prov stogapill to kee hi tegoven mentunni hrou ov top nolmber.o ee eansvent tnire wonou be a noer th at o a govnmenns t on shdowne a forth oovenshwnow.or >> bt: tnk. y. ll strt w naff bted t the ylk o the conoctr w rmoiff d do clod e ohenop oi 53. do los& 5dded5. naaq fishe. 5head 6ed thenanves fgatihe in e iledad g 6ernmt g eestin traing ograedknowas gnmoper gion st arag urio" israow n takiern alose loo aios t n ki couny's seief w oo aforcent t offer uns .f rct ffcorrpondt wiiam jeusse s thates rr >>ndhenwim didou eue th fires >>nid kw ir out t pgram k bieve call ft and turio? t >>ot pam sure o bve the exall de f bundioeard of ast>> aur o he xariou ds ver he ltewrdft a weekour l ek
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>> it tt comnthat ompt chaman ith i ca tue tay fom spealt coun l toptnveshagaten heh caue f pe torn untoesteener. rner >>'m n sgestgerju. i' >> nuggeing sstonfltju tweewhati' the attney geg neratoldsndfl dumen eeat reheasedhowtty ralds. d >>enmitheferd to tworeedw cumes se toolde one >>th er octtoerwo o 20, a meseodene key ct ae o 2 a to holr psecursere ey rey for a ae te dowintool pcu e oper ion st areurioor. a t owa f mons earer aerthern aio fgh-rkingonsar jus aceer partnt oicia -rentings fa andus furus by nam and rt o iatell holtir fandt'sur bespoibleamnd for e pllchasole o 1,5spole r pas o ,5 rear thawerehen suppedo mican rug arhare n trafckin pp ctel mang afins. cl bothhose pdatehen holr s. aimse hrdf t thse pte neratn and aolears to ms h t cont dictathisan a starsment fo a ntct monstant f go.on. >> ts is somhing ttt is pnt i suprted y t tisomng t
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fact p iuped t then ofciallaimthat hold dct n miste t heofalimat cts ld d nis t s >> tre iaiffence,he id kws abo t i instigion fe awae, of ques onab k taccsbomplod inhainignvesn gatiwa.f she esaimsabhat holacr dloot in knestiis o ice k winge mst ol allo dguns t kn be oe b kght,ng loanspnsted d so b te crinal bt, spused soversht c irmacral repuican arree issis nrs cma nvind. >> wpuhavean beeress m nledy ec in ho er wn he wveee tesfied md fore e coness. ho if whe tsees peoede a o reon s. in mpett thif t ceeo a to giv inet thornesti cny boreo coivressn orsig re nnd ti bey de't ce whheactscoss o ig r thpresent oulduestn dthei ccomp wence ts repter:f th thpresesent ldst anroveof thi eimpce ep r:th re est, es somne at ave jusce hi her anolderret,ouldom a pkus r thede scial couil ttld is p e sindealndenandou tas s precutial deend pows. no rpons froprm tutleyow decrat rnsro ts.deats. bre we llontie to foow i w ree jseti govtonor ris ch stieaid foanksut n i than j.ov r she sd aga aercheie hd ks n
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been sing llan ang h s wouga a no h un fen pside sg a hou nt no f pde n ye. shannreamye ooks at anheam kscisits behd -- reans hindis sieh-- disioea nd dio >> n is t m tim witthattateire n des rtme m theoverr ofimew rseyitatteepecudetionmeheer aboof reblic chreyhrise cuwoulonrunbo inreic012hr was putiso re . uln th annncemt cne2as theut se re dathatthhrise wnnldemault c tohe heahe o s the.o.p eld.daat istied w wit mltt to romyea oachhe.p wi 17%d.f h got iedit m tomh wiprim7%y hot i t im rac toppgresint oacma 4 t pp 42siin hyphetil o 4 mchup t inepid 42 cistisaidypti mspituphis mily binssinidn ctiid pr idenal ituns ly h b madin decion l t nigpren h h uldnad turhis bk on ci lisig h rren dnurs job bn so w jeey, etheyou en ke i orobot y'retuck o je, heu with ir yecke. th
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whadoest mn by t re ofhe fld? ha es m they t decion by govnorref frist? notoet inheecnyovher stce gotshe fld. n repter:f thplays arset,he plament g f.s i ep flr:.thay are ret,lt ola ant ashiton st" i afl po o odayre o sws hi n romn " wit a 25%po. oay s an mn caiit a5% pry tie an a 16%ai a each p iethat repsent 1poin dp a 6%foerry ch atepnt 1in dp ry 12 gai for cn. cain ays12tai pveore is i c no influks p thaielie isshe ce. io that uk subhaanties wties cppen inlori. what hpenelast wkendub ti wth ouplen ofntrawri wholls hne st wthend nionaederionpl offaw relsblicomen e n inaon thaerntrawoll.f the arre peoice wen a veriha awl. form. th >>areporeor: a wtheroll a out erlori sho rmimil >>or aer molment t cainrioari inhoil secd.mont in riperrn pluetin theourt ec ace. mneyrrholupentinhe timrt cou ing e.orid vers todeynt rainsim on tou.g id it'alwa a veautsul dod r ns the v tlage t'wa ut ye d, ye. >>heeporr: wh th vge chstieuestn ye ryeolve >>or do wrsth andch aieocatst who may rve haveeenn tdo sidinesndow aat
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haho aay cice cake. ven t ridainses t be eeha whi ce c e.candate ll rns t beneithi e nde st. >>en thi ifou lk at t su ort .om t epubcan >>hi f fi ld soart the t numrs i su t the tolls huben bnfisoheum i sids els h tton bandy. s>> rorte tonht tre is q stio abo on wheer tdy fi rd isteon t tru qetio bo heme i t fiisunniru i outni ghtow tutyust fil parwor to gt onhe ttilallo in npa hamorhire gthenirst primylo v e. namreest im vbret a sciallectn fr the goveor owest vir niaetas s bealme acttherfrirtuhe verefe ondumstnirresiantbe aerbamatu fe.umsi coespoent maug melwa repos fr morn tn. thecopo demt rati m ewanomyas po fror en teigh dow by eheemti emy pa y's ader nghowashiyton. >> aer fe spialpas er ectiohin. a fspl e io elecons, ty may sigl ecters,atig in tayigest r ig viinia nwhat hpensith the greert pacthan y viia at hns ehctiohenre ?ctn >> 3 eriosen te poi fr 3
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mohsgo. t oirepu fican mo puanubto hopel asd th actg peas thvern elyct prose. rn e inaiblero. nale e priden appval pr rening nkppl t rg 28% >> i ts goi ihe wng8% rect n. i ey d't leoi i w omaca. ct d l o tcass appornityo ve a reren m a t vot aorty agait oma. a ren a byot hatai vot o.agait pocies >>o tht endot theepubaica gornorssoc tionas bpones ru>>ing this and inheheub ltgoorocon b wrug an l wks linng the winwo.he whas gerno. tomin ing tohao abo gnoom g omaca?o o bo >>n hi ottac a oca mbli>>hi o tri tac say a bl liloneas a cartri tayagge b wha dnes aillar moneyge ha d l and morey d
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askehim hey' b gtere f th tphyouere n. kem y'>> ty're br n th te bet nr o tha t reur yrs n a. et hav o snha we can ake t y a stdy proess tav sneane ttabizestros onom e unebiloymt ra ioo high om >>he pnesideymra iai gh >> pde yestdayhateopl inhis st ycouny arwors off tnt thpl wern whe hesas eleed. unar wersfeelff tthe se w.ther hee theleresi.nt aues e we el utteng sews w s the w he si a nes s tte s be whe aion. ne telsmalbusiss oers te and rkerns a then.ommuty el whalyousi wou os d er rherhemuefen wh uou ta bres folks w rr don en ed tm. tare fks w millnairon ts. llir therhanax cutor mide ass ame cans ernut id ifou w't do,s thameutns it up f aote. if w >> ro,ortehahat't wha f a tche. mccnellecid to r te , to st'w thaha hccllidemocots reto sha reluant vot foroc i >> iould ffer the lut ot or pridens job i ild berlheprenob wch b we tnkould beore w
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accutely tescrldede ase stulus culy toocrs >> hat stushara we havoo goin >>t onraeavere. in >> docran bloedheove.e. mc nnelsaid he draloresinte. shld tr th he sta ofmcelid desicrato t th h wh theta psidef viss deat lomissri tm.ightor t whhe pdeiss ss tht ru traiss, docracruis setor dra claeccasllse r wot be tre. la >> wld y laseo woe ctinu te. w y l th nigith cnu the thigh predentherent clae mcckillide to fox s an't laettenccll beuse e bines sh isto iox a s tou'tene-eltionbee bes shs i ba aleouelon. ba. rd tsee howemoctsre confent tete 11owoc eleoral tes nfxtt yr.1 >>leret:ald wni s traving y wit t pside in t>>as.t: w get alys oav thegit t pde esidt's mmen fro t . seor pitic anat stysrithe id
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hi sereg tax.on seepeg tan b belve t hhi ax lly e ee b te,el t h i cld ey boughemoct tollow i h c cob e ghoctoowogetr 27 h elecral obet27 vot. ecl e fit ectio was stor firot. e relec onfi easedionas t orrrenirstra gy wld b rec o.ed br t? >> bt: t whienra w b hsebr bys t whine he a h oppent, w e oeonen hthis ahe gpp.p.t, oen siis, toungain i w gld. be sito dferein i w be sto. dre >> tt cod berue. welto a icipe tcobee. we ty aip wel run tougcampgn b wevers t nonate wagait thun repuican whiugmp b wer meahat enoteaith pu repanlicahi'rincalea t ri as hey tnkhom tepcanc domiritesy tm t i mihey mht nonateomeby wh cou ie y m suessflynoortrteed bebwh theou obam susf camign a etrremi b.he the d't o,am tt theam n ll i a g edmihape he if dheyo, w tl, thahe wld ibe t gd ppeside's bt ho. ify w breha whe tntenty p inde bho e p ty rehe.o.p i oen in e rht. p >> y.p. i >>ret:
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r. yonse ativ >>t: si. >>ntenty o demrati separtivis o the lsit. that>>oesnen mea o temtti the rt o hemosteft l o mos ightatsnea tthe ndide stt oos winht ey o enid don. brein tha you o fordonays it ill dd rehaou,000 bs ard ptfst alew 00 contct wh the u ated puto rker nt cuse we.he ud it also prosingo iest er se bilon in itlsro tng it u.s.acto ne t uaw s. nto. has new dea wit o of t thrawmerin nutoasew ea kersithe of tighrrio th lks thhrysrre up neth. dera s ysppeap ne cou ra uphd ea rerictn onunwnerip ou inph dtric o reolumcta.oner in dided ne dic oum appvean ondid assatppeapo andn lge sa po ndgazi. e la wer lasse afthe sueme zi crt strk ownlaerhe se ftdistct hd gu b.sue c tr stln head whast hgu bappssthen a smaadhaitypp gs bkrupn plusa posblema rean tty g ir stoed s be ouphe usos eattaeas on the.s. rcesnirto s o aq. [ fe le aounc ] taon inoducg nepronrien. esn om c trum.
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6:24 pm
am ican agacn tros intamaneavero tion secity rresndenjenner gffinve lls why good onecy ening es en nn goo g einning s hy u.s.odefen offials tice e up-ngck i oo eng atts.ken bffls ce p- shte t iined mitia i iratt b is yr, p tfsh a ted s mategia i ra takredi t f rivi y the p s. o. seg no the akdi f u.sviinteheigen ofcial tell o fox noheran p.sxyteenofal llox milia habeen oeredon p la low andcale bk helihaen o edtacknd wt fhe laownd le b u. fors toeave at he ck w f d ofhe yr.u.or to vethe tangen i n of y stregy me i e geuly. ionuly ttry i u. foesy. inrcepy d t t ufo 1-milmete inep irian mad t rketsfter 1ilte zens adirn beead lau rhedtsert nsu.s.ase ryee owenaud mas s. e provce nr th borrweith iranas e sm h movitia nth misord trh taet anitti insad sm miaraqiis t ar be.ta ti kiing nsverawomeqi andar b kig rame ildr.nd acrdinto u. of cialdr prim macisteinnour al-liki nt uofal ngryimommu mque teurl-ki the untearts wningry imue the deabil ing tetivits wng iid not t
6:25 pm
ceas he ould bedeorceil tog vi askot.s. oops aselde tceo sta k. ps bond t 20.ta adral me bd mlen iss ed20 ark rnin tadl i mn befe mnss re ringast k ineek. t i >> itheyefeeilliurrengt, at wil n be iey li someingetr, ilill ne jt megit id by andatchl >> rorte jow u. offialsiday tyyndch noti d arop rnteu.ffls t att ks btiap liti ledtt b hetioreredoois eric shn at aeron innisence in ic tehr. shat heasnncen cture by hr he u.sforc afr th creilysyille fiv.src u.s.roopafin 2th7. ysrelee pa oleiv a s.op 2 rencil tionleeal pa009, o a heeft iraor irareilon l 9, hetra jun nera u.ssysts reun neille as.s ast rest o aniaocke now leey ss tes o iraiaankeow pro s t fighrs lerra tpofrottac ho ng t wai ogh lhe t ac s. fces d wh theho tai o lee, in is s o f fs lwhhehe le va ium. >>sret: shankou f jeifer the va. an>>t:nkje accere f tryeg to
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blowpmerinccery airneo owpri usgir elosis inisus undeear esiin ss amecanlare rick sder sme ck ae. heaid thanwar aawla was tille bhedhaar ala msile s strile las b wee mle ofcial sriasayeehey' ctain he dofdalns ty' aack. cin a d t gernmt bleti a shok.d tha al-laki tght gnm btiho th mutl-lebki tt howo u donat forutb ho exosiv. u the ar dator conrns ttexiv thar al-qondas i t -qrabienin ila ght retiateor strebin warin al-laki t et wiltetr tlnou w rl- ki seral esidtial > il t cand watesay bcottsel id al upmingebat that s nndtes in btt trapene.up ng atd wreou mig gat non g t ape. sho-ter m wriagig g coract g wel expin.ho er mag coctwexp.
6:27 pm
soat o comny paybouthe se, ev thosoh i' oom a gr t drer ayut s evhoi' and gr's..dr d .. not muc wellfor driv likeou t uc i uld commd ou nellsnapr ot divcoun kei d mmouneap d unthis ittlbaby keeptrac ofour eat ivinhabi soou c savmone istlby epac ofr t inbi so c avneazin 's le anxtra nus inving lanra s ng hah-h! he'sy ri hom h- how ch c's ri omsnap ot dcounsaveou? w c ap dun cave or ?ick day. car k y. ñ?ñ?
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6:31 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
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