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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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fin it. nii'm oingif l it telwhat uoutu'ot g meins. tot. mng belsalat mea me to bl toea pspir heavy. noo pirrooz whe av wrnoing he factozherg fa or. ct remeer, e sptopsere,fa . ausee'reefinelyooki me ou, fosppse, sereinyki ouou. werseoverr chs chriie fin ly> psse mons oerch ecul ionriino pon o rt. >> nul jerny, wtherou ke it or t, y're r stu w h ner wer me. o >>ana rino nd yetewa tu va wey a here. >>a nowa va a witereactn. budid meithe rig decion tnot n forct tbuopd mig ci tt nor t nomition poller fnk ltzas tnew dialwith mion ll f l tw hatalth ansr. wi bigtovesnhens g wiig esidtialield wthoul espublnans gooki f id inalld w ulei nex bls ckidida? f bi benttins ere toex bakt cda bien all dn.e o
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plus b a nw bo l dlleg a r ial us a enda nt thbo deptmenofeg r l stic f merdathependoj ficiic jay fr chstiaadamociasecuty he witaj ciay sckin ia cu're eheitoad to 12 sinnd k. nnit stare rig he,dighto it noar ig h aft mons ofht sculaon no rumo tftay, onwf jery s golarnorhrishrise, h me mo it t, ffieral. is tgoorisis h m it f . he s aounc his big desiont f 2 pre con rencehe in ancisigdeon rerenton nc nejersin thifteron. t's ke a loo nt ove the st fnershi wkser . ough longs nd aoo ha vee fbout w ts gh dengsion i'vexplod thhaut tptio. i'de lisonned t veloth sany peoe anio consi'ered wheiserd t th was s ysomeing eoat i neaned tnsedhethas meg ake ine t . buinhend at iee alws lt w bu tight dec iionlw re winshe ri tthtecnecion re tosy. no is notrici my to nosotime. have comtmeno ney rseyhat e.impl wil nveomenne eyt n at'she pmise madto t peopf thi steabn. whe 's psead t tk op ficef0hi she mons ago. t toix a ceonrokenewgoerse to
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wh iook hat we'kew acsempli ed swhk faat ie' pud. but kacwli s we' nota i p. neay t k donee'ot i' madeathisommient t y ne ate rst i'adismit t an e t forost. e pele st mo trton an get a jobort. onepe s and m'musttrn n epart to lk aobend n >> t gov nor arid ho woul not le o aun for t whi .hous t tovr hul t utur o aor thi us t hover,is disioto rainur theideine hor, dn 2io2 is rnne kely oingheeneo 2 dsappot at ast me ly rngublins accoing to a dpoat rent t rli pll 34%co g ofopto v aers strel s the e no pimprsed th t4% urreof fielof vsst she candate and atnoringprd t ureo telis boanshelterepo d ng fr u t poticoom. bocordelg topo thatite,r a atto ey wh clpoeco tie.s t rdtoha rmere, a aska to w gclvern sarie t lin s erepordly aa bee grnar inn stigsing at t dporyeadee delineare rinignterg g t d td deracene e so gernoer t chrti offceiall gno t, cldhroverr plinffll be eparg tooi t cer fie p?n ehereithnaly s, tar oneto tand onlyof vneyiend am can reh ly tght neter td mann ly vy aan t "fox usint s"r tan tnetw k
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oxinstua varn a theo-ho whotw dealsuaith rn b akeivehe dayhoho ek, alna rinoh how beveayou? , >>noreat w i d't kw wh's hder, u? alinwith im or >>at be el d k wh heverr, in dathim r thabe eras hatossp. difrenteoplsin dierenss ys.ifnt pl >>ihat'enrigh >> is was tookeound . bojustants >> tot'ghet und y r i wa toskine ande knbossttsond y exaly ho in pu my ndknxautto h f puyettg -- just ss somtohingad f abo present ttsh-- ndus i'm s opomngbo of est . i'm nea y le myf teer. >> w chedtheieagoveor - firs lof a m, i oughit wte. >> wed ae ve -assy peec rs ai gh w a ohis syec pa. i thk is pbabl od os aink .ople ere th i getng a p blttleired of, e you k n? lee aryou o? et a i indleed of tughtt, heou re anaru o i dbrarit wf def titivht butt en ire bame a bssue ar wefivut agn. i wh b weneinto b tues? >> i sor he' not agn becse when ito t wand th iore' widtotossie ec fid ofi tlentanthidcandatessi frfi whiofepu ticannt cou chse. gethe indressesn e wlefrhi presspuansou no allych.
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et iss w s edinprs th hly ot, the sin big .oney hat h o s maehe goio him is n iggointoeyt maoi mime i n quiinly >>o? >> pbablto m romy, i wuldui sugg>>t. pr ably pobodblelses gogom i t wd gen ggless prly govodnorsegopali t does gebut eield is ssowovr set li thers a g debese xt t eldeek.s thetk erhat'a a crialeb k. debe for verntht'crl pry. i thieb tngs re r srnedinup ani p. i tnk ptty soohi w tres s going tonow who isanoingo be t p ye neoo predent wf thunit goto w hostats, 'cse is gongg tobe b nearentthitepuican whaatdo y'c igoto b tnk?puan ha y i tnk gerno chrtie t ?uldave gen bet r t s gechno lasteek thehr rega d libvery g if hethad sadh thi stk heecisn r bere hd beusib i hink hdthi loed le heis be hbeas -ther we i mannk pelealli hi alo l he aski himo -ere r ane aliehi a jt kiim sn't read a he wtso j ftishut his 'tad w goveorsh. f thhothe reahin tt start ght,hat is r e svesh spthdinghep is thaean tst thet rye t, t marr rs ar soo sp ngyou isallyhahee rrnlyaraveoo au utly 90lus ys i ordolye g a orgazed d rey f90s hat i rd fit pmary gso a o tgasd re is fikehet grfind pry rus ng ap o t tseetise you
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gr is ossie,us cod vern t pintetou s sio rn pn? tecical yes but hink thaer suprt ecal es ght w wot dnkeha soup lhat e wod t wo n -- e >>ohy dyou in lt wo tat? n - bec se i>>on't dhinku -ll of tse oer t c?didas ar doin g ec i'tnk- a t lot o o spe c wordaar ey'vinbeenorki ver ahardot ospor 'v en to ctivaki theerrd psideial nomitionthe cvahe rublin p de lnomition and mione don tnk tt the rli vote are mion d on goi t to tthe s --he terepureicanoterar goi t oisay,o yea s- puaneroi rit. t nowe a loo ng fy, anoer chce aea we nt sahpali i therisnoot aoo fno ch a ge nd s sll o suppt asng hli to errun lik ther g w s -- o >>pp wilastell houonik erhis,he w- is ->>i gilll i tll you s'ss, - g ro t staou s >> aoluty. >> ishe arota aut ie wner? >> donnow. >>bovell w elsr? thewant >> onsomee to w. w. i >>vehinlstherhent aremeevertodoub w i etheshe uldin.iner re er >>ubhe iicat l thee d. weeon >> igretats sh l ttheee etsh t predenc mighbe t mh -- acklgrenc istheord she gh t m-- kl useg
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wher she uldniserdhe be these er e mavednck a roe shewantto be oneay othe heher,hink ve sh all he anrompacsh onthe be cene whe oere sr,etsnk in osh hanac o not. he >>hey sths wnl. o gornor pal'sndorment t. >>willy euch wught agoeroral or ntll gerno ll chstiendh ht bo a di lot o gno cpaigng. h ie >> di pecily woth th bas o no the cnterigting. tng f>> gr youatchhe ci wllsthas now no heverner ngrry tf u hadch s tke aow hit rner t yad imm trati picyit in ts la datenrlan. mmti it pill y intnesti t wat la de d san h --fitl he'nt atieoat cove s that whyhis p hcess-sfe' aso ve healaty.hys pss e veing stems gooal thewo eoplve thag keem comg upsn t plsoo eplha nowehermom up tain p d ne ginich ems ow berm king movat ts pnt. n at dyou ke o neinh s thae ng herovn t p. du o cn, erybo lik ha th maner >> iove e y. c e>> hbos goika gre thensean ie of hur. h go>> hhad sre bestsenterew of hu e hd es predenterl el otionycle withou ast nhtre ntel ionhougle he wa theth mt rsontle nand sucssiugagreewahe m wion him d evy tiuc hereoes wi limtle evtieits ttera lile m le e coiden, a ttleore
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relad ana lile mor ae er li mto e lainiscoena lee polies. laan li>> ttor a ein plaol 9s.s teryasy tola 9 unsrsta.y it -- y >>ou l et? to >> i notayininiketa i it- or>> le iotin ke slik iet. but isr ve ieresng pl . ik >> s ask a g dt i qesti. ve we isuales put h onpl sskhe g q stit. weal ut what ho yolikebouton it o don'likebout s atyokeutit o i n' keut >> iike becse i's i si le, ite ec isimpsticit's esse ialla flsi tax, yny otr na andmphat'icwhat's i seke.ll fl ax's vy ea t otnandt'at inderand. it . posbl vea t impe onerd. imtementhatosind o tng? tmp almo crtai oyot im en >>athat dnd o osurpses t? mo c ai oughbecae i ough tha >> t you ould rpt lis t, gh thacaiti ghha u d li was ince taand sale tax theame me, haich ss ncta whd youlead i x hee , h briin. >>heres plty n to wh likou i whatants conmptiri tax. >>replt noik ? th 's nat goits to on vtiyax pulath noio vy t -- >>t brgs lahe uergr nd -- ec omy >>to tbrix. in her rds,eople hing ugr theiec my ey they buy ax.ew n r s,pl h g car ei m thethe ych puy a mor yououldeveree ts r hee por ouimplldenteerbeca te t7% of
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th pl peoteeca work t wl o peoo w derakinco tax wt alwoul now be p pa ngra 9coaxal oful wheie comeunle the ispa 9of lgeei exclion. me lehe gesing at tough cgres l gett g th tocln. vegeg tgh cesnd ving t pa tttho higy v unlily. s, i s angpa g at ideig yesit iood, a b gdeikeles uld, b no. >> wonr ifhisel ishe momethou, 'cse t . untr>>ison sifsedsp --e hav me oue re'cnt t tr sollsi havaoll--av relsava l he he 80%- 8 distisfd, s a ne0%tiveiewf gornme 8 in e coury. eveisthersfwas aevew mont igomen ou. ve er stime i hisry wremo i dratic chans to me i thistax de wrac uld an totake pace,th tsx is d ike pe, t rea serusax ref im. loweta rat ea ger rid ofanyef weat g dectio. id br og inmoreyeven. gethedeioriva brinrenterise stemgoinen . that thetvansweere em >>inhat' a uall yathe ngreman we paulyan'lan. e chrman f th>> ht'se all budt ren ulmmitn'e. wh youn.ust scri ichanth hud tual whaithe woulwhout ri bing eable and h alhaul bg intrucednd
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thleends h stl n predenttrled th casidatstit'seall nrentl pusng caat'sll sothin i tnkus na cled u esblissoent innigh t no,he d cd esisnot.t gh o, >> n by d tt. w nowli doe s tyat agn, wre gng tring him w libackoeere. t >> e cu tagat wegme g steekngim d t n wck dn'te.aket >> icu t methe ow ecauk ochri t w d t erist's i e >> ohat'ririgh i wa gostg t defd y.sp . >> ell,>>out'gh waid.go t ef d i' ydyinfor u to p >> l,thatn-li ord. i'inr to p atlir sethi. attkse? >> y couaffo shi you you fod necavu. >> gd toeeou. mingp nt. u ane forvur gtou. ng d nfficl op s up a out at hor says d aicopup t hay shking cialnjusce tt htake ple wiin t juscehng alus t h depakement firspl thewire t t twousames on ever ody'palipsntoday herm rshe ca t andwohrisesn ery'psayrm candis chstie ank ntz hertorea do thempac th're hving h ieand pograing k z erea not tsdo he acweekthe hngs d phe kracks gwsot t ch nel'ek 15t aniveary kd ous releatio connue. wee gochg tol'it t5t a roavey aoupecileioone. wegoto tudiee owoan
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heanis td nrsor sondroith tese he t s dh gornor rie prar, bind goorri rmerra mssacsett bdgoveor mi romy. reer toreak mown acettvempa omiom ca 'soakn mompatum ca tgopommace, rist t's disio npoe, rstn, dio n thone r th ae oyran lntz. a o how e yoan lz. hlo. w yo the's veo o th e t ho. th resased vntil o yesrdayh had e oprtuny la re niedt toilesay dl t. adiss witopunla anito d. grp ofit swgrw votehalfemocts wh te volfoc repuwhican anhalfvoepubcans puo voananlfemoat it onef thub mons p erfuvo mo one-nute it vidnethmo'veeen pfu for meon e- whote doe'tid run ve let'en taor aook onat juho howoe unpowe ul tt's vida wasn aok tuow at mpt wensuc tssfuidasn a ttempto get ris attuchrifuie amp to t s r.ri heyelieto r iigge
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y ie govement hghergeaxesand vent h er reesd speing. ey cl me bly. ey hape thig. c bmeally i dot un brsta. at ty me pauha thihi b ly how i dounta t dfinemeauhi ow i dne buy. abullis o t gro ndbu astanng trell beedi. i o say i t yoro pch an the t i b dinch iay i yo yo phe h yoshouyoeall se wen i'm yooullse w ssed'm maybyomighsay honstnd ed re eshiyb. mae wean seeghy thonin you pape rehi mawe tomeerow. hbelie iness gernmout, peomw. lolirins g tnmes. at mleado a losagrment t. t mo. weadan'tfford it a wedon' avegrnt mo y tr t. i'we't por upit our n'erecoo of tr acmplii'mentgain p anypdy's ur theount andco inkf weaclintinny 's wi dohe ntallynd wll. k havwe to get wio lyreal wti.bou av teing opleheo uth.etal youreou d ne.teg le h. it4:30 you veou d. ximid yitran ge30 thu hllff themi y beh!ge th hhee
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>> wowrett werf. >> shown,t' vrytt ra tharfa sh polician vn thaya d e ha ca app l tolianth reblic s and decacrat we kw thapptohrise'sctua e icrecoanad se deat i ues k tha ha woulhaveausehim issua chcolengin sth isha ul repvelicasem bu whethe disionepsca har im as iis rhtow buheeionndar ople i rso po le porize with h abity t aealto oplezen th th le and hbi t aal le ritht, i ewoulndhaveeen od ee h ru i >> ihere ulve an h ru >>recs plthat shs heanain isnhe ad path henis in e pl. miele chma wasn p urgg,miowe maas e's faen of. ckrgerr rgin s nowa o falen rr in f. ow mi roey sms tale the ntesnt ontr ner,mio l sder, t dhe dsn'the es eem trr, lr, l e isd d't attatu newt gm ngriis o lis tu wt gri ohe cming
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up. d hean ca c ingon the . r e. he >>tca i fes lihepeedatin r > yeai spdfeli dad my oleedin eafe. sp uallitwas ake dyouy e wt to.oou on lls at dateu andhey w wodton tendy s no wo andhat wod be eedatin so in nd wort. obe >> d wl,in rpublansn waor >>meonof w rblsarincle. ey wont to kow tt's a peon w say whnc. wto khey ts a man pe way h an mehat eyy sa num mr an e two,hey ntt omeoa whumis o,y telleoent havtheh abity to me th llt avechans. and treebi some e th mthan at baanck bamaan t eall tmeth candatehave wo bama utl of t tee boante ave tical prim y t bvotethero i ways t almeon mimssinwhenteers w ys they e aminona minen caidatean w fall ey eincaat bk, ex inell new ndide. b >>'mxeew u ecidid. i'>>m th uid i' inteentith uncide teti esidt oba pociesave
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iledtheountan d r. tter and iddon'obpoeseant oedent d e er 46d amen'cansn pertynt causi kw w an d 46mens beer. p ty don'thin us kne ineven w d amicanoughtobe. be n' oinfoodnen amangh stbeps. o ode press thin is goi to ke wh ver est. cprdidas in issoio whr cda s stnger theyhave dlarshrowat th. he 's mst queerion. ey weveook he drsow pier w, th hed th m wouuen. ek b mitt pr roey rryth hou faen bito f, hyman hfa ca, ne g hgricnis surng a ttleit ica youne g lick at em th hav url le i oud l goodt thebatav rfornces r inhe ceofooat rrye ores kind of ctumbd a ttleit i yorlao. i ess kofan auemba thithos le i batelathat ou ei s a diinhios teat tter >> ty maer a ldit. anwhats the erchal nge r tma th a lop,nd n oneanat h reayhe lookal ate thhis,p, n bae hea in 08 ok detcratwho ked llars,a clinn n co d stlde votato for d arrack omand ce incostotorersa ck intwel the o'sd greer savisi bet en rkelhe rry d mi romy anre sithe etly rk ca idaty hatmiom seean to e anscd all of caat theateeto
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scal o repuican ahe eryons send cice,s heanain th puhallange aforim eon s to gose ce, he omomeehoin tthey lllker ttoo some e whme t th l tote mewh for. hstarnewtteingrorh,verne arwt agre he' theostgrer inllec al, at tre mose'het inec ch, leng tg idoss. thchalnge for hims too ch ngom sideone heythaleorimespetoo t sne soyone o thouldote fr. pe ihinke w tl s thiso ge th uplde f and iwn snkerale w s tim. hi we ge gohalfp do n d sal dates tweeimnow d thendwegolff tho ar. d esch o ofeew thd ththe, a theox . news oof datewas e st wchedh a hedeba of the ye so wsar. d te wils e c tinu wtoed wa h we ba fllhee cotinur. ilto cchannu youwawe mis, cnuanou sea thi mihing isn doneet. thene ing we ceaearnhi omngsnhe ne. he hrisge twee is crn passn,is tis song lief stem, ss comping ere u std sg ef v srsusm, ere epres ent mptandg e ndstd saile vus pol ies.e don'esthintndyou n leols. passn'nateinnougbecae ifu mebo is tf wk a so bodyss isteugcaf trugboings fina wiall and a smebo sody isis ling iugg nallovendy, a sbo won'tis ke tli dir itionof t
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veuntr a peoe wa a w't tir fionter. tey are ing treowaant aomedy toitaker.his guy andtore g e nt ab to featme tem intokes auy g eralnd elecon. abiro at tobseatioin g al>> ec. sesoluioly se . th are lking and izinluthem . se whis tth perren th w lntng tond stdinemtoe--toe wi bar kwh ter th w obao thost debes ine- oe iptemarr anoctor ob hofeb nnt emnto ar? o'sgot n the bras, was ?e s qickns, wt hashehe ilitoraspea w to e qkn washear it d thea's ao eady ppeng in isar predentl th aontedy. eng n let mre intite osete viers who te wchinrigh mow,f th i e ewanto pticiite ishohe d l wingh w, thssio - nt p >>ciait i sond. dng o i waio twarn peoe,>> it sud. o al ane trneo i frk'sroup he's ing yel at ou afrsup'sot s you hve t abl g toelattake th s heatu h t>> blean,toouieweketh a the at ughe vwers onn,telesionwe i'mure ahey hen he hale vrsn it.leon mrey hat. luntlobacom. gn uand ll p you andor the xtntbam. udebad i pl be niou.nd >>ait a e inut it'ba iei >>
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t impoible >> iutt' st wning opleone y it pole i goi to wng o lee yutub it youettepeaoi o or ure yub u te t ofea r here truer of fae, he yoever yell at crore abo hat.ue >> mfa hyoer job llt robot.eanis o pr muceob cura andan insprhtfuel tevisi . rand hofullthat whai do >>ns yfuu do a grt jo te >>si hollatisteha ido ydo tnk t asegrjo f>>us grou arete t thenonal. anks for beoug wire us. >>hankou. nol. t ksbewis. man >> whnkblew.he t istl on tanhewreful to tl trosute th new bafutoanthos w artlag rvelaonsthonigpa abt the tl rlas omaigdmistraon's abth apprch aminierin o the mi rura o'saw. pr d amica aniinhe facg a ru. risam a ofanaca od. sat dwn m ts of elain tha . d wh he pathedick d m terry einhand otrs to whump pdckntoryhe gopot tmpto raceop ce th and thnd deie ei
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theisle.ando. u ca evenheake lefullndize abo caene lle and boill y thmid-ze pce. i'm ttinan urade d l thd- p. malennouer ] youm ish,inusin us prde le ouas y ] wis ouh,in pr go niona go ke aro. yis n nonathroo h ja aary .rn aree y wi eve twoenta. norojay ae wivewota findut me atatiolcarom. nd m at ioar. malennouer ] inki a sothi witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth. usgitrn uld' had v8. w -fn th d'ad8. whe do ou gto find buss baed bthe pergrant® whdo g ndus ba be rgnt® on& surpag® onne. on yr phe. or ithe ok. onsuag®on. yph go t isupee ages.®. d lethe od gs ve t day tpees. lee g tay
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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9:51 pm
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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