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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 5, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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r ttant teak elishin becsee i t hang k pblem eshec i ha pem wh tt. w i'm allyverwlmed tight now. m ly as loongrwedown omht hew. airpne aoon it smed lik rp aeverhingasn't sdik rl. erngn' what imptantor me ro s ishank ou atmp tnte svery eis whonk t liev inryho me. who dende evne. whe. ouppoed ddey whpo fily. i ju wt fy.y famy i ju t st i worta thi tyeamy r iht t no i ta and hi t jus wanto r ge wh no d an tha g youor bei where f . haoueire f me. heerand plau] billhat . erd au momt tllttas. goodom morng t iill. emmeod orlcom ilomeri'sme nsroo ma ha:om wt a mentri i noo maight: w
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a fo mthi i4-ye-oldndht er fami a allyeheldeopl who mi supp ated llrpl thrghouerho ppd hrdealou 24 hrsgo her al hate was uiner theeiras u etali aealsourt ovliturnger a conlsctiort dan singe ovrngs le inonio n sgeeatt. >>eporr: tt l stamentn u pledtt >>or t ftamnt anda ox pl was the tire f thi. aa as shtooko e re qstio.hi hepares w eshoko qio t w th spo brily. t. th po lawyri.poke itas aller wyev theke ll she was itas s a ver s trief th she w aer wkedef thhe w wd ay. a yeerdathere was ait. o ell meyesdaeras she weavi the l aport he were re hicoprsvirom l e the acalrt e tayis ov h theopm rpor and e l tyiovhe famy
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lortnd the airp tt i fivamiffent lheimos rp i me ttheivfead's hosse se t te th'som's h s hou t thome 's t andmouher'house d t't kno wre dmr'us s end up dno w spdinghe nig b the sndp we welme hspeng sigig bhethe weel hpares'ig hous. the peoe of srettle were hpyou eto heeo herf b sk.leer h theedia hid ger b chae t tae tia the gha t gramoth. ta e spohe torath repterspo stery. >>oe ar a hapep asrsan be er >> iar aan'tapel you hsbe muc we i 'tre lkingouorwa h to thauce day. lngwa pye o tha usor fr y. yea p o d ws dea wit i fseaood a w ea weit c ildndow wd aren i a d welweope c to wreet b ik t weeo brmal t>> rorte getng bko rmal the alough rte paretin b t sh anarxamp t of theshtm. fam y'smp f sacrheice. atam grasmoth tk cre.
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rath t250,0 condortge oer hse. 0, sh ndtg t oned5 ts h. sh mth td sh tsaysavin m amaa he is shys he bthdainma hsrese. rtha : bdaet's tur ourse.tten on ha tohe eco'smy.urur we g aen toisma rort co.he gstat aofobs imahi rt ecomy th ats i theco itays i layfshereum s upay12% ovep th pio last% yver. at i tth p bigstas jp y the i t ha repted ig thr jhe yrs. hat'epd hrring y. ntuarngarnear that not preyne atotreumbe >> rorte thi i jus o si of bee rte lhiger. i th is theus f oin ide,sif t lr. lathffshe f side, t la 11000 opleaidff iid t nth epteer.110 led th i'she t h ighete m.thly thnumbince ail ofhe mly009. mbce itould a tenf t conrm9. the itld
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stemenen ton frobenernae heere aidhere sten a clero n nagns t e dre ale recery y be s t ec y fatt bring earl-- m be ttng rl me-- m befaerri. m fari it i bel t avege o iel t 140,0 pevele hir on eh an ery 0,nth perheir fst 8 ean mont o y thih y fr. 8 sot nt oonfis thehirend is y twn. at tfi rheoveryndss . t rer ieed id falting. areot in aeceson but i sure ltg. fee renikees iut i maha: wereaveee sne i ma:e bade s imicatn --e havadeen im sate--av d incati fro walstren s intiell. ro algustres ugl wh doe il. l kstgl likwh we'oe i see l ike' octeeer? repter: somnalysct? s epr:om 50,0obslyreat s netet.
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,0but at oscourat wil cnge whet thet ouril ce jless benwhite nuer theorroat jss 80en nu eas it c goll o 8r tas pla.. t cobodo o tsookila orodki 0,00 n js creed in 00 n t j remont i mart: wehankou f t tha nt rtwenk fha repo. bi: we hav nnfortion aftea po dea ybiwerash inavew y nkoron te ci. a ealicoersh spining t yf ntroci g nga coown pi ag urky ro g n fa-movg war andky sinng fastn theast faovwaaniverin five stthstpeecer veec- fiv peoe boarnclung aiv cpleeo celeatintheir arlu a dauter' ce 40 leineiaur' bthda 40 th we seamior bda th w smi hp. >> the wer scrming f h hp. th>>e arthreheer pple icrng f her weeed h to tharre g the pe ier o .wed o ur ppl gheurvid, oragilly p th wanvielebting hergiy
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bihdayths d wd. w debnger tha biay d hapn? d repter:haas ahe sce aapfew mines aeperr:he a helipter entsc dan. w inere w ae at east liert d lauehes w e thetst wer. ere weaus thr p icehe w. eheli wpterherehrere pe ders on the lier scereell thiithi ds he maerce ohihi ma mutes one ofhose deras mes eacin to tse wat d s qcklyinhat sto tat was runng s h was qlytryinto ziup as hun hasin zi h wsuit. as y mtion n. w it fourivesere yaved mon ne sur vors uresheeed pil an urrs olrouplillivin inortul, olplvin butheirtuaughr,onia tir nichson sghmong theia ead. chn rartn was savng.he is w notd. anrtnasasyav rese. the w wers othen ety reres e w ves swi a e t rescus vewi a arved ey d teecus t men ard cl dg totherkidsf th t
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helipteren one wan wcltoerdsth floin lier e unco wciou win tater lo he is firco-hanou a tount fromerne o hehes iran antescus. >>om we oereble t gracu nto>>e thee firsgentman eo was traliveo hei wa abl trsntn getas mve wa armbl t et un mrnea. d weererm ting t unea pul wee him ouof t tg wer. we we abul t getim hou t by w. the wab t etlt. h ereybleoheuscl h o of. tee wat oocl h o t tat tarc oo wherwe t srtedorknar h . er >>eporr: s alledkhosenboa the h hicop r we>>orll fendssef oathe e hilotop.we theyere f doids s ht-seingn wot yk. ey theoi was n s-sg n y thfficlas n sigheeinelicter. icthoshaveo gh havin lationicr. deviossve fav lio pasnger it's ot cviars ff tseaser 's vts c f we t ooard ts hicopr. bi v:hat wes ordemar tbles the h op pull thebitelicter t of thesareshe ll he war. ic >>r eporofr: t helheopte wasulle outf t wat.wa >>or t el te's s ll nsle cleut t wthe at
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cae wa ohis s nle w cra . ca ware tds t pilas verra t t il periced. 200he her to mak a em gencri land. can of 00 hoakingl a engiemncananf airaft. he saigl anic doegi't gouirt. ywhe. ai heicalleoe g his aorne aft t he ash hed he tledisis aneawyerft t aprent theh washe a tye meanic apnthe faiasre. a mayomichl meicai. b ombe yoaidch h s no ia wheer bbe tsdas causno b ihe mhani tl us brror m oni pitrror theyalkeorwith t o pil b pior it's eytooketh tarlynil b t pross t 's seeohat wenly wro. tro t heres so of at h had etoenro y. reso >>f had it' ear i t >>vestatio so ot'ar tolksn th gund restio o yingo makksthur gd w get ng thin tha couakisapar if wet we d't c lect inha iouapf now >> r orte d a c newct iorkow rte a ewngrewomais aing tkaa reestrmat ag t or beg tr r noesseial licoer fegghts thrigite i mnohattse.l co fts th
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siegi i995 mtthereave sieeen 5 re ashein teudson o eas he t rir. bi:soore whe o waset it ri biere.e ere hell b w dtelopnts o at. e. th piloe bas a dop ls of .infoatio onbthrdlo a loo. rtha fo comiognb up,e'll t.k to ha e mawhom wchedhisp, who ll ing tto haen. sawmahe weds choerhoake gffha. aw was stinghereho wit he chiln as sngtrolr. re heasit hhe fir o il to getnol thhephonir oo andet th conl 911 herend i aittl bit of c wt h11 re i tlwitnitsed.f w h thielicter, whe ntnd. it ook ofithi meicr, t norhelt peekff of m ve. t it ttartor slnninee aund d .bvioly i titrtas in sin ad io i trolen d it peerod or a it it wtee o a er.t e wtropeersen rht . in. maha:epes rill be wn.h us ma : momes fmow. l theirst r wpondusho me h fs. th callg thst rea rlnd ho in h thi ll stthy. eal hn tt congphitrait st
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ahea bill:he pil tcop hadaiot o ea llil adexpeencend h waselat t ese ople - peotce h relasedat but t th wer e lerienelndut kw ethher otheenvery wel k ettomne hery sitng oel topf the ollsneuntilit o now.op ess o isels tiedtiith rney ow forhe s isie toph ry srt. maha:opidttory geral s ma: eric holr peror gal icoler p- pjure himsf wh h p pre t tifi oms thewh h tche sti. t fi he heti. lthoh the ar eratns ts oashothar gten grteal o at t o gn pub city gr ttherle a otheread arica as rubulty f er t aser faid ad aca as r reckss pgram to i uld yai a itassen gotn cknoug phami d y atteion,as it it,se mot attnneyug geteral.n, t, mtty gel.
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secrary. du itoas a spid ve nd cr ty. i pot isot t mak a the sd sam t stuppo movisagaiand tak aga.he amthemaveillis ofupovaidga dolrs t ase in em vetli inf tse ol tis of asin vompaes.n t find tihatof thas we hnde a rponsilittotakeha wre w.are g dwe ha rnsit sterds e t we gd ople mon andhete s t gornmesn't dehis leithonnd go me what't looto b dsurelhy polical atoo b move el billolalo lynadre ve llynre e. -olynas o. -yn homanyo yhink areut o the? >>ho donny ynk krew. th'shy t th >>onongrs wi k ntin tothelve int t it.grwi it ino blionvent ot.olla. rthait bon tre are sprisglaew ha poll t numrs ttre sw sittisg ll romn ium g ttingrowdt swt the top the f i g ngthe wdndideyinghe p heomne f. f e id e s frtunneng stanes. fwe wt tonow wtou fr tnkne abttahis. wtow w t u ca eighab inns. wou ink eadica theghn pac w
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bi: weavereakg new fm biwe calirnia we hee a portakewf f t peoe liia ha rt deadfour i turedeo anhu adur ied hu derw. liictus from krwu, li thetu ro licoer ithe r. k aockhe qua yco a ie emen ak mpangunfeua arupt elieren todaafte annfenpt eer empdayee teetin brokmpe inp. ok the nta e alarara couy. meon reptedl ple outou on a weepon tdln f pd tutcene we t fd t numeneus l enfceme me lnfme agenes ithatrea. en iata. cupein i btnownor t
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pe mpan i ale. b wn tw dd, tour theran a i.ured and tw dreranhunder iyed d fhehuery gunm o f gunoman we ave nm o nunan bee e abl neebl to certn wch. mart:o rt w. ermart cai getng se majotracon imaai t racet s joac i tac f 2012 f predentl nomatio th e f12merrentomio gfath 'sthizza freo isubbi gthza elbsou migis say bi wihe fntlb rner ttigay mneywi this f rr is aeybs is pl.s a p mitt romynd hman cait ttom h n% anai rk per a an2%. r er the arsthingant a y.. i wa e t tng got ao cis c yisti fo a wa ment. to felt c cti lika fo lot of mt.eoplsaw
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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10:00 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:10 am
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10:12 am
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10:20 am
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10:26 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:30 am
10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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