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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 5, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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nal swerer ch>> fis iatmont i he beou amanabou thel facerthat woul f nnt hbe r foranoueacat ul n r pside. or myangue was clr an pde mygu dictaso mter w mlyan di mr my imes was kedhe qstio for mehe aneser s n er s d anhingut . qio my ob h e inrew jesey my ssio ani've lleg n mea it en ian ng el l e th luckst gmy in h in je woy d toyave is j . io i' doinvea joegthatea lovt in i e st le i thew uckin, g n beha of wome otothe e ughe j and i'eatein peojoe inathisov n untr st i it w un't , til cent thahai f o pae ed thereal ref ct od my teeo deinsions whentrou h e se ous woplet l ntom ahaoss e sptrumpano talef o to de meonio thaten h allses le as crosp theumto mecouny,atllroassiheatelcallg un arsitoelll ometng consuentl asrin urth esidt ofhe utedettat i felnsanntasn th obgati toidof udat ielobtio eaestlconser tirdvic totherith ma eatl patns t anicour toer chilen, belie ihmaat haannr ligaon t
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il, sliriouiy cside at papleere askg e toga t s oudo. cde i'll lway pbeeeskratelto fr th r. condenc in llay me teoverhe l ft thon fnc wee i've meough long nder har l abo this fee'v gh dengsion ari haexplboed thiptio a i ha listdeedon hapl t to sio a m y ha pele a conderestwhetr th i methg ito seed m pe ao onre taet on. th i thi ed buin the tan.nd,hat i'bulwahe feltas t ghtd,ecisnati'a reinshe lt rit t decion tisn toy. no is nresiecn my imeto i hano a n mmitnt tmy new rseyhat me ha simyill it t w ey t notim andonll that theromi i me t t petle othistate aon athe whemi m t i t tk offipe 20 oistehe mon ts ag t ix fi0 broknew rsey onandaghenook aok what weew ey compdshedoenok r, irou a ha buei knowmp weedaren iou n rlybuowwe ne.en i've madthis ny coitme to . ate vead fisstcomeo and e fremo. f thpeop senme t treon tond t a fobmo thopen t nere do'm jt n a pr jaredo n bac predac awa
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mywa loyty ishatt yoy .sat t abham ncolsaid wld likeo see aman oud theab m ol plide w iwhic ke heive ei wod-li to a seen d he pl i aicheve woli mo leeve soisplacwill berou m o l som. th's hac ille fel imyou o hea abouth hew rsey f i i'mroudfea t is soutend i peopw ey mudand t snow t iere i op stluchore d ne todow ttogeeer to stnsuche hene futoe we gent f oluf outehildn. f so t ssot e oime tldo tleav finiedmeusins torav m thetak ani tooin hig athe m e aknseq ancesoo areig a tooeeal. eqes nre jery, wtherooou lke itrnot,l.oure ner s wcker l ititht, . le s me yh ts, le i'mratel. i'e graful theany t pple,i' th ite n jer y an ai'undra l eheny cotry, p whoe,have spo en i neroan ad ove the lacoy,hovepo wks a vethla mont. i' gatef w fo atheir nfidntce i i'e. i' geffoeiratel fo the id f iith at ey pcei' in . 'stefoheeen fh
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p i ueliebly .humb ng ann ispirg. i un oieyyhopethatmb 'm aeano li i upir to tsi oonfincependat a li toup tmakefi iteounto d he tob i ed tooket herun d at hoi. >>o weler at coe >>nyoel espeallynyon in c thyo mea pe ly onnder thawas the fr goveor erhrishaes ain. anti the's afr ot ovefis iniguen a. t tihe a oace inue for esid tt toneht. odvenior, ka rovid >> gd eveng. w aronyou?. ni ka i'mov g gd. ve. doou tnk hmean no?aru? 'm >> g do t han? >>bsotely . has spen. >> tsosly asp. t is barrehat sbeen ingis on. sai no bret en a ut 5g000n. tme ai od nody bieve hm. >> i a 5 t0nk t heai no bve h 50,0 ti is but t doe ink i0, t ink ti wasutigh wheo the kndf oplethat k came tk as mghhe hed k le enuragat him tme hink bout enthisagimenry tnkut ksing, chk isry swaba lae kngumbechf nes thateake int abhela puic be
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envinmen ande n od it to at keemnt and hepu ed vi tennd o hitselfto to akend carheulookt t i h anlfit tooundearike frookhis statent day i did so andannd me uwithkeroshe se at ct ncluy on ido thnd he wenin uth wh. t he s clu rig , wh those enden peoe w aroacyou he ansaid yoneedigwh te thi eoserisly a ac uoutn thiid he yoded thi thiriy seritsly outhie it. hi >>o wh winriy tt.oday what andite>>whinbenetsay atomdi m beinane ingai >> llai at's- les sep bafor st a inutbeca>>e th s 'sele s baevel bigr a ut cation ththhas imp ted evebi raceon h we'vhadshe rentmpd ebat whh h e ce 'vddvanged mee caidat andat wh h dsadvtage anothed . anthe ce ca thoat dndatesis ddv ge gointo he co inue an e we'vgot ho tw doreesn oct er in coue ha 'v stme itwrectoveere ha s i ve son dveembe send, e bi thg tt pacto allf ts dbe se, bi isth t th 1/2ct ll ved its t imarto ts thfth fe/2uary- e used tsme ar t 28thf anua whi isfe ry e caeing her stas toove thua hi srlie cag rtaove ie efctvely duceig one
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arteefthe ount imely peop havto ccepaigne te e d thnt you e harist ick eopav disc csionig boutth hiouastk scen tonay ep pple omuthiaki decion d getng t iolve p e and wki that cibeen et rmove i vemy sus ciond isat aen of ese ings rendve t ausantaon two peop, onis af e gsd t ro aey, tao hawo rforopd weon in the dates anhasro, mahatain a orwenhe coiste d es rfor ncannd sstain of modote ornsisntly sorwd, fd tho e not-ismneylyrw ndidthe. athe begiing thi riodt-ey id coleatgig weekhiago atodas goveorco pry. ekday o atandite aearso ve be hman cai p>> i. rmsy dif ars romy, i' hn sait of i surio abo somei'eoplhave s sai todaofiobo hat. vern meplveaidaomnedoes befitt rn frne govesnor rist not beingit the rac bu it sms tfrovr stotng hee thac peoe wntbu s t tgoveor chriie theo w beuse teyveeren wild boutrihe re, wch bee en in udedldoverutromne r w ifheyin edreeroneenthiast out the woul'tify hve ge tothst cisti so it notheul ho g suretohat cti i rootey pis upreatrohris e'spi entsiasup
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>> i notither bt i tink heismoresn antposiason to iothe bipick tk he it u bereusee's a nowsibackn o th pitiock obeinthe ubees owfronunneck we sth it pio oine t wasngto n onne post st ab mneyab5, hmanll ca anmp ri ey hn perrtiedca a 16ani ech. at'sown rr fored a6 rryince e . th last'sn orbc yce pll a th ust12 r hean p a ca. u soit rne he isn aplacca ereecan tak so r advtagefis a ac th. th fentn ruakerdvgealwa th thet fru a adntagwawheneoplwho ve enettg onhe ade lins ad agen roine pl theo sidenes,nd tt heonan ain ls s pectroe heill ga dea lis,le he bionin scthis.ll a is w lli uimaty cbies. wwnl u aat c rmney and rey notomnend candate,n my and rmancain wbeneted fr andoode,myperfmancpiin. the d an batein wne ad a frsurp ase wodrfncr ahe rieste o astra polrp w nsavea ken vant e ofeshoseo oumpra ol inhe veolls n nt>> tof lasse hoump nw als c tas poou tha a h hern ca c poied,ha hink cb h tieercad,
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th gernonk cb romnie. do thasortfthan yr gno thkingfnde thmn doha port isan y re rent?th ng deth ye. i ven'pos se tha rt? po, bu all yeese i polln'seharepo hbupeni withl uch eeed dllhe hshinnion ostthh d abc pol for exple, int cabcolor exe, oca oays o. les ta o dee eath yslet'turnhe ta baclefourta ars aee t thth v ryt'rntime ta acfredur s t ampsoha tth c vsedme ed whin t sopoin ofudy cd gulia. it wasn a inf 2-21y ra g. ia joitccai was uck 2t1a4. jottairomnas was kt0.. mi hucmnbeeaswastust abo 6 mi uc eintsand lshestbo foc wasn th ts tigd eninhe me upwocrdas frigin thoson mndpw rdy r giulhoninitdropd aittlbit r d peleseem to e ulop a tlconsidatg int a peemo nsat n thomon-g alianracends w knowhat' nothow om-gan tcened ouin w2008 ow>> tt'ollsotrew ake a td ou mayb08you can t expinhislse a b they ybure tionnxpisolls a it b eyemsthee onersowholsets a thet
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s nomietioninsoons ia,he wi in mi neon hamhireand teva i soveni iyouneamre ad tinniva the soen pos ntionly, t iyu lo a you lifoia anilovehe poou n on , t t sta ofo u wash gtonfo b a ve de. itu howhey le yoin ttaf thesh on bothestat andhosede areitheowy lyo pos, ihei w r ningheiatndse woure beore tereed po i wn. r>> yng areou ablutee rigret. rst l, yre remberb wheteige ll it prarie it' har e er hefigu out actl wh i isprie goit' toar guut vottl wh so i a nion-oide p ll i mo ot like ustsortf nn- p itestmog o ke tgenelrtentent,ot o wh st ac oally neightappentnt, ose o eaywh ac plyimars. yohtare peght,hat e is in tea tterere par is yoe t,towa,ews mpsh eerend uthis carina. oevea, w sshhed hara. pronde nceve w tho consts ll nd t pr godeith eheadf ho stentoon s fl ida d t nevagoh ad andteichin o anfl aria na, deev cntes thandhi an foriow, , thret gd cesha momeum. and fomemb, thi ioet gs ame. d mbhi caus. o youaveough any aere om auarr to acahird. o oue thegh oplenyhoe aarto avoterdin o the publlean pmaryill tetual turn tut f a ucus
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bl pryll i al rn f uld ie . 12000 130,d0. buont wh200,31%. goodbu newfor candateis whey get tick%. out od oewr iaan tote gy t ckut toew ohampire, ihe goto g ne to whoersmpe, stgong in new ho st mpshe, andewn hampire esn'pay tentn wh ha enssh inndmpeiowaut uthn'y ntwh harolis pacin atttiono whwa happt sh ilinewacttonwh pp iw hpshi. he fou hmselconserab bend isout hhi roli aftheou helidnsab s he ad be iut dys t olift cove thisime s a und ed c dndid te mahaveen ve ise a dayd to cid maecovve o mayba fedaysayore anothat theyov oon't hav19 ybfeyse dayssat sh hey 'tav 20. ys so tss const h s0 gog t -- t yoare ronht, rman cai nowgo neso t yoe r, mane caitainow he h d nein i iowbecae m he cinneedhe h a d brkthr igh treowca oreeeday a find imse outbrfhr th trunngr ain. at e sk nd ofseeinguttharre nn om gng t wa fn. t heofng iore g tucuslet f mask y abo at.o the us faitess mk y ofbohat
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. ere' somehealkabouaisist f ally faat e' thmekou io, net lyfa hashirthnd uth rolione d neda, haeyireterne td h li caidatfo ane, er t caat a pty o the couny. in p wa i ohe un in i i a caus. if y wor k nit, oer h iot a ca li. youan vo y anorigo o to h you li ou jobutvo itanolimiwhoouan jotitmio paicipes. ir cricism paip. no >> h,rism it'aair o citicm. >>ere' on mo thg, it''s notir c liic anlecon w ere e'uono, mo yothu iand ot li, yo vtelinecand w e ueav you ve tyo gd to aiyo m vtingndd t thue foav u tthe g a mting mng as thfoe mng i ganitions itsf. th m itingmay nion ta twor thtse ho sth berehey me to m ngey vong ptta ofwo pelethhoet toey t eak,o p pplef gt tope to gani, soorth hek,'s t pe groblto. th iwhatt nis. soth wee he had tbl th iat iwewa, 'vead sthad caronand n i, haeshir sfo deca s. ro itill har niteplehairthem both par es acaeed at ty itl woard trtodopl is ben them
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thar a d oces ta li le b latwo. tr were lely s haveth the io esli bat we lucusy , beavuse of thhe mo o by floda, ally usubeeofnow,hmo lo, ly righaftenew w,ar'sve. 200it w ghtew lik's t 3rd. of jaary. 00 wweik trdf ad oplejay. s ill nuingd le sngovls fr new ar'st tug cauces. e twovofrew paies 's tut i ple ruucs th. werdesi ed ttwhaveas ie press artepln ebruruy ther ansistre thed vet prsonge overte brua, maruh an anred pri ge erand oridy uamaanumpirihead d id s caedpiasca adeopl ca to me frwar as acaesulwe w laveplunch conests n j muary f aar aul wve cole o conchsts t onegintsng j ry feb aary andhen the co oonsend t in fruar eband yhennd wen hewill pic ud farin d n we marcllic u a itas. rc ats. buthe aempts bue apt tomaket re repsentivef ts cotry. whto des ikeurryhe epnte t ndidcoes ty.squa hemwh d i ry tother idi tua heahowm toer teiblet is eaw tha oridjump the neteleut ats is theracthae idmphe t effe?
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wh hectdo eanditesate thi fe>> f stwh ofll i mes th have o rundishroteh thhi f chrimasolidof. i ifeou hthe veru imar hroppenthg inriarlysanuaid, yo areif h ar h en ghti e inlyuayore holays,ou ow and ctiting uyourwn. ol s,u ar nnind-- y he cngo u ur n ve. ar rd. in yu ha h to pacmore ve ents in eve .day,ou hahaotoacre empais eve day inve beuse y,erya da beceshat aiuchveayorebee y crucl. daec anitmeanthhat ure spe le uc timeannthesantat.t upe raer tn havg 19leays,or mees exple,at bet.en n ampsrera t avd19s, ia, e maexe, etve a nps lit e i tema day a rath tha havg, yit kw, a te ay contt th onhayouav ynow,here k wil a be sen ds b twee ntnuiowaw,nd re ne hilpshi whi is s d so beeofwa noneal, t al hhihi ths resoof the mes are no, galng t btheshe s coreress. flida,or e gmple t is b a b stat youcoare ssing havfla, ele lisrall b a tterf da to at ue g javmpill a erdao fro j aiort irpo andro telesiontati tai rt io sho apo verndy c pact leerioonofti t r hotime hicheanser oevestar cct io get me momtum dchnshoe r havear etne ten to keheomm montumoeha and nds t enoget ree mey.
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mouum kw, whave d esssf t t ance m. for sebod k wvess w brks th ughce byavin aor sodix wbr thorhyin a senteedaysf seeeyssustned cam mpaiing tailffor rougstut ad eamire aig il storemen now u arejumpg ug a ere fro sate sten sta w armp vingro s one ta ailane d genging exhstedon xhauedai anne n inge grticxharlyedellau mtan n g heicly l time m >> sobody me le gornor >>sody lgooromne has enampaningince008 d soonike rmanne c in s who wantto gpangce8ut a sh esoe an c nds,hoe nteeds g asmany ash days ca t s,n nds hamhiresisny ay sgreafor hica >>n abamlutere. i g ss t earhi esti is >>r ose nninbte a lg g time,t rt otis sueez thee therin peon. l what ise,it aut h man o sezhecainer? why pe.he atisurgi? a hninell, l k, y gi iidenlly,he coersel,f wh lou sis sotimeif ieny,we owcosehemwhell d we se se theasome lo the are demndl we filiase thhe arenohe citi .e dnef th tngshat' fiath workeng ti to rman ain'th tst' adrkntagise edeso an paion,n' heas adag lot of es enusiapan, he
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he s aotf spleniae meage, se 9-9 a hasmee, jmpedo t fnt 9 aas othe pple ve as be vet jd edt bo by fhe pss a i he th pee be debas. et he beebookayyn e p a debesth ba perfhemancee ay he'shown perrman andebas sile rfnc 'swn preerntatannndhat abs siopleatteionndre dats we ont s le thte retnil dwe tump heentth tethefloramp poland he t wed toplendoroldgoveorarr d lesaidy fas i yo hds ve angotrr idfaeate iisyohows h antermas sengttes ws rail s gtt sotimeyou e rhthe old rl a fa cliarig setim some hasu r addntag butometes aaar simas adagutethe frh ad nean ofntim frh un attedneometesas e fadvaimage. wl,un iedet gue the olicvae. i've en watchg pridenuehe aman paiculic the p st ve coup daychandpren apaulhe yes prdayeorg st hano ulosupaid ay's td unrdog esit saymsrg stnolikeosd t sch adefeunistog s attudeand enke s afet his caaignat de d opleave sd onheisair,ta gn ally solee o su son th oygen
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t ofr,he a whe lyo o usuay ith o enthe uofderd ahe'm t one ho i haall e uhe brd tne prlems hamayblthat a b betr -- wt do u thk aboprms tha yb maate athat aet --tter wositdon fothboha h ma i thiat cpaig er it>> foe lik h uderds indhi cig ke c ebacik. th uprobrdm fothe pside s ov the las cac oupth monobs,foe p de atti desboutovheas hup re-ection hashang tisut d hamatallynd mite- bectie sng a datly semieculfiing ase prhesy 55of t amecanfi peogesa ey bieve reblicprsy will55 t mebeneoe b eleveed ntreicll ll. andle n0-se odd rcen. bliev present ama d wi-swindd en b ev -ele t a awin-1 mainhose le n.o lievtheyill denite notase voteor ev theeyldeoutnteberot tho who ve finitelyotehe fo tnthemro heho ow o nine a ve badfo emhe tuatn. th has lped aermaveadain. rmanain hasat thas edmaprosred n. paannecauas tea ptyos md mber and pporrspaau eave fcked p hindhem mer nd d or cservives o f wedtch th detes ndhougm he did ll a crves whoverthrdes peugye d d a dly. thierhaselpe hiine d e
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y. pr esshi ashe'spei goorwa. thpresens prn as ad'so plawa but thes can reim out he's a oingla ot an r raeut a bi ion's llar he ng the psideo ad ra heill ome birdnnd arast e erhe p deoevethe nom aee hel e it they illvee beom p immel in eyl tbe ads an pthe elite nuse ess t machenditds n't ean ae rette e s ch si. th betrbe t prared a tt alrey th si thresietnt i tang red sh s onreth hissi i otapone s. sh hend hiispparus aaki o ne shotanhe pttyhi dilybasiar aki u caot i pginey noit dysi wi step ca up ineo nxtarchwi orte up apl nchhenhe r parts ar setedpn. t of gn o of ca a the rt arpresetent rey to of g onload ofme ofca ahe theset hdredreoftooamill ns f of doars 'sth hed raing ianll dos efrt t t tem dn on tai i ma and kee the ef town t don t mandeehe the n matt >> kae, tnkthyou. tt>> y bt. ankska tu. y geta. b >>trait ks aead, ga. >> daiteric lder ad, cmit d prjuric on canng m eris ct s ppiciurs.
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he onan msuspioushe sci wrohe e esidt. itsp heusingro up. idand mocrsiterelege ne evidce ithep. d crlene id ieolynayn scdal, buto the emoscatsl, sh ty hanowotutreleedhemos it. tha w donot uchleecei mee ntro s . [ doale nount r ] hntgory eiee a abiil hgins ro d a reehat re m t [ are e d mauncal ] uit,go abi hns a et m ich ovide ma fol thet,r evry fancl ned. h id fohe ev[ fhundnc rumneing [ hund cra[ ing ndumg andhenin o bli ing[ linknd ra g anye den olingnk an theitreead gen i las bueiith eeeir gymon ijameas finaldvis buh r onme thn hadalrepaisd foevenhe uhinkle. thadpa foen unk. ♪ ♪ andhey nced e wt a ymonjame ad isordan dy for edu. wa onme ador dr
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a loof tes, ingsre ightnderath r ft, an alle ned todo ilo tch, nge gse wa hterh f anwelle thnekingtobout ihem. che wacoue dedes o, e di't en reize wethngutm. jusouhow dech ns ural as dias t eppedreroes sw nal ted rothounds feebelous. chnogy s ma it ssib ou sas ly ueeocklo. hny mat ib sa uk is eanlburng tur gas thisepots n pride wis fuenlfor rnhund d yes,urasispos pre wiuer prndvidiye eney serity andconoc grthprdinesetyndnogr all rosshis untr justake mebo havg thidea l sss tr uske boavthea an thas whe theiscory ces fm.anhawh eco c f the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy !
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w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul as aome,herere t ngs m suosedo do ke, ep o of ese er y r he a. e,re ts sueddo we, i sn't supp, ed" of nee flo insance y he wei 'tpp" nelonsce but havet. ed or he che noto he it t ve ohechno hit ♪♪ mei'veot alan. ♪♪ ed huh.. fr whameis yver pl a? n. h..frha ypl i lk li i ha a pn? lliha p not ally [ fele aounc ] oy flooinsunce t verslylood fe anc o foooa frsu broe ure,rs od ll t numr onour reen fofrroe, tumonr en
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:27 am
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1:28 am
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1:32 am
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1:33 am
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1:34 am
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1:35 am
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1:37 am
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1:38 am
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1:41 am
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1:42 am
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1:43 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:49 am
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1:56 am
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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